Proceedings of the 2020 3rd International Seminar on Education Research and Social Science (ISERSS 2020)

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Value Co-Creation in the Tunnel Engineering Course Design and Implementation

Jianqin Ma
To meet the requirements of the new curriculum, the syllabus of the course Tunnel Engineering is revised accordingly, with value co-creation in learning and teaching under consideration. The course design and implementation plan development are led by a staff group, but founded on the features and basic...
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Challenges, Threats and Possibilities of National Education as a Driver for Innovative Development of Economy

Oksana Bondar-Pidhurska, Alla Glebova, Yevheniia Solovykh
The study aimed to substantiate the place and role of national education as a driver of innovative economic development, generalization of challenges, threats and opportunities for its development. At the same time, education as a subsystem of knowledge is included by us in the index of innovative development...
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Organization of Parental Gender Education in the Military Conflict Zone in Ukraine

Iryna Trubavina, Liudmyla Tsybulko, Natalia Mohylyova, Olha Radziyevska, Yulia Medvid
The article is based on experience of a tuition project on gender issues for parents in the region of military conflict in Eastern Ukraine, as well as results of experimental works during its system elaboration. 119 teachers and 145 parents took part in the experiment. The following research methods...
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Empirical Study on the Design and Implementation of Online Courses at the Training Center During the COVID-19

Chenxin Wang, Zi’an Jiang, Ye Zhu
Off-campus training plays an important role in China’s education system. During the COVID-19 in 2020, the off-campus training institutions respond to the call of the Ministry of Education of China by replacing the off-line course with online education. However, this kind of teaching mode forced by the...
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Intellectualization of Educational Resources and Analysis of Students’ Training

Igor Yeremeyev, Alina Dychko, Sergii Gulich
The study focuses on the innovative approach of intellectualization of the educational methodical materials with the development of an intellectual card of the lecture, which presents its main components, combines them with each other in the order of teaching, and presents all in graphical form as a...
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“Points” and “Line” of Ideological and Political Education in Student-Centered Programming Courses

Xiaodan Chen, Liqin Zhao
The law of values formation is a soul “line” of curriculum ideological and political education, which guides its research. There are four main research “points” of curriculum ideological and political education. The first “point” is the element of ideological and political education which is divided...
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Exploration and Research on Web Programming Course in Higher Vocational College Under 1+X Certificate Pilot System

Xiaohua Xiong
Shanghai Polytechnic University is one of the universities that carry out the web development 1+X certificate pilot system. 1+X certificate pilot system has pointed out the direction for China’s vocational education. Web programming course is the core course for web development 1+X certificate, which...
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A Preliminary Study on the Predicament and Opportunity of Private Higher Education Under the Background of Pan-Education

Ying Li
In order to find a way out for non-government education in the era of pan-education, this paper studies the characteristics of pan-education and puts forward the concept of pan-education. In the era of pan-education, non-government higher education has encountered great difficulties. This paper discusses...
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John Dewey vs. Confucius: Similarities and Differences in Their Educational Thoughts

Kexin Xu, Xiaona Wang
This study aims to compare the similarities and differences in the educational thoughts of Dewey and Confucius. To start with, this study examines their shared opinions on education’s function to improve the state of society, education’s essence of transferring experience, and practice’s central role...
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The Development of Ethnocultural Competence of University Students During COVID-19 Pandemic in Russia

Shavadi M-Kh. Arsaliev, Angela S. Andrienko
The paper concerns the importance of ethnocultural competence development of students in a polyethnic university environment. The study considers the value of ethnocultural competence from the point of view of creating conditions for positive ethnocultural interaction and forming students’ ability to...
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Diversifying the Structures of Local Higher Education Resources

Huarong Dong
The main objective of this study is to provide local colleges and universities with theoretical and methodological references to improve their competitive advantages comprehensively and make the most of their unique advantages in relation to talent training, scientific research, social service, and culture...
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Exploration of University Education Model Reform Based on the Integration of CDIO and TPACK

Fengmei Xin
Aiming at the problems of insufficient innovation ability and insufficient integration of information technology and curriculum teaching in China, a university education model based on the integration of CDIO and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge is proposed. CDIO theory attaches importance...
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The Jurisprudence Analysis of Legislative Control of New Type Tobacco Products in China

Lina She, Shunliang Tang, Quan Liang
In order to explore the legislative control of new tobacco products under China’s tobacco monopoly system, this work focused and had a discussion on four aspects based on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the domestic law, and market environment: legislative value orientation, legislative...
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Analysis of the Impact of China’s Family Planning Policy

Mengyu Wang
How has the implementation of the family planning policy affected the development of all aspects of our country? The research used text analysis and mathematical statistics methods, combining China’s social development data for the past 40 years, to explore the relationship between population and social...
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Exploration and Practice of Theoretical Mechanics Course in the Process of Cooperative Education

Qiang Yu
Theoretical mechanics is one of the compulsory courses for students of related mechanical majors, and the courses contain rich moral education resources. This work aims to study how to better exert the cooperative education function of the theoretical mechanics course in university education and improve...
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Research on Closed-Loop Teaching Mode Based on SPOC Platform—Taking the PAD Model for Course of Financial Analysis as an Example

Wenshuang Bao, Shuyan Zhang
With the increasing abundance of online resources, MOOC, SPOC and other teaching platforms are gradually being widely used in the educational field. The integrated teaching mode of theory and practice, which is limited to knowledge and classroom teaching, also exposes the problems in reviewing knowledge,...
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Open Access to ICT and Electronic Educational Resources as a Guarantee of Sustainable Development of Society

Vladyslav Velychko, Svitlana Omelchenko, Olena Fedorenko
Open education is one of the modern world trends. Ideas of open education are implemented through information and communication technologies that give students access to e-learning resources. ICT and education resources should be open and accessible for free use. The use of free software makes it possible...
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Current Situation and Development of University Libraries’ Self-Built Resources in the Big Data Environment—A Case Study of Self-Built Database of Public University Libraries in Hubei Province

Zhengyu Sha
The self-built resources of university libraries are an important part of the digital resource system of libraries. It is a long-term and necessary work to study sustainable development. This work investigated the self-built resources of 36 public undergraduate colleges and universities in Hubei province...
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A Preliminary Exploration of Carrying Out Effective Classroom Management for Teachers

Xi-Jin Xu, Yi Jin
In the past ten years, with the rise and development of curriculum and teaching reform in the world, classroom management research has been paid more and more attention, resulting in a lot of new theories, new models and new practices. It is of great significance to analyze and grasp the characteristics...
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Research on the Phenomenon of Fans “Controlling Comments” in Cyberspace—Taking Sina Weibo as an Example

Kexin Zhao, Xiaojie Gong, Jia Cong, Shuhong Zhao
This paper aims to explore the connotation of the phenomenon of Fans “controlling comments” and the characteristics of the subject of Fans “controlling comments” -fans group, so as to promote the in-depth development of media audience and cultural reproduction research in the era of “We Media”. With...
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Effects of Organizational Justice of Civil Servants From the Perspective of Workplace Spirituality

Jianglin Ke, Chen Chen, Yuan Zeng
Creating a clear and fair organization climate is very important for the government. In order to find out the influence of organizational justice, this study adopted a new view of workplace spirituality and examined the influence of civil servants organizational justice on their work engagement, job...
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Evaluation of Leisure Agriculture Efficiency and Development Path Innovation Under the Supply Side Horizon: Survey Data From Huangpi District

Yan Zhou, Juan Xia, Qi Gong, Zhihong Wang
Taking Huangpi District of Wuhan as the research object, the paper evaluates the efficiency of leisure agriculture operation, and then innovates the development path of leisure agriculture. At last, we provide technical basis and policy guidance for the development of leisure agriculture in Huangpi District....
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Reflections on the Current Situation and Development of Village Clinics and Village Doctors in Tianmen City, Hubei Province

Ziyan Xu
This article takes village clinics in Tianmen City, Hubei Province as the object, using field interviews, literature research, and data analysis to study the reasons for the decrease in the number of rural doctors in village clinics in Tianmen City and the problems in the development of rural clinics....
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Development of Green Logistics and Circular Economy Theory

Syed Abdul Rehman Khan, Yu Zhang
Through the circular economy (CE) policy, China plans to achieve sustainable development ambition, aiming to minimize the extraction of raw materials and protect natural resources. Although the circular economy can be used as an essential policy tool to promote a more sustainable development trajectory,...
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Reflection on Integrating Traditional Handicrafts of Hubei Into the Professional Practice of Visual Communication Design

Lin Liu, Ziwei Xiao
In order to protect and inherit the world’s intangible cultural heritage and strengthen the attention of higher education in various countries to the traditional handicraft, this paper actively explores the integration of traditional handicraft practice into university design education. This paper uses...
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Practical Strategies for the Integration of College English Course and Ideological and Political Education

Bing Zhang
Exploring the practical integration strategy of college ideological and political education and English course education will help college students to establish a correct, healthy and comprehensive social cognitive view in the process of better learning English, which plays a particularly important role...
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Research on the Course Reform of Employee Career Planning and Management

Fengxiang Jiang, Fang Wang, Moutao Du, Sisi Wang, Chen Wang, Junjie Lin
Employee Career Planning and Management is one of the professional courses of the major in Human Resource Management. This course helps students improve their organizational ability and facilitate their employment. Only by strengthening the reform and innovation of the course can we achieve its goals....
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Tolerance of Deviant Behavior Based on CGSS2015 Data

Xiaojie Gong, Lingtao Wu, Jia Cong
Deviant behavior in China’s current social transformation period, the tolerance of deviant behavior for people also quietly changed, in this article, based on the empirical data of CGSS2015, using SPSS data processing software from two aspects of individual and situational factors, explore its influence...
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Study on Bullying Status of Rural Boarding Students on Campus—Taking X Middle School as an Example

Xiaojie Gong, Qiao Sun, Jia Cong
This article is based on a cross-sectional survey and field interviews on the bullying status quo of the rural boarding school in S Province X Middle School, using the D. Olweus Child Bullying Questionnaire redesigned middle school student bullying questionnaire, and a descriptive analysis of the current...
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Matching Relationship Between Strategic Objective and Policy Theme of China’s Pension Policy: Based on Text Analysis From 1978 to 2019

Xuelan Wang, Xiaoshen Cai, Yuan Zhang
This paper used text mining to analyse matching relationships between the strategic objective and policy theme in different stages since 1978. It is found that the systematization of pension policy system is increasing by degrees with the strategic objective gradually clear. However, there are insufficient...
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Among Teachers in the Conditions of Distance Learning

Marina Anatolyevna Kruglova, Elena Stanislavovna Starchenkova, Vladimir Georgievich Kruglov, Natalia Evgenievna Vodopyanova, Oleg Valentinovich Leontiev, Vladimir Anatolyevich Kruglov
The features of professional pedagogical activity increase the likelihood of teachers’ health decline. However, having the resources to cope with difficulties can mitigate the tension caused by occupational stress. In recent years, many authors have noted that chronic fatigue syndrome is a multi-causal...
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Professional Content-Based Graduate English Course Reform in China

Shuzhen Jiang, Yufan Liu
Graduate English, as a general language course, has been unable to meet the academic and professional needs of graduate students in China. A survey on the status quo of postgraduate English courses is made in a Chinese University, which has disclosed a number of problems, including unclear target orientation,...
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Comparison of Self-Assessment and Teacher Assessment on Students’ Ability in Expressing Intentions in Writing Based on the CSE

Yangzi Sun
The study is to testify whether intermediate level English learners could use China’s Standards of English Language Ability (The CSE) to give an accurate assessment on their ability in expressing intentions in writing. By compare 36 second-year English majors’ self-assessment with 3 teachers’ assessment,...
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The Effect of Self-Identity on Online-Shopping Addiction in Undergraduates: Taking Guangdong Province as an Example

Yongmei Hou, Xiaoyu Yang
With the rapid development of e-commerce and smart phones, online shopping is becoming an increasingly important pattern of consumption and plays a profound role in influencing individual’s behaviors, thinking and personality development. The aim of this study is to explore the status of undergraduates’...
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The Relationship Between Rejection Sensitivity and Dormitory Interpersonal Relations in Female College Students: The Mediating Effect of Coping Style

Yongmei Hou, Tingyan Li
Dormitory interpersonal relationship plays an important role in female undergraduates’ learning efficiency, personality growth and life quality. The aim of this study is to explore the status of female undergraduates’ rejection sensitivity, coping style and dormitory interpersonal relationship, and analyze...
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Realization of the Creative Potential of Future Engineers-Teachers of the Food Branch as a Factor of Self-Creation in the Professional Activity

O. Kurilo
The paper scientifically substantiates realization of the creative potential of future engineers-teachers of the food branch as a factor of self-creation in professional activity. In particular, there is considered the essence of the professional activity of engineers-teachers of the food branch in the...
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Research on China’s Employment Poverty Alleviation Policy From the Perspective of Policy Tools

Yuan Zhang, Xuelan Wang, Xiaoshen Cai
Employment poverty alleviation plays a paramount role in establishing a stable long-term mechanism for poverty alleviation by improving the ability of poor labor force and promoting the income of the poor population. A two-dimensional analysis framework of “policy tool - release hierarchy” was established....
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Research on Application Strategy of Cloud Technology in Teachers’ Professional Development

Hengyun Yin, Bo Dong, Norma Maria Rutab
Based on literature review and analysis, this paper discusses the significance of cloud technology in teachers’ professional development, and explores the confusion. It proposes that the education authority should establish a “cloud system”, educators should develop “cloud thinking” model, teachers should...
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Teaching Reform on Constructing Creative English “Golden Course” in Private Colleges

Xun Bu
In order to construct the “Golden Course” characterized by high order, creativity and challenge, this paper takes the course of Advanced English as an example and presents a series of teaching reform in terms of teaching content, use of textbook and students’ learning outcomes respectively. Based on...
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A Study of Campus Crisis From the Perspective of Social Combustion Theory

Xingwang Liu
Campus crisis is an eternal topic of campus management. From the perspective of social combustion theory, discord and disharmony of relationships within nature, between humans and nature, and among humans are the combustion substances that cause campus crisis. Asymmetric social public opinion and unbalanced...
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A Study on the Influence of Learning Motivation on Learning Engagement of Chinese Immersion Primary School Students in the United States

Sijun Li
This study investigates the learning motivation and learning engagement of Chinese immersion primary school students in Minnesota, USA. According to the statistical data of questionnaire survey and model construction, it is shown that both internal motivation and external motivation have a direct positive...
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Results of the International Student Olympiads in Physics as a Reflection of the Demand for Physical and Mathematical Education in Countries

Boris G. Kreminsky, Oleksandr S. Martyniuk, Oleksandr O. Martyniuk
The aim of the study is to establish a link between the level of achievement of teams in the International Physical Olympiads and the attention of the respective countries to the development of physical and mathematical education. The research was carried out on the basis of generalization and analysis...
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Cultivation of Students’ Thinking Ability in the Teaching of Business English Reading

Enhua Zhang
This article aims to explore ways to improve college students’ thinking ability in the daily classroom teaching of business English reading. It first discusses the need to cultivate students’ thinking ability, then analyzes some causes of the lack of thinking ability of college students, and finally...
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Research on Online Teaching Based on Multiple Platforms and Teaching Methods in COVID-19 Epidemic Period

Xiaodan Chen, Dekun Hu
COVID-19 Epidemic broke out in 2020. Online teaching was adopted by teachers. Due to the change of teaching mode, the teaching design should be changed accordingly. Online teaching during the epidemic was a kind of distance teaching which used more teaching methods and platforms than MOOC and SPOC. Three...
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Research on Development Level of Agricultural Modernization in Yangtze River Economic Belt

Chenguang Qiu, Hui Xu
The transformation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture is an inevitable trend in the development of national modernization. The increase in production efficiency brought about by agricultural modernization has provided a solid material foundation and life guarantee for our country. The...
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The Mediating Role of Offline Political Participation in the Relationship Between Social Capital and Online Political Participation in Taiwan

Yenhau Pan, Nientsu Wang
This study aims to explore how bonding and bridging social capital in affecting online political participation through offline political participation. This study tests the mediating role of offline political participation in the relationship between two types of social capital and online participation,...
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Research on Financing Difficulties and Countermeasures of Small and Micro-Enterprises in China: An Analysis Based on COVID-19

Huixiang Wang, Hui Xu
This paper focuses on the current financing status of Chinese small and micro-enterprises under the epidemic situation of COVID-19 in early 2020 and explores the causes and recommendations from different perspectives. Using survey data from these enterprises, and observing the changes in financing sources...
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Value Confirmation of the Community of Shared Future for Mankind in World Fighting Coronavirus

Yanxu Zhao
The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has been the heaviest price paid by the world in recent years. The division of international knowledge, each country fighting its own battle and the weak global governance system, all lead to a global public safety crisis, judging from the process and results...
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Research on Application-Oriented Teaching Reform of Urban Design Course

Mingchun Ma, Xiao Wang, Qiang Liu
Based on the change of urban construction background from “incremental planning” to “stock planning” and the change of urban construction content from spatial expansion to urban renewal, this paper studies the knowledge system, practical means, teaching content and teaching mode of urban design curriculum,...
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Research on Organizational Learning and Development of High-Tech Enterprises Under the Background of “One Belt One Road”—Taking Zhejiang Company D as an Example

Ping Wang, Siting Zhu
In order to enable high-tech enterprises to achieve development with the aid of China’s “One Belt One Road” strategy, this paper uses Chinese company D as an example, through literature analysis, questionnaire survey, linear regression analysis and other methods, points out the defects in the company...
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Peculiarities of the Occupational Crisis of Heads of Educational Organizations

Olena Bondarchuk, Valentyna Balakhtar, Alla Moskaljova, Maksim Moskalov, Kateryna Balakhtar
The study dwells on the analysis of the occupational crisis peculiarities of the heads of educational organizations, which is seen as an experience of professional problems and arises as a result of blocking the ability to achieve professional goals having personal meaning for leaders. This comprehensive...
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Opportunities and Challenges of Grid Management Based on the Perspective of Science and Technology Support

Ying Zhou, Manfei Cui, Yong Li
From the perspective of science and technology assistance, this work studied the opportunities and challenges of grid management. First, this work further refined the concept of grid management theoretically. Second, it provided new ideas and solutions for the new problems and challenges in the current...
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Transformation and Development of Taobao Village in China Based on “Zhijiang Mode”

Saidi Yang, Puqing Wang, Deyi Zhou
This paper focused on the “Zhijiang mode”, analyzed its development advantages and difficulties, and put forward corresponding suggestions for the transformation and development of China’s Taobao village, as well as provided new ideas for the areas in the central and western regions that are building...
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Application of Task-Based Language Teaching to Business English Negotiation Teaching in Higher Vocational College

Yuanyuan Niu
Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT) takes foreign language teaching as the process of fulfilling the communication tasks. It employs tasks to organize classroom teaching and makes the learners deploy their existing language resources to perceive and apply the target language during the process of doing...
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Exploration and Practice of the Cross Paradigm Between Science and Engineering for Artificial Intelligence New Engineering Education Experimental Class in Local Universities

Xinliang Cao, Ziqi Dang, Hongxia Yang
This paper aims to explore the effective way to train interdisciplinary talents on artificial intelligence and lays a preliminary foundation for the establishment of artificial intelligence major. Based on the three elements of the innovators who develop ecology and environment, this paper centers on...
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On the Cultivation Model of Core Literacy Integration of English Major in Colleges and Universities Based on Discipline Competition—A Case Study of Jingchu University of Technology

Qian Luo
The paper starts from foreign language discipline competition and aims to improve the quality of education and teaching. Based on the analysis of the role of discipline competition in talent cultivation, it is attempted to construct a curriculum teaching system for English major by revising teaching...
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Research on the Relationship Between Servant Leadership and Employee Innovation Behavior: A Theoretical Model

Shiwen Liao, Xin Zhu
As a leadership style characterized by “altruism” and “service”, servant leadership is a frontier topic in the field of leadership research in recent years. Based on social exchange theory and social cognitive theory, this paper constructs a model of the impact of servant leadership on employees’ innovation...
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Research on Professional Evaluation and Professional Identity of Chinese Journalists

Xiaojuan Hu
Journalists are a special and important professional group in China today. This paper intends to explore the various dimensions of journalists ‘ professional evaluation, analyze its impact on professional identity, and try to explore the logic of journalists ‘ professional identity construction from...
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Investigation Into Pre-service English Teachers’ Beliefs on Teaching Grammar

Xuechen Hu, Yingliang Liu
Teachers’ beliefs, especially on teaching grammar, play an indispensable role in language teaching. Grammar provides people with the necessary structure to organize their ideas effectively and appropriately. This paper aims at identifying pre-service English teachers’ beliefs on teaching grammar instruction...
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Study on Proofreading and Error Correction in TEM-8 From Error Analysis

Hui Liu, Yingliang Liu
Proofreading and error correction in TEM-8 papers is a challenging part for Chinese learners majoring in English. Accordingly, this study explores targeted language forms encompassed in proofreading and error correction of TEM-8 papers from the year 2012 to 2019. The paper then analyzes errors in proofreading...
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Status and Prospects of Energy Cooperation Between Ukraine and Turkey

Zaporozhchenko Anzhelika Serhiivna
Cooperation in the energy sector is one of the areas for strategic cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey. The interests of both countries in the field of energy are similar: the need to diversify energy sources, ensure security of energy supply, active use of own transit potential, exploration and production...
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The Interdisciplinary Training Mode of Master of Fine Arts Professional Degree Talents

Yuanyuan Tan, Dehui Ye
At present, the “interdisciplinary training” of graduate education reform is the general trend. In terms of the practical problems such as lack of distinctive talent training features and insufficient innovation ability, this work explored the training mode of interdisciplinary masters of fine arts by...
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Research on Standardization of Examination Training for Graduate Entrance Examinations Under the Normalization of Epidemic Prevention and Control

Ke Deng, Kun Zhang
The normalization of epidemic prevention and control has put forward new requirements for the work of standard setting of postgraduate entrance examination and the training work of test centers. How to ensure the quality and efficiency of the training work is a new challenge for the majority of test...
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Research and Practice of Building Innovative Talent Training Mode in Higher Vocational Education Based on Mathematical Modeling

Xiaoming Jiang
Mathematical modeling is a bridge between mathematics and application. Based on mathematical modeling competition, modularization of teaching content and project teaching, this work first carried out teaching reform and exploration practice of higher mathematics course in higher vocational colleges,...
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Cooperative Development of Academic Journals and Discipline Construction in Colleges and Universities Under the “Double First-Class” Strategy

Shunshan Wang
The purpose of the work is to find out the collaborative development path of academic journals and discipline construction in colleges and universities. The quantity and quality of academic journals are important indicators that reflect the development level and maturity of the discipline. Synergetic...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Design-Oriented Majors in Colleges and Universities Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Yumei Cui, Fan He, Xinqun Feng
This paper explored the connotation of the concept by analyzing the significance of teaching reform of design-oriented majors in universities under the background of innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, according to the current teaching situation of these majors, it found problems from multiple...
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Adaptive Mutual Feedback Teaching Mode of Synchronous Online + Asynchronous Online Under COVID-19 Epidemic Situation

Lin Chen
The epidemic situation has posed a severe threat to teaching development. Under this background, the use of online teaching encountered various problems, including the lack of information construction hardware conditions, uneven teachers’ information teaching level, needing psychological adjustment for...
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Exploration of Ideological and Political Education in College Physics

Jiazhong He, Zhilong Zhong
Ideological and political education (IPE) of the curriculum is an important way to integrate IPE into curriculum teaching and realize all-round education. The integration of IPE elements into college physics teaching is the practice of the new IPE concept. This paper first analyzes the advantages and...
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Research on the Academic Senate System and Enlightenment of American Research Universities

Ruishu Wang, Wanbing Shi
This study aims to figure out the academic senate of American research universities by historical analysis method, documentary method and survey method. The academic senate in American universities has become an important part of the internal governance structure of American research universities. By...
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Special Aspects of Work Motivation of Manual Laborers

Dzhaneryan Svetlana Tigranovna, Gvozdeva Darya Ivanovna, Gabdulina Lyudmila Ivanovna
The purpose of the study was to research the types of motivation for professional activity, motivational factors, values, and motivational types of manual laborers. The study was conducted using testing methods (“Motivation for professional activity” (K. Zamfir [modification of A. Rean]), “Motivational...
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Research on Learning-Centered Business English Teaching Model Based on Internet Plus

Xiaomei Wang
In order to improve the teaching effect, this paper introduces the new learning-centered blended teaching model based on Internet Plus to business English teaching practice. Before face-to-face classroom teaching, teachers create learning resources according to the teaching objectives and students’ basic...
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Research on the Application of Network Education Learning in Colleges and Universities in the Information Age

Jian Zhang, Jing Wang
The coming of the Internet era makes more and more universities begin to use network teaching, which has promoted the development of the cause of China’s education to a certain extent. The purpose of this paper is to investigate whether network teaching in colleges and universities can meet the daily...
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Research on Online Self-Regulation of College Students in English Blended Learning

Yanghua Peng
Recent researches have been conducted increasingly on learners’ online learning at college with the background of the growing trend of educational informization. However, less attention has been paid to the relationship between self-regulation of English learning and the effectiveness of online learning....
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Analysis of the Social Factors Affecting the Fading of the Japanese Vocabulary in Taiwanese Hokkien Among College Students in Taichung Area

Jungmin Li, JungChih Tsai
Taiwanese Hokkien has been profoundly influenced by Japanese and Mandarin successively. The official language of Taiwan today is Mandarin, as a consequence, the former official language, Japanese, is rapidly disappearing in Taiwanese Hokkien. Therefore, this research will focus on the Japanese vocabulary...
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Analysis and Consideration of Construction Project Management Course on Building Information Modeling

Yunxia Jiang
In order to adapt to the wide application and rapid development of Building Information Modeling in the construction industry, we do some research on Construction Project Management course based on Building Information Modeling in this paper. According to the characteristics of the course, combined with...
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Research on the Construction of Modern Vocational and Technical Education System in Shaanxi Province

Dapeng Ren, Fengxiang Jiang
The Ministry of Education in China has issued a series of vocational education documents to guide the development of modern vocational education, providing ideas for the innovative development of vocational education. Shaanxi Province needs to pay attention to the construction of a modern vocational...
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The Development of Readiness for the Educational Activities in Teachers of Higher Military Educational Institutions

Mykhailo Medvid, Volodymyr Dem’yanyshyn, Inna Chernichenko, Volodymyr Honchar, Volodymyr Liutyi
The subject matter reflects the experience of the National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine in teacher training. In addition, it displays the results of the pedagogical experiment on implementing the conditions for the development of readiness for the educational activities in teachers of higher...
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Game Research on Doctor-Patient Relationship Under the Background of New Media

Lin Song, Qiang He
In recent years, contradictions between doctors and patients often occur. The main influencing factors of contradictions are asymmetric information and conflict of benefit game. Therefore, based on the information asymmetry theory, this paper analyzes the doctor-patient relationship under the intervention...
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Discussion on Measures to Improve the Practical Skills of Students Majoring in Construction Engineering Technology in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yong Yin, Hong Zeng, Xiaolei Zheng
According to the author’s years of teaching experience in higher vocational construction engineering specialty and engineering site management experience, combined with the current demand of construction engineering talents, this paper put forward some measures from many aspects to improve the practical...
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Reflections on Postgraduate Education in Art Colleges in the New Era

Yuehua Sang
The higher education in China has opened the door of the quality revolution of higher education in the new era, entered the new era. Standing at a new starting point, it faces new tasks and challenges. Graduate education is the core driving factor of implementing the strategies of developing China through...
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Case Study on the Adaptive Teaching Mechanism of Subject Teacher Educators Under the Background of New Normal

Yaqi Zhang
Based on the background of new normal education, this study tries to explore the internal mechanism of the adaptive teaching process of subject teacher educators. Using the methods of questionnaire, observation and interview, this paper systematically analyzes the adaptive teaching mechanism of 428 students...
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Empirical Study of Factors on Teachers’ Online Teaching Satisfaction in Higher Education Institutions

Qinling Dai, Ying Guan, Huajie Shen
Online teaching is the main teaching method during the COVID-19 period, and the evaluation and analysis of teachers’ teaching satisfaction and the influencing factors are important for the subsequent development of teaching and improvement of methods. In this paper, a survey and research work was conducted...
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The Lexicalization of “na X” in Mandarin Chinese and Its Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Hong Li
The word “na X” in mandarin Chinese, which is formed by the combination of the interrogative morpheme na and the adjacent morpheme X, cannot be inferred from its composition, causing serious difficulties in reading comprehension for foreign students. Therefore, it is necessary to find effective ways...
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Research on Education Evaluation of Business English Talents Training in the New Era

Xiaomei Wang
In order to comprehensively reflect education quality and improve teaching effectiveness, this paper introduces comprehensive evaluation methods integrated by formative evaluation, summative evaluation and value-added evaluation into the education evaluation of Business English talents training. A multidimensional...
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Study on Innovative Research on Ideological and Political Education in Institutions of High Learning in the Era of “Internet Plus”

Lin Gui
The most significant feature in the era of mobile Internet is that a large amount of data can be used to realize information exchange and its accurate positioning. The rapid development of mobile Internet has exerted a certain influence on the ideological and political education of college students,...
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Sustainable Design of Innovation Chain of Strategic Emerging Industry Based on Ecological Chain Theory

Dong Luo
Aiming at the problem of industrial pollution caused by the existing model of SEI innovation chain, this paper uses the theory of natural ecological chain to optimize the sustainable design of innovation chain of SEI. Firstly, we compared the attributes of SEI innovation chain and natural ecological...
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Value-Semantic Attitude to Bribery as a Form of Grass-Roots Corruption Among Working Adults

Dzhaneryan Svetlana Tigranovna, Gvozdeva Darya Ivanovna
The destructive nature of the corruption effect and the ultra-tolerant attitude of the citizens towards the grass-roots of corruption has been a focus for many types of research and became a basis for this study. The study is aiming to establish the types of value-semantic attitude to bribery as a form...
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How to Keep Pace With the Times in the Teaching of Environmental Law for Engineering Majors

Lanqin Yang, Yuhe Cheng
Environmental law is a basic elective course for the environment and safety majors in colleges and universities. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss how to keep pace with the times in the teaching of environmental law for engineering majors. Taking the teaching of environmental law for safety...
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Research on the Integration of Classic Readings in British and American Literature With College English Instruction Based on CREAM Model

Min She, Fen Zhang
The paper aimed to analyze and put forward the effective strategies for the integration of classic readings in British and American literature with college English teaching on the foundation of CREAM model. This study adopted literature research, questionnaire, interview and empirical comparison. Findings...
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The Effectiveness of “Xuexitong” in College English Teaching

Fen Zhang, Min She
In order to know whether the college English teaching with the application of “Xuexitong” can improve students’ autonomous learning ability, English writing ability and the English comprehensive ability or not, comparative experiment of 8 classes of nursing students of grade 2020 in our college was conducted....
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The Current Status of People’s Mediation System in Ethnic Minority Areas—Taking the City B of Province A as an Example

Xizhen Chen
The people’s mediation system plays an important role in dispute resolution in minority areas. From the investigation of the present situation of people’s mediation in the city B of province A in minority areas, the overall comprehensive ability of mediators is not good enough, and the lack of experts...
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Policy Insights: How Do Employment Policies Work to Benefit College Graduates in Zhejiang Province

Rendong Jin
How do employment policies work to benefit college graduates has been an important concern for people’s livelihood. The purpose of the present work is to figure out how Zhejiang’s employment policies benefit graduates, most of whom are employed in small and micro-enterprises. Jinhua city is taken as...
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Learning Styles and Listening Strategies of EFL Learners—A Survey Study in a Medical College

Jie Wang, Fen Zhang
In order to find out the differences in medical college students’ learning styles and listening strategies and whether there is any correlation between their learning styles and listening strategies, this study is carried out. Two questionnaires are adopted in this study to survey the different learning...
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Survey and Analysis on the Satisfaction of Graduates Majoring in Biomedical Engineering With Internship

Lina Wu, Chunjing Zhang, Tai Yang, Chunqiang Zhang
In order to strengthen the quality control and dynamic management of the teaching base for clinical practice of biomedical engineering, 89 questionnaires were designed and distributed to find out graduates’ satisfaction with teaching bases of clinical practice, which surveyed the satisfaction with internship...
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Research and Practice on the Talent Training Model of School-Enterprise Cooperation for Music Performance Major in University

Jia Zhu
The article analyzes and studies the scientific methods of training talents for music performance professionals in colleges and universities, which expounds the methods and advantages of school-enterprise cooperation models at home and abroad, analyzes the problems existing in the current training model...
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Research on Cross-Cultural Management of Sino-African Cooperative Enterprises From the Perspective of Cultural Differences

Ping Wang, Lu Wang
Based on Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory and used the method of literature comparison, this paper analyzes and deeply excavates the cultural differences between China and Africa from Hofstedt’s six cultural dimensions, and studies and summarizes the five major differences in employee behavior and...
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Investigation and Analysis of Digital Resource Service of University Libraries Under the COVID-19 Epidemic

Chunyu Wang, Yingqi Du
Taking the digital resource service of university libraries under the COVID-19 epidemic as the object of study, this paper aims to explore its content and ways in the case of major public health security emergencies, so as to improve the level of library service. In addition, this paper analyzes the...