Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Culture, Education and Financial Development of Modern Society (ICCESE 2017)

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Modern Lines of Education in the Field of Culture and Art in the Context of Globalization

Igor Hriptulov
In this article, the analysis of the tendencies of development for profile education in the sphere of culture and art in the Russian Federation and assessment of their influence on the state cultural policy is carried out. Relevance of the conducted research consists in assessment of a role of profile...
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The Formation of Professional Music Education in the System of Academic Traditions in Yeniseisk Province

Evgenya Tsareva, Maria Chikhacheva
The case study presented in the article analyzes unpublished archive materials and scientific papers to investigate the role that music education has played in the formation of regional system of academic traditions in Yeniseisk Province. The authors examine professional music education establishing...
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Realization of Professional-Pedagogical Communication in Ensemble Class

Tatyana Varlamova
The article deals with the process of professional-pedagogical communication in the ensemble's class, the interaction of the teacher and students, the exchange of information when cooperating on musical works, self-knowledge and self-expression of the individual in joint music making, the educational...
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Musical and Motor Memory and Its Application in Vocal Practice

Elena Klimenko, Pyotr Glubokiy
The authors, being professors at Chair of Vocal Studies, the Russian State Specialized Academy of Art, discuss some principles of work and development of musical and motor memory and its application in vocal practice.
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Analysis on the Path of Campus Culture Construction in Private Colleges and Universities in the New Period

Zhenpeng Zhao
At present, there exist various problems in the construction of campus culture in private universities, including the lack of culture spirit in campus environment, unsound campus culture system, outstanding phenomenon of the rule of men, and the short of campus spirit and culture. Therefore, private...
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Research on the Comprehensible Output of Peer Interaction in College English Class

Yufeng Wang
This paper firstly presents the function of classroom interaction in college English class from the aspects of theoretical basis and practical research. Secondly, it's the direct relationship between students. So, it's necessary and important for teachers to imply the peer interaction into classroom...
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Exploration on Educational Path of Socialist Core Value System in University

Gaohe Wang
As the solid front to foster and carry forward socialist core value system, universities shall give full play to their characteristic and advantage and unceasingly expand the educational path of socialist core value system, prompt universities, teachers and college students to form concerted effort and...
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Optimize College English Listening Teaching Pattern

Taohua Xiao, Lina Wu
Currently, the multimedia language lab listening teaching gradually replace the traditional listening teaching in college English listening teaching. In this text, we point out the problems existing in the traditional listening teaching, analyze the advantage and defect of multimedia teaching, and put...
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Preliminary Kindergarten Outdoor Landscape Design

Xiangguo Ge
Scientific, reasonable and humanized kindergarten outdoor landscape design can give children positive and lively growing environment. It can improve children's interest, self-knowledge, also can establish a harmonious relationship with others, and promote children's physical and mental growth. Fully...
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Humanistic Concept of Fine Arts Education -- The Reflection of Humanistic Fine Arts Teaching in China

Hanbing Tu, Weijun Hu
Fine arts education is an important component of humanities and arts disciplines, and the main position of humanistic concept to convey as well. This paper combines current situation of fine arts education with humanistic concept in our country from four aspects respectively including humanism, emotional,...
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Analysis of the Effectiveness of School Educational Managers' Activity at Different Career Stages

Svetlana Koshevenko, Svetlana Silchenkova
The article is dedicated to the problem of the effectiveness of school educational managers' activity. The dependence of effectiveness indexes on the career stage is analyzed. The analysis data were received as a result of school monitoring in Smolensk region in 2016.
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The Impact of Fashion and Innovative Metropolitan Construction on Related Higher Education - Taking Shanghai Songjiang University Town as an Example

Mengmeng Zhao, Lixia Wang
During the latest years, many fashion and innovative industrial parks were established to promote the industry, which is good resource to the related higher education. This paper took Shanghai Songjiang university town as an example, introduced the present situation of the fashion and innovative education...
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Work-school Conflict and Coping Strategies in Continuing Education -- Perceptions of Early Child Development Programs Students in China

Yu Cheng Shen
Continuing education was becoming popular in China. It benefited adults with extra opportunity and promoting job skills that had been working for many years. However, continuing education also imposed burdens on the students. The pressure was mainly from multiple roles they were required to take care...
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Study on Cooperative Learning Organization Strategy in College Oral English Class

Yi Liu
Cooperative learning is an effective way to improve students' oral English ability. Successful colloquial cooperative learning requires teachers to be carefully organized and guided. Through the analysis of the problems in oral English teaching, this paper proposes a series of cooperative learning organizational...
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A Brief Discussion on the Guiding Significance of Life Elements for the Painting Course in Colleges and Universities

Ying Xu
Life elements have important guiding significance for the improvement of the teaching quality of painting course in colleges and universities. Aimed at certain universal problems in current teaching of the painting course, teachers should skillfully introduce life elements in the teaching activities...
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Research on the Innovative Artistic Talent Training of Universities in Liaoning with the Background of Cultural Creativity

Xin Tao, Xuefeng Shi, Shuxin Wang
Located in the northeast China, Liaoning province has been the important transportation junction since ancient times. Meanwhile, it has abundant urban culture and diversified arts as well as prominent comprehensive strength in science and education. It not only lays a solid foundation for Liaoning area...
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Discussion on Reform of Preschool Pedagogy Course

Bianling Zhang
The reform of practice-based preschool pedagogy course shall be done from three aspects: first, make sure of the course goal and optimize course contents; second, strengthen the practice training in teaching and change class teaching modes; third, attach great importance to the practical evaluation and...
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The Strategies of Developing Communicative Competence of Chinese College Students in the Light of Communication Theory

Yuting Dou
This paper firstly introduces the development of the communication theory, and explains the significance and influence of communication theory in second and foreign language teaching. Secondly, it analyzes the problems in the English teaching in the process of cultivating the communicative competence...
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Innovation Culture and Education

Larisa Mylnikova
The article considers the issue of formation of innovative culture among the population during reforming the education system and stimulating the transition of Russia to the economy based on knowledge, or innovative economy. It is shown that an innovative culture, which is implemented through the educational...
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Training of the Hypothesis Thinking Mode in the Basic Teaching of Painting in Visual Design

Yuanming Zhang
The biggest difference between design and painting (art) is that the design process has no concrete reference object, and the picture image is non-real image. It requires designers to create without foundation or paint without reference object. It is the creative thinking we say at ordinary times. It...
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Application of WeChat in English Teaching

Ying Wei
With the development of multimedia teaching in colleges and universities, English curriculum more and more focus on the combination of interactive teaching concept and teaching practice. The full implementation of interactive teaching more effectively creates a good environment for students to learn...
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The Teaching Reform under the Applied Transformation by Case Teaching Method

Mei Chiao Lai, Chien Jen Hung, Gao Xu
The applied transformation of colleges and universities is purposed to cultivate the talents for local industry. Taking the logistics marketing teaching as an example and in combination with the real cases of enterprises, this article is designed to make students familiar with theories and concepts through...
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A Study on the Mechanism and Path of Cultural Creative Industry Cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan

Mei Chiao Lai, Xiao Chun Chen, Hong Jun Ou, Shih Ming Ou
Culture creative industry is an important starting point to support and lead the economic structure optimization and upgrading. The purpose of the study is to use focus group interviews to figure out the mechanism and path of cultural creative industry cooperation. The study found that the key successful...
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Scientific Methodological Approach to Effective Contract Assessment

Yulia Romanova, Anna Egorenko
The article is devoted to questions of scientific methodological approach for the evaluation of contract effectiveness introduced in higher education, in particular, the introduction of new forms of labor remuneration and the transfer of the academic teaching staff to a new management technology. The...
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Exploration and Practice about Informatization Construction of Teaching in Landscape Planning and Design

Yanglin Gao, Lu Yu
This paper puts forward the purpose and principle of course informatization construction, and defines the frame and characteristics of informatization according to the characteristics of landscape planning and design course. On this basis, an informatization-based innovation practice teaching platform...
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Gentleman Personality and the Improvement of College Students' Quality

Preng Nien Hu
Colleges and universities are the cradle to cultivate students and the base to bring up backbone of the country. University education includes not only the teaching of professional knowledge by teachers but also the thorough understanding of ethical practice, making students experience the combination...
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Teaching Mode Reform of the Art Courses under the Perspective of MOOC

Ling Zhou, Joung Hyung Cho
The teaching reform of art courses under the MOOC mode solves many problems in teaching of open courses and activates the classroom atmosphere, realizing the innovative development of art course teaching. This paper bases on the development status of art course teaching and explores the teaching thinking...
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Study of Fine Arts Education in Modern Museum

Jun Zhu, Shaozong Hu
It is an effective way for the development of curriculum resources of fine arts education in schools by making full use of exhibit resources in museum and excavating their educational value. This paper, based on the analysis of Compulsory Education Fine Arts Curriculum Standard and Compulsory Education...
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Research on the Literature Acquisition to Improve the Collection Quality of Library in Independent Colleges

Xiongping Huang
This paper introduces the development situation of library in independent colleges of our country and discusses the main problems in collection quality of library in independent colleges like the library in Zhuhai College of Jilin University and proposes the strategies for the acquisition work to improve...
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Study of Piano Teaching during Preschool Education Based on Aesthetic Education

Qinna Xu
The cultivation of students in aesthetic ability is one of the important teaching objectives of piano teaching in preschool education. We should understand the nature of piano class in pre-school education, explore the influence factors of piano education on the cultivation of students' aesthetic quality,...
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Thinking on Special Education Teachers' On-the-job Training Based on the Professional Standard for Special Education Teachers

Xiu Li
The quality of front-line special education teachers directly influences the right of exceptional children to receive education and the quality of special education. The Professional Standard for Special Education Teachers issued by the Ministry of Education in 2015 proposed new requirements for the...
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Investigation of Mental Health Status of Special Education Teachers - Taking Sichuan Province as an Example

Xiu Li
Self-Report Symptom Inventory (SCL-90) is adopted for investigation of mental health status of 221 special education teachers in Sichuan province, and the results show, the overall level of special education teachers is sound; the mental health level of women teachers is lower than that of men teachers;...
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Investigation of Support Service Acquirement and Demand for Special Student Families

Xiu Li
In order to unveil the status quo and demand of special student families accessible to family support service and analyze the differences between the acquirement and demand for the family support service by different families and children, the article conducts a questionnaire survey on parents of students...
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Research on Relationship among the Special Education Teachers' Healthy Behavior, Appraisal Support and Depression

Yan Li, Hongye Wang
The questionnaires are distributed to two hundred and ten special education teachers in the research, in order to investigate the current situation of special education teachers' healthy behavior, appraisal support and depression, the differences of different background variables and discuss the relationship...
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Working Foundations for Teachers' Authority

Pingxia Shen
Teachers' authority has an important influence on education and is playing a vital role in the process of education and teaching. The operation of the teachers' authority needs some basis. Teachers' education power is the basis of organization for teachers' authority operation and professional literacy,...
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The Research of Water Supply and Drainage Engineering Technology Specialist Talents Training Program Basing on Practical Teaching -- Taking Higher Vocational College as an Example

Lijun Yin
Nowadays, some higher vocational colleges in our country have introduced some norms of water supply and drainage specialist talents training program. And we found some problems after several years; especially we paying more attention to theoretical teaching, the proportion of practical courses is less,...
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Discussion on Ways for Reform of Juris Master Training Mode of China

Xuan Gao
In practice, the education of juris master (JM) (law) in most colleges and universities in China is almost coped from the educational mode of Master of Laws (LLM), which makes the JM (law), a little awkward, and almost the same as the LLM. At the stage where law education and teaching are in a deep reform,...
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Research on the Status Quo and Mode of Freshman Admission Education under the Background of Complete Credit System

Qianyu Zhu, Jiang Li
Freshman admission education is widely carried out in a high coverage, yet it is offered in a simple form and needs to further improve for better effect. In face of a complete credit system, this article acquires a group of freshman admission education data after making a survey on 2015 grade freshmen...
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Research on the Necessity of Local Agricultural Universities' Transformation to the Applied University

Shuxia Qian, Xiaoming Zhang
The transformation of higher education is the inevitable trend for universities to adapt to the social and economic development. Therefore, it is necessary for local agricultural universities to transform the objective of talent training to the applied and provide the applied technical personnel for...
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Business English Learning Based on College-enterprise Cooperation

Hui Yun
College-enterprise cooperation is an important mode used to develop innovative talents training. This paper try to discuss College-enterprise cooperation in business English teaching from the aspects of renewing education idea, optimizing curriculum, intensified training on faculty, and training students'...
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The Protection and Inheritance of Minority Culture under Multi-culture Background For minority preparatory education

Yali Teng
Preparatory education for minorities is a special level of higher education, an important way to cultivate minority talents and a significant measure to drive the development of politics, economy and culture in minority regions. In addition, as a unified multinational country, China, under the multi-language...
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The Development Strategies of Tennis in Chinese Universities

Long Zhou
With the constant development of fitness exercises, tennis, as an important sport, has been attracting more and more concern, especially in the sports in colleges and universities. However, for different reasons, there is something wrong with tennis in colleges and universities. The paper is trying to...
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Research on Existing Problems and Reforms Related to the Teaching of Fundamentals of Machine Design

Zengsheng Wang, Defeng Gao, Hansong Yang
This article makes a summary to major problems existing in the traditional teaching of Fundamentals of Machine Design and collects typical patterns for the reform of Fundamentals of Machine Design in colleges arising in the past years, which to some degree play a role of enlightenment and reference in...
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Research on Applied Talent Training Related to Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

Zengsheng Wang, Hansong Yang, Qin Zhang
Mechanical and electronic engineering is a comprehensively applied subject integrating mechanics, electronics, control, computer and so on, as a specialty, the mechanical and electronic engineering is to train students' capabilities in practice and innovation on the subjects given above. This article...
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Research on the Basic Course Teaching of Visual Communication Design Based on Innovation Ability Training

Bailin Xiao
As the staring point for the students of visual communication design to enter the design field, the basic design course is the connecting point of transformation from basic drawing education to basic design education. It is also an important process for students to establish the systematic concept of...
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Theories and Practice of CBI in English Teaching Under the Perspective: Language - Content - Speculation

Xueyun Zang
CBI (Content-based Instruction Teaching Mode) is the teaching mode which combines language teaching and content teaching together. CBI concept focuses on subject content and students' speculative thinking rather than language points and CBI brings great changes to the traditional language teaching model....
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The Application of Constructivism in Physical Education

Yue Huang, Yating Wu
The application of constructivism in physical education is a major step in improving teaching quality. Through literature study and logical analysis, this paper interprets the concept of constructivism and analyzes the current situation of physical education. Based on the author's teaching practice,...
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Research on Application-oriented Fundamental Course Groups of Mechanical Manufacture

Hansong Yang, Luoming Zhang, Xiaodong Wang
With the new round of teaching reform launched in the innovation and start-up education of high education, in face of the transformation and development, a professional course group shall be established for according to characteristics of the mechanical manufacture. The fundamental course group of mechanical...
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Research on Status Quo of Music Teaching and Talents Training Mechanism in Normal Colleges and Universities in China

Huihua Liu
Going with the social development, education has been in face of all kinds of challenges and opportunities and the roles of music that has been playing in the normal education system are becoming more and more important. This article makes analysis of the developing music teaching in normal colleges...
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Research on the Philosophical Classics Reading of Private College Students from the Perspective of General Education

Caili Yang
The rapid development of technology makes our life space filled with e-books. In the investigation of reading contents, almost all of the respondents chose "the interested contents". It has become micro-reading and reading ones' interested books. The lending rate of philosophical classics is ranked over...
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Research on Moral Education Methods for Ethnic Preppies

Jian Hang
The moral education during preparatory education is to correctly guide the ideology of students and train high quality preppies. It inherits traditional Chinese culture and strengthens the identification of ethnic preppies for Chinese culture. We research how to achieve the effect through such means...
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Exploration on Training Mode of "Applied Technology-Oriented" Talents in Private Colleges

Li Zhang
At present, the talent training mode of private colleges in our country aims at applied technology-oriented talents. This paper discusses the connotation, meaning and implementation plan of the training mode of applied technology-oriented talents.
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Research on Deficiency of Intangible Cultural Heritage Education in Colleges and Its Countermeasures

Fang Chen
At present, the intangible cultural heritage receives scientific protection and needs the participation of more college students. But college students fail to receive the intangible cultural heritage education. So it is of great significance to explore the solution to this problem.
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Analysis on the Innovative Ways of Teaching Method for Ideological and Political Course in Colleges of the New Media Era

Demin Li
This paper analyzes the negative influence of new media on the ideological and political education in colleges and proposes the innovative ways to reform the contents of ideological and political education, standardize practical teaching, enrich teaching forms and exert the function of campus network.
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Research on the Combination of Chinese Teaching and Moral Education for Ethnic Preppies

Xiaoling Liu
Chinese teaching is an important and required course for ethnic preppies in the preparatory stage. At present, it is also the exam-compulsory course for preppies in national general examination for students from various schools. Ideological and political education is the main line of education for ethnic...
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The Application of Multisim Simulation Platform in Teaching and Scientific Research of Mixed-Signal Circuit

Jiebin Su
The outstanding features and powerful function of Multisim software are illustrated in this paper through introducing application of Multisim simulation platform in teaching which has provided a simulation platform for mixed circuit teaching and has been applied by teachers in mixed circuit teaching...
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Research on the Application of Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode Based on MOOC Resources

Jun Luo, Yulan Yu
This paper took marketing professional curriculum "Marketing Planning" course as an example to construct four learning-platforms, which were a learning mutual aid platform, an interactive platform, a practice and innovation platform and an achievement display platform, to explore MOOC flip classroom...
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The Driving Way of Organizational Culture to the Connotative Development of Private Higher Learning Institution

Jun Luo, Yefu Tang, Yulan Yu
Private higher learning institution is an important force of higher education in China, but at present the concept of the family and the students to them and the fierce competition mode of enrollment are basically at a disadvantage. If private higher learning institution would like to get sustainable...
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Study of New Driving Force for Quality Improvement of the Cultivation of Applied College Talents - Centering on Career Planning for College Students

Bo Wei
The cultivation of applied college talents relates to the major adjustment of national talent cultivation system and serves as the important constituent part of the cultivation mode for multilayered talents. Improving the cultivation quality of applied talents is the primary task for applied colleges...
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Research on Problems of Course Construction in Applied College and Its Countermeasures

Lihua Huang
At present, the society has increasingly high requirements for talent training. New requirements are put forward for course construction to better build applied college. This paper mainly analyzes problems of applied college in course construction including lack of competent teachers, weak practical...
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Research on Promotion of College Students' Quality Education in Innovation and Start-up under the Background of "All are Encouraged to Make Innovation and Start-up"

Lihua Huang
A new situation comes and goes with the release of a series of Start-up policies as well as science and technology develop at a rapid speed, nowadays, more and more colleges have valued students' innovative and Start-up education. This article makes an analysis of the significance and status quo of students'...
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Research on Current Situation of Exchange and Cooperation of Colleges in Fujian and Taiwan under the Supply-side Reform of Higher Education

Jianping Huang
Economic reform will inevitably promote educational reform and development. The exchange and cooperation of colleges in Fujian and Taiwan conforms to the trend of the times. It is necessary and urgent to carry out supply-side reform of higher education and the exchange and cooperation of colleges in...
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Souvenir in Sentimentalist Topography

Natalia Sipovskaya
The article considers the culture mechanics of Russian Sentimentalism as a non-style phenomenon within the framework of standard aesthetics of the Enlightenment. The author analyses the special pictorial quality of Sentimentalism used to materialise abstract notions and the role of "a souvenir of sentiments"...
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Discussion and Analysis on Chinese Ancient Biogenetics Thought

Jie Zeng
Among Chinese ancient scientific thoughts, many are precious and valuable, such as ancient biogenetics thought, which should be well explored and promoted. This article gives an introduction to the ancient people's understanding of biogenetics and variation, as well as the practice and application of...
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Discussion on the Ancient and Modern Chinese Cultural Confidence

Yan Yang
For thousands of years, China has always been developing and inheriting the traditional culture properly. In the course of history, the cultural confidence from the full confidence in the 18th century to arrogance, then to self-abandonment, and till today's lose and return, can be described as ups and...
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Survey on the English Translations of Brief Introductions to the Universities in Hebei Province

Leyang Wang
This essay surveys the English translations of Brief Introductions to the Universities in Hebei Province. The survey showed that they were not of consistent quality. The mistakes were divided into five groups: writing mechanics mistakes, punctuation marks mistakes, mistaken translations of proper nouns,...
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A Study on the Influence of Yu Xin's "Bu Xu Ci" on Literati Taoist Literary Creation

Mengmeng Zhou
Taoist unique literati Bu Xu Ci was founded from Yu Xin's "Ten Taoist Bu Xu Ci" in the Northern Zhou Dynasty. Although the origin is the Tao Qu Bu Xu, it reflects the creation feature of literati and weakens the shackles of Taoist rituals in writing function, showing very different appearance from the...
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Analysis of the Cultural Connotation of Taoist Ritual Literature in the Northern Dynasty

Mengmeng Zhou
The study of Taoist ritual literature is about the literature content related to the ritual, literature restrict the development of ritual literature, the ritual also determines the characteristics of ritual literature, and the two are interdependent and mutually restrictive. Taoist ritual literature...
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The Translation Methods of Cosmetic Brand Name

Yu Zhang
With the rapid development of economy, commercial activity grows steadily, and people are pursuing for more luxurious, higher quality of life. As to cosmetic enterprise, what is important to the sellers is how to make their products more fascinating to attract more eyeballs. With a good brand name translation,...
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Futurists at the Front. Bloodless Murder Magazine and First World War

Alexandra Strukova
The article is devoted to the history and artistic features of the avant-garde "Bloodless Murder" magazine. During the First World War it was published by the literary and artistic group, united around Mikhail Le-Dantiu and Olga Leshkova in Petrograd. Issues of the magazine from the collection of the...
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He-Goat, a Satyr Chasing She-Goat or a Tyrant Challenging a Male? A Comparative Reading of "He-Goat" by D. H. Lawrence

Yongxue Li, Zengyin Li
"He-Goat", another tangling poem by D. H. Lawrence, challenges its readers by its complexity in theme. This poem, very much like "The Ass" and "The Tortoises", explores into the correlation between the religious or creative motive and sexual motive behind the behavior of a he-goat-an incarnation of the...
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An Analysis of Rabbit's Unhappy Marriage in John Updike's Rabbit Run

Min Zhang
As we know, among contemporary American novelists, John Updike is one of the most talented writers on marriage fiction. There is no doubt that Rabbit, Run is the most representative one on marriage. In this paper, from the angle of traditional literature and art criticism, the motif of the novel-marriage...
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Contrastive Study on Similarities and Differences between Chinese and English Characters

Xue Liu
Chinese and English belong to different language families. For a long time, it is generally believed that Chinese is "ideograph", English is "phonogram", and the differences between them are obvious, with very few similarities. This paper plans to start from the overall nature and function of the characters,...
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Nikolay Punin: "War Had its Effect on Us?"

Irina Karasik
This article explores the influence of the First World War on the attitude and outlook of Nikolay Punin. The fact of his participation in Avant-garde and specificity of self-determination in the newest art is connected with this subject.
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Analysis on the Image of Quentin in William Faulkner's the Sound and the Fury

Man Liu
In the Sound and the Fury written by William Faulkner, the protagonist Quentin is a sensitive young man of the Compson family. He is caught in a dilemma both reflecting historical reality and having hope for human spirit. Quentin chooses to die in the end, letting himself exceed thought and pursing spiritual...
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Analysis of The Color Purple from Freud's Psychoanalysis

Caixia Si
An American writer Alice Walker's The Color Purple is an outstanding epistolary novel. It tells a story of Celie, a young black girl growing up in the South of the United States. As a victim of the society, she learns to write letters to God in which she tells God what happens in her personal life. There...
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Research on Personalities of Characters in Ryunosuke Akutagawa's Early Works -- Rashomon, The Nose and Steal Taken as Examples

Fengjuan Wu
Ryunosuke Akutagawa is a well-known Japanese writer of short novels in modern times and an outstanding representative of new-thought school. In his early works such as Rashomon, The Nose and Steal, vivid and lively characters were created through delicate and refined psychological description, and in-depth...
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The War: the Facades Collapse

Tatiana Gnedovskaya
The global processes in German architecture of the first quarter of XX century are studied. The origins for the style changes in this historically short time stretch are analyzed. A special appention is paid to the role of the First World War.
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A Contrastive Study of Conceptual Metaphor in Chinese and English

Rui Li
In 1980, George Lakoff and Mark Johnson's Metaphors We Live By made conceptual metaphor a hot research issue. Conceptual metaphor shows universality as well as variation among different languages. This paper compares English and Chinese conceptual metaphors and tries to discuss whether the universality...
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The Discussion about Qu Yuan Who Used 'ZHEN' to Call Himself from The Songs of Chu of the Warring States

Hu Ye, Yanmei Zhang, Han Ding, Lingzhi Zhang
This article starts from taking 'ZHEN' as the first exclusive person pronoun from Qu Yuan of The Songs of Chu in the Warring States, indicating that it is not universal to explain that ordinary people could use 'ZHEN' to call themselves though Qu Yuan did. On this basis, the article puts forward different...
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The Analysis on the Influence of Network Literature on the Phenomenon of Youth Cultural from the Perspective of Cultural Psychology

Yali Teng
As a free and independent space, the network has become an effective way for many young people to release their feelings and anxiety. Naturally, the network literature formed has become the direct reflection of self consciousness and social psychology of the young in current China. Young people complete...
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English Animal Idioms under Event-domain Cognitive Model and Salience View

Zhimin Xiang
Event-domain cognitive model is a significant theoretical model in cognitive linguistics. Salience view is another important principle to account for various linguistic structures in cognitive linguistics. The present paper is aimed at the interpretation of cognitive mechanism and linguistic functions...
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Acquisition of English Tough Construction by Chinese Learners of English as Second Language

Yafeng Zhang
English Tough Construction is one of the most difficult and delayed sentence structures in English in both first language acquisition and second language acquisition.It is reported that even advanced learners did not reach the ultimate attainment, while in Chinese a similar structure also can be found,...
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Translation Briefs on the Epic Gesar and Its Signicance

Xueyun Zang
This paper focuses on the summary of the history of translation of Tibetan Epic Gesar. We can divide the translation versions into the following: Tibetan to Chinese, Tibetant to other minor ethic languanges, Tibetan to foreing languages except English, Tibetan to English. In the paper, the author describes...
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An Analysis of the Sentence Pattern of Preverbal Object in Ancient Chinese -- Taking Interrogative Sentence as an Example

Haiyan Li
In the pre-Qin Dynasty, object preposition is a common syntactic phenomenon in Chinese word order, such as "for you alone to take the responsibilities", "what do you mean", and "is there anything wrong". The paper focuses on the analysis of the object preposition in the sentence pattern of "What is X...
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To Have Good Taste in the Mood for Love

Zhengshun Han
The American blockbuster Six Days and Seven Nights is a beautifully-conceived, well-performed and artistically- designed moving movie. It tells the story of a would- be couple Roben Monroe & her boyfriend Frank who decided to go on a long-awaited holiday in Hawaii in an attempt to increase the romance...
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Exploring the Western Racial Discrimination in Languages

Desheng Chen, Ni Chen
The concept of "Race" is often with quotation marks, because "race" just as sex to be a social category rather than a biological category. Racial prejudice is an expression of a nation to another nation's belief. Therefore, racial discrimination is in the culture. Racial discrimination is a result of...
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Analysis on the Critical Theory of Everyday Life Proposed by Agnes Heller

Xiaoyu Wang
Through the phenomenological research methods, Agnes Heller has carried out the study on daily life from various angles, and she is committed to the construction of individual ethics. In her book -- Everyday Life, she pointed out the importance of turning individuals from self-being to self-acting, by...
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Interpretation of the Point-Line-Surface in Art Film from "Right Now, Wrong Then"

Wei Zhang
"Right now, wrong then" is an art film which is directed by Korea director Sang-soo Hong and starred by the famous actor Jung Jae-young and actress Kim Min Hee. It tells the feeling change between a film director and a female painter from their encounter to knowing each other. As the bold repetition...
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Study on the Complementation and Harmony of Zhongnan Culture with Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism

Hongqiao Song
In the long history of China, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism culture runs through the mainstream values of the Chinese nation for thousands of years with its strong moral and ethical awareness as well as political management thought. Its root cause is tightly bound to the Zhongnan Culture. Western...
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Ordinary Is True -- Analysis on Yoji Yamada's Historical Trilogy

Qian Zhao, Li Ding
The "Samurai Trilogy" directed by Yoji Yamada represents a type of different samurai film overturning traditional samurai film rules and reflecting new values in a new era. This paper intends to analyze unique features of "Samurai Trilogy" from three aspects: character image, plot handling and value...
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I'm not Madame Bovary - The Dual Call of Law and Humanity

Fei Dang
The film, I'm not Madame Bovary, is directed by Feng Xiaogang, a famous director. Fan Bingbing acts the leading role. This film tells the story of Li Xuelian, an ordinary peasant woman faking divorce in order to have an additional baby and get the house distributed by her husband's work unit. However,...
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Study on Cultivation of Nonverbal Communicative Competence: A Cross-cultural Perspective

Hongling Luo
Nonverbal communication, together with language communication, accomplishes communicative tasks, and complementing each other. For the cross-cultural differences of nonverbal communication, L2 learners are prone to make social and pragmatic errors by misusing the nonverbal communicative means in the...
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Study on Classification and Characteristics of Gansu-Tibetan Long Narrative Folk Poems

Zejia Zhuo
The Tibetan people living in the snow-covered Tibetan Plateau are born to have poetic talents, which have empowered them to create many valuable long narrative folk poems. Most of the poems are widespread in Amdo Tibetan Region which is a central inhabited region for Tibetan people in Gansu and Tibet...
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Artistic Conception and the Interesting Chan Sect Shen Qi Theory "A Born Beauty" Poetic Beauty Characteristics

Yingqin Xiong
From the poetry of the artistic conception and the interesting Chan sect appreciation of the experiment, we can find that the "a born beauty" through exchanging the modern Chinese and modern forms to classical style of organic conversion and perfects the presentation, manifests the poet Shen Qi with...
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Study on the Martial Spirit of Qin People from the Qin Empire

Yingqin Xiong
The serial epic "the Qin Empire", produced after a dozen years of aborative and hard experience, is a vivid portrayal of the social life of the Qin people, which highlights the Qin people's martial spirit. Militarism is the spiritual power of the Qin people to grow up and also the supporting power of...
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Features of the Art Market in Russia

Julia Gnezdova, Elena Matveeva
The art market (the marketing of art objects) is a complex, multilevel, multifunctional, socio-cultural phenomenon. This article is an analysis of how entrepreneurship in art which resulted from the integration of two spheres - culture and business - is carried out. Today, works of art have become a...
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Source Study on Modeling of Pour Pot and Tin Pot Made in China's Shouzhou Kiln

Xiaochen Geng
This paper analyzes the shape forming reasons of pour pot made in China's Shouzhou kiln, summarizes the artistic shaping features of pour pot made in Shouzhou kiln and explores the influence of shape of pour pot made in China's Shouzhou kiln on tin pots of Song Dynasty, hoping to explore the influence...
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Study on the Ancient Art Fire Sickle of China

Lijuan Dai
In ancient time, people used to take iron to knock fire sickle into fires which has lasted for thousands of years. As time flies, the tradition of fire sickle and tools are gradually disappear in our life. This paper attempts to characterize the structure of the fire sickle, modeling implication and...
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Design Style of Product in Spectacle Context

Yuzhou Wu, Yuelei Wang
In spectacle society, image becomes the main cause of the world, and the visual style is superior to everything. In spectacle society, the design style of product is mainly manifested in the following aspects: at the level of ID, the appearance is beautified to satisfy the sensual desire of the vision;...