Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Education Reform and Modern Management

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Development of the Vocational Colleges in the Construction of Service Education System

Weiping Zhou, Guocan Ren, Sufang Yuan
From the orientation and participation of the vocational colleges in the construction of the service education system, the author analyzes how the colleges should participate in the service of the local economic development, points out the bottleneck which blocks the way of vocational colleges participation...
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Discussion of Teaching Reform of E-Commerce English

Yilei Pei, Bing Yang
The course of E-Commerce English meets the needs of cultivating compound talents of the new century, and helps students consolidate E-Commerce knowledge learned during the undergraduate period, in order to adjust the requirements of the future work. This paper points out the existing problems in E-Commerce...
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On Practice of the Citizen Education in Social Fields in the Early Years of the United States

Heng Wu
In addition to the school education way, the citizen education about the early years in social fields in the United States is carried out by party politics, religion and social group activities. The political activities of political parties and elections activities gradually become an important way to...
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The Conception and Practice of Research-Based Teaching in Research Universities

Xiaoyan Zhang, Peng Nan
Scientific research and instruction are the two fundamental activities carried out by university faculty. Science is like the source of a river and teaching is like its flow. Teaching without the support of scientific research will lose its soul. Instructors who are engaged in scientific research have...
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Empirical Research on MIS Teaching of Non-professional Information Management

Fang Lu, Ming Yang
Recently, many universities open MIS (Management Information System) courses in non-professional information management. How to improve teaching quality on MIS course of non-professional information management has drawn more and more colleges’ attention. The teaching quality and influence factors on...
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Education Reform of E-commerce Based on the Concept of "Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship”

Shengbo Shi
E-commerce has shown the tendency of gradually replacing the traditional business and plays a more and more important role in the world. It is necessary to take the education reform on E-commerce to train the e-commerce talents to meet the demand of the enterprises. This paper will introduce the necessity...
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The Islamic university: Is there a winning combination

Erlich Haggai
Modern universities have developed in the Middle East along Western models. They departed from the religious concepts of knowledge upon which the old Islamic institutions of learning had been founded. As Islam returned in our days to inspire politics and culture throughout the region, many are looking...
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Experience of Computer Science Education Reform Based on Enterprise-University Cooperation

Xiaoyang Fu, Hendry Feng
High education has been popular in China while the graduates will face the more and more employment pressure as well as the youths in China have got the better education than before. The pressure is mainly presented as the confliction between the college traditional education model and the professional...
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Research on the Strategy of Higher Occupation Education Development Based on the Regional Industrial and Employment Structure Taking Shunyi District of Beijing as an Example

Haolin Di, Wanrui Xu
Focused on how to face the market running of higher occupation education, this paperpoints outthatthe starting point for strategic research of higher occupation education should bethe development of regional industry and employment structure.It not only demonstrates thatthe higher occupation education...
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The Paths through Which School Heads’ Transformational Leadership Influence Students’ Outcomes in Public Secondary Schools in Kuwait

Fraih Al-Fraih, Maged Ali
This paper reviews the paths through which school heads’ transformational leadership influence students’ outcomes in public secondary schools in Kuwait. The standard of academic achievement in Kuwait’s public schools has been declining over the years, which merits consideration of private sector’s business...
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Action Research and Model Innovation in Backbone Teachers Training for Science Course

Yufei Wu, Zhongqiang Zhang
The model for backbone teacher training for science course (BTTSC) at the provincial level has innovated and built in this paper. It depends on the traditional training model being analyzed, the Action Research Theory (ART) as the instruction, and the content of science exploration for primary and secondary...
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Construction and Practice of Comprehensive Quality Control System for Undergraduate Education

Li Yang, Keyong Shao
Controlling of teaching quality is the core of college management. To construct a quality control system for teaching practice plays a significant and practical role in deepening college education reform and improving the quality of college education. Based on new development and internal management...
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Research on Undergraduate Teaching Reform Based on Overall Quality Management

Huizhen Zhang
Northeast Petroleum University always attaches importance to the quality of undergraduate teaching, and it has put strengthening quality assurance and monitoring system as the important initiatives which can comprehensively improve the quality of teaching over the years. The School strengthens the quality...
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The Total Quality Management Analysis of Petroleum University Undergraduate Teaching Based on AHP Method

Tingting Wang, Keyong Shao
Petroleum university undergraduate teaching faced major oil companies demand, according to the development of the industry to provide new teaching mode, a comprehensive quality management of petroleum university undergraduate teaching is the main trend of petroleum university teaching reform. In this...
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College’s Academic Organization Construction Based on Perspective of Disciplines

Min Zhou
The development of disciplines is consistent with the trend of modern science. It follows a trend of integration-differentiation-integration again. The overall trend is both differentiated and integrated. The disciplinary system is a dynamic structure of the condensed subject groups. With the development...
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The Introduction of High-Quality Educational Resources Promotes Students’ Autonomous Learning in Sino-foreign Education Joint Project

Yan Ma
The economic and social development needs a number of high-quality talents which cannot be cultivated under traditional education mode. Internationalization of higher education is a necessary trend. However, college students lack of the ability of self-learning, self-motivation, self-monitoring and self-regulation...
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An Analysis of Influencing Factors of Innovative Education and Development Proposals

Zhaoji Yu, Songtao Zhou, Yingmo Li
To research and analyze the acting factor of the Innovation Education is the basis of making clear of the causal relationship of the parts of the process of innovation education. This article is aiming to analyze the internal and external system of the educational institutions and the causal relationships...
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A Study on the Construction of Modern University System

Yuting He, Xue Min
Establishing the modern university system in accordance with national condition is the core of our current higher education reform. On the basis of analyzing the meaning of modern university system, this paper briefly analyzes the problems existing in the process of establishing modern university system...
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The Study of the Development of Urban and Rural Preschool Education in Justice—Orientation

Wenfei Jiang, Huansong Yang, Lihua Xu
The unbalance development of Preschool Education in Urban and Rural is the main restraint to the development of Preschool Education. With the development of society, developing Justice Preschool Education is becoming the essential value appeal. Preschool Education in the Justice—orientation includes...
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Study on the Strategies of Service-Based Education in University Library

Jing Xiong
Comprehensive research method has been applied in this study to discuss the divine purpose of service-based education in university library and analyze the characteristics of service-based education. Compared with teaching education and management education, service-based education has been with the...
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Inspirational Education for College Students from Poor Family

Ying Liu, Xiaohong Yang
With the rapid quantitative increase of college students at present, the absolute number of college students from poor family rises unceasingly. College students from poor family have drawn much social solicitude. Inspirational Education for college students from poor family is an important component...
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The Enlightenment of German Higher Education “Dual System” to the China’s High Education System

Shulei Zhao, Guifang Liu, Qingxi Hou
The advancement of modern society relies heavily on well-educated people, which in turn demands for good higher education system. German high education “Dual System” combines theoretical learning and practical training, which is nowadays gaining popularity in Germany countrywide. The system is described...
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Study on the Training of Innovative Talents of Electrical Information Majors by Science & Technology Competition and Innovation &Entrepreneurship Training Programs

Yansheng Zhang, Keyong Shao
Science and technology competition and innovation and entrepreneurship training programs are important methods to promote the students engaged in scientific and technological innovation activities and to train students' innovative ability of science and technology. Several measures are taken to systematically...
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Research on Teaching Models of Postgraduates’ “English for International Academic Exchanges” in the Circumstance of Multimedia and Internet

Hui Yu, Gaogao Liao
This research mainly studies how to foster the postgraduates’ English ability of attending international academic exchanges. By analyzing questionnaires and teaching practices, the research finds that with the aid of multimedia and Internet, comprehensively using classroom teaching, cooperative learning,...
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Construction of Quality Management System of Higher Educational Administrations Based on the ISO9000 Groups of Standards

Qinde Mo
Quality management of higher educational administration is an important system for universities and colleges. It is imperative to explore the possibility for improvement of the system. By combining with the ISO9000 groups of standards and higher educational administration, both the introduction of ISO9000...
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Study on Research-Based Teaching for Mechanical Engineering Control Basis

Hongjun Yang
Because of the strong abstract and theoretical characteristic of the course of mechanical engineering control basis, a research-based teaching idea is put forward to improve the quality of the teaching. After reviewing and summarizing the development of the idea, this paper analyzes its connotation from...
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Analysis of the Present Situation with Insufficient Intrinsic Motivation to Higher Education(HD)in Xinjiang,China

Lixia Zhu
In Xinjiang, there are few reports on the theory of HD from local colleges and universities; there are no environment and atmosphere for teachers to think and research on HD. The development of education has the obvious lack of intrinsic motivation. The reason is that the individual of teacher lacks...
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Construction and Applications of Database for Hair Mercury Contents of College Students Innovation to an Environmental Monitoring Experiment

Lei Zhang
The monitoring experimental item “determination of mercury in human hair” is the important item in environmental monitoring course. Due to the disadvantages of reagent purity and digestion method recommended by reference book widely used, there has been poor accuracy in determining hair mercury contents...
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Research on Problems and Responses in the Development from Junior College to University ——Taking Business College of Beijing Union University as an Example

Jing Zhai, Lingna Zhang
As one kind of Chinese higher vocational education, upgrading from vocational college to university not only meets the needs of students and their parents in terms of education, but also trains a lot of high quality talents with applicable skills for our society. However, due to the unclear orientation...
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The Education Model of Art Design Item Applies to the Service of Regional Development

Tao Zhu
In art to become the independent discipline, to the development of art design specialty related strategic research has substantial significance. Higher education should see art design is not limited to the essence of the education technology and education itself level. Art design can directly role as...
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Graduation Design's Topic Selection and Ability Cultivation of Engineering Management Major

Liming Wu, Qi Guo
Selection of graduation design's topic of engineering management major should reflect professional training demands. Its depth, complexity and scope should be moderate, so does its design workload. Selection of the topic should be comprehensive, which means that it covers the basic professional theories...
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SWOT Study on the Development of Chinese Adult Education

Xiaoping Wang
Adult education in China has been following higher education mode for years without reflecting the characteristics as continuing education since the source of students are mainly from the rest of the admission of higher education. With the expanding college enrollment, the quantity and quality of the...
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Eight-Hour Study Time Management Mode for College Student Based on Credit System

Jing Xiong, Aimin Wang, Lei Wang, Jiangde Yu
In order to solve the problem that more spare time but less rational time arrangement for college students, a study specification named eight-hour study mode is proposed. It requires students to ensure an average of eight hours per day and forty hours per week as basic study time. A key concept lesson...
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Inward-Looking Japanese Young People: A Case on the Second Year Engineering Students of a Rural National University

Daisuke Yamashita, Hisaki Watari
Many mass-media has already discussed the inward tendency of young people in Japan. This research explores the effect of this phenomenon in the second year engineering students of a state university near Tokyo. This research consists of two different parts: examining traveling abroad experiences and...
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Program Development of an Overseas Teaching Practicum for Korean University Students An Evaluation on the Program between 2009 and 2012

Daisuke Yamashita
This article illustrates the development of the overseas teaching practicum of a Korean private university between 2009 and 2012 in Malaysia. This program provides Korean pre-service teachers more substantial teaching experience as well as an opportunity to gain a multicultural competency. This study...
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Introduce Colles to Freshman in Mathematics Teaching

Jing Guan, Zhou Xu
In this paper, we introduced a new type of teaching method which had not been used in university of China. This method originated from French engineers education, and had been executed for students in Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineers from Civil Aviation University of China for 5 years. This...
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On the Exploration and Practice of Core Capabilities of Excellence Electronics Engineers

Yueqian Fu, Jianming Lou
Based on the exploration of the structure of the core capabilities of excellence electronics engineers, this paper proposes to establish the cultivating approaches which can improve and enhance tangibly the students' inventiveness, applying and teamwork abilities meeting the demands of the regional electronics...
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Demand-Oriented Exploration of Interdisciplinary Graduate Students’ Training Method

Xueping Zhang, Xiaoning Chen, Wen Li, Zaihui Wang
Research the training method of interdisciplinary graduate students. Including new training scheme design, training graduate student leadership and management of scientific research ability. Selecting innovative research or research topic from the actual needs, cultivating graduate students innovation...
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Higher Engineering Education for the 21st Century: American Perspective and Its Implications for China

Hongbo Shi, Charles Vest
As the multinational companies continue to emerge worldwide, U.S. veteran companies have been challenged. By analyzing the American higher engineering education status and objectives in the 21st century, that only rely on continuous innovation and business model recreation, firmly grasp the new cutting...
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Research on the Problems and Routing Selections of Adult Education in the West of China

Zhenqi Guo
In the west of China, development of economy and education is relatively backward; social and economic development plays an important role in its education reform and development. In this paper, we analyze the existing problems of adult education in the west of China, study the routing selections of...
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Research on Information Technology Application in College Physical Education

Feng Zheng
With the ever-accelerated development of social productive forces and continuous promotion of informationization, talent culturing attitudes are changing accordingly. Society needs the talents with widely-ranged theoretical knowledge and relatively professional talents. Therefore, the traditional single...
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Quality Evaluation of Undergraduate Thesis as the Goal of Applied Talent's Cultivation --Based on the Self-Assessment Analysis of Accounting Major Theses

Zhenji Jin, Shiyou Li, Jian Xu
This paper analyzed 100 theses of undergraduates majoring in financial management and accounting in the year of 2012. The author used quality evaluation system of undergraduate thesis and the expert evaluation method as the goal of applied talent's cultivation. The results showed that the writing level...
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Research and Measurement on Promoting Quality of Graduate Project for Undergraduate

Chongfang Fu, Zhongming Li, Min Liu, Fuya Wei
This paper aims at solving current problems exist among undergraduates finishing their final project. In order to help realize an overall improvement and strengthen the management of teaching quality, the team carry out a series of eminently achievable measures to insure the quality of graduation projects...
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Study on the Application of Participatory Case Teaching in Business Administration of Undergraduate Course

Jingling Chen
In view of the existing case teaching problems in business administration of undergraduate course, the article puts forward the application method of participatory case teaching. The participatory case teaching can not only helps students improve their ability to solve practical problems, but also make...
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Standardized Administration Practical Exploration of Higher Vocational Colleges’ Sino-foreign Education Joint Project

Yan Ma
Economic globalization promotes the internationalization of higher education, and higher vocational colleges have carried out more and more Sino-foreign cooperative education projects. Zhejiang Water Conservancy and Hydropower College launched specialized Higher Education Joint Project in Information...
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Research on Negative Influence and Strategies of Multimedia Education in Universities

Ziyan Zhang, Linan Fan
This paper focuses on misunderstanding and negative effects on multimedia education as well as its usage. Also, the paper provides a degree which should be used in multimedia education, such as encourage teachers’ guidance, pay attention to students’ feedback, establish teaching-accumulations, as well...
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Research Practice of Stagewise Model in Clinical Medicine Teaching

Haogang Xue, Shougang Wang
For the teaching reform of Clinical Medicine in university, it is necessary to mainly reform the existing practice teaching system and to establish new practice teaching system and model in order to promote students’ converting to thinking and creating type from the old memorizing and imitating type....
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Case Studies of University Funds Source Structure Impact on University Rankings in U.S.

Shujuan Zhang, Ling Xu
This article, by adopting two indicators based on evaluation index system named U.S. News And World Report in the "financial position" and "the proportion of alumni donations" and selecting two universities empirical study, finds that there is a linear correlation between U.S. total funds amount for...
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Understanding and Practice in China National Standard-Referenced Accreditation of Medical Education from Moral and Professional Quality

Hong Xie, Xiongying Zhang, Juan Liu, Guangtao Xu
According to the Undergraduate Medical Education Standards of Clinical Medicine jointly issued by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health in P.R.China, and combined with the first clinical medicine demonstration on the new undergraduate college proposed by the expert panel, from the perspective...
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Reflections on Doubts from the In-service Chemistry Teachers in Secondary School ——Based on the Survey toward Education Master Degree Candidates

Sujing Dong, Xia Li
More than ten years ago, China started a new round of education reforms. What are the teaching behaviors of changes in teachers' classroom What doubts and problems exist in the education and teaching for teachers During the summer course, the researcher did an open question survey toward 16 EMD candidates...