Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Chemistry and Computer Engineering 2015

1808 authors
AN, Changping
Study on Live Overhaul Robot Technology for Substation
An, Bo
Research on Effect of Modified Semi Conductive Material on the Space Charge Behaviour in XLPE
An, Liang
An Optimal Bandwidth Resource Utilization Scheme in IEEE 802.16m Based Networks
An, Qianwen
Video In The Shadow Of An Object To Determine When And Where Of The Video
Bai, Guoyun
Research on the Sealing Detection Technology for No Leak Detection Interface Specimen
Bai, Jian
Evaluation Technology for Wind Power Access in Regional Power Grid Based on PSD-BPA
Bai, Jianbing
Study on Wireless Network Security in 4G Communication Technology
Bai, Jie
A market comparison method evaluation model based on set pair analysis
Bai, Lan
Campus Second-hand Trading Market Application System
Bai, Lei
The Research on Servo Control System for AC PMSM Based on DSP
Bai, Liye
Crude Oil in Water Drilling Fluid Properties and Application in Horizontal Wellbore Drilling
Bai, Lu
The Application Research on Cement Stabilized Hill-skill Gravelly Soil as the Reinforcing Layer for High-grade Highway
Bai, Weibing
A kind of crane loading and unloading simulation based on finite-state Machine
Bai, Xuemei
Music Recommendation System Design Based on Gaussian Mixture Model
Bai, Yan
The PLC control and the monitoring configuration software monitoring design of sewage treatment system
Bai, Yan
Design and Realization of Process Control System based on VB Configuration Software
Bai, Yan
Application of the S7-200PLC and KINGVIEW6.53to the constant pressure water supply system with variable frequency
Bao, Haiou
Information system of the rare endangered plants in Poyang Lake watershed
Bao, Lihong
Study on the Expression of Osteopontin Coding Gene in Ovarian Cancer
Bao, Lihong
Study on Osteopontin and Its Clinical Application to Ovarian Cancer
Bao, Lihong
The Expression and Significance of Nerve Growth Factor Receptor in Ovarian Cancer
Bao, Minghui
Study on Live Overhaul Robot Technology for Substation
Bi, Li
Research on yield forecasting model based on RBF in discrete manufacturing industry application
Bian, Hong
Study of Vulnerability Parameters in a Class of Network
Bian, Qiang
A Design of M-LVDS Transmitter IP
Bo, Zhou
A Novel Radon Transform and AR Model in Crack Detection
Bu, Yunlei
Synthesis and photoluminescence characteristics of Eu3+ doped Bi4Si3O12 red emitting phosphor
Cai, Bin
Computer Applications to Exact solutions of AKNS Hierarchy with Variable Coefficients
Cai, Haidi
Aqueous solution polymerization of acrylamide:a pilot-scale study
Cai, Haidi
Synthesis and Study of ternary copolymerized cationic polyacrylamide
Cai, Jianfu
Dis-Dyn Crawler:A Distributed Crawler for Dynamic Web Page
Cai, Jiangyong
Real-time Calculating Over Self-Health Data Using Storm
Cai, Jing
Research on Effect of Modified Semi Conductive Material on the Space Charge Behaviour in XLPE
Cai, Runlei
Screening Method Research on Main Water Polluters of Liao River in Jinzhou
Cai, Runlei
Diagnosis and Assessment of Metallurgical Industry Wastewater Treatment Technology of Liaohe Basin
Cai, Runlei
Screening Method Research on Main Water Polluters of Liao River in Fushun
Cai, Weiyong
Optimization design on dome shape of high-speed elevator
Cai, Xiaotao
Design of A Compact Four-Way Micro-strip Power Divider
Cai, Xin
Blind Doppler Rate Estimation for PSK Signal
Cai, Zhencai
A Method of General Data Interface’s Design And Implementation Based On IEC 61850
Cai, Zhencai
A Portable Test Device for Smart Substation Based on PXI Bus
Cai, Zhihai
Research of Microstructure and Performance of Laser Cladding Fe-based Medium Manganese Alloy
Cao, Jianzhong
Unified Expert Database of Aluminium Alloy Welding Based on Matlab Curve Fitting
Cao, Liqiang
Research on the Bow Thruster of Large Ship
Cao, Yanfeng
Research on Performance Degradation Modeling for Machine Gun’s Barrel Based on FOAGRNN
Cao, Yuanjia
Design of laser detection instrument of a certain type of missile
Cao, Yue
Characteristics Analysis of Aging Composite Insulators
Chang, Bo
Fire Disaster Monitoring Network Localization algorithm Based on RSSI Ranging technology
Chang, Chaowen
An Advanced Persistent Threats Awareness Technology Based on “Condensed matter”
Chang, Dexian
A protocol anomaly detection method based on optimized hidden Markov model
Chang, Wenfen
A New Method of Machine Tool Thermal Error Modeling Based on the Finite Element Analysis
Chang, Yulian
Flexible Arm Optimal Design of Pipe Robot Expanding Brake Structure
Chao, Tat-Wa
Wide-scoped Surrounding Top-view Monitor for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Che, Tianwei
An Event-Based Method of Construction of Cyberspace Models
Chen, Baodan
Maritime wireless broadband communication system based on TVWS
Chen, Bin
Research on Optimization Real-Time Multi-Process System For Integrated Modular Avionics
Chen, Caiyan
Effects of laser treating on surface morphology of MAO coating on AZ91 magnesium alloy
Chen, Chao
Study on Live Overhaul Robot Technology for Substation
Chen, Chao
Mini-batch Quasi-Newton optimization for Large Scale Linear Support Vector Regression
Chen, Chao
Face recognition using data driven local appearance features
Chen, Chen
The study of carbon monoxide placenta blood hemoglobin oxygenation
Chen, Chen
Multi-image Evaluation of Product Color Design based on Grey Relational Analysis
Chen, Chongjiong
Polymeric Microfiltration Technology and New Filter Element for Automobile Fuel
Chen, Chuanmin
Characteristics Analysis of Aging Composite Insulators
Chen, Cunying
When Coordination and Exploration are matched: A Simulation Research on Multi-Agents Governance mode
Chen, Dabing
Development of inspection robot for in-service steel tubular poles
Chen, Danqing
The physical property of epoxy/graphene nanoplatelets composites prepared by ball milling
Chen, Defeng
The Study of Cable Operation Fault Monitoring Based on All-fiber Technology
Chen, Ding
Design of MPPT controller based on battery fast charging method in photovoltaic system
Chen, Guangfeng
Research on Start-up Mark Mechanism and Intelligent Compensation
Chen, Hao
Joint Bilateral Filter and Multi-Scale Cost Aggregation in Stereo Matching
Chen, Hao
Development and Verification of A Small CMOS Digital Standard Cell Library Based on SMIC 130nm Process
Chen, Jiajia
Inertia mobile mechanism research based on ADAMS
Chen, Jianhui
Attitude control of short-range loitering missile based on ADRC
Chen, Jianya
Service name resolution in Service-oriented network based on Kademlia algorithm
Chen, Jiedong
Design of College Discrete Mathematics Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Chen, Jinshan
A Method of General Data Interface’s Design And Implementation Based On IEC 61850
Chen, Jinshan
A Portable Test Device for Smart Substation Based on PXI Bus
Chen, Jinxia
Research and Simulation of fault prediction method in numerical control machine tool operation
Chen, Jinxia
Simulation of high precision angle control in mechanical manufacturing Numerical Control Technology
Chen, Junhua
A Topology Model with Energy- and Location-awareness based on the Laws of Internal Evolution of the Wireless Sensor Network
Chen, Ke
D Design and Implementation of Limestone Activity Real-time Detection System Based on Qt /Qwt
Chen, Ke
Vulnerability Analysis on the Cloud Network Topology
Chen, Kui
Study on Thrust Hydraulic System of TBM Based on AMESim & MATLAB/Simulink Interface
Chen, Kun
The Pig Food Intake Measurement System Based on TinyOS and WSN
Chen, Lei
Analysis On the Ultra-low Power Integrated Circuit Technology
Chen, Lin
Research on Time Randomization based on soft interrupt Against DPA Attack
Chen, Ling
Six-legged Walking Robot’s Gait Planning and Kinematics Analysis under the Environment of Concave Ground
Chen, Ling
Research on the measurement of static friction force of bamboo root soil
Chen, Linnan
Research of new structure super fast recovery power diode
Chen, Liping
High Efficient Link Schedule with Spatial Reuse in Relay Enabled Broadband Wireless Networks
Chen, Lu
SVH : A Lightweight Stream Cipher Based on Dual Pseudo-Random Transformation and OFB
Chen, MengYao
Design and Implementation of Supermarket Management System
Chen, Mingzhong
A Mining Algorithm of Frequent Items in Data Streams Based on Apache Storm
Chen, Peng
Online K-Means Algorithm for Background Subtraction
Chen, Ping
The Design and Implementation Colleges and Universities Cadres Management System based on J2EE
Chen, Qi-sheng
Numerical Study of Radical Reaction in Kerosene Auto-ignition
Chen, Qiao
Modeling and Simulation of Large Synchronous Generator Excitation System with PSASP
Chen, Qiao
Study on Influence of Excitation System Parameters on Transient Characteristics of Power Units
Chen, Qinglang
Research on EPDM Matrix Nonlinear Insulation Composites