Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Material, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

1590 authors
Zhao, Yongxiang
The Study on Suspension Velocity of Tobacco Fragment in Exhaust Hood of Tunnel-type Damping Machines
Zhao, Zhendong
Synthesis, self-assembly and electrochemical behavior of disulphide derivatised mesoporphyrin on gold electrodes
Zhao, Zhendong
Research Progress on Application of Organic Diamines and Their Derivatives
Zhao, Zhendong
Advances in Enzyme Assisted Extraction of Natural Products
Zhao, Zhendong
Progress on polymerization of -pinene
Zhao, Zhendong
Synthesis and Characterization of (-)-Dibornyl Oxalate
Zhao, Zhendong
Progress on Preparation and Application of p-Menthane-1,8-diol monohydrate
Zhen, Jiongxin
Identification of blue and white porcelains from Jiajing official kiln and Dehua Housuo kiln by chemical compositions
Zhen, Li
Research on Transmission System of Video Monitoring for theater Based on Live555
Zheng, Baomin
A Kind of Smart Home Electricity Controller based on Active Distribution Networks and ATT7035 Chip
Zheng, Dayu
Experimental Study of the effects of Throttle valve on Auto-cascade Refrigeration System
Zheng, Dayu
Research and Design of Automobile’s Automatic Wipers Based on FPGA
Zheng, Jinlong
The analysis of T-DNA insertional Colletotrichum gloeosporioides in Stylo pathogenicity-weakened mutant strain 1681
Zheng, Ping
A new method for studying the light-dependent magnetosensitivity in model insects
Zheng, Shunqi
Research on microwave mode and coupling energy in plasma reactor design for MPCVD diamond
Zheng, Xiaolan
The analysis of T-DNA insertional Colletotrichum gloeosporioides in Stylo pathogenicity-weakened mutant strain 1681
Zheng, Xiaoqing
The orthogonal experiment research on premixed wet mortar
Zheng, Xingwen
Study on Preparation and Property of Ni-Co-P Coatings of AZ31B Magnesium Alloy
Zheng, Zhuang-Hao
The thermoelectric properties of In2O3 thin films deposited by direct current magnetron sputtering
Zhixia, Yuhang
Experimental and numerical investigation on the performance of hydrodynamic cavitation in multi-holes orifice plate
Zhong, Jian
A Practical Method to Hourly Forecast the Solar Irradiance
Zhong, Rongfeng
Characterization of electronic structures and spectral properties of the emitting material molecule Cu(I) complexes containing fluorene moiety: a DFT/TDDFT study
Zhong, Yu-Hua
Experimental Investigation of the Vibration and Noise and Structural Optimization of Motor
Zhou, Bin
Connecting Chinese Users Across Social Media Sites
Zhou, Bingyu
Research on Cucumber Downy Mildew Detection System based on SVM Classification Algorithm
Zhou, Chengying
Synchronous Determination of Copper, Iron , Nickel, Cobalt , Gold and Silver in Industrial wastewater by ICP-AES
Zhou, Chengying
Determination of calcium and magnesium in bioleaching solution of uranium ore by optimized EDTA method
Zhou, Fen
A Multi-objective Ant Colony Optimization algorithm for Web Service Instance Selection
Zhou, Feng
Research on the test of CTOD specimen of short fatigue crack of Q370qE welded seam
Zhou, Hao
Design and Application of the Grab Operation Test System
Zhou, Jie
Research on Millimeter Wave Fuze Echo Signal-to-Noise Ratio under Projectile Motion
Zhou, Jihe
Kinematic analysis on the serve technique of world’s elite tennis player Novak Djokovic
Zhou, Jun
Comparative Study on Microwave Co-pyrolysis Products of Low-Rank Coal under CH4 and N2 Atmosphere
Zhou, Junwei
Effects of Blade Tip Foil Thickening on Tip Vortexes in Ducted Propeller
Zhou, Li
MIT MRAC Based Boost Converter with Modified 2nd-Order Reference Model
Zhou, Li
Effects of Cooling Rate on the Microstructure and Tensile Strength of A356 Alloy Wheels
Zhou, Lun
Application study of the Tunnel Seismic Prediction method in Qiyueshan tunnel
Zhou, Lun
Tunnel Monitoring and Measurement Case Study in Qiyueshan Tunnel
Zhou, Meishi
Fatigue Life Analysis of One Hybrid Bus Frame Based on Road Spectrum
Zhou, Peng
Determination flavomycin residue in grass carp by high performance liquid chromatography
Zhou, Qiangming
Research on the power dispatching and trading mechanism oriented to low-carbon economy
Zhou, Quan
Effects of minor Sr addition on solidified structure and mechanical properties of Mg-Y-Cu alloy reinforced by long period ordered structure
Zhou, Shining
Simulation of Micro Blanking Process of Square Hole with Fillet Based on DEFORM-3D
Zhou, Ting
Effect of Hydroxymethylated Experiment on Complexing Capacity of Sodium Lignosulfonate
Zhou, Tingqiang
Research on Time-Frequency Characteristics of Infrasound Information before rock Failure under Compression
Zhou, Wenjun
Experimental Research on the Impact of Lubricating Oils on Engine Friction and Vehicle Fuel Economy
Zhou, Xing
Numerical Simulation on determining technological parameters of vibratory aging treating for large-sized welding box-section beam structure
Zhou, Xinhua
Deter mination of Hg2+ using a glassy carbon electrode modified with [ZnSO4{ZnCl2(u-S-CH2CH2NH2}]n
Zhou, Xinming
Design and Application of the Grab Operation Test System
Zhou, Xuemei
The modification of EVA resins for photovoltaic encapsulants
Zhou, Yan
The simulation analysis of the pressure in the silo influence on the structure of the grain dryer
Zhou, Ying
Study of generation and trigger system of the Extracorporeal Cardiac Shock Wave
Zhou, Yu
Improving photocatalytic activity of K2Ta2O6 by Sulfur anion doping
Zhou, Yu
Mechanical properties of individual ZnO nanowire tested via nanoprobe system
Zhou, Yuan
Adjacent Order Separation for Variable Speed Bearing with Peak Detection and Fixed-point ICA
Zhou, Yunjiao
The Study For Anti-Rollover Performance Based On Fishhook and J Turn Simulation
Zhou, Zhibin
Preparation, electrical contact performance and arc-erosion behavior of Cu/La2NiO4 composites
Zhou, Zhimin
Optical Calculation with Three Sources
Zhou, Zhongcheng
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Zhu, Chao
Methods for model error analysis of pulse impulse measuring torsion system
Zhu, Chundong
Analysis of resistant-bias loading of 12,000KN fine-blanking press frame
Zhu, Jianqu
Research on Dynamics Characteristics of the Rotation Axis in CNC Machine Tool
Zhu, Jianzhong
Fabrication of a composite catalytic material for efficient removal of chroma, ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus
Zhu, Junxing
Connecting Chinese Users Across Social Media Sites
Zhu, Kuan-Jun
Research and Development of Strain Clamp and Connecting Tube of 1520mm2 Large-section Conductor
Zhu, Lei
Recovery of Nickel by Electrolytic Method from Electroplating Wastewater
Zhu, Liguang
The multifractal of ultra low carbon steels containing titanium organizations
Zhu, Lingling
Analysis of resistant-bias loading of 12,000KN fine-blanking press frame
Zhu, Ming
System Performance Analysis in IM/DD OFDM for Power Grid Utilizing Adaptive Volterra Equalization
Zhu, Mutian
Study of the Improvement with Local Repair on AODV
Zhu, Qingjie
GIS-based Geostatistics and Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Steel Casing Failure
Zhu, Shouji
Research Progress on Application of Organic Diamines and Their Derivatives
Zhu, Weidong
Structural evolution under gamma ray irradiation of zircon originated from Hainan province, China
Zhu, Weihui
Research and Implement of Real-time Automatic Web Page Classification System
Zhu, Xiaoping
Preparation of Zr52.8Cu29.1Ni7.3Al9.8Y1 bulk metallic glass by hereditary process
Zhu, Xiaoping
Thermodynamic analysis and experimental study of TiB2 coatings by CVD
Zhu, Xiaoping
The preparation of TiB2 powder by carbothermal reaction using a DC electric arc furnance
Zhu, Yan Yan
Study on the electronic structures and optical properties of -FeSi2 using the pseudopotential method
Zhu, Ying
A New Image Fusion Method for Infrared and Visible Images Combining with Compressive Sensing Technology
Zhu, Yuan-Peng
Ergonomics in Product Design
Zhu, Yuancheng
Topological Properties of the Pnicogen Bond Complexes Based on Atoms-in-Molecule Theory: A Way of Supramolecular Materials Construction
Zhu, Yuxiang
Flame retardant and mechanical properties of phenolic foams toughened with phosphorus- and boron- containing polyethylene glycol esters
Zong, Fangyi
The Trajectory Simulation of Performance Test Manipulator
Zong, Junjun
Study on Fluorescence Spectra of Thiamine and Riboflavin
Zong, Ping
Study of the Improvement with Local Repair on AODV
Zou, Dong Li
Evolution of adiabatic shear bands in zirconium alloy under dynamic deformation
Zou, Jie
Study on Ultrasonic-Microwave Synergistic Extraction Process of Tengjiao(Zanthoxylum schinifolium) Oil
Zou, Kaibo
The orthogonal experiment research on premixed wet mortar
Zou, Yun
Nonlinear numerical analysis of SRC-RC transfer columns based on OpenSEES
Zuo, Zhe
Research on Internal combustion engine speed processing method and its parameters optimization