Proceedings of the Health Science International Conference (HSIC 2017)

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Physiotherapy Comprehensive Care as an Integrated Care

Sri Wardojo, Rakhmad Rosadi
People’s cost limitation in accessing health service, especially for degenerative diseases that need relatively long term health care has caused the increase of cases that need physiotherapy service. Objective: This research is aiming at identifying people’s diseases problems that need physiotherapy...
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Chlorogenic Acid Attenuated Inflammatory Response in Kidney Disease with Ischemic Reperfusion Injury

Ali Multazam, Sri Rini
Ischemia reperfusion injury (I/R) at kidney has known as the primary cause of AKI and the most seeing through it. Chlorogenic acid (chlorogenic acid/CGA) is one of the most common polyphenols in the human diet. Chlorogenic acid has an antioxidant effect, antiapoptosis, antiinflammation, antifobrosis....
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Muscle Quadriceps Femoris Strength with Postural Balance Level in Elderly

Safun Rahmanto
This study aims to determine the relationship between quadriceps femoris muscle strength with postural level of balance in the elderly. The researchers used a manual muscle testing (MMT) tool for the quadriceps femoris muscle strength component, and on the postural equilibrium component using a tinetti...
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Six Weeks Progressive Plyometrics Training on Badminton Player's Agility

Dimas Irawan
Badminton is one of favorite sports by the community. Improved performance is influenced by technical play and physical abilities of athletes. One of the important skills in badminton is agility. agility can be achieved by improving balance and strenght of lower limb. plyometric exercise can increase...
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Effects of Playing with Gadgets on Elementary School Children in Urban and Rural Environment

Ariani Ariani
The existence of gadget is like the two sides of a coin. On one side, it brings benefits to our life, but on the other side, it facilitates negative behaviour impacts to its users, and the patterns for rural children may be different than those of urban. Objective: This study aimed to investigate the...
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Peer Counselor Training on Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills of Central Committee of Student Health Information and Reproductive Health Consultation (PIK-KRM)

Ririn Harini, Henny Susanti
The Indonesian Government, by the National Family Planning Board (BKKBN), has followed up by monitoring and evaluating programs which is realized by providing technical guidance resilience in young people through Generation Planning program and developing Pusat Infomasi dan Konsultasi Remaja dan/atau...
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The Role of Decision-Making by the Head Room Against the Compliance of Nurses in the Implementation of Hand Hygiene

Indah Rahayu
The facts there are still have nurses who are not obedient in the performance of hand hygiene. The role performed by the head room is expected to motivate and improve compliance hand hygiene in the implementing by the nurse so the quality and the indicators of the quality of the hospital can be increased....
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Retinopathy Based on Direct Ophthalmoscope Examination with Cognitive Impairment in Hypertensive Patients

Yetty Ramli
Uncontrolled blood pressure could later result to the narrowing of the arteriole wall, which can interfere any organ vascularization. One of the complications of hypertension is retinopathy, which could affect cognitive function. Objectives: This study assesses the correlation between retinopathy and...
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Family Food Security with the Nutritional Status of Toddlers after the Eruption of Mount Bromo

Ani Sutriningsih, Lasri Lasri
During Mount Bromo issued volcanic ash in December 2015 - February 2016, Tumpang and Poncokusumo areas feel the impact of volcanic ash. This reduces food availability, food access, and food consumption, thus disrupting food security over long periods of time. The purpose of this study was to determine...
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Factors Affecting Women's Motivation to Perform a Cervical Cancer Screening Test

Henny Dwi Susanti, Setyowati Setyowati, Yati Afiyanti
A disease that attracts world’s attention and results the high mortality rate is cervical cancer. Lack of motivation is also caused by the ability of health workers to deliver and provide information early prevention of cervical cancer is not evenly distributed and properly socialized in addition to...
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Identifying the Sources of Academic Stress and Coping Strategies in New Nursing Students

Nur Aini
Differences between the education system of senior high school and college can cause stress on students, especially for new students. This problem requires students looking for ways to address these issues by using a coping mechanism. Objectives: This study aims to determine the source of the cause of...
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Factors Inhibiting the Dietary Compliance of the Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

Atyanti Isworo, Khairun Latifah, Arif Upoyo
The blood glucose level of patients with Diabetes Mellitus is influenced by their dietary compliance. The dietary compliance of patients with Diabetes Mellitus is influenced by various inhibiting factors, including income, environment, and information from the health professionals. Objective: The purpose...
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Job Satisfaction and Nursing Performance through Career Development

G. Nur Widya Putra, Tri Kurniati, Abdul Aziz Alimul Hidayat
Nursing performance becomes the essence in the success of nursing service at hospital, one way how to reach are enhancement of job satisfaction from nursing career development. Objectives: The research is to analyze know the influence of career development to job satisfaction and nursing performance...
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Patient Satisfaction on Health Service Center In Urban and Rural Area

Fuad Husain Akbar, Rini Pratiwi, Rasmidar Samad, Fanissa Fanissa
Patient satisfaction with health services describe the level where the needs of patients in line with expectations and provide a standard of service that is acceptable. The main factor of satisfaction is the quality of health care provided by hospital care, processes of care, and outcomes of care. Objective:...
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Peer Teaching with Root Cause Analysis Method in Increasing Obedience Reporting of Patient Safety Incident

Harlina Putri Rusiana, Tri Kurniati, Abdul Aziz Alimul Hidayat
Reporting of Patient safety incident is very important for nurses in hospitals. The RCA (Root Cause Analysis) method in its application has an impact on improving knowledge about incidents, learned in identifying problems, and forming on achievement targets and improved peer communication skills. RCA...
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Couvade Syndrome and Health Status of The First Trimester of Primigravida

Tutu April Ariani
The Couvade Syndrome refers to physichal symptoms of varying intensity and severity experienced by expectant father. Many husbands who experience physical symptoms during pregnancy of the partner. This situation sometimes referred as Couvade Syndrome (Fathering). Anxiety of the husband when facingprimigravida...
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Nursing Students' Competencies in Evidence Based Practice

Chrisnawati Chrisnawati, Imelda Ingir Ladjar, Dwi Martha Agustina, Sabarina Oktarina
The world of nursing is growing and nurses are requiring being proficiencies and establishing their professional responsibility in health care services, especially in giving their best intervention for the wellness of their patients. Therefore, the nursing students are requiring earlier becoming competence...
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People's Knowledge on Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

Fithria Dyah Ayu Suryanegara, Ndaru Setyaningrum, Suparmi Suparmi, Akhsan Triaji, Mukfi Rahman Wibowo, M. Yudi Ransatullah
The incidence rate of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in Indonesia has increased year by year, from 0.05/100,000 in 1968 become 35-40/100,000 in 2013. It indicated that Indonesia still being an endemic country for DHF. The efforts to prevent DHF are closely related to people’s knowledge of DHF. Objectives:...
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Brand Awareness and Brand Equity of Outpatient

Serlly Frida Drastyana
The effort to build awareness in the minds of consumers of a particular brand is an important part that needs to create the uniqueness of the brand. Objectives: This study aims to analyse the correlation between Brand Awareness and Brand Equity of outpatient in RSIA Nun Surabaya. Method : This study...
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The Use of Tayammum Pack to Reduce Number of Bacterial Colonies

Sunardi Sunardi, Khaera Ummatin, Zaqqi Ubaidillah
Patients hospitalized could experience spiritual distress for praying because of ablutions obstacle. One of holistic care is fulfill of spiritual needed patients and one of alternative to ablutions is tayammum pack (dust made of pure clay), unfortunately there are many differences perception that dust...
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Team Assignment Method in Improving Nurse Performance in Hospital

Lin Herlina, Tri Kurniati, Abdul Aziz Alimul Hidayat
Nurse performance is part of a component that contributes to improving hospital service quality. Problems in hospitals are still many hospitals that have problems of nurse performance, especially in RS Cirebon Indonesia. One solution is the application of team assignment methods in nursing care. Objectives:...
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The Barriers and Strategies of Communication among Student Nurses during Cross-Cultural Nursing Care Practice

Nur Lailatul Masruroh, Reni Ilmiasih
Communication is a very essensial aspect of cross-culture care nursing practice. Nurses will meet some obstacles in the situations where they do not communicate as their patients` language, and it will lead to the poor quality of nursing care. Objective: The purpose of the study is to explore the student...
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Healthy Breakfast on Learning Concentration of Junior High School Students

Reni Ilmiasih, Nur Lailatul Masruroh, Dini Ramulia
Healthy breakfast is a complete morning menu consists of first food, side dish, vegetables and fruits and also drinks. Healthy breakfast provides students cognitive performance and gives energy for brain while learning process like learning concentration. Objectives: This study aimed to determine the...
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The Effect of Massage on Body Weight Improvement in 0 - 12 Month-Old Babies

Juwitasari Juwitasari, Dessy Rindiyanti Harista
Massage had widely known asa solution to facilitate baby growth and development which impact on optimizing blood flow, normalizing heart rate, maintaining digestion, and improving immunity. Massage intervention will preserve the adequate nutrition by increasing the absorption of macronutrient and micronutrient...
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Baby Spa and Baby Sleep Quality Improvement

Atika Yulianti
Sleep is one of stimulation for brain growth. Approximately 75% of growth hormone is removed when the baby is asleep. High levels of the growth hormone. This god has the task of stimulating bone and tissue growth, and regulates the body's metabolism, including the baby's brain. Sleep has a role in increasing...
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Simulation and Demonstration Methods in Handover Implementation in Hospital

Indri Erwhani, Tri Kurniati, Abdul Aziz Alimul Hidayat
Problems occurring during implementation of handover is a common issue found in hospitals. One of the impacts of problems related to handover is patient safety and the quality of nursing care. Objectives: The Purpose of this paper is to explain the effectiveness of simulation and demonstration methods...
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Supportive Therapy on The Family's Burden and Stress in Caring for Patient with Mental Disorder

Fajar Rinawati, Sucipto Sucipto
Severe mental disorder has an impact on the family, the environment, the community, even the government, and the most feel is the family, because the family is the person who lives together with the patients. The main problem in the family is the burden and stress in caring them. Objectives: The purpose...
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Toxicity on Class of Antibiotic Agents Using Toxtree Software and Its Interaction with Its Receptors Using Molecular Virtual Docker Software

Sovia Aprina Basuki, Neva Melinda Maulanasari, Engrid Juni Astuti
Antibiotics is a drug used to treat infections caused by bacteria that are often used in the practice of pharmacy. In addition to the therapeutic effect of antibiotics also have side effects. The most common side effects of diarrhea, but it also can cause serious effects if there are toxicophore groups...
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Propolis Trigona sp. Mouthwash Efectiveness in Lowering Anaerobic Gram-Negative Bacteria Colonies

Rasmidar Samad, Fuad Husain Akbar, Nursyamsi Nursyamsi, Melinda Awing
Periodontal disease is an infectious disease that attacks gingiva and other dental supporting tissue which caused by microbial bacteria in subgingival plaque. The majority bacteria are an anaerobic gram-negative. Propolis is one of natural products as an antimicrobial mouthwash. One type of bee that...
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Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Risk Factor Prediction Score Related to Blood Glucose Level in the Second and Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Sih Ageng Lumadi, Kalsum Sulaiman
Based on data from IDF (2016) every 6 seconds every a person dies due to DM. One of the seven pregnancies affected by gestational diabetes. And predicted by 2040, One of ten adults suffer DM (642 million). Based on the very poor data, it is very urgent to do prevention as early as possible, even before...
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Simple Foot Elevator (SFE) Tools to Promote Comfort for Diabetic Patient during Wound Care

Nuh Huda, Dini Mei Widayanti
Increasing the number of patients with DM, complications are also increasing, one of them is ulceration of the lower leg, with or without infection and cause damage to the underlying tissue, hereinafter referred to as diabetic foot (KD) or diabetic foot wound. In the world, the number of diabetic foot...
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Experience of Patients with Vertigo: a Case Study

Faqih Ruhyanuddin, Lutfi Agung Priambodho
Erratic vertigo disorders, drugs that continue to be consumed, and environmental conditions cause stress so it can cause depression. Vertigo is an important problem to be studied in order to obtain the data in a complete qualitative related to the complaint and its impacted both to physical and psychological...
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C677T Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) Gene Polymorphism and Treatment Response in Schizophrenia Patients

Muthmainah Muthmainah, Nova Kurniasari, Mohammad Fanani, Septiawan Debree, Herdaetha Adriestri
Schizophrenia is one of the most common psychiatric disorders. Antipsychotics are widely used to treat schizophrenia. However, around 20 % of people with schizophrenia fail to respond to antipsychotic treatment. Treatment response is influenced by genetic factor. Polymorphism of APOE, NOTCH4 and COMT...
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Completeness of MCCD and Accuracy of Underlying Cause of Death

Titin Wahyuni, Dyah Rachmadani
Medical certification of cause of death (MCCD) is being issued on every death occasion in every hospital of Indonesia. MCCD consists of two part; part 1 would record with those conditions in the causal link that leading to death and part 2 would fill with other condition that significant in contributing...
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Neurosteroids and their neuroprotective actions

Kinga Borowicz-Reutt
From biochemical point of view neurosteroids are steroid hormone derivatives that devoid hormonal action but affect neuronal excitability through ionotropic receptors. Neurosteroids are further subdivided into natural (produced in the brain) and synthetic. Nevertheless, some authors subdivide also natural...
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Situational Influences Related to Diabetes Self-Management in Indonesia

Anggraini Dwi Kurnia, Anchaleeporn Amatayakul, Sirikul Karuncharernpanit
Diabetes self-management is needed to prevent the complication of diabetes mellitus. Objective: The aim of this study is to identify the relationship between situational influences and diabetes self-management among adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Malang City, East Java, Indonesia. Methods: A...
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Prevention of Antibiotic Resistance Micro Flora Spreading by Analysing Surgical Infections' Microbiological Profile

Yuriy Lysiuk, Olena Pilipovich, Nataliia Pilipovich, Natalya Zakharko
Antibiotic resistance can be found among the top five most problematic issues that the international medical community pays a special attention to. The strategy of combating antibiotic resistance includes the rationalization of the antibiotic therapy, based on the regional specificity of the microbiological...
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Steam and Water Distillation of Piper Betle, Ocimum Basilicum, Cymbopogon Winterianus, and Citrus Hystrix Leaves for Activity of Insect Repellent against Mosquito

Engrid Juni Astuti, Sovia Aprina Basuki, Aris Sabrian, Ferawati Fajriyah
Piper betle, Ocimum basilicum, Cymbopogon winterianus, and Citrus hystrix leaves contain essential oils suspected of having mosquito repellent activity, which can be used as a synthetic repellent alternative such as DEET. Objective: To obtain insect natural repellent to mosquitoes from essential oils....
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Acrylamide in Robusta Coffee on Blood Pressure, Urine Production and Renal Histopathological Change in White Male Rats

Dian Yuliartha Lestari, Isbandiyah Isbandiyah, Fathiyah Savithri, Alfaries Radea Marcianto, Rayyan Rayyan
Coffee is one of the popular drinks whole the world. Coffee's contents are grouped into antioxidant (caffeine) and carcinogenic (acrylamide) agents. The mechanisms both of antioxidant and carcinogenic are contradicted in resulting the depiction of blood pressure, urine production and renal histopathology...
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Black Cummin Extract (Nigella sativa Linn) on Spatial Memory Performance in Menopausal Model of Rat

Fathiyah Safithri, Kusuma Andriani
The loss of the ability for learning and memorizing is a prominent feature of dementia, which affects millions of menopausal women all over the world. Nigella sativa is a herbal medicine known to have estrogenic, antioxidant and neuroprotective effects thought to improve memory function in dementia....
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The Effects of Binder on the Physical Characteristic of Squeezed Rhizome of Kaempferia galanga L Lozenges

Uswatun Chasanah, Fairuzly Yulian, Rozki Yulianty, Adzan Irianto, Achmad Radjaran
The lozenge is one of the drugs to overcome a sore throat. This contained an active ingredient can be either a synthetic or herbal materials. Kaempferia galanga L is a medicinal plant that able to rrelieve cough and sore throat. So, its potential made be lozenges. Lozenges are compressed tablets which...
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Knowledge Levels and Paracetamol Self-Medication

Ika Ratna Hidayati, Elys Oktaviana, Irma Nurtiana Syafitri, Liza Pristianty
Our society used self-medication as a majority effort to overcome health issued. Based on Social Economic National Survey (2011), Statistic Center Agency recorded that 66 % of the ill persons in Indonesia used self-medication, this number is a lot higher compared with the percentage society which taking...
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Anti Cancer Activity of Active Substances from Mangosteen pericarp (Garcinia mangostana Linn) against T47 D Cell Lines

Siti Rofida, Sukardiman Sukardiman, Aty Widyawaruyanti, Lusiana Arifianti
Garcinia mangostana Linn (Guttiferae) or commonly know as mangosteen has been reported scientifically as anticancer. In developing a pericarp of G.mangostana as the anticancer phytopharmaceutical product, bioassay-guided fractionation approach was chosen to get active substances to be used as raw material...
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Effect of Lactic Acid Fermentation on Total Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity of Fig Fruit Juice (Ficus carica)

Ernanin Dyah Wijayanti, Nur Candra Eka Setiawan, Jean Patricia Christi
Fig (Ficus carica) is used for a disease therapy due to its relatively complete nutrition and active compounds as sugar, mineral, vitamin, organic acid and phenolic compounds. A high phenolic compound in fig is related closely to its fruit activity as an antioxidant. Yet, its difficult for phenolic compound...
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Drug Utilization Study of Statin in Hemorrhagic Stroke

Nailis Syifa, Cici Dwi, Didik Hasmono
Hemorrhagic stroke is a neurologic injury resulting in significant morbidity and mortality. Some studies noted an increasing risk of hemorrhagic stroke in patients receiving statin. However, growing evidence have demonstrated the neuroprotective effects of statin in hemorrhagic stroke. Objectives: To...
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Role of Media and Academic Journal in Providing the Evidence to Solve Child's Malnutrition in Indonesia

Tasnim Tasnim
Malnutrition in children under five is a serious public problem in Indonesia. Decision makers needed the evidences to overcome Indonesian children's malnutrition. Media and academic literatures could provide those. Objectives: This case study aimed to analyse the role between mass media and academic...
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Environmental Factors Affecting the Disclosure of HIV/AIDS Status

Aini Alifatin
Disclosure about HIV / AIDS status is an important factor that supports the success of care and treatment for people living with HIV / AIDS to live longer. Self disclosure is influenced by the environment in which a person behaves, including: parenting, stigma (social culture), stereotype, socioeconomic,...
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Application of Innovative Flipped Classroom Learning on Improving Motivation of Midwifery Students in the Antenatal Care

Kolifah Kolifah, Niken Grah Prihartati, Mudhawaroh Mudhawaroh
Weak learning process is one of the problems that in the world of education today. The quality of health personnel graduates is determined by the learner team in the education process, so it is necessary to improve the quality of teaching the midwifery diploma program. Objective: The purpose of this...
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Caring Experience of Primary Family Caregiver in Elderly with Dementia at Indonesian Rural Area

Muhammad Rosyidul Ibad, Ahsan Ahsan, Retno Lestari
Primary family caregiver (PFC) is the nearest person whose main function is the care of elderly dementia at home, before care elderly dementia they require essential preparation, the first is preparation of mentally and the second is preparation in environment. Not all family members willing to care...
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Civil Society Involvement in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Eliminating All Forms of Poverty Anywhere

Supriyatiningsih Supriyatiningsih, Ralph Lelle, Arlina Dewi, Sri Sundari, Dianita Sugiyo, Winny Setyo Nugroho
Since Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1 are launched globally in 2015, the United Nations encourages its member countries to conduct regular and inclusive reviews of progress towards achieving SDGs at the national and sub-national level that reported through the Voluntary National Review (VNR)....
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Clinical Skill Evaluation of Undergraduate Nursing Students Using Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Indah Dwi Pratiwi, Edi Purwanto
Although Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCEs) become one type of clinical skill evaluation method conducted widely by health institutions (medical, nursing and pharmacy), the use of OSCE in Indonesia has not been applied thoroughly. Objective: To explore clinical evaluation result at the...
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Empowering Youth through HIV/AIDS Program in Indonesia

Sondang Ratnauli Sianturi
HIV/AIDS problem remains a concern in the Sustainability Development Goals program with the highest in young children. The cause of HIV/AIDS on youth because the lack of information and understanding about gender and reproductive health. Objectives: This study aims to analyze the implementation of programs...
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Factors Affecting Self-Efficacy on Tuberculosis Patients

Abdul Muhith, Muhammad Saputra, Sandu Siyoto, Eny Dwi
Tuberculosis was a contagious infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Patients who are diagnosed Pulmonary Tuberculosis will arose fear in him. It was important for tuberculosis patients to have confidence to heal or self efficacy. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to analyze...
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Effects of Spiritual Care Cupping Reduce Pain in Patients with Knee Joint Pain

Zahid Fikri, Suhartono Taat Putra, Joni Haryanto
Joint pain is a disorder that can lead to disability and decreased performance. Spiritual cupping care is a combination of prayer and cupping that can increase endorphins and reduce pain in patients with knee joint pain. Objective: The aim of the study was to explain the effect of spiritual cupping care...
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Effect of Extract Black Cumin (Nigella sativa) on the Vaginal Cytology of Ovariectomized White Mouse (Rattus Novergicus Strain Wistar)

Kusuma Andriana, Dian Yuliartha Lestari
Hypoestrogen in menopausal women causes loss of glycogen, decreased lactic acid production that could rise the vaginal pH and facilitates the occurrence of infection, irritation and vaginal becomes dry, hot and itchy. The importance of the role of estrogen for women reproduction, encouraging researches...
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Optimization Formulation of Antioxidant Cream Vitamin E (α-tocopherol acetate) with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

Dian Ermawati, Uswatun Chasanah, Dwi Dwi
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can be formulated in a cream. VCO can be used as the oil phase in cream and can also function as an antioxidant, moisturizer and emollient. Object: The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of concentration level VCO in formula 1 (3%), formula 2 (6%), formula...
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Strengthening Biostatistical Skills of Medical Doctors and Health Professional through A Hands-on Approach

Gita Sekar Prihanti
In the area of evidence based medicine (EBM), biostatistics and epidemiology are considered as the main elements aiding the health professional to design a research study, understand the literature, and make decisions about patient care. Planners and policy-makers in the medical health science education...
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The Effectiveness of Red Ginger Compress Therapy (Zingiber officinale rosc. var. rubrum) on Elders with Joint Pain

Henik Tri Rahayu, Ning Sri, Sunardi Sunardi
Joint pain is common among elders in the community. Some of alternative pain management are applying red ginger compress and warm compresses therapy. Object: This study aim was to determine the differences in the effectiveness of red ginger compress and warm compress therapy to reduce joint pain. Method:...
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The Effect of Ginger (Zingiber Officinale Roscoe) Extract to the Number of Neutrophil Cell in Incision Wound of White Rats (Rattus Norvegicus)

Idola Suharto, Kun Rahayu, Arif Etika
Wounds is a discontinuity of tissue. Incision wounds is a wound that made by clean pieces use sharp tools. Inflamation phasein wound healing marked by the activity of neutrophils cells. Nowadays, demand of herbal plants increase, it were used as an alternative therapy. One of the herbal plants in Indonesian...
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The Effect of Exercise Therapy on Pain in Mothers After Sectio Caesarea

Nungki Yuliadarwati
Sectio caesarea is the last option for saving the lives of mother and foetus if vaginal delivery faces obstacles. Sectio caesarea action may result in complications of pain that is felt due to tissue damage. Post-caesarian section pain is accute in nature and requires immediate treatment as it may cause...
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The Role of Probiotics in Inflammatory Responses of Critically-Ill Burn Patients (A Randomized Clinical Trial)

Oki Putra, Hengky Pebrianton, Suharjono Suharjono, Iswinarno Iswinarno, Dwi Rahayu
Impairment of intestinal barrier function and increased translocation of bacteria to the systemic blood flow contribute to the emergence of sepsis in burn patients. Oral probiotic administration has been advocated for treatment dan prevention of diverse range of infection disease by modulating the host...
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Indicaxanthin, Miraxanthin-V, and Hexahydrocurcumin as Potential Erythropoietin Agonist in Silico to Treat Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease

Yuliana Suselo, Kamil Kamil, Sri Wulandari, Dono Indarto
Anemia is the most frequent complication of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) which is mainly caused by erythropoietin (Epo) deficiency. Epo agonist is the drug choice for anemia in CKD but some patients have antibody against Epo agonist. Objectives: This study aimed to identify Indonesian medicinal plants...
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Support System on Successful Exclusive Breastfeeding on Primipara Based on Theory of Maternal Role Attainment

Dwi Rahayu, Yunarsih Yunarsih
Exclusive breastfeeding is the most important food for the health of the baby since birth. WHO has recommended Exclusive breastfeeding to infants from birth to 6 months of age. Breastfeeding is essential for optimal growth of both physical and mental and infant intelligence. One of the most common problems...
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Students' Approaches to Learning (SAL) in a Curriculum Problem-Based Learning and Non-Problem-Based Learning

Edi Purwanto, Indah Pratiwi
Problem-based learning is learning where the results of the work process to understand and solve a problem. Study on approach to learning student / students' approaches to learning (SAL) and problem-based learning (PBL) has been observed internationally. However, there is no published research on the...
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Supports Treatment Compliance by Sharing Happiness and Being Friends: A Case Study in Sahabat Anak Kanker Malang Community, Indonesia

Feriana Handian, Yeni Fitria, Mahmudatul Falah
Treatment compliance of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) important to improve morbidity and one of keys to successful treatment in children with ALL. Sahabat Anak Kanker Malang is a non-state community of self-help group cancer engaged to build positive perceptions of patients and families about the...
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In vivo Antiplasmodial Activity of (E) 1 - (4 - aminophenyll) - 3 - (2,3 - dimethoxyphenyl) prop - 2 - en - 1 - one compound in Swiss Mice

Lilik Wijayanti, Mustofa Mustofa, Purwanto Purwanto, Muthmainah Muthmainah, Suwito Suwito
Malaria is an infectious disease caused by plasmodium sp. Resistance to antimalarial drug urges the finding of new antimalarial agents. One of the potential agents is a chalcone derivate namely (E) - 1 - (4 - aminophenyll) - 3 - (2,3 - dimethoxyphenyl) prop - 2 - en - 1 - one. Objective : This study...
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Knowledge of Clean and Healthy Behavior and Quality of Life among School-Children

Gisely Vionalita, Devi Kusumaningtiar
Quality of life is as one an indicator to profile development of the country and as mentioned in sustainability development goals that committed will be achieved in 2019. Quality of children is definitely related to encourage the good habit that can continue sly practice in future life. It can be obtained...
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Selected Benefits of Pentoxifylline in Acute Ischemic Stroke Management: Consideration of Risk Factors

Salim Harris, A Rasyid, Eny Nurhayati, J Prihartono
The role of pentoxifylline in acute ischemic stroke lacks objective markers of its efficacy. In this study, we used blood viscosity as a specific marker to evaluate the efficacy of pentoxifylline. Objectives: This quasi-experimental study aimed to analyze pentoxifylline as an antihemorrheologic agent...
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Effect of Snake and Ladder Play Therapy to Lower Bullying of Teenagers

Wahyu Endang, Mochamad Aspihan
Nowadays the phenomenon of bullying ironically occurs among teens and it can affect the psychological condition of the teenagers who are bullied especially during the transition period, teens tend to break the bonds of parents and turn to peers for socializing. Those teenagers are required to conform...
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Role of Community Nurses in Improving Caregivers' Ability in Caring Children with ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder)

Yoyok Prasetyo, Sri Wardojo, Indah Pratiwi
Community nurses have a vital role in improving the caregiver's ability to care for children with ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder). Maternal and family beliefs about the potential risks and seriousness of their child who suffers from ARFID will result in their confidence. Objectives:...
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Risk-Adjusted Analysis of Relevant Outcome Drivers to Patients with Diabetes

Zaqqi Ubaidillah, Yulia Yulia, Henny Permatasari
Clients with diabetes are particularly at high risk of traffic accidents that might be caused by the acute complications such as, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia as well as chronic complications such as, micro-vascular diseases, macro-vascular diseases and neuropathy. Objectives: This study aimed to get...