Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, Management and Computing Technology (ICEMCT-16)

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Educational Reform and Discussion about Course of Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis

Le Gao
The teaching effect of Ideological and moral cultivation and the basic course of law has not been ideal. To enhance the teaching effect of the course and improve the teaching quality, teaching reform must be carried out. The reform can be carried out from the following aspects: Reform teaching mode,...
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Implications of the Flipped Classroom on College English Teaching under the Background of Reform

Wei Liu
College English as a public foundation course in college, involving a wide range of students, has a high impact on college students. The continuous improvement of College English teaching is the need to comprehensively enhance the quality of higher education. Over the years, facing the reform of College...
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Research on the application of experimental management based on Android mobile phone platform

Chunxi Zhao
This paper carries out the research on the experiment management applications which are based on the Android mobile phone platform. First of all, in this paper, the composition of experiment management system based on the Android mobile phone platform has been analyzed, and then the system function has...
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Research on the Curriculum Integration of the Course of Chinese Modern History Outline

Xiaoshi Xu
"Chinese modern history" teaching material has some defects in the historical facts structure and theory summary and so on. This paper discusses the three important links in the teaching of Chinese modern history. Import link is the starting point. It can induce students' professional learning interest...
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Study of remote experiment management based on Labview

Chunxi Zhao
This article designs and exploits the multilayer distributed mixed virtual network laboratory (Virtual NetLab) based on LabVIEW, and presents a new scheme of data acquisition which combines LabVIEW with OPC technology. This scheme primly solves the laboratory’s difficult problem of data collection. Moreover,...
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Consumers’ Willingness to Buy Brand Ginseng Products and its Empirical Study on the Influence Factors

Yundi Dai, Yanjiao Wen, Wei Xie, Huimin Li
This Logistic model on consumers’ willingness to buy brand ginseng products and measurement analysis of influencing factors. Results show that consumers buy brands of ginseng products under the influence of a variety of factors, the primary factor for the consumer's personal factors, including consumer's...
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Application of GM (1, 1) model in PM2.5 content prediction

Hongfu Ai, Ying Shi
In recent years, the frequent occurrence of fog and haze weather phenomenon, and the governance of the haze are more difficult. In order to reduce the harm caused by the PM2.5 content of the main components of its prediction research has gradually become a hot spot. In this paper, taking Changchun city...
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Study on temporal and spatial variation regularity of soil moisture content based on interpolation algorithm

Liying Cao, Tengda Qie, Guifen Chen
in the ArcGIS environment through IDW interpolation method analysis of the spatial variation of water content in soil, and soil moisture content of the internal and seasonal variations, discusses the precipitation and temperature on the effect of soil moisture content changes. The results showed that...
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Research on soil moisture information acquisition and monitoring system based on wireless communication

Tengda Qie, Liying Cao, Guifen Chen
according to the water and fertilizer resources waste, serious shortage and low utilization rate, environmental pollution and other issues, put forward a kind of soil moisture monitoring system based on Internet of things is one of the scientific and technological content of the highest, integration...
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Research on Application of Grey Relevance Theory in teaching evaluation

Hongfu Ai, He Pan
The purpose of teaching evaluation is to improve the quality of teaching. The evaluation method of teaching is numerous, and has achieved good results. Due to the particularity of the curriculum, the teaching evaluation of different courses should be different. In this paper, the evaluation model is...
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Development and Application of Network Teaching System of Machine Design Foundation

Yunfang Xie
In order to realize the interactive teaching of the course of Machine Design Foundation, we use the campus network and computer aided design software to construct the network teaching platform, this platform consists of three modules, which are interactive teaching module, teacher management module and...
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Discussion on Application for Interior Space Design and the Application of Interior Design Style

Xiaodong Zhang
Interior design is the essence of the interior space design, including physical space design and psychological space design two levels. Interior design style is an important issue for interior designers and owners. Through analysis and Research on the relationships between design and interior design...
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Study of teaching evaluation based on WeChat public platform

Jun Han, Lei Xie, Jing Liu, Xuetan Zhai
Teaching evaluation is an important part of the whole teaching process, it is a process of improving teaching. WeChat public platform is a new type of information push platform for a large number of users, simple and easy to use. Combined with the existing results of teaching evaluation, analyzes the...
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Research on the Scope Definition of Contractor’s Reasonable Proposals

Xi Zhang, Hong Ke
As to the phenomenon of variation order sum accounting for construction settlement more and more,this paper put forward the effective way of the contractor proposing reasonable proposals in which the construction cost can be reduced and the project value can be improved.Define the scope of contractor‘s...
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Research on Payment and Settlement Issues of Health, Safety and Environmental Provisions

Shuhan Zhou, Hong Ke
With the continuous expansion of the construction scale, the problems of the safety of construction projects are being paid more and more attention by the professionals and relevant administrative departments. Health, safety and environmental provisions (costs for HSE ) as a non competitive costs, so...
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Study on the Four Critically Ill Score Methods of Newborns Critically Ill

Cui Liu, Tao Li, Yu Fu, Chao Zeng, Yi Li
Objective: To investigate the NCIS, TRIPS, SNAP-II, research SNAPPE- score four critically ill newborns and assess the predictive accuracy of superiority. Methods: The clinical data were collected in 2015, People's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Hubei Medical College prospective study comparing...
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Research on Application of Tennis Wall in Tennis Teaching

Yunfan Bai
The tennis wall can solve some problems in university tennis teaching, such as the tennis locations cannot meet the student populations. However, the efficiency of the tennis teaching based on the tennis wall is unknown. This research firstly gives the concept, advantages and disadvantages of the tennis...
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Research on Differences between the Crime of Corruption and the Crime of Unauthorized Partition of State-owned Assets

Lei Li
The crime of unauthorized partition state-owned assets is a new crime in 1997 Criminal Law, which is born out from the Crime of Corruption. They are similar in object of crime, objective aspect of crime and subject of crime. This paper expounds the differences between the two crimes on the criminal subjects,...
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esearch on the Approaches of Community-based Rehabilitation for Persons with Disability

Xiaowei You
Rehabilitation service for people with disabilities is one of the most urgent needs of today's social service projects. This paper firstly gives the concept of community-based rehabilitation for persons with disability, then expounds the approaches of community-based rehabilitation in the foreign countries,...
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Study on the Factors Affecting Computer Aided English Teaching

Huahong Rao
Shortly after the emergence of multimedia, computer is quickly used into the field of education, computer-assisted instruction to bring a revolution. With the advance of information technology to improve education, computers, and other hardware facilities of the campus network, computer technology in...
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Research on Computer Aided English Teaching Mode

Huahong Rao
With the globalization of economic development and the needs of social life, English has increasingly become a global communication tool. In the past the traditional teaching model cannot meet the needs of a good social development. Schools should make full use of multimedia and network technology, the...
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Research on the Application of Computer Aided English Teaching

Huahong Rao
With the rapid development of education and teaching the theory of improvement and development of science and technology, the combination of the two is also constantly play a role in teaching. From the initial electronic courseware, to teaching software, to customize the learning platform, all reflect...
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Research on Public Participation in Sustainable Urbanization Process

Hai Hu
This paper argues that the problems emerging in the process of current Government-led urbanization are caused by the unbalanced game mechanism between state forces and social forces in nature. In future, the key for achieving the sustainability of Chinese urbanization process is to seek for the institutional...
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Research on Disclosure of the Internal Control Deficiency Information of Listed Banks based on the data analysis of 16 listed banks in 2014

Weiwei Tang
The information disclosure of the internal control in the listed banks is an important mean to test its effectiveness, especially the disclosure of deficiency information. This paper treats the evaluation report of our 16 listed banks’internal control as a sample, using the method of descriptive statistical...
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Study in Financing Difficulties and Strategies of China’s Small and Medium Enterprises

Xuefei Hong
The rapid development of small and medium enterprises has become an important force in driving China’s economic growth and absorbing social employment which plays an irreplaceable fiction. However, the time of the development and establishment of Chinese small and medium enterprises is relatively short...
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Research on the Quality Problems of New Accounting Standards’ Earnings

Kaiyuan Zhang, Liufang Zeng, Zirui Xie
The earnings quality is the core of accounting information quality, which reflects the ability of information needs of different stakeholders satisfied by earnings information when making decisions. The new accounting standards have changed in terms of the concept of income, profit elements and definitions,...
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Grey Correlational Analysis on Structure of Inbound Tourism Industry of Xinjiang Province

Pingxin Han, Xiaoling Yu
Utilizing gray correlation analysis method, this paper explored the relationship between the various departments and the tourism foreign exchange income of Xinjiang in the last 14 years, and obtained the following conclusions: During probationary period (2000-2013), all departments of inbound tourism...
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Application and Analysis of Psychological Testing in Recruitment of Universities

Zhongyu Zhou
This article analyzes the psychological tests and objective investigation in Chongqing application status of college recruiting, recruiters and candidates as well as perceptions of psychological tests psychological tests Standardization. Recruitment for the College of correct understanding of the value...
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Exploration the Possibility of Domestic Publishing Management Approval System Gradual Reform

Nan Guo
This paper discusses the characteristics of the examination and approval system of publishing in mainland China and the feasibility of the reform, and puts forward some suggestions. First of all, this paper reviews the history of the establishment of the publication approval system. Then, this paper...
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Research on Green Logistics Based on Circular Economy Theory

Yilong Shi
Green logistics is the foundation of circular economy and circular economy promotes green logistics development. This paper firstly introduces the concepts of green logistics and circular economy, and then explains the relationship between the circular economy and the green logistics. Finally, this paper...
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Research on Quality of Kindergarten’s Facilities Based on Children’s Perspectives

Huan Chen
Paying attention to the children’s opinions and listening to the children’s heart are very important to the formulating the kindergarten’s plan and improving education objectives. This research made use of the random sampling and purposive sampling and chose 32 5-years-old kids to recognize their degree...
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Village Cadre Competency and Rural Development: A Literature Review

Hui Liu
Rural development is affected by many factors, among which the influence of village cadres is also very important. Many studies have indicated that the village cadres played a significant role in the social, political and economic development of the rural areas. The village cadre is the leader for becoming...
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The Inheritance and innovation of Chinese Traditional Costume from the Perspective of Intangible Cultural Heritage ——a case study of APEC Leader's Dress

Fei Guo, Shen Jian Hu
Textile intangible cultural heritage is the treasure of Chinese culture. It is a problem that inheritance and innovation of Chinese traditional costume, which is needs to be solved and discussed in the clothing industry. This paper takes APEC leader's clothing as an example, and discuss it in the perspective...
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Analysis of McDull Series and its Enlightenment to Chinese Animation Films

Shuai Geng
With the first serialized in comic way in 1988, then the first animated film come out in 2001, and the third animated film released in the mainland film market in 2009. It took totally more than 20 years for"Mcdull" to complete its growth aprocess.
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The Analysis and Research of the Architecture Landscape Hand Drawn Performance Techniques

Haijiao Xu
the architectural landscape hand drawn performance is the most direct method for designers to show emotions and concepts. It is a form of expression, displaying the formation process of the designer's thought. It is simple, fast and direct, and shows the design with thinking, and to be lived, expressing...
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The Ecological Research and Analysis of Environmental Art Design

Haijiao Xu
From 21th century, with the continuous development of economy and promotion of living standard of people in China, the environmental problem and resource shortage,caused by industrial development appears gradually. In this context, the ecological idea of environmental art design starts to be popular...
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The Research & Discussion about Application-oriented Undergraduate Colleges Practical Teaching Center Establishment

Zhuo Chen, Lu-fang Qin
According to the problems of application-type regular university practical teaching center establishment, this article studies and discusses in five respects: transforming education concepts and attention to practical teaching, management system perfection and innovating operation mechanism, strengthening...
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Cooperative Advertising Research with Product Pricing

Zheng Wang
On the supply chain channel of a single manufacturer and single retailer, we research the cooperative advertising expenditures and product pricing. We consider the price into the cooperative advertising decisions, and use the four different games to research the decision to choose the optimal advertising,...
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The Dynamic Relationship between Onshore and Offshore Market Exchange Rate in the Process of RMB Internationalization-- An Empirical Analysis Based on VAR-DCC-MGARCH-BEKK Model

Yin Feng, Tang Yang
Using a VAR-DCC-MGARCH-BEKK model, this paper empirically tests the dynamic relationship between onshore and offshore market exchange rate. The results show that: Firstly, the guiding effect of offshore RMB forward exchange market on onshore RMB spot and forward exchange rate market is obvious, but not...
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Study on Music Literature Characteristics of Song Poetry

Fangping Cheng
Song poetry belongs to Yan Song, bound folk music a new sound system Yan. Song people establish a standardized system based on the sound of humans, creating a true legal term so that Chinese literature comes into the classical music era. Song constantly adopts new sound with a rich musical word and appears...
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Study of Feminism Society

Fangping Cheng
Feminism is a full range of social science research practice, which emphasizes the value of subjectivity and personal experience, both seek ways to work in the traditional disciplines, and aims to break these traditional knowledge revolutions and such a study the nature defines its diversity of methods....
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Autonomous Learning and College English Teaching

Xiaoyan Wang
In the current College English teaching mode, the primary object relation has not been a clear understanding of teaching and learning, teachers and students in the teaching process positioning are fuzzy, subjective initiative play hard to get; teaching activity-dependent class, teaching content fixed...
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Research of Second Language Teaching under Constructivism

Wenping Fu
Two theoretical study of language teaching has been the focus of attention of the education sector. In the process of second language teaching, teachers need to adopt effective teaching mode and teaching methods. Second language teaching as an important part of learning need to pay attention to the theoretical...
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Research of French Negative Way Teaching

Yang Li
French negation ways is various, including absolute negation of all negation, negation and relative partial denial, double negation and affirmation, implicit denial and negation general, there are certain similarities than negative way, there are also some differences, students will more easily both...
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Study on Teacher Development of Shaanxi Private Universities "Double Hit Double Role"

Jingjing Gao
China's rapid economic development, the demand for "double hit double role" Teachers in the increasing role of private higher education is growing. In order to improve the teaching quality of private universities and promote the development of education, we need to establish high-quality "double hit...
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Study on Teaching of Western Culture under the Background of Economic Belt of the Silk Road

Lizhen Wang
The Silk Road is the main link between the ancient and the West, it played an irreplaceable role in the West's dealings. In September 2013, first proposed during President Xi Jinping visit to Kazakhstan Silk Road economic belt-building initiatives, under this background, China urgently needs to build...
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Study on the Methods to Cultivate Students' Positive Mental Quality from the Perspective of Positive Psychology

Yi Zhang
w. It mainly studies positive psychological quality of human, focusing on health and happiness and harmonious development of mankind. Students are at an important stage in the transition to adulthood, whether they have a good psychological quality, have a positive attitude to their future life has far-reaching...
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Research on C-E Translation of Dialect in Shaanxi Local Opera

Jiaying Ma
Shaanxi local opera forms part of our rich drama form is very important. Shaanxi local opera in dialect is a language which is very common phenomenon. As representatives of local distinctive regional dialects of one language specific non-standard language and stylistic features, translation dialects...
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Study on Countermeasures of Mental Health and Educational Management of Migrant Workers’ Children-The Case of Status of Tuanjie Village in Xi’an, Shaanxi

Dong Xue
Children of migrant workers due to the lack of resources and lack of schooling parents in family education and family have different degrees of psychological problems. Taking Xi'an Tuanjie Village children of migrant workers for the study, the use of social psychology knowledge is through field visits,...
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Study on Library Mobile Information Services for Library Users Demand

Qiang Zhao
Books in the development of human society and civilization evolution documented and retained in the form of text down, library books charged with the task of saving human culture, social development process in a variety of documents and materials collection, processing and finishing, having high social...
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Research on the Enhancement to Xi’an Pension Security System under the Aging Population Environment

Xiaohui Zhu
Xi'an is the degree of aging of the deepening of the city, community home care service as a new service pension under Xi'an is an important measure to solve the aging population of pension issues. According to Xi'an community home care problems in order to improve the Xi'an community home care services,...
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Study on Practice Teaching System Construction of Japanese Undergraduate Major

Cuiping Wu
2015 Japanese national professional standards for convening an international seminar, marking the Japanese current offer of nearly 500 undergraduate colleges and universities will face "GB" severe test, which will also today's Japanese professional training models and standards have a direct influences....
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Study on the Multinational Companies Global Strategy and International Economic Cooperation of Western Companies

Xiaoyan Zhou
Transnational corporations are an important product of global economic integration, to promote global economic integration and promoting regional development has an important significance in promoting. 20 species of the mid-1990s after the country's eastern and multinational enterprises formed close...
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Study on the Dynamic Financial Management Mode under E-commerce Era

Jie Cui
China has entered the 21st century, Chinese scientific, economic, political culture has made great development. Which lead to the development of science and technology rapid increase of China's information technology industry. Currently, set off a worldwide e-commerce boom, and quickly gained popularity...
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Reflections on the Driven Mechanism of Network Economy on Consumer Economy

Min An
With the rapid development of information technology and the Internet, and gradually formed a special economic form, the network economy. With the deepening of the network economy, people's consumption patterns are constantly changing. Not only enhance the Network Economy's technology consumer economy,...
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Study on Problems and Countermeasures of English Network Learning

Wenjie Zeng, Shengqi Xiong
Today is an era of globalization, the increasingly frequent international exchanges, English as a universal language, more and more attention, English has become an important tool of international communication. With the increase in the proportion of international economic and trade share in the national...
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The Blended Learning of Physical Education and Computer Class in Physical Colleges

Qiang Chen, Qinghan Li
With the continuous development of network information technology, more and more emphasis on sports teaching PE Colleges and computer integration of teaching, blended learning mode in this context will be born out. Blended learning is a fusion of traditional PE teaching new teaching model and network...
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How to Take Advantage of Computer Technology in Physical Education

Guofeng Deng, Dupin Xie
After the reform and opening up, China has achieved rapid economic development, science and technology is also showing a lot of good development trend, especially the development of computer technology with the gradual deepening of people's lives and work, plays an irreplaceable role. In recent years,...
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Application of Computer Technology in Sports Training and Competition

Changgui He, Chao Ye
With the continuous development of information technology, computer technology began gradually applied to sports training and sports were to go, so as to achieve better practical results. The application of computer technology to the modern sports training and sports, you can accurately obtain the corresponding...
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Research on the Integration Advantages of Physical Education and Computer Technology in College

Jianzhen Huang, Yuntian Huang
The 21st century is the era of network information, in this context, computer technology has been widely used in various fields. In recent years, combined with domestic teaching found in computer technology which is also widely used, and the high value significance. Computer technology penetration in...
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Research on the Plight and Way out of Advertising Network

Wei Huang
With the continuous development of network technology, e-commerce is also showing a good development trend, more and more business people and companies began to focus on online advertising. In recent years, online advertising industry in the process of rapid development, there has also been a lot of...
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Study on the Organic Integration of Physical Education and Online Education

Shiqing Le, Yuan Wen
With the continuous development of new curriculum reform, quality education has been widely accepted. Physical education is an important part of college quality education, to improve the overall quality of students has an important role. Development of network information technology makes the current...
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Study on the Teaching Situation and Development Strategy of College Sports Network

Qing Li, Dandan Han
With the continuous development of computer technology, networking, digital, information technology network teaching has become an inevitable trend of modern college physical education. College Sports network instruction can make better use of the various sports teaching resources, improve resource utilization,...
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Study on Construction of Domestic College Sports Network Teaching Platform

Shuaicheng Luo, Ying Wang
With the development of society, the education sector is also beginning to change, the current science and technology into classroom education were to improve the quality of teaching in the classroom, in addition to physical education among the general exercise of outdoor sports, there are physical training...
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Analysis on the Effective Development of Sports Network Educational Resources

Qin Li, Zimin Chang
Over the years, the network of information technology development, beginning to infiltrate the various industries, the education sector as well. With the cause of national education reform deepening, various subjects have begun implementation of information technology development, especially among physical...
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Exploration on the Ways to Develop Critical Thinking Skills in College English Writing Education

Chao Ye, Changgui He
The rapid development of computer network technology in higher education which gained wide popularity, so much for the development of distance education in the core of the concept of higher education reform began to emerge. This is mainly due to the spread of modern distance education network information...
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Research on Application of Network Technology on College Physical Education

Xiaobao Zhan, Zhen Tan
With the deepening of the new curriculum, learning technology to be widely used, not only greatly enhance the efficiency of classroom teaching in Universities, but also to encourage students to get a more comprehensive development. Therefore we can say technology for online education teaching has a very...
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Study on the Specific Application of Multimedia Research in PE Teaching

Xuanjie Zhou, Qing Sun
The 21st century is an information age, the rapid development of the twenty-first century is the era of multimedia technology. Multimedia era for the community, the country has brought great benefits, but also on the national education put forward new challenges that require the use of multimedia technology,...
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Research of Preschool Teacher Competency Model Construction and Its Evaluation Under Two-Child Policy

Yunyan Liang
This study was designed to investigate the preschool teachers who should have professional competency structure ability. In this paper, behavioral event interviews and questionnaires, competency from the perspective of preschool teacher competency model were studied.
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Study of Restriction of Cultural Context in English Translation

Lifang Yang
Science and technology have drawn much attention of the whole country since the late 1970’s when China started its reform and opening-up. EST and its translation play a significant role in the course of learning new science and advanced technology from foreign countries, and of introducing the situation...
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Study on the Challenges and its Countermeasures of Chinese Commercial Industry under Information Age

Yan Wang
With the rapid change of the times and change, it appears in the current business model a lot of innovative elements, the use of more high technology, the traditional business model has been challenged. In this case, whether in traditional commercial IT attack to get out, to create a distinctive business...
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Study on the Challenges for Teachers of English teaching Reform

Wuying Tan
With the process of reform of national college English teaching, college English teachers face "three to improve" the pressure and the corresponding challenges. This paper believes that the teacher is the main dominant teaching is teaching. They brought pressure and challenges of reform and to deal with...
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Research on Evaluation of College English Teaching Reform

Qinning Wu
University English is an important public foundation courses opened in Chinese universities and it is the most important way to obtain knowledge and skills in English. Our general university college English teaching in recent years has made remarkable achievements, the overall quality of students and...
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Research on Quality Evaluation of Attribute Mathematical Model

Fangfang Fu
This paper presents a mathematical model evaluation. The model consist of three parts: single index attribute measure analysis, multi-index comprehensive attribute measure analysis, attribute recognition analysis. We analyzed the differences in the properties and fuzzy mathematical model mathematical...
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Study on Training Process of Green Jobs to Green Skills

Wei Ping
Due to global warming, environmental degradation, energy crisis and other issues serious threat to human survival and development, so that humanity had to re-examine the relationship between economic development and nature. In 1989, British economist Paul Pierce and other issued "green economy Blue Book",...
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Study on the Development Trend of Hotel management under Information Age

Siqing Tian
With the development of global economic integration, China's hotel market competition has become increasingly fierce, the hotel business risk is also growing. In order to improve the competitive advantage of the hotel, the hotel has become a recognized group development direction. However, after several...
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Research on Reverse Technology Spillover Effect of Foreign Direct Investment

Ying Lu
With the increasingly fierce global competition, foreign direct investment has become, developing countries' access to foreign advanced technology, an important means of participation in international competition, but also become a hot topic of academic research. Firstly, the theory of the mechanism...
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Study on ESD Protection Design of Electronic Communication Products

Meifang Cai
This article is to introduce the harmless of ESD electronic communications products, protective measures to prevent adverse reactions buildup of static electricity caused by ESD, electronic communication products for electrostatic discharge is undoubtedly an invisible killer, electronic communication...
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The Innovation of French Listening Teaching Based on Network Multimedia Technology

Zhuang Bai
With the maturity of network multimedia technology, traditional French listening teaching can not fully adapt to the trend of the times. Based on the author's many years of teaching experience, firstly, this paper analyzes the importance of listening courses in the basic learning stage of French, and...
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The Reflections of Enterprise Management Decisions in the Big Data Background

Zewei Li
With the widespread use of ICT, particularly the expansionary development of cloud computing and processing technology, the human society entered into the information age of data processing supported by large data. Based on rich experience from many years’ work, the author, first of all, analyzes enterprise...
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The Influence of OFDI on Shandong Enterprise Productivity

Wei Zhang
The Outward Foreign Direct Investment(OFDI) in Shandong Province is an important part of China's OFDI. Accompanied by Going-out strategy, enterprises in Shandong Province also increase the pace of OFDI. Study on the economic effects of OFDI in Shandong Province will have an practical significance. Based...
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Study on Government Information Disclosure of Government Website Platform

Cuihua Liu
according to the government information disclosure of government departments, we start from the Henan provincial government departments website, through the analysis of its website domain name, website click rate and other technical indicators, the provincial government departments in the use of its...
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The Difficulties and Countermeasures of WeChat Marketing

Zhaohui Long
After micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing, with its viscosity stronger and more accurate target location, has quickly become a new tool for enterprise marketing. With the introduction of precision marketing concept and the instant marketing research, point to point precision marketing has become the...
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Research on the Reform of English Evaluation System in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xin Wang
The reform of Vocational English curriculum system should adapt and promote the development of talent training mode of work study combination, and one of the key points is to revise and innovate the teaching evaluation system. Based on the author's many years of work experience, this paper puts forward...
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The Difficulties and Countermeasures of Xinjiang Governance System and Capacity Modernization Construction

Na Liu
In the process of promoting the modernization of national governance systems and governance capacity, Xinjiang needs to deal with many problems and the situation is very complicated. Actively combing and summarizing the important significance of promoting the modernization of governance systems and governance...
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The Difficulties and Countermeasures of ERP Application in Enterprise Financial Management

Shuilin Rao
With the advent of the knowledge economy and the information age, domestic enterprises are facing increasingly serious challenges. In the fierce competition in the market, the integrated operational capabilities of enterprise resource has become an important symbol for the embodiment of market competitiveness...
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Research on University Online Welcome and Enrollment Education of Prospective College Students

Junpeng Huang
From origin and development of Chinese Universities online welcome, this paper introduced online welcome from the initial single-platform network systems, to today's micro-blogging, micro letter, QQ group, BBS forum, orientation network systems, orientation site, Baidu Post Bar and other species carrier....
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New Trends in International Direct Investment after the 2008 Economic Crisis

Jin Zhang
The 2008 world economic crisis has had an important impact on the global economy and the trend of international direct investment has changed significantly. The main changes are mainly manifested in three aspects: First, emerging market countries will accelerate foreign direct investment; Second, resources...
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Study on the Application of Pragmatics on EnglishTranslation

Shuo Chi, Fei Ma
Translation involves the transference of meaning between two languages. Since meanings are coated with culture and determined by the communicative intention of the speaker or writer in a given context, then pragmatics, which studies particular utterances in particular situations, plays an important part...
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Study on the Interactive Development of Animation Industry and Tourism Industry

Nannan Li, Aili Wang
The tourism industry and other traditional industries are not the same, the tourism industry demands for more performance-oriented rather than production-oriented, defining the angle of the tourism industry is the demand side, it is influenced by the characteristics of this demand in series, so that...
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Study on the Effects of Haze Weather on Rural Tourism-A Case of Langfang

Xiuwei Huang
As a new form of tourism, Langfang rural tourism gets attention of more and more people of all ages. In recent years, the rural tourism has a rapid development, but due to the late start, there are still many problems to be solved. They are government not know the place, backward management; planning...
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Models and Strategies for Cultivating and Developing Cultural Intelligence Quotient of College and University Students in Hainan

Bo Sun
Cultural intelligence refers that when communicate with other people from different cultures, people deal to take effective measures to adapt to the new culture capacity. Structure and Measurement of cultural intelligence, and other related constructs relationships and different development methods became...
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Study on Tourism of Henan Wushu Culture and its Sustainable Development under Construction of Central Plains Economic Zone

Huizhen Wan
In this paper, literature, expert interviews, questionnaires, mathematical statistics have been kept in-depth discussion and analysis of Henan Culture Tourism overview of the development and the main problems. Henan Wushu Culture proposed the development of sustainable tourism development to be clear...
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Research on Public Service Equalization of Chinese Urban and Rural Basic Education under Financial Perspective

Zhengwang Li, Xiayang Liu
Since the reform and opening up, Chinese policy support for rural has gradually increased in the process of rapid economic development, however, multifaceted, multi-angle gap still remains between the urban and rural public services specific to basic education between urban and rural areas, this paper...
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Research on the Dilemma and Countermeasures of Government Budget Openness

Zhengwang Li, Yu Xiao
In recent years, under the government actively promoting, the country public budget really made some achievements, but there are still many problems. This paper disclosed the existence of the government budget difficulties in our country, for the specific circumstances, put forward some suggestions for...
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Research on the Public English Flipped Classroom Teaching Modes in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Information Technology Environment

Lihua Bi
Flipped classroom teaching mode was introduced into China since 2011, and many experts, academics, or teachers have begun to introduce and practise it. The author takes "flipped classroom" as a kind of teaching mode reform, and takes advantage of technology tools and information resources, flipping over...
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Research on Causes and Countermeasures for the Difference between Employment Expectation and Actual Employment of College Graduates

Hui Liu, Zhao Wang
As the career choice of college graduates, employment expectation is the reflection of many college graduates’ career goals and also impacts career selection of college graduates to some extent. However, employment expectation and actual employment of college graduates has a large difference in workplace,...
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Research on Names' Implications of Hawthorne's the Scarlet Letter

Ke Zhang
In the19th century, American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne was good at romanticism, especially good at nomenclature characterization, highlighting themes. His masterpiece, "The Scarlet Letter" will epitomize this characteristic. In this novel, Hawthorne integrated the use of the Greek mythology, biblical...
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Study on Chinese Subjectivity and Chinese Grammar Teaching

Kunhu Wu
In order to comply with the global boom in the ascendant Chinese learning, the state spent a lot of money in the world to establish a Confucius Institute and Confucius classroom, but also cultivate a batch after batch of outstanding foreign language teachers. So how do you teach Chinese language and...
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Study on Effective Construction of High Quality English Classroom Model

Lu Wang
Efficient classroom teaching refers to the efficiency or effectiveness can have a very high goal to reach the classroom, specifically refers to the class on the basis of valid. Completion of teaching tasks and achieve have higher goals of teaching efficiency. Better and get higher education and social...