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The Concept of the Historical Development of Geometric Knowledge in the Aspect of Synergetic Methodology

E Shangina
In this article the author explores the evolution of geometrical knowledge and gives a forecast of their further historical development. This is important from a practical point of view, because geometric knowledge and visually imaginative language of geometric modeling is used in many fields of professional...
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Non-Liberal Democracy Societies as the Sources of Resentment

N Isachenko
In the socio-philosophical discourse, there was an opinion that ressentiment is formed in totalitarian societies, which are characterized by total control over their citizens, the formation of the image of the enemy, the use of methods of intimidation, violence, and terror. Such methods create conditions...
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Meso-Level as the Essential Agent in the Formation of Inter-Subjective Relations in the Economy*

M Yu Kussy, O L Korolyov
The meso-level’ meaning and place in the hierarchy of levels in the economy from the standpoint of a systematic interdisciplinary approach is shown in the paper: The meso-level exactly “smoothes out” the randomness in the situational-socio-economic processes taking place at the micro-level, where the...
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Basic Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Ethnic Conflict

N Omelaenko
This article is devoted to one of the most actual problem of modern time — ethnic conflict. At the present time, a lot of definitions of ethnic conflict, its’ typology and causes are suggested. Different approaches to studying represent a problem for researchers because it’s not clear what criteria the...
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Lateralization of Brain Function Evaluation with Rotating Shift Workers to Handle Applied Problems of Occupational Psychology in the Arctic

A S Sarychev, Y V Shimanovskaya
Both cerebral hemispheres take turns to adjust to extreme conditions of rotating shift work in the Arctic. As a result of chronically uncompleted acclimatization and tensed adaptive processes, the right hemisphere is mainly active which triggers some characteristic differences in higher mental functions...
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The Process of Adapting the Region Model to the Meso-Level Socio-Economic System

R A Timofeev
In work the relevance is proved and also the analysis of application of process approach at the regional level is carried out. The concepts of the category “process” are considered. The author’s definition of this concept is presented, the key (main) processes influencing competitiveness and efficiency...
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Audit Responsibility as a Specific Type of Legal Responsibility

N Kim
Most of the theoretical and methodological problems of audit are related to the unresolved legal aspects, in particular, the specifics of audit responsibility. The issue of legal responsibility is well developed in the legal and economic literature, but there is no General understanding of the specifics...
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Current Tendencies of Improving the Russian Banking System

V V Moiseev, E A Karelina, I V Kirova, S N Glagolev
Considering the stability and reliability of the banking system as a factor in the successful development of economic processes, the authors analyze the current trends in the recovery of the Russian banking sector and the prospects for its development. Analyzing the key financial indicators of the banking...
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Prospects for the Development of Territories of Socio-Economic Development of Russia Based on the Experience of the Functioning of Free Economic Zones of China

O V Mironenko, M A Bakinovskaya
The idea of creating territories for socio-economic development in Russia is a priority and promising from the point of view of forecasting the development of regions and the country as a whole. The main results of the functioning of the territories of socio-economic development (TOSED) were to improve...
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Cognitive Processes of the Brain and Learning Theory

O E Backsanskij, E A Dergacheva
The article deals with the cognitive processes of the brain and their interaction with the most common theories of learning. A brief scientific history studying brains is presented, the choice of cognitive processes investigation methodology is proved. The authors hold a view of the famous English mathematician...
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Estimation for Optimum Investment Capacity of a Region (The Case of Amur Region)

S G Serikov
The article investigates issues of the optimization of the investment capacity of a region. The study utilizes economic and statistical methods and computational and constructive research methods as well as the method of comparative analysis. The author proposes his definition of the concepts of the...
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Training at the University of the Organizers of Innovation Activities

N G Grigoreva
The article deals with the problem of training the organizers of innovative activity in the process of studying at the University. Innovation involves a fundamentally new way of activity that goes beyond the norm, performed at a fundamentally new level of quality. Innovation is not only a means of economic...
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Issues of a More Effective Management of Social Service Institutions

G P Medvedeva, Y V Shimanovskaya
The article discusses various aspects of a more effective management of a social service institution. Management of social service institutions is one of important links in the mechanism for implementing state social policy. Therefore, it is important for a head of the institution to have certain qualities,...
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Innovation Performance Measurement in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Sub-Saharan Africa

Alhassan Tijani Forgor, A Girinsky
This paper analyzes the actual problems of innovation performance measurement, especially; the development of methodological tools in the assessment of innovation performance in developing countries. The paper discusses and substantiates the author’s position on informal sector innovation in developing...
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Socially Just Society in Terms of Technospherization of the Planet

M V Mamichev
The possibility of creating a socially just society in terms of technospherization of the planet Earth has been analysed. Humanity has always faced the problem of creating a socially just society. The paper deals with the features of the emergence of such a society in the conditions of technogenic development...
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The Influence of a Special Legal Regime for Entrepreneurial Businesses on Economy of the Russian Far East

M V Niyazova
The rise of the Far East is a national priority for the entire XXI century. To develop enabling environment for doing business and attracting investments, the free economic zones with a special legal regime for entrepreneurial business – the territories of advanced social and economic development and...
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Contemporary Globalization in Terms of Socio-Technogenic Transformations

E A Dergacheva
The development and interaction of current anthropogenic social systems result in new objective laws and trends in the processes of globalization. In most countries of the world there are interrelated socio-technological changes due to the market economy of mankind that cover all spheres of social life....
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Features of Economic Representations of Russian High School Students

A N Zahkarova, T V Talanova, G S Dulina
The problem of the study of psychological readiness for business activities of high school students has become relevant in connection with the role that the small and medium-sized business sector has in almost all developed countries. Readiness for innovation and entrepreneurial activity largely determines...
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Cross-Cultural Challenges of a Foreign Language Quest

D V Kursevich, N I Chernova, A.A. Mandzhiev
Nowadays a quest is not only a fascinating way to pass one’s leisure time, but also a powerful resourceful TEFL methodology increasingly gaining popularity among teachers to gauge their students’ skills and abilities (competences). Its array of applications is impressive, and thanks to this fact it turns...
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Method of Controlling the Non-Observed Economy Through Redistribution of Fiscal Burden Among Types of Economic Activity

M O Kakaulina
The article explores the problem of assessing the influence of the fiscal burden on the size of the non-observed economy in individual industries. The purpose of the study is to work out proposals for reducing the share of the non-observed economy in gross value added (GVA) in various industries by...
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Particularities of the Reproductive Behavior of Student Youth from Large and Small Families

I P Voiku, O N Kopytova
The foundation of society – the family – is undergoing significant transformations with clear signs of crisis changes. The functions of the family are being reviewed, but the importance of the basic function – reproductive – remains undeniable. The accelerating intergenerational continuity gap is changing...
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Circulability of Medicines in Russia: Historical and Legal Retrospective

V I Panfilova, E V Safronova, V B Turkutyukov
The article analyzes legal aspects of circulability of medicines in Russia. The medicines may be freely alienated or may pass from one person to another, if they have not been withdrawn from circulation or restricted in the circulation. These medicines are freely available for purchase without a prescription....
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Potential for Implementation of Asia-Pacific Region Experience in Developing Business-Incubators in the Russian Far East

Z V Petrunina, G A Shusharina
The proposed work explores the experience of business-incubators in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and the possibility of their use in the Far East of Russia. China, Japan and South Korea were identified as Asia-Pacific countries whose experience could be implemented in the above-mentioned...
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The Image of Childhood in the Folklore of the Indigenous Small-Established Peoples of the Far East

E V Klimova
Indigenous peoples of the Far East of Russia showed a great love and affection for children, they cared for them, and in each family there was a strongly developed desire to continue their kin, therefore they have many children, especially boys as the future breadwinners. The upbringing of children...
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Research of Investment Processes with a Limit Capacity

E A Mikishanina
Currently, there are many approaches to determining the function of accumulation of the investment project participant. Some do not correspond to the axioms formulated earlier in financial mathematics, others correspond to them, but have a number of shortcomings.This work is devoted to the study of the...
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Evaluation Methods of Tax Burden on a Company as a Mean of Financial Optimization Problems Solving

E Fedulova, O Salkova, R Zverev
The article analyzes the possibility of applying the known evaluation methods of tax burden on a company as a mean of financial optimization problems solving. It justifies the need to develop the method for estimating the tax burden, which allows public accounting data using. The study highlights signs...
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The Image of Khabarovsk Territory in the Electronic Version of the Newspaper “Tikhookeanskaya Zvezda”

A I Avdeyenko, I V Krisanova, E R Drozdova, L A Lisina
The study examines the key symbols of the Russian Far East that have been recorded in the online version of the newspaper “Tikhookeanskaya Zvezda” (2018) and poetic compilations of the magazine “Dal’nij Vostok” (2013–2017). Key symbols of newspaper articles, headlines, rubric headings are compared with...
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National Well-Being as an Element of Fiscal Policy Aimed at Economic Growth Acceleration

P Wajeetongratana
This study is reconsidering the current role of taxation regime in what concerns profit distribution within a country, with the division of countries in groups according to the levels of their well-being. The author determines the correlation between taxation regimes’ development and the indices of macroeconomic...
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Legal Support of Drugs Care in Dental Diseases

V I Panfilova, V B Turkutyukov, N V Strelnikova
The article analyzes legal support of drugs care in dental diseases. The provision of dental care to the population includes assistance with diseases of the teeth, periodontal disease, oral mucosa, tongue, salivary glands, jaws, face and head. At the same time, they use medicines that can be used to...
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Confidence as a Key Psycho–Personal Quality for Professional Managers

I V Oslyakova, S S Katakhova
In the process of managing an enterprise or a team, self-confidence as a personal trait is of great importance. According to our theoretical research, the concept of self-confidence can be found almost in all psychological theories, but there is no common awareness of its content. In this study, an attempt...
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The Peculiarities of Formation of Positive Motivation to Foreign Languages Learning for Students of Nonlinguistic Specialties

I B Svezhentseva
The problem of the relevance of the positive motivation formation in the process of foreign language learning is considered. Particular attention is focused on the interaction with students of higher educational institutions of non-philological specialization who are not professionally interested in...
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The Markers of Pseudoscience

R Livshits
Science classes require from a person intellectual, volitional and moral qualities, which not all people possess. Therefore, a number of people who do not have the appropriate abilities are tempted to imitate science. Such imitation is called pseudoscience. On the вasis of what attributes can pseudoscience...
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The Experience of the Soviet Postwar Period and the Modern Stage of Reforming the Training System of Reserve Officers: It’s Significance for the Far East Federal District of the Country

B A Kuchaiev
The proposed study presents a brief history of originating, formation and evolution of the training of reserve officers in civilian higher educational institutions; main stages of its development have been identified. An assessment has been made of the historical experience of developing a system for...
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Bilateral Economic Relations in the Era of Digitalization of the World Economy: Application of the Gravitational Approach

R V Naumenko, E S Nesterenko
The modern economy is characterized by significant changes in globalization and internationalization of the world economy. Global digitalization is becoming a General trend of economic development that determines the competitiveness of the state in the world economy. The authors present the characteristics...
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Financial Engineering of Structural Products as a Tool for Credit and Tax Risk Management in Order to Ensure the Sustainability of Groups of Industrial Enterprises (Clusters)

N V Gryzunova, I A Kiseleva, N A Sadovnikova
Differences in the level and quality of Bank lending services should be due to the differentiation of companies by competitive and credit strategies, as well as industry conditions. The presence of imbalances in the territorial concentration of credit institutions has an impact on investment conditions,...
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Public-Private Partnership as a Tool of Stimulation of Innovative and Investment Activity

O G Timchuk, L G Nikityuk, E Yu Gorbachevskaya
The level of social and economic services for population in the most economically developed countries exceeds the existing level in Russia several times, and the level of innovative activity is higher, and the state of private business is more stable. The article discusses the role of a public-private...
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Education and Consumerism: A Psychological View on the Problems of Higher Education in Russia

I Y Makhova, M Y Makhova, V A Shmakova, Yu V Kuzmina
In this article, Russian higher education is considered in the context of the analysis of an ‘educational service’. The authors critically analyze the negative assessment of consumerism in education that has been made in the national scientific literature. Consumerism in relation to higher education,...
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The Prospects of Neo-Protectionism in the 21st Century

N A Baryshnikova, N V Naidenova, A Y Shkryabina
The article highlights the main trends of development of world trade and substantiates the need to implement a new international trade policy that will ensure the achievement of sustainable economic growth by developing countries, reducing social inequality and greater efficiency of globalization processes...
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The Participation of the Tajiks in the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in the Russian Far East

R M Karimova
The paper deals with the problem of the small and medium-sized businesses development in the Far East. It is noted the importance of small business development in the region, which has a number of advantages in comparison with large-scale production, namely: it provides wide freedom of market choice...
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The Current State of the Speech Culture Level of Residents of Komsomolsky District of the Khabarovsk Territory

V M Nepochatova
The article “The current state of the speech culture level of the residents of Komsomolsky District of the Khabarovsk Territory” describes the results of a study conducted in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur in 2019 based on Komsomolsk-on-Amur State University.The experiment was conducted on the students...
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The Use of “Soft Power” Tools by Asia-Pacific Region Countries, as the Expansion of Influence Way

N Yu Makarevskaya
The present paper investigates the use of «soft power» tools by China, Japan and the Republic of Korea relating to the Russian Far East. The author identified the relationship between cultural expansion with business interests of countries described above. The active expansion threat of Northeast Asia...
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Interaction Between ‘Global’ and ‘Local’ as Development of Brand New Forms of Sociality and Components of Glocalization Process

O A Radugina, L I Maslikhova, U F Boymatov
The modern age sees the active development of globalization process. One of the most important problems in globalization studies is the interaction between ‘global’ and ‘local’ resulting in formation of brand new forms of sociality – so-called glocality. In spite of the great significance of glocalization...
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Energy Dichotomy of the Ideographic Writing of China and Japan on the Example of the Character Sign of “Buddha’s Heart”

E K Karavanova, I A Strelnikov, N V Strelnikova
The article explores the principle of polarity as a law of the Universe and the creation and the principle of F. Saussure’s dichotomy in linguistics on the example of the “Buddha’s heart” ideographic sign of Chinese and Japanese. The hieroglyph manji 卍 is presented in examples from ancient languages...
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Creation of New Forms of Bond Taxonomies, Allowing to Obtain the Required Quality of Guarantees and Profitability

N V Gryzunova, D S Zakharova, V I Pyatanova
The purpose of this article is to consider the debt market, namely the management of the market for interest-bearing instruments, the yield and risk of securities based on taxonomies of bonds. The existing problem is caused by the lack of sources of investment, which is acutely felt at the meso level....
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Investment Provision of Innovative Projects Realizing with Life Cycle Contract Form

O G Timchuk, M V Vikhoreva, E A Bakhtairova
The article analyzes forms of the public private partnership in the housing and utilities sector which can optimize budget expenditures and improve the quality of housing services. Life cycle projects can improve the state of the housing and utilities sector. A private investor is responsible for functional...
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The International Experience of Inclusive Education: Resources for Introduction

Zh Glotova, E Mutavchi, I Dragileva
The present article raises the issue of organizing special education within the scope of the inclusive education system; consideration is given to the issue of integrating inclusive education into the Russian educational context. The authors conclude that there is a legal framework to tackle this problem....
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Student’s Individual Educational Route: Problems and Challenges

N Speranskaya, O Iatsevich
There are obvious contradictions in modern educational system: on the one hand, we can see accentuating the educational individualization necessity in the era of changing the traditional pedagogic paradigm to the student-oriented one, and on the other hand, it is certain strengthening central forces...
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Evaluation of the Regional Budgetary Effect of Reducing the Level of Non-Observed Economy (An Example, Subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District)

O S Kolesnikova
Research subject. The article discusses the concept of the budgetary effect of reducing the level of non-observed economy. The author’s approach to assessing the scale of this indicator is given and it is tested on the example of the Amur Region. Goal. The purpose of the study is to develop a method...
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Ways to Achieve Life Satisfaction in Representations of the Unemployed

E V Opevalova, E N Katkova, A V Shchegoleva
On the basis of statistical analysis labor market dynamics is revealed in different subjects of the Russian Federation. It is followed by the involuntary unemployment and the diminishing quality of life. In the Far East the tendency is intensified due to the migration intentions of a major part of the...
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Management of Free Economic Zones at Different Stages of China’s Open Door Policy

M Mironova, Potapenko
The article is dedicated to the study of the features of free economic zones (FEZ) management in the period of the implementation of foreign policy in the PRC in 1978-2016. Based on the analysis of regulatory and legal documents, special scientific and economic literature, 5 stages of state regulation...
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The Mechanism of Infrastructure Support for Development of Small Youth Entrepreneurship

L G Rudenko, S P Goryachikh
The topic of the article is relevant in connection with rising unemployment among young people and an increase in the retirement age in Russia. As the methodological approach, the integrated approach is used, within which the methods of analysis, synthesis, historical and logical methods are applied....
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Project Activity in Teaching ESP

E E Rybakova, T V Kudinova
Project activity with web quest elements in teaching ESP is a common technique nowadays. This article considers the results of a project activity lesson on website design in ESP teaching. The task involves usage of web quest elements as an integral part of a modern teaching approach. The technique is...
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Youth Labor Market Analysis and Assessment of the Republic of Kazakhstan

G I Nurzhanova, S U Niyazbekova, A A Nurpeisova, Z A Imangozhina, D E Satenova
In this article, the authors analyze and evaluate the youth labor market in Kazakhstan on the basis of statistical calculations and groupings. The results of the study, the authors showed in the form of tables on the main indicators of the labor market, on the status of employment and on the level of...
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Implementation of Practice-Oriented Training as the Basis of University Competitiveness

V S Prosalova, A A Nikolaeva
The change to practice-oriented training is caused by intensification of applied and practical character of higher education. Practice-oriented approach allows students to acquire necessary professional skills and competence, to obtain experience of organizational work, the system of theoretical knowledge,...
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The Manifestation of the Creative Human Development and Understanding of Life Predetermination in Literary Modernistic Texts

E K Karavanova
In this article we look upon the problem of determinism / indeterminism in person’s life. Literary texts reflect our reality in a certain way, according to the author’s will. In modernistic literary texts for the first time the authors tried to show a person from the point of view of quantum theory having...
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The Role of the Digital Economy in Developing the Market Model of Russian Society

L G Nikityuk, L T Tkachuk, G K Korotkova
The article studies the issues of development of the digital economy and its role in shaping the market model of Russian society. The concept “digital economy” has been systematized; its features have been substantiated. The basic components of the digital economy have been identified. The role of information...
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Ontological-Oriented Technologies in the Management of Digital Production

V V Goryunova, T I Goryunova, O V Lukinova
The development of automation technologies, improvement of information processes create the need to change the traditional approaches to the management of enterprises’ economies. The article presents the results of work on means of informatization and synthesis of digital transformation platforms. It...
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Educational Methodical Activity in the University: Simulation and Economics

S Shcherbakov, N Aruchidi, E Veretennikova, N Saveleva
The universities in Russian Federation are now in the transition process to competence approach usage. Federal State Educational Standards are used to guarantee appropriate level of university graduates competence. To achieve this goals a great methodical activity is needed. A complex set of educational...
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The Use of Marketing Instrumentarium to Ensure a Balanced Healthy Diet of Young Students

E A Pyanikova, A E Kovaleva, S I Galchenko
For the marketing research in order to study students’ food preferences and their satisfaction with vitamins and nutrients the famous method of food choice questionnaire was used. This method let us learn the draw backs of their diet. While applying this instrumentarium a special analysis was held which...
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Trilateral Economic Cooperation Between Russia, the Republic of Korea and the DPRK: Prospects and Obstacles

Y Dyomina
The author analyzes economic development zones (EDZs) in the DPRK as a part of the trilateral economic cooperation between Russia, the Republic of Korea and the DPRK. The study overviews EDZs created in the DPRK before and after 2013 when the new law was passed. There are 25 zones of various types (industrial,...
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Financial Technologies as a Tool for Comprehensive Banking Services

L R Kurmanova, D A Kurmanova, E F Nurdavliatova
The financial services sector has undergone major changes in recent years as a result of new technologies.Business processes in the creation of a banking product, building a long-term strategy and successful project activities are moving into a digital interactive model of interaction in the digital...
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Taste as a Channel of Personal Communication

L V Plyushcheva, F T Kiseleva, N E Zubareva, I A Koryagina
Modern business tries to find out new ways of communication with customer because of fallen efficiency of all traditional form of communications. Authors of this article cover the question of influence the emergence of human emotions in a targeted way due to the influence his sense organs using taste...
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Communication Codes of Intellectual Support for Management Decisions

V P Meshalkin, V M Kiselev, S V Savinkov, T P Danko, V R Meshkov
Modern marketing is based on the concept of integrated marketing communication as the only way for brands to communicate with consumers. This type of communications has a number of serious advantages besides classic marketing approach due to synergy-effect of each component although it is still have...
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Resource Provision in a Digitizing Economy: Problems and Perspectives

O B Digilina, D V Lebedeva
This article studies the provision of human resources within a digitizing economy-a contemporary issue in Russian politics. Currently, enterprises are struggling to compete due to human resource shortages. The authors present a solution based on effective interaction between business, government and...
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Influence of the Financial Market in the Conditions of Economic Globalization

L Z Bayguzina, G A Galimova, Z S Safina
The purpose of this article is to consider the prerequisites for the influence of the financial market in a globalized economy. In a study, the authors use the method of system and statistical analysis, which allowed to reveal the current state of the Russian financial market. It was clarified that...
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Smells as an Infograming Tool

V M Kiselev, L V Plyushcheva, I A Koryagina
Increasing competition forces us to concentrate on creating competitive advantages for our individuality. More and more attention is paid to various types of marketing communications related to the impact on consumer solutions. The authors of this article explore and describe the principles of olfactory...
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ZMET-Analysis of Communication Codes of Visual Nature

S A Afonsky, A V Fedorova, E V Petushkova, V A Terentyev
Modern communication models mostly concentrate on the clear of message and its nature, but only few of them try to influence unconscious and operate with common communication codes. In this article the authors analyze the results of ZMET-analysis of classical Russian visual symbols (such as famous writers...
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Convergent Approach to Communication Technologies in Political Decision-Making

A P Koshkin, V M Kiselev, L V Plyushcheva, V R Meshkov
One of an urgent challenge of modern life is an absence of an effective methodological tool needed to support management decisions. Scientific management schools differently identify their responses to this challenge. In this article the authors’ aim of the research is the scientific substantiation of...
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Kinaesthetic Sensations in the System of Cross-Touch Marketing

L V Plyushcheva, V M Kiselev, I A Koryagina
In the world full of information, traditional channels of communication aimed at decision makers are becoming ineffective. Authors of this article explore forming tactile communications that involves identification of physical objects or phenomena in order to evoke directed impressions and make each...
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Financial Innovations’ Risk Management

A A Romanova, L A Terekhova, P A Romanov
The effect of the implementation of financial innovations is largely determined by a correct assessment of the risks associated with them. The increased level of uncertainty in the markets of innovative financial instruments is determined by the imperfection of legislation, the absence of the existing...
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Project Targeted Financing Sources: Russian Practice

E V Spiridonova, K V Trofimova
Fundraising is becoming more commonly used as a way to raise money for project execution. Fundraising development on a qualitative level is proved by the increase in the usage of the program-targeted approach and the targeted support of separate projects or people. The state, business and people create...
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Strategic Directions for the Formation of the Quality of Human Capital of Education Workers Based on the Construction of a Dynamic Rating Model

O A Khachatryan, S Yu Novakova, O I Polyakova
Modern economic conditions are characterized by an increasing influence of human capital on economic development, which is accompanied by an increase in the intellectual capacity of production, labor complexity and, consequently, an increase in the requirements for the quality of human capital of specialists...
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Elaboration of Methods for Assessing the Level of Region’s Human Development

M M Mityuginam, T V Kravchenko, A O Patyanova
The article is devoted to elaboration of a methodology for quantifying the level of human development focused on ensuring effective reindustrialization of the region’s economy. Analysis of existing approaches to assessing the level of human development allowed to elaborate a methodology for measuring...
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Subjective Experience of Mental States in Forecasting of People with Disabilities

L V Artishcheva, A I Akhmetzyanova
This article describes the specifics of correlation between characteristics of the subjective experience of mental states and forecasting in children and adolescents with developmental disorders. The study of the subjective experience of mental states involved the method of content analysis of subjects’...
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Tools for Estimating the Risk Effect on the Investment Project Efficiency

L Z Bayguzina, G A Galimova, A A Sukiasyan
The purpose of this article is to analyze the effectiveness of an investment project. In the theoretical part, the authors cite the essence of the category “investment”, “investment project” from the point of view of different authors. The popularity of the use of criteria for evaluating the effectiveness...
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Experience of Using LMS Moodle in the Organization of Independent Work of Bachelors in Teaching a Foreign Language

S Kapsargina, J Olentsova
The article presents the experience of the organization of independent work of bachelor-students in a foreign language using LMS Moodle. The system of teaching foreign languages is constantly changing, modern life is very dynamic and dictates the same high and at the same time effective pace of learning,...
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Innovative Methods of Working with the Text in the Process of Teaching a Foreign Language in a Non-Linguistic University

S Kapsargina, Zh Shmeleva, J Olentsova
In the educational process of learning a foreign language text is the basis of teaching speech activity, it serves as a source of factual and linguistic information. The text is a source of language and speech material, a means of forming speech skills, a standard example of a certain type of written...
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Features of the Current Stage of Russia’s Innovative Development

V N Parakhina, O A Boris, K A Rafian, E I Alekhina
The article primarily focuses on the innovative development of the economy. This article reveals the essence of innovation policy and the need for it to focus on creating favorable conditions for the business environment. Mixed-method research combines qualitative and quantitative methods. Data used...
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Evaluation Methods of Enterprise Competitiveness of Mobile Phone Retailers

O Zinina, O Antamoshkina, J Olentsova
Over the past few years, the mobile telecommunications market has been among the fastest growing market segments in Russia, which provides mobile phone distributors with significant opportunities for growth. Over the past five years, there has been an unprecedented growth in the user’s base and market...
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Improving the Efficiency of the Investment Strategy of the Development Company

I Y Chubarkina
In the implementation of capital construction projects, especially housing and commercial real estate, there is a need for a comprehensive study and analysis of the interaction of entities operating in the real estate market, as well as consideration of the place of development in this process. First,...
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Modeling and Optimization of the Life Cycle of the Organization’s Information Resources

G A Dorrer, A A Popov
Electronic information resources (EIR) play an important role in the activities of modern organizations and enterprises. The paper presented discusses the problem of increasing the efficiency of EIR processing and storage. To solve this actual problem, based on the classification of information resources...
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Social Aspects of Foreign Borrowings in Modern Russian

R M K Atitsogbui, E N Atitsogbui, N V Zimovets
In this article we are considering the social aspects of foreign borrowings in the Russian language. We are analyzing the ways French, German, and English words came into Russian during different historical periods and under various social and cultural circumstances. The special attention is paid to...
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Actual Aspects of Strategic Planning of Regional Socio-Economic Systems in the Context of a Program-Target Approach

E V Kizil, E S Vologdina, A V Matyushko
The task of a current stage of social and economic development of territories is to focus on priority financing of state programs. The most important condition for increasing effectiveness of budget allocations is alignment of the mechanism for allocating funds to implement state programs with the requirements...
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Experience of Implementing State Policy on Life and Adaptation of Families of Agricultural Migrants from the European Part of Russia to the Far East in the 20-30s of the 20th Century

E S Vologdina, O A Kuzmina, A V Matyuschko
One of the main problems of the Far East of Russia is a tendency of long-term reduction of the population of the region. While maintaining natural loss, there is an outflow of labor resources in the central part of Russia. In this situation, it is advisable to refer to a historical experience of state...
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Lexical Compatibility and Features of the Combination of Adjectives Denoting Size

S Getmantsev
The article deals with the problems of lexical compatibility and compatibility of adjectives that denote size in Russian and English. The question of lexical compatibility is one of the central issues of modern semasiology and lexicology. The basis of lexical compatibility is the process of knowledge...
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Currency Policy and International Reserves in East Asia

Y Dyomina, M Mazitova
The authors analyze correlation between international reserves in East Asian countries and their currency policy. The study focuses on ASEAN+3 countries. There is no united exchange rate regime in the region. ASEAN+3 countries are also characterized by frequent changes in exchange rate regimes. In order...
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Human Resource Management in a Project Co-Investment Model Under the Conditions of the Multiple Interests of the Participating Agents

I Zaitseva, O Malafeyev, A Dolgopolova, I Antonova, D Shlaev
Many practical tasks of economic activity and a number of important issues of economic theory are associated with tasks of determining the optimal solution. This article proposes a game-theoretic version of the transport problem with changing conditions, that is, a problem in which the parameters of...
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Cost Efficiency Indicators of Lean Production Instruments

N N Pushina, N G Sokolova, V P Koretskiy
Currently lean production techniques and tools penetrate into the industrial enterprises: system 5S, Continuous Flow, Gemba (“the actual place”), Kanban (“Pulling System), KPI, Key indicators, etc. The article is aimed to analyse the experience of implementing lean production instruments on the example...
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An Analysis of the Forms of Commercialization of Intellectual Property Objects of Higher Education Institutions: Russian and International Experience

E A Kulyagina, Yu B Kolozhvari, S V Koval
The article focuses on an analysis of legislatively derived forms of commercialization of intellectual property, which can be realized by higher educational institutions in the process of implementation the concept of the triple helix and during the transition to the quadruple helix, as well as the main...
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The Paradigm of Law (In Honor of Thomas Kuhn)

N Sidorova, A Zeldner, V Osipov
Thomas Kuhn in his remarkable work “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” managed to show that the historical approach to the study of changes in scientific knowledge gives other data than is generally considered correct in this science. This important conclusion allows us to investigate the evolution...
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Information Security Ensuring in the Financial Sector as Part of the Implementation of the National Program “Data Economy Russia 2024”

K Horian, E Gorian
The object of the research is the relations arising from the implementation of the National Program “Data Economy Russia 2024” in the aspect of ensuring information security in the financial sector of Russia. The role of the state financial regulator in the implementation of this program is determined,...
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Cultural Code as a Unit of a Provincial Town’s Cultural Life (On the Example of the City of Murom, Vladimir Region)

N Romanova
This article is devoted to the interpretation of the cultural codes of the provincial city in accordance with their semantic and semiotic nature. Author analyzes the concept and characteristics of a cultural code and it significance in urban life on the basis of scientific works. The article also examines...
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Assessment of Conditions and Results of Digitalization at the Meso-Level of Russian Economic System

N E Buletova, G K Savchenko, E V Stepanova
Up to now, the existing rankings comparing digitalization level in economic or managerial processes at the level of national social and economic systems have been founded on the average assessment. Furthermore, they have taken into consideration neither differences in economic development of territories...
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Intellectual Economy as a Higher Phase of Development of the Post-Industrial Economy

M Yu Tantsyura, G A Shtofer, E E Shamileva
The article considers the intellectual economy as the highest phase of the development of a post-industrial economy. The authors identified the main signs of intellectomics: intelligence - the main factor of production, intellectual capital - the main source of human development and society; improving...
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Evaluation of Efficiency of Innovation Development of Russian Corporations

E L Dorzhieva, T K Kirillova
Innovation development is one of the key factors for enhancing competitiveness of the Russian economy. Large corporations play an important role in this process. It is necessary to assess the efficiency of innovative development of Russian corporations. The article aims to study features of innovative...
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Human Capital Development in the Context of Economy Digitalization

O Kozlova, N Neklyudova
The paper analyses the factors that define qualitative characteristics of the population providing successful formation of digital economy. It is proved that digital technologies lead to the transformation of behavioural strategy of the population that is caused by universal introduction of information...
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Leadership Style via Managerial Communicative and Organizational Skills

A V Korneeva, N D Usvyat, T I Dobrydina
In modern economic conditions the process of optimizing the organization’s activities has become an important area of research. Consequently, the issues of choosing the optimal leadership style, within the framework of this problem, require special attention, since they allow to optimize the activities...
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Development of Investment Cooperation Between Russia and China in the Framework of the “Belt and Road” Initiative

L Kravchenko, E Gindes, M Goryachikh, I Troyan
The article considers the issues of investment cooperation between Russia and China in the framework of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. The authors substantiated the expansion of the potential strategic economic partnership between Russia and China on the Silk Road Economic Belt platforms, the transnational...
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Modeling the Impact of Raising the Retirement Age on Unemployment and Wages in Russia

E V Chistova, A N Tyrsin
The article assesses the impact of raising the retirement age on unemployment and wages in Russia. The study defines two tasks in order to model this impact. The first task requires to calculate the change in the average wage, provided that the number of jobs will meet the increased need. In the second...
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Formation and Functioning of the Management Personnel Certification System

A Mitrofanova, A Mezhevov, L Anikeeva
The article is devoted to the problems of formation and functioning of the management personnel certification system. The relevance of the topic is stipulated by the fact that the present period of the economic development of Russia requires a particularly careful approach to the assessment of the quality...