Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation

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Mechanical States Studies on Half-span Swinging Arch Bridge of Open Thin-walled Section in the Construction Stage

Jinghua Fu, Sheng Li, Zhi Li
Basing on an actual swinging arch bridge, some mechanical properties in the construction stage that the half-span swinging structure breaking away the brackets are analyzed by the finite element software ANSYS, such as the structural curve mode, bracing cable force, key section stress and the global...
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A Research on Prediction about Air passenger Traffic in the Capital Airport Area

Xiang Chao, Xifu Wang
With the continuous development of China's economic level, the amount of air traffic has improved a lot. More and more airports are constructed or expanded in China. In order to avoid the waste of resources caused by too large-scale planning, prediction for air traffic has occupied a more and more important...
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Selection and evaluation of e-commerce enterprises logistics operation models based on F-AHP method

Zhouxiang Guo, Xifu Wang
This paper divides e-commerce enterprises logistics operation models into three forms: completely Self-built logistics, completely outsourcing and logistics alliance. Beginning from the logistics features of e-commerce enterprise, this paper established comprehensive evaluation index systems, and use...
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The Research of Heating System Savings Calculation Method

Dan Yu, Ran Li, Zeyu Liu
By analyzing and comparison savings calculation method of the heating system, the writer conclude the appreciate calculation methods for different conditions, and find that the method of baseline energy consumption-influencing factors can accurately reflect the energy consumption of heating system. Establish...
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Seasonal Limited Water Level Control of Reservoir Based on Flood Utilization

Lixiang Zhu, Xianfeng Huang, Xiumei Liu, Chengxiao Jia
The development of the transit of flood resources utilization, increase of surface storage capacity, is the strategic measures to alleviate the shortage of water resources and flood multiple contradictions. Shilianghe reservoir is a large reservoir of Jiangsu Province, Lianyungang City, is also the key...
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Analysis of thermal performance of cementitious compounds using soda-lime glass and infrared thermography

Rosemary Bom Conselho Sales, Fernando Augusto Sales, Cristiane Do Bom Conselho Sales Alvarenga, Maria Teresa Paulino Aguilar
The use of waste from both industrial and agricultural sources or from the construction sector itself as alternative materials to partially or totally replace the aggregates or agglomerates of concrete/mortar has been an interesting option for obtaining eco-efficient cement compounds. The most commonly...
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Research on the tensile mechanics properties of steel fiber RPC

Haiyan Yuan, Mingzhe An, Ziruo Yu, Chunmei Zhu
In order to study the tensile strength of reactive powder concrete (RPC) with different volume fraction of steel fiber (Vf =0%, 1%, 2%), the axial tensile tests were completed using self-designed equipment. The splitting tensile test and flexural tensile test were developed at the same time. The results...
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Practical Measuring method of Thickness for Zinc-Coating in Steel Transmission Towers

Shi-Jun Huang, Hai-Feng Zhu, Tian-Wen Wang, Hao Chen
The thickness of zinc-coating thickness was a parameter of significant importance on steel transmission towers. When the zinc-coating’s thickness does not meet the required standard, the tower’s steel members were easily to be corroded. However most current detection methods focusing only on the total...
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The Study on Microclimate Simulation of Country Park Based on ENVI-met Software ——Take the East Gate Entrance Area of Guangdong Tianlu Lake Country Park for Example

Xiaoshan Fang, Lei Shen, Qinglin Meng
At present, the outdoor thermal environment research methods mainly include two types: the measurement and simulation, the limitation of the field measurement only makes an objective record and reflect on the existing environment of microclimate, it can't make predictions; while the software whether...
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Analytic geometry method proved by finite difference on beam angular displacement

Wen-Long Guo, Zhi-Jiang Han, Zhi-Hua Liu, Wang Lei, Xue-Bing Guo, Lei Zhao, Yong-Qiang Wang
Based on the analytical geometry method, small-plane bending deformation theory and approximate deflection curve equation, a simplified calculation method of section angular displacement will be proposed in this paper, which have been certified by the finite difference method. Then, the influence of...
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Road surface numerical reconstruction based on image matching

Zhigang Hu, Yunfeng Qiu
By collecting different grade road images, standard sample library was established. Using fuzzy approach degree algorithm, the approach degree of reconstructed road surface and criterion of road was determined. Then power spectrum of road roughness was built. According to the parameters of power spectrum,...
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Interfacial Shear Stresses Calculation of RC Beams Strengthened with FRP Plate under Mid-span Concentrated Loads

Jia Yang
Interfacial debonding failure may occur at the plate ends due to interfacial stresses. So this study analyzes the interfacial shear stresses of RC beams strengthened with FRP plate under mid-span concentrated loads. The analytical model is established, and the differential equation of interfacial shear...
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The stochastic Precise Integration method for random analysis of nonlinear systems

Xiaoke Gao, Zhiyin Zeng, Pengke Liu, Xiaojun Shao
Based on deterministic Precise Integration formulation, a stochastic Precise Integration algorithm is proposed and developed in this paper for the random analysis of nonlinear systems. The recurrence relations are derived to calculate the covariance matrix response of linear and nonlinear systems subjected...
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Research on Water Level Control Scheme of Reservoir Flood Resources Utilization Considering Dam Safety and Risk Benefit

Xianfeng Huang, Jie Lin, Xiaoping Qu, Guohua Fang, Lixiang Zhu
The method of using reservoir flood resource based on adjusting flood control level will inevitably bring a risk while generating some economic benefits. How to use the flood resources safely and reasonably needs to carry out risk decision. In this paper, reservoir flood resources utilizations is the...
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Study on modified phenolic foam for Insulation of building's exterior wall

Guo-Zhong Lu, Xiao-Nong Chen, Li-Juan Zhou, Xiu-Juan Ding, Jin-Tai He
Adding nano montmorillonite and polyethylene glycol to modify phenolic resin in interlayer polymerization process to improve the heat resistance and toughness of the foam material. And the affect of phenolic ratio on the microstructure of phenolic foam was studied .Then the structure of modified phenolic...
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Study on Preparation of cementitious capillary crystalline waterproofing coating

Guozhong Lu, Weixuan Zhao, Dewei Dai
The cement and quartz sand were the main substrate which mixed with a variety of active chemicals was prepared in capillary crystalline waterproof coating. And the influence were explored that the varieties and the amount of cement, quartz sand gradation and actives impact on the cementitious capillary...
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Shaking Table Test of High Performance RAC Frame Structure under Rare Earthquake

Yuan-Fang Du, She-Liang Wang
The high performance recycled aggregate concrete(RAC)is a kind of RAC mixed in proportion of hybrid fiber and silica fume.Its main characteristic is to make up for the imperfections of RAC.In order to study the frame seismic performance,a 1:4 scale high performance RAC frame model was made.With the replacement...
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The Interaction between Contacting Barrier Materials for Containment of Radioactive Wastes

Hao-Chun Chang, Chun-Yao Wang, Wei-Hsing Huang
Zhisin clay is used as raw clay material in this study. This clay is mixed with Taitung area argillite to produce the backfill material for potential application as barrier for the disposal of low-level radioactive wastes. The interaction between concrete barrier and the backfill material is simulated...
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Design and Implementation of Information Management and Decision System by Mobile Intelligent Terminal in Bridge Inspection

Xiaochuan He, Jinghua Fu, Tian Xia, Xiao Zhou, Li Ding
The information management and decision system of artificial bridge inspection is based on android mobile intelligent terminal which can make artificial and regular inspection electronic, information and networking, and improve the working efficiency and the level of bridge management and maintenance.
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Wuhan Bridge Group Monitoring Networking Platform Based on Health Monitoring and Inspection

Tian Xia, Jinghua Fu, Xiaochuan He, Xiao Zhou, Chen Xiao, Xiaoyong Huang
There are some bridges in Wuhan which had independently equipped with safety monitoring system, and bridge management is mainly manual work. By building the bridge group network monitoring platform can effectively integrate the former bridge monitoring system, at the same time; the platform can give...
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Study on the Status and Development Prospect of the Nano-Concrete

Wei Li, Yanming Zhao, Xiaochu Wang, Xi Yang
Since the advent of nano-materials, its unique mechanical properties and chemical properties has been the concern of many experts and scholars. Describes the application of research results in recent years and nano-materials in the construction industry. Adding nano-materials in ordinary concrete can...
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Research on Wood Materials and the Thermal Environment of Dwellings

Liping Li, Shuai Fan
Under the circumstances of backward production tools and technologies, varied and graceful local buildings are built by using the local materials with the wisdom of the working people. The article analyzed wood dwellings in Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Province as cases. Based on the field testing and analysis...
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Crack Propagation of Prestressed Concrete Multi Girder Bridge Subjected to Vertical Symmetric Loads

Feng Wang, Qingyu Liang, Jian Zhang, Jun Ai
The prestressed concrete multi girder bridge is composed of main beams and diaphgrams. Cracks are inevitably existing in the structure. The regularities of crack propagation of the prestressed concrete multi girder bridge subjected to vertical symmetric loads are studied based on nonlinear finite element...
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Improved strength and durability of concrete by bacterial carbonate precipitation

Peihao Li, Chongqi Liu, Wei Zhou
Bacterial induced carbonate precipitation has led to the exploration of improvement technique about strength and durability of concrete. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of bacterial carbonate precipitation on strength and the durability of concrete specimens. The influence of bacterial...
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Influence of Bacterial Carbonate Precipitation on the Compressive Strength and Water Absorption of Fly Ash Concrete

Peihao Li, Chongqi Liu, Wei Zhou
The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of bacterial carbonate precipitation on the compressive strength and capillary water uptake of fly ash concrete. Cement was replaced with three percentages (10%, 20% and 30%) with fly ash by weight. The effects of bacterial induced precipitation...
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Filtering Inversion Analysis of Elastic Parameter of U-Shaped Beam

Feng Wang, Qingyu Liang, Jian Zhang
With the development of civil engineering, the U-shaped beam has been widely applied in practical engineering. In general, it is composed of concrete and steel and compared with mechanical analysis, little research has been carried on the inversion analysis of elastic parameter of U-shaped beam. With...
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Band-gap calculations of anisotropic phononic crystals in a square lattice

Feng-Lian Li
A boundary element method is extended to calculate the band structures of anisotropic phononic crystals with different components forming the square lattice. The system may be composed of anisotropic inclusions embedded in the isotropic matrix or isotropic inclusions embedded in the anisotropic matrix....
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Nonlinear Analysis of Concrete Beams Strengthened with FRP Plate

Jia Yang
FRP plates can be bonded to the surface of concrete beam through the structural adhesive. Then the FRP plate, concrete beam and adhesive layer work together. Based on the assumption of plane section remaining, non-slip on interface and stress-strain relationships of materials , the calculating program...
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Sensitivity Analysis of the Factors Affecting Rockfall Distance

Ying Yuan, Shuaiwei Wang, Shanshan Liu
In rock slope engineering, the research on the distance of the rockfall has a great significance for the protection of people's life and property safety. First of all, the sensitivity analysis for the factors influencing the distance of the rockfall is performed by the method of orthogonal test method....
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Coupling stiffness and strength analysis for bulb hydropower station concrete foundation and turbine brackets

Yun-Feng Dong, Jin-Li Ji, Xing-Tian Qu, Zhi-He Li
The paper applied finite element method to analysis and calculate the stress of bulb hydropower station concrete foundation and the deformation of turbine pipe base in all load case. The analysis results indicate the main piece reciprocal infection extent and supplies the theoretical basis for safety...
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Study on the Application of Rapid Excavation Technology in Rock Tunneling

Jingfeng Hou, Zhong Xu, Dongming Guo
Based on the situation of low level on coal mine excavation in China, the paper discusses the main influence parameters in rock blasting design. And through a case study, the paper delivers a way to improve excavation velocity by optimizing blasting parameters and labor organization.
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Safety Analysis Methodology in Marine Salvage System Design

Yan Hong Liu, Li Yuan Chen, Xing Ling Huang, Bo Yun Liu
In order to assess the risk of marine salvage system, the paper introduced a safety analysis method based on fuzzy-logic theory, which could deal with the uncertainties in scheme design process. The method consisted of three steps: (i) problem setup, (ii) risk assessment, (iii) risk mitigation and decision...
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A Remote Sensing Image Target Recognition Method Based on SIFT Algorithm

Jun Xie, Zhonglin Xu, Yingnan Liu, Xiuying Fan
Aerial camera could obtain the ground target image information, and the target recognition could be carried through the image preprocessing and interpretation. In the process of image interpretation, under the precondition of massive images, if the interpretation member recognition was used only, the...
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The research and simulation on passive solar house with the attached sunspace in Beijing

Chunzhen Qiao, Yuqing Zhao, Tao Yu, Ai Ge
Through carrying out experiment and test on sunspaces-attaching passive solar house and thereference room seated in the cold region of north China, under the same condition of these two’s initial status, energy-saving effect of solar house under different operation modes has been analyzed in this paper....
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Evaluation of the Thermal Interface Crack Problem in Packaging Structure

Fengnan Guo, Jianwei Cui, Yuanhe Wang, Yu Liu, Licheng Guo
In this paper, the interaction integral method is developed to study the thermal fracture mechanics of packaging structures. The present interaction integral can be proved to be domain-independent for the packaging structures with complex interfaces. The mixed-mode thermal stress intensity factors (TSIFs)...
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Research on Catenary Action of Frame Structure in Progressive Collapse with Fiber Model

Tianxun Li, Zhongfeng Shang, Yuzhi Ji, Chuanqing Liu
An advanced finite element model (FEM) is presented with fiber beam-column element of OpenSees in this study. Using this FEM, non-linear static push-down analysis of a steel frame structure was carried out by the alternate load path method, with two different cases that two different columns are removed...
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Design and construction of wood beams of Southern Xinjiang rural residents

Adil Mammat, Minawar Ahmat
Brick Wood structured bungalow is the main form of Earthquake resistant housing structure in Xinjiang rural residents ,Set certain structural measures for the wood and Brick structured bungalow can get a good seismic performance. Based on many years of experience in design and related specific information.This...
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Seepage-Stress Coupled Analysis on Shield Tunnel Face Stability in Layered Soil

Yongli Fan, Zemin Ren, Kun Liu, Jinli Qiao, Xia Chen
Shield tunnel face stability in layered soil is becoming the important problem on the underwater. Seepage-stress coupled on the tunnel face is analyzed using fast Lagrangian method and discussed the effect of seepage force on face stability and the relation is analyzed between the face pressure and the...
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Construction of one new coordination polymers based on 5-(pyridin-4-yl)isophthalic acid acid ligands: synthesis, crystal structures and magnetism

Ya-Ning Wang, Shi-Jie Li, Wen-Dong Song
One new coordination polymer, namely, {[Co(L1)H2O]·H2O}n 1 [L1=5- (pyridin-4-yl)isophthalic acid], has been synthesized under hydrothermal conditions and characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and thermogravimetric analysis. In compound 1, three oxygen atoms and one nitrogen...
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The application of BIM technology in the construction of Hangzhou Zizhi tunnel

Jianwang Wang, Xiaosu Hao, Xiang Gao
BIM technology has already got relatively extensive application in the field of domestic architecture, but it is rarely used in the tunnel engineering construction. To solve the problems such as the construction of car cross channel and tunnel subject structure, the construction process control of the...
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Application of HEC-RAS in floating bridge Calculation of the backwater height

Tian Wu, Zhao Zheng, Wenlong Ma
HEC-RAS is a very powerful and practical software which was developed by the Hydrologic Engineering Center. In this paper, this software is introduced to calculate the backwater height which is caused by a floating bridge on the yellow river. We can easily obtain the backwater height through using this...
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Application of 2-D hydrodynamic mathematical model in the regulation project of secondary suspended river

Zhao Zheng, Tian Wu, Tianjiao Cui
The secondary suspended river in the lower of Yellow River has been developing seriously, Possibility of floods running along the main dike toe in the parts of reach, even the “rolling flow” maybe appear, the security of dike has been threaten greatly. To solve the problem of the secondary suspended...
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Research on the Risk Assessment on the Mass Freight Transportation Network Methods and Application Study

Yingting Long, Xifu Wang
In today's society,mass freight logistics demand is growing stronger,market competition is becoming increasingly fierce,and transport uncertainty is increasing. Risk assessment is one of the most important part, it is conducive to the realization of low cost, high quality transport services. In this...
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Evaluation on Transfer Reliability of Wuhan Comprehensive Transport Hub Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Hao Zhang, Xifu Wang
Urban Comprehensive transport hub transfer system is an important part of urban public transport network. It's functionality and high level of service is not only the needs of urban modernization, but also one of the important means to attract travelers to use public transportation to ease road congestion....
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Interoperability Assessment for Building Information Modelling

Marina Figueiredo Muller, Eduardo Rocha Loures, Osiris Canciglieri Junior
The construction industry in its heterogeneity has a need for better communication and process coordination among stakeholders.  This lack of coordination is due to barriers in interoperability in strategic, conceptual and technological perspectives. Interoperability is the ability for agents to communicate...
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A Study of the Behavior of Cement Concrete under the Vibratory Action of a Vibrostand

Ying Liu, Peng Peng, Chuanping Li
By addressing itself to the vibrational liquefaction feature of cement concrete and modeling based on the behavior of cement concrete under the vibratory action of a vibrostand, this paper comes to the differential equations of motion of element granules in concrete and, based on the model, analyzes...
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Research on connectors’ slip effect of prestressed concrete steel tank composite beam girder bridge

Xiaoxin Feng, Jiang Wang, Fan Gan
Regarding the three spans Composite- Concrete hybrid continuous beam bridge as the research object, we use the general finite element software Midas civil on the cylindrical pin welding connection between concrete bridge panel and steel tank for simulation analysis.Analysis branch law of slip effect...
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Effects of different solid carbon sources on activated sludge denitrification performance under different PH conditions

Yufeng Xie, Yan Fan, Wenjing Li, Ya Zhang
To learn the denitrification performance of activated sludge, the study selected waste newspaper(Short for PAP), yellow leaves of the Chinese parasol(Short for LEA), polylactic acid(Short for PLA), polyhydroxyalkanoates(Short for PHA) as solid carbon sources, and compared the effects of such four kinds...
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Multi-sensor Data Fusion Based on Biased Estimation Method for Wind Speed Measurement

Xingjia Yao, Yingbo Wang, Wei Wu, Liao Jun
Multi-sensor data fusion techniques combine data from multiple sensors and related information to achieve more specific inferences compared with using a single, independent sensor. In order to make full use of the information collected by multi-sensor and to increase the accuracy of wind speed, a wind...
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Blind source separation based on JADE algorithm and application

Kangrong Zhang, Guanyu Tian, Tian Lan
Fault monitoring or detection online is very important for the safe operation of power equipment. The traditional contact-type detection system based on vibration feature exist some troubles under the high voltage and strong electromagnetic field conditions. In this paper, a non-contact sound detection...
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An automatic blood vessel segmentation method for retinal images

Jingdan Zhang, Le Wang, Yingjie Cui, Wuhan Jiang
This paper presents an automatic blood vessel segmentation method for retinal images. Our method integrates the dual-tree complex wavelet transform (DT-CWT) with the graph-based algorithm. The DT-CWT is used to construct the multi-scale features for each pixel, which is directionally selective and robust...
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Research of the reactor vessel sealing surface inspection parallel robot control system

Tao Zhang, Qingsong Liu, Tenglong Li, Jiajie Chen, Liangzhong Jiang
Based on the computer control technology and confocal white light measurement, used the visual detection to plan the path, proposed a control algorithm for the detection and location, designed a control system for the parallel robot to inspect the reactor vessel sealing surface, realized the automatic...
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Simulation of magneto-rheological semi-active suspension system of EV driven by in-wheel motor

Shuanglong Zhu, Hailu Tang
Semi-active control of vehicle suspension system can be realized by adopting the magneto-rheological damper. This paper does research on EV driven by in-wheel motor,which adopts the motor suspension device and the magneto-rheological semi-active suspension. Based on the vehicle dynamics theory, the three...
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Two degrees of freedom rotating wall blocking sunlight directly tracking control model

Shuying Wang, Yi Wang
This paper expounds the necessity of sun tracking, the paper analyzes the straight line direction and plane around the essence of fixed-point movement, designs the light hitting the track vertical model, details model of the structure feature and functional performance, gives control equations and the...
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The Stability analysis for a kind of Impulsive Hopfield cellular neural networks

Yanling Li, Man Hua
As an important tool to study practical problems of biology, engineering and image processing, the cellular neural networks (CNNs) has caused more and more attention. In this paper, by means of iterative analysis, the existence of periodic solution and the uniform stability of the equilibrium point of...
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The stability of bi-additive functional equation on a restricted domain

Weiwei Liu, Peisheng Ji, Lin Wang
The stability problem of the bi-additive functional equation has been studied by Krzysztof Ciepli ski. In this paper, we will investigate the stability of the bi-additive functional equation on a restricted domain.
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Five-axis Spline Interpolation Algorithm for Digital Manufacturing System

Huiying Li, Liangji Chen
At present, Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline(NURBS) curves are mostly used to generate arbitrary contour of a complex shape in the CAD field. In this article, a new method with NURBS technology is presented and realized in a location and federate controlling system. In the method, the tool paths and the...
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Research on Multi-mode Swimming Control Modeling of Bionic Underwater Propeller with Double-Tail Fins

Ou Xie, Boquan Li, Qin Yan
A novel type of bionic underwater hybrid propeller is proposed, which combines the undulation propulsion and jet propulsion by the use of the double tail fins cooperative driving, and is capable of achieving a serial of motions: cruise, acceleration, turning and braking. Targeting at approximate smooth...
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Hardware Qualification Research On Digital Control System

Rui Li, Jianwen Qiu, Jishi Guan
As the acceleration of the process of localization, hardware qualification becomes more and more important for digital control system. This paper states the advantages of digital control system and importance of qualification. It summarizes the contents of qualification test. Based on virtual instrument,...
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Design of analog acquisition and storage system about airborne flight data recorder

Changyo Li, Pengfei Sun
In view of the problem that the increasing complexity and storage capacity about current flight parameters, proposed a design program of analog data acquisition and storage system about airborne flight data recorder based on STM32. Adopting STM32F103ZET6 as the master controller to c analog and store...
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Algorithm Design of Gesture Word Recognition Based on Vision

Yanling Zhang, Zhengqiang Yang, Yunfeng Wang
Through the analysis and process of visual images of gesture words, this paper realizes the recognition of the gesture words, and this will lay a good foundation to recognize gesture language. Firstly the acquired images are preprocessed by denoising; secondly the gesture images are segmented from the...
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Portable Elevator Integration of Multi-parameter Measurement Instrument Design

Pengfei Wang, Zonghua Li
This paper introduced a portable elevator integration of multiple parameter measuring instrument, which can measure distance, resistance, voltage, current, rotation speed, linear speed, etc. and be easy to carry with a compact structure at the same time, providing a convenient, efficient, and fast testing...
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Design and Application of Robotic Package Stacking for Train Loading in Ports

Jiahai Zhou, Panpan Zhang
With the improvement of scientific and technological progress and production automation level, package stacking robot for train loading was quickly applied. In this paper, according to the work site of the actual demand, a new train loading system based on the robotic technologies was designed and put...
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ARM9-based implementation of Using EVC to Access Remote WEBSERVICE Interface

Hefu Liu
The WebService interface can realize communication between different applications and development in different system platform application. EVC can access remote WebService interface on other services and easily Implement the interface on ARM9. In this way, the WINDOW CE.NET system running on the ARM9...
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Study on the relativity between psychological contract and performance of the bookstore staff

Meina Zhang
Psychological contract is a kind of psychological ligament which exists between employees and organizations, playing an important role in job performance. To make human resource policies realistically and feasibly, it is necessary to use psychological contract to know what the employees expect of their...
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A kind of auto train braking performance test device

Jianhui Di, Jie Kang, Yan Zhao
A kind of test device used for auto-train braking performance is introduced. This test device can test automobile multiple axis (more than three axis) at the same time. Detect the braking sequence of each axis, the vehicle braking force, braking process and coordinate time. One braking process can realize...
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New Solution for Isolation of Multi-tenant in cloud computing

Manzhi Yang, Huixiang Zhou
Data of multi-tenant is stored together in cloud computing, in order to ensure the data security of tenants that we must to isolate the application and data of each tenant, the security of all tenants may be affected and even cause the whole system to be broken down if the scheme of data isolate is failure,...
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Design of ACFM System on Chip Based on Nios ii

Shunke Ye, Shangkun Ren, Peng Wei, Liuci Zhou
ACFM is a new kind of non-destructive testing in electromagnetism.Fast speed, high accuracy, no much requirement for testing environment make it more and more popular in NDT.This paper presents an embedded solution of System-On-Chip for ACFM based on soft-core processor Nios ii which can integrate many...
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Motor's Braking Force of Electric Vehicle with Double Motors

Yan Zhang, Lanchuan Zhang, Kejun Jiang, Wenyu Ji
As the electric vehicle with different kinds of motors set at front wheel and rear wheel for example,the modified characteristics of motor's braking torque come out according to normal characteristics of motor's torque. Based on the motor's modified braking torque curve,the ralationship between braking...
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Comparison Control Strategies for ISG hybrid electric vehicle

Hailu Tang
The paper takes Honda Insight parallel hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) as the research subject, which is assisted by an integrated starter generator. Apply the Insight vehicle simulation model in the ADVISOR software, and formulates the Rule-based Control Strategy (RBCS) and the Fuzzy Logic Control Strategy...
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Method and Implementation of Accuracy Measurement on Rotation Angle of Antenna-driven Component

Jiaping Song, Yushu Bian
The antenna-driven component is an important unit used to drive an antenna to its prescribed position. In this paper, an accuracy method for measuring rotation angle of the antenna-driven component is proposed and the corresponding measurement equipment is developed. The working principles of accuracy...
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A Fault Simulation Analysis of Sensor Networks Based on Wavelet Analysis

Shutao Guo, Dejing Cui, Binguo Wang, Tinglei Zhang
The rapid development of modern information technology to drive the development of sensor technology has become one of the pillars of modern information technology development. The reliability of the sensors as sensor applications in various industries is more and more attention. Therefore, sensor fault...
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The Research of Risk Transport Chain of Power Industry Carbon Emissions Trading Costs

Xiaobao Yu, Zhongfu Tan
A great many uncertain factors affect the cost of carbon emissions trading, and they interact to form a complex system. To improve the accuracy of prediction, it is necessary to deepen the study of these influencing factors. Through investigation this paper identified 21 main factors affecting the cost...
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Empirical Comparisons of Online Boosting Algorithms

Xiaowei Sun
Boosting is an effective classifier combination method, which can improve classification performance of an unstable learning algorithm due to its theoretical performance guarantees and strong experimental results. However, the algorithm has been used mainly in batch mode, i.e., it requires the entire...
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Eliminate the X-Optimization during RTL Verification

Xu Huang, He Xin, Lintao Liu, Luncai Liu
Verification of complex SoC designs suffers from X-optimization issues that often conceal design bugs. The deployment of low power techniques such as power-shutdown in today’s SoC designs exacerbate these X-optimism issues. To address these problems we adopted a new simulation semantic that more accurately...
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The Application of Information, Technology and Big Data in City Governance — Take intelligent community construction in China as example

Chiu I Feng
The rapid development of information and technology has promoted the arrival of the era of big data. It is no doubt that information, technology, and big data have stimulated the positive reforms in management field and made an important contribution on improving management efficiency and effect. It...
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Information-applied Technology for SES on subway thermal environment simulation

Jun Wei, Yijia Chen, Xinru Wang, Fan Li, Song Pan, Huiyu Xue, Yiyi Xiang, Lang Xie
With the development of the city, the subway has been developed vigorously. along with a large number of subway construction, the use of subway design simulation software was more and more prominent. SES simulation software is commonly used software in China Subway Thermal Environment Simulation and...
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Development Mechanical Characteristic of Magneto-Rheological (MR) Fluid by Adding Graphene Oxide

Jinhyeok Park, Soomin Kim, Pyungwha Kim, Jye Ung Jung, Chang-Hyun Cho, Seung-Bok Choi
In this paper, mechanical properties of magneto-rheological(MR) fluid is compared with MR fluid which is added by graphene. We mix the MR fluid with graphene oxide (GO) by 0.33% mass fractions (G33). Adding the graphene into MR fluid has an effect on the viscosity. Furthermore, MR fluid largely changed...
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A novel LBP-Mean shift segmentation algorithm for UAV remote sensing images based on LBP textural features and improved Mean shift algorithm

Surong Xiang, Jingwen Xu, Junfang Zhao, Yong Li, Shaoyao Zhang
The proposed method deals with the joint use of the textural features and the image edge by the remote-sensing images.A definition of an adaptive segmentation algorithm is considered.Based on LBP features detecting,the textural information associated with each cell images is extracted as the set of connected...
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Signal Sparse Decomposition Based on Adaptive Chaos Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm

Ming Yang, Wei Liu, Beichen Chen
Sparse decomposition can represent signal with small number of atoms. But, its high computation complexity hinders practical application. Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm (FOA) improves the efficiency of atoms’ searching, but the solution sometimes is not global optimum. In order to solve this problem,...
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Path planning for terrestrial platform based on A-star algorithm

Bochuan Jiang, Yueping Wang, Zhiqiang Zhao
Terrestrial platform mobility is different from that of aerial platform, for the former involves complex geographical elements such as mountainous and potamic terrain. It is also different from intelligent robot mobility on a given plane, as safety factor in simulated military countermining environment...
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Analysis and Validation of Power Batteries Uniformity for Electric Vehicles

Xuling Li, Jiancheng Ye, Zhiming Li
The technology of power batteries is an important factor on performance of EVs. In order to ensure the uniformity of the single cells, an evaluation method based on sample digital characteristic is proposed. The data from a complete charging-discharging process is collected and quantified, then the differences...
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The investigation of TRB auto-control cutting system

Zhiqiang Wu, Jun Wang, Tao Sun
The efficiency of shear line is the bottlenecks of TRB production and quality, the developed TRB automatic cutting system by re-identification of the shape parameters of incoming period variable thick strip, according to the requirements of the finished board, cutting optimization program completed strip...
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Numerical Simulation Study on the Failure Mode of Soil-structure Contact Interface

Peng Du, Xiaoling Liu, Bo Yang
Direct shear test is recommended as a rational test approach for understanding of the behavior of soil-structure interface. Based on the ABAQUS software, a 3DFEM model is established and the direct shear test process of soil-concrete contact is simulated. The analysis about the soil shear stress-deformation...
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Research on live line auto-testing technology for transmission line insulators

Tao Guo, Wei Wang, Heng Yang, Xinxing Yuan
insulator is an important part of transmission line, and its maintenance of is of great significance. Duo to The insufficiency of traditional way of insulator detection, this paper puts forward a kind of automatic on-line detection method. The sliding carriage which carries a detection device slides...
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Design of automated driving system of a wheeled heavy duty off-road vehicle

Xiaoyun Li, Guangming Xiong, Min Zhu, Yu Zhang
Automatic control system is the guarantee for the autonomous system to realize automation. In this paper, an automatic control system including lateral control, longitudinal control and integrated control based on x-by-wire is proposed for a wheeled heavy duty off-road vehicle. The experimental results...
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Distribution Network Reconfiguration Based on Niching Techniques Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Aoran Xu, Liu Zhang, Yang Gao, Cailian Gu, Chunyu Qu
Distribution network reconfiguration is an important tool to optimize the operating conditions of a distribution network. Niche Binary Particle Swarm Optimization (NBPSO) Algorithm is proposed to overcome the defect of PSO prematurity for distribution network reconfiguration. In view of distribution...
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The financial risk index system and early-warning research

Honghan Zhu, Xiangyun Liu
Establishment and optimization of system and the early warning system of financial risk index model were the hot issues in the research of financial risk management. Research institutions and government agencies cooperation made economic early warning methods gradually mature and application. Through...
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Analysis of alpha wave epileptic EEG signals based on symbolic transfer entropy

Xiang Ye, Tian Tian, Tianpei Xu, Jun Wang
Epilepsy is a common neurological diseases caused by abnormal discharge of neurons in the brain. The attack is sudden and repeated .Therefore, advancing seizure prediction has important meaning for patients to take timely measures. In this paper,we can use the way of symbolic transfer entropy to study...
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Research on Agent-oriented distributed inventory management

Shuren Zhu
According to characteristics of artificial intelligence Agent of autonomy, sociality, responsiveness, using Agent oriented approach and extracting Agent based on the function demand of distributed inventory manage system, detailed analyzing the process of modeling through planning of single Agent, dependence...
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Simulation Analysis of Collective Escape Capsule in Deep-sea by FEM

Meng Chen, Wei Zhang, Zheng Wang
The mechanical property of collective escape capsule of pressure hull in deep-sea environment is studied In the engineering examples of new type of variable thickness escape capsule the different thickness of the displacement, stress distribution and its regularity of distribution of mechanical stress...
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Goodput Analysis of a Modified Cumulative ARQ

Suoping Li, Mei Liu, Zhongyu Bai
For the wireless channel characteristics, this paper modifies the cumulative ARQ in order to improve the performance of the traditional cumulative ARQ. We put in sequence confirmed feedback to satisfy the demands of the new generation cellular mobile communication. An analysis model is developed for...
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Data Warehouse Architecture for Metal Mine Enterprise with UML AND CWM

Xinrui Liu, Guoping Lei, Fengyu Ren, Hongbin Ma
Owing to the curse of inflated data and deficient information knowledge, we presented a new approach to construct data warehouse architecture for supporting data analysis and decision making with object-oriented and CWM (Common Warehouse Metamodel) technologies based on comprehensive analysis of current...
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The present situation and prospects for safety online-monitoring system of tailings pond

Hanmin Zhou, Ziqing Yuan, Jun Su, Xiaocong Yang, Da Zhang
Tailing pond is a major risk source, if happen accident, which would cause enormous losses to life and property of downstream people, however, the safety online-monitoring can effectively prevent the accident happing and reduce the accident loss. This article explains the present development and research...
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Design and Analysis in Multiple-Scissor-Linkage Applied to the Robotics Arm

Nan Hua, Zhangong Xie, Liangwei Luo, Xianshuai Chen, David J Tang, Hong Zhang
Multiple-Scissor-Linkage (MSL) is kinematic mechanic, and to be a means for using two or more pairs of scissor linkages operating in different planes for moving a device in linear or nonlinear motions specifically. It is a modular component that constructs long extending, high precise movement and stronger...
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Analysis of teaching satisfaction based on Markov chain

Qi Zhao
This paper introduces Markov process of time discrete and countable state,i.e. Markov chain. Elaborated how Analysis of teaching satisfaction using Markov chain methods, construct Markov chain using teaching satisfaction over the years, construct probability transition matrix. After proper treatment...
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The Simulation and Research of Impedance-Matching Balance Transformer Based on Ansoft

Pan Sun, Jinghong Zhao, Xusheng Wu
The basic principle of impedance-matching balance transformer (IMBF)is introduced, the impedance matching conditions and current vector are given. Using ANSOFT finite-element simulation software for transformer modeling and simulation, the simulation results consistent with theory, shows the validity...
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Software Defect Regions Identification Based on Behavior Mining

Xi Guo, Pan Wang, Yayun Wang
Random testing is a widely used testing technique, and adaptive random testing has enhanced the performance of random testing recently. The research results demonstrate that the improvement depends on the characters of the software defect region. A method that depicts the distribution of software defect...
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Alpha wave of sleep electroencephalogram analysis based on multiscale sign series entropy

Jianhui Jiang, Shitong Wang, Fengzhen Hou, Jin Li, Jun Wang
Sleep Electroencephalogram (Sleep EEG) detection and treatment can provide the basis for clinical diagnosis and treatment. According to the non-stationary random character of EEG itself, the paper proposed multiscale sign series entropy (MSSE) method and applied it to the state of sleep EEG analysis....
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Research and realization of 3D digitization of static fabric based on Gray code

Jian Li, Xirui Du, Xiaojiao Tao, Chengyan Zhang
Combined with the Gray-encoding structured light and binocular stereo vision, the 3D digital reconstruction of the static fabric is realized in this paper. Zhang Zhengyou camera calibration method is adopted to achieve camera’s stereo calibration. After choosing effective area and binarization, the images...