Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Science, Education and Technology (ISET 2020)

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Implementation of Knapsack Problem - Fuzzy Inference System Tsukamoto in the Admission of New Students Based on Zone System

Izza Hasanul Muna, Elok Mutiara Rakhmawati
Admission of new students is an annual activity process that exist in educational institutions. In this process, educational institutions try to get the best students among the other candidates according to criteria determined by institutions. In the last 3 years, the Ministry of Education of Indonesia...
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Mathematical Disposition in Algebraic Thinking Skills

Muhammad Riskon, Rochmad, Nuriana Rachmani Dewi’
This study aims to describe the algebraic thinking skills of grade 11th students based on mathematical dispositions. This study used a qualitative method with 6 students as the subject. The results showed that students with high mathematical disposition categories can complete 3 levels of algebra well,...
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The Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) Model at State Senior High Schools in Semarang

Kusno Kusno, Fathur Rokhman, Rusdarti Rusdarti, Joko Sutarto
The quality of an educational institution can be measured from three aspects, they are; competence, accreditation, and accountability. Nowadays, there are more public demands on the high- quality of educational institutions and schools, especially senior high schools. Several efforts made by school administrators...
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Religiosity of Dominant in Factors Implementation of TQM Teachers: Study in Vocational School

Didik Widiyono
This research is motivated by the phenomenon of the slow implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) in Vocational School in Central Java Province. This research is related to the implementation of TQM (Total Quality Management) which aims to find out; (1) the effect of principal’s leadership commitment...
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Determining Factors of Organizational Commitments and Its Impact on The Performance of Indonesian Buddha Lecture

This study aims to test; (1) the effect of reward variables on organizational commitment; (2) the influence of leadership variables on organizational commitment; (3) the influence of organizational culture variables on organizational commitment; (4) the effect of reward variables on lecturer performance;...
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Developing a Discrepancy Evaluation Model (Dem) to Optimize PEP Unnes Online Workshop Series

Supriyadi, Nur Sholihin, Roudloh Muna Lia
PEP UNNES has a responsibility to encourage the scientific culture and improve the quality of education in this Covid-19 pandemic era. Therefore PEP UNNES organize a series of online workshop that is open for all parties. But, to improve the quality of implementation, there must be a comprehensive evaluation....
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Perceptions of Problem Solving and Communication Prospective Teacher

W Winarto, S Sarwi, E Cahyono, W Sumarni
Problem solving and communication skills are needed by the teacher to support the success of the learning he does. This study aims to describe the perception of problem solving and communication of prospective elementary school teachers. This study uses a survey method. The research sample consisted...
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Application-Based Marketing Management Development at Pondok Pesantren Sunan Drajat Lamongan, East Java

This research is motivated by the phenomenon of high unemployment, low entrepreneurial spirit and the rise of entrepreneurial programs in Islamic boarding schools. This research is related to the implementation of entrepreneurial management in Islamic boarding schools in Sunan Drajat Lamongan Islamic...
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The Influence of Interpersonal Communication and Job Satisfaction of the Members of Indonesian National Police on Work Performance Through Motivation Work in Indonesian Police Academy

Susilo Teguh Raharjo, Kardoyo
This study aims at finding out empirically the relationship between interpersonal communication, job satisfaction, and work motivation of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) members on the performance of polri members. This topic was chosen because there was something interesting in the communication...
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Development of Stream-Based Teaching Materials in Training Students’ Process Skills Through Science Project Activities

Wulan Aulia Azizah, Sarwi Sarwi, Ellianawati Ellianawati
Science process skills become basic skills in solving problems and making responsible decisions. These skills are very necessary for students to live in the present and future.This study aims to create and apply teaching materials based on Project Based Learning (PjBL) model STREAM-based (Science, Technology,...
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Developing 4c’s Instruments in Line With E-Learning Based Independent Learning Activity Unit

Yunia Nabila Aziziy, Endah Peniati, Wiyanto, Syaiful Ridlo
Rapid technological development is the mark of the 21st century, competent young people are needed to face changing times. The 4C’s (Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking, Creativity) are skills young people need to be able to face the rapid development of this era. So far there are no 4C’s...
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The Role of Self Efficacy in Determining Job Satisfaction: Case Study on Senior High School Teacher

Irawan Wahyono, Joko Widodo
This study aims to examine the effect of organizational culture, competence toward job satisfaction through self-efficacy. Organizational culture determines teacher comfortability at school. Perceived teacher competency specifies the level of self-efficacy. Previous studies slightly elaborate on the...
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Embracing Diversity Through the Values of Multicultural Education in “Masjid Menara Kudus” (Menara Kudus Mosque)

Triyanto, Mujiyono, Ratih Ayu Pratiwinindya
”Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” is the official national motto of Indonesia, which means unity in diversity reflecting how the Indonesian people uphold the principle of tolerance. However, nowadays, the issue of intolerance is raised in the midst of Indonesian society. The facts are mainly triggered by political...
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The Effectiveness of Solution-Focused Group Counseling to Improve Psychological Well-Being of Prisoners With Self-Regulation as Its Mediators

Ade Sucipto, Muhammad Japar, Edy Purwanto
The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of group counseling interventions using the Solution-Focused Group Counseling (SFBC) approach or often referred to as Solution-Focused Group Counseling which is used to improve psychological well-being with self-regulation as a mediator. This...
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The Importance of Multimedia Technology in pe Learning

S Adi, Guntur Firmansyah, Rahmat Permana
Technology has taken a role in the education sector as a supporter of the learning process because the use of technology is very important for sharing information and communication. Through a variety of applications that can be used for education, the quality of the Internet network, the participation...
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The Development of E-Learning with Schoology In Hybrid Learning Strategy For Listening Skill Of Tadulako University

Aidilla Putri Utami, Totok Sumaryanto Florentinus, Farid Ahmadi
Schoology is one of learning system management that helps in teaching learning process in the period where learning in the classroom is avoided to be used. Schoology offers various features to run well the teaching learning process. The research was focused to develop e-learning with Schoology and to...
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Lgbt News on Tirto.Id Online Media: Fairclough’s Critical Discourse Analysis

Alfian Rokhmansyah, Widyatmike Gede Mulawarman, Yusak Hudiyono
This study aims to describe the dimensions of the text, discourse practices, and sociocultural in the reporting of LGBT groups in the online media This research was conducted by utilizing the concept of Norman Fairclough’s critical discourse. The method of data collection is carried out by...
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Baker’s Strategy in Translating Idiomatic Expressions in Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw’s Movie Subtitles

Amida Fadwati
Translating idiom needs proper strategies since the source language and the target language has a different context and culture in understanding the idioms’ meanings. In conducting the data, the descriptive qualitative design formed by document analysis is employed in this study. The idioms are supposed...
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Transformational Leadership in the Quality Assurance System

Amiroh Ambarwati, Totok Sumaryanto Florentinus, Rusdati, RC Ahmad Rifai
This study aims to examine the relationship between transformational leadership perceptions with teacher motivation to improve MTs quality assurance. The hypothesis of this study is that there is a relationship between the perception of transformational leadership and motivation for quality assurance,...
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Pattern of the Sympathy Abuse to Counter Hegemony on Indonesian Positive Law Realized In Ideology

S. Andika Cahya Ari Wibowo, Dwi Rukmini, Januarius Mujiyanto, Abdurrachman Faridi
This study takes three law cases in Indonesia conflicting the powerful and the powerless as the subject of the study. In those cases all the suspects attempted to do counter hegemony to set them free. They employed sympathy as their counter-hegemonic device. The study is intended to determine the pattern...
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EFL Students’ Critical Thinking in Speaking Activities (A Descriptive Study at English Conversation Club (ecc))

Anggun Rahmawati
The aim of this study was to analyse critical thinking aspects reflected in students’ discussion and giving some opinions. The study was also found how students’ critical thinking contributed to students’ speaking ability. This study employed a qualitative research design, particularly a descriptive...
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Evaluation of Teachers Skills in Opening and Closing Lessons

Anni Malihatul Hawa, Indah Rahmayanti, Lisa Virdinarti Putra, Kh Ika Silfiana Arifatul, Ela Suryani, Kartika Yuni Purwanti, Zulmi Roestika Rini
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the skills of opening and closing lessons that have been carried out by the teacher. The research subjects were two Indonesian language teacher learning videos, namely a teacher at SMP Negrei 2 Banjit (teacher A) and a teacher at SMA Negeri 1 Depok (teacher B)....
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Determinant Infant Mortality Rate in Grobogan Municipality in 2019

Annisa Aulia Istiqomah, Ari Yuniastuti, Sri Ratna Rahayu
Infant Mortality Rate is an indicator of the quality of life welfare of a population in the world, especially children’s health. The purpose of this research is to find out the factors that influence the part of the baby including the baby’s birth weight, knowledge of pregnant women, income and nutritional...
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Enculturation of Totobuang Music in Supporting Cultural Art Conservation in Ambon City

Totok Sumaryanto Florentinus, Agus Cahyono, Ketrina Tiwery
The purpose of this study are: understanding and analyzing the Enculturation of Totobuang music, which includes (a) an important phase in the Totobuang music journey that shows its existence historically, (b) Potential and artistic conditions of Totobuang music in Ambon city and (c) The overview of Totobuang...
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Male Teachers’ Perspectives About Wellbeing

Seno, Yuli Utanto, Yuli Kurniawati Sugiyo Pranoto
This research aims to reveal the meaning of male Early Childhood Education teachers’ wellbeing. This research considered the life experienced in the subjects was complex and unique. Thus, those made the researcher to choose this research. This research aims to find out the phenomena beyond the decision...
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Analysis of the Meaning of Gairaigo Related to Covid 19 on Learning Speaking Skills

Lispridona Diner
During the Covid 19 pandemic, the world of education changed completely. Previously learning was done face-to-face in class or offline, but during the pandemic it was done online. One of them is learning Japanese especially speaking skills by online. One of the materials for speaking skills is presentation...
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Exploring the Source of the Students’ Foreign Language Listening Anxiety

Diah Astriyanti, Dwi Rukmini, Abdurrachman Faridi, Djoko Sutopo
Teaching listening is full of challenges for both teachers and students. One of the challenges is to face the students who have anxiety. Many studies have proved that anxiety give a negative effect on the learning outcome, especially in listening subjects. Thus, this study was intended to investigate...
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Developing Multicultural Competence and Social Justice Through Group Counseling for Counselors/Counseling Teachers in SMA/MA

Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Urotul Aliyah, Thrisia Febrianti
The objective of this research is to develop multicultural competence and social justice of counseling teachers in SMA/MA. The competency improvement program departs from conditions that are strongly influenced with cultural factors and a lack of social justice in counseling as well as the need for contextualization...
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The Impact of Makassar - Parepare Railroad Development Towards the Community of Soppeng Riaja District, Barru Regency

S. Jailany Darwis, Eva Banowati, Fadly Husain
The development of the transportation is very compulsory for national development in all regions. The government announced the construction of the Makassar - Parepare railroad which was one of the National Strategic Projects (PSN). The purpose of this research was to determine the impacts and strategies...
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Reconstruction of Environmental Physics Learning by Integrating Ethno-technology to Actualize Superior Teacher Candidates

Harto Nuroso, Sudarmin, Sarwi, Supriyadi
The purpose of this research is to reconstruct the learning of environmental physics by integrating ethno-technology to actualize superior teacher candidates. This mix method was held at the physics education study program of Universitas PGRI Semarang. In the preliminary stage is the need analysis, literature...
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Strategic Leadership in Governance of Legal Entity State Universities in Indonesia

Nunik Retno Herawati, Tri Joko Raharjo, Sugiyo, Masrukhi
The quality of the quality of state universities with legal status is, of course, inseparable from the role of leaders in managing higher education institutions, namely playing an important role in managing the academic and non-academic fields in an effort to achieve the university’s vision and mission....
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Digital Organizational Support and Religious Coping to Minimize Fatigue and Working Stress during COVID-19 Pandemic

The fast-changing and unpredictable business environment influence working pattern and organizational sustainability as it is in COVID-19 pandemic. An organization is demanded to promote social distancing by having work from home. It is to keep providing service for the people. Although having network-based...
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Learning Management for Early Childhood at the Time of the Covid-19 in Central Java

Marini, Masrukhi, Agus Hermanto, Agus Wahyudin
The purpose of this research is to describe the learning management for early childhood at the time of Covid-19 in Central Java. Research is done by a qualitative descriptive method. The results showed that the learning management for early childhood at the time of Pandemic Covid-19 included the process...
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Management Model of the Development Process at the Midle Seminary St. Yohanes Maria Vianney Based on Total Quality Management (TQM)

Thomas Kuslin, Tri Joko Raharjo, Soesanto, Y.L. Sukestiyarno
This articel focuses on the management of the coaching process at the Saint Yohanes Maria Vianney (YOMAVI) Seminary, the Diocese of Sintang, West Kalimantan. Qualitative descriptive research, with data collection tools through observation, interviews, and documentation. The data sources were the Bishop...
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A Survey on the Students’ Healthy Life Behavior in SDN 16 of East Pontianak Regency

Zusyah Porja Daryanto, Stephani Yane, Heri Rustanto
The purpose of this study was to investigate and analyze the behavior of a healthy life of elementary school students in SDN 16 in East Pontianak regency. The research method used in this study was a descriptive study using the survey research method. The population of this study was 6-grade students...
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The Mighty Women in Serial Story Entitled Lastri by Tien Kumalasari: A Study of Feminist Literary Criticism

Sumartini Sumartini, Dyah Prabaningrum
Women have always been an interesting topic of all the time as subject for research and discussion. Many things could be studied and discussed related to women‘s issues. Not to mention, many organizations, institutions, or individuals also make women‘s issues as their subject or object of the discussion. The...
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Children’s Puppeteers Festival: Between Conservation and Art Education

Bambang Sulanjari, Mohamad Jazuli, Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi, Agus cahyono
This paper is the result of observations of the Child Puppet Festival held by Yogyakarta State University in 2018 and 2019. The festival, which is held annually to commemorate Yogyakarta State University’s Dies Natalis, is attended by many child puppeteers from Yogyakarta and its surroundings. Organizing...
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How is the Cultural Identity on Aceh Post Conflict 1998-2005 in Langsa?

Aulia Rahman, Suyahmo, Wasino, Thriwaty Arsal
Cultural identity in Langsa after the conflict in Aceh became an interesting study because it has multicultural roots and society. This paper aims to identify how the construction of cultural identity in Langsa after the Aceh conflict, seen from the developing community culture and its museum collections,...
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Analysis of the Effect of Schoology Implementation, Work Motivation and Pedagogic Competenceon SMA/SMK Teacher’s Performance of Catholic Religious Education in Kubu Raya Regency

Carolina Lala, Rer.Nat.Wahyu Hardyanto, YL. Sukestiyarno, SuwitoEko Pramono
This study aims to analyze the effect of schoology implementation, work motivation and pedagogic competence on the performance of Catholic religious education teachers in Kubu Raya Regency. The method used in this study was an explanatory method, which is a study that intends to explain one variable...
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Need-Based Guidance Planning to Improve the Competency of Anesthestic and Intensive Therapy Residents

Danu Soesilowati, Tri Joko Raharjo, Arief Yulianto, Heri Yanto
The need for ICU control is very important for Anesthesia and Intensive Care residents. Given the existence of an Anesthesia and Intensive Therapy doctor in a hospital, it is very necessary to provide emergency services in the ICU. Resident must be able to learn to achieve competency targets through...
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Distance Learning Evaluation with The Cipp Model

Darul Prayogo, Rusdarti, Tri Joko Raharjo, Asih Kuswardinah
The Merchant Marine Polytechnic (known as PIP/Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran) Semarang is a boarding school recently implementing distance learning for the first time. As a ship’s crew, each seafarer is required to have the Certificate of Competency (Co.C) and Certificate of Proficiency (Co.P). This research...
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Teaching 21st Century Skills to Engineering Students Through Project-Based Learning (Social Semiotic Perspective)

Chyntia Heru Woro Prastiwi, Dwi Rukmini, Mursid Saleh, Puji Astuti, Chyntia Heru Woro Prastiwi
The 21st century skills include 3 main skills and 12 sub skills are indispensable in teaching English particularly for engineering students. Globalization has intensified the demands for communicative engineers having soft skills such as effective communication, cooperation, teamwork, project management,...
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The Developing of Mengalihaksarakan Serat Wulangreh Pupuh Gambuh Assessment Instruments for Eighth Class

Desi Lisufiana, Muhammad Khumaedi, Teguh Supriyatno
The aims of this research to develop of instrument Mengalihaksarakan Serat Wulangreh Pupuh Gambuh assessment (Jawa Tengah) in writing skills on junior high school’s subject especially Javanese language material. The research used the instrument development method by following the steps of Mardhapi’which...
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Vocational High School Students’ Perception Towards English Learning Materials Based on the Social Semiotic Perspective

Cinthia Reswari, Dwi Rukmini, Helena I.R. Agustien, Djoko Sutopo
English learning materials for vocational high school students should meet students’ needs for their future work place. Thus, it is necessary to reveal the students’ perception towards the English learning materials they use at school based on the social semiotic perspective in order to provide better...
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Strategy for Developing Smoked Fish Products in Increasing Business Revenue in North Semarang District

Dhela Novita Anggrahini, Rusdarti
The Government’s policy on the renewal and development of industrial areas in North Semarang District is an initial effort towards the establishment of the smoke center of the Bandarharjo fish. This research aims to analyze small business development Strategy micro fish smoke both from internal and external...
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A Teacher’s Perception of Government Policy About the Mover Teacher

Ngabiyanto, Isnarto, Didi Pramono, Iwan Hardi Saputro, Asep Purwo Yudi Utomo
The Freedom of Learning curriculum policy from the Ministry of Education and Culture that was followed by the launch of the Mover Teacher Program. This pogram was aimed to create student-centered learning leader. The mover teacher certainly has more competence than the general teacher. The mover teacher...
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Deductive or Inductive Technique: An Experimental Study on the Academic Writing of the Sixth Semester Students of Semarang State University

Diajeng Putri Maharani, Dwi Rukmini, Abdurrachman Faridi, Puji Astuti
Most scholars tend to say that teaching is an art meaning that there is artistry in the way lecturers associate with students in order to foster their understanding. However, teaching is also considered to be science since based on certain research, there are some strategies or techniques to be effective...
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Implementation of E-Learning and Teacher’s Affective Professional Commitment to Improve Learning Achievement of High School Students In South Papua

Donatus Wea S. Turu, Berlinda S. Yunarti, Markus Meran
The purpose of this study was to analyze the implementation effect of e-learning and teacher’s affective professional commitment to improve the learning achievement of high school students in South Papua. Primary data were obtained through a questionnaire distributed to 60 teachers working in high schools...
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Education Contribution to the Sustainability of Pesindon Batik Tourism Village of Indonesia

Dian Kusumawati, Rusdarti, Dwi Liesnoor Setiyowati, Eko Handoyo
Tourism destination is one of the promising potentials for the welfare of people’s lives. The sustainability of tourism destination is influenced by various factors including educational contribution. The purpose of this study was to analyze the contribution of education towards Pesindon village after...
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Policies and Strategies on Life of Faith in Archdiocese of Semarang in New Normal Covid-19

The Church sees the Covid-19 pandemic not as a disaster. Nevertheless, the religious life of Catholics in the Archdiocese of Semarang region, faces obstacles in carrying out the Five Pillars of the Church (Koinonia, Liturgia, Kerygma, Diakonia, Martyria). The purpose of this study describe the Archdiocese...
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Teacher’s Professionality Development Through Classroom Action Research Training at Islamic State Highschool (MAN) in Purbalingga

Fathur Rokhman, Tommi Yuniawan, Hendi Pratama
One of teacher’s professionality development quality is teacher’s ability to conduct action research, this agenda maximizes teacher’s experience, knowledge, technology literacy, and creativity in order to reach quality education. Classroom action research is conducted by the teacher that focuses on classroom...
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Instrument Development to Improve Learning Process Assessment of Ear Nose Throat Specialist Education Program Student

Dwi Antono, Joko Widodo, Tri Joko Raharjo, Wahyu Hardyanto
The need for ear, nose, throat – head and neck surgery specialists is still under ideal conditions. Until now, the number of these specialist doctors is around 1200, which so the ratio of doctors to a population of 1: 2000 is not ideal. The need for doctors is not comparable with the study period of...
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Pragmatics Study on Deixis Analysis in Narrative Texts in a Textbook of SMP Nasima Semarang

Egi Raputri
Deixis is a branch of pragmatics field. It needs to be learnt by the learners. By learning deixis, they will be able to use deictic words properly. Therefore, the aids used by the learners should support them in their learning activities. This research aims to investigate the deictic words which used...
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Universitas Negeri Semarang’s Readiness in Carrying Out Vocational Education

Eko Handoyo, Bambang Haryadi, Adi Nur Cahyono, Ahmad Syaifudin
This study aims to analyze: (1) the support system in carrying out vocational education, (2) the readiness of faculties and departments to administer vocational education, and (3) the suitable implementation model of vocational education for UNNES. The research objective was attained by undertaking policy...
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The Quality of Educators Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0 During the Covid-19 Pandemic Period

Elisa Ika Yuniawati, Fakhruddin, Kardoyo, Rusdarti
This research was conducted to provide an illustration of the importance of increasing the competence of educators, in particularly in the educational institution of Police Academy in order to realize Police that professional, modern, trusted (Promoter). The Covid-19 pandemic that occurred in the industrial...
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Students’ Motivation in Studying English at STKIP PGRI Lubuk Linggau

Episiasi, Januarius Mujiyanto, Rudi Hartono, Suwandi
Motivation is one of the important factors affecting the success of students in learning. This study was aimed to find out the students’ intrinsically or extrinsically motivated in studying English. Survey research was conducted and 48 English students were as the participants. In gathering the data,...
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Local Wisdom to Anticipation of Climate Change in Lerep Semarang

Dewi Liesnoor Setyowati, Faiqotul Himmah, Juhadi, Thriwaty Arsal
Local wisdom to conserve environment including to anticipation of climate change. Lerep Village, West Ungaran Sub-Distric, Semarang the society have local wisdom to the efforts for conserve environment. The purpose of this research was to analyze the form and meaning of local people’s wisdom as an effort...
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Management of Early Childhood Education in the Covid-19 Pandemic Period

Himmah Taulany, Haryono, Ali Formen, Y.L. Sukestiyarno, Amin Yusuf
This study aims to analyze the management of Early Childhood Education in the City of Semarang in Indonesia during the Covid-19 pandemic. The type of research used is descriptive qualitative which aims to describe and analyze the implementation of Early Childhood Education in three institutions in the...
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The Realization of Thematic Progression in the Students’ Final Project Proposal

A Case Study in UIN Walisongo Semarang in Academic Year 2019/2020

Muhamad Zayyinul Muttaqin, Murshid Saleh, Rudi Hartono
The use of thematic progression seems important to be applied for among the students’ writing projects to maximize the script’s organization. This research reported how the realization of thematic progression model to achieve both cohesion and coherence. This study was qualitatively designed to inform...
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A Portrait of a Bussiness Management and Strategy in Developing Batik Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in 4.0 Industrial Era

Rina Rachmawati, Widowati, Anindya, Mustofa Kamal
Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) is Indonesia’s economy pillar that is able to contribute 61,04% of the country’s economy, to provide employment for 116,9 million people and support 293 T of Indonesia’s export value (Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, 2020). The challenges and obstacles faced...
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The Influence of Leadership Style, Spiritual Leadership, Altruistic Behavior, Through the Climate of Teacher Independence, Against the Teacher Performance in Catholic Private Primary School in Pontianak

The topic of this research is the Effect of Leadership Style, Spiritual Leadership, Altruistic Behavior, Through the Climate of Teacher Independence, on the Performance of Private Primary School Teachers in Pontianak. The background of the problems in this study is (1) the weakness of the principal’s...
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Literacy Practices in Nautical Asynchronous Online Teaching During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hariyanto Subiyantor, Warsono, Sri Wuli Fitriati, Abdurrahman Faridi
The unprecedented global Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way teachers teach and vice versa the way students learn English, from face-to-face teaching in the classroom to emergency remote teaching through various online learning media platforms. This emergency has shifted the literacy practices in teaching...
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Forest Conservation Education in Tlahap Agroforestry on the Slope of Mount Sindoro Central Java Indonesia

Isrowikah, Eva Banowati, Erni Suharini
The system of intensive agriculture for generations has made the forest area on the slopes of Mount Sindoro in Central Java threatened its sustainability. The study was conducted in Tlahap village, Kledung Subdistrict, Temanggung Regency. The reason for choosing this area is because this area was the...
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Efforts to Manage the Unemployment and Poverty Problems in Indonesia

Maltuf Fitri
Unemployment and poverty are serious problems engaged by the Indonesian government moreover in this pandemic era that the economy goes slower. It causes less production and creates massive unemployment. It would then increase the unemployment rate. It directly influences the social and economic problems....
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Inserting Lampung Local Wisdom in Learning Indonesian Language and Its Implications on Character Education

Character decadence among others is caused by the education system which more emphasizes on the development of cognitive domain but less emphasis on the formation of character values. For this reason, it is important for teachers to insert character values in learning material by inserting local wisdom...
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Mangrove Conservation Group Management in Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia

Riki Realita Kurniawan, Erni Suharini, Eva Banowati
The damage level of mangrove forest in Semarang City has caused disasters for coastal communities, particularly abrasion and rob. These conditions drive the concern of coastal communities in rehabilitating mangroves via mangrove conservation groups. There are four mangrove conservation groups spread...
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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Approach in Counseling Practice

Julia Surya, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Mulawarman
Mindfulness has become an increasingly visible part of the landscape in psychology and medicine in the past several decades. Only recently has this same interest in mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) approach appeared in counseling. This article provides a brief synopsis of the...
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Effect of Circuit Training and Fartlek Training on Cardiorespiratory Endurance Football School Athletes

Agustanico Dwi Muryadi, Tandiyo Rahayu, Hari Setijono, Setya Rahayu
This research aims to obtain a picture of the effect of circuit training and fartlek training on cardiorespiratory endurance. This research used quasi-experimental, with a research design using a pretest and post-test two group design. Prior and after to treatment, the VO2 max of the two sample groups...
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Impact of Climate Change on Fishermen in Mertasinga Village Gunungjati District, Cirebon

Hana Anggita Sari, Tjaturahono Budi Sanjoto, Puji Hardati
Climate change is a fact that happening nowadays. Climate change as a result of natural and human activities in comparable time periods. The impact of climate change is beginning to be felt and is a threat to humans life, especially fishermen whose lives depend on nature. This study aims to determine...
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Effect of Social Responsibility Through Youth Organization on Community Empowerment

Tri Joko Raharjo, Joko Sutarto, Hariningsih, Didik Wiyono, Mohammad Miftah
This study aims to describe the forms of activities in social responsibility and youth participation in youth empowerment. This research uses a qualitative approach with the grounded theory method. Setting research on youth activities in the South Sri Rejeki village, Kalibanteng Kidul. Data collection...
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Academic Supervision Management Model for Elementary School Teachers in Underdeveloped Regions

Study in Landak District of West Kalimantan

Herry Sanoto, AT Sugito, Soesanto, Kardoyo
The implementation of the academic supervision management model is useful for increasing professional competence for elementary school teachers, especially in underdeveloped areas (Landak District-West Kalimantan). The implementation of the academic supervision model in Landak District area so far is...
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The Humanist Expressive Speech Acts of the Judicial Panel at the State Court

Ida Zulaeha, Tomi Yuiawan, Areni Yulitawati Suproyono, Hermin Wijayanti, Eri Prihatmini
Language in a court context is interesting to be explored. The speech acts of the Judicial Panel in a trial is unique than others. This study aims to analyze the humanist expressive speech acts of the judicial panel in a court. The design of this study used a socio-pragmatics study. The data in this...
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Development of Self-Evaluation Instrument in the Implementation of PME (Planning-Monitoring-Evaluating) Learning Model to Evaluate Metacognitive Performance

Ihdi Amin, St. Budi Waluyo, Sukestiyarno, Sc. Mariani
This study aims to develop a self-evaluation instrument used to measure the achievement of metacognitive performance, especially in the implementation of PME learning model. The development design used is R & D design model from Thiagarajan but modified to “3-D” (Define, Design, and Develop). The...
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Pragmatic Deices in the Context of the Tourism Destination “Negeri di Atas Awan Citorek Banten”

Indah Rahmayanti, Fifi Nofiyanti, Anni Malihatul Hawa
Pragmatics outlines three concepts in the form of meaning, context, and communication. Pragmatics both means written and spoken language. Decesses are divided into five categories in the form of people, time, place, discourse, and social. Millennials now people like to travel to enjoy holidays with family,...
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The Influence of Self-Efficacy Towards the Learners’ Reading Literacy Skills by Applying Problem Based Learning Model Assisted by Learner-Pocket Book

Indianasari, Erni Suharini, Eko Handoyo
The Influence of Self-Efficacy toward the Learners’ Reading Literacy Skills by Applying Problem Based Learning Model Assisted by Learner-Pocket Book This research is a quasi - experimental research. This research applied the quantitative method. The population consisted of all fourth graders of Public...
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An Exploration Study of Indonesian National Sports Committee Management in Tuban Regency

Ahmad Faris Dwinanda Saputra, Sumarno
This study aims to investigate the management of the National Sports Committee (KONI) Tuban Regency with a qualitative exploratory approach. KONI has seven stakeholders which consist of the general chief, secretary, treasurer, chairman of achievement field, and three representatives of the sports federation...
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Ethnic Identity, Other Group Orientations, and Subjective Well-being Among Javanese College Students

Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Zakki Nurul Amin, Sunawan, Kusnarto Kurniawan, Heru Mugiarso
College is an accumulation and interaction of various social components. Positive interactions can support students’ well-being. This study focuses on the social component in higher education, namely ethnic identity, and other group orientations. This study aims to determine the relationship between...
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Implementation and Utilization of The El-Shadday Trainning Center Program on Improving Human Resources For Sekolah Tinggi Teologi El-Shadday Surakarta Students

Dwi Gatot Suprasetya
Utilization is an effort to bring greater or better results or benefits by utilizing all the resources and potential they have. Utilization is intended to utilize all the potential inherent in the resources owned optimally. In the context of schools, utilization can be done to almost all the resources...
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Conflicts of Women’s Role in Utilizing Conservation Values: Critical Examination of Environmental Perspective Works

U’um Qomariyah
The roots of crisis and environmental pollution as well as the degradation of culture are human positivistic empirical assumptions. Thus, a deconstruction of knowledge epistemological root and reconstructing it is needed. In this case, understanding the role of men and women within the context of literary...
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The Management of Inclusive Early Childhood Education (PAUD) Based on Holistic Integrative

Siti Maemunah, Fakhruddin, Rusdarti
The implementation of inclusive education has so far experienced many obstacles, especially services for inclusive education at youth institutions, even though early childhood education is the basic stage of children in the process of child development. The problem that is often encountered is a lack...
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Analysis of Patients Satisfaction Programs of Social Security Providers Based on Health Services Satisfaction at the Hospital of Dr. Kariadi Semarang

Jati Listiyanto Pujo, Tri Joko Raharjo, Sugiyono, Rusdarti
This study focuses on several problems that occur due to the mismatch between the quality of health worker services consisting of doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators towards patient satisfaction, especially for patients with the Social Security Administration (BPJS) program. The main problem...
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Chinese in the Development of Social Harmonization at Lasem

Jayusman, Hamdan Tri Atmaja, Wasino, Suyahmo
The Chinese in Lasem is a unique entity, they merge in the social life of people who are dominated by ethnic Javanese. This study aims to analyze the contribution of the Chinese in Lasem in the development of social harmony. This research was conducted using qualitative methods with a phenomenological...
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Analysis of the Organizational Climate Factors on the Service Quality and Work Satisfaction Towards Lecturer’s Work Commitments in the Specialist’s Medical Education Program at Universitas Diponegoro Semarang

Johan Arifin, Sugiyo, Rustono, Tri Joko Raharjo
This research investigates the factors of organizational climates, the quality of services, and the work satisfaction towards the lecturer’s work commitments. The writer used a quantitative research approachex-postfacto, correlational and survey. The variables measured was consisted of the independent...
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Informal Guidance Academic Supervision in Integrated Learning Improvement

Kamaludin, Joko Widodo, Eko Handoyo, Ali Masyhar
The research aims to acquire a hypothesis on the implementation of academic supervision guidance in the improvement of learning integrated with primary schools. This research uses qualitative research methods. The focus of the research in this study is to analyze gaps that occur to look for the root...
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Investigating Language Needs of Port and Shipping Management Students: Lessons Learned from The Internship Program

Latifa Ika Sari, Abdurrachman Faridi, Dwi Rukmini, Januarius Mujiyanto
Need analysis is one of the important processes in English language teaching. In vocational education, it is important to ensure that students have competences that match the demands and needs of the industries. This study is aimed to investigate the language needs of Port and Shipping Management students...
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The Use of Asset Based Community Development to Improve Clean and Healthy Life Patterns

Linda Pramusinta, Ari Yuniastuti, Sri Ratna Rahayu
A clean and healthy life pattern should be implemented in daily lives so that any individual will not easily get sick. Its importance should be taught in early childhood for children. One of the strategies to teach is by applying an asset-based community development approach (ABCD). This research aims...
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The Height and Weight Analysis of Men’s Kabaddi Athlete in Asian Games 2018 Jakarta Palembang

Made Bang Redy Utama, S Adi, Maryoto Subekti
Kabaddi is a sport played by two teams who attack each other to catch and touch to get as many points as they can. This sport needs good physical and bio-motor components, such as agility and strength. This research aimed to analyze the average result of age, height and weight of Kabaddi athletes in...
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Investigating the Construction of Learning Activity Types Crafted by Teachers in Teaching Literacy Using TPACK as a Conceptual Model

Pratiwi Amelia, Dwi Rukmini, Januarius Mujiyanto, Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati
Although many researchers have been conducted studies on the integration of technology, still there is a lack of empirical research on how teachers construct the learning activity types and practices into a specific subject. To fill this gap, this study explores the fluid development of teachers’ TPACK...
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Integrated Curriculum Implementation in Education Quality Improvement

The curriculum is the spearhead in the implementation of education which is implemented in learning, so it is necessary to evaluate and improve continuously. Efforts of students do not feel heavy because of the dichotomy of the lesson, it needs an integrated curriculum. So, students can understand the...
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Social Environment and Mission of Social Studies; A Draft for Aceh School Post-Conflict

Mufti Riyani, Wasino, Suyahmo, Nugroho Trisnu Brata
The social environment post-conflict in Aceh has caused trauma. They reflect the condition of the past with their behavior in the present either. On the other hand, post-conflict regional education policy has not yet realized its strategic position. This research intends to answer the questions: 1)....
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Portfolio-Based Timed-Handwriting Technique (PBTHT) Implementation in Writing Class: A Narrative Analysis

Muh Syafei, Januarius Mujiyanto, Issy Yuliasri, Hendi Pratama
This study is a narrative analysis of the Portfolio-Based Timed-Handwriting Technique (PBTHT) implementation in Writing Class. It narrates the story of a purposively selected individual student’s experiences and perspectives in completing writing tasks with PBTHT. On a blank sheet of paper, the student...
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Bahasa Indonesia and Nation Character Building in the Disruption Era

Language learning is not only oriented to grammatical abilities but how these grammatical abilities are utilized in the actual context of communication. Indonesian or Bahasa is a means of communication and cultural expression that reflects the character of the nation. This can be realized by combining...
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How to Be Local Wisdom Teacher Integrative Approach of Local Wisdom Curriculum of the Middle School in Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia

Muhammad Munadzir
Introduction - Aim of this study to analyze the implementation of excellence based education and local wisdom in the city of Salatiga. The discussion target was on the Javanese Language learning method as a determination of Local subjects curriculum in Central Java and Information and Communication Technologies...
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Role of Clinical Lecturers on the Learning Process in the Specialist Doctor Program

Muyassaroh, Samsudi Suwito, Eko Pramono, Endang Kustiowati
Clinical teachers are specialist consulting doctors who have at least a level of expertise above, in their respective disciplines. The purpose of this paper is to describe the role of clinical teachers and the learning process of specialist doctors. This research uses descriptive qualitative method,...
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The Influence of School Leadership, Organizational Commitment, and Tqm on the Performance of Public Junior High School Teachers in Tangerang District

Nerru Pranuta Murnaka, Suwarno, Rusdarti
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of principal leadership, organizational commitment, and TQM on teacher performance. This study used the Explanatory Survey Method, with data collection techniques using an ordinal scale questionnaire. The number of respondents in this study was 150...
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Sambatan”: A Form of Community’s Local Wisdom in Facing the Threat of Abrasion in Kragan, Rembang, Indonesia

Nur Hamid, Muh. Arif Royyani, Kurnia Muhajarah, M. Nilzam Aly
Abrasion occurrence in coastal area of Kragan resulted in a tremendous loss. However, the loss frightened no inhabitants of Kragan coast towards the practically annual abrasion. Independently, they conducted sambatan as a form of their local wisdom. This study aims for explaining a local wisdom namely...
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The Role of Critical Reading in Responding to Information on Religion-Themed News

Oktarina Puspita Wardani, Subyantoro, Fathur Rokhman, Ida Zulaeha
The background of this research is that the large number of news spreading in the mass media is potential in influencing the mindset of its readers. The text has the power to lead readers’ opinions to follow the writer’s mindset. This study is aimed at creating a mind mapping pattern in responding to...
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Analysis of the Effect of Spiritual Intelligence, Compensation, and the Role of Job Satisfaction Mediation on Elementary School Catholic Religious Education Teacher Performance in Sanggau District

Yusmanto, Rusdati, Tri Joko Raharjo, Rustono
Performance can be defined as a person’s performance in carrying out duties and responsibilities in accordance with the expectations and goals that have been set. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of spiritual intelligence, compensation, on the performance of Catholic Religious Education...
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Development of Scientific Publication Class Through the Best Practice Orientation Curriculum Management

Sri Sukarni Katamwatiningsih, Kasmadi Imam Supardi, Fakhruddin, Titi Prihatin
The study was conducted at the Semarang Religious Education and Training Center. The researchers proposed to develop a scientific publications training through structuring the best practice orientation curriculum. In this research it is proposed that what is done is through qualitative. What is meant,...
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Analysis of Management in Student Sports Education and Training Center (SSETC) Archery Central Java 2020

This study aims to: (1) Find out the organizational structure of SSETC Archery Central Java. (2) Find out the steps in recruiting athletes for the Student Sports Education and Training Center (SSETC) Archery in Central Java. (3) Find out the implementation of facility and infrastructure management to...