Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Social Science, Public Health and Education (SSPHE 2018)

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Relationship Research between Chinese-character Continuation and Language Difficulty Level in Chinese Text

Zezhi Zheng, Dongjie Zhou
Text grading is beneficial to compile, recommend and evaluate the textbook, etc. Therefore, the measure of difficulty level of texts has received considerable attentions from researchers. In this paper, the static difficulty of units of language and knowledge, like Chinese-characters and words or phrases,...
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A Study on the Demotivators in English Learning of Chinese non-English Majors

Jingjing Zeng, Wei Zhang, Wenxia Sun
Demotivation means that the learners, once motivated to learn, lose interest and energy in English learning so that learning English would become a suffering and time-consuming task. The present study has developed a five-Likert scale demotivation questionnaire. 193 sophomores were taken as the subjects....
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Research on Artistic Values and Comprehensive Development of Pan Yu Water Color Art

Pei Cai, Huimin Qu, Fulan Chen
This paper, from the perspective of the subject, discusses current situation, participants, planners and local residents of the Pan Yu Water (a kind of traditional folk color on rafts) art, and makes an analysis with investigation data after visiting Shiqiao Town, Baomo Garden, Piaose(a kind of traditional...
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Jack London’s Writing Motivation for The Call of the Wild

Yifeng Liu
The American author Jack London (1876-1916) has long been popular as a writer of primitive nature. His works have been scrutinized by critic all over the world from both thematic and aesthetic perspectives. Up to now, some critics come to realize the importance, so they begin to view Jack London in light...
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An Analysis of the Multi-roles the Mississippi River Plays in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Yinxiu Ji
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is the peak of the Mississippi series composed by Mark Twain. The story both begins and ends on the Mississippi, which reflects the writer’s special attachment to the childhood familiar river. The Mississippi, soul of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, plays multi...
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Standard Font Screening Method for Replicating Ancient Mongolian Kanjur Fonts

Wurihan, Biligebatu
The Beijing "red copy" of the Mongolian Kanjur as a classic of Mongolian Buddhism in the Qing Dynasty has a unique authority and representativeness. However, its font style research is still in a relatively weak state at home and abroad. In order to improve the quality of the font of Mongolian ancient...
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Repression and Redemption: Adorno on Natural Beauty

Feng Tao
Adorno hopes to explore the redemptive function of art through the clarification of the expressive essence of natural beauty, and finally realize the equality and harmony between human and nature in understanding. Things have their own language as well as human beings. Natural beauty is the expression...
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On the Natural Aesthetics of Wordsworth’s Poetry

Xiuye Zeng
William Wordsworth is a representative poet in 19th century British romantic literature. “Nature” is an important theme of his poetry, on which he formed his “natural view” with different spiritual meanings and humanistic connotations. Based on the interpretation of his poems, this paper analyzes the...
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The Embodiment of Symbolism, Realism and Naturalism in The Grapes of Wrath

Xinyu Zhang
The Grapes of Wrath won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for John Steinbeck. The following paper is a study of the artistic characteristics running through the novel. The Grapes of Wrath is the historically authentic story of the Joad family; Oklahoma farmers dispossessed of their land...
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On Domestic Violence in Richard Wright’s Works

Yuan Fang
The research on Richard Wright pays more attention to the political and social values in his works, while the ethical values are ignored. The family ethical relationship is an important part of African American experiences in Richard Wright’s works. And domestic violence has become an important aspect...
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The Influences of EFL Graduate Students’ Gender, Major and English Proficiency on FLA

Mailing Tang, Jianrong Tian
This paper aims to study non-English Major EFL graduate students' foreign language anxiety and the differences of foreign language anxiety related to different gender, major and English proficiency in Northwest China. By using questionnaire, this study investigated 313 non-English major EFL graduate...
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Application of DIY Corpora to Translator Education: A Practice-based Study

Hongmei Han, Enqing Li
With the development of big data technology, the application of corpora to translation studies and translator education has drawn the attention of more scholars and instructors. Although translation studies by way of DIY(“Do-It-Yourself”) corpora have been carried out, their application to translator...
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Teenagers’ STEM-based Innovative Courses Design

Jun He, Xiaocui Yu, Xiaoming Zhu, Bo Sun, Qingmei Cheng, Junchao Gui
Recently, interdisciplinary education has been the trend of the education curriculum reform. In this paper, we report on the thought of teenagers’ STEM-based innovative courses, which aim at developing students' scientific literacy and creative creativity through hands-on practice. Researching on project-based...
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Regional Education Inequality in China under Marx’s View of Justice

Yingqin Zhang, Meng Wang
Fairness and justice is the core of Marx’s view of justice. Although Marx’s view of justice is based on his analysis of the failure of market economy in Western capitalist countries during the earlier stage, yet it is still of extremely important theoretical value and guiding significance to solve the...
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Application Research on the Flipped Class Mode in the Course of ‘Principle and Technology of Early Warning Satellite’

Yan Ouyang, Peiqi Deng, Tingxin Xu, Xiaobin Huang, Li Lu, Shuwen Wang
Early warning satellites is one of the important detective equipment of anti-missile early warning system. Learning its basic principle and common technology is indispensable for training qualified people to meet the needs of future anti-missile early warning operations all over the world. Based on analyzing...
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Research on Teaching Development Path of Clinical Teachers under the Background of Synergy Medical Education

Chunmiao Liu
As the main undertaker of clinical teaching, clinicians shoulder the triple tasks of medical treatment, scientific research and teaching. In addition, they have not studied the theory, teaching methods and education technology of medical education systematically, so it is often difficult to improve their...
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The Effective Strategies of Implementing Chinese Elective Courses in Senior High Schools

Wenqing Chen, Huajian Yang
Elective courses have become the focus of attention in the new curriculum reform of high schools. The effective implementation of elective courses has also become the top priority of this curriculum reform. The implementation of elective courses and the effect of their implementation have a direct impact...
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Research on Chinese College Students’ Using Behavior towards E-learning Services Based on Improved TAM Model

Ze Liu, Zhenhua Wei
E-learning is becoming more and more popular in many developed and developing countries. The number of E-learning users grows fast, especially in the community of college students. Taking China as an example, this paper investigates factors that influencing the college students’ using behavior towards...
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Research on Influence Evaluation and Application of University Weibo Users

Tong Li, Guang Yu, Yongtian Yu
In the rapid development of information age, it is an unprecedented challenge and opportunity for universities. As a new social network, Weibo provide a way to increase public impression and acknowledge to universities, it has not only a fast and convenient way to release and transfer news, but also...
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The Difference between Chinese and American Primary School Science Textbooks in Arrangement of Knowledge

Zezhi Zheng, Lu Zhou, Miao Zhao
Language is not only the carrier of knowledge, but also the interpreting system of professional knowledge of different subjects. The differences in the use of language units can reflect the differences in knowledge arrangement, readability and writing ideas of textbooks. The number of linguistic units...
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Pre-service Teachers’ Conceptualization of “Critical Thinking”: a Cross-Cultural Case Study

Lei Chen, Huijing Wen
This study aims to better understand the cultural difference of conceptualization of “critical thinking” concept through the perspectives of U.S. and Chinese pre-service teachers. The result shows that the pre-service teachers’ discussions of critical thinking concept are shaped by their cultural understanding...
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Quantitative Analysis and Evaluation for Achievement of Training Objectives in Graduation Requirements of Pharmaceutical Engineering

Shun Yao, Ziyuan Li, Wencai Huang, Alula Yohannes, Lincai Peng, Hang Song
This paper aimed to access the scientific and comprehensive evaluation for achievement of graduation requirements of pharmaceutical engineering through quantitative data. Four-year course objects and graduation requirement should be systematic programmed and supported by a series of index points, and...
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Research on the Design Problem of University Running Characteristics Based on Strategic Management Thought

Xinghua Lu, Xiaona Zhang, Zhixin Ma
The design of university running characteristic is the starting point of the construction of university running characteristic, and it plays an important role in forming the characteristic of university running. From the perspective of strategic management, this paper studies the concept, connotation...
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Reform of Management Information System Course Teaching Model

Guixian Zhou
In designing the management information system course paradigm reform work, we discussed in the form of curriculum group, in the course of teaching content, teaching methods and evaluation methods are the reform way of thinking, in the actual teaching, according to the original design for a full course...
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Teaching Reform in Health-law Course for Chinese Public Health Students: Video-Based Design for Improving Students Capability

Yi Wei
To change the teacher speeches pattern to a student involvement pattern in health law and inspection teaching, for leading the medical students to a more humane way of thinking, I redesigned the health law course contents and methods, and evaluated the advantages of the proposed three-dimensional model...
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A Study on the Education Mode of E-Business Major in Wuhan Application-oriented University

Shihua Zhang, Sheng Cao, Wendi Zhang
At present there are many universities in Wuhan cultivated students can't satisfy the enterprise and the social demand. In this paper, based on the developing pattern of e-commerce professional universities in Wuhan city for a deeper analysis, find out the problems and perfect all kinds of training mode....
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Research on Reform of Graphic Techniques for Civil Engineering Courses Based on Outcome Based Education

Ying Li
With China accession to the “Washington agreement”, the engineering education in our country must set up a new standard equal to the quality of the world, the Outcome Based Education (OBE) is the main concept of engineering education reform in developed countries. In this paper the core basic course...
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Research on the Course of CNC Practice Based on Project Teaching in Application-Oriented College

Hongmei Fan
With the rapid development and comprehensive application of numerical control technology, demands of excellent talents in this field are increased to a great extent. Confronted with the problems existing in the CNC practice course and cultivating high quality and excellent numerical control talents,...
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The Cultivation Strategy of High-level Engineering Management Talents in New Energy Industries

Hong Chen, Daoyan Guo, Ruyin Long
It is necessary and urgent to study the cultivation strategy of high-level engineering management talents who are served as leading forces of new energy industries. Based on the bounded rational hypothesis, this study constructed an evolutionary game model between higher institutions and new energy industries...
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Teachers at the Beginning of Their Professional Work-Assessment of the Level of Pedagogical Competence of Graduates of Teaching Faculties

Joanna M. Łukasik, Katarzyna Jagielska, Anna K. Duda, Paulina Koperna, Anna Mróz, Kinga Sobieszczańska
The paper presents the results of a pilot study into the level of pedagogical competencies of students of teaching degrees. The study was conducted using the diagnostic tool called “Pedagogical Competencies at the Start” (KPNS, Kompetencje Pedagogiczne na Starcie), developed by the research team. The...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Biopharmaceutical Specialty in Higher Engineering Institute

Hongli Zhou, Chengbai Men
Since the 21st century, biopharmaceutical specialty has already become one of the most promising industries. Based on the requirements of the society, some suggestions for the teaching reform were, proposed including strengthening practical education, engineering quality education and the application...
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Design and Evaluation of Blended Teaching Mode Based on MOOC

Yanbing Yang, Jie Liu, Xiangfei Kong, Bin Liu, Junying Sun, Qin Zhang
With the development of the Internet and the gradual change of teaching concepts, the combination of Internet technology and traditional classroom has become the development direction of teaching reform. In this paper, we take linear algebra course as an example to design a hybrid teaching model based...
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Reform of Electronic Technology Experiment Teaching Based on Engineering Education Professional Certification

Ying Yang
The core idea of engineering education professional accreditation is to cultivate students' engineering consciousness and improve their engineering practice ability and engineering quality. Combined with the engineering education accreditation requirements and the outstanding problems in the process...
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Can Blended Teaching Based on SPOC Improve Teaching Effectiveness?

Jingjing Zhao
The blended teaching based on Small Private Online Course (SPOC) is a teaching method which combines the traditional "face-to-face" classroom teaching with the private online courses of our school and achieves the teaching objectives through the blended teaching offline and online. In order to explore...
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A Web-based Teaching Case in Basic Mechanical Experiments: Design, Application and Evaluation

Jingmei Zhai, Xiao Xu, Xianwen Zeng
The traditional on-site laboratory is now facing a challenge such as cost, space or time. As a complement, a web-based teaching platform has been established for basic mechanical experiments at South China University of Technology. All processes of an experimentation including preparation, execution,...
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The Western Music Educational Training Mode to China - Take Italy as An Example

Xiaoxuan Wang, Yun Deng, Xiao Zheng
This article tries to compare the music history of Chinese and Italian, the model of higher education institutions, the government support model and social attention. We collect some valuable official data and relevant research materials for reference between China and Italy. We compare the National...
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Practice of Undergraduate “Practical Training Program” Project in the Background of “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program”

Ziqiao Sun, Shuhui Xu
The Excellence Engineers Program is a major education program for the implementation of the National Medium and Long-Term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020). At the same time, in order to comprehensively promote the comprehensive reform of education in Beijing's colleges and universities,...
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Application of Reverse Instructional Design in Investment

Jingjing Zhao
Taking the utility indifference curve of investment course as an example, this paper studies the application of reverse instructional design in the teaching of investment course. Firstly, it determines the teaching objectives, secondly, it designs the evaluation rules of teaching according to the teaching...
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Study on the Integration of Curriculum

Qiuzhong Ou
The curriculum must meet the requirements of the training goal. It is the concentrated expression of the training goal of a certain school in a certain curriculum plan, and the course setting must be integrated. Based on foreign-related majors, in particular Business English major, this paper puts forward...
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The Flipped Classroom Approach in Calculus Teaching with Mathematics Software

Linghui Jin
Flipped classrooms are an instructional technology trend mostly incorporated in higher education settings. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the flipped classroom approach designed by using Mathematics software in calculus teaching. We use the double integral learning as an example...
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A Defence of Utilitarian Pedagogy: Whether Education Should Focus More on Human Utilitarianism

Jiayin Qu
The thesis proposes a defence of a late-modern pedagogy which was risen by what Sennet calls the new capitalism, and it has transformed contemporary education tremendously. The term coined for the form under consideration here is ‘utilitarian pedagogy’. Educators and researchers have increasingly debated...
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Causes and Countermeasures on the Unbalanced Development of Compulsory Education in Urban and Rural Areas in China

Chao Zeng, Jianguang Qiu
Compulsory education as the most basic public goods, balanced supply between urban and rural areas is the basis of social equity and justice. However, the public education policy under the dual social structure of our country leads to the imbalance of the allocation of compulsory education resources,...
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A Study on the Causes and Countermeasures of the Imbalance in the Flow of Compulsory Education Teachers in Urban and Rural Areas in China

Hong Ji, Jianguang Qiu
Under the back drop of a serious imbalance in the allocation of teachers between urban and rural schools, this study makes suggestions on now the gap between the two areas can be reduced. The flow of expert teachers from rural to urban schools is partly due to the great differences in the way in which...
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Interactive Effect of Lifestyle, Sleep Quality and Depressive Symptoms: A Questionnaire Study of Retired Workers in A Medium-sized City of Northeastern China

Shi-chen Zhang, Li-jun Yu, Jun Wang, Atsushi Ueda, Chang-nian Wei, Jun Fang
Lifestyle is an important determinant factor for mental diseases. This cross-sectional study aimed to examine the independent and interactive association between lifestyle and sleep quality with depressive symptoms in Chinese retired workers. One thousand two hundred and sixty-eight retired workers (aged...
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The Study on the Influence of Living Conditions to Health

Li Li, Siyue Chen
This paper has the access to the information of Chinese Family Panel Studies (CFPS) in 2016. It mainly studies how living conditions affect the residents’ health, which means from two different aspects of personal housing conditions and community environment conditions respectively. Then it will be based...
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Evaluation of the Concentration Index of the Fairness of Health Resources Allocation in China

Xianzhi Fu, Jin Li, Nan Sun, Xiangjie Mao, Changqing Sun
Background: The study focuses on fairness of China's health resources allocation and provides feasible suggestions for government regional health planning. Method: Fairness of China's health resources allocation is evaluated by means of the concentration index (CI) and the indirect standardized concentration...
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The Anonymous Memory of the Living Past

Lyubomir Krastev
This article studies the interaction between photography and archive, in terms of its important role in the contemporary artistic practices of recent decades. The nature of the photographic record allows it to construct historical memory, which underlines its documentary/ archival potential. The method...
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Progress in Mechanism of E.coli K1 Crossing the Blood-brain Barrier

Xiao Yang, Huiwen Tian, Shaoyi Lin, Jie Li, Shenghe Huang, Hong Cao
Meningitis is a serious central nervous system disease, E. coli K1 is the main pathogen that causes it. E.coli K1 triggers meningitis only if it crosses the blood-brain barrier(BBB), but the detail mechanism of how E. coli K1 cross the blood-brain barrier is still unclear. This article is based on current...
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Analysis of Users' Health Knowledge Requirement and Health Perception in Senior Online Community Based on Web Text Mining

Yuxing Qian, Huayang Zhou, Hao Li, Meiling Ren, Wenxuan Gui, Liqin Zhou
Purpose/Significance: In order to use the Internet to carry out accurate health education, it is essential to study the health knowledge requirement and health perception of netizens. Method/Process: Selecting 5,296 User-shared health knowledge text as a corpus in the "health, regimen, fitness" section...
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Comparative Study of Domestic and Foreign Health Care Platform

Xiaoyue Li, Ling Zhang, Huairong Zhang, Ya Wen, Dou Luo, Ruixin He
In recent years, China has continued to accelerate the pace of health informatization, promote the continuous recording of electronic health records and electronic medical records, and the authorized use of information among medical institutions, and encourage qualified regions and areas to advance the...
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Quality Assessment and Knowledge Discovery for Chinese Systematic Review/Meta-analysis of Hypertension Prevention and Control

Jing Wang, Yuxing Qian
Systematic Review/Meta-analysis is the essential source of best evidence in medical research and its quality is necessary to assess due to the difference among researchers. The AMSTAR, PRISMA, cited frequency and downloads were used to assess the quality of domestic systematic review/meta-analysis about...
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The Impact of Informal Care on Elderly People’s Physical Health Outcomes

Peng Ouyang, Wenjun Sun
The empirical study of informal care on care receivers’ physical health has not been gained comprehensive attention. We aim to investigate the effects of informal care on the physical health of elderly people in China. We pure the potential endogeneity of informal care time by introducing the distance...
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The Effect of Home Care on Chest Pain, Body Pain and Fall: An Empirical Study from CHARLS Data Using Propensity Score Matching

Peng Ouyang, Wenjun Sun
In this paper, we aim to investigate the causal effects of home care on the elder people's physical health outcomes which mainly deals with body pain, chest pain and fall. We address the selection bias by using propensity score matching in the estimation process. We find that the elder people who were...
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Cerebral Microbleeds Detection via Discrete Wavelet Transform and Back Propagation Neural Network

Jin Hong, Zhihai Lu
Cerebral microbleeds (CMBs) are small perivascular hemosiderin deposits leaked through cerebral small vessels in normal or near normal tissue. The positions distribution of CMBs can indicate some underlying aetiologies. CMBs can be visualized by susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI) which is high sensitivity...
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Blockchain Application with Health Token in Medical & Health Industrials

Chi Kin Lee
Blockchain refining is a tool that can prove the existence and exact content of any document or other digital-asset at a particular time.It can economically involve human-computer interaction, machine-to-machine (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT) , payment network integration and automation. In the future...
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Evaluation of Health Resource Allocation Efficiency of Chinese Medicine Hospital Based on Data Envelopment Analysis

Pan Zhang, Wenping Deng, Shusong Mao, Kai Chang
Objective. To study the allocation efficiency of health resources in Chinese medicine hospitals, and provide reference for further optimizing the allocation of Chinese medicine health resources in China. Methods The data envelopment analysis method was used to evaluate the health resource allocation...
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Research on User Mental Model Based on Website Classification System

Yuntao Yang, Jinbing Ha
A good design of a website is user-friendly. It means users can understand its content easily, which needs to be considered from the user's perspective. No matter what kind of website, their goal is to deliver effect message easily for users. The mental model is used to reflect user’s inner thinking...
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Research Progress of Pathogenesis of Gout and Corresponding Treatment by Chinese Herbs

Mei Zhong
Pathogenesis of gout is explained from the standpoints of traditional Chinese and western medicine, and recent research progress related to treatment of gout is summed by Chinese medicine of unilateral potion and polypragmasy. Methods: analyzing, organizing document and abroad documents. Conclusion:...
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Clinical Observation on the Efficacy of Electric Acupuncture Points with Moxibustion in Mild Cognitive Impairment

Yue Liu, Weiwei Du
The purpose of this paper is to understand the efficacy of electric acupuncture points with moxibustion in Sishencong to Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). 20 cases were considered. The cases came from The Affiliated Hospital of Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the same time, the...
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Construction and Practice of All-opening Shared Platform for Pocket Laboratory

Changbo Hou, Chaozhu Zhang, Weijian Si, Yan Hong, Lin Lin, Zhiyu Qu
Pocket laboratory with great significance in cultivating innovative talents is one of the brand-new teaching ideas and is the real practice to the idea of "all-opening laboratory”. Basing on the management idea of library, Harbin Engineering University (hereinafter referred to as HEU) proposed to construct...
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Research on Complications of Gout and Prevention

Mei Zhong
Recent research progress on complications of gout was overviewed. Some suggestions for gout complications prevention was put forward. Method: analyzing, organizing document and abroad documents. Conclusion: although there are no direct mechanistic associations between gout and obesity, hyperlipidemia,...
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Labour Productivity at Russian Enterprises Revisited

Alexander Vnutskikh, Dmitriy Pishchalnikov, Lidia Sokruta, Natalia Rudnova, Vladimir Tolochek
The problem of backwardness of Russian enterprises in their labour productivity, which, in comparison with foreign competitors is one-fourth or one-fifth as high, is practically always being solved with great difficulty despite numerous attempts of technical retooling and borrowing the paid off organizational...
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Exploration of Gender Equality Consciousness in Law Education

Jiehui Yang, Fangli Yin
The development of gender consciousness is an important manifestation of the principle of equality between men and women essentially. It needs to be reexamined in law education. The traditional sexual differences of law education and gender dualism bring invisible sex discrimination to legal women, which...
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Subjective Aspects in the Process of Administrative Penalty

Jiajie Dai, Shuixing Yu
In the process of administrative penalty, the subjective aspect of the administrative counterpart is firstly the constitutional element of the administrative law-breaking act and secondly the consideration of the penalty. For the latter, the judicial practice has formed a unified, while the former has...
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Analysis on How to Realize The Chinese Dream of National Rejuvenation

Lijuan Xiong, Bo Zhou
This paper aims to put forward the concrete measures to realize the “Chinese dream”, which General Secretary Xi said. This paper analyzes the Chinese people's dream with specific and simple language, and explains the key to realizing the Chinese dream is to cultivate talents and improve social ethos...
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The Prediction of Gold Price Using ARIMA Model

Xiaohui Yang
Although,2016 and 2017 have risen, the international gold price has been in the doldrums since 2013. The volatility of gold prices will have a profound effect on the investment decisions of individuals, enterprises and countries. This study focuses on the figure of gold prices from July 2013 to June...
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Financial Literacy Position in Developing Economies: A Review of Studies and Open Issues

Juma Buhimila Mabula, Han Dong Ping
As studies on financial literacy gain thrust in the entire world, developing economies unfold a unique set of domain and concerns due to the relative financial sector and institutional framework level of development. The review reveals fair availability of research on financial literacy concerning firms,...
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Analysis of China Western Listed Companies Competitiveness under Big Exploiting Strategy

Feiliang Niu, Qinghua Huang
After the big exploiting Strategy of Western China, Western China have made a speeding economy increase higher than Eastern China. Some scholars think few listed companies make a great role in the process, which also decide the future of Western China because of its’ competitiveness. We select 90 samples...
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Research on Family Financial Portfolio Strategy

Jun Wang
Family finance plays an important role in improving family’s ability to resist risks and quality of life. The article uses descriptive research methods to explain the specific aspects of family finance, including its objective and key tools, and from the formulation process and risk aversion to determine...
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The Identification of Rape in the Gender Perspective

Jiehui Yang, Sheng Lv
Rape is a common and frequently occurring crime that is a serious violation of women's physical and mental health, due to the privacy of sexual intercourse, rape cases are often difficult to prove. In judicial practice, most rape cases are usually judged based on statements between the parties. In recent...
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Research on the Improvement Paths of Shaanxi Cultural Industry Competitiveness Based on SWOT Analysis

Lili Ren, Xiangfa Xu
As a major province of cultural resources, Shaanxi has historical and cultural resources which cannot be compared with other provinces and cities in China. However, its competitive advantage is weaker than that of other developed provinces. The article draws SWOT matrix analysis of Shaanxi cultural industry...
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Acute Effects of a Single Bout of High-intensity Training on the Mood of Adolescent Athletes

Long Xue, Lin Zhai, Chen Guo, Shan Ma, Bingzhi Wan, Xueting Li, Jiaojiao Li, Gongbing Shan, Bingjun Wan
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to explore the association between acute high-intensity training with mood and cognitive function, and whether this association varies with life-related stress. Methods: A pre-and-post single group design was chosen. Subjects were junior-high and high school athletes...
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Research on Brand Construction of Characteristic Agricultural Products in Wuhan City, Hubei Province under the Background of "Internet Plus"

Bing Xu, Sheng Cao, Shiying Ye
This paper focuses on the theme of “The Research on Brand Construction of Characteristic Agricultural Products in Wuhan, Hubei Province under the Background of ‘Internet plus’”, and studies the brand construction of featured agricultural products in Wuhan. Taking BESTORE in Wuhan, Hubei Province as an...
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Value of Science and Technology on Design

Zhizhong Ding, Chaode Li, Deke Li
Modern design produced by industrialization, the value of science and technology on design is no doubt. Rethinking development of science and technology by feature comparing, sort out the impact of science and technology to design creation in accordance with the scientific and technological revolution,...
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Reviewer Assignment Strategy of Peer Assessment: Towards Managing Collusion in Self-assignment

Yanqing Wang, Bingyu Liu, Kun Zhang, Yushan Jiang, Fuquan Sun
Peer assessment is an efficient and effective learning process that has been widely used in diverse fields in the higher education. Despite of its many benefits, collusion is a common challenge that makes the reliability of peer assessment a primary concern in practices, especially when self-assignment...
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An Empirical Study on the Influence of School Loyalty on School Belonging by Taking Class Participation as a Mediator

Yang Chen, Kun Wu, Xingyuan Kuang, Yang Li, Chenhui Li, Li Qin, Jiabin Lin, Kui Hu
Enhancing the depth of college students' sense of belonging is not only beneficial to the management and development of colleges and universities, but also enhances the reputation of the school. It will also greatly promote the growth of students themselves. After using various methods to fully understand...
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Feature Analysis of Suppressed Self-Citation Journals Based on JCR

Weibin Wang, Tian Yu, Guang Yu
Science and Technology (S&T) Journals as a form of expression of scientific development achievements, S&T Journals play an important role in the process of knowledge dissemination and inheritance. However, in recent years, the alienation of citation behavior in S&T Journals will bring serious academic...
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The Structural Model and Complexity Analysis of the Higher Education Resource Supply Side System

Jing Bai, Bing Xiao, Shuilian He
To define the supply structure of higher education resources is good for promoting development of higher education. The supply structure of higher education resources is the complex system with multiple purposes, multiple elements, multiple levels and multiple functions. This paper firstly defined the...
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The Evolution and Adjustment of Chinese Traditional Core Values

Dan Lin, Gaohua Chen
The inheriting of Chinese civilization is coming down in one continuous line, Chinese traditional culture is a integration from the Pre-Qin Period to early Qing dynasties, and the core values including “theory that man is an integral part of nature”, “patriotism”, “people oriented” and “unity of knowledge...
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Turnover House's Sublet Situation at Universities and It's Countermeasures

Guobing Shi, Debin Zhang, Yingchun Zhang
Turnover house's sublet influences the using efficiency, and also results house circulation problems, therefore it is a challenge to turnover houses management in universities. Based on 5 colleges survey in Wuhan area, this paper analyzed the origin of sublease behavior, offered some suggestions on sublet...
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Food Safety Satisfaction and Influencing Factors among Residents in Wuhan, China

Xiaosheng Lei, Fang Wang
Objectives: Ensuring food safety is an important precaution against food-borne disease. In this study, we aim to assess satisfaction of food safety and its influencing factors among residents in Wuhan, China. Methods: Questionnaire survey was conducted among residents randomly selected from 4 districts...
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Investigating Spiralling Causality Between FDI and LSAs: The Case of Kenya

Antoine Matemane Mahirwe, Wei Long
This study attempts to develop a framework within which any country can stimulate structural transformation and diversification in the economy and ensure a sustained economic development regardless of their natural endowments. In this regard, an attempt is made to shed light on the interaction between...
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Lacquer Decoration Technology in Bag Design

Xiaohua Lin
Nowadays, bags have been an important part of dress collocation, and have both functionality and artistry. People have more need for production methods and decoration materials, etc. In the process of pursuing design and technique innovation, designers combine the traditional lacquer decoration technology...
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A Strategic Overview of Blockchain Applications in the Healthcare

De-long Tang, Si-ai Liao, Kun Ding, Joseph Z. Shyu
This thesis focuses on the firm in blockchain applications in healthcare industry and includes a review of the research of blockchain applications in healthcare and market dynamics. The study analysis by applying an Innovation Intensive Service (IIS) model at firm-level. By interviewing and administering...
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Chinese Audio Book Platform Design Based on Time Domain Analysis Technology

Xiang Bi, Cunchen Tang, Yue Tang
With the advancement of building a learning society in the new era, nationwide reading has become a way of life today. The fast-paced and highly efficient "fragmented" reading has failed to meet the needs of the audience. The "acoustic" life is beginning, and a large number of audio books are flocking...
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Farmers' Poverty Motivation Identification and Satisfaction of Accurate Poverty Alleviation Survey in Qinba Mountain Area

Chunping Wang, Shunxiang Zhang, Ye Zheng
Accurate poverty alleviation is of great strategic significance for the vast rural poor to get rid of poverty and achieve common prosperity. Through the questionnaire survey method, the poverty motivation and satisfaction with precision poverty alleviation of farmers in two poverty-stricken counties...
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Analysis of Factors Influencing the Growth of Hi-Tech Industries Based on Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

Yumei Wang, Xia Zhang, Yumei Li
This paper systematically analyzes the connotation of the hi-tech industries and of their growth, classifies the hi-tech industries and analyzes the internal factors influencing the growth of hi-tech industries based on Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance (ITISA) from several aspects including...
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Innovation and Development Strategy of China's Sports Industry under the New Economic Ecology

Yanbin Wang, Weiguo Fang
This paper firstly reviews the development status and problems of China's sports industry, and then elaborates the transformation and changes of the sports industry under the new economic ecology. Basing on that, it puts forward the development strategy and path of sports industry in China, including...
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Major Commitment and Learning Burnout among Undergraduates in China

Hung-wei Feng, Meng-xin Zhang, Chuan-yu Mo
Learning burnout would directly decide the learning outcome of a student is good or bad during four years in college. Learning burnout among undergraduate students in China is closely related to the degree of their major commitments. Different degrees of commitment could cause different levels of learning...
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Self-organization of Society and the Mechanisms of Its Functioning

Irina L. Pervova, Vyacheslav Kelasev
Society is seen as a matrix of dynamic emerging integrity with different layers of phenomena. The functioning of society is based on self-organizational cycles. The presented generalized model of society not only uncovers the links and levels of self-organization, but also shows the conditions necessary...
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The Relationship between the Degree of Urban Development and Human Happiness

Yiling Zhang, Ping Wang
This paper analyzes the relationship between the degree of urban development and human happiness comparing Shanghai with Anqing. In order to make people happier and build a pleasing city which can provide people with more security and more comfortable environment, a survey via questionnaires was conducted...
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Income Impact on Health and Heterogeneous Environmental Willingness to Pay

Zhengge Tu, Tianyang Hu, Maoyu Zhang
This paper employs comprehensive Chinese data to investigate whether household income growth contributes to alleviate health impairment caused by air pollution. Using an ordered multivariate Logit model, the paper finds that the growth of household income plays an important role in relieving health damage...
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The Impact of Life Meaning on Life Satisfaction of Left-behind Elders in Rural China: Mediating Effect of Negative Emotion

Xiaoli Ni, Ran Qu, Xiaoyi Shao, Yangwen Geng
This study found a mediating association of negative emotion between life meaning and life satisfaction of Chinese rural elders. Life meaning had a negative prediction to negative emotion, and a positive prediction to life satisfaction; negative emotion negatively predicted to life satisfaction.
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Employment in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries – Current Issues and Future Trends

M.Hazem Shayah, Zehou Sun
The aim of this paper is to examine the current issues facing employment and human resources in the GCC countries. Human capital plays an important role in their struggle to achieve economic development while moving away from the oil sector. The first section of the paper discusses the economic and demographic...
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Chinese Journalist Professional Identity in Newspapers Transition

Xiaojuan Hu
This article summarizes the basic situation and main advantages of newspaper media development. By analyzing newspaper transformation practice, this paper tries to discuss the future direction. Maybe the feasible framework of future newspaper industry is mainly newspaper-oriented, leaving media as a...
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The Sociocultural Features of Chinese College Students' Prior Choices in Life

Juan Fang, A.S. Ognev, Wenxuan Li
The priority of life is influenced by the specific social culture in which they live, and there are obvious cultural differences. In order to reveal these features, we did the research during 2012 to 2015 with 187 Chinese students aged 17 to 22 years. The questionnaire contained “your dream of life”,...
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Research on Gender Equality and Equity Protection

Quanhong Jiang, Qixin Wang
For thousands of years, equality has been one of the most desired goals and values of human society. Gender equality, class equality and racial equality are the embodiments of human equality. Equality between men and women is an integral part of human equality and an important measure of human social...
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The Association with Online Social Media Use: “Self” and Subjective Well-being of Teenagers

Xiaoli Ni, Xiaoyi Shao, Ran Qu, Dong Zheng, Rui Jia
This paper aimed to study about the influence of online social media use. 2390 voluntary teenagers participated this survey, aged from 11 to 28, 1128 males and 1262 females (Mage=18.29, SD=3.61). This paper took online social media use, self-identity and subjective well-being as latent variables, self-esteem...
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An Empirical Study on Two-child Policy in China Based on Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning

Yizhou Chi, Xingyue Huang, Yu Zhou
Since the universal two-child policy (TCP) in China is launched in 2016, many researchers have dedicated their efforts into investigating the influences from the society point of view. In this paper, we look at this issue from a different angle, trying to investigate how the factors influence whether...