Proceedings of the 2018 8th International Conference on Social science and Education Research (SSER 2018)

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Relationship and Investigation Research among the Alienation and Personality Problem Trend of Ethnic Minority Adolescents Living in Han Nationality District

Li Huang, Xuan Yu, Zhijuan Deng
In the present study, 586 effective ethnic minority adolescents in Han Nationality District were surveyed by the "Adolescent Alienation Scale" and the" PAS Personality Test". The results showed that: (1) On the whole, the adolescents of minority nationalities in Han district experienced a moderate degree...
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Study on the Application of Situational Teaching Method with PBL in Clinical Teaching of Ectopic Pregnancy

Yuan Pan, Yang Yu, Ruizhi Liu
Objective: Situational teaching method with PBL is applied in the clinical teaching of patients with ectopic pregnancy. Its clinical curative effect is discussed and analyzed. Methods: A total of 100 nursing students in our hospital were randomly assigned to two groups: the observation group and the...
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Spread Development of Short Video App Analyzed by Fast Hand

Xing Hua, Ke Li, Zongyuan Tan, Jian Zhou
With the rapid development of social media, people began to be dissatisfied with the way of transmission of text pictures. The short video app came into being and opened a new way for users to socialize. As the short video app with advanced users, the fast hand has experienced the development of stage...
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Aesthetic Education of Vocal Music Teaching in Music Education

Hao Zhang
The continuous reform of our country’s teaching system puts higher requirements on music education. Teachers must not only impart basic music knowledge to students and improve their musical quality, but also permeate aesthetic education in the classroom to promote students' all-round development. In...
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An Analysis of the Reform of the Teaching Philosophy of Application-oriented University Based on Students

Lujun Lv
The scale expansion of higher education has made China’s higher education the highest in the world .However, a series of problems that followed have aroused great concern from the society. Since the beginning of the new century, people's demand for college education is constantly changing from a single...
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Sublimation Theoretic Approach to Xu Yuanchong’s Translation of Images in Li Bai’s Lyric Poetry

Yue Wu
This paper aims to study Xu Yuanchong’s translation of the imagery in Li Bai’s lyric poetry in light of Qian Zhongshu’s Sublimation Theory. It is found out through this research that the basic ideas of Qian’s Sublimation Theory, namely, “enticement”, “avoidance of errors/misinterpretation” and “pursuit...
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A Study on Conversion of Parts of Speech in English-Chinese Translation

Zhengxi Liu, Ru Yuan
English is distinct from Chinese in terms of means of expression, sentence structure, grammar and culture. The text analyses the common skill from the aspect of necessity of conversion and the application of conversion in E-C translation. At first, it gives a brief introduction to the definition of conversion...
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Research on Virtual Experiment Environment Construction and Teaching Practice Based on Web3D Technology

Li Yan, Liping Wang
The virtual experiment environment is a kind of software and hardware operating environment that is built on the computer by means of graphics, simulation and virtual reality technologies to assist or replace the traditional experimental operations. The virtual experiment provides a good solution for...
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A Case of Using Sports News in Teaching English to Sports Major Students in CDSI

Weiying Zhang
Over the past few decades, language teaching has been changed a lot, especially in foreign language teaching and learning. This paper aims to analyze the importance of using sports news in the classroom and tries to find ways on how to use sports news to teach English to sports major students. It is...
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A Study on the Coupling Evaluation of Higher Education Level and Economic Development at Urban Level in China

Chunguang Tang
Based on the data of higher education level and economic development level of 31 large and medium-sized cities in China, an index system to measure the level of urban higher education and economic development is established. The coupling method in physics is introduced to explore the relationship between...
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Fragility Assessment Model Based on Principal Component Analysis

Zhenyan Wang
In recent years, the global impact of climate change has increasingly become a serious problem humankind facing in the world. In this paper, a fragility assessment model has been established by using principal component analysis in response to how climate change affects regional instability. In the study...
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Information Transfer between Major Shareholders and Company Value Reduction

Zhongfu Yu, Jing He, Yalong Liu
Based on the data of all the announcements released in the A-share market from 2012 to 2016, this paper empirically studies the relationship between the reduction of major shareholders and the valuation of the stock of the enterprise. Through regression analysis, we find that there is a positive correlation...
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Study on the Holism Thoughts in Contemporary Chinese Primary and Secondary Schools Education

Mengmeng Tian
Sinology and traditional culture are increasingly valued in primary and secondary education nowadays. Not only ancient poetry and classical Chinese learning, but even Go, Chinese painting, and traditional etiquette rise together. In the study of traditional culture, it is indispensable to learn ancestors’...
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The Aesthetic Education Thoughts of "The book of Rites" on Contemporary University Education

Zhejia Tang
The Book of Rites contains abundant aesthetic thoughts, the development of ancient literati thought in the long history of our country, and the profound influence on Chinese national culture and spirit. Aesthetic education is a education which can purify the emotion and spirit of people, so that people's...
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A Brief Discussion on the Classroom Teaching of University Calculus

Jianping Huang
The quality of calculus teaching directly affects the learning of College Students' professional courses. Under the background of the highly developed information age of the Internet, the author has conducted an empirical study of calculus teaching in combination with his own teaching experience, and...
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Reflection On The Concept Of "Magic arts" In The Context Of Chinese And Western Cultures

Hongling Guo
By combing the basic concept of the study of religion, "magic arts", this paper reveals some basic problems in the field of the study of religion in China. We should reasonably consider the consideration of the Chinese context in the construction of the Study of Religion and the interpretation of The...
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Human Action Recognition Based on RGB-D and Local Interactive Regions Detection

Suolan Liu, Lizhi Kong
We propose a novel method to recognize human actions by fusing information from RGB-D sensors. Human action recognition is a challenging task because of the complexity movements, the variety of actions performed by different subjects and the changes of view and illumination. We propose to detect human...
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An Empirical Study on the Effect of Electronic Commerce on Economic Growth in Gansu Province

Haiying Ma
As a new business model, E-commerce has become a new driving force for China's economic and social development. In the research of E-commerce on economic growth, domestic scholars mainly focus on the impact of E-commerce on the economic micro-environment, supplemented by theoretical analysis. Based on...
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Rousseau's Reflection on Rationality--Take Emile as an Example

Linhui Yu
Emile is one of Rousseau's representative works, this book reflects his educational thoughts, mainly embodied in Rousseau's reflection on rationality. This article combines the concrete text Emile , discusses Rousseau's criticism and the modification method to the Enlightenment rational worship.Rousseau's...
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Column Carving Art in Ancient Huizhou Architecture

Li Feng
Unlike column base wood, furniture, porcelain, people today can add color or decoration Home Furnishing at home and admire. Unlike wood, furniture, porcelain, people today can add color or decoration Home Furnishing at home and admire. Stone plinth in modern life for the villagers have no practical significance,...
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Discussion on the Countermeasures of Rural Information Service in Agricultural Colleges and Universities

Haixia Wang
The library of higher agricultural colleges serves the rural economic construction, which is the need to adapt to the socialist market economy and realize its own value.This paper expounds the advantages and necessities of Agricultural University Library Facing the rural information service, and expounds...
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Chen Heqin's Family Education Thoughts

Jiarui Li
Chen Heqin is a famous modern Chinese child education expert. As the founder of children psychology and child education in China, Chen Heqin is hailed as the “Father of Early Childhood Education in China” and has made outstanding contributions to China’s early childhood education. Family education is...
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The Construction and Perfection of Mental Health Education Model of Poor Students in Colleges and Universities

Shiwei Wu
The problem of poor students in Colleges and universities has a long history. With the transformation of China's economic system and the acceleration of the popularization of higher education, the problem of poor students has become a hot issue to be solved in the development of higher education in China....
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The Enlightenment of Cultivation Thoughts of "The Great Learning" on Sustainable Development of College Students

Hui Yu
In the development history of ancient Chinese society over thousands of years, a cultural phenomenon of universal significance to everyone has been gradually formed. This is the culture of self-cultivation. Self-cultivation culture is a culture that emphasizes self-cultivation. It regards the idea of...
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Experiment Teaching Reform and Practice of Fundamentals of Electronic Technology in CDIO Mode

Wenjie Zhang, Jinfeng Li
CDIO engineering education idea is introduced firstly. The existing issues in experiment teaching of fundamentals of elec-tronic technology are analyzed secondly. After that,based on CDIO teaching mode,experiment teaching method reform on fundamen-tals of electronic technology is performed,which includes...
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Empirical Study on Reading Promotion in University Libraries

Chunyue Liu
An important strategy of socialist cultural construction is to carry out nationwide reading activity, which is a responsible task for university libraries. This paper aims to explore the work of book fair as one of aspects of the reading promotion activities in Colleges and universities. It also explores...
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Application of Game Theory in Mathematical Comprehensive Quality Training System

Feng-Jun Yan
For talents cultivation, the improvement of the comprehensive quality of mathematics is very important. Only the scientific mathematical thinking logic can help to stand out from the crowd and become a full-scale development talent for the society. With the continuous development of the times, the concept...
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A Brief Discussion on the Cultivation Approaches of Civilized Values in Yunnan Higher Vocational College Student

Wen Zhou, Boru Yang
On May 5, 2014, general secretary Xi Jinping called on the youth to conscientiously practice the socialist core values in his speech at the symposium of teachers and students of Peking University. As Yunnan province is located in the southwest of China, the unique geographical conditions and national...
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Research on the Teaching Reform and Talent Cultivation Methods of Drama and Film Major in Colleges and Universities

Cao Zhen
The drama and film literature major is an important subject in the higher education system. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s pursuit of spiritual and cultural levels has moved to a higher level. As a typical representative of artistic works, drama and film literature...
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The Current Problems of Multimedia-aided college English Teaching and its Countermeasures

Juan Lu
With the development of multimedia technology, it has been widely used in college English teaching. Multimedia teaching can not only improve the efficiency of classroom teaching, but also improve the practical ability of students to use English, but the use of multimedia in the classroom still has many...
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Survey on Specialty Identity of Community Management and Service in Vocational Colleges

Jun Mo, Ning Zhu
In view of the learning situation and obstacles of students in community management and service specialty of vocational colleges, this study uses survey questionnaires to investigate the students of this specialty. It is found that the students’ low specialty identify results in poor learning situation...
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Research on the Training Path of Double Innovation Talents for the Professional Certification of Engineering Education

Hui Jiang, Min Liu
As one of the important contents of undergraduate teaching quality and teaching reform in China, the professional certification work of education has been paid great attention. Clear meaning to develop international engineering education professional certification is presented in this paper, on this...
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Research on the Construction of Campus Culture in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on the Perspective of Educational Innovation

Jiaji Gao, Yan Yan
The study of campus culture construction in colleges and universities plays a vital role and influence on the overall construction of the school, and the important part is the higher vocational college which is a powerful push for the study of campus culture in colleges and universities. Colleges and...
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The Design and Implementation of Digital Picture Books for Preschoolers Based on iPad

Qi Cao, Jinghua Han
It is of life-long importance for children to accept rudimentary knowledge about science in their early childhood. Nowadays, the Internet and mobile devices have been widely popular, and Internet-based early education products for preschoolers have also come out thick and fast. From the perspective of...
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The Influence Analysis of Green Economy on the Development of Majors under Economics and Management in Vocational Colleges in China

Kai Liu, Wen Zhou, Boru Yang
As the mainstream model of world economy development, green economy has always advocated green and management concepts throughout the process of economy development in our country. In the meantime, in order to speed up the reality of green development that realizes the long-term plan for promoting social...
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Comparative Study on the Education Informationization of Participatory Budget Management System between China and Abroad

Yadan Zhao
The Third Plenary session of the 18th stressed that governance must be scientific and effective, in line with the modern standard. Therefore, a modern financial system must be established in China to achieve budget transparent. In 2015 the government work report to the central and local government budget...
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Research on the Construction of Tourist Talent Cultivation System in Jilin Province from the Perspective of Global Tourism

Yanjie Zhan
In today's society, tourism has become a strategic pillar industry in our country. The promotion and development of global tourism requires tourism talents to master more extensive and updated knowledge and skills, and put forward greater demand for ‘high, excellent and new’ talents. This has put forward...
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The Research and Practice of the Training and Innovation of the Professional Skills and Cultivation of Talents

Shufeng Jiang, Fengjuan Wang, Rui Fan, Lili Liu
Because of our country in recent years to carry out the cooperation between colleges and higher application talent cultivation mode reform innovation, Brings along the changes of the teaching mode of industrialization of higher and newer, In the process of the higher vocational institutions into enterprises...
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Analysis and Designing of Educational Big Data Mining System for Higher Education

Jing Dong
In order to realize deep excavation and application of educational big data in higher education, multi-disciplinary theories such as pedagogy, computer science, statistics and informatics are helpful. Hadoop of big data mining cloud service is utilized to construct big data mining system for higher education....
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The Construction of the Practical Curriculum System of Technical Application Marketing

Wenhong Zu
The features of technology application curriculum system is the construction of practical curriculum system, combining with the actual demand of the development of China's higher vocational marketing professional and enterprise post, the article analyzed and summarized from curriculum goal, curriculum...
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Design of Virtual Simulation Teaching Platform for Mechanical Manufacturing

Zhe Wang
In view of little equipment, poor safety and bad quality for teaching, a virtual simulation teaching platform for mechanical manufacturing is proposed, which includes six modules, such as virtual machining simulation, installation and maintenance of equipment, integration of virtual reality of industrial...
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Empirical Research of the Enterprise Classroom Management in Private Colleges

Huining Guo
This paper investigates the applications of enterprise management mode to classroom management of private colleges. A complete enterprise class management mode is formed through the role and institutional changes. Finally, the effect of the enterprise class management mode is objectively and scientifically...
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Development and Implementation of Innovative Practical Projects Based on Electronic Contests

Honghui Mu, Ying Zhao, Wei Zhang
Based on the opportunity of college students' electronic competition, with the experience of guiding students attend the national contest of electronic practice, this paper constructed a comprehensive innovation practice project system, perfected the training course system and put forward the electronic...
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Discussion on the Form and Characteristics of Orienteering in Colleges and Universities

Shubing Zhang, Jianying Zeng
Orienteering has been developed for a short time in our country. It can be used as a sport as well as a recreational sport. In order to improve people's comprehensive physique level, our country will promote this outstanding sport to the general public. Colleges and universities are the place where orienteering...
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Analysis of the Impact of Big Data on Enterprise Decision Making

Guang Chen, Zhanjie Liu, Yixin Sun, Wei Liu, Qiumei Lv, Yukun Song, He Huang, Wenjing Peng
The emergence and development of big data have important influence on the decision-making of enterprises. This paper analyzes the important impact of large data on enterprise decision-making from the aspects of decision-making basis, decision-making maker, decision-making power allocation, decision-making...
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The Research on the Spatial Effect of the Urbanization of China to Expand Domestic Demand

Chaojun Ni
Based on the panel data of China's 31 provincial from 2005-2012, the paper using the spatial panel model to study the China's urbanization impact on domestic demand.
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The Realization of Mood through Lexical Choices in English Public Service Advertising Texts

Yanqing Fang
Public service advertisement can indicate the relationship between the advertiser and the audience as well as the interaction and negotiation between them. Based on the systemic functional grammar, this research aims to investigate the interpersonal meaning of mood system through lexical choices. Modal...
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Analysis of the Construction of Foreign Literature Resources in University Libraries

Min Feng
Foreign language literature resources in University libraries are an important part of library literature resources, which reflect the most advanced information and trends in terms of science, politics, economy, culture and other fields. However, actual use is not optimistic. The low utilization rate...
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Food Risk Perception and Its Impact on the Consumers’ Purchasing Behavior

Jiaping Tong
Basing on the milk, the main idea of this article is to analyze the food risk perception and its impact on the consumers’ purchasing in certificates of food quality based on the empirical evidences of consumers in Hangzhou. The empirical study reveals the four factors- social risk consciousness、acquaintance...
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Intangible Assets are More Valuable than the Tangible??"??" Study on the Innovation and Development of the Traditional Time-Honored Brands

Jia Li
Chinese society is a natural economy that is self-sufficient. It is a society based on farming. Except for planting land, it is the development of handicrafts. Therefore, the most demanding quality instead of the brand, as the product itself is material, and the brand is spiritual. It is intangible....