Proceedings of the 2019 5th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2019)

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Research on the Relationship between College English Flipping Classroom and Mental Health Education in Lacan’s Mirror Stage Theory

Xiteng Wang
The traditional model of college English teaching has a lot of problems such as the pressure of classroom management, the enthusiasm of students' participation in class and the difficulty of continuous learning after class. Based on Lacan's mirror stage theory, this paper explores the application of...
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Application of Body Function Training in Latin Dance Training

Yang Pan
Latin dance is a very popular sports event. It has officially become one of the sports events of the Asian Games, which has attracted more and more countries and people attention. At present, the relevant experts and professional athletes are also studying Latin dance more and more deeply. They continue...
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The Methodological Quality assessment of Current Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Clinical Trials

Zhi Cui, Zhiting Liu, Xinzhao Cai, Ying Bian
Objective: To figure out the current development of the TCM clinical trials in 2016 and to analyze the main problems of the TCM clinical trials. Method: The keywords traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, clinical trials and clinical study were used in CNKI and PubMed to search the clinical trials on TCM,...
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Mother-infant bonding during the early postnatal period in a sample of Chinese primiparous mothers

Chong Zhang, Si-min Xiong, Jun-min Luo, Rong Nie
This study aims to investigation the mother-infant bonding impairment among Chinese primiparous mothers in the early postpartum period. Totally, there were 119 primiparous mothers were conveniently recruited at the 42 days postpartum from a local hospital in Wuhan, China. Data on the social-demographic...
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Study on the Traditional Health-keeping Mechanism of Shuttlecock Circumferential Kicking for the Physical Balance of the Elderly

Rui Yang
In recent years, falls of the elderly are common, people's demand for health is becoming more and more obvious. Shuttlecock Circumferential Kick, a traditional national sport, is becoming more and more popular in the market. It has become the background of this study to explore the mechanism of Shuttlecock...
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The Time-Space Metaphor of Frontier Fortress in the Silk Road Poems of the Tang Dynasty

As a crystallization of human wisdom, Tang poetry usually uses metaphor to create unexpected artistic conception and expression effect. It is the essence of Tang poetry. This paper explores the functional interpretation of the time-space metaphor and image in the silk road poems of the Tang Dynasty....
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Research on the recruitment and retention of talents in remote areas of large power grid enterprises

Licun Sun, Jian Zhao
Under the background of rural-urban integration, innovation and development of rural energy system, ensuring the provision of universal service, improving electricity service level, responding to the development needs of remote areas, and make good use of remote units in the operation of Large-scale...
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Brief Discussion on the Relation Between Lu Xun and Rural Literature

Muhammad Ali Elzayat
The relation between Lu Xun and Rural literature is the main focus of this paper, through which we will navigate through the definition of rural literature, then to Lu Xun's life and how it shaped the way he see rural areas, finally we will investigate Lu Xun's characters, narration etc. from rural literature...
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The Impact of Opportunism of the Manufacturer on Revenue Allocation in Supply Chain

Xinyu Xu
The opportunism is a common risk in supply chain, which could include fraud, conceal or other negative behaviours. The reason of opportunism is multiple, and the most important reasons can be summarized as human nature, trade environment and information asymmetry. Due to the potential risk that opportunism...
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MOOCs in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges

Yu Li
In the modern era of Information Age, higher education has been gradually transferred from the activities based on individual experiences to a systemic and complicated project with the large amount of information and its own team. MOOCs are the outcome of the current times, which have injected new vitality...
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Gender Differences in Freshmen’s English Autonomous Learning Activities

Yan Jiang, Ruimei Song
The present study attempts to identify whether there is significant gender differences in freshmen’s English autonomous learning activities. A 5-point Likert questionnaire consisting of 30 items is administered to 832 non-English major freshmen. All the data collected are analyzed by SPSS 22.0. It is...
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Interpretation of Día de Muertos in the movie Coco

Yan Jiang, Ruimei Song
Adopting the analytical tools of cultural conceptualizations in Cultural Linguistics, this study examines cultural schemas of Día de Muertos, a Mexican celebration day of the deceased. It holds that Día de Muertos can be interpreted as event schemas for cultural reconstruction, family reunion and interpersonal...
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Children’s rights and children’s wellbeing in UK

Chenhua Gu
This article mainly focuses on the children’s rights in UK by analyzing some specific Articles contained in the UN Convention and its relation with children’s wellbeing. There are achievements as well as problems in terms of children’s rights in UK; as a result, the author attempts to identify some possible...
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Research on Higher Vocational Education Adapting requirements for talents of manufacturing enterprises in the "one belt and one way" strategy -- Taking Guangdong as an example

Yuan Xia Lu
It is more than five years since President Xi Jinping proposed the "one belt and one way" initiative. The "one belt and one road" initiative originated from China and belongs to the world. Under the background of "one belt and one road" strategy, higher vocational colleges have the responsibility to...
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A Study of Driving Forces for Scottish Independence Referendum Based on the Level of Analysis

Senlin Li
Scottish Independence Referendum, as a specific case after cold war, is a hot topic in recent international relation studies, and these studies, to a certain extent, have being signified a drop from interaction among state actors to interaction among non-state actors. Introduction of the level of analysis...
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Influence of Translator’s Identity on Translation in China’s Global Communication——Taking XU Yuanchong’s Version of Classical Chinese Poetry as an Example

Chunye Yang
This thesis concentrates on influence of translator’s identity on translation in China’s global communication. With a case study on Version of Classical Chinese Poetry, the thesis finds out three main influences, which are influence on the style, figures of speech and diction of the target language,...
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On the Core of Quality Education and the Role Reconstruction of College English Teachers

Peng Yang
With the deepening of quality education, English teachers in various colleges have innovated teaching concepts and changed the teaching mode, which has improved the comprehensive ability of college students to a certain extent. However, quality education has also put forward new requirements for college...
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Application of Architectural Programming in Architectural Design

Qiang Liu
Architectural programming is the research work of the project's overall construction upon ap-proval of the comprehensive planning and before the architectural design. This research work can effec-tively improve the scientificity of the project decisions, guarantee the scientific and orderly implementation...
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Analysis on the Construction and Implementation of the management system of university innovation project

Fengjuan Wang, Youzheng Cui, Shufeng Jiang, Fengxia Xu, Yongzhi Ju
Implementing innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities, cultivating college students with innovative qualities and entrepreneurial abilities is the main way to build an innovative country. However, the university students' innovation and entrepreneurship training program...
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Analysis of Fishery and Hunting Culture Development in Chagan Lake

Bing Shao, Yuhe Cui
Chagan Lake Scenic Area have rich historical and cultural resources, broad prospects for development, increasing visibility. This article mainly investigates and studies the winter catching customs of Chagan Lake, analyzes the formation and profound connotation of the fishing and hunting culture of Chagan...
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Formal Systems and Loss Reduction in Natural Disasters: an Empirical Study Based on Chinese Data

Qian Jia, Luzhao Zhou
Based on the provincial panel data from 1989 to 2013 and the fixed effects model, this paper presents an empirical study in the means of insurance, law and government expenditure on disaster prevention and mitigation and discusses the specific impact of the formal system to natural disaster losses. The...
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Exploration on the Operation Mode of New Foreign Languages Teaching Platform Based on PBL Team Cooperation

Dan Xu
It summarizes the overall situation of the construction and operation of the existing foreign languages teaching practice platform. The key analysis is that due to the lack of students’ motivation, the participation is too low to play the role that the existing practice platform should play. The teaching...
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The Relationship Between Attachment and Depression

Tong Guo
Depression is an emotional disorder with low mood, lack of interest and pleasure. Depression lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems, reducing one's ability at work and at home. The incidence of depression is increasing dramatically, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO),...
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New Information Security Risk Management Framework as an Integral Part of Project Life Cycle

Mahmoud Alshawabkeh, Xichun Li, Mohamed Sullabi
One of the critical success factors in managing any information system project is the information security risk management. When taken seriously and implemented correctly according to best practice of project management process, information security risk management helps to deliver the project on the...
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Comparing of Human Resource Management Professional Curriculum Field: Zhaoqing University and Guangdong University of Technology

Yu-Shen Fang, Tian-Yu Li
This study using the literature analysis method and Bereday's comparative education research method. We compared and analyzed the curriculum objectives, curriculum design, faculty strength, and graduate employment rate of Zhaoqing University (ZQU) and Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT). The results:...
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The Research in the Undergraduate and Behavioral Intent of Shopping Brands Online: The University Students in Guangdong Province as an Example

Yu-Shen Fang
E-commerce has become an indispensable channel for network marketing in today's enterprises. Because consumers' online shopping ways will be the key factors that affect the earnings and competitiveness of enterprises. This study explores the three-faceted factors of college students' brand value, quality...
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The innovation of Chinese variety show under the impact of Korean variety show—taking Chinese variety show “Kitchen in the Wild” as an example

Ruoning Sun
In recent year, China copying Korean’s original variety show has become a prevailing practice. The number of original works in China accounts for a small part in comparison with copied works. As an original variety show, Kitchen in the Wild is questioned to be a copy of Back to Field. Hence, Kitchen...
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Content-oriented or audience-oriented: the approaches to define freak

Xuwen Hua
For a long time, people define the freak by means of the so called “the content-oriented approach”. It is not enough when theorizing stage freaks because this approach alienates the key role of the audience in defining someone as a stage freak, when the occurrence of stage freak is constantly associated...
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Strategies for Promoting the Construction of Educational Creative Virtual Communities

Zhijin Liu, Wenli Bao
As a virtual learning organization, public virtual community has become an important platform and carrier for educators to learn and innovate educational resources. In this paper, we use questionnaires and data analysis methods to quantitatively analyze the influencing factors of members' activities...
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Carbon BTA Is Legal And Consistent With The Principle Of CBDR

Yingfeng Long
Abstracts: Global climate change is impacting the world from natural environment to political society, sweeping almost the all human society. To counter climate change, the Kyoto Protocol created Cap-And-Trade mechanism. Another counterpart marketing Carbon Emission Reduction mechanism is carbon tax...
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Supply chain management of new coffee retail enterprises from the perspective of value co-creation—Taking Laibei coffee as an example

Qiong Yu
With the further deepening of Internet, big data and artificial intelligence technology, the transformation of traditional retail formats into new retail formats has become an inevitable trend. The competition in the new retail industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the remolding and upgrading...
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Research on the Reform of Engineering Finance Management Course from the Perspective of Supply-side Reform

Weiwei Zhang
Guided by supply-side reform and OBE teaching perspective, we propose a teaching reform program of engineering finance management course. Firstly, we analyze problems in current teaching practice from two aspects: teaching method and assessment method. Secondly, we clarify the basic ideas of the engineering...
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The Application of National Elements in Animation Costume Design

Na Zang
The paper first analyzes the application of national elements in animation costume of “Chinese School” animation in the 20th century. Then draws lessons from the application of ethnic elements in American and Japanese animation costumes. And finally puts forward the application strategies of national...
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Confirm Cultural Confidence and Build Powerful Cultural Socialism Country

Yingna Xu
For historical or realistic reasons, for subjective or objective reasons, the culture is lack of confidence in China. Only if the cultural confidence is be strengthened, powerful cultural socialism country can be built. Furthermore, several strategies are put forward at the end of the paper.
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An Analysis on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for English Majors in Dalian Neusoft University of Information

Kang Qi
With the social development and technological progress, higher education institutions in China have come to realize the importance of cultivating students’ innovation and entrepreneurship abilities. Under such circumstances, Dalian Neusoft University of Information has introduced CDIO engineering education...
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Exploration of Scientific Approaches to Civil Servants’ Performance Management

Ying Sun
The performance of civil servants determines the performance of the government. To implement the performance management system of the government, it is necessary to establish and improve the evaluation system of civil servants. The civil servant appraisal system should gradually transit to the performance...
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Research on the Development Direction of the Elderly Care Service Industry——based on several NEEQ-listed companies

Zeyu Liu, Zhaoqi Peng
With the deepening of aging, the elderly care service industry has developed rapidly. However, there are problems such as serious homogenization, lack of common industry standards, and inadequate industrial systems. The development direction of the industry is vague. This paper uses case analysis method...
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The Research Of Mathematics’ Supporting Function For Physics Study In Middle School

Ruiying Zhang, Donglin Zhuang, Meiling Zhuang
Mathematics and physics have always been in the closest relationship. Mathematics is the foundation of many subjects of Science and engineering, while physics enriches mathematics. In the study of physics in junior and senior high school, the basic support of mathematics is very obvious. In this paper,...
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Emotional Perception Analysis of Fragrance Essential Oils

Chien-Wei Liu, Shen-Tzu Lin, Ching-Sung Wang
Nowadays, people are under great pressure. It is becoming more and more common to relieve stress by refreshing the body's essential oils, calming emotions and restoring physical and mental health. However, the service content and project similarity of aromatherapy products on the market are extremely...
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The Application of Information Gap in English Teaching in Middle School

Yang Shi, Qianwen Zhang, Sa Wang
Information gap refers to the situation where information is only known by some of people in the exchange of two or more people. In communication, the speaker has the information that the listener does not know, or the speaker wants to know what the listener has. The information gap focuses on the actual...
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Research on the Development Path of Cultural Industry in Canal City under the New Media Environment——Taking Changzhou City as an Example

Lijie Wang, Wenyuan Wang, Xing Wang
With the popularization of digitalization, the development of cloud technology and big data, the new media era has become a new media development trend, and new media technology has become a new impetus for the development of the canal culture industry. In recent years, the cultural industry in Changzhou...
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Research on Virtual Visualization Teaching Innovation of Urban and Rural Planning Based on Space of Digital Humanities

Lingqing Zhang, Jing Yan, Xuxi Wang
With the development of informatization, importance has been increasingly attached to digital and virtualized teaching methods in the teaching process of majors like urban and rural planning. However, the rational analysis of informatization and superficial virtual perception cannot meet the training...
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Man-machine Examination And English Interest Teaching Research -- Investigation Report on Three Junior Middle Schools in Zhoushan

Lingling Zhou, Lihua Ma, Jingjing Lu
Zhoushan government will soon implement the English listening and speaking ability test which is in the form of "man-machine dialogue". Therefore, strengthening the training of students' English listening ability and improve students' oral English is necessary and urgent. This research was based on Non-intellectual...
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Study on Strategy and Planning Environment Analysis Model and Evaluation System of Power Grid Enterprises Based on Industry Ecosystem

Haixu Song, Cai Liang, Xiaofeng Zhang, Rui Li
Based on the industry ecosystem theory, this paper constructs the strategy and planning environment analysis framework and evaluation system of power grid enterprises from the three aspects: macro environment, industry environment and core ecological environment. And it carries out empirical analysis...
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The Application of Cooperative Learning in English Reading Teaching in Junior School

Shan Lu, Shi Yang, Nan Yue
English reading occupies a large proportion in junior school. It helps to broaden students’ horizon and stimulate students’ interest in learning English. In the current period of English reading teaching in junior school, many students are not interested in reading because English reading is difficult...
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Culture and Pragmatic Competence Development

Bing He
The ultimate goal of language teaching is to cultivate students' communicative competence through written or oral means. In traditional teaching, teachers overemphasize the importance of language knowledge and neglect the cultivation of students' pragmatic competence, which often leads to various language...
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College English Pragmatic Teaching from the Perspective of Pragmatic Competence

Bing He
Abstract:Under the tide of globalization, intercultural communication becomes more and more frequent, the scope of application of English is expanding, and the importance of pragmatic competence is becoming more and more prominent. How to cultivate students' pragmatic competence in college English teaching...
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Research on the Optimization of the Intelligent Outpatient Service Process

Junhong Wu, Qiaozhen Dong, Biaobiao Zhang
This paper analyzes the current situation of 'three longs and one short' problem in the process of outpatient service and points out the deep-rooted problems causing it. By means of the business process reengineering and intelligent outpatient service method, this paper proposes the optimization goals...
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Analysis of the influence of China's new college entrance examination reform on after-school training industry and educational informatization

TingYu Sha
The paper focus on explaining the contents, schedule and target of China’s new college entrance examination reform and analyzing its influence on educational industry which mainly contains after-school training, educational informatization and online education. To promote the fairness of education, in...
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The Game Analysis of Compensation for Traffic Accidents Based on Pedestrian Vehicle Collision

Jingjing Feng, Yan Hu
Taking the traffic accident compensation based on pedestrian vehicle collision as example, this paper carries out modeling description on final-offer arbitration model. And then the Nash equilibrium solution of the traffic accident compensation is analyzed in the final-offer arbitration model. Finally,...
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Current Status of Doing Buisness Assessment Standardization & its Englightenment to China

Zhenyu Yun, Liangbing Hu, Qiqi Tan, Xiaolei Ma, Yao Zhang, Yutong Wang
With the deepening of economic globalization, the doing business has become increasingly significant for the national or regional development. The conduct of doing business assessment and formulation of the scientific and reasonable assessment standard regarding the doing business, may not only help...
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Research on the Values of National Fitness Project under the Perspective of Cultural Soft Power

Binjun Tang
In the new era, cultural soft power is becoming an important factor in the competition of comprehensive national strength. It is very important to broaden the research perspective of cultural soft power. This paper tries to analyse the cultural implication and education implication of the National Fitness...
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A Study on the Problems and Suggestions of College English Translation Teaching

Xue Li
Language is a tool for human communication. The ultimate goal of English learning is to use English for cross-cultural communication. Translation is no longer the privilege of English major students. In the new era, the society needs a large number of interdisciplinary talents with communicative competence...
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Culture Education in College English Teaching

Xue Li
Language is the carrier of human culture and knowledge, which reflects the characteristics of a nation, contains the historical and cultural background of the nation and reflects the cultural customs of the nation. Therefore, language and culture are inseparable. When learning a language, one must also...
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On the legal settlement mechanism of SME financing under the background of "one belt and one road"

Yue Wu
Small and medium-sized enterprises are facing great opportunities and great challenges in the "one belt and one way" platform.Small and medium-sized enterprises have the advantages of strong adaptability and adaptability in the market, and are the important force for the sustainable development of society.But...
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Research on the Content, Judgement and Guiding Countermeasures of University Students' " Two Micros & One Ends " Network Consensus —Based on the Analysis of the Role of College student Party Members

Baoshan Yu, Lixia Wen
Harmonious and stable campus is an important foundation for the development of colleges and universities. To realize the harmony and stability of colleges and universities, it is necessary to explore the influencing factors of the campus network consensus and establish an effective public opinion guidance...
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The influence of Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program on the flow of information on Cross-listed AH shares

Zi Li
Cross-listed AH shares have a lot of research significance as a special financial asset. At the same time, the opening of Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program has influenced the information transmission effect of cross-listed AH shares. This article starts from the perspective of cross-listed...
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The Red Yellow Blue Event: How the timing of an apology affects the effectiveness of it

Yi Fang
Many theorists have analyzed factors that will moderate the effectiveness of a certain apology, but few studies discuss whether the timing of an apology would affect its effectiveness and how does this process happen. The aim of this paper is to examine how the timing of an particular apology influence...
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On the Application of Task-based Language Teaching in Senior Oral English Teaching

Yujia Du, Qianwen Zhang, bandNan Yue
Task-based teaching approach has gradually been developed in the 1980s. It is a foreign language teaching approach which is widely recognized and accepted by practitioners of foreign language teaching. It is also a foreign language teaching approach that is recommended and advocated by The English Curriculum...
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On Legal Supervision of Car-hailing Services

Yue Wu
The car-hailing market has the characteristics of diversification of subjects and cross-regional transactions, and its derivative trading community presents a highly complex structure. However, there are also some problems in the car-hailing market, such as rampant black car phenomenon, frequent refusal...
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Multimodal Theories Used in Advertisement Application

Yixuan Fang
Metaphor is not just a linguistic phenomenon, but a mode of thinking and cognitive mechanism. As a way of thinking, it is not only reflected in static modes such as text, but also in heterogeneous modes such as images and sounds. In this rapid development of the information age, human life is full with...
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Exploration and Practice of Membership Echelon Construction in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for College Students

Youzheng Cui, Fengjuan Wang, Xiulin Liu, Shufeng Jiang
The undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship training program is an important measure to deepen the reform of Undergraduate Teaching Engineering in Colleges and universities. It is proposed to promote the transformation of the concept of talent cultivation by carrying out innovation and entrepreneurship...
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On the View of Taoist Health Preservation in Food Culture of Modern China

Tingjuan Lin
In this article, through the analysis and exploration of modern chinese food culture and Taoist health preservation theories thus conclude the relation between Taoist health preservation theories and modern chinese food culture. To summarize chinese food culture from dietary concept, dietary content...
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Market Mechanism of Promoting the Transformation of High-tech Achievements in Scientific Research Institutions of Universities

Guixia Li, Dazhi Fan
This paper expounds the market elements of the transformation of scientific research institutions’ technological achievements, the development trend of the transformation market of scientific research achievements and the connotation of the market mechanism of scientific research institutions’ achievements,...
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The Application of Cooperative Learning in College Oral English Teaching

Qianwen Zhang, Shan Lu, Nan Yue
College English teaching should pay more attention to the cultivation of English communicative competence on the basis of improving students’ listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. Improving the current situation in college oral English teaching and adapting to the needs of the College...
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Research on the Application of Metaphorical Thinking in Teaching of College English Writing

Xuelian Liu
In English writing classes, some college students' writing expressions are not authentic, logic is not coherent, and the content lacks something new. Based on the two functions of metaphor: rhetorical and textual, this paper discusses the application of metaphor thinking in college English writing class...
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The Research on the Positive Influence of Big Data on the Development of Chinese Government Statistics

XueFang Han, HuiChao Feng
With the rapid development of the information industry in the 21st century, “big data” has penetrated into all walks of life and has also had a greater impact on government statistics. This paper combines the characteristics of current big data and the development status of government statistics, finds...
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The Impact of Population Aging on the Development of Commercial Life Insurance

Huichao Feng, Xuefang Han
With the increasingly serious aging problem in China, the single social security system has been unable to meet people's needs for pension, and the importance of commercial insurance has gradually emerged. Based on the panel data of 30 provinces in China from 2001 to 2015, this paper analyzes the impact...
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The Embodiment of Marxist Fairness and Justice in Contemporary China

Jia Jiang
At present, justice is not only a theoretical issue, but also a realistic political issue. Social justice faces severe challenges at home and abroad. Within the framework of Marxist of fairness and justice, this article analyzes the practical significance and existing problems of Marxistof fairness and...
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The Construction of Medical Culture in Medical Education

Haiyang LI
Medical culture is an important part of the profound Chinese culture treasures, including medical virtue, medical skills and medical efforts. In virtue of the inherent stipulation of medical education on medical humanities, the importance of medical culture in medical education and the lack of research...
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Research on the Reform of Physical Education Teaching Content in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Guidance of Professional Ability

He Gao, Yong Ding, Yan Tang
In recent years, vocational education has been attached great importance to by the state. In order to comprehensively promote the vocational skills of Vocational College Students in mastering and improving their employability and competitiveness, 65 students majoring in automotive engineering in Grade...
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A Study on the Government's Governance of Microblog Public Opinions in Emergencies

Yaming Han, Xiaomeng Fan
In view of the emergence of unexpected incidents of network public opinion governance problems, government departments use micro-blog to govern network public opinion, to provide reference for relevant government departments to strengthen social public opinion information dissemination governance. In...
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The Study on the Impact of Market Concentration Degree and Non-interest Income on Bank Stability

Xue QI
In this paper, the impact of market concentration and non-interest income on the stability of banks has been investigated based on the panel data of 17 Commercial Banks in China from 2007 to 2017. The results indicate that there is a significant negative correlation between the market structure concentration...
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The Personalized Development of Private Banks in China

Jiaming Xue
In June 2015, CBRC issued “On guidance to promote the development of private bank”, reflecting its importance in banking reform. This article starting from the construction background of private banks analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of private banks, further to explore the path of personalized...
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The Ethics Research of Privacy——from the Perspective of Mass Communication

Miao He
Privacy is a legal concept strictly, it expounds from the law. In the field of mass communication, the contradictions and conflicts between media freedom and public privacy, public informed and individual privacy, can not only solve from the aspect of law legislation. In this paper, it will discuss the...
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Research on Quality Improvement of Undergraduate Thesis Based on TQM Concept

Mingming Wu
Graduation thesis is the last teaching link before graduation. It is of great significance to the cultivation of students' professional ability and learning ability. Completing and passing the thesis defense is an indispensable condition for undergraduates to obtain graduation qualifications and degree...
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The Construction and Analysis of Library Information Service Ecosystem Model in Poor Areas of Western China

Wei Jia, Xuyan Liu, Tongyang Xu
Abstract:The library information resources in the poor areas in the west are relatively scarce, and the information services provided by most libraries are no longer able to meet the needs of users. The construction of the library information service ecosystem model in western impoverished areas explores...
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Shared Economy—Shared Bicycle Problems and Practical Suggestions

Wenjing Xu
With the gradual development of the sharing economy and the wide application of mobile Internet technology, a new sharing economy model, sharing bicycle, emerges as the times require. Since 2018, the sharing bicycle industry has gradually matured and its growth has been steadily stable. However, with...
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Research on Supervision System in Ancient China and Its Contemporary Reference

Deshu Xue, Xiuqian Qi
Supervisory system in ancient China has a long history being one of the important components of ancient administrative legal system since ancient times. This system is aimed at safeguarding the interests of the ruling class. It plays an important role in safeguarding the feudal regime and the unified...
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A Comparative Study on Reduplication in English and Chinese

Junshu Jin, Zhiyi Fang
Reduplication is a pervasive phenomenon across human languages, and it has long been an area of significant linguistic interest. This paper compares reduplicates in English and Chinese from aspects of morphological structure, semantic properties and pragmatic functions. It aims to provide some suggestions...
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Research on Innocent Passage System of Territorial Sea

Xiaoxu Shi, Xiaoqi Sun
The innocent passage system plays an important role in the law of the sea as an important system in our country, which is of great significance to safeguard the coastal defense security and economic development. This paper summarizes and analyzes the restriction conditions of innocent passage in different...
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Reinterpretation of Qian Zhongshu's Thought of "Disenchanting Words by Words"

Tao Feng
Qian Zhongshu suggests that Zhuangzi intended to “disenchant words by words” when he used the metaphor. Qian explains it from the uncertainty of metaphor (two handles and multi-sides). I believe that Qian only understands metaphor from the level of rhetoric. It is impossible to reasonably explain why...
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Regional Financial Security Evaluation from the Perspective of Industrial Convergence——Taking Beijing as an Example

Yuanyuan Li, Fenfei Chen
Financial industry security is an important part of national economic security and an important foundation for the steady and healthy development of the economy. Under the background of deepening the integration of financial industry, this paper uses the gray correlation method to measure the integration...
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Research on the Ways to Realize the Value of Civil Servants’ Network Training

Maojin Ni
Network is the product of the development of the times. Developing civil servant network training can effectively expand the research field of civil servant training theory in the network era, and it is also an innovative measure to alleviate the contradiction between work and study and satisfy the individual...
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Development of Green Bond Market in China

Yaning Zhou
Green bond has both "bond" and "green" attributes, and is one of the important financing tools of green financial market. By investigating researches on the current situation of green bond market in China, this paper finds out five major problems in China's green bond market: unmatured green bond standards,...
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Analysis on the Painting Forms of Traditional Blue and White and Modern Blue and White

Jianghui Liu
This article starts with the analysis of the traditional blue and white painting form, and divides it into the decoration forms of blue and white in Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Yuan and Ming Dynasties, and Qing Dynasty under the influence of European culture. Then it elaborates the present situation...
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Theoretical research on deep integration of artificial intelligence and school physical education

Dongxu Liu, Jiayi Li
By using the methods of documentation and case analysis, this paper explore the application value of artificial intelligence to school sports, and analyzes the organic combination between artificial intelligence and sports teaching based on the practical difficulties and countermeasures of applying artificial...
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Research on Function Expansion and Realization Path of University Library in Big Data Era

Aying Zhang, Guixia Li, Zhenghong Li
The basic function of university libraries is to serve teaching and scientific research. They need to complete the basic functions of administration, teaching tasks, information consultation, academic exchanges and social services. In addition to fulfilling the basic functions, university libraries should...
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Study on the Characteristics of Running a University

Aying Zhang, Guixia Li, Zhenghong Li
Characteristics of running a university are a strategic choice for University development. The theoretical basis of school-running characteristics is mainly personality theory and core competence theory. The characteristic of individuality theory is the performance of individuality. The characteristic...
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Basic Characteristics of Applied Undergraduate Education

Aying Zhang, Guixia Li, Zhenghong Li
The primary purpose of applied undergraduate education is to meet the needs of local social and economic development and construction, so the training of talents should first meet the needs of local construction for senior specialized talents. This paper analyses the basic characteristics of vocational,...
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Research on High Quality Development of Higher Education

Aying Zhang, Guixia Li, Zhenghong Li
This paper analyses the concept of higher education quality. Higher education refers to the education carried out on the basis of the completion of advanced secondary education. Its main task is to train high-level specialized talents with innovative spirit and practical ability. According to the hierarchy...
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Research on Academic Management in Colleges and Universities

Aying Zhang, Guixia Li, Zhenghong Li
The theoretical basis of academic management in Colleges and universities mainly includes governance theory, stakeholder theory, bureaucracy theory and social intervention theory. Academics in universities can be divided into narrow sense, middle sense and broad sense. The academic management of colleges...
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Research on the Mode of Teaching Supervision in Colleges and Universities

Aying Zhang, Guixia Li, Zhenghong Li
According to the relationship between the supervisory organ and the administrative office and the different principals in charge, four kinds of teaching supervisory modes are put forward: independent and powerful mode, independent and effective mode, independent and coordinated mode and subsidiary coordination...
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Construction of Teaching Staff in Colleges and Universities

Aying Zhang, Guixia Li, Zhenghong Li
The theoretical basis of the faculty construction in our university is mainly human resource management theory, which mainly includes human capital theory, human-based management theory, human nature hypothesis theory and incentive theory. The basic principles of faculty construction in Colleges and...
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Movie Derivatives Market Development Research

Yao Li
This paper takes movie derivatives as object of research, which puts forward corresponding suggestions on their development with a aim to provide reference for the relevant research in the academic circles and the industry development. In the era of aesthetic economy, the value of movie derivatives is...
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Research on the Status Quo of the Moral Education of Left-behind Children in Rural Areas from the Perspective of Advantages

Pingping Wang
Abstract.In the process of social transformation in our country, rural left-behind children are a vulnerable group that cannot be ignored in China. They have certain problems in terms of study life and mental health, and have always been concerned by the society.To carry out the education of left-behind...
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Exploration and Practice of Integrating Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education into the Whole Process of Talent Cultivation——Taking Dalian Neusoft University of Information as an Example

Chuan Zhou
Firstly, the status quo of the development of innovation and entrepreneurship education in China’s universities is reviewed. Then, taking Dalian Neusoft University of Information as an example, the research is conducted by starting from clarifying its goal of cultivating “practical, international and...
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Preliminary Design of Mathematical Modeling Alumni Information Management System

Yong Ding, Wei Zhang
This paper preliminarily designs the content of the research and development of mathematical modeling alumni information management system. Taking mathematical modeling alumni as the starting point, it mainly studies the functional design, functional module framework, interface design, software and hardware...
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The effects of physical activity mediated in pregnancy outcomes during pregnancy

Gang-Jiao Zhu, Ling Qi, Chang Xia, Zhi Zeng, Yuan-Xia Liu, Yan Yang, Meng-Tian Zhang, Hong-Ling Zhang
Health transition and birth quality of pregnant women are associated with pregnancy outcome. Current research has been shown that appropriate physical activity during pregnancy could improve pregnancy outcomes in pregnant women, which was also beneficial for fetuses. In this review, we will discuss the...
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The Apology for Political Scandal: Park Geun-hye's Three National Conversations

Shihan Liu
A reasonable apology is very important to the political scandal. Due to the particularity of the political event, we should pay attention to the time, attitude and content of apologizing. This article will focus on the improper apologies of political figures, taking Park's Choi case as an example to...