Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education, Science, and Technology (ICEST 2017)

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Polymorphism of Angiotensin-converting Enzyme Gene of Insertion/Deletion on Cardiovascular Endurance Performance of Athletes

Dr. Arimbi, Arifuddin Usman, Ms. Muriyati
The practical difference of the body metabolism plays a very substantial role in determining the kind of sport suitable for an athlete. One of the gene variations considered to control the po-tentials of an athlete is the gene variation of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) symbolised as I and D. The...
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Achievement Supervision Management on Indonesian Futsal Club (IFC)

Dr. Herman, Dr. Hasyim
The openly and synergy management of achievement supervision for athletes is an asset for success and promote the organisation. This study aims to determine the description of the achievement of planning, organising, leadership, evaluation and monitoring in the futsal club supervision. This type of research...
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Responding to Students' Parents on National Examination Policy

Dr. Madehang, Nurlita Pertiwi
National Examination as public policy on education has been implemented by Indonesia government for several years. Debates about the national exam become a national issue that can obstruct the implementation of this policy. This study describes the responding of student's parents on national examination...
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Ideology in Indonesian language policies

Amirullah Abduh, Syukur Saud
The objectives of this research were (1) to explore ideologies underpinning Indonesian language policy; and (2) to find out the features of ideological spaces of Indonesian language policy. The sample consisted of five important government regulations related to Indonesian language documents. The data...
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A Review of Leadership Styles and Employee's Well-being in Different Types of Organizations

Muhammad Jufri, Hillman Wirawan
This paper is a viewpoint paper and it aims at presenting theoretical-based evidence on the role of leadership styles and employee's well-being. First, the authors provided a review in the area of leadership styles (i.e., transformational and transactional styles) and well-being. Second, extensive reviews...
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Citizen Behavior Model in Urban Farming Development

Dr. Abdullah, Nurlita Pertiwi, Faizal Amir, Sukrimin Sapareng
The study aims to investigate the characteristics of citizen behavior in the development of urban farming in the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi Province. The sample selection is using probability sampling of 300 respondents aged 18-60 years from various levels of education, gender, and social status....
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Analysis of Empowerment Program that was Implemented in Mamuju Regency East Sulawesi Indonesia

Umi Farida, Eko Wagiyanto, Mr. Bustamin, Rudi Salam
Community Development National Program is one of empowerment policy in Indonesia. One strategy of the policy is health and education. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the implementation of the National Program for Community Empowerment, especially in Healthy and Education Mamuju. This research...
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The Agribusiness Model of Natural Silk System in Soppeng Regency

Ms. Mardia, Nisma Iriani, Mr. Kamaluddin
This study aims to determine how natural silk business development in the village Solie Soppeng Regency through the implementation of agribusiness and the extent of natural silk farmers' income systems. This research used a qualitative approach. The results showed that natural silk business in Soppeng...
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Influence of Work Motivation and Discipline on Work Productivity

Henni Zainal
This paper discusses the effect of motivation and discipline on employee productivity. Globalization has an impact on competition among the companies to get a higher profit, but they often become obstacles that employee productivity that is difficult to find a solution. This study showed that employee...
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Organizational Transformation of Indonesian Logistics Board

La Ode Amijaya Kamaluddin
Organizational transformation in BULOG (National Logistic Agency) is considerably important because of the crucial role in relation with the scheme of government policy in the provision of basic needs. This study reviews the policy of BULOG transformation. Moreover, BULOG transformation is done through...
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Regional Council Role in the Welfare Society Program

Mr. Hernawan, Rudi Salam, Mr. Haerul, Mr. Suprianto
This study aims to identify and analyze the role of councils in the implementation of the community welfare program in terms of procurement of facilities and infrastructure development. This study used a qualitative approach. This study applied the qualitative method using critical review. This paper...
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An Analysis of Tourism Visit Trend

Farid Said, Haedar Akib, Rudi Salam, Aris Baharuddin
This research aims at analyzing tourist visits in Makassar City. The research employed a combination of quantitative and qualitative method. Moreover, the data were collected using questionnaire technique throughout the data collection form and questionnaire sheets or agreements as the sources of data...
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Alternative Models in Mangrove Management based Ecopreneurship in Preserving the Mangrove Forests

Risma Haris, Andi Muh. Taufik Ali, Andi Farida Arsal
Research is done in the area of the nature reserve Bay of Apar, Tanjung Harapan, district Paser, East Kalimantan. The purpose of this research is to design an alternative model of the management of mangrove based - Ecopreneurship that suitable for the fishpond farmers in the area of the nature reserve...
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Mothers' Experience in Parenting Disabled Children (Case study: speech-language delay children)

Haerani Nur
Parenting for children with special needs is not an easy thing for the mothers, including for the mothers who have children with developmental delay in speech and language. This phenomenological qualitative study aims to explore mother's experiences in parenting with speech-and-language delay children....
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Management of Consumption Pattern toward Children's Nutritional Status

Mr. Anto, Hermawati Hamalding, Ms. Marhtyni
The research objective was to determine Procedures against Consumption of Nutritional Status of Children. This type of the investigation is observational with cross sectional study. The sampling technique used exhausted sampling with a total sample of 43 children. The result showed that breakfast habits...
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Influence of Motivation on the Performance of Government Employees

Arifuddin Usman, Dr. Herman
The purpose of this research was to find out the influence of motivation on employee performance Youth and Sports Department of South Sulawesi province. This research is descriptive research. The population is all employees of Youth and Sports Department of South Sulawesi. Data analysis technique used...
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"Why do women have less opportunity for entrepreneurial success compared to men?" (Case study: Indonesian entrepreneurship)

Ismarli Muis, Julia Suleeman, Benedicta Prihatin Dwi Riyanti
Entrepreneurship is one part of economic aspect in achieving a strong economic growth in a country. Therefore, the government encourages the involvement of its people to participate in entrepreneurship program. Yet, the representation of women in entrepreneurial world has not reached the same level as...
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Gender Perspective in Bugis Makassar

Musdalia Mustadjar, Gufran Darma Dirawan
The purpose of this study was to determine the gender understanding and application in Bugis Makassar family. In addition, this study also revealed guidelines Bugis Makassar family life. The research method used Qualitative in a case study. Sampling technique used purpossive with predetermined criteria....
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The Effect of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment On Work Engagement and Performance

Andi Caesar To Tadampali, Abdul Hadi
This study aims to determine the effect of job satisfaction and job involvement directly on the performance and indirectly through organizational commitment as an intervening variable. The results showed that job satisfaction variables gave significant positive effect directly on employee performance....
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Interaction Symbolic on the Therapeutic Communication between Midwife and Patient

Ms. Indirawaty, Mr. Syamsuddin, Mr. S. Rustadi
The implementation of social interaction pattern between midwife and patients is important to explore due to the interaction is expected to be more effective helping for delivering baby process. This study aims to describe the implementation of social interaction by the midwife to the patient during...
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Benefits and Drawbacks of NVivo QSR Application

Syarifuddin Dollah, Amirullah Abduh, Ms. Rosmaladewi
NVivo is the QSR International product that can be used for data analysis. NVivo multimedia based application has been widely used by researchers and scholars in western academic contexts. However, very little information is on the application of NVivo within Indonesian contexts. This paper aims to address...
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The Rhetorical Pattern of Script Defence Examination at Public Universities in Indonesia

Iskandar Abdul Samad, Siti Sarah Fitriani, Syamsul Bahri Yusuf
In many universities in Indonesia, script defence examination (SDE) is a must for students to graduate from their studies. The SDE is a compulsory unit that gives an opportunity for students to show their ability to understand the content of their research and to show their communicative competence....
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Buginese Culture Value System Scale for Entrepreneur and Its Transforming Local Values to a Psychometric Scale

Muhammad Tamar, Hillman Wirawan, Sulasmi Sudirman
This study aims at reporting the construction processes and psychometric properties of the Buginese Culture Value System Scale for Entrepreneur (BVSS-E). A number of previous studies found the significant effect of culture and local values in shaping entrepreneurial behavior and entrepreneurship success...
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Paradigm of Environmental Teachers at Public High Schools in the City of Makassar

Riza Bernadip Umar, Faizal Suyuthi
The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between the naturalist intelligence, locus of control, and knowledge of the ecosystem with the environmental paradigm. The paradigm of the teacher on the environment is needed to be held for teachers when teaching subjects and needed to be practiced...
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Factors Affecting Consumers' Decisions in Using BNI Credit Cards in Makassar

Ms. Sapinah, Andi Annisa Sulolipu
The study aimed to find out the simultaneous influence on product, price, place and promotion to the consumers' decision by using BNI Makassar credit cards. The population of this research was 250 consumers and the samples were 180 con-sumers. The data were collected by using questionnaire, observa-tion...
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A Solution for Increasing the Optimism of Physically Disabled Adolescents

Akhmad Syahputra Syarif, Muh. Ahkam, Ahmad Ridfah
this research aims to determine the increase of optimism of physically disabled adolescents after joining "Bina Cita Training" based on SAVI method at Panti Sosial Bina Daksa Wirajaya Makassar. Subjects of this study are 12 physical disa-bilities adolescents. The characteristic of the subjects is 12-21...
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Health And Safety Of Migrant And Young Workers: Towards A Conceptual Model Of Safety Education For International Students In South Australia

Yahya Thamrin, Dino Pisaniello, Cally Guerin
Despite the possibility of major under-reporting, young workers are over-represented in injury statistics. Among this group are international students, who constitute a significant and rising proportion of young migrant workers. International students may be at greater risk for occupational injury than...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Working Capital

Ms. Syamsinar, Ms. Nurhaedah, Mr. Yohanis, Ms. Syahribulan
The aim of research is to determine the factors that affect the company's working capital. The research was conducted at PT. Bumi Sarana Utama Foundation Kalla Group, Pare-Pare, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Sources of data were in the form of the company's financial report in the last 5 years (2011-2015)....
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Determinant factors of village fund policy implementation in Selayar, South Sulawesi Province

Muhammad Guntur, Muhammad Nur Yamin
Village funds are expected to be the solution to improving the service and village governance. The research was aimed to analyze the various determinant factors that contribute to funding policy implementation in Bontomatene district, Selayar, South Sulawesi Province. This research is both descriptive...
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Evaluation of the Marriage Registration Office of Religious Affairs at Makassar City

Dr. Muhammadong, Prof. Rifdan, Syarifah Balkis
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the marriages registration at the Religious Affairs Makassar Office. This research was conducted at the office of religious affairs Wajo District of Makassar. The type used is qualitatively by describing the circumstances that occurred in the Office of Religious...
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Gender Portrayal In English Learning Materials: Teachers' Perspective

Siti Azisah
This paper aimed to present the teachers' perspective on gender portrayal in English learning material at an Islamic Schools in South Sulawesi. This research employs participatory action research. Where the teachers as the research participant actively participated in showing their own views about gender...
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The Effect of Recruitment, Competence, Motivation and Organization Culture On Job Satisfaction and Performance of Government Employees In Indonesia

Sosiawan Ma'mun, Mr. Muallim, Mr. Yahya, Ms. Sulfaidah, Mr. Fahreza
The objectives of this research were to analyze: 1) the effect of recruitment, competence, motivation and organization culture on job satisfaction of government employees in Indonesia; 2) the effect of recruitment, competence, motivation and organization culture on performance of government employees...
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Matrilinial System and The Activity of Women Trafficking In West Sumatera

Ike Revita, Rovika Trioclarise, Fahmi Gunawan
This research is aimed at explaining the reality reflected in the phenomena of women trafficking related to matrilineal system owned by Minangkabau people in West Sumatera. The objective is to identify the factors influencing the existence of women trafficking in Minangkabau society. The research is...
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Combination Condom Use and Natural Family Planning Method To Control Pregnancy Among Fertile-Aged Couples In Moslem Community

Andi Asmawati Azis, Irma Suryani Idris, Andi Mulawarman
This quasi experiment research concerned and to increase knowledge level fertile aged couple in Makassar Moslem's community, the various attitudes about birth control among subjects after intervention, Husband's engagement after intervention, the effectiveness of the combination between natural family...
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Surveillance Sounds of Bugis as the Austronesian Language family

Johar Amir, Ambo Dalle
This study aimed to describe the language sounds Bugis. In Proto Austronesian phonology of South Sulawesi, there are 6 (six) vowel phonemes and 18 consonant phonemes. The data in this study is the language sounds Bugis (realized in the form of the word) is absorbed from Indonesian. Sources of data in...
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The Development of Data Communications' Learning Media based Role Playing Game (RPG) at Vocational High School

Abdul Muis Mappalotteng, Dr. Purnamawati, Sri Wahyuningsih
This study aims to produce the accurate, efficient and practical instructional media as a learning media based Role Playing Game (RPG) at SMK Telkom Makassar. In designing this learning media, the researchers used ADDIE development model which was modified to be ADDI. The resulting product development...
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Development of Integrated Analysis Practicum Module based on Green Chemistry

Army Auliah, Prof. Mulyadi, Prof. Muharram
This study aimed to develop a module practicum of chemistry analysis integrated-based on green chemistry to improve environmental the attitude of students which is valid and efficient. The four-step of the plump model adopted was used in the development of the module. These stages are the initial assessment...
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The Contribution of Work Environment and Motoric Cognition on Work Readiness of Vocational High School Student

Fiskia Rera Baharuddin, Dwi Agus Sudjimat, Haris A. Syafrudie, Husain Syam
This study aims to describe the input of the work environment (X1) and motoric cognition (X2), against the job readiness (Y) either partially or simultaneously of vocational high school in Makassar city. The research method used an approach with survey method quantitative. The research conducted at the...
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Character Education Models to Develop Anti-Plagiarism Behavior among Students in the Faculty of Engineering

Muhammad Rais, Farida Aryani
This study aims at examining the effect of character education models to avoid students' plagiarism behaviour. The authors used a quantitative research with the pre-experimental design. The study involved fifty students from the Faculty of Engineering at the Universitas Negeri Makassar selected by random...
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The Role of Self-Regulation in Finishing Final Task of Vocational Higher Education Student

Muhammad Yahya, Anas Arfandi
This study aims to elaborate the self-regulation of the student in applying final task. This study also describes the relationship between the dimensions of motivation (M) among final task (FT) of VHE students in Makassar as well as the relationship between the dimensions of epistemological beliefs (EB)...
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Implementation of RME Approach with a Focus on Social Justice in Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Low Socioeconomic Background School

Nurwati Djam'an, Suradi Tahmir, Bill Atweh
Focusing on social justice issues through Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) in this study has been developed. This study aims at investigating the application of the RME approach with a focus on social justice issues in teaching and learning mathematics. Action research method with the grounded theory...
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Improving Students' Commitment Through a Simulation Method Based on Experience Learning Model

M.Th. Sri Rejeki Retnaningdyastuti, G. Rohastono Ajie
The Undergraduate Program students of Guidance and Counseling who will become the candidates teachers or counselors at schools are expected to have commitment, later they will be able to give classroom guidance which will make the students satisfied. However, the fact shows, some students had the engagement...
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Development of Student Worksheet of Processing Plastic Waste into Biogas Based on Environmental Chemistry Lesson

Taty Sulastry, Ernawati S. Kaseng, Gufran Darma Dirawan
This research is a development (Research and Development) model, which aims to develop the student worksheet on the processing of waste plastics into fuel oil and biogas production based environments valid, effective, and practical for use in the subject of environmental chemistry. Students' Worksheet...
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Student Perceptions towards Flipped Learning in Software Engineering Course

Teduh Dirgahayu
Flipped learning is a pedagogical approach that creates a dynamic and interactive learning environment. It has been used in Software Engineering (SE) course to give students more time for doing their work under teacher supervision during in-class learning. This paper presents student perceptions toward...
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Flipping Software Engineering Course to Improve Students' Practical Skills

Teduh Dirgahayu
This paper presents the use of flipped learning in Software Engineering course. Before class, the teacher provides several online videos to facilitate students' as individual learning. Moreover, at the beginning of each class, students are given a short quiz to assess their learning ability. During class,...
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Building Effective School Culture Through Visionary Leadership

Hilal Mahmud
The aim of this study is first to find out the profile of visionary leadership. Secondly, the mechanism adopted to implement a shared vision, and finally the strategies in building an effective school culture in SMA Negeri 2 Palopo. This research includes field research that is verified qualitatively....
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Examining Academic Service using Importance Performance Analysis (IPA)

M. Said Saggaf, Rudi Salam, Muhammad Darwis, Mr. Jamaluddin
Measure of academic services is crucial in finding out the quality of service in every level of education. The objective of this study is providing an overview of academic service quality by using importance performance analysis (IPA). Thirty respondents involved in this study are students of Muhammadiyah...
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The Development of A Survey Instrument: Assessing University Students' Perception On The Quality of Classroom Assessment

Dr. Faridah, Prof. Arismunandar
This paper focuses on the development of a survey instrument on students' perception of the quality of classroom assessment in university. The theoretical framework use in the development of the questionnaire is the principles of sound assessment of students' learning. This paper begins with an overview...
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Students' Satisfaction in Online Tutorial

Sandra Sukmaning Adji, Ms. Sunarsih
This study examined the gap extension between reality and student's expectation and satisfaction towards the implementation of online tutorial activities. The study was conducted at the Open University in Chemistry Education courses. That consist of 316 students in Chemistry Education. Data was obtained...
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Optimization of Strategic Planning Organization in the Framework of Achievement Objectives of Education

Muhammad Ropianto, Kasman Rukun, Mr. Hardianto, B. Herawan Hayadi, Mr. Mesterjon, Feri Hari Utami, Mr. Oriza Candra
Strategic planning in several educational organizations often do not become a serious concern the education managers. Strategic planning is only made as of administrative requirements without used as guidance in implementing educational organizations. The organization is only driven by intuition and...