Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Social Network, Communication and Education (SNCE 2017)

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Research on Intelligent Rapid Design System of Sheet Metal Equipment

Yuan Zhengbo, Shi Hong, Zhong Liangwei
In view of the long development cycle and the heavy workload of sheet metal equipment development, the method of intelligent rapid design system that secondary development of sheet metal equipment is operated through 3D CAD software is proposed. This method constructs the expert design knowledge base...
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Design of Bluetooth Remote Control Intelligent Car

Huang Jian
In recent years, wireless remote control trolley has become the focus of research. In the provincial, national university students electronic race, remote control car has also appeared frequently, major universities also attach great importance to the design of remote control car. In the scheme of wireless...
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Survey of Software Vulnerability Discovery Technology

Wang Wei
The 21st century is the information age. The rapid development of computer technology supports the rapid development of the information age. With the rapid spread of computers and networks, more and more software products play an important role in people's daily life. In computer security[1], a vulnerability[2]...
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Exploration and Practice on Curriculum System Reform of Applied Innovative Talents Training in Mechanical Engineering

Sui Xiulin, Liu Xianli, Duan Tiequn, Wang Yiwen, Wu Qiufeng
Talent is the decisive factor of national competitiveness, and the application ability of innovative is a core competence of scientific and technological talents in the new period. This article regards applied innovative talents of mechanical design, manufacture and automation as the study object, and...
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Difficulties and Countermeasures of First Aid Knowledge's Popularized Education for College Students

Li Xueshuang, Pang Xiaoyan
The popularity rate of first aid knowledge is one of the most important indicators to measure the level of modern civilization in a country. In colleges and universities, popularizing first aid knowledge is of great practical significance to improve students' awareness of emergency response and disaster...
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Study on Sub-vehicle Cable Sealing Materials

Hu Jianzhong
Cable sealing is the key to cables installed in sub-vehicles. The existing cable sealing materials include rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), graphite, etc., among them polyurethane shows high potential of changing property. In this paper, we analyse the physical and chemical properties of three...
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Education and Training of Modern Designers under the Background of Transformation and Upgrading of Creative Industries in Suzhou

Su Yan
Creative industry has become an important industrial model by leaps and bounds with the arrival of the age of the knowledge economy. Chinese creative industry has entered a hitherto unknown period of strategic opportunities in the influence of global creative economy and development. However, we encounter...
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Teaching of Image Processing of Macroscopic, Microscopic, Knowledge Systems and Applications

Wang Weilan
How to do well in the teaching of digital image processing for graduate students A teaching philosophy were shown on digital image processing that is the macroscopic grasp and microscopic understanding, knowledge structure system and practical problems research in the applications. From the basic knowledge...
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China's Current Social Conflicts and Governance

Liu Yi
Our study concentrates on China's current social conflicts, the analysis focuses on the reasons for its existence and features, on this basis, explores the patterns and methods of conflict governance. We adopt literature research methodology to complete this essay. Underlying theoretical studies of conflicts...
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Research on Improved Model of Electronic Commerce Data Mining Based on big Data Technology

Xu Hongsheng, Fan Ganglong, Li Ke
Big data collection is the use of multiple databases to receive data from the client, and users can use these databases for simple queries and processing. Big data is pointing to massive, comprehensive, highly correlated complex data forms. At present, most Internet companies use Hadoop's HDFS distributed...
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On Commercial Rumours Governance And Government Responsibility

Zhao Suisheng
Commercial rumors is the product of the market economy. With the establishment of market economy system in China, commercial rumors become a new kind of social effects of pollution. Commercial rumors brings serious harm to the economic and social development.Strengthen research rumours governance, is...
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Research on Customer Satisfaction Evaluation in Mobile Phones Industry

Cai Huali, Liu Bisong
This paper, by using Chinese customer satisfaction index evaluation model, conducted research on the evaluation of customers' satisfaction towards mobile phones enterprises and presented the customer satisfaction evaluation results for six enterprises with higher market occupation. The evaluation results...
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The Application of Acoustic Analysis in the Study of Yugur Traditional Folk Songs

Lyu Shiliang, Zhou Luxin
Yugur is a unique ethnic minority in Gansu province of China, mainly distributed in the territory of Sunan County in Gansu province. Yugur traditional folk songs recorded in history and culture, is one of the important forms of oral culture. This paper based on the previous research foundation, voice...
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Internal Cost Control Evaluation for Manufacturing Enterprises Based on Exergy Economic Analysis –Evidence from C Company

Li Xiaoshuai, Chen Jiangping
This article describes a new perspective of evaluating internal cost control efficiency for manufacturing enterprises through the efficiency of material, energy, labor and capital to find an efficient way to evaluate the efficiency of the implementation of internal cost control. The conventional way...
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Study on the Subsidy of Volunteers' Personal Expenses

Chen Jiawei
Volunteers are not for any money or material rewards, they volunteer their time, spirit and skills to take part in social public welfare. But it doesn't mean they shouldn't get rewords, the subsidy mentioned in this paper is not the denial of volunteerism, and is also not to give rewords according to...
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Urban Energy Reform Drives Urban Economic Development

Su Ying
With the deepening of global energy reform, build a global energy Internet, promote the clean and green way to meet the global power needs, has gained more and more international recognition. Through energy change to drive the development of urban economy, give full play to the advantages of both, to...
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Practice Analysis of Nursing in Psychiatric Hospital

Cui Yao, Mao Yuezhuo, Yang Shusheng
Clinical nursing of repeat, specific, trivial, for psychiatric nurses, in some cases, but also need to bear mental patients under the control of personal attacks, insults, mental pressure. So it is necessary to encourage nursing staff in their daily work, loving and maintain good mental state, pay attention...
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Under Cross-cultural Communication Principle, the Contrastive Study on Translate Strategies of Chinese and Foreign Medical Literature

Zhao Song, Song Lili
Objective On the basis of the existing research at home and abroad, this article explores the translation characteristics of medical English literature according to the basic theories of translation, and combining with the theories of English pragmatics, cross-cultural communication, medicine and other...
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Research on Futures Arbitrage Based on Iron Ore Futures

Wang Yong
Steel industry is one of the pillar industries of China's national economy, while the iron ore is the main raw material for smelting steel. China is rich in iron ore resources, but less in rich iron ore, which results in the difficulty and high cost of the use of iron ore. Therefore, the main source...
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Analysis on Kinematics and Dynamics for A Planar Flexible Driving Target Motion Simulation System

Ma Jianyu, Yang Fang, Xue Yujun
The flexible drive have made tremendous inroads into many industrial fields. This paper focuses on the kinematics and dynamics analysis of a planar flexible drive target motion simulation system. The kinematics and dynamics mathematical models of the planar flexible driving target motion simulation system...
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Research on Cloud Service Platform and Model for Product Design

Zong Licheng
The rapid development of the Internet bring us into the era of large data, cloud computing as the core technology of information, the combination of cloud service and industrial design has opened up new ideas for collaborative design. Based on the study of the basic structure and technology of industrial...
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Mechanical Simulation of Multi-rope Hoisting System based on Recurdyn

Ren Jianlei, Li Jishun, Yang Fang, Chen Jie
By using virtual prototype technology, and the multi body dynamics simulation Recurdyn successfully created a multi rope winding hoisting system model. In view of wire rope hoisting system as one of the most important parts, through the finite element method successfully established the wire rope model.The...
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Research on Early Warning Platform of Quality Assurance System Based on BP Neural Network

Sun Cuihua, Ge Yong, Yao Zhengang
This paper establish professional settings and talent supply and demand forecast and dynamic early warning mechanism, analyzes the professional evaluation index system, constructs the function module of the platform, and develops the dynamic warning platform of professional quality assurance system based...
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Online Learning Sum-Product Networks for Language Modeling

Zhang Yu Zhong
Sum-product networks (SPNs) have recently proposed as an remarkable representation due to their dual view as a special deep neural network with clear semantics and a probabilistic graphical model for which inference is always tractable. SPNs have been successfully applied in Computer Vision and Natural...
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A Survey of Emotional Response for Affective Writing Measurment

Shen Yu Cheng 
Educators are familiar with the three domains of learning: (1) cognitive, (2) affective, and (3) psychomotor. The instructional and assessment strategies are typically focused on the cognitive domain of learning because of the difficulty in measuring gains in the affective domain during the teaching...
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The Advice to Help Middle School English Underachievers out of Learning Difficulties Based on Krashen's the Affective Filter Hypothesis

Xu Qingmei
The informatization of social life and the globalization of economy make the importance of English become increasingly prominent. So, the yearning for Chinese people to learn English is stronger and stronger. However, the purposes to learn English are different, such as for travel, for work and for interests....
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Research on Integrity Education of Graduates' Employment in Agricultural Colleges and Universities

Wang Chao, Wang Junzheng
Recently, the Ministry of Education has issued a revised "Regulations on the Management of Students in Ordinary Colleges and Universities". The provisions clearly pointed out that in colleges and universities to carry out integrity education, the establishment of the act of restraint and disciplinary...
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Construction and Practice of Multifunctional Training Teaching System for Rural Power Specialty

Gao Lili, Lu Xingru
This article analyses the key roles of training teaching in the process of agricultural engineer cultivation, and proposes multifunctional training teaching system based on agricultural modernization. To the problems of training teaching, multifunctional training teaching system for rural power specialty...
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Harmonious on Information Environmental and Environmental Accounting Control

Wen Yali
Because the accounting control has the fundamental and realistic features in the firms, so the environmental accounting is put outward to meet this need in the research. This research uses the accounting control thoughts and means to establish the environmental accounting control mechanism in governmental...
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Research into Knowledge Management Based Young Teacher Training Mechanism at Colleges and Universities

Liu Xiuling
Young teachers under take the main teaching tasks at colleges and universities, so their teaching ability and teaching effect affect the overall level and quality of college teaching work to a large extent. Starting from the theory of knowledge management and aiming at features of college teachers, this...
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The Application of Network Teaching Platform in Nursing Education

Li ChunYing, Qu Xian, Li Jing
Objective: It is to explore the application of network teaching platform in nursing education. Take physiology experiment as an example. Methods: Four-year undergraduate international nursing students of 2014 grade were randomly divided into control and experimental groups. The traditional physiology...
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The Rehabilitative Guidance via WeChat Platform on Postoperative Dirigation of Children with Developmental Dislocation of the Hip

Li Jing, Li Yan, Li Dong-Ying, Li Chunwen, Li Chunying
Object: To investigate The rehabilitative guidance via wechat platform on postoperative dirigation of children with DDH. Methods: After six weeks plaster immobilization,32 children with a comprehensive nursing intervention were compared to 37 with traditional nursing.X-ray were examined and record based...
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A Study on the Effects of Feedback Given to Students by Computer to Increase Their Performance in English Writing

Lu Xiaoxia
Computer evaluation has widely been used to automate grading of students papers, especially in English writing in college and universities in China, and computer can also provide feedback to the students. This study is to examine whether or not feedback given by computer to the students has a positive...
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Research on Health Engineering for Communication System

Chen Bin, Juan Li
To bear on the problems including the limited ability, sealed function and insufficient evidence of military communication organization, communication health engineering is proposed. Basing on requirements analysis for application background, the framework is built to achieve data acquisition, health...
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An Analysis and Though on China's Public Crisis Management and Government Responsibility in theTransitional Period 

Wang Juan
A society in its development will face numerous pressure and challenges which would cause social disorder, hinder social development and progress if these problems are underappreciated and remain unsolved. China has gone through the great reform of opening up and the society changes in various manners....
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A Novel Aided System Based on RBR for Unsafety Event Interpretation of Civil Aviation

Jiao Yang, Sun Huabo, Wang Chun, Han Jingru
According to the problem of invalid unsafety events in Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA), an aided interpretation scheme based on Rule-Based Reasoning (RBR) is proposed. On the base of analysis of invalid unsafety events triggered by Advanced Ground Station (AGS), Unsafety Event Aided Interpretation...
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Dormitory Model Based on the Arrangement of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor

Huang Yuchen, Wang Yanhao
Recently, how to save electricity has become the focus of social concern. In order to avoid wasting electricity, many universities limit the power supply. However, there are still many aspects need to be improved in dormitory electricity management. Installing some pyroelectric infrared sensors to detect...
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2-D Parameters Estimation Algorithm for Near-Field Sources Based on Polarization Sensitive Array

Liu Yanbo, Yu Binbin
Proposed a 2-D parameters estimation algorithm for near-field sources based on polarization sensitive array. The algorithm adopted the centro-symmetric uniform linear array, constructed three covariance matrices by the particular array labeling, and taken advantage of the total least squares and subspace...
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A Practical Research on Digital Electronic Technology Classroom Teaching Based on CDIO Concept Combination of Micro-lecture

Zhang GuoQin
In the internet+ age, we have no choice but to rethink classroom teaching reform. There are five problems in the traditional digital electronic technology classroom teaching. Due to the nature of curriculum- engineering and practicality, the digital electronic classroom teaching based on the CDIO concept...
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Analysis of Modular Architecture and Trade-in

Luo Zican, Shen Houcai
This paper studies the problem of modular architecture when the durable goods are sequential innovation and manufacturers adopt the trade-in policy. It is assumed that consumer preferences for product quality are uniformly heterogeneous. In order to expand sales, the manufacturers used the trade-in policy...
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Research on the Project-based Instruction Design of MCU Course Training for the Non-Computer Majors

Wu Ping
Aiming at the status quo and problems of the MCU course training for the non-computer majors, an innovative and practical project teaching design method is proposed. This paper introduces the reform goal of course training in detail, and gives a new project-based design plan and specific implementation...
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A Study on the Practice of "Internet + Double Creation" Talent Training Model--Take the media course as an example

Shi Xiaodan, Bi Xinwen
The arrival of the times , "Internet + ",has speeded up the process of education informatization. Based on it, exploring the new methods and approaches of innovative and career-creating talents has become the key issues which colleges and universities are faced with at this stage.
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The Application of Project - driven Teaching Method in the Teaching of Postgraduates' Dialectology

Lyu Shiliang
Dialectology is often used as a compulsory or elective course in postgraduate teaching. It is an important course in the curriculum system of linguistics students. Project-driven teaching method is a constructivist teaching method by creating a simulation project context. This paper combines the linguistics...
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Research on Network Platform of Agricultural IOT Technology Based on WeChat

Sun Cuihua, Ge Yong, Xue Liang, Qun Qianghe
This paper analyzes the overall structure of curriculum resources platform, to "agricultural IOT technology" course as an example, the design of each function module of the platform, the platform of WeChat communication mechanism, and gives the main code. And Experiments show that the platform has good...
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The Application of Parallel Corpus in the Teaching of English Translation of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Liu Cheng, Wang Xiaofang
With the development of the research on corpus, the corpus of the network resources has become a convenient and economic language teaching resource. The self-made traditional Chinese medicine(TCM)parallel corpus was used for TCM translation teaching. By means of data presentation, retrieval query techniques...
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Features and Translation Strategies of English News Headlines

Wu Yonghong
News headline plays a significant part in various news, therefore news headline, especially its E-C translation, is drawing more attention. This thesis attempts to probe into the translation of English news headlines from the perspective of Communicative Translation and Semantic Translation in quest...
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Analysis of Learning Effect of Engineering Courses in Higher Vocational Collegesineering

Shang Miao, Wang Xiaoli, Zhao Jinwen
The talents of education training in higher vocational colleges are engaged in practical work on the front line of production, construction, service, management, etc. The talent cultivation of higher vocational engineering majors mainly master the actual skills and techniques. In this paper, the course...
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Inclusive Leadership, Perceived Organizational Support, and Work Engagement: The Moderating Role of Leadership-Member Exchange Relationship

Xiang Hudie, Chen Yun, Zhao Fuqiang
Based on the theory of social exchange, this study explores the influence of inclusive leadership on work engagement. The mediating role of organizational support between inclusive leadership and work engagement and the moderating role of Leadership-member exchange relationship are analyzed deeply and...
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The Design and Implementation of HuangGang Normal University Dormitory Management System

Xu Jingxiu, Zhang Dan
At present under the environment of whole society informatization, the informatization construction is reflected in all aspects of our campus. In recent years, the scale of our school has gradually expanded, so that the amount of student information becomes more and more huge, student dormitory management...
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Study on the Construction of Scientific Research Funding Supervision System in Colleges and Universities- Based on internal control perspective

Wang Shuo
In recent years, the country has invested more and more scientific research funding, and the effective use of them have been paid more and more attention by all sectors of society. Based on the relationship between internal control and the supervision of university scientific research funding, this paper...