Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Contemporary Education, Social Sciences and Humanities (ICCESSH 2018)

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The Impasse of Ancient Tragical Weltanschauung and Two Positive Ways out

Andrei Paribok
The paper deals with the reconstructed logic of the historical conceptual change of ideal worldview types in the early history of Indian and Western civilizations. The primordial naturalistic outlook characterized by pre-reflexivity and a total neglect of human subjectivity was first superseded by elitist...
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Western Values in M. K. Gandhi’s Social Philosophy

Elena Bitinayte
The article deals with the Western values and ideas in M. K. Gandhi’s thought. Although he rejects technical progress and other external manifestations of modernization, his views in a great extent are consistent with the moral foundation of Modernity. First, it is expressed in the fact that he pays...
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Bhartrhari's Perspectivism as a Philosophical Strategy: Its Origins and Possible Interpretations

Evgeniya Desnitskaya
The 'Vakyapadiya' of Bhartṛhari, the famous Indian linguistic philosopher (5th CE), presents many different, often mutually exclusive, views on language and its relationship with cognitive processes and extra-linguistic relation. Modern scholars designate this methodological approach as perspectivism....
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Concept of Faith: Its Ontological and Gnoseological Aspects

Sergei Nizhnikov
The concept of faith is defined as a universal path to the spiritual knowledge born in the "Axial Age" (K. Jaspers) as a way of understanding the transcendent origins underlying all the world religions and associated philosophies. The author of the article asserts the significance of faith from the philosophical,...
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The Polemics of Shantarakshita and Kamalashila with the Mimamsakas on the Existence and Properties of Atman in "Tattvasamgraha-panjika"

Lev Titlin
The article considers the philosophical polemics between Buddhism and Mimamsa on the problem of the existence and properties of the self as it is given in the chapter "The Polemics with the Mimamsakas on Atman" of the section "Atmapariksha" (lit. "The Study of Atman") of "Tattvasamgraha" of Shantarakshita...
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Ethical Rigorism of Kant and Theological Moralism of Crusius

Ludmila Kryshtop
Kant is a well-known philosopher famous for his categorical imperative, which requires a human being to display purely moral determination to act. That is why his ethics is also often characterized as strictly rigorous. At the same time, Kant himself seems to try to eliminate all foreign components from...
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On (Re)interpreting the Concept of "Discovery" in (Latin) American Perspective

Olga Bondar
The article attempts to expand the traditional interpretation of the concept of "Discovery of America". The author emphasizes the necessity of expanding the concept beyond geographical, political, and economic contexts, carrying out the transition from the linguistic to cultural and philosophical point...
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Philosophical and Logical Ideas of Representatives of Kyiv-Mohyla and Moscow Slavic-Greek-Latin Academies at the Turn of the 17th-18th Centuries

Vitaly Ivlev, Vladimir Inozemtsev, Mikhail Oseledchik
This article considers the philosophical and logical constructions of representatives of the "Russian scholasticism"- teachers of Orthodox spiritual educational institutions: Kyiv - Mohyla and Moscow Slavic - Greek - Latin academies. The paper studies the development of the domestic logical tradition...
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On Reception of Nietzsche’s Idea of God in the Russian Philosophy (Late 19th-Early 20th Century)

Alexandra Kosorukova
The article considers the theme of God and the motive of the death of God in the reception of the four thinkers of the Russian religious philosophy in the turn of the 20th century Vladimir Solovyov, Andrei Bely, Lev Shestov and Aleksei Losev. Attention to these very thinkers is grounded by the scheme,...
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The Era Significance of Marxist Classic Texts - Study on "Capital in the 21st Century" from the "Das Kapital"

Yanjun Dai, Jiachi Wang
If the author wants to explore the connotation and logic of Marxist theory, Marxist classic text is its foundation and origin. By comparing contemporary social science books with Marxist classic texts, we can more clearly recognize the era significance of Marxist classic texts. The "Das Kapital" is an...
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Postmodernity Society and Education in Philosophy and Humanities

Irina Ponizovkina, Elena Agibalova
The paper presents relevant problems in teaching the humanities. Special attention is paid to the analysis of impact that modern social development trends have on philosophic education in Russia. The authors of the paper rely on the conclusions based on definite facts and offer their own answers to the...
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Ramanuja on Time

Marcus Schmucker
In an investigation on how time was introduced into the system of Ramanuja, the author focuses on his refutation of the Jaina concept of time in his commentary on Brahmasutra 2.2.31. Starting with an outline of the opponent’s arguments regarding whether time is substance or a specific state, the paper...
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Subject of Sexuality in a Contemporary Disciplinary Society: What We Learn from M. Foulcault and J. Butler about Ourselves

Philipp Tagirov
The thesis about "the repressed sexuality" is opposed by the theory of discoursive and disciplinary control elaborated by M. Foucault and enhanced by a number of authors, including J. Butler. In the present article the authors study the essential claims of this theory and offer an analysis of what happens,...
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Gerhard Oberhammer’s Philosophical Works: Linguistic Analysis

Ruzana Pskhu, Nadezhda Danilova, Galina Zashchitina
The article deals with a challenge a translator of Gerhard Oberhammer’s philosophical texts may face. The authors highlight the peculiarities that can be singled out in the process of the analysis of Oberhammer’s vision of the fundamental principles of Vishishta-Advita philosophy and dwell upon Oberhammer’s...
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The Meaning of Life as a Subject of Philosophical Reflection

Sergey Lokhov, Dmitry Mamchenkov, Daria Tavberidze
The article concerns the meaning of life issue that has been a fundamental problem of philosophical reflection for ages. Every generation introduces own connotations to it. In modern culture, a tendency of spreading addictive forms of behavior is being observed, and, as a result, the formation of a "conceptual...
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Research Review on the Transition of Communist Party of China

Zehua Chen, Haifen Fu
The transition issues of political parties are the important contents of research on the typology of political parties. Political parties have been reformed ceaselessly since its emergence. The modern transition of political parties and party politics has become a worldwide phenomenon. With the rising...
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The Turn of Marx and Engels’ View of Historical Materialism

Pengcheng Li, Yanling Mei
Marx and Engels were not born natural historical materialists. His historical materialism thought was based on the criticism of Hegelian idealism and Feuerbach's humanistic materialism. For the first time, the concept of historical materialism was elucidated in "German Ideology", and the basic principles...
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Marxist Theory of Liberty and Its Contemporary Value

Zemin Zhang
Since ancient times, liberty is the foundation of human activities. Therefore, in a sense, the historical development of mankind from ancient times to the present is the entire process of mankind's pursuit of liberty. The establishment and development of historical materialism has always been in opposition...
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"The Natural Rate of Education" as the Factor of Political Stability and Human Capital Development in the Context of the "Arab Spring" and Contemporary Russia

Andrej Belchenko, Vladimir Ivanov, Ivan Kurinin, Aleksei Teplov
The given article contains a hypothesis about the increasing level of influence of the system of tertiary education on stability of political regimes in many contemporary countries. In order to reveal the mechanism of such influence, the authors propose the concept of "natural rate of education", which...
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Philosophy of Education by T. Jefferson

Elena Kuzina
The article deals with the analysis of the philosophy of education by Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), who is called "the great American," the apostle of independence and freedom. In his homeland he is considered as one of the founders of American culture and an outstanding figure of the Enlightenment....
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The Semantic Shift in Educational Technologies in the Digital Age

Tatiana Leshkevich, Vladimir Kirik
The article considers modern transformations of education in the digital age. The main purpose of the article is to provide a critical analysis of the approach based on the formal dominance of competencies. The authors offer a historical perspective and reveal the advantages and disadvantages of the...
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Discussion on Classical and Real Education in Russia in the Second Half of the 19th Century

Konstantin Fedorov, Tatyana Suzdaleva
The article is devoted to the problem of choosing the model of secondary education in Russia in the second half of the 19th century. The authors analyze the discussion between supporters of classical and real (practically oriented) education, the goals and results of school reforms of the 19th century,...
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Formation of the Native Philosophical and Logical Tradition in Theological Educational Institutions in the Second Half of the 16th - Early 18th Centuries

Marina Ivleva, Vitaly Ivlev, Vladimir Inozemtsev, Mikhail Oseledchik
In this paper, the process of formation of the tradition of teaching philosophy and logic, which was called "Russian scholasticism", is studied. The phenomenon of "Russian scholasticism" is associated with the activities of Orthodox spiritual schools: fraternal schools that arose in the second half of...
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Cooperation in Science and Education as an Instrument for Strengthening Relations between China and Australia

Tatiana Ponka, Evgeniya Katkova
With the growth of global problems, scientific cooperation is becoming increasingly important for all nations. It can help countries to solve their problems and to strengthen national spheres of science and technology. In this context, the scientific communities of Australia and China are mutually complementary....
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Orthodoxy as an Educational Tool in Prerevolutionary Russia

Vadim Zubov
The paper considers the formation and development of education system in the Russian Empire in the 18th - early 20th centuries. During the Peter the Great period, parochial schools were established, several private general education schools and secondary special educational institutions. In the second...
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An Analysis of Evaluating College English Teaching Materials

Yu Meng, Guangxiao Shi, Yuan Yu
Evaluating teaching materials is of great importance in college English teaching. It is an indispensible process which makes both teachers and students understand the materials better and helps their teaching and learning. This paper aims at analyzing the systematic criteria of evaluating college English...
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Research on the Dilemma and Countermeasures of Engineering Postgraduate Entrepreneurship in Local Universities

Yue Cai, Ming He
Postgraduate entrepreneurship is the call of the times. And it has certain advantages. Due to the influence of many factors inside and outside the universities, the engineering postgraduates would have enormous difficulties in the entrepreneurship period. Local colleges and universities can actively...
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Study on Piano Assessment Model of Performance Taking the Place of Examination in Higher Normal Colleges under the New Situation

Gaoyang Liu
With the development of the times, the demand for talents of society has become more and more multi-skilled. Comprehensive and applied talents have become the common goal for higher teacher training students, of which musical majors with strong skills are particularly prominent. Academia have in-depth...
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Study on the Cultivation of Innovative Talents in Product Design Specialty Based on Discipline Competition -- Taking Panzhihua University as an Example

Long Jiang, Zemin Pu
Through the comprehensive analysis of the achievements and existing problems in the training of innovative talents in the practice of product design discipline in Panzhihua University, this paper puts forward the discipline competition as an important teaching approach for the cultivation of innovative...
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UED Curriculum System Construction Based on Dynamic Studio System

Gaosheng Luo
The User Experience Design (UED) widely includes design psychology, human engineering, interaction design, information architecture, content text, visual design, voice design, interaction between human and machine, situation understanding, users’ observation and so on. It is an integrated multidiscipline,...
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Study on Tao Xingzhi's Practice of Altruism and Its Contemporary Value

Liuqi Wang
Altruism, as an important contemporary social trend of thought, has aroused widespread concern in the academic community. It is conducive to the construction of a better harmonious society by in-depth study and examination of altruism. Tao Xingzhi, as a great educator in China, has perfectly interpreted...
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Study on the Strategy of Reading and Spreading of University Library in the Full Media Era

Ying Zeng
It has been discussed the characteristics of College Students' reading in the all media environment. It has been analyzed the problems existing in the new media reading promotion of Chinese university libraries, and has been put forward the reading promotion strategy of University Libraries under the...
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Discussion on English Teaching of MICE Major in Colleges and Universities

Hui Li
MICE English, as a core course of MICE major, has been paid more and more attention with the improvement of the international level of MICE industry in China. However, the current MICE English teaching lags behind the development of the MICE industry. This paper makes a preliminary study of some problems...
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Study on the Credit-based System with Chinese Characteristics from the Perspective of System Analysis

Jiaming Sun
There are two kinds of disputes in the credit-based system with Chinese characteristics: namely the theory of transition and the theory of innovation. Through the analysis from the institutional level, this system is the rational choice and institutional innovation of the college teaching management...
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Research on Competency Model of Innovative Entrepreneurship Tutor in Application-oriented Universities

Yan He, Qiaoling Zhang
In recent years, application-oriented universities have actively strengthened innovative entrepreneurship education and made continuous positive progress. As a key component of innovative entrepreneurship education system, the construction of innovative entrepreneurship tutor faculty is the basic guarantee...
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The Design and Application of "Flipped Classroom" in Accounting Teaching

Meiling Xiao
The development of computer network technology has provided technical support for education reform and teaching innovation, and has spawned a variety of new and efficient teaching methods. The flipped classroom teaching mode is a typical example, which has been applied to teaching practice. At present,...
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The Construction of Teacher Evaluation System in Applied Undergraduate College Based on Modern Education Technology

Lijuan Bai
Based on the actual situation of the application-oriented colleges and universities, this paper analyzes the existing problems of teacher evaluation work and proposes improvement measures based on the questionnaire survey. And then, it completes the theoretical construction of the teacher evaluation...
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Research on the Reform of Accounting Education Based on the Perspective of the Differences between Professional Ability Supply and Demand

Peng Sun, Weishuang Xu
The more developed the economy, the more important the accounting has been confirmed by accounting theory and practice circles, and the competition of accounting professional ability has become an important part of the competition of world's comprehensive national strength. But in recent years, the contradiction...
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Study on the Practical Teaching Reform of Business Administration Major in Colleges and Universities under the Economic Transformation of Resource-based Cities

Congxi He, Hailing Miao, Ying Chu, Xuan Li
Practical teaching is an important content for talent training in undergraduate teaching, and it is far from enough to rely solely on pure theory teaching to adapt to the requirements of educational development under the background of new situation and new ideas in the new age. This is because students...
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Study on the Reform of International Trade Education Based on Application Ability -- Taking Comprehensive Local Colleges as an Example

Weili Gong
The current "shortage of labor" of foreign trade enterprises and the social problems of "difficulty in employment" of international trade students are in essence a reflection of the traditional higher education personnel training and social demand misplacement. This is also an important aspect of the...
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course Design and Practice Based on Native Culture

Qian Liu
This paper introduces the teaching design plan and teaching effect of the courses of "innovation and entrepreneurship cultivation" of School of Fine Art of Huanggang Normal University, presents that how to combine with the local traditional culture to cultivate the students' consciousness of innovative...
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Research on Talent Cultivation of Financial Big Data

Xiaoyu Liu
This paper analyzes the challenges faced by the training of financial big data talents, and constructs the super network model of financial big data talents training.
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Research on the Application of Flipped Classroom in Japanese Teaching under the Background of Educational Informationization

Chunhua Piao
The development of information technology has had a revolutionary impact on education. New teaching modes such as moocs, flipped classroom are changing the traditional teaching mode. Flipped classroom is a new teaching mode which originated in the West. It has been well received abroad and impacted the...
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Analysis on Four-dimensional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model in Higher Vocational Colleges -- Taking Zhejiang Industry Polytechnic College as an Example

Jiatong Wang, Tiantian Zhu
Although the development of innovation and entrepreneurship education in vocational colleges lags behind undergraduate colleges, some higher vocational colleges have also formed a series of innovation and entrepreneurship education models, and achieved fruitful results in theory and practice in recent...
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Research on Talents Training Mode of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering in the Universities of Applied Science and Technology -- A Case Study on Huanghe Science & Technology University

Zengsheng Wang, Wei Xiong, Qinglian Meng
This paper summarizes the talents training mode of mechanical and electronic engineering in the University of Applied Science and Technology at home and abroad. Taking Huanghe Science and Technology University as an example, based on the investigation of the needs of professional talents, this paper...
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The Maturity Evaluation and Comparison of Robots Science Popular Education between Fujian and Taiwan

Mei Chiao Lai, Xiulian Hu, Wu Der Tsay
This paper applied the International Standard Maturity Criterion to self-assess the maturity of the quality of robots science popular education and compared its differences cross-strait. The research method used was experts’ and scholars’ questionnaire survey. Five assessment dimensions of ISO9004 guideline...
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Traditional Chinese Medicine Educational Appropriations -- An Attribution Analysis

Guiping Sun, Boyang Zheng, Hourong Wang, Jiaxin Li
Background: Due to various factors, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in mainland China has been refashioned, as with TCM education. For higher education, the appropriation of TCM education is a crucial issue. Objective: The purpose of this paper is to analyze the factors that influence TCM educational...
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Establishment of Demand and Supply Equilibrium Model for the Employment Quality Improvement in Private Vocational Colleges under the Perspective of Career Planning -- Based on the Survey Data of Employment Quality of Graduates in Grade 2016 of Lingnan Institute of Technology in Guangdong

Qing Qing
According to the survey data of employment quality of graduates in grade 2016 of Lingnan Institute of Technology in Guangdong, the employment quality has been analyzed through three measurement indexes of employment quality, namely monthly income, specialty relevance and satisfaction degree of current...
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Exploring the Interaction Factors Effecting the Student Retention in Online Courses

Yuan Yuan, Xi Cun
In the era of "digital native", massive open online courses (MOOCs) have shared a lot of educational resources. However, MOOC is deeply troubled by low retention rates. Therefore, this study focuses on the analysis of factors which influence the perceived effectiveness and satisfaction in MOOC, including...
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The Foundation and Problems of Independent Colleges Participating in the Construction of Modern Vocational Education System

Hui Zhou, Yuchen Zheng
In the modern vocational education system, the training of talents has the characteristics of application, development and life-long. These characteristics are inward and unanimously consistent with the orientation of the training and orientation of the independent college and the goal of development....
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Innovative Practice Teaching of Ornamental Plant Application Course System

Min Liu
In order to improve the teaching effect of ornamental botany, this paper analyzes the characteristics of design-related majors (landscape architecture, environmental art, urban and rural planning and architecture) and constructs the framework of ornamental plant application course through the innovative...
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Research on the Incentive of Mathematics Teachers in Junior High School Based on the Sense of Efficacy

Xiaofen Wang
Based on the example of 231 junior high school mathematics teachers in Quanzhou, this paper studies the overall characteristics, characteristics and influencing factors of the teaching sense of efficacy of mathematics teachers in junior high schools. The result shows that: the teaching sense of efficacy...
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Construction Strategies of School-based Individualized Teaching Actions under the Visual Threshold of New Seminar

Lingling Qu, Min Kuang
The change of the times has also brought about the disorderly dissemination of knowledge. How to enable students to actively and widely accept the pluralistic knowledge has always been a new issue that educators are faced with. Based on this starting point, this paper puts forward the construction strategy...
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Research on the Course Construction of Internet Plus Food Chemistry under the Background of Applied Technology Transformation

Chunyan Niu, Wenyi Yan, Xiaokun Jiang
The Food Chemistry course is a very important discipline platform course for food majors under the background of applied technology transformation. This paper discusses the reform and exploration of the Internet plus Food Chemistry course from research objectives and research content.
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Application of Portfolio Evaluation in Business Basic Japanese Teaching

Lei Xu
Along with the deepening of the reform of higher education, the basis of evaluation of educational teaching is changing. The evaluation method of portfolio in process evaluation is widely concerned and popularized by scholars both at home and abroad. On the basis of expounding the basic connotation and...
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Study on the Curriculum of Folk Sports Resources

Qi Fang
This paper adopts the research methods of literature, logical analysis and case analysis to analyze the theoretical problems of curriculum construction of folk sports resources. It is believed that there is a curriculum system in the folk resources which take "development" as a leading chain and "implement"...
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A Rustic Opinion about Construction of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Zhanlu Xu
Constructivism is based on the theory that "cognition is formed in the interaction of subject and object", which accords with Marx's epistemology; Constructivism takes the initiative and consciousness of subject of education as the core, which has the significance of axiology to the initiative of college...
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An Analysis of the Present Situation of MOOC and Its Enlightenment to College English Teaching in Application-oriented Colleges and Universities

Huijun Yu
In recent years, MOOC has developed rapidly and attracted wide attention from various universities, governments and the public. MOOC can not only promote the transformation of education mode in colleges and universities, but also make full use of high-quality teaching resources. At present, the teaching...
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Construction of "New Ecology" of Ideological and Political Education from the Perspective of Internet Socialization, Starting from the Education of Ideal and Belief of "Post-00s" College Students

Ke Sun
Internet-based is an irreversible trend in the development of human society. The ubiquitous Internet has constructed a new social form and educational ecology. The popularization of mobile Internet has changed the socialization process of college students from the traditional "single reality scene" to...
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Grammar Teaching in Communicative Classroom -- Based on Focus on Form Theory

Xueyun Zang
Grammar teaching is debated a lot related with its being taught or not in the field of second Language Teaching. ‘Focus on form’, suggesting that attention to form should be encouraged in communicative language classrooms, has aroused an increasing interest in the field of second language teaching methods....
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Postgraduate Education in Mining Engineering under the Parent Industry Status

Yaobin Shi, Yicheng Ye
In order to provide effective judgment and suggestions of postgraduates’ development in the future, personnel training status and characteristics of mining engineering postgraduate were analyzed, combined with the new situation of mining engineering’s parent industry. The results show that, with the...
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Life-oriented Moral Education and Its Practice

Mingzhi Sun
As the educational concept "life-oriented" becomes more and more popular, life-oriented moral education is also increasingly sought after by educators. The author firstly expounds the connotation of life-oriented moral education and its four characteristics: sociality, practicality, authenticity and...
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Study on the Cultivation of English Majors' Ability of Innovation and Entrepreneurship under the School-enterprise Cooperation Model

Linlin Yang
English major students must adapt to social development and market demand. They should deal with the difficult situation of employment, change employment awareness, and cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship. This article discusses and studies the combination of school-enterprise cooperation and teaching...
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Research Report on Application of the Flipped Class Model Based on Micro-course in the Oral English Teaching of Universities -- Taking the Oral English Teaching of Wuchang Shouyi University as an Example

Lin Xiao
With the popularization and acceleration of internet and the changing functions of mobile learning terminals, resources has becoming increasingly related to people’s life, and the educational reform arises. In March 2012, the Ministry of Education issued the Ten Year Development Planning of Information-based...
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Reciprocal Feedbacks between Education on Jewelry Design and Cultural Self-consciousness

Wenwen Chen
Cultural self-consciousness reflects people’s judgment, pursuit and selection of value in cultures of their own and others. In Chinese universities, arts and ethics are integrated to a great extent in their education on jewelry design. Cultural self-consciousness enriches connotations of design education...
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The Research on the Promotion of Shaanxi Red Boxing University under the Background of Cultural Soft Power by State

Ke Ning
The purpose of the paper is to study the effect of the red fist of Shaanxi on the promotion of the soft power of the national culture, and the relationship between them. In this paper, the following conclusions are obtained through the retrieval, analysis and collation of relevant articles in China knowledge...
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Dual Character of Contemporary Arts and Ceramic Education

Guanghui Chen
There are big gaps now being encountering with present Chinese contemporary ceramics, from within our ceramic art education system, although they were nearly synonymous in past decades. Along with present Chinese ceramic movements, these gaps have enlarged, creating dramatic changes. Today, what we call...
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Research on the Training Mode of Innovative Business Japanese Talents

Ling Tong
Higher education undertakes cultivating a lofty mission of high quality professionals for the society, but with the higher education into the stage of popularization and popularization, the structural contradictions have become increasingly prominent, homogenization tendency becomes more and more serious....
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Research on the Reform and Development of College Students' Innovative Entrepreneurship Education in the Background of Transformation

Caiyan Chen
Innovative entrepreneurship education of colleges and universities in transformation and development is a hot topic in the field of higher education in China in recent years. Advancing the reform of innovative entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities and promoting graduates' employment...
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Current Academic Satisfactions and Problems of Chinese Students Participating in Higher Education in the UK

Ruishu Wang, Wanbing Shi
There has been an increase in the number of Chinese students who study abroad for higher education in the UK and Chinese students have already become the largest group of international students of the higher education in the UK. Thus, it is vital to evaluate the current academic satisfaction and problems...
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A Study of Culture Infiltration in College English Teaching

Beili Liu
Language teaching cannot be independently implemented without cultural teaching. Cultural teaching and language teaching should have the same important status. It is necessary to infiltrate culture in English classes. However, college students tend to ignore the importance of culture learning, and their...
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Challenges and Countermeasures of College English Teaching in the Era of MOOC

Yi Liu, Yahong Zhou
The advent of the MOOC era has brought challenges to college English classroom teaching. The teaching ecology has changed; the teacher's role has also begun to present the diversification tendency. In the face of the reform and the rich teaching resources such as audio and video, teachers should actively...
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Research and Reflection on Construction and Planning of Process Equipment and Control Engineering Specialty

Na Xiao, Huixue Liu, Hui Li, Chunxia He
The process equipment and control engineering specialty is the applied technology specialty combining electromechanical control with chemical application technology. With the construction and development in recent years, it has become one of the key development majors of the college with obvious characteristics...
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Analysis on View of Romantic Relationship of "Post-95" (Born after 1995) College Girls

Mu Xu, Xiaoxia Ge, Zhengjie Zhu
As college girls play a special role in romantic relationships, it is significant for the healthy growth of contemporary college girls to have a comprehensive research on the view of romantic relationship of college girls, as well as on how to conduct a psychological guidance for them. In this background,...
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Research and Exploration on the Cultivation of Innovative and Enterprising Japanese Talents

Junyue Qi
The aim of foreign language education in Colleges and universities in different periods and under different backgrounds should be consistent with the country’s foreign policy and economic construction. With the development of the national economy and the "public entrepreneurship and innovation" up to...
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Study on the Teaching Model of "Cooperation of Schools and Hospitals, Integration of Courses and Certificates" in the Nursing Specialty

Yaling Xu, Zhihua Jiang
With the development of society and the transformation of medical model, people have increasingly high demands for high-quality nurses and high-level nursing services. The traditional educational pattern of nursing has been unable to meet the requirements of today’s society for high-quality nurses and...
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A Tentative Debate on Practical Teaching System for English Majors in Application-oriented Colleges

Jiahuang Chen
The proceeding of practical teaching system for English majors in application-oriented colleges must be strengthened, which is an urgent demand for English majors’ teaching reform and their talents cultivation as well. Hence, it is proposed in the paper that practical teaching should be implemented in...
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Classroom Reform Movement: A New Perspective of Teaching Reform on Ideological and Political Course in Colleges and Universities

Lidan Ma
The rising classroom reform movement provides a new perspective for the reform of ideological and political education in universities. The classroom reform is an inevitable product of education informatization, a logical development of the reform of small-class teaching, a trend that combines the needs...
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Study on Physical Education of School under the Comprehensive Health Ideology

Ling Liu
With the continuous reform of China's education, the school health education has received widespread attention. Physical education is an important way to build students' physique. This article has conducted an in-depth study of the "Healthy China 2030 Plan Outline", expounded the development of students'...
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Discussion on the Music Teaching Reform in Primary and Secondary Schools under the Perspective of New Media

Na Li, Huihua Liu
With the social and economic development and the progress of information technology, the music teaching reform in primary and secondary schools is also in progress. Under the social background that the new media technology gradually becomes mature, the music teaching reform in primary and secondary schools...
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Study on the Curriculum Design of Preschool Education Major in Private Colleges in Shaanxi Province from the Perspective of Professionalism -- Taking the Preschool Education Major in X University as an Example

Yabo Yang
As the country and society require preschool education talents to be more and more professional, a large number of high-quality and professional talents have been needed by the preschool education market. This article studies the current situation of curriculum setting in X university from the perspective...
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Teaching Research of Accounting Informatization Flipped Classroom Based on SPOC

Ruigong Wang
Under the historical background of "Internet +", the education informatization has become the key of current teaching background and the informatization reform of college courses is imperative. This thesis takes the Accounting Informatization course as an example to analyze the features of SPOC web-based...
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Research on Comparison of Postgraduate Training between Domestic and Foreign Maritime Academies

Guang Shao
The present research aims to find the deficiencies of postgraduate training in domestic maritime academies by analyzing training mode, curricula setting, experiment and practice, teaching form and administrative situation. Besides, based on training features and experiences of foreign maritime academies...
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Application of Internet Technology in Mental Health Education of College Students

Yanqing Zeng
This paper carries out the research on the application of Internet technology in the mental health education of college students, mainly to clarify the importance of Internet technology in the mental health education of colleges and universities and its specific application situation. In the information...
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An Action Research on Oral Participation in College English Class, Exemplified by College English Teaching in Harbin Institute of Technology at Weihai

Xin Wang, Xiangyu Jiang, Xianwei Li
An action research is carried out on oral participation in College English class. Equal participation is intended to be realized by means of improving teaching methodology. Instruments such as questionnaires, feedbacks and teaching reflection are used to collect data. After the action plans are applied,...
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Quantitative Analysis of Research Tendency on Hotspot of Library’s Data Literacy Education in China

Yue Chen
With the amount of papers from 2008-2017 year in China, which retrieved by terms of "data literacy education" and "library", this paper applies metabolic GM(1,1) forecasting model to explore variation trend of the hot-spot in the big data era. The result indicates that the proportion of paper’s amount...
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Research on the Theory and Context of E-ELM Model from the Perspective of Entertainment Education

Cheng Li
The idea of entertainment education was proposed long ago. Based on this idea, the Extended-Elaboration Likelihood Model (E-ELM model) for entertainment education on narrative processing is formed. Based on this, the thesis elaborates the theoretical foundation of entertainment education laid down by...
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Experimental Report on the Effect of Flip Class Teaching Model on College English Writing Based on Microclass

Kai Wang
This study attempts to use the teaching model of flipping class based on micro courses to investigate whether there is a significant difference between the experimental class and the reference class in the writing output ability of the two reading and writing teachers through the classroom experimental...
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A Preliminary Study on the Reform of the Course of Engineering Practice Education in University

Yongming Lu, Xiaodong Ren, Huimin Li, Lingqing Wang
Based on the teaching objectives of university engineering education, and rationally positioning the engineering practice education in universities, combined with the characteristics of the times and the common problems of engineering practice education in Universities in China at present stage, a curriculum...
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Study of Teachers' Intervention on Conflicts between Preschoolers

Qiumeng Hu, Lamei Luo
To solve conflicts between preschoolers is one of the important factors to measure the development of children's social ability. The children who have high-level ability of solving conflicts between preschoolers will be good with the peers. And the social development is better. Teachers are important...
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Study on the Problems and Suggestions to the Sport Theory Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Jie Yang
Combining the problems in the current theoretical courses for sport with the personal teaching experience, the author conducts a study on the teaching of sport theories in some regular universities and some sport colleges by the means of literature investigation, interview and questionnaire. It is concluded...
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The Exploration and Practice of Modularization of Japanese Extensive Reading Course under the Concept of OBE

Haidan Ren
Japanese reading ability is one of the important core abilities of Japanese talents training, which is directly related to the training effect of Japanese majors. Improving Japanese language ability is the preferred way to understand transnational culture, and it is also one of the important core competencies...
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The Construction and Practice of Quality Monitoring and Guarantee System on Experiential Foreign Language Teaching in Local Colleges and Universities

Guiying Kong
Teaching quality is the fundament relying for survival and development of colleges and universities. On the grounds of the teaching conditions, the concept of experiential teaching, learning feature and the connotation of experiential process, the foreign language teaching should construct such entity...
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The Application of Case Teaching Method in Western Economics Teaching

Jinlei Yang, Zhenqi Wang
Western economics consists of two parts: "microscopic" and "macro". This course is a compulsory basic course for economic management major. So, how to improve the teaching of Western economics? This article believes that using the case method to learn the relevant theory of the course is especially important...
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Study on Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture in Practical Teaching of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Colleges and Universities -- Taking Tea Culture as an Example

Weifang Xue
Learning and mastering the various ideological essences of Chinese traditional culture is very beneficial to establishing the correct three contemplations. Tea culture is an important component of Chinese traditional culture. Its essence is mainly reflected in the tea spirit of "harmony, quietness, comfort,...
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Study on the Stratified and Sub-curriculum-oriented Teaching Model

Qin Li
The paper introduces the model of the stratified and sub-curriculum-oriented college foreign languages teaching model applied in Jiangxi Institute of Fashion Technology, provides its theoretical basis, discusses its practices based on the survey among students, hoping to contribute to the improvement...
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Study on Teachers’ New Roles in the Practice of College Foreign Language Layering Teaching from the Perspective of Effective Teaching

Danting Sui, Jiawei Gu
Effective teaching is one of the purposes of layering teaching in foreign languages. In the process of layering teaching, teachers play various and new roles, affecting students’ development in many ways. The thesis mainly discusses teachers’ new roles and countermeasure and suggestions for teachers’...
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Study on Mental Health for Students under Big Data Background

Zhen Huang
Recently, we are entering the age of big data. Big data applications greatly changed our life, bring great convenience to our life, and deeply affected the college education management mode, especially helping with aid-receiving student’s psychological health care. Through this article focus on the real-time...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities and Its Countermeasures

Yun Cai
Recently, the state has introduced a series of policies to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in colleges and universities, and many colleges and universities have made active exploration and accumulated some valuable experiences, but there still are some problems which, to some extent, are restricting...
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Research on the Cognition of College Students on Anti-terrorism in Colleges and Universities in the New Period and Its Countermeasures Taking Liuzhou Area as an Example

Qianwei Jin, Yuemin Li
In the new era, China has entered the critical period of "two-hundred-year" construction. Under this background, it is of great practical significance to study anti-terrorism in colleges and universities. This topic takes the Liuzhou area as an example. Through research, it clearly understands the status...