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Research of Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to the System of Lean Manufacturing

S N Glagolev, S M Bukhonova, E D Chikina
This paper deals with the historical development of the lean manufacturing system in Russia, the United States and Japan. The modern significance of this direction is shown. It is given the authors’ opinions on the necessity to improve the entire manufacturing system, search for new knowledge, thoughts,...
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How Technoparks Contribute to ICT in India?

I V Andronova, I N Bokachev
This paper describes the IT sector as part of India’s National Innovation System. The Indian National Innovation System is a network of interconnected structural elements, in which the technology parks (technoparks) serve as the country’s research and production centers for IT. The authors hereof underline...
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Management Decisions in the Area of Russian Universities Competitive Growth

O G Zlobina, O I Nekrasova, V V Komarova
The relevance of the topic is proven by the fact that increasing the competitiveness of Russian universities in the international educational market not only enhances the attractiveness of the national education system, but also enhances the country’s position in the world community. Modern tendencies...
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Principles and Methods of Project Management in Organization

V V Komarova, O I Nekrasova, O G Zlobina, A V Milaia
The relevance of the chosen topic resulted from significance of the project management due to innovative development of the Russian economy. To maximize the effectiveness, more organizations adopt this model into the business and make adequate investments for using project management by staff, teams...
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Support of Children with Autism: Structural and Functional Model

I A Nigmatullina, A A Tvardovskaya
This article presents structural and functional model of support of preschoolers with autism spectrum disorders in a consortium of scientific and educational organizations, which includes the main directions of its implementation in the Republic of Tatarstan. We have described its characteristics, key...
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Russian Business Strategy and Tactics on the World Market of NPP Construction (As Economic Systems)

Y Chernyakhovskaya, V Berezka
Research encompasses up to date references and expertise on the world market of new NPP construction. An insufficient level of comprehensive scientific analysis of organizational aspects was noted considering the project life cycle of nuclear power plants (NPP) as economic systems and customer needs...
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The Regional Brand Formation in the Category “Processed Products of Oilseed Crops”

N I Pyzhikova, K V Chepeleva, Zh N Shmeleva
The article reveals the role and the structure of the regional brand in the category “processed products of oilseed crops” as a source of the region’s sustainable competitive advantages formation and one of the state projects and programs priorities. The analysis of the Krasnoyarsk territory enterprises...
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Non-Equivalent Vocabulary Translation in Literary Text

V V Alekseeva
The paper describes the theoretical and practical aspects of the non-equivalent vocabulary translation in the literary text. Special attention was paid to literary allusion as bases of country background information and its role in the development of student’s communicative competence in the process...
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Development of the Siberian Federal District in the Transitive Economy

D N Ganchenko
Siberia is the region with rich resource and infrastructure potential that is of strategic importance for the country. Highly fluctuated current economic environment presents new challenges that affect the key vector of region development. An economic infrastructure of the region with its traditional...
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The Analysis of Professional Strategies of the Higher and Vocational Education Organizations Graduate Students as the Future Subjects of the Labor Market

G A Kapranov, F M Kremen, S A Kremen
In a dynamic labor market there are higher requirements to young specialists on planning and managing their careers, therefore, the relevance of the study the professional strategy as process characteristics increases, which determines the purpose and means of its achievements in the professional field....
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Regional Disproportions in the System of US Foreign Trade

Y A Konovalova, S A Ushanov
Article is dedicated to the trade and investment cooperation of USA with EU at the present time with taking into account current conditions of international trade uncertainty caused by US’ external economic policy transformation into the direction of protectionism, «trade war» with China and potential...
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Formation of the Social Revolutionary Organizations in the Far East and Their Activities Until February, 1917

V L Kuzmin, S M Nechitailov
The article discusses the history of formation Far East organizations of the Party of Socialist-revolutionaries. The influence of the salient features of region and its social structure on the popularity of the party among the local population is studied. The authors examine the activity of the Far East...
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Evaluation of Human Capital Development in Commerce

E R Sharko
The article considers the essence and significance of the assessment of human capital development in commercee. The author presents the basic concept of evaluation of the performance of commercial personnel of a commercial company, the calculations of indicators, as well as various scenarios of their...
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On the Improvement of Techniques of Throws in Basketball Student Team

V Chibrikina, I U Alekseeva
The role of testing the players of the basketball team at the University in order to improve their skills is considered. Regular pedagogical control, analysis of test results allows the coach to determine the most effective means and methods. Used in the work. If necessary, make appropriate adjustments...
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Major Aspects of the Customs and Logistics System Development in the Eurasian Economic Union

Y V Malevich, Y N Gorbunova, N V Maslobonikova
For the further development of a single transport area, an increase in the export of transport services, the development of the transit potential of the EAEU member states and economic integration, special attention should be paid to improving transport, customs, and logistics infrastructures. The study...
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Optimize the Choice of Counteragent Based on the Application of the COSO Internal Control Model

E Y Selezneva, S Y Rakutko, O S Temchenko
The financial security of trading companies depends on the management of their assets, liquidity and solvency. The authors in this article recommend the formation of an internal control system using the COSO’s international approach (The Committee of sponsoring organizations of the Treadway commission...
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Calculation of the Tax Burden for an Automobile Enterprises

A Ryzhova, O Shirokorad, S Arkhipov
For optimum tax planning and tax risks of the motor transportation enterprises need to be able to calculate the tax burden on its activities. The article presents an analysis of the methods of calculation of the tax burden. Given the author’s definition of evaluation of the tax burden, absolute and relative....
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Evaluation of Gross Municipal Product on the Republic of Bashkortostan as an Economic Development Indicator for Municipalities

E R Mamleeva, M Yu Sazykina, N V Trofimova
In order to evaluate the economic development of municipalities in a region, it is necessary to find the resulting indicator, for example that could be gross municipal product (GMP). There are many methods of calculating GMP. to calculate the GMP of the Republic of Bashkortostan the article uses the...
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The Culture and Institutions: Features of Interaction and Impact on the Economy

E V Romanenko, V V Biryukov
The article proposes a methodology for studying the relationship of culture and institutions in economic processes, based on rethinking the relationship of economic culture and institutionalized forms of economic development in the framework of the intersubjective paradigm. It allows to go beyond traditional...
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Impact of the Macroeconomic Factors on the Initial Public Offerings in the Gulf Cooperation Countries

I Aidrous, S Glavina
This paper seeks to address the question of whether local macroeconomic parameters (reference interest rate, crude oil production, stock market index, direct foreign investment, loan growth and GDP) have any influence on the numbers and volume of IPOs on an emerging markets of GCC region over the period...
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Regional Problems of Employment of University Graduates in Conditions of Low Entrepreneurial Activity

M K Belyaev, A V Borisov, T D Okuneva
The problem of unemployment among university graduates is a consequence of changes in the structure of production and the economy of Russia, the weakening of state control and regulation. University graduates face a lot of problems when searching for jobs, being insufficiently in demand on the labor...
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Scientific and Educational Centers as Factor of Activation of Human Capital in the Regions of Russia: Sociological Monitoring of Activity (Conceptualization of the Plan)

P P Deryugin, E V Strashko, O V Yarmak
Human capital in a post-industrial society is becoming the main condition for the development of society and this is facilitated by the creation in Russia of scientific and educational centers (SECs). The main objectives of the activities of such centers are to enhance the economic and social life in...
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Investment in Online Learning in Russia from 2016 Through 2018

M V Makarova, D V Gubeladze, E A Sinelnikova
This study seeks to analyze public investment in education from 2016 through 2018. The paper outlines the ever greater role of online learning in the Russian education market, in particular that of the MOOCs. It further defines the role of further education and advanced training. The authors point out...
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Economies of Scale and Provision of Technological Efficiency in Agricultural Complexes

S M Ergin, G Mabiala, I Ya Sidorenko
The article sets forth a generalized understanding of economies of scale in agrarian production as a complex integrative phenomenon, implemented in a unity of three components – the intra-branch scale effect in agrarian production, the quality effect, the number of enterprises and the effect of their...
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Forecasting of Need for the Human Capital for Development of Economy

V A Dolyatovskiy, L V Dolyatovskiy, Y V Gamaley
The model of calculation of volume of the materialized knowledge used in an economic system on the basis of the analysis of the used resources and the size of a gross product is provided. The model allowed to calculate return of business assets and intellectual factors and to estimate influence of a...
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Professional Education and Training of Employees: On the New Doctrine of the Institute of Labor Law

A Y Petrov, A S Lada
The article examines the correlation between the concepts of “professional education”, “professional teaching”, “professional preparation”, “qualification”, fixed in the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and the Federal law “On education in the Russian Federation”. In the Labour Code of the Russian...
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Theoretical and Practical Problems of Legal Regulation of Registration and Implementation of Transport Passenger Taxi and Taxi Ordering Service

A S Lada, I K Voronin
This article analyzes the issues of legal regulation of activities and registration of a passenger taxi. Considering the provisions of the law draft, the authors conclude that quite a lot of gaps in the law draft, in particular, the law draft does not grant the right to self-employed be carrier, there...
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Risk Management at Implementation of Social Projects of Public-Private Partnership

V I Shubina, L Y Shemyatikhina, M V Evseeva, K S Shipitsyna
In twenty years of establishing the foundations of the market economy in Russia, the main problem of innovative development has not been solved - attracting investments for the purpose of sustainable modernization and innovative acceleration. In order to attract investments and services of private business,...
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Research of the Far Eastern Financial Center: Problem Analysis and Outlook

A O Pavlov, Yu A Levin
The research of the Far Eastern financial center in the context of the analysis of investment and business regional problems based on statistic information. The key factors are assessed that ensure the development of financial market and competitiveness of the investment climate in the Far East. It has...
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Comparative Analysis of the Main Features of the Professional Income Tax: Russian and Foreign Experience

V V Ponkratov, N N Bashkirova, E V Ryabova
The article highlights the issue on taxation of income gained by self-employment activity. This issue is frequently considered as a problem for many countries. Thus, study of successful practices of different developed countries may be useful for working out the national effective taxation system concerning...
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The Mechanism of Infrastructure Mortgage and Evaluation of Its Performance in the System of the Regions Economic Growth Ensuring

E Grinko, A Bubnova, N Alesina
The article presents the theoretical and methodological foundations of financing infrastructure projects, the current state and problems of the development of infrastructure mortgages which based on the mechanism of public-private partnership in Russia. A theoretical approach to clarify the conceptual...
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Indicative Assessment of Reliability of Investment Climate of the Territory: An Important Condition of Engaging of Investments Into Economy of Regions of the Far East

S V Shishmakov, V T Shishmakov
Method of assessment of reliability of investment climate by means of calculation of the system of indicators consisting of objective indicators, indexes, the generalized indicators of the integrated groups of indicators and a general indicator is given in article. The indicator analysis allows to estimate...
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Current Status and Prospects for Development of International Tourism in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Selim Mohammed Salah Eli Din
Currently, international tourism is a significant factor of sustainable socioeconomic development for most countries of the world, including Egypt. It ensures growth of the GDP, exports, investment, including foreign investment, and less unemployment. It also activates private entrepreneurial initiative....
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Evaluation and Prediction of the Business Continuity Risks

N A Kazakova, M P Bobkova, A E Sivkova
The practice of applying international audit standards and assurance tasks requires continuous improvement of methodological tools. In the digital economy, when modern software and technology platforms are being actively introduced in business, audit and consulting sphere, science-based methods for assessing...
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On the Continuity of Engineering Training in the “School-University” System Based on the Creation of a Center of Modern Competencies

O B Golubev, V A Testov, E M Ganicheva
Technological education of schoolchildren is currently a priority for the development of educational systems. Intensive development of nanotechnologies, robotics, biotechnologies requires improvement of competences of scientific and technological personnel, integration of knowledge and various directions...
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Socio-Demographic Features of Business Environment of Dnieper-Dvina Region

A Kuzavko
The article includes the results of a study of the business environment of the Dnieper-Dvina region (Smolensk, Vitebsk and Mogilev regions) for the period from 1992 to 2018. The article substantiates the allocation of three regions of the Russian-Belarusian border in a separate region. The integration...
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Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness of University Campuses

Y Podoprigora, T Zaharova, A Eliseev, D Crozat
The article discusses theoretical foundations and practical applications of the program-oriented method in the context of university campuses’ energy efficiency improvement. Best practices of foreign and Russian universities in the field of energy and resource efficiency are considered. In Russia, the...
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Professional Stress Management Among Officials at Customs Authorities

K V Trubitsyn, O Y Kalmykova, Y N Gorbunova
The article deals with the urgent problem of managing the professional stresses of customs officials. The study presents the types of organizational and social conflicts while in the performance of duties. Stress factors and factors of personnel risks in the personnel management system and in the labor...
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The Role of the Health System in Changing Public Health Behavior Strategies

I A Gareeva, T V Gutik
The Socio-economic changes in the modern health care system cause changes in the strategies of behavior of subjects of the system “doctors – patients”. Problems of human resources in the health system are currently characterized by shortage, insufficient qualifications, regional disharmony. The data...
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The Role of System-Forming Committees at Boards of Directors in State-Owned Companies (PJSC) in the Russian Federation

K K Pozdnyakov, A V Averin, Yu O Ivanova
To ensure the effective work of the board of directors in accordance with the best management practices in the field of corporate governance, it is required to organize and improve the work of committees. The subject of this paper is important and interesting also in that in the majority of mid-sized...
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Opportunity Costs, Leadership, and Cooperation in Strategic Alliances

I S Kukaev, C JF Candido, A M Makarov
This paper presents a model of behaviour in strategic alliances, the iterated assurance game model with an exit option. From the literature review and the derived model, several hypotheses are proposed and then tested using Wilcoxon rank sum tests. Data was collected from self-administered questionnaires...
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Internal Audit of Estimated Reserves and Liabilities as a Diagnostic Method for Corporate Risks

N A Kazakova, E B Shuvalova, S S Chikurova
Under the conditions of international economic and political instability, corporate risks exacerbate. Reserve funds and resources in the businesses on the basis of estimated reserves and liabilities are one of the risk management tools, that in their turn have quite a high level of variability as they...
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International Activities of Organizations to Support Young Compatriots Abroad

E I Vasilyeva, T E Zerchaninova, N P Mudretsova, A S Nikitina, I S Tarbeeva
The article is devoted to the analysis of the international activities of state and non-profit organizations to support young compatriots abroad. Statistical data are analyzed; data on foreign countries are received. The methodology for analyzing documents has been studied by federal regulatory legal...
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Actualization of the Confidence Phenomenon in the Hospitality Industry as a Tool to Increase the Economic Efficiency of the Enterprise

I V Barashok, L L Rudenko, A V Topchiy
The purpose of the research is to analyze the degree of guests’ confidence in the hotel enterprises services of Primorskiy Region and to develop recommendations for increasing confidence in their activities based on a strategic approach to the hotel business development. The reviews of staff and guests’...
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Long-Term Planning and Forecasting Problems at Municipal Management Level

N A Fedorova, I Scriabin, M Mordinova
Municipal long-term programs and development strategies for regional municipalities are generated in compliance with a set of program documents of the higher management levels, federal and regional regulatory acts, social&economic growth plans and forecasts. The process of developing long-tern municipal...
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Regional Service Potential as a Factor of Attractiveness of Rural Settlements

V N Dyachenko, V V Lazareva
The article is devoted to the urgent problem of regional development - the assessment of how the level of the service potential’s development of different level administrative centers influence the attractiveness of rural settlements. The prevailing downward trend in the population of rural settlements...
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Initiatives for Promotion of Public Non-Financial Reporting Based on the Concept of Sustainable Development to the Business Community of Russia

T N Popova, Yu K Dyachenko, A V Brizitskaya, E S Denisova
In present paper the problem of attitude of business consciousness of the International and Russian business communities in the field of the public non-financial reporting are studied. The foreign business community follows the basic principles and goals of the sustainable development, publishing a non-financial...
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Equity Capital Maintenance as the Cash Flow Net Assets of an Organisation for a More Accurate Assessment of Its Financial Sustainability

O G Zhitlukhin, AE Jafarova
The article considers the problem of the creation of an equity capital in an organisation as a net asset, and the influence of financial tools and unfunded items on it. A number of items are identified that are included in stock capital and connected with financial instruments and re-evaluation of capital...
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Logistics Transfer to Marketing Activity Outsourcing: Setting Project Objectives Through Key Performance Indicators

O S Kraynova
The article presents project task of outsourcing merchandising as a marketing activity of a customer enterprise within the framework of a logistics system. Based on the analysis of working scenarios and comparison of existing schemes for services provision by full-time employees under conditions of staff...
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Analysis of the Impact of Strategic Alliances on Relations with Stakeholders

A A Gresko, E N Likhosherst, K S Solodukhin
The paper proposes a fuzzy model for the choice of strategies for interaction with stakeholders of an organization, participating in a strategic alliance. It is assumed that the entry of an organization into a strategic alliance leads to changes in its relationship with stakeholders. This, in turn, leads...
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Spatial Differentiation of Prices for Vegetables in Russia: The Impact of Foreign Markets

A V Stupnikova
The work examines the influence of foreign markets on the spatial differentiation of vegetable prices in Russia using the example of regional tomato markets. To this end, a comparative assessment was made of the spatial differentiation levels of tomato prices calculated before the introduction of the...
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Tourist Flow Forecasting Approach

I N Ostapenko, R S Usenko
This article discusses the issues of using methods of analyzing and forecasting seasonal time series to model the tourist flow as one of the most significant parameters of tourism operations. The authors considered reasonability of using the Holt-Winters approach to model time series, estimated model’s...
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Methodical Aspects of Pricing for New Industrial Production

O O Podoliak, T E Dashkova, T A Mineeva
In modern conditions of economic and technological development enterprises have to update their products constantly (to modernize existing products and to develop completely new). Therefore, the problem of the new products pricing becomes relevant and urgent. The article considers the dynamics of production...
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Specifics of the Key Competences Contours for the Industrial Enterprises

E Y Kuznetsova, O O Podoliak, T Albasha
The modern approaches of Russian and foreign authors to the formation and development of key competencies and extensive foreign experience in the application of this approach in industrial enterprises are studied. Direct application of foreign experience at Russian enterprises does not seem appropriate,...
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Rationing and Motivation System for Workers of Production Crew on the Example of the Tubular Mill Workers

Y N Markova, S U Matalasov, A V Ershov
Despite high rates of market model economy development in Russia, elements of planned system keep the relevance to this day. So, the production organization of the successful enterprises of the Ural region and the country in general, often includes the adapted techniques of 20, 30 and 50 years old. One...
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Regional Economic Policy Diagnosis Taking Into Account Productive Components

A D Barinova, M A Barinov, S A Nikonorova
The article presents approaches to the interpretation of the “regional economic policy” concept in a theoretical way. A rather extensive controversy regarding this category, assessment methods, determines its versatility and capacity, indicates the presence of scientific interest in this term at this...
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Foresight Technologies in the Region: From Identifying Problems to Developing Solutions

A Yantranov, N Atanov, F Khandarov, S Yantranova
Global change and connectivity require new management approaches. First of all, the business sector adapted to the new conditions, actively implementing modern flexible approaches to management. It is also becoming important for States and their administrative-territorial associations to identify and...
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Role of Translators–Interpreters in the Development of Regional Tourism Cluster

T I Retinskaya, I N Shchekotikhina, A V Klotchkov
The authors summarize the experience in training translators/interpreters to participate in the popularization and promotion of regional tourism product abroad. It is substantiated that interdisciplinary collective project implemented in the framework of practice for obtaining professional skills and...
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Certain Issues of Legal Regulation of Economic Security

N A Sattarova, N N Boyko
The article provides an analysis of current issues of legal regulation of economic security in Russia. The authors restricted themselves to separate issues of legal regulation of security of the economic system that allows to efficiently and consistently resolve social issues by means of stability of...
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Regional Competitiveness: The Search for Effective Solutions in the Field of Innovative Development

S A Tumenova
The article is dedicated to the issues of increasing the competitiveness of Russian regions in the context of updating innovative types of development. The necessity of a differentiated approach to enhancing innovation at the regional level in accordance with the principles of “smart specialization”...
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Methods of Organizing the Regulatory Framework of National Strategic Planning in Russia

Y Mishin
This article is dedicated to a study of organizational and methodological issues of developing a progressive database to improve the degree of substantiation of predictive and planning analytical calculations for strategic planning documents. The article provides an analysis of methodological documents...
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The Strategy of Spiritual and Moral Improvement of the Economic Man

S D Mezentsev
The article deals with the strategy of spiritual and moral perfection of the economic person, what was formed in the framework of Protestantism. The Reformation, where Protestantism had appeared, brought to life the economic man and started the foundation of capitalist society. A description of the theological...
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Tools of Management Distribution Optimization in the Regional Economic Systems of a Trading Environment

G Demchenko, V Lukinykh, Yu Lukinykh
The study of current trends in the development of economic activity of enterprises in Russia, on the one hand, and the sources of economic growth, on the other hand, indicates a significant increase in the role of control instruments in the economic entities management. Considering the optimization system...
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The Competitiveness of the Amur Region in the Use of Information and Communication Technologies

A V Vasilyeva
Article is devoted to a research of competitiveness of the Amur region in the field of use of information and communication technologies in the organizations. Interregional comparisons of use of ICT in the regions entering the Far Eastern Federal District are presented in article. Comparison of regions...
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Territory Branding Modelling: Problems and Solutions

T G Butova, E B Bukharova, S L Ulina, E Y Yakovleva, V N Morgun
The evergrowing competition of countries, regions, cities and the increasing demands of the population for the quality of the surrounding environment called for the creation and maintenance of positive image and reputation, the main constituent of which is the branding of territories. Effective use of...
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Developing the Expert System for Assessing the Resilience to Crisis of Enterprises with Weak Dynamics

A V Sedelnikov, E S Khnyryova
In the last decade there has been considerable interest in the problem of enterprises crisis resolution. It is related to the fact that a number of economic crises hit many countries. This paper presents a new approach to assess the resilience to crisis of enterprises. For this purpose, we propose to...
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Development of the Foreign Economic Ties and International Relations in the Region: Case of the Sverdlovsk Region

A S Nikitina, A V Ruchkin, N N Startseva, O M Trofimov, N K Shemetova
This article analyzes the current problems and promising directions of development in the field of foreign economic relations and international cooperation of the Sverdlovsk region. As a result of the analysis of normative legal acts, statistical analysis of data from open sources on the activities of...
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The Strategy of Sustainable Development of Urban Transport

I V Spirin, O Yu Matantseva, Yu M Grishaeva
In the modern economy, the actual purpose of business (profit) came into conflict with the social and environmental results of production activities. The internationally recognized concept of sustainable development provides a comprehensive solution to economic, social, environmental and other problems...
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Functional / Process Simulation of the Risk Analysis Procedure with IT Support

D I Panyukov, E V Panyukova
The article contains results of the functional/process simulation of the risk analysis procedure based on the FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) methods. The authors reviewed the primary literature sources on this issue and decided that it was necessary to simulate this procedure in two notations...
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Methods for Assessing the Tourist and Recreational Potential of the Territory

E O Ushakova, M Y Tsoy
Regional socioeconomic planning requires assessing the local resource potential from the economic standpoint. The assessment must cover the tourism opportunities the region has, as domestic and inbound tourism is a national priority. This makes relevant any effort to improve the methodology for assessing...
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Biomathematical Culture and Peculiarities of Its Formation of Students of Biological Specialties

Yu S Kostrova
Despite the needs of the labor market in biologists who know mathematical methods at a high level, the current system of mathematical training of students of biological specialties does not meet these requirements. The article discusses the concept of biomathematical culture of the students as the main...
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Automation of Cost Evaluation Methods When Choosing a Commercial Web Resource Through the Example of Primorsky Krai

L V Mkhitaryan, G F Pavlenko, T N Popova, G P Ozerova
The paper discusses practical methods used to evaluate the technical and economic features of the software system design project: the COCOMO method, PERT method and the method of estimating labor costs based on the database dimension. These accurate methods ensure simplicity of calculation and can be...
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Modern Practices of Teaching Materials Development for Higher Polytechnic Education

Z Ivanova, S Shvedov
The article raises the question of the need to strengthen the polytechnical element in higher education and to combine knowledge and skills from natural, technical and social sciences. Today the training of new specialists requires a transition from traditional training materials to a new generation....
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Timely Financial and Economic Literacy for School Children as Basis for Economic Growth in Future

D Shvandar
High requirement for basic knowledge of entrepreneurial activity together with the need to complexly approach the process of development and implementation of measures in in educational institutions increases, it is becoming more acute to study complex techniques for financial and economic literacy implemented...
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The Status of the Russian Education System: The Modernization of Human Resource

O K Kudriashova, AV Mar’ina, G R Fakhretdinova, O Y Khanova
In this article, the authors are going to examine the contemporary status of human resources in Russia. The essential approaches to the education system’s quality will be analyzed. The main problems of the educational domain will be revealed, as well as the ways of its abolition and human resource development.
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The Impact of Human Capital on the Efficiency of Technological Innovation Application

V S Zharov
A problem of giving a quantitative evaluation of how the human capital affects the level and dynamics of the innovation-driven technological development of economic production systems of various levels, including manufacturing enterprises, has not yet been expressly solved. This fact lowers the scientific...
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Risk Assessment Methods of HEI

R Aetdinova, O Chorosova, I Maslova
This article sets out to discuss an analysis of different methods of assessing risks in relation to universities. The study focuses on a review of qualitative and quantitative methods of assessing risks, and an analysis has been made of the possibilities of using these methods for the purpose of assessing...
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Evaluation of Risk Manageability of HEI

R Aetdinova, G Galiullina, G Solomonova
The article sets out to consider assessment of risk manageability in institutions of higher education. The study examines a classification of external and internal risks characteristics of the universities, the technology of expert assessment of risk manageability. The methodology of determining the...
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Processes of Reforming Regional Strategic Planning in the Conditions of Digital Transformation of Public Administration in the Russian Federation: Assessment of Results and Trends

O M Pisareva
The author presents the results of a scientific study and assessment of the current effectiveness of modernizing regional strategic planning in the context of updating the general concept of public administration and in the context of the formation of a digital public administration platform in the Russian...
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Factors of the Economic Adaptation of Migrants

K V Fofanova, A A Sychev, D M Borisov
The paper is focused on economic adaptation of migrants which is understood as the process of their integration into the economic system of the host community. It involves the acquisition of knowledge about its functioning, assimilation of economic norms adopted in it, formation of practical skills of...
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Organizational Forms of Development of Scientific and Technical Products

I V Ershova, A E Ershov, Ya G Bezdezhskaya
The article proposes to use a new form - outsourcing project, as opposed to the traditional form of work under individual contracts, which includes work on several stages of the life cycle, for the development of complex scientific and technical products. At the same time, the calculation of the cost...
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About Valuation of Receivables of Non-Profit Organizations Managing Housing Stock in the Transition to IFRS

O G Zhitlukhina, M A Iashchuk
The main source of financing for non-profit organizations managing housing stock is the maintenance fees of apartment owners, calculated in proportion to their share in the right of common ownership of this property. Therefore it is important for such organizations to control the receivables of apartment...
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Influence of Economic Factors on Domestic and Outbound Tourism’s Main Priorities

S U Niyazbekova, B Bekbenbetova, R Zh Kurmankulova, M A Abilmazhinov, A S Zueva
This study examines inbound and domestic tourism as one of the most significant aspects of the socio-economic spheres shaping the country’s reputation and hospitality, as well as creating employment in this area. The article carries out a thorough analysis over several years, which covers the number...
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Options of Improving Customer Focus of Small Businesses

N A Pleshkova, A K Nesmelova
Customer focus is one of the key factors determining success of small businesses. The purpose of this study is to define the options for improving customer focus of small enterprises and their staff and to implement the tools required to that end. The article proposes both organizational and individual...
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Task Approach in the Bachelors’ Professional Competence Formation

K F Gabdrkhmanova, G R Izmailova, L Z Samigullina
The paper reveals the ways and means of improving the quality of training graduates in the field of “Oil and Gas Business” through a competence-based approach implementation to the content of vocational education modernization. The article provides a rationale for the expediency of using the task approach...
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Application of Fishburn Sequences in Economic and Mathematical Modeling

E S Remesnik, A V Sigal
The paper validates the fitness of taking a game-theoretic approach to modeling the process of executive decision-making in the economy in the context of the third information situation, when the probability values of the economic environment states are unknown and must be in line with the corresponding...
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Prospects for the Development of Digital Educational Environment in North-Eastern Federal University in the Context of Adult Education

O M Chorosova, G S Solomonova, V G Struchkov
The article discusses the need for the digitalization of education in the context of developing a system of continuing professional education in North-Eastern Federal University and explores associated risks and prospects for the future, including the customizable online learning tool, tailored to the...
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Development of Additional Education to Increase the Level of Competence of Specialists in the Field of Technosphere Safety

V V Kuleshov, E V Bakiko, V S Serdyuk
The article describes the system of modern professional education. Today includes practical training, the use of modern technologies, the use of communication technologies and the use of the experience of practicing specialists with extensive experience in these areas. The information provided indicates...
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Summarizing as a Means of Development of a Communicative Competence in Aviation Sphere

L V Vorobets
The article deals with a problem of such an activity as summary writing of foreign texts in a nonlinguistic university. Under the focus of the author’s attention there are key transformation stages of the original text into the newly born one. The author analyses the most essential steps in summary writing...
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Modern Management Trends for Industrial Companies with State Participation in Russia

A Y Yakovlev
Despite wide prevalence of the companies with state participation in Russia they do not often become the subject of scientific researches. There are about 1100 companies with Russian Federation as the official shareholder and more than 2000 companies with Russian regions participation. This study is...
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Education of Civil Engineers: Emphasis Upon Team Work or Self-Development?

E Romanova
Recently, Russian education system has begun training civil engineers according to the new educational standard, which stipulates only universal and general professional competencies. The new educational program has twice more academic hours for the development of universal competencies than the old...
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The Impact of Quotation Writing on the Presentation of Economic Information in the Modern Russian Media Text

A E Bazanova, E O Popova
Economic information acts as a product. The public, legal entities and individuals are its main consumer. In this study, the authors consider the concept of economic media text and the role of language techniques used by journalists to explain economic information and fulfill all the demand of the audience....
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Analysis of the Interrelations of Economic Indicators as a Tool for Predicting Regional Financial Instability

Yu V Granitsa
One of instruments of forecasting of financial instability of regions of Russia is quantitative and qualitative estimates of interrelations between regional macroeconomic indicators. Research objective is selection of the most adequate models of establishment of interrelations between indicators of...
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Employees’ Competitiveness in Digital Transformation

M N Ivanenko, M V Artamonova
Employees’ competitiveness in the era of digital transformation is inextricably linked with digital competencies and digital skills that raise many questions. Firstly, the researchers did not come to a unified definition of digital competencies and digital skills. Secondly, it is necessary to identify...
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Employees’ Competitiveness in IT and Telecom in Vladivostok

M N Ivanenko, M V Artamonova
The topic of employees’ competitiveness introduces new issues into the era of digital transformation. Employees should not only to possess the necessary digital competencies, but to improve them, as well as to acquire additional digital competencies to increase their competitiveness. There is a methodology...
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China’s Economic Integration in Central Asia in the Context of the Proclaimed “One Belt, One Road” Initiative

M I Razumovskaya, I I Kazak, V Y Burov
Based on scientific and practical ideas about regional economic integration, a modern strategy of China’s integration is presented. It is considered in the context of the initiative “One belt, one road”, proclaimed by the leadership of the country. Arguments are given that the initiative is designed...
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Evaluating the Efficiency of Investing in Securities of Russian Companies

S S Akimov
The article presents various methods of investment performance evaluation that are currently in use. To evaluate and compare the efficiency of each financial assessment tool, three largest Russian industrial companies were selected and their six-year financial quotes were used. The evaluation findings...
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Analysis of Methods for Calculating the Weighted Average Cost of Capital of a Company on the Example of an Industrial Enterprise

E A Dolbnya, M K Vasilyeva, A Y Lyukina
The weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is used to estimate the profitability of the company’s capital, the rate of return of the investment project and business. Within the framework of the article, an analysis of the methods for calculating the weighted average cost of capital of a company was...
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The Psychological Predictors for Self-Disclosure of High School Students’ Abilities (E.G. Eleventh-Graders of Vladivostok School)

V S Chernyavskaya, I I Cheremiskina, V S Shibaev
The article presents a study of the predictors for successful self-disclosure of high school students’ abilities in the 11th grade. The main categories of research are presented. We substantiated the problem of the uncertainty for predictors in the context of self-disclosure of the high school students’...