Proceedings of the 2022 5th International Conference on Humanities Education and Social Sciences (ICHESS 2022)

659 authors
Zhang, Yuchen
Criminal Risks and Regulations in Internet Business Data Link
Zhang, Yucheng
The Impact of the Policy of High School Entrance Exams in Local Working Places on the Occupation Expectations of Migrant Children
Zhang, Yujie
An exploration of the Mulan-like Situation of Women's Welfare in the Perspective of Techno-Feminism
Zhang, Yuqi
An Analysis of the Influence of Home Education on the Values of Chinese College Students from the Perspective of New Media
Zhang, Yuxi
Redefining Womanhood in Generation Z: An Analysis of Gender Representation and Awareness in K-pop Culture
Zhang, Zhao
A Study of Competitive Attitudes, Anxiety Levels and Social Support among University Students
Zhang, Zhenhui
The Politics of Gender in the Video Game Culture in China
Zhang, Zhiyong
Thoughts and Suggestions on “Technology+” Psychological Training for College Students
Zhang, Zirui
Research on Child Care Robot and the Influence on Children
Zhang, Zixuan
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and Its Social Factors
Zhang, Ziyan
A review of Shadow Education and K-12 Students’ Learning
Zhao, Jian
The Influencing Factor Model of Organizational Form in Power Grid Business
Zhao, Pan
Construction and Empirical Research on the Coupling Coordination Model of Tourism Industry-Regional Economy-Information Industry System
Zhao, Qifan
The Importance of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Policy — The Improvement and Experience from Past Policies
Zhao, Qingya
The Internal and External Obstacles of the Creativity in Education in Hong Kong
Zhao, Rui
Practical exploration of effective engineering training teaching for liberal arts students
Zhao, Shili
Research on the Cultivation of College Students’ “Four Histories” Learning and Educational Identity
Zhao, Wei
The Teaching Practice Reform Based on Virtual Simulation Technology Take the Course of "Civil Engineering Construction Technology" as an Example
Zhao, Xiaoting
China’s Civil Service Examination in the Post-Epidemic Era Status, Problems and Optimization Strategies of the Interview Hiring Process
Zhao, Yiming
The Obsession of China in Learning Western Institutions to Prohibit Tortures in 1902-1911: From the Perspective of Ethnic Spectatorship Theory
Zhao, Ying
Design and practice of teaching Civics in the course of Film and Television Directing
Zhao, Yinuo
The Comparison of Political and Technical Influence of the IASB Standard-Setting Process: Based on Key-Actors Model
Zhao, Yue
Weberian Propositions Revisited Based on The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
Zhao, Ziyi
Three Factors Leading to the Poor English Oral Performance of Chinese Teenage English Learners
Zhao, Ziyu
The Live Commerce of VTuber
Zhao, Ziyuan
The Machine Translation Model
Zheng, Hanqin
The Development Status of innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Universities, and Strategies for Optimizing Resource Collaboration in the Context of Guangdong-HK-Macao Bay Area
Zheng, Jun
Improving the Loyalty in the Digitalization of the Brand for the National Pharmaceutical Brand Image
Zheng, Qiyu
Menopausal Women's Stigma Dilemma and its Solution: A Participatory Observation Based on Middle-Aged Chinese Women
Zheng, Ruixuan
The Effects of Physical Discrimination on Income
Zheng, Tongxin
Research on the Current Situation of University Student’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship under the Background of “Internet + Maker Education”
Zhi, Yong
Exploring Medical Education Models in the Post-epidemic Era
Zhong, Hopan
Eating Disorder and Its Causes
Zhong, Laiyi
The Impact of the Policy of High School Entrance Exams in Local Working Places on the Occupation Expectations of Migrant Children
Zhou, Han
Research on the Path Development of Preschool Education under the Double Reduction Policy
Zhou, Jie
Research on the Evaluation of the Competitiveness of Tourism Attractions from the Perspective of System Theory: A Case Study of 5A Scenic Spots in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle
Zhou, Manze
Students’ Motivation in Distance Learning: How it would be affected and why it matters?
Zhou, Mingyue
An Analysis of the Applicability of Kodaly and Orff Music Pedagogies in Preschool Children’s Music Teaching
Zhou, Peng
Research Progress of Acupuncture Intervention on Depression Model Rats in Recent Five Years
Zhou, Ruoan
The Transformation of Shanghai Enterprises before and after the First World War
Zhou, Tianyi
Concealment and Continuation: Symbol Deduction and Craftsmanship of Ninghua High Shed Lamp
Zhou, Tianyi
Research on Display Strategy of Intangible Cultural Heritage under Internal Time Structure
Zhou, Tianyi
Coexistence of Divinity and Custom: The Song Dynasty Shanxi Gaoping Kaihua Temple Murals Secularization Reason Analysis
Zhou, Wei
The Emergence of the Shanghai-Style Qipao in the 1920s: Consumerism, Cultural Integration, and Feminism
Zhou, Zongtan
A Teaching Reform of the Programming Course Based on Robot Competition for the Automation Major
Zhou, Zongtan
Practical Teaching Design of Programming Course for Automation Major of New Engineering Education
Zhu, Anbang
Effects of Pressure Reduction Policy on Primary School Children in Wuxi, China
Zhu, Haoyi
Stakeholder Perspectives on Overtime Culture
Zhu, Jun
Can kitchen garbage be recycled and reused?
Zhu, Peixin
A Survey on Translation Learning Motivation of Senior Undergraduate Students: A Questionnaire Study
Zhu, Qinxuan
Negative Impact of Platform Framework on User Experience -- A Case Study of NetEase Cloud Music
Zhu, Shengdi
Situating University Affirmative Action Jurisprudence in the Contemporary Asian American Movement for Civil Rights
Zhu, Shuyu
Redefining Womanhood in Generation Z: An Analysis of Gender Representation and Awareness in K-pop Culture
Zhu, Sijie
Policy Evaluation Research in China: Status and Prospects
Zhu, Wanzheng
Effect of Implicit Self-Esteem on Willingness to Communicate in Second Language
Zhu, Yiwen
Analysis of the Determination of Fundamental Breach of Article 25 of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods-----Analysis of “Sinochem International (Singapore) Ltd. v. ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products Ltd. International Contract for Sale and Purchase of Goods”
Zhu, Zihan
A Literature Review on the Influence of Parents on Children’s Academic and Cognitive Development
Zou, Yunji
Analyzing the Importance of Freedom of Speech
Zu, Ruoning
Hidden Performances: Paths of Stigmatization for Sexual Minorities