Proceedings of the 2019 4th International Conference on Modern Management, Education Technology and Social Science (MMETSS 2019)

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Study on the development strategy of homestay tourism from the perspective of eco-tourism

Jingchun Hu
With the rapid development of social economy, people's living standards gradually improve, more and more people choose to travel close to nature, relieve the pressure of life, to meet their pursuit of spiritual and cultural life, in this context, China's tourism industry is facing broad prospects for...
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Case Study: Summative Assessment Design, Commentary and Feedback

Sihong Wang
This case study project follows the English-speaking learning process of a student named Lee, a senior student studies at Dalian Polytechnic University. The tutee has already received classes that last for 12 weeks, and each class is two hours. The paper focuses on introducing the basic information,...
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Analysis on How to Improve the Equity Incentive System of High-tech Industry in China: Taking Tencent as an Example

Sinong Chen
With the rapid development of economy and the intensification of competition, the competition of high-tech industry is particularly fierce in the information age. As the equity incentive is a necessary factor in the development of any company including high-tech industry, this study will take Tencent...
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The Establishment and Improvement of the "Four Meetings" Linkage Mechanism under the Party's Political Core Conditions

Hui Shan
As a private university, Dalian University of Science and Technology always attaches great importance to strengthening party building. Through continuous promotion of the board of directors, the president's office, the party committee, the party and government joint meeting (hereinafter referred to as...
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Ways to Cultivate College Students’ Teamwork Consciousness in College Basketball Teaching

Dawei Wen
With the increasing attention of the state and the education department to the higher education, the all-around development of students’ quality has received extensive attention. Both the levels of students’ academic knowledge and the improvement of students’ sports quality have received the attention...
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Research on Safety Education in Colleges from the Perspective of "Safe Campus"

Meijiao Ji
Firstly, the safety education of colleges and universities is expounded from the perspective of "Safe Campus", and the relationship between the construction of safe campus and the safety education of colleges and universities is clarified. Secondly, the specific security problems of the school are analyzed...
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On Deepening the Improvement of College Examination Management under the New Situation

Dandan Jiang
In recent years, college examination management work, teaching management and examination management work directly affect the quality of teaching and students' learning effect, the school enrollment scale is too large, bring great pressure to the examination management work. Based on this, this paper...
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Research on Ideological and Political Education System of Postgraduates under the Mode of Vertical and Horizontal Management

Yang Liu, Chengbi Mu, Zhiying Li, Cong Wang, Keqi Liu
As the first responsible person of postgraduates in school, tutors play an irreplaceable role in the growth and development of postgraduates, and also play an important role in the formation of professional quality and moral quality of postgraduates. How to give full play to the main role of tutors in...
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The Effects of Input and Output on Second Language Acquisition

Ming Zhu
The process of input and output is an indispensable part of second language acquisition. The reason is that learners need to master relevant linguistic knowledge, such as vocabulary, collocation, grammar rules and pronunciation skills, so as to make comprehensible output in the class and the real world....
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Automobile Business Valuation Analysis:Taking Three Automobile Companies as Analysis Samples

Xianyue Liu
Automobile industry makes considerable contributions to the worldwide economic annually. However, the industry is experiencing a significant evolution. Many leading companies are exploring their ways to survive under the changing environment and are improving their strategies. Thus, examining the impacts...
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Interpretation of the Cultivation Factors of Contemporary Chinese Legal Belief

Xuguang Liu
As the inner meaning of law, faith plays an important role in the construction of the rule of law. The cultivation of contemporary Chinese legal beliefs, according to the second element of Aristotle's rule of law, must first have a good law, that is, to build a sound legal system and to carry out effective...
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Research on the synergy of the G20 inflation cycle

Shuo Song, Yuanyuan Wang, Guangchuan Wu
This paper studies the synergy of the inflation cycle of the G20 and its influencing factors. The results show that there is a strong synergy among the cyclical fluctuations of inflation in member states. The main influencing factors include the quality of the world economy, the degree of independence...
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Is it worth to invest in Tesla?

Qinrou Li
There are many well-known brands in today’s automotive industry, such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. On the contrary, there are abundant unpopular brands as well. Among numerous car brands in the global market, Tesla attracted almost everyone’s attention in an extremely short period of time, notwithstanding...
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Research on Interactive Animation for Children's Safety Education in Mobile Devices

ziJiu, Xinyuan Huang
Guided by the theory of developmental appropriateness, this paper analyzes the problems and causes of the interactive application of Children's safety education on mobile devices. Based on the characteristics of Children's cognitive development and the operating characteristics of children's mobile devices,...
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Current Situations of Chinese Tibetan College Students’ English Study — A Case Study of Northwest Minzu University

Guiyun Guan, Jing Zhang, Zeguo Liu, Ding Wang, Hongzhi Yu
Tibetan, as one of the fifty five minorities in China, is an ethnic group with its own language, culture and customs, which attracts more and more researchers’ attention. There have been an immense number of studies on Tibetans. The paper intends to make a survey on the current situations of Tibetan...
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Higher Educational Expansion Policy, Educational Attainment and Urban Income Disparity: Evidence from China

Shu Cao, Jianing Mi, Rui Sun
Since 1999, China has implemented an educational policy of expanding enrollment in universities, which may lead to two opposite effects on income disparity. On the one hand, educational expansion increases the overall number of university students, which may result in a higher proportion of the employment...
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Relationship of Internal Social Capital and Organization Performance

Lan Wang, Jianxun Chen, Ping Wang
The purpose of this paper is to develop and test an integrated model to examine the relationship between internal social capital, knowledge creation, core competence and firm performance. It takes into account the moderating role of product modularity and explains how a firm’s internal social capital...
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The Research on the Shared Development from Economic Perspective

Junfeng Xu
Shared development is our value goal and practical problem, which should be reflected in sharing economic resource mainly as the basis sharing political resources, social resources and ecological resources. In our economy development’s new style, how to realize economy re-take-off has become the key...
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Study on the Cultivation Model of Foreign Language Talents in Colleges and Universities of China Based on Multiple Innovative Abilities

Qian-qian LEI, Hai-yang LIU
The development of innovative ability is the requirement of cultivating talents in the current pluralistic era. This paper reviews the development of foreign language talents cultivation mode and defines the concept of innovative ability of multiple foreign languages. On this basis, a “four-in-one” innovative...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Media Enterprise Competitiveness and Social Responsibility

Muyang Chen, Ying Gao
In today's society, people are increasingly demanding companies. In addition to winning profits, a successful company must be able to perform its social responsibilities well. The different social responsibility behaviors of enterprises affect their competitiveness to a certain extent. This paper chooses...
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Analysis of the factors and mechanism that influence the senior manager’s support to informatization

Jiangang Gong, Yutao Wei, Xuyan Gao
senior manager's support has always been considered as the most important factor affecting the success of informatization. However, few studies have paid attention to the issue why senior managers of different enterprises show different levels of support in the process of informatization. This study...
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Research on the Incentive Strategy of the Base Level Team of State-owned Enterprises in the New Era

Jian Zhao
The vitality of the base level team is of great significance to the innovation and development of state-owned enterprises in the new era. The purpose of this study is to propose the path and strategy to arouse the vitality of the base level team of state-owned enterprises. The conclusion of this study...
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Schweikart's "Economic Democracy" Management Model and Its Enlightenment

Junfeng Xu
David Schweickart, a professor of philosophy department in Loyola University, Chicago, USA, is a famous left-wing economist. In his exploring about where the future society will go, he proposed a pioneering "economic democracy" management model which based on criticism and reflection on traditional "planned...
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An Empirical Study of Short-Term Performance of Listed Companies' stock incentive Plan

Nan Gao, Linlin Cao, Siqi Lv
This paper takes the mixed-ownership state-owned enterprises that issued the stock incentive plan from 2014 to 2017 as a sample, and used the event research method to test the changes of the average abnormal return rate and the cumulative abnormal return rate before and after the announcement of the...
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Research on the Construction and Practical Teaching Experience of the International Logistics and Supply Chain Laboratory

Qi Jiang
The idea and goal of laboratory construction of logistics management major, the demand function and planning scheme of laboratory construction, and the design and implementation of experimental project are studied. Combined with the common problems existing in the practical teaching of logistics management,...
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Technical education and reshaping criminals

Haofeng Wang
In today's technology society, people only have a certain amount of labor skills to seek a good development for themselves. The same is true for criminals. It is necessary to have the skills to find a suitable job after returning to society, and to have a material foundation based on society, so as to...
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Collection Point for Take-out——A Method of Improving the Distribution System of Takeout for Campus

Siran Wang
In order to solve management problems of takeout at the peak of meals, leadership of colleges or universities have made rules that delivery personnel must hand over food directly to the students rather than put packs at temporary places. Due to the fact that students’ time is inflexible, such regulations...
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Research on Quantitative Evaluation Method of Ability and Quality of Military Academy Students

Yandong Xiao, Yanming Guo
Talent training in military school is a systematic project, and the student team management plays a decisive role in the growth of military school students. This paper combines the practice of participating in the formulation of the management rules and systems of the student team, and aims at the management...
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Effective Ways to Improve the Utilization Benefits of Scientific Research Infrastructures in University: A case study

Yidong Xu, Yao Wang
Through reading literatures, the current status of laboratory management in domestic and foreign institutions of higher education were described. Based on the concept of life cycle analysis, the purchase, use, maintenance and abandonment of equipment and instruments in four Chinese universities were...
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The Impact of Online Clothing Retailer’s Product Presentation Video on Consumers' Perceived Quality

Rong Ma, Dan Dai, Bingjia Shao
With the rapid development of online shopping, more and more enterprises and consumers are paying attention to the problem of effective display of online product information. On the basis of relevant literature and theory, this paper proposes a research model on the impact of short video display time,...
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Dilemmas of Law-related Education for College Students and their Solutions

Yulong Zhang
At present, there exist some dilemmas in law-related education for college students, such as unclear educational objectives, weak practical education, lack of internet education and feeble legal campus environment. In order to enhance the effectiveness of law-related education for college students, this...
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On the Construction of Teachers Team in Newly-Built Police Undergraduate Colleges

Na An
For newly-built police undergraduate colleges, the content of transformation, improvement and development involves all aspects, but the construction of teachers is the core. Taking the newly-built police undergraduate colleges as an example, this study discusses the construction of the teaching team...
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Artificial Intelligence in Education

Yanming Guo, Yandong Xiao
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained significant attention in recent years, and is becoming an important driving force for future educational revolutions. However, there are still problems like what, why and how we could apply AI in education. To this end, this paper focuses on the key issues that...
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The Enlightenment of Tao Xingzhi's Moral Education Thought on Ideological and Political Education of Vocational College Students from The Perspective of Human Resources Quality

Fang Liu
As an important part of human resources quality, ideological and political quality is increasingly valued by the society. From the perspective of human resources quality, this paper, based on Tao Xingzhi's theory of moral education and considering the objective shortcomings of the ideological and political...
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The Theoretical Foundations and Application of Whole Language

Ting Jiang
Different language teaching approaches reflect people’s different demands and needs about language learning during different periods. This paper is going to focus on Whole Language, which is a relatively new approach to teaching and learning language. Many people are neither much familiar with the theoretical...
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Cultivate students to actively learn to improve classroom efficiency

Hui Hua, Anlin Li
In the classroom teaching, the student is the main body. The achievement of all the goals or the number of students' learning gains is ultimately determined by the students. The teachers are only the promoters and guides of the goals. Therefore, to improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching, it...
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Thinking and Exploration of Intelligent Machining Robot Technology in New Engineering Course Teaching

Li Dai, Liu Yu, Jie Chen
In order to build our country into a powerful manufacturing country, we need to constantly cultivate high-level scientific and technological talents. With the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, manufacturing industry has also ushered in intelligent processing and manufacturing technology....
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Information Disclosure and Corporate Earnings Management:A Textual Analysis Based on the Annual Report

Meiqiong Zhou
When enterprises disclose information, management, as the information supplier, usually uses surplus means to improve the self-interest to whitewash the contents of the annual report. The text analyzes and quantifies the risk information in the annual report by grabbing the annual report of all A-share...
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Empirical Analysis of Trade Effects of China’s Outward FDI to Africa

Weiwei Fu, Nokena Asanda Nicole, Peifen Zhuang
This paper tries to re-examine both positive and negative effects of trade and China’s outward foreign direct investment (FDI) to Africa. We focus on the achievement of China’s outward FDI to Africa and whether the trade impacts of China on Africa are positive by making regression equations of panel...
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An Analysis of the Employment difficulties of College students based on the Theory of Labor Market Segmentation

Jianbo LI, Rui Zhang
In view of the serious problem of employment difficulty of college students in our country, this paper puts forward the relevant ways and methods to solve the problem of employment difficulty of college students by using the theory of labor market segmentation, which provides a strong argument for the...
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Design and Brand Marketing Planning of Shenyang Regional Cultural Tourist Souvenirs

Tang Yu
As a historic ancient city, Shenyang, also called Shengjing, is constantly developing tourism industry, but tourist souvenirs has been forgotten in the corner, especially today when everything is adapting to the continuous development of Internet and new media. It is true that Shenyang Shengjing cultural...
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The Model of Translator's Information Literacy in the New Era

Zhijing Xiao, Yu Wang
Promoted by the tide of globalization and the flood of information technology, the translation market has been expanding rapidly. Translators with excellent quality, broad knowledge and technically use of modern information technology are desperately needed. With comparative analysis approach and literature...
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The Interplay between Meta-cognitive Strategies and Reading Speed

Shen Wei
The aim of this study was to investigate the interplay between meta-cognitive strategies and reading speed in Chinese EFL learners. This paper employed the method of empirical research, and randomly selected 87 Chinese students from a university in Jilin province as the survey objects. 87 Chinese EFL...
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Research on Psychological Thoughts of TCM Health Culture

Ting Wang, Ying Lan, Zhixuan Liu
As a science of studying the law of human psychology and behavior, the concept of psychology is spread across all aspects of people's life. The traditional concept holds that TCM health has a long history in China and is a treasure of Chinese traditional culture, while psychology is an exotic product....
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Religious culture and corporate charitable donations

Zhiqiang Liu, Jinyu Liu
This paper empirically examines the impact of religious culture on corporate charitable donations by using data from Shanghai-Shenzhen A-share listed companies in 2010-2018. The study found that the more religious culture the company has, the more social charitable donations the company has. This paper...
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Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Service Trade of the Pearl River Delta under the New Situation

Wenyong Li
With the continuous deepening of economic globalization, the service industry has now achieved international transfer, and thus the service trade has been greatly developed, and the development trend is constantly expanding. In the current open economic and trade environment, the service trade in the...
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Coal Mining Strategy of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Based on Multi-objective Planning

Jianghong Feng
This paper considers the three objectives which are coal production, ecological environment and energy consumption. In order to meet the constraints of project investment funds, the mining capacity constraints, the total amount of resources in the mining area, the mutual restraint between the various...
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Analysis of Sales Characteristics of Fresh Agricultural Products E-Commerce ——Taking Taobao as an Example

Xin Xu, Jiaying Chen, Yuming Liu
Analysis of the current status of fresh e-commerce sales can help fresh produce producers and distributors better understand the market and develop better marketing strategies to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the fresh produce industry. This paper uses the network crawler to collect...
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Research on the Relationship between College Students' Psychological Resilience and Coping Style under the Perspective of Positive Psychology

Juan Li, Ting Wang, Jinwen Wang
To explore the status quo and relationship of college students' psychological resilience and coping style, and to make relevant suggestions. Methods: A questionnaire survey was conducted among 450 college students in Shanxi Province using the Mental Resilience Scale and the Simple Coping Style Questionnaire....
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Application of Computer Aided Education in Well Logging for Foreign Student Majoring in Petroleum Engineering

Yuanzhong Zhang
The application of computer aided education (CAE) in Well Logging was presented in the paper. Well Logging is an important professional basic course for student who majors in the petroleum engineering specialty. The course covers the abundant contents, including the conventional logging, imaging logging,...
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The New Position or Front of Network Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Xiang Gao
“Position or Front” is a term frequently used in the military field. It is an innovative breakthrough to extend this term’s meaning to study the new realms of online political and ideological education in universities. With the development of Internet technology, social networks are playing a protruding...
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Analysis on the Practice of "High Qualifications for a Low Position" for Teachers in Secondary Colleges of Universities Based on HeXie Management Theory

Xiaozhuo Wei, Anyu Wang, Nianxin Wang
In the context of limited post structure and proportion in universities, limited number of teachers who can get professional title and employment, and higher standards for professional title review, this paper, based on HeXie management theory, analyzes the practice of "high qualifications for a low...
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Comprehensive evaluation of medical service ability of TCM hospitals from 2013 to 2017

Xiaohua Wu, Zhengzheng Huang, Shaowu Shen
Purpose: This paper evaluates the medical service ability of TCM hospitals to provide reference for promoting the improvement of medical service ability. Methods: Entropy weight TOPSIS method and RSR method are used to evaluate the medical service ability of TCM hospitals from 2013 to 2017. Results:...
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A Study on the Relationships between Adolescent Inferiority and Grit

Yan Yu, Fangfang Wang, Ting Wang
To explore the relationships between adolescent inferiority and grit. 178 adolescents in Jiangxi Province were investigated by the inferiority scale and the grit questionnaire. The results showed that the dimensions of inferiority and the quality of inferiority are different in gender, place of origin,...
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Study on the Aging Transformation of Old Residential Areas

Yuhong Zhou, Tingting Deng, Hanlu Gan, Yutong Zhao, Xiaohong Tang
With the growing problem of population aging in China, the problem of old-age housing in old residential areas in China has gradually attracted attention. Based on the psychological complex and behavioral characteristics of the elderly, this paper analyzes the research factors of the external environment...
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Reform of Cultivation Mode of Innovation Practice Ability of Mining Engineering Major Under the Belt and Road——Take Wuhan University of Science and Technology as an Example

Yufei Li, Yicheng Ye, Xiaoyun Liu, Yu Bai, Nanyan Hu
Mineral resources development is an important part of the Belt and Road strategy. As a result, mining engineering students shoulder the important mission of mining development. To achieve it, it’s necessary to determine the cultivation objectives of mining engineering major, and deal with the relationship...
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Strategies and Measures for Cultivation of Art Management Talents

Rongmei Wang
with the efforts of the academia, the subject of art management in China has gained rapid development. Cultivation of art management talents in China has followed a direction characterized by diversity, multi-skills and multi-perspectives. To follow the trend of scientific development and meet the demand...
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Thoughts on the Cultivation of Translation Ability in Comprehensive English Teaching

bin Dong
The ultimate goal of English teaching is to enable students to use English knowledge flexibly. The translation ability is the basis for students to use English knowledge flexibly. Listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating in English teaching are the main teaching contents. Comprehensive English...
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Analysis of Internet of Things Problems Based on RFID Technology

liping Ma
The Internet of Things is the product of the IT industry revolution, following the new wave of the Internet revolution. With the development of IoT technology and its wide application, the security of the Internet of Things has become the most concerned and primary problem in the moment. RFID technology...
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Research on the Fusion Training Model of Electromagnetic Spectrum Technology and Management Specialty under the Guidance of “Emerging Engineering”

Han Liu, Guoqin Kang, Shuiqiao Jiang
Fusion training model of electromagnetic spectrum technology and management specialty under the guidance of “Emerging Engineering” is studied in this paper. Firstly, implementation of fusion training is introduced. Secondly, key problems to be solved in the process of implementation are listed. Thirdly,...
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The Present Situation and Promotion Strategies of College Student Party Members' Consciousness from the Perspective of Strict Party Governance

Lianchen, Youqiang Wei, Wei Fan, Hao Dong
This paper starts with the analysis of the significance of strengthening the consciousness of college student Party members from the perspective of strict Party governance, investigates the current situation of college student Party members' consciousness, and deeply analyses the current situation, existing...
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A Research on Financial Eco-environmental Assessment and Government Cooperative Governance in Jilin Province

Changlin Ji, Yining Liu, Yaning Zhang
Taking the data of 8 cities and 1 Prefecture in Jilin Province from 2012 to 2017 as an example, this paper evaluated the level of financial ecological environment in Jilin Province by principal component analysis. This paper constructed an evaluation system of financial ecological environment, and got...
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Establishment and Empirical Study of Financial Eco-environmental Assessment System in Shandong Province

Changlin Ji, Yining Liu, Yaning Zhang
Taking the data of 17 cities in Shandong Province from 2012 to 2017 as an example, this paper used principal component analysis to evaluate the level of regional financial ecological environment. Through the regression analysis, this paper examined the core factors of financial ecological environment....
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Enlightenment of John Keats’s Ecological Viewpoints to Modern Society

Jianxin Zhou, Peishan Li
With the deterioration of ecological crisis in the process of human civilization, ecological problems have been paid close attention to all over the world. All the results show that ecological construction is urgent. In his short life, Keats wrote many poems containing ecological thoughts, as well as...
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The effect of continuous swimming on physical health

Yanmei Lu, Huabing Ye
Using the literature, physical fitness test, mathematical statistics and other methods, researchers carried out body test and analysis of the swimming association members who have been swimming all the year round in Heyuan City. The results showed that after annual swimming, the BMI of swimmers was slightly...
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Group Difference Analysis on Employability of Vocational College Students Based on the USEM Model

Xingjun Huang
Based on Knight and York's USEM Employment Capability Structure Model, the research group investigates and analyzes the current characteristics of employability of 180 samples of Wuhan Polytechnic by applying empirical approach, aiming to provide reference for higher vocational colleges to enhance students’...
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Strategies for Cultivating Business English Translation Talents under “The Belt and Road Initiatives "

Fade Wang, Minglan Zhang
“The Belt and Road Initiatives” has brought great both opportunities and challenges to the cultivation of business English talents. On the basis of expounding the new opportunities and challenges, this paper proposes that under the view of “the Belt and Road Initiatives”, colleges and universities should...
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Application of asynchronous teaching method in College Basketball Course

YingJie Yang
This study compared the changes of asynchronous teaching method and traditional teaching method on students' physical quality, basketball technology and learning state. The construction of heterogeneous learning groups is divided according to the principles of inter-group homogeneity and intra-group...
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Music Cognition in General Education at University

Jia Huang
Music education in colleges and universities was an indispensable important content in cultivating the comprehensive quality of modern talents. However, due to historical reasons, the popularization of music education in Chinese universities started late. And it remained an insufficient developed statement...
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Innovation Practice of University Laboratory Construction and Management Mechanism under the Background of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Xingchao Zhang, Chengzhi Yang
Innovation and entrepreneurship education is an innovative and applied talent training method, which has high requirements for university laboratories. However, the current laboratory construction and operation management mechanism in China are mostly inconsistent with this training mode. This paper...
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Reform and Practice of Introducing Project Method into "Architectural Drawing" Assessment Method

Jun Wan, Zhixuan Li
This essay takes the course of "Architectural Drawing" as the research object, and puts forward some problems existing in the course assessment. Meanwhile, this essay proposes the improvement methods to explore a more suitable curriculum assessment and evaluation system for professional training objectives.
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Research on the Marketization of Indoor Air Monitoring in the Internet Period

Caifu Li, Huixian Du, Baolian Chen, Haoling Lin, Juliao Qiu
With the improvement of people's living standards and the popularization of the Internet, indoor activities have become a major feature of contemporary people's lives, which results in the great demand for accurate and intelligent real-time monitoring of indoor environment. However, there are some defects,...
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Integrated Coastal Zone Management: A Workable Way to Address Coastal and Ocean Problems

Tingting Shi, Jing Xu
The coast is an area where the land meets the sea, and with significant economic, cultural and ecological values. But the environmental problems and developing issues in the world’s coastal areas strongly require establish a program of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM). ICZM is a dynamic, iterative...
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Exploration and Research on Modes of Industry-Education Integration and School-Enterprise Cooperation of Business Majors in Vocational Education in the New Era by Taking Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology as An Example

Xiaoning Tang
The new technological revolution dominated by the Internet, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, and the development of the industrial Internet, have put forward new requirements for the cultivation of talents in vocational education. The convening of the National Education Conference,...
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Exploration of Problems and Countermeasures in Mechanical Principle Course Teaching

Wei Liu, Ziyang Cao, Shumei Zhu, Zhenwu Ma
As an important professional foundation course for mechanical engineer, mechanical principle is offered in order to let students master basic theory and improve abilities to apply principles and methods to engineering practice. A lot of contents in mechanical principle course are highly theoretical and...
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Experiment and Practice Teaching Reform of Mechanical Principle

Wei Liu, Shumei Zhu, Ziyang Cao, Yuanjing Zhang
Mechanical principle is a major professional foundation course of mechanical specialty, which has both theoretical and practical contents. As important components of mechanical principle teaching, the experiment and practice teaching supply students with opportunities of expanding study outside the classroom...
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Study on Framework of Smart Contract of Tourism Logistics based on Blockchain

Zhenhan Yu, Bin Ye, Yinfeng Liu, Ke Liu
Based on the research of the interactive relationship between blockchain and smart contract, the paper analyzes the irreplaceable and important role of smart contract in cloud service platform about tourism logistics which is based on the blockchain technology. And then it indicates that there are three...
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Exploration and Practice of SPOC Mixed Teaching Mode in Data Structure Course

Shuying Chen, Lei Chen
This research constructed the SPOC teaching mode which is suitable for the teaching of colleges and universities in China, and filled up the blank about the research of SPOC model. At the same time, this research innovated the teaching mode of colleges and universities, it made students self-study high-quality...
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The Analysis of the Hot Spots of Teaching Reform in Domestic Universities in the Era of Educational Informatization 2.0

Qian Jiang, Zhi Liu
In the era of Educational Informatization 2.0, teaching reform in domestic universities is facing new opportunities and challenges. Under the guidance of relevant policies on educational informatization, the teaching reform in universities has carried on the constant exploration and innovation in the...
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Analysis on the Application of Risk Management in Weapon and Equipment Model Development

Ying Du, chunguo Yue, Chao Ning
The development of weapon equipment model is a long process. There are many risks in each stage of the whole life cycle. Through sorting out the process of model stone management identification, assessment and response are summarized, and risk management in weapon and equipment development is summarized...
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Moral education paradigm of cultural tradition

Aihui Jin
It can be said that the memory and identification, choice and structure of cultural tradition are important propositions of human social life. The cultural tradition is the process and result of the social community sharing the past, which highlights the value internalization and behavior externalization...
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Research on the Influence of Content Features of Short Video Marketing on Consumer purchase intentions

Yani Xiao, Lan Wang, Ping Wang
The short video industry is in the hotspot which favored by more and more users and advertisers. The length of short video is usually less than 5 minutes. The content is refined and rich, adapting to the fast-paced life, and the mode of vertical screen is also in line with the habits of mobile users....
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Research on the Promotion of High Quality Development of Cultural Industry by the Integration of Cultural Science and Technology

Guangqin Yan
The deep integration of culture and science and technology is an important engine to realize the high-quality development of cultural industry. Based on the analysis of the mechanism of cultural science and technology integration promoting the high-quality development of cultural industry, this paper...
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A study on the Interpretative Theory from the Perspective of Culture

Hui Wang
According to the interpretive theory, the process of interpreting is actually a process of conveying the sense. The scholars of the interpretive school argue that interpreting does not simply translate the information on the surface or its form of expression. A faithful interpretation is faithful to...
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Research on the Development of High-tech Industry in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

Jinghua Wu
The development of high-tech industry is more and more become a direct expression of the development level of regional industry. This paper explores the R&D input and innovation output of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei high-tech industry and finds that the R&D input and innovation output of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei...
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Physical education should be the focus of national physique

Xuan Li
In recent years, China has issued a number of guiding documents on the decline of national physique for many years in a row. Among them, the opinions of the State Council on the implementation of healthy China Action clearly require that by 2022 and 2030, the excellent and good rates of national students'...
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Studying on the Functional Complexity of the House Site in Pidu District under the Background of “Three Rights Division”

Ayibota Anaketaxi, Yitai Feng
This paper summarizes the practical experience of the reform of “Three Rights Division” in the house site of Pidu District. It finds that apart from giving full play to the most primitive residential function and security function, house site also has new complex functions such as assets, bearing of...
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Discussion on the Trinity Teaching Mode of "Classroom Teaching-Practical Teaching-Subject Competition"——Taking the engineering cost professional graphics competition as an example

Yuxiao Liu
As an effective method to cultivate student's ability of innovation and practice, improve student's comprehensive quality and promote teaching reform, subject competition has a positive role in promoting talent cultivation. The subject competition is further enhanced on the basis of classroom teaching...
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Research on the Present Situation and Management Countermeasures of General Education Elective Courses in Colleges and Universities

Huiyuan LI, Yan Zhang
The general education elective courses plays an important role in the talent cultivation system of colleges and universities. At present, there are many problems in the course setting, selection, teaching and examination of general education elective courses in colleges and universities, which has seriously...
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The Cultivation of Computational Thinking Ability of cadets under the Wave of Artificial Intelligence Research

Yirun Ruan, Shuohao Li
As a cradle for cultivating future commanders, military academies need to grasp the direction of cultivation according to the characteristics of the times. The development of artificial intelligence has accelerated the pace of human beings entering the intelligent age. Under this background, the training...
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The Blended Teaching Design of College English Based on Theories of Flipped Classroom

Yan Liu
Flipped classroom as the advanced way of blended teaching, has the characteristics of being online and offline and fits in with the meaning of blended teaching. The online activities are the necessary, and the offline is the extension of being online. The blended teaching reconstructed the traditional...
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Research on the Reform of China's Medical Insurance Payment Methods under the Background of Big Data

Medicare payment is an important part of health care reform and management, and it is also a way to improve the behavior of medical services and the allocation of medical resources. This paper mainly analyzes the current situation and existing problems of Chinese medical insurance payment methods, and...
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Application and Research of Problem-driven Approach in Identifying Protocol Teaching

Zhengqin Xu, Wendong Zhao, Laixian Peng, Hai Wang
Problem-driven teaching method is a kind of teaching method, which takes the problem as the traction, combs the knowledge points in the course and establishes the problem chain by the teachers, so that the students always focus on the problems in the learning process and constantly seek solutions. In...
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Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Experimental Teaching of Sports Human Science in Universities

Xiafang Li, Lei Dai, Xiaomei Zhan, Rongsheng Liu
By using the method of documentation and data collection, this paper first analyses the limitations of traditional experimental teaching of sports human science and the characteristics of virtual reality technology, and then focuses on the advantages and research status of virtual reality technology...
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The key points and effect of TBL: A research review

Xiaomei Zhan, Rongsheng Liu, Lei Dai
TBL has been used more and more in university teaching, which has set off a wave of teaching reform. However, under this trend, there are still many questions about the application of TBL, which restricts its further development. Are the components of TBL the same in different courses? Can TBL bring...
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Comparison of Teacher Talents Education System Between China (Guangdong) and German

YuShen Fang, PingYing Zhou
Germany's education is well-known in the world. This study is aimed at the German teacher education system, and compares with the current teachers education in China (Guangdong) to understand the advantages and disadvantages between China (Guangdong) and Germany teacher education systems. This study...
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Human-Centered "Identity Performativity"------Take Mona in the Promised Land as an Example

Ping Yi
Immigrants living in different cultures will have to face the situation of re-positioning and re-understanding themselves. With the development of globalization, cultural identity is no longer single and unchanged, but gradually become more autonomous and compatible. Through close reading Mona in the...
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Proposed Conceptual model for Business Intelligence Tools on Business Sustainability

Ramesh kumar Moona Haji Mohamed, Peramjit Singh Balbir Singhhor, Premkumar Nadarajan, Ninderpal Singh Balwant Singh, Ku Nur Ilyani Ku Abd Aziz, Amutha Arockiasamy, Adi Wira Mohd Zin
This document explains and demonstrates the proposed conceptual model for business intelligence tools on business sustainability. The qualitative literature analysis method was used to analyze the proposed model for Business Intelligence Tools on Business Sustainability. Past studies have been collected...
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Research on the core value of clothing brand based on the development trend of fabric

Zhe Li, Huan Tian
Based on the importance of fabrics for the modern garment industry, this paper studies how garment enterprises can grasp the development trend of fabrics in front-end product design and production, build product differentiation, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, in terms of new...
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Application of OBE Concept in “Fundamentals of Accounting” Course Design

Xi Zhao
Outcome-Based Education (OBE) concept was first proposed by an American scholar-Spady, and has become the mainstream of teaching reform in English-speaking countries such as Britain, America and Canada. At present, OBE education mode is also widely used in the design and reform of training program in...