Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Creative Media, Design and Technology (REKA 2018)

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Arts, Designs, and Textile Craft Art

Nanang Rizali
In the discipline of fine arts, design development can be considered to be quite fast and even so flexible, that it is often difficult to establish its limitations. One of the results of this phenomenon is the variety of understanding and interpretations that is not much different from the reality of...
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Principles and the Understanding of Service Innovation in Design Education

Ahmad Zuhairi
In the rapid development of technology, South East Asia countries always have the opportunity to experience new products and services. New design ideas, principles and methods for service innovation and design will change designers’ value in education and creative industries that are suitable for the...
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Perception Comparisons on Packaging Design Elements toward Purchasing Decisions between People with Art Sensibility and Those without Art Sensibility

Khwanrat Chinda
Perception on product appearance could enhance customers’ credentials for product quality and increase the purchasing potential. In this study a testing by using a set of 3D simulated pictures as stimuli is designed to evaluate how consumers perceived product necessity of cognitive and affective perceptions...
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Human-Centered Design for Advanced Technology

Satoshi Muraki
The development of technology has contributed to and changed almost all aspects in human life. However there are some inevitable negative consequences that come along with these massive changes. This paper discusses the aspects changed or influenced by the technological advances and how designers could...
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Seven Methods in Creating Contemporary Paintings

I Wayan Adnyana
This article aims to elaborate and explain the seven methods in creating contemporary paintings based on Yeh Pulu relief explorations. The methods used were carried out through the three stages of process based on the concept of Sullivan's ‘Art Practice as Research’ (2005): medium experimentation, visual...
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Power of Persuasion: Creative Communication in Business and Politics

Widodo Muktiyo
Communication is so vital and powerful in social life. With communication, our lives become colorful. We interact, develop, and change in and within our social relation through communication. Communication is omnipresent in affecting all aspects of our life including in Business and politics. One of...
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Tempora Mutantur, nos et Mutamur in Illis (Times Change, and We too are Changed with Them.)

Ulrich Martin Plank
The history has provided a reflection of to what extent science and technoogy might influence human life, from life changing advances to major devastations. Science and technology are invented and developed by humans but it might end up controling them in the most ironic ways. We cannot escape the impact...
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The Advertisement Design of “Student Saving Program” Flyer: Awareness-Comprehension-Conviction-Desire- Action (ACCDA) Evaluation

M. Rizky Kertanegara
or SimPel' by using informative message approach. This is based on the lack of promotional activities, especially print advertising, conducted by the Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) and the banks that issued this program. After that, the author measures the effectiveness of the...
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Influence of Form, Texture and Shading on ‘Abstract’ and ‘Realistic’ Style Preferences: an Overview of Design Characteristics through Incidental Thematic Results

Lilian Lee Shiau Gee, Jasni Dolah
In the context of graphic styles, the specific characterization will induce the sensed value experienced and thereby generate satisfaction. This brings up an important understanding needed to explore the style details or specific design features to the ‘Abstract’ and ‘Realistic’ style, particularly in...
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Meanings and Symbols in The Decorative Motifs and Patterns of Sinudot and Lapoi of The Kimaragang’s Costume

Victor B . Pangayan, A.S Hardy B. Shafii, Low Kok On
Kimaragang is the typical ethnic group in Kota Marudu, Sabah. The uniqueness and identity of Kimaragang’s community can be regarded in terms of their costumes and textiles – as an ideographic symbol of Kimaragang’s people. The Kimaragang traditional costumes are divided into two, sinudot and lapoi. The...
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Social Media to Enhance Design Practices: Exploring the Learning Experience of Undergraduate Design Students

Yun Yi Tan, Allan H.K. Yuen
To succeed as pioneers in the creative industry, it is crucial for design students in higher education institutions to understand the practical skills, creative approaches and attitudes needed. However, design students tend to face difficulties in developing their potential skills and discovering their...
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Design Recognition & Significant: A Finding On Consumers’ Feedback On Halal Logo

Nurul Wahidah Mahmud Zuhudi, Jasni Dolah
The significance of design recognition and its elements may give great connotation to the influence of Halal logo and certification. Certified by JAKIM, it is vital as a trustworthy part of indication that mainly beneficial for consumers to prevent purchase conflict and reduce confusions during product...
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A Comparison Study between Natural and Synthetics Fiber Cloth to Construct Uniqueness of Hand Painting Fashion Fabric

Eri Naharani, Ellya Zulaikha, Waluyo Hadi
Images on fabric contributes significantly to the value of fashion product. The image can be a pattern or a picture. Nowadays, those images is made in various ways, by manually or by the help of technology, such as digital printing. Amid the use of sophisticated printing technology, the hand painting...
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The Study of The Meaning of Body Language and Perceptions of Audience Garuda Indonesia Television Commercials Hands Version

Ira Wirasari, Rizky Indah
Airline commercials rare in advertising industry in Indonesia. Garuda Indonesia as a national airline come up with an ads that using a combination of symbolic movements and traditional Indonesian dance as a form to deliver the message in advertising. This study aimed to understand the meaning of nonverbal...
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Exploration Of Themes And Design Concepts As A Communication Form In Architecture

Tita Cardiah, Irwan Sudarisman
Interaction between architectural objects with observers (public) as one form of communication in architecture, especially communication in the language of architectural forms. Communication in the architecture will be established if the realization of architectural forms has clear themes and concepts....
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Interactive Art as a Medium of Speech

Adam Bin Mohd Salehuddin, Mohd Nasir Baharuddin
Interactive art is born from the idea of brainstorming through the new media artworks. It started with the transformation of computer art in Malaysia during the 90s through the first Electronic Art exhibition and have opened a new shift in the Malaysia art scene specifically in the use of integration...
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Structuralism Approach: Symbolism Of Traditional Batik Pattern Of Javanese Traditional Clothes In Surakarta

Sarwono, Edi Kurniadi
Paradigm model of Structuralism-Symbolism of Traditional batik pattern in Surakarta, a method which analyzes the Javanese thinking and paradigm. The method used in this research is the structuralism approach. Realism is proposed to see the “surface structure” and “deep structure” which was convinced,...
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Representation of the Glorious Era of Majapahit Through the Choice of Characters in Visual Novel Game Designs

Pratama Dendi, Winny Gunarti Widya Wardani, Akbar Taufiq
The glorious era of Majapahit Kingdom was signed by the presence of figures who play a role in the development of human civilization. The glorious era of Majapahit is also an important historical note of Indonesia. Popular figures in this era include Gajah Mada, Raden Wijaya, and Tribhuwana Tunggadewi....
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Traditional Batik Tuban Innovation Through Motive Development Uses jBatik Software

Fajar Ciptandi
The element in society's traditional batik's cloth's visual at Tuban, East Java, has character of vital importance in giving identity for society's tradition at Tuban. Motive's forms that described in traditional batik's cloth Tuban even also is some objects that often met by society at the everyday’s...
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Increasing Selling Power and Brand Identity of Typical Food Snack in Kelurahan Kranggan through Packaging Design

James Darmawan, Ronald Gunawan, Citra Syukma Bayu Sakti
Kelurahan Kranggan, Serpong, South Tangerang; has a typical snack processing produced by housewives and managed by Cipta Boga Cooperation, South Tangerang City. Concomitant escalation of the buyers, the typical snack requires packaging design; which can provide the identity of the urban village, has...
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Analysis of Genius Loci Concept Implementation on The Go Green Glintung Thematic Kampong in Malang City

Debri Haryndia Putri, Titi Ayu Pawestri
Thematic kampong is one of the government's efforts to overcome the problem of settlements aimed at improving the quality of the environment through the area arrangement and development based on the unique and dynamic local potency. Currently, Malang has about 78 thematic kampongs and one of them is...
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Study of The Malangan Batik through Motifs Composition with Shape Grammar Technique and Color Composition Selection (Case Study: The Druju Batik)

Titi Ayu Pawestri, Debri Haryndia Putri
The Malangan Batik is a batik art with unique motif of Malang. There are some central of batik producer in Malang, one of them is The Druju Batik. This batik was produced since 1996 in The Druju Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency. The Druju motif inspired by natural environment around...
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Packaging Design Of Betutu Chicken Special Merchandise From Bali

Ni Luh Desi In Diana Sari, I Nengah Sudika Negara, Alit Kumala Dewi
The purpose of this design is to create the packaging design of Betutu Chicken as a special souvenir from Bali to tourists. This design is based on the problems that the design of the Betutu Chicken that is used as a souvenir does not meet the criteria. This design is done as a solution to the aforementioned...
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Glass Painting Art Learning Model by Utilizing Video to Improve Community’s Appreciation and the Creativity of Creative Industry Actors

Nooryan Bahari, Desy Nurcahyanti
The specific purpose of this study is to revitalize the art of glass painting in Indonesia through study, research and elaboration of glass painting materials that will be packaged in a modern way as a learning media in the form of video and innovation modules, in which some form of tradition art glass...
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The Development of Karo Souvenir Design Inspired by Padung-padung

Ariani Rachman
Tanah Karo is one of the areas in North Sumatra that has a variety of tourist destinations because of its cultural richness and natural beauty. To support the government's program in realizing Tanah Karo as one of tourist destination that is cultured and competitive, one effort that can be done to support...
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Exploration Design Development Borobudur Chair Based on Perspectional of Industrial Furniture in Surakarta

Rahmanu Widayat, Anung B Studyanto, If. Bambang Sulistyono
Borobudur seat design was a study result as chair reconstruction from Karmawibhangga relief in Borobudur temple. The exploration has been done by the perspective of fine art and design with wangun (beautiful) and aeng (weird) as design creativity and arts. Regional of Surakarta and around it have a lot...
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Method Of Designing Ornaments On Karawo Textiles In Gorontalo

I Wayan Sudana, T. Slamet Suparno, Dharsono, Guntur
Over 30 years, the design of ornaments on karawo textiles in Gorontalo-Indonesia is only done by one self-taught designer, without regeneration. This is allegedly because the design process is considered to be done intuitively, so that cannot be learned by others. This study aims to explore the process...
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The Use of Virtual Reality on Illustration-Based Virtual Environments: An Experimenter Preliminary Study

Perng Jeu Ng, Mariam Mohamad, Kien Tsong Chau
Technology education has not only become a network of gathering and sharing ideas, but also a platform for students and teachers to research, collaborate, and differentiate (Elliot, 2016). Virtual Reality is one of the high demand and attractive technology to student community, especially the advancement...
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The use of Educational Media and Technology on Book Content Preservation: The Case Study on Wong-Yao Educational Cartoon Series

Perng Jeu Ng, Mohd Fairuz
Nowadays, the exponential growth of media and technology usage in education, through variety type of platform has raise significantly the focus and importance of educational media research. In this paper, the purpose is to find out the impact of using multimedia on transforming and preserving traditional...
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Digital Comic Platform Mapping In Improving The Creative Industry Potential

Sayid Mataram, Deny Tri Ardianto
Digital platforms in the field of illustrations such as comics have been growing nowadays. This is inseparable from the development of new media technologies that have transformed many analog and manual mediums into digital and automatic ones. Changes in the medium lead to many variations in the presentations....
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Batik Innovations In Surakarta Indonesia

Tiwi Bina Affanti, Sujadi R Hidayat
This article discusses batik innovations and the implications on batik existence in Surakarta, Indonesia. The focus of the problem being discussed is the innovation of batik production equipments that have occurred to date and the use of the innovation results in batik industry. The data of the research...
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Concept of Spirituality on Designing Fashion Products in Bali

Arini Arumsari, Agus Sachari, Andryanto Rikrik Kusmara
In Balinese tradition, the process of designing fashion products that is a part of art and design domain, is an issue that cannot be separated from religion. Almost all sacred ceremonies require various rituals and offerings. Balinese Hindu community always delivers ritual and spiritual ceremonies passionately...
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“Ajeg Bali” Discourse In Dynamics Of Craft Of Ceremonial Tools In Bali

Ni Kadek Karuni, I Wayan Suardana, I Made Supartha
Nowadays, increasing public interest to carry out religious ceremoniesin Bali is also based on the responsibility to preserve Balinese art and culture which are implemented in “Ajeg Bali Discourse”. To support the ceremony, it needs various tools in accordance with the form and function of the ceremony...
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Creating an Inclusive Museum with A Narrative Design Approach

July Hidayat
Inclusive museum provides the opportunity for visitors to construct their own meaning when experienced exhibition. This can‟t be achieved when the collections are displayed monotonously in the vitrines as the interpretation of meaning is locked and limited to the given curatorial text. Museum's role...
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A Typography Study of Negotiation and Identity at Dolly

Maria Nala Damajanti, Elisabeth Christine Yuwono
The Dolly area was widely known as a famous prostitution area in Surabaya, which was supposedly the largest in Southeast Asia. After going through a number of upheavals and rejection, finally this prostitution area was closed in 2014 by the government and returned as a residential area. Most societies...
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Design Development of The Batik Majapahit : The Legacy of the Past and Present Creativity

Setyawan, Anung B Studyanto
This article discusses the result of visual exploration from the Majapahit heritage which is set as the concept of design development for the present Batik Majapahit. The offered design development is not only based on the past but also in accordance with the present which will embellish the sustainable...
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The Role of Computer Design Software in Helping to Analyze The Condition of The Site in The Building Design

Erick Teguh Leksono
Nowadays, Technology development makes the world move very fast and rapidly changed. It reshapes every aspects in our Life. Most people are using modern technology to do their activity, they have technology devices, such as Computers, Laptops and smartphones, so they can easily get the information that...
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Art on Paper, How Journalist Covers Art Creativity (Technology Impact on Journalism Culture in Culture Journalism)

Sri Syamsiyah, Sri Hastjarjo, Widodo Muktiyo, Pawito
Art creativities are spread to public by journalists through media. But, due to space limitation, longprepared artworks with abundant creative ideas sometimes cannot be presented completely in media. In art activity, artists would like to deliver their messages through their artworks and the messages...
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The Variety of The Entrances Changes of Rumah Gadang Minangkabau

Rosalinda Wiemar
Rumah gadang Minangkabau is a traditional house owned by one clan. The activities within the rumah gadang are numerous and varied. Especially because occupied by several families. Circulation of the occupants from and into the home is very important, entrances is the main facility in the circulation....
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What Drives The Riders Do Personalizing Activity Toward Their Motorbike?

Dandi Yunidar, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdul Majid
This study was driven by a phenomenon that took place in Bandung Indonesia related to significant amount of motorbikes operate in Bandung until 2017. This huge amount of motorbike also creates several unique styles of riders. This study was conducted to find out is there any relationship between the...
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Utilization of Used-Goods as an Environmental Aesthetics Tourist Attraction Case Study: Kampong Pelangi, Semarang

Ratih Dian Saraswati, Peter Ardhianto
Used-goods or scraps do not only pollute the environment but also damage the aesthetics of the environment visually. Handling those scraps wrongly could cause the environment be a slum area. In contrary, by handling those scraps in a good way could not only avoid the diseases but also could upgrade the...
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Art Styles Comparison Between Jepara of Central Java and Bali

Ganal Rudiyanto
Art product is based on between the line meaning divided into four categories, which are: (1). Art, which is made as cultural symbol product, (2). Have a meaning of faith in God, (3). Have a meaning of local cultures, and (4). Have a meaning of economics. From the four aspect, the writer is trying to...
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Adapting Culturally Responsive Teaching to Enrich Experiential Learning in a Malaysian Graphic Communication Design Classroom

Jinchi Yip, Mohd. Asrizal Razali, Noranis Ismail
Experiential learning has always been the core of graphic design education as the graphic design field is practical in nature. Besides honing the students’ intellectual, creative and observational qualities, the sensitivity to culture of their own and of others is also of importance in graphic design...
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Professional vs. Amateur: How Self-Made Videos Help Students Learn

Listia Natadjaja
Since 2014, corporate product knowledge videos available online have been used as an additional instructional media for learning printing production tools & process in PPG class. However, these officially made videos are not fully able to provide the necessary information the students needed. As consequences,...
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A Malaysian Folklore Game Design As A Tool Of Culture Preservation And Entertainment: Toyol

Mohd Fairuz, Perng Jeu Ng
The study focuses on development of game design based on Malaysian Folklore, Toyol. The objectives of the study are to identify the possibility of applying the Toyol as a main character in a game design and to introduce the characteristics of Toyol through the interactive multimedia platform. The design...
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The role of experiential learning in creative design appreciation among TDS students at Taylor’s University

Mohd Asrizal Razali, Noranis Ismail, Nurzihan Hassim
Whilst 21st century education is increasingly driven by technology, a holistic learning experience is still largely reliant on traditional pedagogies. This study focused on experiential learning that inspired design thinking among Taylor’s University students where creative cities were visited to heighten...
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Engaging Pre-schoolers in a Musical Experience: A SCAMPER Technique Study

Kok Yew Ang, May Chan Yuen, Annie Kai Sze Wong
Music appreciation is one of the art experiences introduced to pre-schoolers. Music is perceived as one of the best tools to be integrated into the teaching of other subjects across the curriculum in early childhood education. This study aims to understand the use of the SCAMPER technique as a guide...
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How Digital Marketing Affects Consumer Behavior

Diyana Ahmed Ghazie, Jasni Dolah
Everyone in online – literally, everyone is online today. Internet became most important medium nowadays especially for digital marketing for their marketing strategy to sell products and services. This is because it helps to save a lot of time, expenses and many more. This research is to understand...
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Hikayat Sang Kancil and Buaya: an Interactive Animation

Norfarizah Mohd Bakhir, Julina Ismail Kamal, Nurliana Yusri
This research attempts to provide a platform to help sustain Malay folklore that is forgotten over time. Thus, an interactive 2D animation about the Tale of Mousedeer and Crocodile or ‘Hikayat Sang Kancil & Buaya’ was proposed as a new alternative of folklore storytelling to enhance user experience....
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The Persistence of Traditional Gender Roles in Online Shopping App Advertisement

Asnurul Novia Narendra, Sri Kusuma Habsari, Deny Tri Ardianto
The form of advertisements of Indonesian online shopping apps changes from display products in 2014 to cultural value display in 2017-2018. This study aims to point out the persistence of traditional gender roles in Tokopedia, despite the changing form of the ads. This study used descriptive qualitative...
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Hologram Technology as Interactive Space Design in Tugu Pahlawan Museum Surabaya

Michael Yudhistira Miandda, Felix Sulistio Tjiang, Leonardo Gunady
Tugu Pahlawan Museum is built on a concept to help the citizen gain knowledge about their city. On the contrary, the information that has been delivered did not have any changes in the system throughout the years, so it is hard for the citizen to understand the visualization and experience in this museum...
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Looking at the Visual Approach on American, European, and Japanese Licensed Comic that Published in Indonesia and Their Influence to Indonesian Comic Industries

Danendro Adi
A combination of narration with still images in a sequence to form a story that is defined as Graphic Narrative, Graphic Novel, or simply called Comic has been published in Indonesia since the colonial era. Since the early period of original Indonesian-made comics in the 1930’s, the golden era of Indonesian...
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Environmentally Friendly Material Characteristics Applied to Interior and Furniture

Yunida Sofiana,, Ade A S Fajarwati
Nowadays many new materials have been found and will predictably be replacing the old material such as wood, bamboo and others soon. However, the question whether the new material safe and friendly for the environment are still being questioned? Each material has different strengths, weaknesses, special...
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Handling Abstraction in Chemistry with Animation

Chici Yuliana Nadi, Deny Tri Ardianto, Akhmad Arif Mussadad
Field of chemistry exists to fulfill the question of nature in which every explanation could only be achieved by expanding the scope of exploration to the micro or even sub-atomic scale. That tendency makes chemistry has an abstract characteristic, mostly because we know that human cannot perceive the...
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Utilization of building facade as a messenger medium in Semarang trading area, Pekojan street at night

Bayu Widiantoro, Arwin Purnama Jati
Pekojan Street is a well-known and well-liked trading area in one of the areas near the old city of Semarang. Pekojan is a road that connects between the old city of Semarang and Semarang Chinatown. The area is very crowded from morning to late afternoon, but it becomes a very quiet area at night. What...
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Visual Expression of Bondres Mask (*)

Diah Asmarandani
There are many Balinese topeng dance drama, Pajegan, Panca and Prembon, also known as Wali, Bebali, and Balih-balihan dance. Balinese topeng dance drama has many kind of topeng characters and the most intriguing ones is a common topeng called Bondres. Bondres visualise an ugliness facial expression that...
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Understanding Sitting Culture of Balinese Traditional Society

Sangayu Ketut Laksemi Nilotama
The position and placement of sitting down for traditional activities for Balinese society is being followed. Balinese people possess various names for sitting positions for men and women, that must be recognized and understand by members of the community. It is mentioned that to sit on the floor if...
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Optimize The Placement Of Print Advertisement And Signage By Anamorphic Illusion

Jie Lin Ho, Mohammad Khizal Saat, Tetriana Ahmad Fauzi
Print advertisement is a mean to communicate about products, services or ideas which is intended to inform or influence people who received the message that is usually persuasive by nature and paid by the related sponsors. Strategic placement of advertisement and signage is one of the crucial key of...
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Form And Meaning Of Dayak Traditional House In East Kalimantan, Indonesia (Case Study: Lou Pepas Eheng Dayak Benuaq's House)

Laksmi Kusuma Wardani, Ronald Hasudungan Irianto Sitindjak, Poppy F. Nilasari, Devina Faustine Widjayadi
East Kalimantan has 74 family tribes out of 405 Dayak family tribes in Kalimantan. In the past, the dwellings of Dayak tribes were known as lamin or amin (Dayak Kenyah), luuq (Dayak Tunjung) or lou (Dayak Benuaq). This research aims to specifically discuss about the Dayak traditional house with lou Pepas...
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Form And Meaning Of Batak Toba House

Ronald Hasudungan Irianto Sitindjak, Laksmi Kusuma Wardani, Poppy F. Nilasari
The Batak tribe is a large tribe of Tapanuli region in North Sumatera. This tribe consists of six secondary tribes, the largest one being the Batak Toba tribe. The traditional architecture of their past dwellings were called Rumah Batak Toba. They vary in form and can be differentiated from one another...
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Design Changes Of The Search Group Album Covers From 1985 To 1990

Salziana Ibrahim, Raja Iskandar Raja Halid, Tengku Fauzan Tengku Anuar
This study aims to study the design changes that occur on the cover of the famous rock band from Malaysia, Search. The case study was made on 5 studio albums which are Cinta Buatan Malaysia, Langit dan Bumi, Mentari Merah di Ufuk timur, Fenomena and Karisma. It is undeniable that the designs had undergone...
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The Relationship of Fashion Textile On Exploring Technology And Innovation Via Doodles: Focusing A Jeans Denim of Men In Malaysia

Nur Izzaty Mohd Roslan, Azwady Mustapha
There are a lot of innovations in jeans denim all over the world. In this study, expression of feelings through Doodles paintings can picturize the character of an individual. Doodles reference from Zuusaha© is one of the world’s most beloved and frequently worn fabrics. On any given day, more than half...
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Up-Cycle Of Plastic Opp Laminate; From Waste Into Handicraft Products Raw Material

Ratna Endah Santoso, Nidyah Widyamurti
In the current digital era, the development of printing industry is still irreplaceable. Printing products in the forms of books, packaging, and the likes are still actively produced today. However, the printing industry is one of the waste producers that are quite detrimental to the environment because...
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Packaging Development Center And Creative Industry As The Supporting Factors Of Msmes To Compete In The Global Market

Yayan Suherlan, Nidyah Widyamurti
Packaging and marketing issues are still the weak points for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) engaged in food and beverage products. This is due to the low awareness and knowledge of MSMEs regarding to the importance of image, quality and packaging appearance, as well as the limited packaging...
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Student Mobile Attendance Application Using QRCode and Integrated with SSO at Universitas Sebelas Maret

Winarno, Wiranto, Afrizal Doewes
Mobile attendance is used to record student attendance in a lecture class. This mobile app uses QR Code to identify students' ID. This app facilitates lecturers in recording the attendance of lecturers and students. The accuracy and speed of data can be used as one of the parameters for lecturers' performance...
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Exhibition Design Affordance to Provide New Visitor’s Experience in Museum Ullen Sentalu Yogyakarta

Arwin Purnama Jati, Bayu Widiantoro
Ullen Sentalu Museum (USM) in Yogyakarta has a specific concept of layout spaceas it is built in a natural reserve area in Kaliurang Yogyakarta. The blend of natural nuance and the concept of Javanese cultural history and hybrid architecture become the highlight of the museum. The space design and the...
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Visual Media To Campaign The Sexual Health For Teenagers (Study Case Using Visual Media To Inform Health Reproduction For Teenager In Solo)

Esty Wulandari
More than 50% of the world’s population begins their sexual activity in their youth. empowering adolescents to improve their sexual health can help them effectively deal with related problems, such as infertility, sexually transmitted infections, and high risk sexual behaviors; it can also encourage...
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Identity Value of Reformation Era Strives on the Sign-system of Trisakti University Campus

Virginia Suryani, Wegig Murwonugroho
Sign system is a type of signage which serves as a means of communication. It has a function to show identity, information, and direction. The Trisakti University is a private campus known as the Reformation campus. The beginning of the reformation era caused by the unrestrained anger of the people for...
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User Success Rate to Measure Usability in Responsive Website Layout Changes (Case Study: Indonesian Newspaper Website)

Auria F. Yogananti, Noor Hasyim, Ali Muqoddas
Online Newspapers can be accessed through many varied devices such as personal computer (PC), Tablet and mobile phone, people usually called this kind of online newspaper by responsive website. Responsive website have elastic and flexible layout, so it can be changed easily based on size of devices monitor....
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Creative Strategy Of Documentary Films To Embrace College Students Viewers

Anugrah Irfan Ismail, Ercilia Rini Octavia, Ibnu Kuncorobroto
For most college students, documentary films are not a well-liked film genre. A documentary film that shows reality without engineering is not interesting enough for college students who are accustomed to the dramatization of Hollywood and other mainstream film industries. This study aims to (1) find...
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The Analysis of Integration between Hijab Concept and Fashion in Indonesia

Citra Puspitasari, Jasni Dolah
Wearing a Hijab is both a religious and cultural practice for Muslim women performed to express their identity and spiritual faith. Muslim women or Muslimah in Indonesia increasingly wearing the Hijab. Hijab as an expression of cultural identity and communication, its main message is in addition to carry...
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Tri Pramana As Visual Communication Design Approach

IGN Tri Marutama, Sigit Surnomo Adi, Esti Wulandari, Rudi W. Herlambang
Tri Pramana (Desa, Kala, Patra) are the human efforts to use their mind (cognitive) to act and behave towards something, object, or event that occurs in a particular space. These ideas can be realized in various forms, ranging from habits, rules, values, traditions, even religions adopted by the local...
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The Existence Of Radio As Advertising Media In Indonesia Within The Internet Era

Ercilia Rini Octavia
Radio is a channel for advertising. While the radio business itself also runs from advertising. Many people consider radio dead and left by listeners. The number of viewers is certainly one of the considerations of advertisers in choosing media to advertise. This paper explores how radio adapts to the...
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The Disappearance of Kopohan Batik from the Javanese Society Life

Theresia Widiastuti
Abstract Kopohan Batik is a type of batik that has rarely been discussed. Although this type of batik has the same value as other types of batik used in the ceremonies marking the life cycle events in the Javanese society. This study aims to determine (1) what is meant by kopohan batik?; (2) Why is kopohan...
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Line Art Making Method Made from Batik Patchwork

A’isah, Triyas Nur Aisyah, Desi Novitasari, Ari Wibowo, Silfia Mona Aryani
This research is based on the entrepreneurship program that recycles batik patchworks to be a line artwork to increase its economic value and also to reduce the inorganic waste. The line art made from batik patchwork can be done either by cutting or spiraling method. This article aims to explain the...
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Transformation Of Forms And Functions Of Javanese Traditional House In Kauman Surakarta

IF.Bambang Sulistyono, Djoko Panuwun
Cultural transformations bring consequences to social, economic, and political changes that also bear influence and effect on the changes of traditional Javanese house forms and functions in Kauman Surakarta. The view changes on the values of Javanese house philosophy at the present time are mainly influenced...
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The Effect of Adding a Permanent Base and Removing an Oval Hole on a Therapy Table for Autistic Children

Dwi Candra Purnamasari, Lu'lu' Purwaningrum
The aim of this research is to investigate the effect of adding a permanent base and removing an oval hole on the ABA (Applied Behavior Analyze) table in order to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of therapy of austic. 12 autistic children (9 boys, 3 girls) participated in this research. The experiment...
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Mobile Multimedia Stop Drugs Tutorial Development

Hadi Sutopo, Ridha Sefina Samosir
This research is intended to develop a mobile multimedia based stop drugs tutorial. The information as a campaign to stop drugs that should be understood by people and those who want to leave his/her drugs addicttion. Stop drug information was created using a combination of ADDIE instructional development...
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Internet of Speech: A Conceptual Model

Sasa Arsovski, Hasmik Osipyan, Adrian David Cheok, Idris Oladele Muniru
The interest to the concept of the Internet of Things is growing rapidly in the scenario of wireless telecommunications. The main idea behind this concept is the usage of the Internet as a common platform for connection of billions of Things around us. The main missing attribute in the Internet of Things...
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Spatial Design Capabilities in Vehicle Design Prototypes of Used Wood Waste Materials with Functional Values and Aesthetic Art

Rully A. Dewanto Soeriaatmadja
Spatial ability is a mental process in perception, conservation, admonishment, creation, change and spatial communication. Among others, spatial abilities are related to spatial geometr.y Spatial ability is needed for people who work as architects, interior designers, pilost, 3D game animators and so...
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An Innovative Self-Feed Product For Elderly Arthritis With Hand Disability

Hafeezur Rahmaan Mohd Yassin, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdu Majid, Mohd Asyiek Mat Desa, Wong Pei Jun
Arthritis is a chronic disease, which affects the joints, tissues, organ and the body’s internal system. Arthritis is the leading cause of disabilities and impaired quality of life. Besides, arthritis caused difficulties in carrying out daily activities independently. This study aims to innovate a product...
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The Art of Silat: Mapping the Trajectory Lines for Hidden Symbols

Nur Zaidi Azraai, Kamal Sabran, Che Mat Jusoh
This research paper discusses symbol formed from the Silat gesture. Silat is a form of martial arts that is a part of Malay heritage that contains various aspects of philosophy in religion and culture. Silat gestures and movement will be mapped using motion capture to track the lines and shapes resulting...
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Experiment On Abaca Fiber And Its Implementation In Product Making

Hafeezur Rahmaan Mohd Yassin, Normaziana Hassan, Hon Su Sean
Abaca falls under the same family with a banana plant called Musaceae. In Philippine, abaca fiber is widely used as raw material for fabric and footwear. Meanwhile, abaca plant mainly found in Sabah, Malaysia and it grows without awareness of people. Due to this situation, a research taken by exploring...
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Ethnic Nuances on Etching Glass Arts as Aesthetic Elements of Interior in Surakarta

Ahmad Faizin, Soepriyatmono, Djoko Panuwun
Glass art with Etching Glass technique is generally made as a limited glass craft for small size souvenirs. With the creativity of craftsmen, glass etching can be developed as a work which functions as an interior aesthetic element with unique characteristic and combined with with ethnic nuances such...
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The Changes of the Symbolic World in Gamelan

Sahid Teguh Widodo, Agus Purwantoro
Until now, traditional Javanese musicians are still looking for forms and reasons for the changes that occur in Javanese gamelan music. Some people blame technology that is always positioned as a source of change. Technology is a source of changes in people's cultural tastes so that the views and needs...
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Media Influence On Fashion Trend Phenomenon Towards Students Of Islamic Boarding Schools In Solo City Case Study of Ta’mirul Islam Boarding School, and Assalam Boarding School in Surakarta

Ahmad Adib, Sigied Himawan Yudhanto
This study aims to determine the influence of media on the fashion trend phenomenon towards Islamic boarding school students in Solo city. The population of this study was students of Ta’mirul Islam Boarding School and Assalam modern Islamic Boarding School in Solo. The age range of the students was...
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Visual Art Learning in Virtual Community: A Study of Collaborative Learning in Hijabographic Community

Rahina Nugrahani, Triyanto, Wan Juriah Emeih Binti Wahed, Wandah Wibawanto
The dynamic of knowledge in the information era has created non-formal learners who are able to develop their own specific materials, methods, and learning strategies. This condition encourages the emergence of various virtual communities that produce mutual interaction. This article explores the collaborative...
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Functions And Meanings Of Indonesian Patriotic Songs

Wisnu Mintargo
This study aims to identify functions and meanings of patriotic songs as part of the preservation and character education system so that younger generation can understand through songs. A number of qualitative data were collected and then presented in an article. The primary function of the song "Bagimu...