Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Inter-cultural Communication (ICELAIC 2018)

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Formation of Systematic Management Knowledge as an Important Component of Modern Political Education

Kulinchenko Alexander, Mamaeva Yulia, Ageeva Elena, Sedykh Nikolay
The paper analyzes the approaches to solving tasks on managerial knowledge and skills formation. It justifies the necessity for students to acquire the systematic knowledge of social processes management as it meets the requirements of the emerging and developing information society. It summarizes the...
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Humanitarian Measurement of International Relations Between Russia and Ecuador

Аlla Borzova, Xavier Medina Gonzalez Vinicio
The article analyzes the relationship between the Republic of Ecuador and the Russian Federation in the humanitarian and cultural sphere. The main attention is paid to the educational sphere. The article tracks a process of establishing partnerships between representatives of the higher education system...
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The Rise of Russia-China International Cooperation in Higher Education

Katkova Evgeniya, Sidorov Dmitry, Wu Ruochen
The article is devoted to the scientific and educational cooperation of Russia and China and discusses the priority areas of Russian educational services’ export to China which can become an effective tool of the “soft power” in Russia's foreign policy. The authors examine the history of Russian – Chinese...
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Discussion on Some Features of Innovative System of Professional Training

Ivleva Marina, Bagramyants Nonna, Ivlev Vitaly
A picture of the modern condition of domestic professional education that is in progress of reformation and showing some certain contradictions is presented. The contradictions and difficulties of education process in high school are listed. The ways of active search and update of the modern domestic...
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Working Faculties: Education of People's Masses and/ or Ideology Driven Chimera

Zubov Vadim
The paper presents the history of the creation and development of the Workers’ Faculties in the Russian SFSR and the USSR, whose system became widespread in the first fifteen years of the existence of the Soviet state. The stages of development of the Workers’ Faculties are distinguished. Special attention...
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Ethos Academic Scientific Community in Conditions of Openness

Savvina Olga, Mukhametzhanova Vinera
The article deals with the moral norms of a modern academic scientist. In the first half of the 20th century, R. Merton brought forth the moral imperatives of a scientist in the field of Universalism, Communism, Disinterestedness, Organized scepticism, which, in spite of criticism, were practically the...
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Studying the Impact of Contextual Data on the Outcomes of the Individual Educational Achievements of the Fourth-grade Pupils While Assessing the Metasubject Results Obtained at the General Education Institutions of Voronezh Region

Chudinsky Ruslan, Volodin Alexander, Bykanov Anatoliy
The article contains an account on the empirical study regarding the impact of contextual data on the outcomes of the individual educational achievements of the fourth-grade pupils while assessing the metasubject results obtained at the general education institutions of Voronezh region. The phases, the...
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The Creative Educational Paradigm

Kochetkov Maksim
Pedagogical support of human activity, namely, the creation of conditions for development and self-development of individuals both in creative productivity and in socio-psychological readiness to live under fast-changing society is one of the evident trends to reduce socio-psychological frustrations...
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Studying a Foreign Language in Creative Higher Education Institutions: the Problem of Forming Motivation

Bets Maria, Rtischeva Oksana
Organizing educational process requires considering professional interests of students. The creative orientation of higher education institutions dictates special approach for creating favorable conditions for learning the material. Realizing the needs of the students, accounting their interest at material...
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The Formation of the Professional Vocal Education in China Regarding the Russian Musicians’ Contribution

Wang Kaidi
The article is devoted to the creation of professional vocal education in China. The dotted line outlines the main stages in the development of vocal education in the ancient times. The main attention is paid to the establishing of the European style of professional vocal education. This emphasizes that...
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Cultivation of Students’ Enforcement Security Awareness in People’s Public Security University of China

Liu Lebin
At present, there are problems in the training of enforcement safety awareness of students in public security colleges, such as one-sided understanding, single teaching form, no unified knowledge theory system, and lack of effective long-term assessment mechanism. This paper aims to clarify connotation...
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Discussion on Improvement of Moral Education in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Happiness Education Theory

Wang Gaohe
Happiness is the ultimate goal of human activity and the ultimate value of education. Moral education in colleges and universities is highly consistent with happiness education in purpose and content. It is a new idea to study moral education in universities from the perspective of happiness education...
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Reflection and Reconstruction of College English Teaching in the Context of College Transformation Taking Nanchang University Gongqing College as an Example

Chen Jun
Nowadays, it is required that the newly-built colleges and universities in China should transform into the application-oriented ones for the training of applied talents. College English is an important compulsory course for the applied colleges to apply the undergraduate education for the purpose of...
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Research on the Use of Discourse Markers by English Teachers in EFL Classroom

Chen Xiaojing
On the basis of reviewing the concept, nature and function of the discourse markers of domestic and foreign scholars, this paper adopts the form of corpus research to investigate the types, frequencies, dependent words and textual functions of the use of discourse markers by college English teachers...
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Study on Continuous Professional Development for Teachers

Zhang Lei
This article deals with the issue of teacher professional development (TPD) and discusses its concept, practices and conflicts between various aspects in TPD such as the institution, the teaching context and the individual teacher. The essay intends to draw attention to the potential problems in promoting...
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A Study on the Implementation Distortion and Regression of the Kindergarten “De-primary” Policy

Zeng Jiao, Wang Xiujun, Wen Lan
The implementation of the “de-primary” policy in kindergartens is conducive to the kindergartens arranging the content and forms of education according to the rules and cognitive characteristics of children's physical and mental development, and to maintaining children's learning interests and physical...
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The Predicament and Breakthrough of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Xu Zhiyuan, Fan Huiling
Currently the ideological and political education in colleges and universities in China is facing the disadvantages of outdated concepts, unclear objects relations and lack of system guarantee. To solve these problems, it is necessary to conduct the concept innovation of ideological and political education,...
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Research on the Quality Improvement of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities Against the Background of New Media

Li Zhen
The National Conference on ideological and political work and the implementation outline of the quality Project of ideological and political work in Colleges and Universities by the Ministry of Education put forward new requirements for ideological and political education in colleges and universities....
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An Analysis of the Comprehensible Input of TPRS

Qin Li
TPR Storytelling (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling or TPRS) is a method of teaching foreign languages. It applied in many world language classrooms in the America as well as many other countries. Comprehensible input is an important element in TPRS, it is also a key to achieve the...
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Research on the Development of Local Foreign Trade Translation and the Translation Teaching Strategies in Colleges and Universities Taking Jilin Province as an Example

Zhao Chunhe
Foreign trade is inseparable from translation talents, and colleges and universities are the training base for translation talents. The discussion on how to combine local foreign trade with colleges and universities and make translators display their talents in trading companies and learn from colleges...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Experiential Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Dai Wei
As a brand-new mode of ideological and political education, experiential education pays more attention to college students’ self-experience and feelings in Ideological and political education, so that college students can receive education in experience. This paper probes into the connotation and characteristics...
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The Mental Health Education of Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Positive Psychology

Liang Jie
Mental health education in higher vocational colleges has long followed the mental health education model of undergraduate students, which does not meet the psychological characteristics of higher vocational students. Higher vocational students have poor academic performance, low self-esteem, and poor...
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The Effect of AES System on Writing Metacognitive Strategy in Senior High School EFL Writing Taking Nanchong First Middle School as an Example

Wang Xiaoyu
Since 1960s, the Automatic Essay Scoring (here after will be called AES) for students' writing has appeared abroad; China began to conduct some research of AES system in the latest 20 years, and most of them are concentrated on higher education. Many studies show that students' autonomous writing ability...
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Mapping Knowledge Domain Analysis of Physical Activity for Children

Xu Jinfu
In order to explore the current situation and research evolution of infant sports in China, the year distribution, author distribution, institutional distribution and subject classification of 638 articles related to infant sports in CNKI database from 2000 to 2018 were visualized by Citespace software....
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India’s Influence on Khotan from the Perspective of Cultural Communication

Yan Liang
In the history, the compatibility of India and Khotan in the Western Region in the media and ecological environment has shaped the interpenetrating characteristics of Khotan's ethnic composition, language, military trade and many other factors. Through the interactive influence with India, it finally...
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Analysis and Evaluation of Scientific Papers of Five Common Marine Colleges and Universities With the Core Collection of Web of Science as the Tool and Source of Data

Dong Minqiang, Wang Weijiang
The 21st century is a century in which people intend to explore more about the ocean. China is a country with abundant marine resources. There are mainly six marine colleges and universities in China. Among them, the Ocean University of China is a 985 school, and the other five universities are ordinary...
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Four Dimensions of College Students’ Effective Participation in the Political Education Class Based on the Perspective of Constructivism Theory

Xu Zhanlu
The improvement of the teaching effectiveness of education in ideological and political courses must be based on the active and effective "learning" of college students. The education theory of constructivism starts from the whole education process, and makes a comprehensive and in-depth exploration...
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The Approach to Integration of Yimeng Spirit into College Ideological and Political Course

Meng Xianhua
As an excellent red culture, Yimeng spirit should play its role in the current ideological and political education in colleges and universities, which certainly requires an appropriate approach as an opportunity to integrate the Yimeng spirit into the ideological and political education in colleges and...
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An Empirical Study of Dragon Boat Sport on the Construction of College Campus Culture A Case Study of Wuhan Business University

Tang Yong, Wang Manfu, Sun Zhuo
This topic introduces the concept of college campus culture, analyzes the influence of dragon boat sport on the construction of college campus culture, and understands the development of dragon boat sport in other colleges and universities. Meanwhile, it also studies and formulates questionnaire for...
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Extracurricular Activity-based Intercultural Education at Chinese Universities Rationale, Design and Practice

Huang Lihe
Students’ intercultural competence should be considered as an important outcome of institutional internationalization in today’s higher education. Chinese universities should make good use of diversified educational resources to promote students’ intercultural competence. This paper first introduces...
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The Application of Learning Plan Guidance in Chinese Reading Class

Pan Tingli, Xie Lingfeng
This paper intends to reverse the "technical teaching" mode of Chinese teachers and explore a teaching mode of study-plan guidance learning that is based on the specific teaching situation and the characteristics of Chinese subject, which highlights the subject status of students' learning, and reflects...
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The Effective Ways to Promote Teaching Supervision of the Affiliated Colleges in Universities

Sun Wenjing
Teaching supervision in affiliated colleges is an important part in the teaching quality monitoring system. With the strengthening of the management of affiliated colleges, the effectiveness of teaching supervision should be further promoted. This paper analyzes the meaning and importance of the existence...
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Effective Ways of Education Modernization Against the Background of Beautiful Rural Construction

Li Xiaobo, Zhang Wanlu, Zhou Xujian
In the process of building a well-off society in an all-round way, the modernization of rural education plays an important role in overall. Without the modernization of rural education, it is difficult to realize the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. Compulsory education is the top priority...
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Theoretical Thinking and Practical Research on the Establishment of Teaching Base for Sino-Russian Folk Artworks A Case Study of Heihe University

Wang Yuyun
According to the spirit of the document of Construction Planning of Strong Higher Education Province of Heilongjiang by China and the Education Department, and the “Longjiang Silk Road Economic Belt” construction spirit to implement “the Belt and Road Initiative” strategic planning, this paper explores...
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Challenges in the College English Online Teaching and Its Countermeasures

Chen Yan
College English online teaching is the mainstream and development trend of modern college English education. Although most colleges have started in the construction of college English online teaching, there are still many problems in the implementation of it, and some problems are difficult to solve...
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Research on Practical Teaching Mode of Visual Communication Design Major from Perspective of Community Service Taking the Sandeli Community in Jiang'an District of Wuhan City as an Example

Zhang Shu, Fu Mengzhen
With the development of diversified communities in China in recent years, as one of the means of community renewal and service, art needs to be involved in today's communities in aspect of visual communication design, so as to change the indifferent human relationship and over rational atmosphere in...
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Teacher Learning Community A New Dimension of Specialization Promotion from the Perspective of Postmodernism

Zhou Bilei
The rapid development of network society poses a severe test for the ability of teachers. The establishment of a community of teachers is very necessary. With respect, sincerity and cooperation as the main principles of teacher learning community construction, the main strategies of construction are...
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Social Demand Oriented Reform of College Chinese Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges Taking Yunnan Open University as an Example

Yang Shuping
College Chinese is an important course in the implementation of humanistic quality. It undertakes the historical mission of imparting language skills, shaping humanistic spirit, cultivating aesthetic ability and inheriting national culture. The level of Chinese language is an important indication of...
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Task-driven Instructional Design on the Development of Language Ability

Ma Guoyou, Qu Sheming
Language ability constitutes the basic element of the core literacy of English subjects and is one of the specific goals of teaching on English curriculum. Improving students' language ability implies the improvement of students' cultural awareness, thinking quality and learning ability, which helps...
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Research on Constructing College English Ecological Classroom from Perspective of Internet Information

Yang Yang
The advancement of internet informatization has had a great impact on the traditional college English classroom, and it is very urgent to build a new college English ecological classroom. Based on the theory system of ecolinguistics, this paper analyzes ecological imbalance of traditional college English...
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Analysis of Innovative Talents Cultivation for Dialogue Education in “Internet Plus” Era

He Bei
The generation of Internet brings about a tremendous change to the world, and the Internet development presents a new trend with the presentation of the concept of “Internet plus”. “Internet plus” is the advancement of Internet thinking and the fusion of Internet and various industries. Such integration...
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The Job Satisfaction of Private School Teachers in Compulsory Education and Its Influencing Factors in China Empirical Research Based on PISA (2015) China Data

Yao Hao, Ye Zhong
China's private schools have seen problems with the instability of teachers and low job satisfaction, it is necessary to study private schools job satisfaction and its causing factors. Furthermore, there has been little research studying job satisfaction gaps among different types of private schools,...
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A Study on Chinese Students’ WTC Inside the Classroom Under the Influences of Situational Variable

Zuo Jiaxin
This study adopts quantitative and qualitative analysis to figure out the relationship between students’ willingness to communicate in English inside the classroom environment and situational variable. Interlocutors, topic and conversational context are three key aspects. Thus, we find out that situational...
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Strategy for Construction of Discussion Section in the Teaching Mode of PAD Class Taking the Course of "Organization and Management of Classroom Teaching" as an Example

Li Li
The teaching modes and methods adopted by teacher educators affects the actual effect of teaching and plays an exemplary role for normal students to master teaching methods. The teaching of the course "Organization and Management of Classroom Teaching" in PAD Class is beneficial to the development of...
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The Psychotherapy Taking Books as Medicines Solving the Psychological Distress of College Students by Reading Therapy

Yang Zhi
Reading therapy is a method for treating mental illness and solving psychological problems by reading books. It emphasizes helping readers solve negative emotional distress by reading books or touching other information materials to achieve a balance between body and mind. This paper analyzes the concept...
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Exploration on Game Teaching Strategy for Children’s Chinese Learning in Southeast Asia

Qin Ling
In recent years, the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language develops vigorously, presenting a trend of large amount of people, large scale and younger age. Chinese course is opened in more and more kindergartens in various countries in Southeast Asia, which forms a new challenge to Chinese teaching....
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Study on the Teaching Mode of Schema Theory Against Language Attrition Under the Informationization Background

Wang Chun’ge
In this paper, the phenomenon of language attrition can be resisted by combining schema theory with informationization background. Then it introduces two basic concepts related to this article: schema theory and language abrasion. In the following part, the paper explores how to integrate schema theory...
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The Research of University Scientific Research Evaluation Construction System Based on Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis Method

Jiang Hailing, Zhang Xiuhua, Wang Xinyu, Zheng Shixin, Li Yue, Li Shuang, Fu Bowen
Based on the data of scientific research evaluation indexes of universities and the methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis. A quantitative analysis model is expected to be established in scientific research evaluation system, which can clarify some issues, for example, the impact of scientific...
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The Education and Tourism Value of the Ethnic Minorities Living in Heilongjiang for Generations Based on Cultural Protection

Wu Hao
Heilongjiang is a province with relatively concentrated ethnic minorities in China. There are ten ethnic minorities living here for generations. In this context, fully exploiting the cultural heritage of Heilongjiang's ethnic minorities to promote the development of cultural and educational undertakings...
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Application of Corpora to English Writing Teaching

He Ying
This paper reviews the common mistakes in Chinese students’ English writing and explores different categories of corpora and their possible application in language teaching. Based on the recent studies, the author finds that corpus-aided teaching has never been attached due importance in real teaching...
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Research on Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents Education of Design in Colleges and Universities Under the Development of Cultural and Creative Industry

Xiao Bailin
As an important category of cultural and creative industries, design has a more urgent need for creative talents with innovative thinking and entrepreneurial ability. It has positive significance to explore the educational approaches of creative and entrepreneurial talents in designing disciplines for...
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Thoughts on the Quality Cultivation of Students Majoring in Hotel Management in Higher Vocational Colleges

Bai Yifeng
The development of modern hotel industry puts forward higher requirements for the quality of employees. In cultivating hotel management professionals, higher vocational colleges need to master the training of the comprehensive quality of students, analyze the problems existing in the current personnel...
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Implications of Multiple Test Forms of Chinese Matriculation English Tests

Luo Juan
The goal of this study was to discuss the impact of different forms of MET. This includes the analyses of test reliability, test difficulty, and item quality of three English tests. Results show that test forms differ in test quality, and then test equating was conducted with the equipcentile method....
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Analysis on the Application of Invisible Class in Art Curriculum from the Perspective of New Media

Han Fang
Today, people live in an era with instantaneous changes. The rapid speed and wide range of changes has made our life highly unstable. In addition, the network in community and school has initiated a reform in education content and method. Since the 1960s, the characteristics of digitization and intelligence...
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The Application Research of Geography Teaching with ERDAS Software in the Middle School

Jiang Hailing, Zheng Shixin, Wang Xinyu, Zhang Xiuhua, Li Shuang, Su Jiaojiao
With the development of satellite remote sensing technology, remote sensing image has become an important data source gradually for modern Geo-science analysis and research. Among the massive Multi-source Remote Sensing data, the processing of Remote Sensing image is considered as a crucial mean to achieve...
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Study on the Creation of Motion Behavior in Physical Exercise from the Standpoint of Time Dimension The Efficient Way of Self-creation

Huang Jian, Ma Yong
Motion behavior is an important component of body movement. The creation of body behavior is the integration of instinctive behaviors and ration behaviors of our body. Motion behavior in sports is ubiquitous. The creativity of body is the basis of human survival and development. People understand the...
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Teaching Research of Surveying and Mapping for Environmental Design Major

Liu Qionglin
Through the teaching practice of Surveying and Mapping in the first grade of the Department of Environmental Design, this paper attempts to explore how to maximize the teaching effect of Surveying and Mapping by integrating four teaching modules: spatial interpretation, architectural knowledge, technical...
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Research on the Countermeasures of Open Online Course Construction in the Education Informatization 2.0 Era in China

Xie Jiajia
The release of China’s Education Informatization 2.0 Action Plan marks that China’s education informatization has entered the 2.0 era, which has new characteristics and puts forward new requirements.. It is more valuable to construct open online courses as required by the times. This paper first expounds...
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Promoting Language Learning via Writing Assessment in China The Case of Story Continuation Writing Task

Ye Wei
Like other East Asian countries, China is well known for its test-oriented culture. To prepare for the Gaokao, test-takers take around one year to drill on the assessment tasks. In order to maximize the value of the time and efforts invested, scholars suggested using a learning-oriented task, namely,...
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Training of “Set” Thinking Mode in Traditional Theory Composition Teaching

Ren Weixin
The most important thing in music creation is the cultivation of thinking mode and personal consciousness, that is, how to use rational techniques to properly express the perceptual "motives". The author believes that the accumulation of these emotional "motives" should be slightly quantized. In this...
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Study on the Application of Project-based Learning in Japanese Practical Teaching

Deng Tianliang
The advanced engineering education concept of CDIO has great influence on the teaching reform in China. At the same time, the teaching reform of Japanese is constantly developing. Teachers use the learner-centered CDIO project teaching model to create a variety of scenarios that are professional in nature....
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Experimental Study on Non-English-teacher Parents’ Participation in Family English Education for Young Children

Yang Xiuning, Zeng Pingsheng
Today, as English education is getting younger and younger, the issue of English education for young children in which parents of non-English-teacher participate is worth exploring. Experiments show that most non-English-teacher parents are willing and able to participate in family English education...
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Reconstruction on the Whole Design of Teaching Reformation in College English Under the Pattern of “Chinese Wisdom”

Shang Xiaoyan, Zhao Kuiyou
With the keen observation to capture the national economic reform vane, the overall design of reconstruction is put forward on teaching reformation in College English. The perforation system, “training plus etiquette”, is carried out in the school education period; the integrated system which is named...
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A Feasibility Study of Improving College Students’ Critical Thinking Skills Through English Public Speaking

Bao Jie
Critical thinking skills are embedded in students’ competence of making public speeches in English. This study tries to investigate the effect of English speech training on developing students’ critical thinking by using content analysis and interviews. Participants in an English public speaking training...
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Research on the Cultivation of Craftsmanship Spirit in Practical Teaching of Higher Vocational Colleges

Zhou Xiaohong
This paper dissects the integration of craftsmanship spirit into practical teaching in higher vocational colleges from various dimensions, analyzes the value significance of craftsmanship spirit into practical teaching, points out the existing difficulties and their reasons, and expounds the specific...
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A Longitudinal Study of the Content Validity of the Writing Part in TEM4 (2008-2017)

Yang Peirong
This paper takes the TEM4 writing parts from 2008 to 2017 as the research object, aiming at exploring the content validity of the writing parts in TEM4 in the past ten years. The study finds that the writing parts in TEM4 in the past ten years not only reflect the concept of the "Syllabus", but also...
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Study on the Relationship Between School Belonging, Personality and Academic Performance

Pei Jingjing
This study focuses on two aspects as follows: first is to find out the condition of school belonging and personality traits, second is to find the relationship among the school belonging, personality traits and the academic achievement. This study use the PSSM in Chinese and the middle school students...
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The Strategies for Educational Reform of Advertising in Colleges and Universities Under the Development of New Media

Lin Jiao, Wu Jing
With the continuous development of new media, the "global village" features proposed by McLuhan have become more and more prominent; the development of technologies such as mobile internet, VR and AR has enabled the media to achieve further "extension" of many human senses. A variety of new forms and...
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Research and Construction of Traditional Culture Education System for Children

Pan Duoling
The unity of children’s development and cultural continuity is the fundamental principle of traditional culture education for children. From the nature, traditional culture education for children is aesthetic education instead of behavior education and ideological education; its educational content should...
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Pre-internship in Chinese Translation Education at Undergraduate Level

Yuan Weimin
Though translation education in China has achieved great leap in recent years, it cannot produce qualified translation talents for translation industry. This is increasingly worsening graduates’ employment situation. The very reason lies in the long-time gap between translation education in China and...
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Contemporary China Designs Education Binary Contradiction in the Context of the Consumer Society

Huang Hao, Zhang Zhengbo, Gao Lianlian
Currently, there are four prominent "binary contradictions" in design education in China, namely the contradiction between the popular education policy and the demand for high-end design talent, the contradiction between the technical design talents and the general demand of social production, the contradiction...
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“You Should Know” as Imperative

Cherniak Alexei
We often use the verb “know” to form utterances which look like imperatives (like “You should know that p”). But while people can choose to believe in certain subject-matter proposed in an utterance they cannot literally choose to know that subject-matter, because to know means not only to be in certain...
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Some Ways of Semantisation of the Vocabulary in the Sphere of the International Tourist Business in the Teaching of Foreign Language

Prashtilova Boryana
In the present article the most used ways for semantisation of the tourist vocabulary in teaching the foreign language (and more concrete in teaching Russian and English as a foreign language) at the Universities, which offer education in “Tourism” speciality are considered. The following ways of semantisation...
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Interpretation of the Image of a Road as an Expression of Culturally Conditioned Perceptions Associated with the Concept of Time

Mikitchenko Elena S.
The article presents the results of an experiment aimed to identify the peculiarities of national linguistic consciousness of the representatives of different cultures — Russian and Chinese. The paper addresses the culturally conditioned notions and interpretations of time, associated with the image...
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The Nature of Language and the Problem of Language Planning

Leshkevich Tatiana
The article considers the nature of the language in conjunction with the problem of language planning. The purpose of the article is to identify the specifics of the language planning process in the modern digital era, based on the understanding of the language as a system of signs. The author analyzes...
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Cultural Concept in Terms of Philosophy in Russian Linguistics

Loginova Paulina
The paper goes on analysis of the cultural concept issue that is widely investigated in Russian cognitive linguistics. It is attempted to depict briefly the most outstanding research trends that envisage culture concept as a mental formation in terms of language units in Russian philological science...
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Terminological System of Tourism in the Aspect of Intercultural Communication Exemplified by the Russian Language

Stoyanova Radostina Stoyanova
The article analyzes the current state of the Russian tourism terminological system in the aspect of intercultural communication. It studies the influence of the English language on the formation of modern Russian tourism terminology and describes some dynamic changes in the semantics of the existing...
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Study on American Culture from the Perspective of American Advertising Language

Zhou Wei
From the perspective of pragmatics and based on the theory of context, this paper analyzes and studies the application of context theory to advertising language and cultural view with the method of case study. The paper explains the context theory first and a simple introduction is made to advertising...
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A Brief Discussion on the Origin and Diachronic Evolution of the Sentence Pattern “Even If p, q” in Chinese

Cao Xiaoyan
The Chinese sentence pattern “even if p, q” originated from the “although p, q” format used in the Spring and Autumn Period. Then over a long-term development and change, there have successively been “if p, q”, “even though p, q”, “even if p, q” and other sentence patterns. It was initially formed in...
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Minority Students’ Characteristics of Foreign Language Learning Anxiety

Liu Zehai
Anxiety is common in the process of foreign language learning. By using a questionnaire, this research aims at investigating the general levels and structural characteristics of minority middle school students’ foreign language learning anxiety in a minority area of Western Hunan in China. The results...
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Research on Xinjiang Language Contact Under Multi-prism Perspective

Ma Xiaoling
The article discusses the language contact of Xinjiang minority language and Chinese from the six aspects of history, status quo, law, process, relevance and trend. It aims to introduce the theory of language contact in Xinjiang in an all-round way and provide reference for language contact research...
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Oral Fluency and Complexity in AH and a Non-target Language SA Context A Comparison of Chinese Students in Learning English in China and Spain

Zai Xuanchu
The present study investigates the differential effects of two language learning conditions, foreign language learning at home and at a non-English speaking country on the oral skills of two advanced Chinese learners of English. The participants’ English oral competence is assessed through quantitative...
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A Contrastive Analysis of Two English Versions of the Diplomatese in Zuozhuan from the Perspective of Pragmatic Equivalence

He Yongmei
Based on an all-sided investigation of the diplomatic language materials in Zuozhuan, we have made a contrastive analysis between two English versions of Diplomatiese of Zuozhuan from the perspective of retrieving and re-expressing the illocutionary force(one is The Chun Ts’ew with the Tso Chuen translated...
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Cognitive Deviation of TCM Caused by the Early Chinese Translation of Western Medicine

Liu Ya, Liu Mingji, Luo Yuhui
In the early Chinese translation of western medicine, translators borrowed some terminologies from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Their inappropriate translation led to the confusion of terminological concepts and connotations of the two different theoretical systems. These loanwords resulted in...
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A Study on the “Language Root” Theory of Zhang Taiyan Concurrent Discussion on Its Bidimensionality and Function of Language Root

Chen Jin
The “language root” theory of Zhang Taiyan opens a new way of etymological derivation based on root. It takes “every piece of language has its root” as the guiding principle, “words with the same sound have similar meanings” as the criterion, and uses “chuwen (the initial writing of a word) and (quasi-chuwen),”...
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Research on the Images of Immortals in Ancient Chinese Immortal Taoism Fu Based on “Fu Collections of Past Dynasties”

Zhou Xi
Attaching importance to detailed account is the most remarkable stylistic feature of Immortal Taoism Fu, which is mainly realized by various immortal images. Therefore, in order to analyze the Immortal Taoism Fu, we shall distinguish the immortal related images. The author tries to analyze the related...
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Unearthed and Handed-down Documents of Warring States Retrospect and Prospect of Research on Interrogative Sentence

Peng Weiming, Zhang Jianya
This article takes the unearthed Warring States literature as the basic corpus, and combines the handed down documents of the Warring States as a reference corpus to make a comprehensive review and in-depth analysis of the Chinese interrogative sentences in the Warring States. It points out that: First,...
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A Study on Interpreter’s Intercultural Awareness

Cai Mianmian
As a basic communication tool, interpreting plays an increasingly significant role in intercultural communication. Interpreting is not only the expression of linguistic information but also the exchange of cultures. Therefore, great emphasis should be placed on raising interpreters’ intercultural awareness....
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An Exploration of the Formation and Development of the Chinese Degree Adverbs “Duo” and “Duo Me”

Yan Cuike
This thesis mainly discusses three questions. Firstly, it calls the view that the use of the degree adverb “duo” in questions and exclamations is an omitted and shortened form to the use of “duo shao duo me” in front of adjectives in question. Instead, this thesis believes that the transformation of...
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Aboriginality Construction of the Magic Realism in Mo Yan’s Novels

Heng Xuemin
The similarity of cultural tradition and historical fate in various facades have provided Chinese authors with the opportunity and foundation of embracing Latin American's magic realism. Mo Yan was nurtured and influenced by “magic” at a very young age. He brings a mysterious flavor to his works, which...
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Identity Construction in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Zhao Dongxu
Maya Angelou is a noted African American writer of seven autobiographies, which assured her a prominent place in American literature and she was heralded as a new kind of memoirist, one of the first African American women who was able to publicly discuss her personal life. Among those autobiographies...
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The New Aspects of Current Language Survey in Rural China

Guo Qijun
Based on the existing research results in related fields, this paper briefly introduces the new changes in rural language life at present. Furthermore, this paper focuses on several new aspects of the current rural language survey, namely, the language life survey of empty nesters, left-behind children,...
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The Evolution of Zhizhuangzhang Initial Consonants in Zhiyan Cluster of Jin Dialect

Gao Feng
The ancient Zhizhuangzhang initial consonants in Zhiyan cluster of Jin dialect belong to Changxu type. The modern pronunciation pattern of Zhizhaozhang groups in Zhiyan cluster is in line with the dialect of “Zhongyuan Yinyun”, which was formed at the latest in the Yuan Dynasty.
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A Multimodal Critical Analysis in Business Discourse: the Case of the Corporate Annual Report of Tesco

Tang Xinyun
Drawing on the theory of Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis (MCDA), this paper explores the language use in the strategic part of Tesco’s corporate annual report. By focusing on both visual and verbal modes employed in the selected text, the paper not only discusses their discursive features separately,...
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Discourse Misunderstanding from a Perspective of Relevance Theory

Zhang Yu, Li Junyan
Nowadays, discourse misunderstanding appears frequently in daily life. Why discourse misunderstanding is formed? It is a kind of obstacles that hinder communication. This thesis explains the problems from cognitive language, an angle of Relevance Theory in order to achieve a fluent communication.
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The Factors Influencing the Efficacy of Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition in English Reading

Liang Hui
Incidental vocabulary acquisition refers to learning vocabulary without the intention to learn; it is an accidental cognitive activity when the Learners’ attention focuses on the other things. The paper finds that the topics and the new word density of the reading materials can affect the incidental...
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Chinese Five Elements Conceptual Metaphors on Time and Space

Wu Di
Five Element Principle occupies an important position in traditional Chinese philosophy. This paper explores the conceptual metaphors of Five Elements on time and space, which might help construe the cognitive mechanism on time and space of Chinese ancients. The analysis shows that Chinese ancients tended...
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A Contrastive Study on Chinese Resultatives and Pseudo-resultatives

Pan Xiaoxia
Among Chinese resultatives in existing researches, some resultatives do not express a resultative meaning. Based on the widely accepted definition of resultative in Chinese, this paper holds that some constructions, although in the same form as resultatives, are just pseudo-resultatives since there is...
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Analysis of Kleeman’s English Translation of A God’s Own Tale: The Book of Transformations of Wenchang, the Divine Lord of Zitong

Tang Xiaohong
A God’s Own Tale: The Book of Transformations of Wenchang, the Divine Lord of Zitong is a Chinese Taoist classic written in the early twelfth century. Because of its long history and rich religious and folk cultural information, it is difficult to translate this book. This paper analyses and evaluates...
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Language Socialization and Identity in Learning

Lin Yan
This paper presents the research design and methodology, the approach to data collection and analysis and the pedagogical implications of a small scale study into the learning experience of full-time international students on MSc in TESOL. The focus is the socialization processes and identity formation...