Proceedings of the First Indonesian Communication Forum of Teacher Training and Education Faculty Leaders International Conference on Education 2017 (ICE 2017)

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Designing The Scientific Characteristics of Learning Model to Improve The Mastery of Concept on Nutrition Science II of Prospective Teachers of Physical and Health Education

Hartati, Herri Yusfi, Destriani
This study aims to design scientific learning model characteristics to increase student's mastery of concepts of physical education and health teacher training and education science faculty. Course semester V on Nutrition Science II. The study was conducted over 10 weeks. The Study process was recorded...
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Problem-Solving Laboratory-Based Course Development to Improve Mental Model and Mental-Modeling Ability

Supriyatman, Andi Suhandi, Dadi Rusdiana, A. Samsudin, F. C. Wibowo
One of the factors that cause a low level of the mental model (MM) and mental-modeling ability (MMA) of students who are physics teacher candidates in one of the LPTK in Palu-Indonesia is the traditional course program. The students are unable to use their knowledge to solve the problems. Therefore,...
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Survey of Physical Fitness Level for Elementary and Junior High School Student in Palembang

This study aims to determine the physical fitness level of elementary and junior high school students in Palembang. This study was a descriptive study; the method used is survey method with test and measurement techniques. The samples are 46 elementary school students from grades 5 and 6 aged 10-12 years...
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Students' Perspectives on Implementing Pedagogical Tasks in English Classroom

Erwin Pohan
The outcome of learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in the classroom is the learners' ability to practice the target language or use language in their real life. The ability can be prepared and seen from their success of using target language (TL) in pedagogical tasks classroom. The purpose of...
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The Effect of Achievement Motivation on Students' Learning Outcomes in Writing English Descriptive Paragraph through Individual and Group Work Method

Sriati Usman
Achievement motivation is a hard intention followed by a hard effort which owned by the students in order to reach high learning outcomes. This research at aims to find out the difference of students' learning outcomes as an effect of achievement motivation in writing English descriptive paragraph through...
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Analysing Physical Condition of Central Sulawesi Delegates for PON XIX with Medal Awards

This research aims at analyzing the level of physical condition with the possession of medal of Central Sulawesi contingent on XIX national sports event in 2016 at West Java. The purpose of this research is to describe the physical condition and medal position as the inputs for sports education both...
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Revitalization of Learning Chemistry Based on Malay Culture to Establish the Education Character in Kepulauan Riau Province

Nancy Willian
Conventional learning makes students tend to be passive in the classroom. On the other hand, the Malay society culture which is the identity and the characteristics of Kepulauan Riau Province is necessary to be integrated into teaching chemistry to achieve the aspired character education leading towards...
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Students' Metacognition Skills in Physics Problem Solving Based on Epistemological Beliefs

Jusman Mansyur, Wiji Lestari, I Komang Werdhiana, Muh Rizal
This research applied qualitative research to elicit and describe students' metacognitive skills in physics problem solving based on their epistemological beliefs. Subjects of this research were the tenth-grade students of a high school in Palu. The subjects were in three categories, i.e: sophisticated,...
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Prediction of Teachers And Prospective Physics Students Toward High School Students' Difficulties In Solving Physics Problem

Wiwin Listiadi Ningrum, Jusman Mansyur, Darsikin
The aims of this research were to elicit and to describe teachers' and prospective physics students' prediction toward difficulties of high school students in solving physics problems. Participants of the research were two physics teachers, two prospective physics students six high school students. Student...
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Analysis of Students' Stages in Solving Vector Concept Problems in Different Contexts

Nur Afni, Jusman Mansyur, Yusuf Kendek
This research was aimed to analyze and describe students' stages in solving vector concept problems in different contexts. Subjects of the research were 34 students of a high school in Palu. Research data were collected by testing and interviews. Interviewed respondents were six students and they represented...
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Characteristics of Students' Mental-Modeling Ability Based on Physics Problem Solving

Supriyadi, Jusman Mansyur
This research aimed to explore and to describe characteristics of mental-modeling abilities (MMA) of prospective physics teachers based on physics problem-solving activity. Respondents of the research were two students from a selection test. The selected respondents were two categories (in their group)...
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Effect of Learning Strategy and Cognitive Styles on Students' Learning Outcomes of Civic Education and Social Skills

Jamaludin, Kaharuddin Nawing, Imran
The core of civic education both in concept and implementation is the students' change in relation to learning outcome which covers cognitive, effective, and psychomotor domains. This can be reached when learning is organized, carried out, and managed effectively by teachers. This study describes the...
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The Competency of Junior High School Physics Teachers in Constructing Achievement Test and Its Implication for the Test Quality in Sindue

Andi Wahab Pidu, Darsikin, Eliaumra, Ika Istadewi
This research is intended to describe the physics teachers competence in constructing the competency test and the analysis of competence test quality that constructed by the physics teachers of Junior High School based on the test material, test construction, and language use. The research was conducted...
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Philosophy of Hintuwu and Katuwua as Learning Sources in Teaching Social Science Subject Among Kulawi Indigenous People

Misnah, Nana Supriatna, Iskandar, Moh. Ali
The purpose of this study is to explore learning values and identify values of the local wisdom of Hintuwu philosophy and katuwua that can be as learning sources of social science subject at school. The main interesting problems in this study are to identify local wisdom values of sintuwu and katuwua...
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Teachers' Stage of Concern in Constructing Lesson Plan of Elementary School

Badeni, Wachidi
The purpose of this study was to describe of teacher' stages of concern in constructing lesson plan. The approach used in this study was a descriptive study. The number of population of this study were 500 primary school teachers. Meanwhile, the research sample were 50 teachers. A random sampling technique...
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What Should Be Done when Listening Comprehension is Difficult?

Hariswan Putera Jaya
Listening comprehension is a course which students majoring in English must take. It is also a part of every English competency test. It is usually considered as a difficult course just because students usually have problems in understanding what they are listening either in classrooms or in tests. There...
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Repositioning Physical Education in Schools

This paper aims to provide ideas in an effort to restore the role of physical education as a whole. Because until now the implementation of physical education they have yet according to the principles of physical education. Physical education as a subject in schools aims to improve physical fitness,...
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The Potential of STILeS As A Learning System Improve the Competences of Islamic Higher Education Graduates

Zulfahmi Alwi, Isriany Ismail, Umar Sulaiman, Hafsan, Darmawansyih, Awaliah Musgamy, Burhanuddin, Asrul Muslim, Muh. Akil Rahman, Fitriani Nur, Sardian Maharani
As an effort to fulfill the availability of human resources in Indonesia were highly competitive, UIN Alauddin Makassar as the representative of the Islamic Higher Education in Indonesia has promoted STILeS as a learning system and its implementation in the learning process. STILeS requires the application...
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Development of Concept Understanding and Problem Solving Ability of Chemistry Education Students Through Metacognitive Skills-Based Learning

This study aims to develop an understanding of chemical concepts and problem solving ability of Chemistry Education students through the application of metacognitive skills-based learning (MSBL) model. This study used research and development design, Activities were performed in this study. Firs, creating...
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Developing Students' Prosocial Behavior based on their Value Orientations

Muhammad Asrori
The purpose of this study was to develop new guidance model, namely "Prosocial Guidance Model". Developing students' prosocial behavior is a very important program in the living situation that increasingly complicated, individualistic, and hedonistic. In this study, 250 Junior High School students over...
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Interest and Creativity as Determinative Factors on Students' Achievement

Junaidi H. Matsum
The general problem in this study is: "How interest and creativity are as determinative factors on students' achievement on the Economy subject at SMAN 1 Sambas. Subpoints of the problems are as follows: (1) whether interest is a factor affecting students' achievement on the Economy subject at Senior...
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Democratic Attitude in Education Nurturing Creativity of Children

H. U. Husna Asmara
Human creative very be required for building a family and development nation. A creativity that is defined as something process and in sense product that a dimension individual. Person creative that have the characteristics of the smooth (Fluency), flexibility (Flexibility), original (Originality), decomposition...
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Character Building Through Sport, Physical and Health Education to Realize Golden Generation

Victor Simajuntak
The present study was designed to investigate the role of sport, physical and health education as a character building of students to realize the golden generation. This study applied a descriptive and quantitative approach with a survey method. The data were collected with proportional sampling numbering...
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Application of Scientific Approach by Sociology Teachers at Public Senior High Schools in Pontianak

Yohanes Bahari
This study was intended to describe the application of scientific approach by Sociology teachers at public senior high schools in Pontianak. The things described were the application of the following steps: (1) observing; (2) questioning; (3) reasoning; (4) communicating; (5) concluding and (6) inventing....
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The Effect of Industrial Work Practices and Learning Outcomes Toward Students' Interest in Entrepreneurship at High School

A common problem in this study is the effect of industrial work practices of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning outcomes toward students' interest in entrepreneurship in the grade XII at the state vocational high school1. Variables in this study are industrial work practices of entrepreneurship...
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Developing Argumentative Essay Writing Test

Anshari Syafar
This article is to develop argumentative writing test needs thoroughly analysis to have appropriate test which possess high quality of validity and reliability. Writing test which has been developed in this study is argumentative writing test which is so-called Test Development Plan. The test was designed...
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Revitalization Local Wisdom Values of Madurese Folklore as Education Development of Good Manners and Character

Human are the most precious beings created by Allah SWT Almighty. Among the glory of man because a man was awarded minds. With a mind, a human being different from other creatures. With a mind that, human beings can find the best way for the essentials of salvation and happiness. With the mind, human...
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Analyzing Biology Students' Understanding Level on Plant Structure and Development Subject Based on Learning Style and Gender

Eliaumra, I Made Budiarsa, Ika Ista Dewi, Andi Wahab Pidu
The course of plant structure and development is a subject which requires skill and high-level thinking skills in understanding the material. One of the factors affecting the level of understanding is learning the style. Characteristics diverse student including gender differences have an effect on learning...
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The Effect of Racetrack Game Using Numbers Line towards the Numerical Ability of Kindergarten

Syafdaningsih, Hestira Rahamaliyana
The effect of Racetrack game using numbers line Game towards the numerical ability of children group B at Persatuan Wanita Patra Palembang Kindergarten research was held by occurring the type of research Pre-Experiment with One Shoot Case Study design, to determine the effect of race track game using...
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Study on Chemistry Learning Quality Assurance

Abdul Gani, Daud K. Walanda, Ratman, Eska Perdanawati Kahar Putri
SMA Negeri 4 Palu had been targeted as a mentoring model school of education by Quality Assurance Agency Palu in 2016. How to implement a national quality assurance standards of education, especially the content standards, processes, and assessment of competence of graduates in chemistry learning? So...
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Effect of Cooperative Make a Match Learning Model on Student's Learning Outcomes on Electrolyte and Non-Electrolyte Solutions Topics

Eska Perdanawati Kahar Putri, Muslimah, Ratman, Kasmudin Mustapa, Abdul Gani
The success of a learning process is determined by the teacher's role in developing the method's used. The cooperative make a match learning model or a pair performed by providing opportunities for students to find a partner for question and answer cards. This study aimed to investigate the effect of...
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Differences of Students' Learning Outcomes in Parallel Classes on Basic Chemistry I Subject at Chemistry Education Study Program FKIP UNTAD

Daud K. Walanda
The ability of new students is a basic knowledge possessed before the further learning process activities. The initial ability of students can be seen from the results of the selection of a university entrance exam scores of the national and TOEFL score. The purpose of this study was to describe the...
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Improving Teachers' Competence and Students' Character Through Lesson Study

Suherman, Supriadi
Lesson study (LS) at senior and junior high schools (SMAN 1, SMPN 1 and SMPN 2 Palu) in Palu have been implementing since 2011 until 2016. It was supported by LS Grant of Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education (PMIPA) FKIP Tadulako University, Fundamental Grant and Community Service...
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Fostering Students' Initial Understanding of Area Measurement through the Idea of Consistency and Inverse Relationship of Unit

This study examined the way of helping fifteen-third grade students of the elementary school to understand the area measurement through the area unit. Two main concepts of area unit discussed in this study were the idea of unit consistency and the inverse relationship between the number of predetermined...
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Mindful Teaching: A Narrative Exploration of Mindfulness

Dhevy Puswiartika, Marina Sulastiana, Zahrotur Rusyida Hinduan, Diana Harding
Mindfulness will refer to intentionally paying attention to the here and now experience without judgment. Mindfulness has shown promise as an intervention to be used for a broad range of ages and presenting concerns. It has very recently begun to be explored as an effective way to enhance the services...
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Improving Students' Activeness and Learning Outcomes in Discussions on Low Plants Taxonomy through Listening Teams Learning Model

This research was conducted to see whether the listening team learning model in discussions on Low Plant Taxonomy course can enhance the students' activeness and their learning outcomes. The research was conducted at Biology Education Study Program, in the 3rd-semester's student at academic year 2016/2017...
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Analysis of Students' Understanding on Solar Eclipse Concept

Sahrul Saehana, Darsikin, Unggul Wahyono
The aim of this study was to analyze the understanding of students' concept on solar eclipse phenomena. The method of this study was a qualitative descriptive. This study was conducted for junior high school students at SMPN 21 Palu. The data were collected using multiple choice tests accompanied with...
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Creating and Innovating English Language Teaching by Developing Cultural Model for Literacy

Rita Inderawati, Sofendi
Literary works are valuable for the enhancement of students' competence of language as many experts consider that no black box could be found in language and literature. This current article highlights three essential things explored through Research and Development study, as follows: (1) to implement...
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Analyzing Epistemological Framing of Prospective Physics Teachers on Electromagnetic Understanding Using Hypothetical Debate Problems

Iin Setiani J., Amiruddin Kade, Darsikin
This study aimed to describe the shifting of epistemological framing in understanding the electrical magnet concept using a hypothetical debate problem on physics education students. The respondents of the study were nine students of physics education. The instrument used to determine the student epistemological...
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Ability and Behavior of Students to Represent and Transform a Physical System

Artista Prihastuti, Jusman Mansyur, Muh. Rizal
This research aims to describe abilities and behavior of students in representing and transforming a physical system. Respondents of the research were two selected students of the first year from two categories (in the group) based on a selection test. Research instruments consisted of a respondent selection...
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The Using of Peer Tutoring Learning Method in Improving Student's Understanding

Friska Septiani Silitonga
The aimed of this research was to determine the significant influence of peer tutoring learning method to increase student interest and learning outcomes on environmental chemistry material. This study was conducted to determine the effect of peer tutoring learning method on environmental chemistry and...
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Effects of Cooperative Learning Strategy and Reasoning on Students Learning Outcomes in Physics

Marungkil Pasaribu, Emmi Sianturi
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of cooperative learning and reasoning on student learning outcomes of XI grade students toward physics subject over the six weeks of instruction at SMA Lab Scholl Palu. The design of the study was 2x4 factorial pre-test, post-test control group...
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Effectiveness of Learning Materials with Science-Philosophy Oriented to Reduce Misconception of Students on Chemistry

Afadil, Anang W. M. Diah
Students' understanding which is not consistent with scientific conceptions or what is universally accepted can be categorized as misconceptions. Some misconceptions in Chemistry have been investigated in previous studies. Misconception can be contributed by the abstract nature of the concepts, imparted...
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Development Audio-Visual Learning Media of Hydroponic System on Biotechnology Topik For Senior High Schools

Nurul Asikin, Entin Daningsih
Learning media is one of the important aspects of supporting learning processes. This research development aims at producing audio-visual learning media of hydroponic system on biotechnology topic which are valid and effective. The development model used is a modified 4D development model. The data collected...
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In search of an Instructional Material Design Model to Support the Implementation of IQF Oriented Curriculum at HEIs

Konder Manurung
The implementation of newly developed or revitalized curriculum requires enhancement of the previously implemented instructional packages to perfectly address the formulated instructional goal. This paper aims at searching and proposing a model of instructional material design to support the upcoming...
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Promoting Online Reading Habit Among Undergraduate Students by Reviewing and Summarizing E-Journal to Complete Academic Tasks

Elanneri Karani
Today, reading online activity is not only a trend but also an essential need among students at the university. Because online reading habit contributes significantly to the EFL learners successful in academic performance. This article reports what outcomes are resulted from reviewing and summarizing...
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Implementation of Dayaknese Educational Philosophy Pintar Harati at Elementary School in Palangka Raya

Joni Bungai, Indra Perdana
Dayaknese in Central Borneo has an educational philosophy called "Pintar Harati". This philosophy contains the norms and values ??that govern the lives of the so-called belom bahadat or habitual life. This study aims to describe the implementation Pintar Harati philosophies in School. This study used...
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Integrated Management Model of Teacher Training Institution at the Provincial Level

Sudarwan Danim
The purpose of this research is to identify and analyze of teacher training management models, both pre-service and in-service, at the provincial level. The subject involved was especially in four related field: (1) function and main task of teacher training and development institutions (TTDI), include...
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Designing a Learning Environment for Science Education Based on PISA Prospective Teacher: Chemistry Content

Hartono, Effendi, Rahmi Susanti, Riyanto, Ismet, Harrie Eijkelhof
This research aimed to produce designed learning environment of chemistry content based on PISA framework at the level secondary school to support student-teacher in learning science. Development research was chosen to achieve the aims of the research. The research involved forty-two students of first-semester...
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Revitalizing the Role of Pancasila and Civics Education as Part of Nationality Development and Character Building in Indonesia

Umi Chotimah
Pancasila, and Civics Education (called PPKn) is one of the compulsory subject starting from primary education to higher education. Its vision is a way for the formation of character (nationality development and character building) and mission is to make a good citizen and intelligent (smart and good...