Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Material, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

1590 authors
Yan, Changfeng
Enhancement of cooling design on the performance of thermoelectric Generator
Yan, Chunliang
The multifractal of ultra low carbon steels containing titanium organizations
Yan, Chunling
Study on Characteristics of Ultrasound Amplitude for the Concrete under Stress
Yan, Dongming
Effect of the Addition of Carbon on the Sintering Properties of Boron Carbide Ceramics prepared by Pressureless Sintering
Yan, Heping
Synthesis of Quinazolinyl Chalcone Derivatives
Yan, Huajun
Parameters optimization for aluminum alloy magnet cover with stamping based on FEM simulation
Yan, Li
Preparation and impact properties of ES-U3160/5284 composites by RTM process
Yan, Meifang
Synthesis and characterization of carbon aerogels with acidizing process
Yan, Ruzhen
Research on the intelligent investment systems based on fuzzy clustering ensemble analysis
Yan, Xiaojie
Enrichment and purification of phenols from Callicarpa nudiflora Hook. et Arn by HP-20 macroporous resin
Yan, Xiaojie
Optimazation research on hydrolysis condition of walnut protein
Yan, Xueping
Analysis on the wrinkling in continuous roll forming of three-dimensional surface parts
Yang, Bo
Analysis and optimization on SNCR De-NOx system of a MSW incinerator
Yang, Chunliang
Determination of acrylamide in roasted coffee by UPLC-MS/MS
Yang, Dawei
Identification of blue and white porcelains from Jiajing official kiln and Dehua Housuo kiln by chemical compositions
Yang, Fangzheng
Patron Driven Acquisitions Via Mobile Crowd Sensing
Yang, Guang-Hui
Analysis of Roll Equivalent Crown of CVC-6h Mill
Yang, Guangmei
Effect of Assembly Condition on Dynamic Performance of C/C Composite Finger Seal
Yang, Haibo
Research on The Polycarboxylic Slump Retaining Admixture
Yang, Hongqin
Synthesis, Characterization and Photophysical Properties of Tetra-(hydroxypheny-hexfluoropropyl) Zinc(II) Phthalocyanine
Yang, Hongqin
Photo-induced intra-molecular energy transfer of tetra-{3,5-di-(4-nitro benzyloxy) benzyloxy} zinc (II) phthalocyanine
Yang, Hongying
Precision Analysis of Color Measurement by Different Spectrophotometers
Yang, Hu
Design of A Novel Foil for Millimeter Wave Application
Yang, Hu
Design of a Novel Composite Dielectric Metallic Structure Reflectarray
Yang, Hui
Study on Fluorescence Spectra of Thiamine and Riboflavin
Yang, Jiang
Evaluation of Nanoemulsion to Improve the Fracturing Fluid Flowback
Yang, Jiao
Characterization the rheology behavior of modified skim rubber
Yang, Jie
Research on the Early Strength Agent Effect on the Fatigue Performance of Cement Stabilized Macadam
Yang, Jinbao
A BP neural network model for predicting the production of a cutter suction dredger
Yang, Jixin
Numerical simulation on the aerodynamic characteristics effect of ribs acting on the stay cable
Yang, Jun
Yang, Li-Juan
Cutting Force Simulation of Titanium based on DEFORM-3D
Yang, Mei
Study on the natural bioactive peptides derived from milk
Yang, Shuanqiang
Hardware-configuration based on FPGA for open CNC system
Yang, Sumin
the index optimization of Teaching Quality Evaluation based on Boolean Matrix algorithm in Rough Set
Yang, Tao
Kinematic analysis on the serve technique of world’s elite tennis player Novak Djokovic
Yang, Wei-Min
The Research of Microstructure UV Curing Mold Injection
Yang, Weimin
Research on the Influence of Powder and Its Surface Modification to the Flame Retardant, Electric Performance and Mechanical Properties of Silicone Potting Material
Yang, Xi-Hui
Ergonomics in Product Design
Yang, Xiaolong
Simulation of Micro Blanking Process of Square Hole with Fillet Based on DEFORM-3D
Yang, Yanmin
All-lightweight Aggregate Concrete Frame Structure System of Material Mechanics Performance Test and Research
Yang, Ye
Antihyperglycemic Activity of Banana (Musa nana Lour.) Peel and Its Active Ingredients in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Mice
Yang, Ye-Jin
Dilatometric Analysis of Phase Fractions during Austenite Decomposition in Pipeline Steel
Yang, Yu
A New Image Fusion Method for Infrared and Visible Images Combining with Compressive Sensing Technology
Yang, Yue
Corrosion and Protection of the Condenser Seawater Cooling System
Yang, Yue
Seawater Cycling Cooling and Its Industrial Application
Yang, Zhe
Comparative Study on Microwave Co-pyrolysis Products of Low-Rank Coal under CH4 and N2 Atmosphere
Yang, Zhijia
Research of PROFIBUS PA’s integration in PROFINET IO
Yang, Zhongshu
Research on electromagnetic wave propagation in fractional space
Yang, Zhongshu
Chebyshev polynomials for approximation of solution of fractional partial differential equations with variable coefficients
Yang, Zhuang
Research on the optimal regulation of barrel tea rolling machine base on the tea rolling modeling
Yang, Zi-Sheng
Study on Urban Construction Land Suitability Evaluation in China’s Southwestern Frontier Mountainous Area: A Case Study in Longchuan County, Yunnan Province
Yang, Ziming
Optimazation research on hydrolysis condition of walnut protein
Yao, Fenglong
Temperature Field Simulation and Test of Laser Micro-drilling
Yao, Guifen
Development of Airbag Fabrics by Polyester Filament
Yao, Minghai
The Design of Defect Detection Algorithm for the Energy-saving Lamp Tungsten
Yao, Pei
Simultaneous Determination of Synthetic Colorants in Pickles and Sauerkrauts by HPLC-MS
Yao, Pei
Simultaneous Determination of Six Preservatives in Beverage by HPLC
Yao, Shidong
Path Optimization of Free-floating Space Robot Based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Yao, Yao
Analyze on User-Centered Design of Small Medical Products
Ye, Fan
The thermoelectric properties of In2O3 thin films deposited by direct current magnetron sputtering
Ye, Hushui
The New Measurement Method of Blending Ratio of PTT/PET Fiber Blends by Centrifugal Separation
Ye, Wei
The research on plasma nitriding of AISI410 martensitic stainless steel
Ye, Xian-Chun
The Research of Microstructure UV Curing Mold Injection
Ye, Xianchun
Research on the Influence of Powder and Its Surface Modification to the Flame Retardant, Electric Performance and Mechanical Properties of Silicone Potting Material
Ye, Yinzhong
Research on Z-source Inverter Based on Harmonic Suppression Methods
Ye, Ziyang
The Design of Video Surveillance System Based on IEEE802.11n Protocol
Yi, Bo
A research to the linear transform based on histogram statistic
Yi, Jiangang
Computer Modal Analysis of Rotating Machinery under Complex Conditions
Yi, Jiangang
Computer Simulation and Analysis of Curl Mechanism for Cold Rolled Steel Strip
Yi, Kexian
The analysis of T-DNA insertional Colletotrichum gloeosporioides in Stylo pathogenicity-weakened mutant strain 1681
Yi, Xiaoqing
Progress on Preparation and Application of p-Menthane-1,8-diol monohydrate
Yin, Huaixian
Fatigue Life Analysis of One Hybrid Bus Frame Based on Road Spectrum
Yin, Juanjuan
Antioxidant activity of collagen hydrolysate obtained from tilapia scales in vitro and in vivio assays
Yin, Liang
Study of generation and trigger system of the Extracorporeal Cardiac Shock Wave
Yin, Suhua
Effect of Particle Size on the Microstructure of Cu60Cr40 Alloy by Microwave Sintering
Yin, Yezhi
IFT Algorithm For Image Stitching
Yin, Yulong
Deter mination of Hg2+ using a glassy carbon electrode modified with [ZnSO4{ZnCl2(u-S-CH2CH2NH2}]n
Yin, Zhijian
The Design Of Multiple Nodes Wireless Temperature Transmission System Based On STC15W1K24S And CC1101
You, Ning
Network Security Classification Assessment Based on Fuzzy Mathematics
You, Xue-Yi
The Study on Suspension Velocity of Tobacco Fragment in Exhaust Hood of Tunnel-type Damping Machines
Yu, Chuqin
Preparation and in Vitro Dissolution of Curcumin Tablets
Yu, Desheng
Connections between Quartic Bézier Curves with Shape Parameters and Cubic H- Bézier Curves
Yu, Haifeng
Research and Design of Automobile’s Automatic Wipers Based on FPGA
Yu, Hang
Research on rapid process optimization technology based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
Yu, He
Crumb Rubber Concrete Deterioration Caused by Sulphate Attack
Yu, Hejun
Modeling and Simulation of the drive system of elevator based on AMESIM
Yu, Hongjun
Research on aircraft components assembly tolerance design and simulation technology
Yu, Jian
Tensile behavior and deformation mechanism of secondary generation single crystal superalloy DD6 at 1070 C
Yu, Jianqiao
A New Simulation Technology Research for Missile Control System based on DSP
Yu, Li
The drag reduction effects of a non-Newtonian fluid (CMC aqueous solution) in a sinusoidal wavy-walled tube at moderate Reynolds numbers for steady flow
Yu, Ling-Ling
Vibration Method for Elastic Modulus of Glued Laminated Beams
Yu, Lizhi
Information and Data Processing in the Scheme of 1 3 Optimal Phase-covariant Quantum Cloning Machine
Yu, Meng
Research on self-centering ability of tapered roll for initial flatness waves of steel strip in the continuous annealing furnace
Yu, Min-Cong
A Physical-Effect-Considered Formalized Modeling for Pipelined Manufacturing Machining System
Yu, Peng
Fast establishment and application of caspase-3 inhibitor detection system
Yu, Qiancheng
Patron Driven Acquisitions Via Mobile Crowd Sensing
Yu, Qiang
Research on Heterogeneous Communication Network for Power Distribution Automation
Yu, Qiming
Research on the test of CTOD specimen of short fatigue crack of Q370qE welded seam
Yu, Tao
A Kind of Smart Home Electricity Controller based on Active Distribution Networks and ATT7035 Chip