Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Management and Social Sciences (ISMSS 2020)

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Quality Grade Evaluation Index System for the Development of “Belt and Road” Logistics Industry Based on Entropy Weight Grey Correlation Method

Zhijun Dang
This paper introduces energy consumption into input variables and regards carbon emissions as by-outputs to analyze related elements from the three dimensions of mobility, industrialization and serviceability. Besides, the total amount, the growth, the demand, the supply, the consumption and the conventionalized...
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Review About Military-Civil Integration and Distribution

Bingbing Li, Rongyan Zhu
The urgent need of emergency logistics distribution under the epidemic situation has promoted the urgency and necessity of military-civil integration, especially in major public health events. Existing studies mainly focus on the distribution organization, distribution service, distribution mode, distribution...
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Traceability Analysis and Management System Construction of “Yongbei” Golden Pear in Post Epidemic Era

Mingrui Li, Hongmei Gao
With the increase of urban residents’ income, there is a higher demand for the quality and safety of fresh agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables. Therefore, as an effective means to improve product quality and safety, the traceability management system has gradually attracted the attention...
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Construction of Intelligent Traceability Management System of Yongbei Golden Pear

Yaqi Shi, Hongmei Gao, Bianbian Xue
As food safety incident occurs frequently, it is necessary to establish traceability system of agricultural products. Intelligent traceability management system can monitor the whole process of food production and effectively reduce the occurrence of food safety problems. Yongbei Golden Pear is introduced...
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Application of Intelligent Traceability Management System in the Production of Yongbei Golden Pear

Chun Qiu, Hongmei Gao, Lingyue Li
In recent years, frequent food issues have made more and more people pay attention to the quality and safety of food. The application of traceability system provides consumers with a quality assurance. The introduction of two-dimensional bar code technology enables consumers to understand the production...
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Selection of Transportation Mode of Materials for Petroleum Engineering Projects in Central Asia Based on AHP-SVM

Lei Zhang, Zhongquan Wang, Bingbing Li
With the rapid development of China’s economy, the need for overseas energy has been increasing year by year. Under the background of “One Belt And One Road”, China’s investment in the oil development of central Asian countries has been increasing, the export of petroleum engineering project materials...
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Study on the Rural Tourism Development in China

Beibei Li, Hongmei Gao, Manping Hou
The development and innovation of rural tourism meet the diversified needs of tourists. Based on the development model and product direction of rural tourism, the development of rural tourism has gone through five stages: agritainment is the low-end leisure tourism products mainly operated by individual...
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Study on Influencing Factors and Development Countermeasures of Leisure Tourism

Runfa Jia, Hongmei Gao, Pengyun Mu
Economic development itself has the law of prosperity and depression, and the development of leisure tourism is also consistent with the law of economic cycle. To be specific, there are obvious light and peak seasons, which is a unique phenomenon of the tertiary industry. As tourism industry is highly...
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Construction and Evaluation of Intelligent Logistics Support System Based on Rough Set and Support Vector Machine

Lei Zhang, Zhongquan Wang
Aiming at the transmission of novel Coronavirus, it highlights the deficiency of the developing intelligent logistics system. Therefore, constructing an intelligent logistics system based on intelligent technology is an effective way and method to solve the deficiency of the traditional logistics system....
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Spillover Effects of Logistics Platforms: A Literature Review

Weihua Gan, Emmanuel Sogbou Kenne, Dayuan Li
With increased complexity and competition among the supply chain and extended enterprises, logistics systems and technologies play critical roles in ensuring the flow of tangible and intangible goods and information. Logistics platforms which can integrate the resources and match demand & supply...
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Research on Supply Chain Extended Warranty Service Strategy Under Fair Concern

Jiali Pan
In order to find new profit points and improve competitive advantages, manufacturers and retailers are committed to providing paid extended warranty services. Considering fairness preference, establish a supply chain model in which manufacturers or retailers provide paid extended warranty services, and...
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Influence Factors of Purchase Intention of Pure Electric Vehicle

Xiaoliang Zhang, Bing Zhang, Lei Chen, Jianrong Liu, Zhishan Zhong
In order to reduce automobile exhaust pollution, government departments should formulate transportation policies to promote the popularization of pure electric vehicles, and effective transportation policies require a thorough understanding of the factors that influencing the purchase intention of pure...
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Design and Implementation of Urban Parking Path Planning System

Jianping Sun, Zhenyu Wang, Yun Xu, Xiaopeng Li, Zhaoping Tang
Aiming at the problem of effective berth information prediction and driving path selection in the parking process, this paper uses BP neural network to predict the number of vacant parking stalls, establishes a multi-objective planning model for the lowest travel cost path selection, and designs an improved...
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Challenges and Countermeasures of Personnel Archives Management in Universities Under the Background of Endowment Insurance Reform

Huifang Ding
Through participating in the reform of the endowment insurance, the author finds that the management of personnel archives with many deficiencies is disjointed from the personnel system in universities. According to the requirements of endowment insurance reform in government offices and public institutions,...
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The Mechanisms of Core Self-Evaluation and Thriving at Work on Mental Health

Jin Wan, Wenjun Zhou, Kunting Pan
To explore the mechanisms of core self-evaluation and thriving at work on mental health, this research constructed a model based on Cognitive Appraisal Theory of Stress. Hierarchical regression analysis was used to analysis survey data of 250 participants in China. The results showed that: (1) Both core...
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Production Efficiency Management Based on Industrial Engineering Theory and Simulation and Optimization of Steel Wire Braided Hydraulic Hose Production Line

Zhijian Zhang, Mingsen Qian, Lei Chen, Chang Liu
Taking the steel wire braided hydraulic hose production line of an enterprise as the research object, to find the bottleneck process of the production line, and carry out the production efficiency management of the bottleneck process, in this paper, the modelling and Simulation of steel wire braided...
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Research on Organizational Resilience of Railway Transport Industry Under COVID-19 Epidemic

Yuqing Zhang, Kunting Pan
CoVID-19 epidemic has brought a great impact to China’s railway transportation industry. How to respond quickly to make it return to the original state is a problem worth thinking about. Organizational resilience refers to the prevention before the crisis and the rapid response after the crisis to restore...
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Research on Differentiated Rebate Decision-Making Under the Closed-Loop Supply Chain Based on “Trade-Old-for-Remanufactured” and “Trade-Old-for-New”

Junhua Guo, Dan Huang
Aiming at the single-stage closed-loop supply chain system, in the context of the implementation of the “replacement of old” policy, it is analyzed that the same rebate or differential rebate should be provided to consumers under the situation that enterprises simultaneously “replace the old for new...
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Ecological Integration of Cross-Border E-Commerce and Logistics in Southeast Asia From the Perspective of Blockchain

Sunong Wu
With the implementation of China’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy, cross-border e-commerce in Southeast Asia has developed rapidly. It is estimated that by 2025, e-commerce transactions in Southeast Asia will account for more than 40% of the total value of the Internet economy in the region. However,...
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Contribution of Public Transportation to Urban Social Development-Taking Nanchang City as an Example

Yunqiang Xue, Wenlong Li, Dilong Zhang
As an important part of urban transportation, public transportation is vital to the development of cities and society. Taking Nanchang as an example, this paper analyzes the four aspects of urban residents’ travel, energy and land resources, traffic congestion and traffic safety, and studies the contribution...
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Analyzing Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation on Lake Tana Transport Enterprise, Ethiopia

Tikuye Gashaw Awoke, Ying Ma
The objective of the study is to analyse the factors that influence corporate social responsibility implementation on Lake Tana Transport Enterprise, Ethiopia. The study used both descriptive & explanatory survey research approach. The survey data collected in both primary and secondary data. The...
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Transformation Leadership, Employees’ Motivation and Behavioral Support for Organizational Change

Abdulahi Efrah Wozir, Fan Luo
The aim of the study is to find out the relationship of transformational leadership, motivation and employees behavior to support organizational change in case of Ethiopia Shipping and logistic service enterprise. The study used both quantitative & qualitative research methods. The study also utilized...
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The DEA Model Analysis of Comprehensive Agricultural Efficiency in Shanxi Province of China

Jun Ren, Guang Li
Agriculture is the source of food and clothing, the foundation of survival, and the primary condition of all production. It provides grain, non-staple food, industrial raw materials, capital and export materials for other sectors of the national economy. Agriculture is the foundation of other industries,...
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Health and Wealth Management Issues From a Global Perspective

Margherita Mori
This paper aims at providing a conceptual framework for analysis on financial issues that have arisen since the novel coronavirus outbreak and that include – but are not limited to – topics concerning wealth management; they lead to focus on portfolio allocation strategies, which encourage to consider...
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A Review of Research on Financial Risks of Agricultural Supply Chain in China

Jun Ren, Guang Li
With the development of agricultural supply chain finance, it is conducive to connecting the small farmers and the big market, providing special loan services for all links of the agricultural supply chain, solving the problems of farmers’ credit financing, and boosting the development of modern agriculture....
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Bank Risk Management Based on Three Risk Measurement Models

Jiadong Pu, Junjie Cheng
In order to explore the feasibility of the bank’s management methods for market risk, credit risk and operational risk, the paper analysis specific management measures based on the measurement model of the above three risks, combined with the concept of internal control of the bank, and finally quotes...
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Countermeasures of Internet Financial Services for Urban Residents Under the Background of New Urbanization

Based on the Survey Data of Hubei Province

Hongyan Wu, Ran Gao
With the increasing demand of urban residents for financial diversification, in addition to traditional financial needs such as deposits and loans, settlement and payment, there are also credit needs based on consumption and entrepreneurship, as well as investment and financial needs. Besides, with the...
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The Empirical Comparison of Risk Models in Estimating Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall

Yanan Wang
Risk measurement is the core content of risk management which is one of the three pillars of modern finance research. Value at risk model is the main model to depict risks of financial time series. This paper analyzes empirically the non-parametric and parametric methods to forecast Value at risk and...
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Cooperative Behavior Between Imitative Enterprises and Venture Capital on the Perspective of System Dynamics

Bingbing Li, Xiaofen Zhou
With the development of Internet industry, new enterprises have sprung up one after another, and many of them are imitative start-ups, for example it came out many firms that made face masks under the pandemic. For most developing countries, small and medium-sized imitative entrepreneurial enterprises...
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Research on Agriculture Productivity Efficiency Based on Factor Analysis and DEA Model-Taking Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region of the Belt and Road as an Example

Dian Zhang, Jian Min
Using the cross-section data from 30 provinces and cities in China, this paper investigates the relative agricultural efficiency of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region of the Belt and Road by the factor analysis and DEA-BCC model. Against the backdrop of 30 provinces and cities of China, the result indicates...
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Informatization Development, Structural Evolution and Competitiveness Enhancement of Commerce Logistics

Chuanlei Wang, Yu Zhang, Meide Cao, Chuanqiong Niu
The commerce logistics has performed outstandingly in the prevention and control of major emergencies, but it has also exposed problems such as insufficient emergency response capabilities, incomplete information systems, and unreasonable structures. These problems have seriously affected the high-quality...
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Innovation of Science and Technology Commissioner System in Tianjin

Anqi Wang, Junhong Fu
2020 is the year that the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects will be realized, and it will be a year that the fight against poverty will be fully won. This research analyzes the status quo based on the work results and experience of the science and technology commissioner...
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The Impact and Implications of COVID-19 on China’s Service Trade

Xinyu Hu
The trade in goods and services of countries around the world has been seriously affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus(COVID-19). This paper aims to explore the differences in the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on China’s trade in services and goods, as well as the impact of different service...
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Blended Teaching of Basic Course Engineering Graphics for Logistics Engineering Specialty

Yanhong Ge, Kaixiong Hu
As an important basic course of logistics engineering specialty, engineering graphics is not only the cornerstone and support of professional backbone courses, but also plays a significant role in the cultivation of logistics engineering talents. In the face of the situation that the teaching hours are...
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Survival and Development of Cultural Tourism Service Industry Under the Normalization of Epidemic Prevention and Control

Huang Jiaqing, Xiang Lingyan
Cultural tourism service industry is the most dynamic business in social development, which contributes a lot to China’s economy. In view of the problems of low economic benefits, reduced income of supporting industries and decreased tourist demand faced by the cultural tourism service industry under...
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Long-Term Guarantee Mechanism of School-Enterprise Collaborative Training of New Business Students

Lifang Su
The Cross border development of new business puts forward a new mission for the cultivation of cross border business talents in colleges. Cooperative education between colleges can provide technical support for the training of new business students. At the same time, schools also provide enterprises...
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Impact of Grants on the Consumption Structure of Aided College Students From the Perspective of Developmental Aid

Qian Zhang, Penggang Zhang
The bursary is a special fund set up by the government to subsidize the study and life of college students with difficult families. It has a huge impact on the life and learning of the aided college students. With the continuous improvement of the college student funding policy system, Student funding...
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A Study on the Characteristics of 4–6 Years Old Children’s GMD and Its Correlation With Social Cognitive Function

Xin Hu, Bobo Zong, Baosen Wang, Yanyu Dong
Objective: To explore the impact of GMD on social cognitive function, and to provide evidence for the value of sports to promote children’s all-round development. Methods: Two natural classes were randomly selected from the small, middle and large class. 126 children were assessed for MABC-2 and completed...
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Promotion and Implementation of “1+X” Certificate System in Higher Vocational Colleges

Qin Yang
“1+X” certificate system combining the professional skill level certificate and degree certificate, offers a new development model of vocational education. It is a brand-new design for vocational education system. now society, the demand for professional modern talents is very big, single diploma education...
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Teaching Reform of Urban Rail Transit Interlocking System Maintenance in Higher Vocational Education

Xiping Yu, Lili Li, Zhuoying Zhou
Curriculum is the basis for higher vocational colleges to carry out educational and teaching activities, and it is the fundamental guarantee for higher vocational colleges to achieve the goal of personnel training. Because the students’ learning enthusiasm is not high, the curriculum goal is difficult...
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Physical Activity and Influencing Factors of International Students in China

Junjie Wang, Bobo Zong, Bin Long
Despite colleges have been paying attention to students’ physical education, the status of international students’ physical activity has not received enough attention. The physical activities participation of 238 overseas students in the central region of China was investigated by using the self designed...
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Logistic Regression Analysis of Relationship Between Mental Health and Sports Behavior of Foreign Students in Wuhan

Bobo Zong, Junjie Wang, Lun Li
The purpose of this study is to know the mental health status of foreign students in Wuhan and the influence of sports behavior. In order to provide the basis for improving the mental health level of foreign students, 253 foreign students from 52 countries were random selected from four affiliated universities...
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Design of Networked Volleyball Distance Teaching System Based on Big Data Mining

Pengfei Chu, Lun Li, Yuwei Guan
In order to improve the quality of networked volleyball remote teaching, a networked volleyball remote teaching system based on big data mining is designed. Complete the system hardware structure configuration, add and deploy databases and servers in the hardware configuration, and deploy a firewall...
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Study on Practical Talent Cultivation Strategy for Smart Logistics

Xuejiang Wei, Meng Wang
Modern logistics has entered the era of smart logistics which frees humans from (control) activities that can be delegated to smart products and services. Smart logistics has different requirements on training practical talents of logistics management in terms of talent type, knowledge structure, ability...
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Grid Management Mechanism of Physical Education Classroom Risk Prevention and Control in Medical Colleges under the Background of “Internet +”

Yanyu Dong, Yanbo Dong, Zhenxia Nie, Hongbo Qiu, Yuchen Luo, Jingguo Lu
Analyze and summarize the risk prevention and control problems and restrictive bottlenecks of current medical colleges’ traditional sports classroom. Follow the prevention mechanism of sports risk, as well the internal logic and the basic principles of the rule of physical education classroom teaching...
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Characteristic Development of Majors in Application-Oriented University Under the Background of “Double First-Class” Initiative

Meng Wang, Xuejiang Wei, Lu Cao
Under the background of “double first-class” initiative, application-oriented universities should strive to build first-class majors in combination with their characteristics. Based on the analysis of requirements of major construction in application-oriented universities, this paper proposes that characteristic...
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Cooperative Education for Intelligent Logistics Talents in Colleges and Universities

Lu Cao, Meng Wang, Xiaofen Zhou
With the implementation of the strategy of “made in China 2025” and industry 4.0, the logistics industry in our country is transformed and upgraded to intelligent logistics, and the training of logistics talents in applied undergraduate colleges and universities needs to transform to high quality and...
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Predicament of Building Excellent Teaching Staff in Private Colleges From the Perspective of “Ideological and Political Theories Teaching in All Course”

Jinling Xia, Jingjing Wu
“Ideological and Political Theories Teaching in All Course” is closely associated with building excellent teaching staff in private colleges. The construction of “Ideological and Political Theories Teaching in All Course” puts forward higher requirements for the teachers of private colleges, and the...
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Application of Task Driven Method in Marketing Teaching Under Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode

Qinxian Chen, Saipeng Xing
Flipped classroom teaching mode and task driven teaching mode, as a new teaching mode under the background of Internet, embody the concept of “student centered”. The organic combination of the two modes plays an important role in promoting teaching reform. Flipped classroom teaching mode and task driven...
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The Impact of Annotation Design in English Teaching Resources on Vocabulary Learning Efficiency

Jie Ma, Pan Dong
This research is intended to explore an approach to solve the problems of incidental vocabulary learning during L2 extensive reading and at same time emphasize the importance of instructional intervention to the development of vocabulary knowledge for L2 learners. In this research, experiments including...
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Empirical Study on the Intercultural Sensitivity of Students in Science and Technology Universities in Jiangxi Province

Xing Liu
Intercultural communication has increasingly attracted global attention with the development of economic, cultural and political integration. Intercultural communication is not only one of the main components in College English Curriculum but also regarded as an important skill which global citizens...
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Teaching Reform of Financial Marketing Courses Based on Practical Talents Training

Yiwen Cui, Jifeng Cao
With the rapid development of the financial market, the financial environment and regulatory regulations are also in constant development and change. It results in a higher requirement on the teaching of financial market course in universities, which focus on theoretical teaching and at the same time...
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The Influence of Discipline Connotation and Industry Development on the Course System of Logistics Management Major

Yong Gu, Yue Liu, Zhangqiong Wang
The trend of interdisciplinary development in contemporary academic research is becoming more and more obvious. Instead of developing in isolation, each discipline adopts the integrated development of systematic thinking. Under the background of new engineering, logistics management is a typical interdisciplinary...
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Practical Teaching Reform and PTCSA Construction of Logistics Management Major

Yong Gu, Ju Chen, Zhangqiong Wang
With the transformation and development of colleges and universities, logistics management major aims to cultivate skilled talents in line with the requirements of enterprises, focusing on training students’ practical ability. The cultivation of students’ practical ability in universities lies mainly...
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Signal Coordination Management and Control Design of Main Road Based on Bus Priority

Xueqing Jiang, Mingjun Deng
The research on the coordinated control and management of main road signal can alleviate the traffic congestion of urban main road to a certain extent, and effectively improve the traffic capacity of the road. The existing main road signal coordination management and control mainly considers the traffic...
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Construction and Exploration of Experimental Teaching System for Logistics Management Major

Xiaofen Zhou, Lulu Wang
Training logistics management talents to meet the needs of the market is the focus of the construction of logistics management major in Colleges and universities. Applied logistics management talents require solid theoretical knowledge and strong practical ability. At present, the construction angle...
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The Influence of New Economic Form on the Knowledge Development of Vocational Education Teachers

Wang Yuanyuan, Zhou Shen
Focusing on the knowledge development of vocational education teachers under the new economic form driven by knowledge innovation, the paper demonstrates the differences between vocational education and other education, the requirements of vocational teachers’ knowledge and ability and the challenges...
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Training Mode of Logistics Professionals in Secondary Vocational Schools Based on School Enterprise Cooperation

Tan Meng, Liang Fuhang
Taking secondary vocational education as the starting point, this paper explore the school enterprise cooperation under the logistics professional training mode, expounds the personnel training mode and its related training objectives, educating contents, teaching means and assessment mechanism, investigates...
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Improvement of College Entrance Examination Enrollment System Based on Fairness, Efficiency and Autonomy

Liu Yongbo
There are some problems in the current college entrance examination and admission mechanism, such as only focusing on the total score of the college entrance examination, ignoring the specialty of the subject, the stratification and solidification of colleges and universities caused by parallel volunteer,...
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On the Construction of the Relationship Between College Counsellors and Students From the Perspective of the Pattern of Difference Order

Yanming Zhang
As the organizer, implementer and director of students’ daily ideological and political education and management, counsellors need to establish a good relationship with students, and it has a significant impact on the way and effect of ideological education. Focusing on this important issue, this paper...
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Practical Ability Evaluation System of College Students Based on CMMI and AHP

Yunhua Wang, Mingxi Liao, Wenbi Rao
CMMI is an evaluation standard of software capability maturity usually used at the beginning of software design. Its main function is to guide the process of software development and improvement through the evaluation of software development capability. In this paper, CMMI is used to evaluate the practical...
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Reconstruction of Undergraduates Evaluation Index System Majoring in Logistics Management Driven by Semantics

Weihua Gan, Lan Lan, Guoquan Xu
Owning to the dual-first-level project for higher education in China, this paper analyzes the direction and key principles for undergraduates’ education majoring in logistics management facing the national first-class majors cultivation. Taking the example of the original undergraduates’ evaluation index...
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The Application of Metaphor Cognition in CRH Metaphor Translation and Its Role in the Promotion of CRH Culture

Wenqun Yao, Junqi Ma
Since metaphor cognition was put forward officially from 1980, it has been widely applied in many research fields including the translation of metaphor. Metaphor cognition study opens a new window for metaphor translation and scholars stride to find a balance between cognition equivalence and language...
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Application of Translation in International Exchange of Railway Engineering Technology: A Case Study of China’s High Speed Railway

Xiaojing Zhao, Haohao Wang
To meet the requirements and do more relevant research of China’s railway industry and technological innovation, this paper starts from characteristics, difficulties as well as strategies and principles involved in railway technical terminology translation based on the English translation version of...
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A Study on Public-Private Partnership Development in Sports From the Perspective of the Stakeholder

Yin Fang, Pengfei He, Tienchin Tan
Public private partnership (PPP) involves many stakeholders whose personal interests may be inconsistent, leading to conflict of objectives. The purpose of this study is to find out the challenges of PPP development in sports field by comparing the views and benefits of different levels of severe stakeholders...
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Optimization of Public Charity Information Disclosure Based on Block chain Technology and FTI Index

Weichen Gong, Jing Hu
A recognized fact is that the public welfare and charity in China has developed rapidly, but there are still some problems that need to be solved. In the face of the new epidemic COVID-19 spreading in the world in 2020, China’s charities are confronted with the troubles of opaque information and low...