Proceedings of the 2022 2nd International Conference on Education, Information Management and Service Science (EIMSS 2022)

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Zehui Zhan, Ding Zhou, Honglin Wu
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 2nd International Conference on Education, Information Management and Service Science (EIMSS 2022) during July 22–24, 2022 in Changsha, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees...
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Analysis on Relationship Between Economic Growth, Public Health, and Medical Service Level in China Based on One-Dimension Regression Model

Junhao Yan
This paper provides an empirical analysis of the linear relationship between economical condition of China, the health care industry, and public health conditions. These co-relationships are important since they can predict the future spending on medical health industry for China and people’s health...
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Impacts of Different Factors of G20 Countries on the Covid-19 Vaccine Rates Based on Empirical Analysis

Yihan Lei
COVID-19 vaccine is critical to terminate the global pandemic. Intended to examine the impacts of various factors of a country on its COVID-19 vaccine rate, a data set of new cases per day, hospital beds per person, GDP, population density, and stringency index is collected. We do correlation analysis...
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Building Evaluation Metrics for Shopping Applications Based on User Experience

Chao Zhou, Yanyun Yu, Bolin Li
As user needs have changed in recent years, previous evaluation methods are no longer applicable to today’s user environment. This study aims to construct a user experience evaluation system for online shopping APPs and improve the efficiency of evaluation. Therefore, this study firstly reviews the current...
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Digital Economy: The Establishment and Application of Pricing Model for Personalized Order-Based Products by Using Big Data Technology

Yan Zhang
In order to solve the customer order in the face of enterprises how to quickly and accurately quotation. In this paper, we use big data technology to process and filter the data, and take the product cost estimation as the starting point, this paper puts forward an overall solution to the cost estimation...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Digital Technology Industry Development on Industrial Structure——Based on Output Perspective

Mian Wang, Puchao Li
In recent years, the development and application of emerging digital technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain have continuously reshaped my country’s industrial structure. From the perspective of digital technology output, the digital economy is used as...
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Research on the Development Dilemma and Countermeasures of Steel Circulation Enterprises in China Under the Background of Digital Transformation

Xiaohui Wang, Xiaodong Lao, Ting Luo
Steel is an important material necessary for national infrastructure construction and civil construction. It is widely used. Upstream and downstream service enterprises engaged in steel production, circulation, trade and terminal use can be called steel supply chain enterprises. With the construction...
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Exploration on Building a New Model for the Integration of Audit and Internal Control Under the Big Data Environment

Yangpeng Zhu, Hairong Zhang
With the gradual deepening of the development process of innovation and transformation of state-owned enterprises, enterprises have put forward higher requirements for internal audit. How to play a greater role in preventing risks and improving benefits has become an important topic for the development...
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Application of Big Data Technology in the Construction of Intelligent Financial Management System

Qin Yang
With the continuous development and progress of society, big data technology is also constantly improved and updated. Financial management in recent years financial management occupies an important strategic position in the development of enterprises, because the financial management of data operation...
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Research on Guilin Tourism Image Based on LDA

Changli Huang, Yanling Huang
The image of a tourist destination is the core factor in the formation of a city’s tourist image, and is also a key factor in the decision-making of tourist attractions managers. This research takes Guilin tourist city as the research object, takes travel notes crawled by Ctrip travel website as the...
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The Evolutionary Game Analysis and Simulation Research on E-Commerce Live Broadcast Counterfeit Sales with the Participation of a Third-Party Supervisor

Xiaohui Zhao, Yunfu Huo
In order to explore the impact of the participation of third-party supervision entities on the supervision of counterfeit goods in the e-commerce live broadcast market, an evolutionary game model between the live broadcast merchants and the e-commerce live broadcast platform was constructed, and the...
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Design of Helicopter Avionics Maintenance Training System Based on Intelligent Teaching System

Xingguo Weng, Guojun Lai, Shicheng Wang, Bo Liu
In view of the shortcomings of the traditional avionics maintenance training method for helicopters, the importance of designing a intelligence teaching system (ITS) for helicopter avionics maintenance training is proposed. The functional requirements of the ITS are analyzed, and the ITS for helicopter...
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Design and Implementation of Online and Offline Distance Music Education Platform Based on Internet

Jie Ding
The distance music education in modern society develops with the development of the information age. It is a new type of education. It has gone through the initial TV education and the education process using information technology such as computer network and multimedia technology. The main reason is...
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Design of English Autonomous Learning Platform Based on Computer Technology

Juan Huang
In recent years, our country has set great goals for the future development direction of English teaching. Some business people will put forward some opinions on this and improve the needs of internationalization. They believe that English should be the future development direction of college English...
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Foreign STEAM Education Research Based on Visual Analysis

Huan Sun, Min Wu, Yan Ma
This paper uses 3596 core papers in the WOS (Web of Science) database in the past ten years as a data source, and uses CiteSpace knowledge graph software to visually analyze foreign STEAM education. Through cluster analysis, it is found that the themes of foreign STEAM education research mainly focus...
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Application of Modern Information Technology in the Design of Music Course Auxiliary Teaching System

Xiaoxu Jie
By applying Web Service, JSP, SQL Service and other technologies in the music-assisted teaching system, and constructing the B/S three-layer architecture, the music course-assisted teaching system can be further developed. In the music course assisted teaching system based on modern information technology,...
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Design of Teaching Assistance System for Ideological and Political Classrooms in Colleges and Universities Based on Multimedia Technology

Guolan Liu, Siyu Cai, Xiaojing Miao
In modern society, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, what we can understand is that a series of complex disciplines that exist in this way will be slowly introduced into university classrooms. Ant colony algorithm is a kind of algorithm that simulates the behavior of wild...
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Research on the Formation Mechanism and Promotion of Brand Loyalty in Tourism Destinations

Taking Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as an Example

Liping Xu, Sen Yang
The competition among tourist destinations is becoming more and more fierce. For tourist destinations, it is not only necessary to maintain the core market, but also to attract opportunity markets and guide tourists to become loyal tourists to the destination. The study found that the direct effect of...
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Research on Tourism Image Perception of Naozhou Island in Zhanjiang Based on Network Text Analysis

Jinfeng Zhong, Shipeng Li
At present, China still has many islands with rich tourism resources but lagging in tourism development, and most of them do not have a particular tourism image. Studying tourists’ perception of island tourism is of great significance for constructing a differentiated tourism image. With the development...
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Using SPSS and AMOS to Study the Influencing Factors and Mechanism of Healthy Consumption Lifestyle

Yanbing Liang
The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) put forward the implementation of the “Healthy China Strategy”, which calls for the promotion of healthy and sustainable lifestyles. The research on health consumption behavior has attracted much attention in academic circles,...
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A Study on the Path to Reducing Tesla’s Transaction Exposure in China—Base on Hedge Models

Yao Jia
Transaction exposure is a large risk for a multinational company. It measures gains or losses that arise from the settlement of existing financial obligations whose terms are stated in a foreign currency. The capacity at Tesla’s Shanghai factory is going to reach 550,000 in 2021. With such a huge capacity...
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Research on the Impact of Social Media Relationship Strategies on Customer Trust——Based on Smartpls

Zhenglin Zhang, Yingsong Feng, Taiwen Feng
With the widespread use of social media, online interaction between enterprises and customers of social media has become an important way for enterprises to maintain the customer relationship. We develop a dual-process model to explore the mechanism of the company’s online customer relationship maintenance...
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Research on Improving Service Satisfaction of Fitness Club Based on Peak-End Rule

Yinghong Chen
Peak-End Rule reveals the role of the customer experience formed at the critical moment of the service process in the overall customer experience perception. The correct management of the customer experience can improve customer value. Therefore, taking AB-Fitness Club as an example, this paper firstly...
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Research on the Relationship Between Government Subsidies, Innovation Investment Intensity and Enterprise Value of Military Companies

Wei Wang, Yabo Tao
Based on the panel data of listed companies in the Military-civilian integration board of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges from 2015 to 2019, this paper uses entropy weight method to optimize indicators and constructs a new enterprise value comprehensive evaluation index. From the perspective of...
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Research on Sustainable Supplier Selection and Evaluation of Q Communications Equipment Company Based on AHP

Jiayi Wei, Ping Xing, Hengwei Xu
Due to the rapid development of 5G networks, telecommunication products, which cater to service diversity, emerge at this historic moment. For telecommunication industries, under the pressure of stricter environmental policy and increasing production demands, green supplier selection is becoming more...
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Research on the Correlation Mechanism Between Hotel Service Scene Experience and Customer Behavior Based on a Structural Equation Model

Ziwen Geng, Wei Le, Benhai Guo, Hongjuan Yin
In the service environment, establishing a good service space is a key link of enhancing competitiveness. This paper used the Stimulus-Organism-Response model as the research framework to construct a structural equation model of service scene perception, brand attachment, comfort feeling and behavior...
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Bibliometric Analysis of Algorithmic Power in China Based on CiteSpace

Wendan Lv
Recently, more and more attention has been paid to the research of algorithmic power. This study used CiteSpace software to visualize and analyze 1084 literatures. The results show that: (1) Research on algorithmic power first appeared in the early 21st century, showing long-term stability and short-term...
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Empirical Research on Mixed Teaching Effect Based on Multipled Linear Regression Analysis in the Informatization Age

Taking “The Application of Excel in Finance” as an Example

Zhou Li, Di Fan
With the support of information technology, teaching means and methods are more diverse, and “Online + offline” hybrid courses based on various platforms have also emerged. What is the effect of hybrid teaching? How to make rational use of the platform, create a hybrid teaching design with the deep integration...
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Recognition of Abnormal Driving Behavior of Highway Vehicles Based on Data Characteristics

Jiahao Feng, Jinsong Ye, Lei Zhou
Using the data characteristics of traffic big data to intelligently identify abnormal driving vehicles, it is of great significance to fight against toll evasion and improve operation management & efficiency of highway. To improve the efficiency of joint inspection of existing highway vehicle toll...
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Study on Emotional Education in Professional Course Based on Internet Data

Yuhong Xie, Bo Wang
In order to explore the difficulties of emotional education in professional courses of technology and engineering, the problems about emotional education in professional courses are analyzed by internet data. With big data analysis, the number and areas of research on the emotional teaching from 2015...
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Design and Development of Android Application for Clarinet Flash Video Teaching in Mobile Internet Environment

Yantao Shi
In order to establish a diversified unique clarinet teaching system, form a better clarinet talent training system, and cultivate clarinet inheritors for China, this paper makes use of the advantages of mobile platform, using Java language for Android system, J2ee framework and Flash video software technology...
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Cost Performance Analysis of Cold Chain Logistics Based on DEA Model

Lirong Liu, Na Liu, Jie Sun
The development of the cold chain logistics industry affects the solution of China’s “three rural” problems to a certain extent. Evaluating and improving the business performance of cold chain logistics enterprises is not only conducive to reducing the circulation links of agricultural products, reducing...
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Research on the Design of the Online and Offline Teaching Workshop Platform of Higher Vocational PBL Based on Big Data Technology

Lanhua Guo, Weixin Zhen
Aiming at the small learning social scope for learning in current higher vocational education, insufficient resources, and low learning efficiency of academic conditions, an online and offline teaching workshop platform of higher vocational PBL based on big data technology is designed. Firstly, according...
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Design and Implementation of Rumor Refuting and Accountability System Based on Deep Learning and Graphic Database

Jingrong Wang, Haori Lu, Yutong Li, Jiazhen Song, Peng Nie
With the popularity of social networks, online rumors are increasing day by day. Internet rumors are harmful, spread fast, and will cause great loss to personal interests and social interests. In order to suppress the spread of online rumors and hold those who spread rumors accountable, we designed and...
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Research on Talent Cultivation of Modern Logistics Management Majors in Vocational Education Based on Artificial Intelligence

Wei Yao, Yanling Fan
The traditional experimental teaching of logistics management has problems such as slow update speed and incompatibility of theory and social practice, which affects the learning effect of students. It is very necessary and urgent to reform the experimental teaching mode of logistics management specialty....
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An Empirical Study on National Scholarship for Postgraduate Performance Based on Negative Binomial Regression Model

Taking a Provincial University of Science and Engineering as an Example

Anqi Li, Huali Hu
In the new era, education information has become a booster for the modernization of education in China. An essential part of education informatization is to cultivate the information ability of students and colleges. As an important direction in the field of higher education research, the National Scholarship...
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Design and Application of Online Teaching System of Police Physical Education Based on Web Application Development

Xingrong Zhang
Under the new social environment and development situation, the state has higher and higher standards and requirements for training police talents in public security colleges, and police physical education plays an important role in training police talents. Teaching in public security colleges should...
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An Empirical Study on the Correlation Between Teachers’ Question Types of College English Class and IRF Conversation Structure

Dongmei Xue
IRF is the basic unit of class conversation, which is usually initiated by teachers asking questions in class. This paper examines the relationship between the types of questions initiated by teachers, i.e., demonstrative questions and reference questions, and the conversational structure of IRF. UAM...
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Research on the Construction of Collaborative Education Management System in Colleges and Universities

Haoli Wang, Rui Zhang
The concept of collaborative education and its technology have been used for a long time in primary and secondary school education, like our lives are inseparable, in schools and families are the use of collaborative education, due to the wide range of use, so it has slowly been popularized. In university...
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Investigation and Countermeasures of Network Information Security Literacy of Higher Vocational Students

Haitao Guo, Yuxin Shang, Ling Li
With the development of Internet information technology and the wide application of big data, the problem of network information security has attracted more and more attention, especially higher vocational students are often deceived. Firstly, this paper designs a questionnaire about Higher Vocational...
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Analysis of Optimization Design of Art Auxiliary Course System Under WeChat Platform

Yan Xu
The development and progress of mobile communications and intelligent mobile devices affect all aspects of people’s lives, and also bring new opportunities for breakthroughs in the optimization of the art-assisted curriculum system. Art design is a course that combines theoretical study and operational...
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Construction of Ideological and Political Network Learning System for College English Courses Based on PHP Language

Wei Zhou, Qiang Cui, Qiongqiong Yang
College English is one of the basic public courses that every college student must take. It has a large proportion of class hours and a long course. It is aimed at all students in the school. Colleges and universities add the form of ideological and political courses to this high proportion of public...
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Research on the Application of Virtual Reality Technology in International Business Negotiation

Yunyun Zhao
Virtual reality technology is a computer simulation system that can create and experience virtual world. It is a frontier science and research field that integrates simulation, computer graphics and sensing technology. With the rise of the concept of “Metaverse”, it has developed very rapidly in recent...
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Design of Educational Management System for College Students Based on SaaS

Si Li
With the rapid development of science, information technology has become more mature and perfect, and has been widely used in various fields, including education, which has accelerated the pace of information development in China’s education field. The application of information technology can effectively...
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Design and Application of Visual Evaluation Platform for Art Major

Zhuan Wang, Maofeng Li
Professional evaluation is a process in which the evaluation subject judges the value of University Majors by using feasible evaluation means according to certain purposes and standards. It is an important link in the guarantee of higher education quality monitoring and evaluation. Its three core concepts...
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Construction of Marine Environmental Management Information Sharing Platform Under the Background of Big Data

Dandan Lv
To realize the comprehensive management of China’s oceans, and to make contributions to China’s strategy of strengthening the ocean and sustainable development. By combing the current situation of domestic marine environmental information processing problems, combined with big data technology, this paper...
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Research on College English Education Data Analysis Method and Development Suggestions Based on Improved BP Neural Network Algorithm

Xiangnan Liu
How to explore a new way to adapt to the changes of the times in today’s teaching environment has become an urgent problem to be solved. This paper first analyses the profound significance of College English teaching, and expounds the time value of English teaching through the world cultural exchange...
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Analysis of Online Course Learning Data Based on Density Peak Clustering and Research on Teaching Mode

Han Guo, Rui Zhang, Xiao-Nan Fang
With the development of Zhihuishu platform, online courses have also been constructed and promoted. In this study, taking the web front-end development technology course as an example, this paper uses the Density Peak Clustering method to analyse the online learning data of students. By watching videos...
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Exploration on the Reform Path of College Music Teaching Mode Under the Background of Internet+Education

Yantao Shi
All colleges and universities in China are constantly exploring and studying the experience of Internet teaching, hoping to improve the teaching mode, enhance the teaching efficiency and teaching results by introducing Internet technology. As an art course with high professionalism, high requirements...
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Development of an Ideological and Political Online Learning System for College English Courses Based on Python

Qiongqiong Yang, Wei Zhou, Qiang Cui
In order to promote the teaching reform of English majors in colleges and universities, the training goal of all-round development of English talents is achieved through the ideological and political teaching of online college English courses. This system uses the Python language to connect to the MySQL...
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Application of Computer Technology in Translation Teaching

Hong Zhou
The form of English passive structure has a significant influence on its Chinese translation. Based on the self-built BTI corpus, this paper selects the previous data on the standard translation characteristics of English passive structure based on big data statistics as the reference, uses the method...
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Exploring the Evaluation of College Students’ Learning Effect Under SPOC Teaching Mode Based on Cluster Analysis

Yuhan Shi
SPOC (Small Private Online Course) is an online and offline blended teaching mode. Many colleges and universities have adopted this teaching mode to improve teaching quality. However, due to the particularity of teaching mode, the way of evaluating students’ learning effect under this mode needs to be...
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Study on Document Measurement and Visual Analysis of Big Data Education Evaluation

Liang Yang, Xu Luo, Ao Gao
Machine learning, recommendation algorithm and other new big data technology, has become an important tool for learning analysis education evaluation. Educational evaluation is an important means to evaluate the value of educational activities, and big data technology is becoming an important part of...
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Practice of Social Science Digital Humanities Education Based on Big Data Analysis Technology

Liwen Sun, Junhua Yu, Jianying Tian
Data analysis technology research has gradually become the mainstream of Social Science Digital Humanities Education Practice Research, and data is one of the foundation and core of Digital Humanities project construction. At present, as a new interdisciplinary of Arts and Sciences, more and more scholars...
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Development of a Data Literacy Education System for the New Generation of Librarians Based on the Mutation of Progression

Hui Liu, Na Kang
As an important carrier of data literacy education, the university library is faced up with the big data age, from the university library talent structural crisis to the appearance of the new generation of librarians. This paper puts forward the concept of the new generation of librarians and analyses...
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Research on Multidimensional Perceptions Evaluation of Historic Districts Based AHP-Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

Yaohui Han, Le Li
The level of public satisfaction is one of the criteria for measuring the quality of service-oriented government. The core purpose of multidimensional perception evaluation of historic districts is to actively improve the service quality of public spaces and enhance public satisfaction with urban cultural...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Extra-Role Information Security Policy Compliance Behaviour Based on Structural Equation Model

Cong Wang, Chongrui Liu, Jidong Yao, Longfei Li
Information security noncompliance behaviour of employees within an organization is one of the primary reasons for the high frequency of information security incidents. The issue of information security compliance behaviour has attracted attention and importance. The information came from a poll of 525...
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Design and Realization of University Chinese Distance Multimedia Education System

Fei Peng
With the gradual departure of Chinese society from a well-off society, the Internet has also entered thousands of households, and has naturally become an indispensable part of the summer life of many students. Correct use of the Internet has become a compulsory course for modern people. The exchange...
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Design of Interactive Teaching System for Remote Conference on Cloud Platform

Yuetong Lei, Tianhui Shui
In the economic development of our country, commercial behaviors are becoming more and more frequent in operation. This research has developed a new web conferencing collaboration system that allows people to work and collaborate on the web. The remote video conference collaborative cloud platform is...
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Algorithm Analysis of Public Service Accessibility

Ying Sun
In order to maximize the value of various public service data resources under certain computing resources, it is necessary to develop public service algorithms for various application scenarios of public services, so as to realize intelligent computing and service engine from various public service data...
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Design of Dual-Terminal Combined Learning and Education Management System Based on Cloud Development

Xiaofeng Xia, Xuefei Shi
With the large-scale use of QQ and WeChat users, WeChat mini-programs have also followed, gradually entering our field of vision, and the benefits brought by cloud technology have made the development of mini-programs more active. In the face of an era full of information, computer technology is constantly...
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Public Opinion Analysis About Online Teaching in the Era of Big Data: Mining and Analyzing Data from an Online Community in China

Xiaoqian Liu
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, a wide range of online teaching has had practical opportunities in China. Online teaching has also aroused extensive discussion among students, parents and public opinion. How to apply big data technology to understand the public opinion feedback on online teaching...
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Construction of Virtual Studio Production System for Online Open Courses in Colleges and Universities

Jing Liang, Yumeng Xie, Jingpei Li
Under educational informatization, colleges and universities actively participate in constructing online open courses, and the construction of a digital course production system is necessary to support. This paper discusses the virtual studio production system’s design principles and construction plans...
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Innovation and Application of English Online Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on ASP.NET Technology

Ting Jiang
With the rapid development of the “internet plus” era, information technology has gradually entered all fields of society, and profound and great changes have taken place, and the online English teaching mode has emerged as the times require. Therefore, the author has developed an online English teaching...
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English Classroom Teaching Evaluation System Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Hui Mo, Aichun Zhang
Teaching evaluation system is complicated and affected by various factors. Teaching quality assessment is an important measure to ensure the quality of school teaching and meet the needs of society. The purpose of this paper is to design an English school evaluation system based on optimal particle swarm...
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Application of Computer-Aided Translation in Interpretation Learning Under the New Liberal Arts Horizon

Renna Gui
In the context of the development and prosperity of economic globalization, translation, as a means of information transmission in intercultural communication, plays an increasingly important role. The translation market has an increasing demand for talents, which requires higher quality of talents....
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An IPFS Privacy Storage Sharing Scheme Based on SM4 Algorithm

Jiazhen Song, Yutong Li, Haori Lu, Jingrong Wang, Peng Nie
Nowadays, based on the characteristics of immutability and decentralization, IPFS as a distributed file system is applied in more and more scenarios. However, the storage mode of IPFS is designed for all Internet users and is open. Therefore, the protection of personal privacy data stored on IPFS and...
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An Analysis on the Evolution Path and Hot Topics of Frugal Innovation—Visual Analysis Based on Citespace

Xiaoyu Qu, Dan Wang
Using CiteSpace software, 360 papers from CNKI in the field of frugal innovation are used to perform quantitative analysis and draw a visual map. The research shows that the number of published papers in this field is in good shape, which can be roughly divided into three stages; the research force is...
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Construction of Network Learning Platform of Construction Engineering Management Under PHP Development Environment

Rulun Peng
Based on the PHP language development environment and Moodle system as the basic framework, a feasible secondary development design form is selected to complete the construction of the network learning platform of construction engineering management. In the form of Web application program under the B/S...
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Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Practical Teaching of Ideological and Political Course in Colleges and Universities

Nan Zhang
With the rapid development of economy, politics and culture in China, in order to keep up with the pace of social development and progress and cultivate high-quality talents, our country pays more and more attention to students’ ideological and political cultivation. The ideological and political course...
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Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Sculpture Art

Linlin Shi
With the rapid development and application of digital technology, it has become a normal phenomenon to use different types of new media and emerging technologies to create sculptures. The rapid development of today’s sculpture art is closely related to the vigorous technological innovation behind it....
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Application of Information Technology in Woodcut Prints

Wei Huang
The traditional woodblock printing plate has certain limitations. Because of the lack of accuracy of manual processing, the picture effect is weakened. Under the background of the diversification of modern art styles, woodblock prints are easily impacted by other art forms. The application of information...
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Analysis on Spatial Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Inter-provincial Population Migration Based on Multiple Linear Regression Model

Fei Su, Xiaoqian Zhu, Lei Tong, Yuhua Zhong, Liangmin Cheng
Using the concept of migration preference index, this paper first calculates the comprehensive out-migration indexes, the migration preference indexes of outside Anhui province from 2014 to 2018, then conducts a multiple linear regression to model the migration preference indexes, and puts forward the...
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Research on the Solution of Vocational English Online Education Based on Artificial Intelligence

Qiren Wang, Ziming Zeng
With the rapid development of mobile Internet, vocational English online vocational education has won the favor of a large number of users for its strong practicality and convenience. Students can make up for the limited amount of professional class hours in schools by learning relevant courses. However,...
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Create a Curriculum Reform and Practice Mode of Integration of Production and Education Based on Virtual Simulation Resources

Taking the Course “Cold Chain Logistics Management” as an Example

Yanling Fan, Wei Yao
Cold chain logistics involves many links such as picking, packaging, storage and transportation, and sales, and it is difficult to carry out traditional experimental teaching. Based on this, this paper integrates the principles of 3T, 3P and 3C of cold chain logistics, and uses 3D modeling, animation,...
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Design of Intelligent Grading System for College English Translation

Chuan Zhou
At present, the currently used intelligent scoring system for college English translation has the following defects in practical application: the running time is too long, and the final scoring result deviates greatly from the actual one. In view of this situation, in order to further reduce the manual...
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Information Technology Based Forestry Information Technology Application Professional “Post Course Certificate Competition” Curriculum Reform

Yueming Chen, Hualong Cai, Xu Luo, Yiyan Zhuang
Forestry Information Technology Application is a composite major based on forestry, which organically combines computer technology, measurement technology, geographic information technology and forestry technology. The national forestry and grass industry is in urgent need of a large number of professional...
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Collaborative Filtering of Learning Resources Recommendation Based on Learners’ Viewing Behavior

Chong Wang, Ziyao Wang, Yongzhe Zhao, Yixuan Zhao
With the popularity of online education and the development of information technology, the number of learning resources on the Internet has increased geometrically, making it often impossible for learners to obtain more accurate learning resource recommendations. The main form of online learning for...
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Design and Implementation of Web-Based Remote Open College Teacher Training System

Wenyuan Ji
Colleges and universities have been looking for appropriate ways to improve teacher training, hoping to find a new way of teacher training through the Internet and emerging technologies. Firstly, the author analyzes the problems existing in the training of college teachers, and develops a long-distance...
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The Practice of College English Teaching Reform with Intelligent Voice Evaluation in the Context of Artificial Intelligence Empowering Education

Yamei Zhang
Artificial intelligence (AI) technology empowers the digital transformation of education, which is gradually shaping a new form of education. Based on the theory of “computer-assisted language learning”, an overall teaching reform practice of human-machine collaborative education was conducted through...
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Research on Hot Topics and Trends of Ideological and Political Teaching in China—Visual Analysis Based on CiteSpace

Jiajia Xia
By using CiteSpace 6.1.R2, this paper presents a statistical analysis of the relevant papers on the application of Chinese ideological and political teaching in CNKI in the last five years from 2016 to 2021. It reviews papers’ publication date, published journals, published institutions, core authors...
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Design and Implementation of Automatic Rumor Detection System Based on Opposite Meaning Searching

Haori Lu, Jingrong Wang, Jiazhen Song, Yutong Li, Peng Nie
With the development of social networks, information on social platforms is exploding. However, Plenty of rumors have also appeared on social platforms, which significantly affect social stability. To reduce the harm of rumors, we design and implement an automatic rumor detection system. In this system,...
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Design and Implementation of Word Segmentation System for Ideological and Political Education Based on Unsupervised Learning

Peng Shao, Junjie Guo
Chinese word segmentation is an important technology in Chinese natural language processing. The quality of Chinese word segmentation results will affect the effect of text processing. The relationship between the two is very close. In the field of ideological and political education, these words have...
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Design of Teaching Quality Monitoring System Based on Professional Development of Teachers in Colleges and Universities

Dongxing Yu
As one of the leading factors affecting the quality of teaching (tea), the professional development of teachers not only directly affects the current tea quality, but also determines the future development of colleges and universities. Therefore, the research of tea quality monitoring based on the professional...
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Design and Application of Entrusted Judicial Expertise System Under the Background of “internet plus Public Judicial Service”

Hong Zhou, Yipeng Yang
According to the problems of low expertise efficiency, opaque expertise situation and lack of effective supervision in the judicial expertise procedure under the current background, the author of this paper developed a commissioned judicial appraisal system under the background of “internet plus Public...
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Design and Application of Hybrid Teaching Mode of Pharmaceutical Analysis Experiment Based on SPOC and CBL

Xin Zhou
At present, more and more colleges and universities are beginning to use the innovative form of “Internet+Education” to realize the reform of teaching ideas and teaching modes, so as to further improve the teaching effect. Under this background, this paper focuses on the construction of online teaching...
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Research on the Impact of E-Commerce Live Streaming on Consumers’ Purchase Intention

Fei Wang, Ye Wang
The e-commerce live streaming industry in China has been developing recently. In the context of an e-commerce live broadcast, this paper primarily investigates the elements that influence consumers’ buy intentions. Based on the S-O-R theory and TAM models, this study designs a questionnaire and collects...
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Performance Evaluation and Modeling on Practical Ability Cultivation Mode for English Majors Based on Cloud Platform and Cloud Interconnectedness Theory

Tianzhao Li
According to China’s “National Standard for the Teaching Quality of English Majors in Colleges and Universities” (abbreviated as “National Standard”), “Internship and Practical Training” refers to all kinds of practical activities carried out in combination with course teaching, mainly including professional...
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Information Teaching Design of International Business Negotiation Based on BOPPPS Model and Intelligent Teaching Platform

Tao Wan, Xiaoxue Li
Information technology is conducive to improving the digital, networked, and intelligent level of teaching management, and promoting educational decision-making and management. In recent years, the teaching mode based on information has evolved in many forms, but the informatization of some practical...
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Research on Ideological and Political Education of Industrial Robot Course Under the Three Fusions Mode

Yaping Lu, Chen Da
Industrial robots is the core course of intelligent manufacturing, and it has the responsibility of delivering intelligent manufacturing talents to social enterprises. In this paper, the “ideological and political elements” such as the noble feelings of patriotism and love for the people, the professional...
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Research on the Design of Auxiliary Teaching System for Music Courses Based on Modern Information Technology

Meili Zhang, Kewen Hou
Music course is a cultivated course, which can cultivate sentiment, let us have fun in the noisy life, and enjoy in the sea of notes. As far as teaching is concerned, the auxiliary teaching system of music courses based on modern information technology takes the lead. It not only has timeliness, but...
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Quantitative Analysis of Educational Informatization Evaluation

Yuncheng Li
With the implementation of the “education informatization 2.0 action plan”, high-quality and continuous promotion of college informatization construction has become an inevitable requirement for deepening education reform. The social attention of online teaching has further condensed the consensus of...
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Research on Industry-Education Integration and Project Management Information System Based on Higher Vocational Education

Changyu Qian
China’s project management information system involves many aspects, with the reform of education, more and more efficient in the project management system and the integration of industry and education [12]. Because there are many differences between vocational colleges and universities in many teaching...
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The Computer-Assistant Online Two-Wheel-Drive Teaching Increase Student Grade in College Political Courses

Yang Yang, Zhengfei Zhao
With the rapid development of the internet and online platforms, the adoption rate of online teaching is rapidly spreading to higher education, among which the rain classroom is a widely used methods. There are few studies demonstrate that how computer-assistant online rain classroom combined with other...
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Research on Apprenticeship of Hyaluronic Acid Industry Chain in Biopharmaceutical Specialty Based on Big Data Statistical Analysis and SPSS Software

Xiangzhen Cui, Hongyu Shi, Limei Song
The apprenticeship teaching reform of biopharmaceutical specialty in Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology was carried out based on hyaluronic acid industry. The self-developed hyaluronic acid industry chain data analysis and management platform is used for research The model processing was carried...
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Gamification and Students’ Creativity: Multivariate Linear Regression Method Based on SPSS Analysis on the Mediating Effect of Learning Immersion

Linlin Zhang
In this paper, the data of gamification, learning immersion and creative ability of 419 students are taken as samples, and the multivariate linear regression method is used to establish the mediating model and observe the multivariate linear regression relationship. The results show that: (1) there is...
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Design and Research of Big Data Experimental Teaching Platform

Li Dai, Jialong Liu
In order to meet the actual needs of big data experimental teaching in the new era, this paper explores the design of big data experimental teaching platform based on the current mainstream computer technology. Through architecture design, database design and functional module deployment, the design...
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A Semi-supervised Learning-Based Method for Correcting Translation Accuracy of Literature Works

Hongzhu Jiang
This paper studies the accuracy correction method of literary translation based on semi supervised learning, so as to improve the accuracy of Literary translation and reduce the translation error rate. Based on the word vector of recurrent neural network, the data preprocessing and feature extraction...
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Polynomial Regression and Response Surface Model Analysis on the Impact of the Consistency of Self-regulated Learning and Interaction on Online Learning Performance Based on Python

Ying Tian, Xiaoying Song, Kai Zhang
Based on the constructivism learning theory, through the use of Python computer technology for polynomial regression and response surface modelling, data analysis and graphic rendering, this study clarifies the differential influence of the configuration of self-regulated learning (SRL) and three kinds...
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Learning Engagement and Academic Achievement—An Empirical Study Based on Structural Equation Modeling

Zhang Sun, Jing Xiao
Task-driven teaching is an important research field of teaching reform. From the perspective of participation, this study constructs a conceptual model of learning engagement from the dimensions of cognitive engagement, behavioural engagement and emotional engagement, and designs a learning engagement...