Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Social Science, Economics and Education Research (SSEER 2020)

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Develop a New Talent Cultivation Model of Full-Process Industry-Education Integration—The Path of Transformation and Development of Liuzhou Institute of Technology

Feng Wei, Ting Yu, Xinjian Yang, Hui Zhou
Against the background of the transformation from local regular undergraduate colleges to applied undergraduate colleges, Liuzhou Institute of Technology has effectively linked with the development of regional economy and society. Through a series of measures including deepening college-enterprise cooperation,...
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Research on Online Course Quality Evaluation System Based on the Perspective of Users Comments

Fang GAO, Yusi WEI
Nowadays students have a wider range of choice for knowledge acquisition benefit from the prevalence of online course construction in China. However, in the face of numerous online courses on various platforms that are dazzling and intermingled, how to guide students to make high-quality choice has become...
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A Case Study on Student-Run Official WeChat Account in Chinese Colleges and Universities

Ruilan Cao, Xinrui Yan
Emerging media, as a new and highly operational vehicle of information dissemination, has sprouted around the world in recent years, greatly undermining the power of traditional media. WeChat, as an emerging social platform, dominates Chinese new media market. In Chinese colleges and universities, WeChat...
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Self-Cultivation Methodology of Engineering Students and Its Application in the NEW ERA

Chunhua Han, Baohong He
In the New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, engineering college students face the practical needs of further improving their service will and capability. Self-cultivation can help this goal, because it has special advantages such as considering the student’s internal world comprehensively,...
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Deep Mining of Teaching Data Under Online Teaching Quality Control

Ying Gao, Wendong Wang
In response to the national call for “no extension of education, no suspension of classes”, online teaching in our school is fully launched as scheduled. In order to ensure the quality of undergraduate online classroom teaching, from the point of view of teaching quality monitoring, through investigation,...
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Correlation Analysis on the Courses of Civil Engineering Based on Association Rules Mining

Chuanteng Huang, Shuang Pu
The talent training program is the overall design and planning of higher professional education, and has a decisive role in ensuring the quality of talent training. The training objectives, graduation requirements, curriculum system, syllabus and evaluation system contained in the talent training program...
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Research on College English Curriculum Based on General Education

Jingyu Liu
With the widespread dissemination of the concept of general education, China’s colleges and Universities have gradually realized the importance of the concept of general education. Teachers should actively explore the need for innovation in the setting of college English courses in the context of general...
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Reflections on the Trend of Student Evaluation Data Based on Ideological and Political Course—Take a local university as an example

Wenbi Wu, Ying Gao, Wendong Wang
Students’ evaluation of teaching plays an important role in the quality control system of each university. By analyzing and comparing the data of students’ evaluation of teaching in the last three years of ideological and political courses in Yan’an University, it is found that there is a trend of significant...
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IT Audit Education Implemented Under the Cloud Accounting

Minghong Sun, Yunlong Qu
Digital economy requires the ‘new’ auditor who should not only master the traditional knowledge and methods, but also embody technology-oriented ability. Facing the change of labor market demands, our school has put forward a new engineering model of IT audit education. Based on the CDIO engineer concept,...
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Application of Project Management in the Management of Teaching and Research Projects in University

Jun-hang Ding, Hai-sheng Yu, Min Li
The project of teaching and research in university is an important link to deepen the reform of education and teaching, strengthen the teaching level of schools and improve the competitiveness of schools. To strengthen the process management of teaching and research projects and apply the knowledge system...
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Students’ Expectation for Educational Quality: Progressive Participatory Discussion Teaching with Effect and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Wang Peng
The teaching method is a tool-box that promotes effective teaching and learning to meet the needs. It should be a mixture of multiple teaching methods and teaching strategies. For solving the problems in teaching practice, combining of various teaching methods contributes to achieve student-centered...
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A Research on the Curriculum Design and Implementation Example Under the Blended Learning Mode

Xin Ji
With the development of network technologies, people can use the internet to obtain more learning resources. At the same time, the learning and teaching mode make big progresses accordingly. The blended learning mode is one of the choices that deserves more effort to study. This article focuses to discuss...
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Research on the Strategies of Improving Classroom Teaching Quality

Wei Cong, Hongkun Yu
Classroom teaching is the main battlefield of college teaching, and the quality of classroom teaching is an important factor affecting the quality of talent training. Based on the applied undergraduate colleges, this paper first analyzes the current situation of classroom teaching, focusing on the main...
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Research and Practice of Online Teaching in Construction Training Courses Against the Background of COVID-19 Epidemic

Wei Liu, Haifang Zhang, Jianguo Li, Xiaowen Bian, Chengjie Luan, Jing Gao
At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 epidemic begins to infect, and online teaching became the main measure to achieve “No classes but keep studying, No classes but keep teaching”. This article aims at the problems that occur in online teaching of practical training courses. Taking construction training...
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A Study on the Talent Cultivation Mode of Cross-Border E-commerce Specialty Based on Supply-Side Structural Reform

Ruilan Cao, Sijia Cheng
The connotation of educational supply-side structural reform, the background of cross-border e-commerce talents demand, the current situation of cross-border e-commerce talents cultivation, and the talent cultivation mode of cross-border e-commerce specialty in the new era are discussed in this paper,...
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Investigation and Countermeasures of Primary and Middle School Students with Poor Self-Discipline in Online Teaching

Huan-Song Yang, Yue-Han Qiao, Shao-Li Zhang, Zhang Nan
Since the beginning of 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, the state has advocated “suspension of classes and non-stop learning”. Due to the large differences in primary and secondary students’ personalities, online teaching has a great impact on different primary and secondary students’ teaching...
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High Frequency Teaching Pain Point for College Teachers—Thinking on the Teaching Practice of “Vitality Class” in Tianhua College

Lili Xu
Focusing on some of the teaching high frequency pain points in the teaching of college teachers, combined with the teaching practice of “vitality class” in Tianhua college, this paper puts forward the concept of the origin of the “vitality” in the classroom. In view of “how to grasp the cognitive law...
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Thoughts on the Training Path of Fintech Talents Based on Project-Driven Teaching Method

Lili Xu
This paper discusses the cultivation of Fintech talents in universities under the industrial upgrading, and draws some conclusions: in the capacity building of students, the international communication ability is the most important, the coordination ability is second, and the communication, analysis...
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On the Reform and Practice of Ideological and Political Teaching for Students of Sino-foreign Cooperative School-Running Project Under “Great Ideological and Political” Education Pattern

Tianwen Zhang
With the gradual attention of the State and the Ministry of Education to Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools, the ideological and political teaching of Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools has been widely promoted, reformed and innovated. In order to promote the improvement and development...
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Study on the Operation Mechanism of School-Enterprise Cooperation Service Platform in Personnel Training

Gui-Hua Li, Zhi-wei Li
Based on the current situation of education in China, the connotation and extension of knowledge platform and capability platform are designed on the basis of the research on the construction of school-enterprise cooperative personnel training service platform. The interaction and the linkage between...
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The Enlightenment of Chinese Innovation Education—STEM

Zi-Liang An, Ning Wang, Wen Wan, Qiang Fu
With the hot topic in the field of “Reform and Innovation of Education under the New Situation of the Belt and Road”, the public awareness of STEM education has increased remarkably. STEM is the organic unification of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and the purpose is to train high-level...
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Research on the Training Mode of Health Service and Management Talents Based on the “5G” Era

Zhenlei Lv, Zhongmin Liu
Entering the “5G” era, health service and management majors should focus on training professionals who meet the needs of the health industry in the new era. Research is based on the actual needs of talent training in the “5G” era have analyzed the positioning of current health and management talent training...
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Research on the Talent Training Mode of “School-Enterprise Cooperation” in Local Applied Undergraduate Colleges—Taking the Engineering Management of Eastern Liaoning University as an Example

Lu Wang
Combined with the training objectives of applied talents in engineering management, this paper analyzes and summarizes the existing problems in the current school-enterprise cooperation, proposes the significance of implementing the talent training mode of school-enterprise cooperation, and constructs...
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Research on the Effect of Implicit Ideology and Politics on the Improvement of Students’ Professional Quality—Taking the practical training course of Medical Cosmetology Technology as an example

Xiuping Han
Based on the analysis of the current situation of the professional quality of the students majoring in cosmetology, combined with the typical professional characteristics of the practical training course of Medical Cosmetology Technology and its extremely strong operability, this paper explores and refines...
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Fragmented Foreign Language Learning Among Higher Vocational College Students: Current Situation, Dilemma and Countermeasures

Xin Wang
With the hyper-development of the mobile Internet, the fragmented, Internet+-based model of foreign language learning has become a general trend and an important learning method for college students. On the basis of the questionnaire survey, this paper makes a detailed understanding of the characteristics...
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The Application and Improvement of S-P Chart Method in Teaching Evaluation

Hongwei Ding, Zongshan Wang, Bo Li, Liyong Bao, Jundong Yang
In order to meet the higher requirements of examination evaluation put forward by the educational reform in the new period, it is particularly important to introduce scientific and systematic evaluation methods into examination evaluation. Based on formative evaluation and the combination of qualitative...
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Research on Teaching of “Mechanical Design Methodology” on Account of Outcome-Based Education

Rulin Shen, Yanling Gong
Outcome-based education is regarded as a very successful educational reform at domestic and overseas. Teaching reform of “mechanical design methodology” was carried out according to outcome-based theory. It is conducive to talent training and promoting higher education in line with international standards....
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Exploration and Practice of Industry-University-Research Cooperation in Production Practice

Yanling Gong, Rulin Shen
The production practice is a very important program of mechanical engineering, but it is not easy to implement and even become a mere formality, the phenomenon is more common. By taking advantage of talents in colleges and universities and cooperating with enterprises to establish an industry-university-research...
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The Thinking of Moral Education Infiltration in Mathematics Teaching from Moral Education and Cultivating People

Zhaoyang Song, Fengtong Wen
Mathematics teaching is a very important part of school education, and people pay more and more attention to its moral value. This paper explains the necessity and feasibility of infiltrating moral education in mathematics teaching, and elaborates the strategy of infiltrating moral education in combination...
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Study on the Realization Path of Ideological and Political Education of Specialized Courses in Colleges and Universities—Taking “Introduction to Hotel Management” as an example

Tao Liu, Fuying Xu
A comprehensive analysis of ideological and political education paths of specialized courses in colleges and universities is presented. Firstly, the teaching objectives of specialized courses should be formulated by closely aiming at the ideological and political direction. Secondly, the teaching contents...
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Simulation Experiment Teaching Reform of Square Wave Signal Decomposition and Composition

Yansheng Zhang, Jingde Huang
In the Course of Signals and Systems, there are several problems of experimental teaching based on box, such as the constraints of experimental sites, fewer measured parameters and insufficient spectrum analysis. Simulation experiment teaching is adopted in the course. As an example, “Square wave Signal...
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On Introducing “Ecological” Education into the Campus

Zhigang Yu, Shufang Li, Yang Chen, Tianwei Yan, Jiaye Wu
The advantage of construction and competition of higher vocational colleges lies in good ecological connotation, which is related to the vital interests of college students, social harmony and stability and sustainable economic development. In the visual field of “ecological” education, the paper puts...
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Theoretical Study of Reform and Innovate the Development of National Model Higher Vocational Education

Zhigang Yu, Yang Chen, Shufang Li, Tianwei Yan, Jiaye Wu
Return to “harmony” is the common tendency of educational reform all over the world. Harmony is a kind of highest beauty, and the education reform should advance the harmonious campus. Today, higher vocational education is popular, the students of vocational education should be trained both mental and...
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Explore and Research on Flipped Class in Brazing Experimental Teaching

Duo Liu, Jingbo Yu, Xingyi Li, Bin Chen
According to the characteristics of brazing experimental teaching, such as unitary equipment, low engagement of students, inferior learning initiative and tardy experiment content update, flipped class and micro-video were introduced to brazing experimental teaching successfully. The interaction between...
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The Teaching Mode Study of Mechanical Design Courses Oriented to Engineering Education

Zeguang Han, Ruiqin Hao
Engineering education should always be oriented towards engineering practice. In the context of engineering education reform and engineering certification in the new era, this paper draws on CDIO and other advanced educational concepts at home and abroad, and puts forward SPCGR teaching mode suitable...
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Research on the Application of Sports Prescription in College Students

Zong-cheng PU, Guang-bin BAI, Zhao WANG, Bi-tian PAN
In order to curb the declining trend of College Students’ physical fitness in recent years and the orderly development of the “Healthy China” program, this paper summarizes, summarizes and analyses the problems existing in the application of College Students’ Group Sports Prescriptions in recent ten...
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A Study on the Teaching Mode of “Mechanical Foundation” With the Integration of Curriculum Ideology and Accreditation

Xiangyang Jin, Shasha Wang, Shuang Meng, Lili Zhao, Jing Lin, Jiang Chen, Guiwen Yu, Bin Fu, Jiang Chang, Xue Gong
The combination of certification concept and course education can effectively improve the quality of talent training. This paper analyzes the characteristics of engineering courses, the teaching status of course education of engineering teachers, and the characteristics of engineering education certification...
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Research on Training Talents of Intelligent Logistics in Higher Vocational Colleges Against the Background of New Western Land-Sea Corridor

Ke Wang
This paper analyzes the future demand for intelligent logistics talents against the background of the national development strategy of the new western land-sea corridor, and puts forward the future intelligent logistics enterprise talent needs three main aspects, one is skill type pipe intelligent logistics...
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On Ideological and Political Transformation of College English Teaching

Si-Yang LIU
In order to implement the idea of ideological and political theories teaching in all courses and make College English classroom an ideological front of moral education, it is necessary to carry out ideological and political transformation of College English teaching in view of the current situation of...
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The Construction of Entrepreneurship Education Model in Chinese Universities Against the Background of “Internet plus”

Jingmin Zhang, Liwei Cui
In the context of “Internet plus”, based on the user-oriented, open, shared and collaborative internet thinking, the integration between internet and various industries is becoming a research hotspot. Based on the neo-constructivism, in order to develop the entrepreneurship education in Chinese universities,...
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The Management and Development of Laboratory Technicians in the Construction of High-level Universities

Wu WEN, Peng GU, Kailun QIU, Xuming GUO
The construction project of high-level universities is the most important initiative to achieve the dream of the strong country in education. It is a systematic project. All aspects including laboratory construction and sustainable development must be considered. The construction of the laboratory technicians...
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Research on the Teaching Practice of the Folk Art Course in the Master of Arts in Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

Wenfeng Xue
Folk art is the visual image carrier of folk culture. The professional education of Master of Arts in Colleges and universities can provide students with a deeper understanding of the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. The folk art of Oroqen, Ewenki and Daur nationalities in Inner Mongolia...
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Academic-Oriented Classroom Teaching of Learning Tutor System

Dongguo Li, Wenhua Wang, Yongqiang Zhang
Due to the impact of the epidemic, online teaching has been implemented for all courses in this semester. In the online teaching mode of “SPOC + flipped classroom”, special attention has been paid to the learning status of students who are lagging behind in learning. The tutor system has been adopted,...
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Research on the System Structure of School-Enterprise Cooperative Education Service Platform for Higher Vocational Logistics Based on Blockchain Technology

Ke Wang
This article is based on the multi-dimensional humanized teaching ideas of the Internet, using the distributed ledger of blockchain technology, decentralization, tamper resistance, traceability, fault tolerance, constructed a block chain technology-based vocational logistics school-enterprise cooperation...
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Discussion on the Blending Teaching Mode Against the Background of New Coronavirus Epidemic—Taking the Course of “Urban Road Design” as an Example

Wenhua Wang, Dongguo Li, Yongqiang Zhang
Based on the teaching practice of “Urban Road Design”, this paper carried out the online-offline blending teaching practice against the background of new coronavirus epidemic. It discusses the implementation process of this teaching mode from three stages: before class, in class and after class, and...
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An Empirical Study on the Effects of Industrial Structure on Economic Fluctuation in China

Fang-Fang Zhang
This paper built an econometric model to explore the research topic from optimization of industrial structure, based on the concrete analysis of the development course of industrial structure and the characteristics of economic fluctuation. The results show that Chinese overall industrial structure layout...
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Asset Allocation, Heterogeneity and Consumption

Liping Wang, Xue Meng
This paper defines the heterogeneous consumers according to the ratio between the high liquid assets and income, and uses the data from the China Family Panel Studies (CFPS) of 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 to examine the response of heterogeneous consumers to the temporary income shocks and the wealth effects...
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The Internal Logic of Capital Metaphysics

Feng Shi, Jiang Bian
Capital contains “double logic”, the generating logic of “physical” and the operating logic of “metaphysical”. Marxism attacked the capital metaphysics, He believed, if capital becoming capital metaphysics, who would have a great harm to the real economy. This paper discusses the possible way to abandon...
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Research on the Impact of Dividend Policy on the Performance of Listed Companies’ Market Value Management

Yan-liang ZHANG, Bing-qian HUO, Le-ya ZHANG
To explore the impact of different dividend policies on the market value management of listed companies, the MVM value obtained by reducing the dimensionality of the market value management evaluation index (MVM) system is used as the proxy variable of the market value management, and then the empirical...
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Empirical Research on Special Reserve Balance and Safety Accounting Information Disclosure Level in High-dangerous Industries

En-Zhu Li, Xu-Dong Wang
Special reserves are accounting subjects set up by enterprises to extract safety production costs. To a certain extent, the balance of special reserves represents the potential ability to resist safety risks of enterprises. This paper takes 455 listed companies of high-dangerous industries in China Stock...