Proceedings of the 2022 2nd International Conference on Education, Information Management and Service Science (EIMSS 2022)

The 2022 2nd International Conference on Education, Information Management and Service Science (EIMSS 2022) was successfully held on July 22–24, 2022 in Changsha, China. EIMSS 2022 promoted the research and developmental activities in Education, Information Management and Service Science, as well as the scientific information interchange between researchers, engineers and practitioners working all around the world.

During the conference, we were greatly honored to have Prof. Zehui Zhan from South China Normal University, China, to serve as our Conference Chairman. And the conference brought together 200 innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of Education, Information Management and Service Science to attend. The conference agenda was composed of keynote speeches and oral presentations. For a start, keynote speakers were each allocated 30–45 minutes to hold their speeches. Then in the oral presentations, the excellent papers we had selected were presented by their authors by turns.

At the beginning of the conference, four distinguished professors were invited as keynote speakers to deliver their speeches. Among them, Prof. Jinhui Li from Jinan University, China, made a report on Communicating and Seeking Health Information in the Age of Digital Media. He introduced to us his two recent studies that explored both the theoretical understanding and practical implementation of health communication in the age of digital media. And these two studies not only extended the literature of health information coverage in digital media, but also implied their potential impacts on individual’s psychological and behavioral attributes within different health contexts. In addition, Prof. Fathi Ihmeideh from the Hashemite University, Jordan, showed us his research: Integrating Information and Communication Technology into Early Years Education. This keynote speech focused on the importance of providing children with multiple learning opportunities through information and communication technology. The effective use of ICT in classrooms, methods to help teachers develop technological knowledge and skills as well as different cultural perspectives on ICT integrated into early years education were discussed in the study. The brilliant speeches of each keynote speaker had triggered heated discussion in the conference. Moreover, their speeches won the praise of every participant for disseminating useful and insightful knowledge.

The proceedings of EIMSS 2022 cover various topics, which include future education, mobile learning, information technology, data mining, artificial intelligence in service, smart cities, and public services, etc. All the papers have been checked through rigorous review and processes to meet the requirements of publication. On behalf of the conference organizing committee, we’d like to show our congratulation and sincere gratitude to all the keynote speakers, peer reviewers, and all the participants. Furthermore, our special thanks go to the Atlantis Press, for all efforts of the colleagues in publishing this paper volume. We truly believe that all the attendees have had fruitful discussions and gained valuable knowledge and will enjoy the opportunity for future collaborations.

Committee of EIMSS 2022