Proceedings of the 5th UPI International Conference on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ICTVET 2018)

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Performance Assessment Student with Special Needs. Indonesian Sambal Competence in Inclusive Vocational School

Asep Maosul, Ana Ana, Ai Nurhayati, Rita Patriasih
Learning outcomes assessment system for students with special needs in Indonesia has been equated with students without other special needs, Assessment of children with special needs in developed countries is carried out thoroughly adjusted to the uniqueness of students, Vocational Teachers culinary...
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Students Learning Difficulties and Saturation in Achieving Competency

Tetty Setiawaty, Gunadi Tjahjono
This study has the main purpose of describing the difficulty and saturation of student learning in achieving competency. The type of research used is quantitative, using quantitative and mean descriptive analysis. The results showed: 1) Student learning problems are grouped into three, which are: learning...
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Work Ethics as Sub-component Forming of Basic Competency of the Electrical Energy Engineering Skill Program in Vocational High School Students

Gunadi Tjahjono, Tetty Setiawaty
The purpose of this study is to identify the work ethic as a sub-component forming basic competencies Vocational High School (SMK) on the competencies of Power Transmission Engineering skill. This study employed the method of DACUM analysis and Delphi technique. The subject of research is the labour...
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The Effect of Project-based Learning and Creativity on the Students’ Competence at Vocational High Schools

Usmeldi Usmeldi
The preliminary surveys show that many students are less creative, so that it difficult to understand the concept of physics. Many students who do not mastery learning of physics so that it difficult to applied the concept of physics in relevant subjects. Therefore, project-based learning is implemented....
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A Proposed Model to Learn Pancasila as a Philosophical System in School and University

Irawaty Irawaty, Diyantari Diyantari, Eva Leiliyanti
Every country has its own values which are expressed in their regulations. Indonesia has Pancasila which is the highest source of all regulations implemented in Indonesia. As the highest source of all regulations in Indonesia, the values in Pancasila have to be implemented in Indonesians’ daily lives....
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Quality Function Deployment Analysis for Improvement of Practicum on Mechanical Engineering Education University of Palangka Raya

Wiyogo Wiyogo, Jhonni Rentas Duling, Debora Debora
The implementation of the practicum by the mechanical engineering education program becomes an important part because it provides experience in strengthening the students skills. From the results of observations made to students participant practicum production process II, got some things into the main...
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Factors Affecting Preparation of the Implementation of Teaching Factory at Vocational High School State 3 Palangka Raya

Galfri Siswandi, Wiyogo Wiyogo, Jhonni Rentas Duling
This research is descriptive research with quantitative approach. This study was conducted on the Department of Culinary Engineering, Clothing Engineering and Hospitality Engineering. The research instrument used is a preparatory observation sheet. The results showed; factors that influence the preparation...
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The Improvement of Learning Outcomes of Women Fashion Management by Using Model Media (Fragment)

Musdalifah Musdalifah, Winda Vadila
Women Fashion Management Course is one of the compulsory courses taken by the Fashion Design Education Study Program students in the 5th semester, which contains material about clothes making using tailoring technique. Learning Outcomes of Women Fashion Management course obtained by students in the 2015/2016...
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Using TPACK to Map Teaching and Learning Skills for Vocational High School Teacher Candidates in Indonesia

Didik Nurhadi, Endang Purwaningsih, Kadim Masjkur, Lyau Nyan-Myau
Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) of teacher candidates for vocational high school is essential to follow the development of industrial revolution 4.0. A teacher is not only to be prepared to have content knowledge and pedagogy, but they also need to collaborate on technologies...
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Attitudes of Civil Engineering Students Program Study of Building Technique Education to the ASEAN Economic Community

Nurhasan Syah, Syaiful Haq
This study aims to express the attitude of students of Civil Engineering Program of Building Engineering Education Studies toward AEC. This research was conducted at Civil Engineering Department of State University of Padang with quantitative descriptive research type. Sampling technique used Total sampling....
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Factors That Affect the Quality Status of Vocational High Schools

Mukhidin Mukhidin, Jonah Mupita
In Indonesia a huge number of students prefer enrolling in general high school (SMA) over vocational high school (SMK), yet the government want more students (70%) enrolled in vocational high school. This article was aimed at investigating the effects of student gross retention rate, quality of teachers,...
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Development and Application of Project-based Collaborative Learning Models on Vocational College in Indonesia

K. Arwizet, Nizwardi Jalinus, Fahmi Rizal
Challenges of the globalization demands vocational education graduates should be able to communicate, collaborate, critical thinking, and creative and innovative well. Competence of vocational education graduates was largely determined by quality and types the learning models provided. This paper aims...
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Exploring Open Government Partnership as a Strategy for Promoting Transparency in Private University: An Initial Study

Mochamad Nizar Palefi Maady, Pelangi Eka Yuwita, Aprillia Dwi Ardianti, Fetrika Anggraini, Iin Widya Lestari
In Indonesia, high cost of tuition at private higher education is impunity for some students. A private higher education does not obtain any flow of funds from government and is required to self-financial-management by its foundation. Furthermore, students are reluctantly to study at private higher education...
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Blended Learning, Implementation Strategy: The New Era of Education

Maesaroh Lubis, Mujiarto Parsusah, Mumu Komaro, Asari Djohar
The use of the internet as education media is expected to provide alternative solutions for problems related to education process (limited learning) in Indonesia, such as the physical distance between students’ house and education institutions, the high education cost, and limited time for studying....
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Multimedia Animated Corrosion for Corrosion and Coating Metals Course

Yusep Sukrawan, Tatang Permana, Enda Permana, Kebri Kein Moudy Pajung
Multimedia Animation in teaching metal corrosion and plating course on the corrosion proses remains largely unused. There are many students who do not understand the corrosion process, despite having attended lectures. This study aims to discover the effect of Multimedia Animation on students achievement....
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Developing Soft Skills Learning Model for Mechanical Engineering Students Vocational High School

Suryo Hartanto, Asrul Huda, Ratih Fordiana
This research was based on the very low competency of soft skills acquired by graduates of Mechanical Engineering of Vocational High School performed at workplaces. The objectives of the research were to identify specific soft skills that should be mastered by students of Mechanical engineering and to...
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Integrating of E-learning to Improve Students Competence in Vocational School

Nuur Wachid Abdul Majid, Taufik Ridwan, Ahmad Fauzi, Rizki Hikmawan
This study discusses how integrating an e-learning to improved students competence in vocational school. This study was categorized as qualitative research that used case study approach. This research took place at one of Vocational High School and University in Special Region of Yogyakarta. The informants...
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Development of Multimedia Animation Brake System

Yusep Sukrawan, Tatang Permana, Enda Permana, Kebri Kein Moudy Pajung
This study is based on the lack of variation in the use of instructional media, the lecturer uses only classical method with whiteboard as the media in brake system learning process. To overcome the above problems, will try to develop multimedia animation brake system. The aim of study is to develop...
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Preliminary Design of Automatic Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement System for Antenna and Propagation Laboratory Course

Asep Barnas Simanjuntak, Budi Mulyanti, Enjang Akhmad Juanda, Ade Gaffar Abdullah, Muhammad Naufal, Raksa Reza Pratama
Antenna radiation pattern is the major topic of Antenna and Propagation course in Telecommunication Engineering Program Study. Antenna radiation pattern measurement system is strongly required to conduct practical work in the laboratory. This study aims to design Automatic Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement...
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Apprenticeship Implementation of Productive Teacher at Vocational School in Indonesia

Suharno Suharno, Nugroho Agung Pambudi, Indah Widiastuti, Budi Harjanto
The Indonesian government has established a regulation on apprenticeship program for vocational teacher in the relevant industry. It is a structured training program which aims to provide teachers with knowledge and competency required to achieve mastery of a specific occupation for strengthening their...
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Development of Interactive Instructional Media of Photography: Multimedia Skills Competency

Hendri Hendri, I Gede Yusartika, Nurie S. Athifa
This study was a Research and Development (R & D) using Instructional Development Institute (IDI) model (Define, Develop, and Evaluate). The aims were to produce a valid, practical, and effective Interactive Instructional Media Photography Subjects’ Multimedia Expertise Competence. Respondents were the...
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Ongoing Process of Change Curriculum: Teaching and Learning Strategy of Vocational Teachers in Western Part of Indonesia

Nizwardi Jalinus, Syahril Syahril, Fahmi Rizal, Rahmat Azis Nabawi, Mahesi Agni Zaus
Rapid technological change, especially in information technology, brings major changes in teaching and learning strategies for teachers to deal with millennial. The purpose of this study was to identify teaching and learning strategies used by vocational teachers, especially in applying the 2013 Vocational...
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Application of Assessment for Learning to Improve Student Learning Outcomes in Engineering Drawing Using CaD

Ambiyar Ambiyar, Refdinal Refdinal, Waskito Waskito, Fahmi Rizal, Hendri Nurdin
This study aims to show the application of assessment for learning can improve learning activities and student learning outcomes. The type of research is action research. T he study was carried out in two cycles, in which each cycle consisted of two meetings. Research respondents were students of grade...
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Use of Products-based Module in the Process of Learning to the Practical Course

Elida Elida, Agusti Efi
The research aims to produce products based modules on subjects interesting gastronomic practice and fit for use in learning, and determine the effectiveness of the modules in improving student learning outcomes. Excess module based products is to give an opportunity to the students do the work practices...
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The Practicality of Training Models Based on Knowledge Management System

Kasman Rukun, Gunawan Ali, Asrul Huda, Dedy Irfan, Muhammad Ihsan
The developing training models that meet the needs of teachers is an attempt to improve skills and professionalism. This article discusses the usefulness of the computer network knowledge management system skills training model for high school computer science teachers to develop their professional skills....
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Implementation of Blended Learning in Vocational Teacher Professional Education

Aditia Dharma
The approach of hybrid learning or blended learning is seen as effective and has a positive impact on the learning process. The ability of teachers to utilize blended learning is expected to create an interactive learning environment and increase student learning participation. This blended learning...
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Usability Evaluation of Adaptive Features in e-Learning

Johan Reimon Batmetan, Maxi M. Mintjelungan, Hizkia Kamang Manggopa, Billy M.H. Kilis, Djubir Ruslan Eddy Kembuan
The usefulness of an e-learning application feature is important to ensure a feature can continue to be used. This study aims to measure the usefulness of e-learning application features and to evaluate the adaptive features of e-learning used in higher education. This study uses measurement the usability...
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Developing the Teaching Factory Learning Model to Prepare the Students of Vocational High School in Facing Global Competitions

Sanggam Roy Inhard Manalu
There is a miss match between competencies obtained from Vocational High Schools and those required by the business and industrial world. To face global competition, ASEAN Economic Community free markets and Revolution Industry 4.0, Vocational High Schools should develop their learning models to achieve...
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Quality Analysis of Tiongkok Products

Marlina Marlina
This study aims to analyze the quality of Chinese embroidery products in the Embroidery Arts course. The research method used was descriptive method. The sample used in this study used a total sample. Data collection techniques used a rating scale that consisted of 45 portfolios of Chinese embroidery...
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Self Regulated Learning and Limiting Belief Academic for College Student

Dedy Irfan, Kasman Rukun
Limiting belief of college student for finishing task from campus can affect the decline in college student academic of achievement. The decline in college student academic achievement will make the level of limiting belief even greater, which will interfere with the learning process carried out by the...
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Assessment Methods with Gradations of Answers on Learning through E-Learning

Refdinal Refdinal, Ambiyar Ambiyar, Waskito Waskito, Hendri Nurdin
The assessment with gradations of answers methods on e-Learning was developed, could be referable to the vocational courses especially in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, State University of Padang. The research that was adapting the Gall & Borg procedures, simplified into...
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Job Shadowing in Woodworking Engineering at Civil Engineering Department, Technical Faculty, Universitas Negeri Padang

Rijal Abdullah
This research was motivated by low of learning outcomes and lack of mastery of student life skills in Woodworking Engineering. The purpose of the study was to reveal the impact of Job Shadowing implementation in Woodworking Engineering subject to student learning outcomes and their life skills. The hypothesis...
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Development of the Teaching Material at Sheet Metal Course in Program Vocational Mechanical Engineering

Suparno Suparno, Syahril Syahril, Bulkia Rahim, Arwizet K.
Based on the observations, the problem to: limited availability of the books and yet Machining and Fabrication Techniques module that may cause the learning process is not maximized. The purpose of this study is to produce the learning module fabrication technique theory which is valid, practical and...
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The Implementation of Vocational High School Management Strategy

Herry Sumual, Grace J. Soputan
The purpose of this study is to analyze the strategy of implementing vocational education management to produce graduates who are truly ready to enter the real world of work. The research method uses case studies by setting key informants purposively, namely principals, productive teachers, and students...
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Academic Supervision Mechanism by Vocational High School Supervisor

Elfi Tasrif
Academic supervision activities are activities of school supervisors related to the process of fostering and assisting teachers in improving the quality of learning process / guidance and quality of student learning outcomes. This article reveals a number of aspects that are portraits of the conditions...
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Learning Media for Vocational Education

Eka Asyarullah Saefudin, Kamin Sumardi
The aims of this article are to examine the extent of the role and development of learning media in vocational education, focusing on the aspects that must be considered in developing learning media, evaluation of learning media, learning media for vocational education in the form of simulators. The...
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Employability Skills Assessment (Decision Making) of Vocational High School Students

Sri Subekti, Ana Ana
The wave of world industrial and economic progress that is rolling fast have a great impact on the economic and business competition of economies in the world. Indonesia was ranked number 37 in the global competitiveness index during the period 2015-2016 with a score of 4.52 which subsequently decreased...
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Information Security Awareness on Data Privacy in Higher Education

Julyeta Paulina Runtuwene, Revolson A. Mege, Verry Ronny Palilingan, Johan Reimon Batmetan
There is always a negative aspect of a technology utilization. Security issues become a serious problem in information technology. The development of information technology makes access to data privacy is very important to note. The purpose of this study is to analyze and measure students understanding...
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Comparative Study on the Implementation of Apprenticeship Viewed from the Perspective of Students and Employers (Study of Aspects of Skill, Attitude, Implementation)

Yudi Setiawan, Sumarto Sumarto, Tasma Sucita
The lack of absorption of vocational school graduates in the business world and industry is the government's concern as one of the indicators of not achieving the goal of vocational education to prepare professional and character workers. This paper aims to understand Gap attitude, skills and the implementation...
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Effectiveness of Entrepreneurship Communication Skills in Business Group: Ethno-Andragogy Approach to Technical Vocational Education and Training (Ethnographic study: Processed snacks in Sumbawa)

Andi Haris, Mokhamad Syaom Barliana, Didin Saripudin, Ade Gaffar Abdullah
The entrepreneurship communication skills in the business group are still a problem that must be solved in order to form communication effectively. The ineffectiveness of communication can be seen from the open group vision and mission, the reciprocal relationship between one member and another member,...
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Employability Skills Framework for Mechanical Engineering

Hari Din Nugraha, Asari Djohar, Mumu Komaro
Industrial Revolution 4.0 is an age of digitalization in the production process using digital system. The figure of an ideal mechanical engineering of the industry 4.0 should be able to response all the changing needs of the employability skills according to the market power of the manufacturing industry....
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Development of Trainer Kit Quality Control (TKQC) on Motorcycle Electrical Competencies

Dede Saryono, Kamin Sumardi, Asep Setiadi H.
This study aims to produce Trainer Kit Quality Control (TKQC) on motorcycle electrical competencies, and the effectiveness of TKQC is obtained in improving understanding of the basics of motorcycle electrical lighting systems. Research methods using research and development (Research and Development)....
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Analysis of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) in the Practice of Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Network Installation

Wini Awalia, Budi Mulyanti, Siscka Elvyanti
This study aims to analyze the knowledge and attitudes of students towards the implementation of occupational safety and health (OSH) base on SKKNI TIK.FO01.005.01 in the practice of Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Network Installation. The informants in this study were class XI students in 2017/2018 academic...
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Utilization of Smartphone Technology of Students in Making Videos On Motorcycle Chassis Learning

Rian Oktariana Firmansyah, R. Aam Hamdani, Dandhi Kuswardhana, Inu Hardi Kusuma
Smartphones (Smartphones) are communication tools equipped with technology so that they can carry out various activities, such as internet, multimedia players, and cellular instant messaging, mobile phones can be used as learning facilities. The purpose of this study is to examine the use of smartphone...
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The Development of Creative Problem Solving Skills Assessment on Photoelectric Effect

Agus Setiawan, Sutarno Sutarno, Ida Kaniawati, Andi Suhandi
In order to face disruption phenomena in the era of industry 4.0, creative problem solving (CPS) skills are important to be developed and assessed through learning process. However, there is no existing instrument that can be used to assess students' CPS skills in the physics domain. This study aims...
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Parent and Student Preferences in Vocational Education

Eka Romdhony, Kamin Sumardi
A review of the literature of this journal discusses vocational education required by parents and vocational high school students. Parents expect their children to get jobs after completing vocational education, fulfilling the expectations of students towards the desires they aspire to. Expectations...
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Effectiveness of Student Learning Results using Group Investigation Method and Brainstorming on Expert System Currency

Muhammad Ihsan, Kasman Rukun, Fahmi Rizal, Muhammad Ramadhan
This study aims to (1) know the results of student learning using the group survey method (2) know the results of student learning using the brainstorming method (3) know the difference between the learning outcomes of students using Group Investigation research methods and brainstorming in courses on...
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Teaching Aid Development of Elecropneumatic Based Automation Course

Risfendra Risfendra, Oriza Candra, Syamsuarnis Syamsuarnis, Firman Firman
To conduct the entertaining and attractive activities on learning process, therefore the design of valid and practical teaching aid and its implementation on electro pneumatic based automation course is presented in this paper. An electro pneumatic sorting machine with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)...
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Design of Interactive Learning Graphic Design Based Tutorial Classic

Asrul Huda, Kasman Rukun, Suryo Hartanto, Ulfa Hasyanah Lubis
The function of education is to develop ability of potential and transform the character of students, therefore various aspects and efforts made to improve the education quality. One of way to improve learning result is by using information technology such as used interactive learning media tools. This...
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Benefits of Using Animation Multimedia to Improve Students Ability in Mastering Phase Diagram Material of Engineering Subject between Higher and Lower Group Achievement

Mumu Komaro, Ariyano Ariyano, A. Suherman, A. Herdiansyah
Difficulty of understanding abstract concepts, complexity and dynamics are some problems faced by students in mastering materials of engineering subject, especially in the materials related to diagram phase. Data from a study conducted by an engineering lecturer indicates that 68.8% of students could...