Proceedings of the 2022 5th International Conference on Humanities Education and Social Sciences (ICHESS 2022)

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A Review on Effects of Positive Psychology Interventions on Depression

Chengxiu Ye
The rapid development of positive psychology has prompted psychologists to try to create positive interactions from the perspective of positive psychology, so as to help patients with depression. Positive intervention has also been proven to be an effective means of treating depression. This paper reviews...
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The Influence of Algorithms on Art Communication Subjects and Channels

Yuhan Liu
In the era of rapid development of the Internet, traditional means of art communication appear relatively limited, and the rapid development of digitalization also provides new ideas and skills for communication channels and technologies (Chen Yajie, 2021)[1]. New media is based on Internet technology,...
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The Analysis of Student’s Learning Outcomes Based on OBE Model: Taking An Introduction to Business as an Example

Lei Zhang, Qiaomei Liu
Student’s learning outcomes is the driving force in OBE education system, and it needed to be analysed in a scientific approach. This article takes the course An Introduction to Business as an example, and analyses student’s learning outcomes under the guidance of OBE model. Through qualitative and qualitative...
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A study on the acquisition path of grammar for higher vocational college students based on cultural context

Li Wang, Xiaobing Gao, Li Wang
The focus of grammar acquisition has been shifted from form and rules to the exploration of the discourse and meaning. Interactive use of concepts and meanings in contexts is of great significance in improving grammatical competence. Students in Higher Vocational Colleges are weak in English grammar...
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Stakeholder Perspectives on Overtime Culture

Haoyi Zhu
The diversity of corporate stakeholders is an inherent property of multi-stakeholder collaborative systems, which is a necessary condition for creating a corporate overtime culture. While past research on overtime has been limited to policy as well as culture, this paper explores overtime culture in...
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Analysis of Bitcoin and Alternative Assets Based on VAR Model

Yingying Xia, Dan Wang
This paper is based on April 2020 to July 2020 bitcoin price and s & p real assets index data, using the VAR model for dynamic identification, empirical analysis results show that the currency price is s & p real assets index, but s & p real assets index is not the currency price granger....
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The Role of Weibo in Social Public Events

Yiyao Zhang
This paper questions how social media, particularly Weibo plays a part in social public events, focusing on two events, namely, the “Chained Women” and the Covid-19 pandemic. Both of them had become top trending topics on Weibo. Goffman’s dramaturgical theory and Foucault’s power theory are combined...
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The Negative Transfer of Culture in Chinese College Students’ English Learning

Qinyuan Zhang
There is a close relationship between language and culture, and the interaction between language and culture is mainly reflected in the cultural transfer of second language acquisition. The English language system is completely different from that of the Chinese, and the culture behind it is also significantly...
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Creative Freedom and Self-Limitation of Streaming Media Platform

Take Netflix Animation as an Example

Wenjuan Chai
This paper attempts to analyze the animation creation freedom and self-limitation of the streaming media platform Netflix from two aspects: data driven to creation freedom, and creation self-discipline to self restriction, and explore the innovative development of animation creation in the streaming...
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A Comparative Study of Different Cultural Connotations of the Word “Rat” in Chinese and English Online Language

Hengxiao Liu
Rat is a kind of animal that is familiar among humans, but due to the behaviors of stealing food and spreading disease, the cultural connotation and animal metaphors have become negative in almost traditional cultures. In the metaphor area, here are many comparative studies about animal metaphors of...
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Research on the Evaluation of the Competitiveness of Tourism Attractions from the Perspective of System Theory: A Case Study of 5A Scenic Spots in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle

Jiao Chen, Jie Zhou, Kexin Cai
The competitiveness of tourist attractions is an essential part of the research on tourism competitiveness, but it has not been paid enough attention in the existing research on tourism competitiveness. 5A-level scenic spots are the highest quality tourist attractions in China's tourism industry,...
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The Comparison of Political and Technical Influence of the IASB Standard-Setting Process: Based on Key-Actors Model

Jiakai Chen, Jingyi Xu, Yifan Guo, Yinuo Zhao, Yuhan Bi
The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) is the setter and issuers of international accounting standards, with a goal to establish high-quality, easy-to-understand and feasible international accounting standard around the world. However, the truth is that IASB has not yet reach its goal. This...
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Weberian Propositions Revisited Based on The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

Lisa Zeng, Yue Zhao
As a sociologist on par with Karl Marx and Emile Dürkheim, Max Weber was particularly concerned with the relationship between religious thought and economic ethics, and his masterpiece The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism has attracted the attention of many scholars since its introduction...
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Establishment of Innovative System of Ideological and Political Education in colleges

Qi Liu, Xiaoyan Pan
In 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the National Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Colleges that ideological and political work should run through the whole process of education and teaching. It create a new situation for the development of higher education in our country....
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The Development Status of innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Universities, and Strategies for Optimizing Resource Collaboration in the Context of Guangdong-HK-Macao Bay Area

in the case of Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai

Na Na, Guiping Lu, Daying Shi, Qihong He, Baoqing Song, Hanqin Zheng
The construction of the Guangdong-HK-Macao Bay Area has stood in an important position in the national development strategy. In such an environment, the domestic demand for high-quality innovative and entrepreneurial compound talents is increasing, and innovation and entrepreneurship education in universities...
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Pedagogical Techniques in Summa Theologiae

Pingxiu Lin
The prior purpose of Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae is to teach the discipline about God. Based on this pedagogical principle, he replaced the traditional method of instruction which adheres strictly to the Scriptures with a more pragmatic one. Instead of interpreting line-by-line, Thomas devised a...
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Is Coeducation From the 1960s-1970s in the USA a Feminist Movement?

Chenxi Lian
In this paper, the intended purpose of coeducation, and women's situation in the coeducation revolution that took place in the 1960s-1970s will be discussed to illustrate that the coeducation revolution is not a feminist movement. In the studies in the 1980s, most researchers sharply pointed out...
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The Role of Islam for National Liberation Movements: A Comparison of Algeria and Morocco

Yihao Lu
This paper compares the national liberation movements in Morocco and Algeria, including the phase of anti-colonial struggle and modernization. In contrast to structural determinism, this paper emphasizes subjective agency and explains the process of national liberation movements in Morocco and Algeria...
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The Obsession of China in Learning Western Institutions to Prohibit Tortures in 1902-1911: From the Perspective of Ethnic Spectatorship Theory

Yiming Zhao
China was actively seeking change, embracing Western legal culture as knowledge while drawing strength from its traditions in 1902-1911. According to the concept of “ethnic spectatorship” mentioned by Rey Chow in “Woman and Chinese Modernity”, Chinese at this time, especially the elite gentry, while...
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The History of the Third Front Construction Resources and Innovative Practice of Ideological and Political Courses in Colleges and Universities

Take the Course of “History, Culture of Third Front Construction” as An Example

Hua Wang
The Third Front Construction is a far-reaching national defense construction and industrial adjustment movement in the history of the People's Republic of China. Because of the resources richly endowed by nature and geographical advantages, Panzhihua became a key area of the Third Front Construction,...
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Study on the Evolution Motivation and Logic of School District System in China

Dang Weng
School district system has been an important system in China's education policy since the founding of New China. It mainly refers to the principle that students are enrolled in the nearest place, and forms an educational governance unit composed of specific governance themes. In the policy context...
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Communication Effect and Restriction of Online Foreign Celebrities on Bilibili from a Cross-Cultural Perspective

A Case Study of Y China

Aijing Li, Yan Zhang
This study selects a representative communication platform, Bilibili, and a sample case, YChina, to analyse the relationship between cultural opinion leaders and cross-cultural communication on the Internet under theories of “the other” and “use and satisfaction”. Firstly, the videos of YChina are divided...
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Research on the Integration of TCM Health Proverbs into the Teaching Strategy of Chinese as a Foreign Language

Xiaoqian Liang, Jin’e Lv
TCM health proverbs are an important part of the treasure house of Chinese medicine, and TCM health proverbs, as the language carrying TCM culture, embody the unique cultural characteristics of the nation. There is currently a lot of research on TCM health culture, but most of them are based on a single...
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Educational Innovation in Lying Flat Phenomenon - A Case Study of the Balinese Teaching Experience

Yifei Wang, Yourong Yao
Lying Flat (Tang Ping) is a prevalent way of life in contemporary countries throughout the world. It is an avoidance behavior chosen by individuals in response to limited social resources and ongoing harsh social competition. Previous studies have demonstrated that the phenomena of "lying flat"...
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Gaokao Examination Influences Senior High School Education to Some Extent, resulting in the Senior High School Education Bringing Many Negative Effects to Its Students

Shuyi Guo
Examination-oriented education in China has resulted in the deterioration of students’ health and academic development. Chinese Ministry of Education is aware of the negative implications associated with Examination-oriented education and has issued policies dedicated to reducing the homework burdens...
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The Absurdist Doctrine of Jojo Rabbit and Absurdism in Personalized Characters

Wanqi Ni, Tianyi Wang
The film Jojo Rabbit, directed by Taika Waititi, tells the story of World War II when a young German boy was brainwashed by Nazi propaganda and was determined to become a dictator like Hitler. However, his life changed after finding a Jewish girl hidden in the house by his mother. The film Jojo rabbit...
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Analysis on the Development of Animal Protection in France and the Feasible Plans in China

Ziyi Liu
France is one of the countries that start to establish and improve animal protection laws at an early stage. Now, it has a relatively complete legal system for animal protection. In contrast, China still has a lot to improve in this area. Therefore, it is particularly important to promote the development...
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Geological Disconnection Between the Academy of Landscape Architecture and Degrading Natural Environment

Ning Chen
There is a clear spatial disparity between the locations at which landscape design programs are taught and the locations that have the greatest demand for it from the point of view of biodiversity, which leads to an uneven allocation of educational and social resources and leaves natural resources highly...
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Worker's Compensation System and Rules for Conversion of Personal Property of Spouses in Divorce Proceedings

Lingyun Xie, Jiarui Zhang, Nan Duan, Xiaochen Liu, Chunyu Wu, Yitong Ge, Jialin Liu, Yanru Shen
This study examines the significance, theoretical underpinnings, and associated doctrines of China's domestic labor compensation system. It also studies the domestic labor compensation systems of important foreign nations and draws inspiration from them to enhance China's system. Then, we examine...
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The Politics of Gender in the Video Game Culture in China

Yuchong Ma, Zhenhui Zhang, Jiayi Gao
The paper explores the influence of the feminist appeal of female gamers and the male gaze of male gamers in China on the market strategies in the game industry worldwide. The research is conducted through qualitative interviews and textual analysis. The research found that the female gamer group in...
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Psychological Harm to Underage Children in the Era of New Media

Jiayi Guo
A few years ago, when experts first started studying the impact of social media on young people, much of the concern was about access to pornography and the possibility of online strangers reaching out to children. While these are still important issues to address, it now appears that there are more...
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Status Analysis of Efforts to Improve Teachers Well-Being

Kexin Han
Due to varying cultural backgroeunds and the changing nature of society, teachers' well-being is evolving. Therefore, given the history of educational psychology, there is still much room for advancement in the field of teacher well-being research. The objectives of this study were to look at the...
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Research on Comprehensive Evaluation System for Mechanical Engineering Postgraduates in Promoting Scientific Research and Innovation Ability

Zhen Yu, Dan Yang
In the new era how to improve the scientific research and innovation capabilities of senior talents required by enterprises' scientific research innovation is the focus of the reform of engineering graduate education in universities. The postgraduate education has entered a connotative development...
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Trend Analysis of 2008-2021 Mobile Assisted Chinese Language Learning Research——Taking Web of Science and CNKI Net Core Journals as Examples

Yilang Wang
In the era of information globalization, mobile devices have been integrated into our work, study and life. After the global outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, mobile-assisted Chinese teaching has become an important way for the development of international Chinese education, and mobile-assisted...
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Analysis of the Reasons for Respecting Teachers' Professional Dignity

Jianru Yang
Recently, the topic of the dignity of teachers and Taoism has aroused heated discussions among the people. In today's society, do we need to continue to respect the dignity of teachers and Taoism? What are the advantages or disadvantages of advocating the dignity of teachers and Taoism for us? Therefore,...
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Opportunity or Trap?

Intensive Phenomenon of Feed, Breeding Industry under Market Economy

Weiyu Mo
Since the millennium, the intensification of feed industry has shown an irresistible trend in China under the influence of political economy, and has derived a variety of intensive business models. The power of market capital has brought unprecedented vitality to the feed industry. Although the "corporation...
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Children’s Perspectives in Promoting-resilience Factors in Family: A Case Study

Mengzi Li
Resilience is particularly important for children's physical, mental, and academic development, but little research has explored what specific factors families or caregivers should provide to children. This case study attempts to fill that gap. To explore family factors conducive to resilience from...
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Change of Consciousness or Existence?

The Transformation of the Western Belief System

Dixuan Liu
The evolution of the belief system was a remarkable shift in people’s consciousness, however, the physical phenomena also originated from the variation of consciousness, Therefore, this paper observes the similarities they share in certain circumstances. It questions why the belief system in the West...
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Relationship between the Usage of Electronic Devices and the Academic Performance of Students

Junfeng Li
With the rapid development of social science and technology, electronic devices are widely used in people's lives. This study aims to explore the impact of the usage of electronic devices on students' academic performance using Ordinal Logistic Regression. Through the data analysis of the CFPS...
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Identifying Features of Earth Like Exoplanets

Yilin Wang
Currently on a very small fraction of exoplanets are visible: those which are hot after formation or are classed as brown dwarves. Earth sized and Earth like exoplanets are not observable and even the newest telescopes such as JWST hasn’t a hope of getting a picture with any useful detail. The interior...
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The Relationship between Academic Stress and Sleep Quality in Chinese High School Students

Baihan Guo
In order to understand the relationship between high school students’ academic stress and sleep quality, 100 high school students in Beijing were tested by PSS Perceived Stress Scale, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and Big Five Personality Test. The results showed that there was a positive correlation...
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Blockchain Technology in Metaverse and Its Safety Problem

Yifan Yin, Hongkun Yang, Zicheng Shan
At present, the digital economy produces a large amount of data, which can be protected by using the irreversible and unmodifiable characteristics of blockchain to solve the protection requirements of non-physical forms and within reach. Thus, the link between virtual assets and reality can be effectively...
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A Study on Gender Differences in Chinese Students' English Learning

Jiawen Zhang
As the most widely spoken language in the world, English has become an important tool for international communication. English learning is a hot topic in whole society. However, there is still a lack of systematic understanding that how gender differences influence Chinese students' English learning....
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Adaptation to Online Learning and Its Impact on Students’ Self-Regulation Development During the Pandemic of COVID-19

Xiner Xu
Self-regulation is an essential skill that enables people to manage and control their emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. Its development has a significant impact on the lives of humans. Educators have studied it for decades after realizing its significance. However, under the circumstances of COVID-19,...
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Instructional Design of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for Foreign Language Learners

Xiaohui Li, Shufeng Pei
In the era of artificial intelligence and the construction of "new liberal arts", the traditional foreign language classroom teaching is insufficient in many aspects. This instructional design attempts to combine innovation and entrepreneurship education with the language service industry,...
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Research on the Construction of Courses on the Use of Equipment for Job Requirements

Chao Song, Wei Li, Hongtian Liu, Yang Cao, Jianwei Zhang
Institutions should take the job requirements as the guide, clarify the basic requirements of the curriculum of the equipment application, scientifically set and dynamically update the teaching content of the courses on the application of equipment to build the teaching content system scientifically....
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The Machine Translation Model

Ziyuan Zhao
Machine Translation was invented in the late-20th century, when the first IBM model could automatically translate Russian sentences into English. Proceeding to the 21st century, linguists have invented new types of Machine Translation models and improved on them by altering and adding parts. Of all the...
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Negative Transfer of Mother Tongue during English as a Second Language Acquisition

XinYu Wang
Writing is regarded as the core skill that can fully represent one's overall English proficiency during English learning. However, for Chinese high school students, the difference between Chinese and English makes it hard for them to perform well in English writing. The negative transfer of the...
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Preliminary Study on Parmenides and the Origin of Greek Dialectic

Qinmeng Liu
The thesis is a discussion on Parmenides and the origin of Greek dialectic. By reviewing the main opinions on the discoverer of dialectic, we confirm that Parmenides is the discoverer of dialectic, both Plato and Aristotle provide us with potent evidences, and from their reports we can also find a line...
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Research on the Relationship Between Pets and Emotion of Human.

Hanwen Lin
With the development of society, more and more families are beginning to choose to keep pets at home. The interaction between human and animals also become the focus of many studies. Meanwhile, cases of mutual healing between humans and animals continue to emerge in society. These cases have introduced...
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Gender Equity in STEM Education

Jing Yan
The strength and contributions of women are significant for all industries, including both STEM majors and non-STEM majors. Based on this background, this paper examines the reasons for the gender inequity experienced by Chinese women in STEM majors, hoping to provide informative comments to support...
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A Comparative Analysis of CET, IELTS and TOFEL for English Acquisition

Xiaoyu Zhang
English is the most widely distributed language in the world. With more and more international cultural exchanges, there are a huge number of people who learn English as a second language. English has always been the most popular second language in China. International language tests such as IELTS and...
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On the Understanding and Application of the Crime of Illegal Use of Information Network

Xinyu Cheng
With the continuous development of the network in modern society, a new type of crime called cybercrime has emerged. The Criminal Law Amendment (IX) Article 29 newly created the crime of illegal use of information network. However, legal application of this crime is still controversial. The issues mainly...
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How We Can Use ACG to Improve the Stereotype of Chinese Students by American

WanXin Jiang, He Mo, BoTian Fan, Yaotongyan Yang, TianRui Jia, LingRui Xie, ShuYi Chen
Nowadays, studying abroad in China has become very popular. With an enormous amount of Chinese students studying in the United States, the stereotype of Chinese Americans has also come into our view. At the same time, ACG is becoming a national and even global trend as a new form of cultural carrier....
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A Brief Analysis of UI Interface Design and Application in Art Design

After entering the new era of development stage, China's social economy and science and technology level have been greatly improved, but even so, compared with the western developed countries, China's science and technology still need to continue to in-depth research and development, so our...
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Policy network: A policy research paradigm under the network governance model

Yu Xiang
The policy network is not a kind of research paradigm of public policy or a model of governance between government and market, it should be a mode of policy under the background of network governance. This kind of policy paradigm embodies the cooperation of making public policy, including the cooperation...
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The Implications of Massification and Marketisation on Access and Widening Participation

Luyang Jin
Multiple competing pressures are presently placed on higher education access and participation. A global trend that seems impossible to reverse is the rise of massification and marketization. This article will make the case that massification effects stratification, breaks up the authority of the elite...
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On optimization of civil-military coordinated development mechanism of defense science, Technology and industry in major countries

Wei Gu, Han Qiao
The national defense science, technology and industry is an important material and technical basis for a country’s national defense construction and security. With the gradual advance of the new round of the military reform, the major countries in the world are striving to promote the competitiveness...
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Two-dimensional creation of "rites" and "images": An Analysis of ritual aesthetics of Jian 'an Engraving landscape images

Feifan Weng, Xufang Li, Yuqing Yang, Zheng Ding
Ritual system is the center of traditional Chinese culture, aesthetic theory and practical activities. The creation of garden images in Jian 'an's engraving is also influenced by it and contains profound thoughts of ritual system, which is full of order norms, and creates the ritual aesthetics...
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The Survival of Physical Bookstore Under Digital Transformation

Mandi Li, Suyi Shi
Physical bookstores are gradually shifting from traditional book retailing to a cultural space that fulfills intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic requirements. However, there is increasing concern over how physical bookstores can transform and upgrade themselves with the assistance of technologies...
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The application of Peking Opera in Chinese culture teaching in foreign countries

Yuan Zhang, Yongyi Wen
Peking opera is one of the national essence of China, an important part of traditional Chinese culture, and has very important cultural value. The drama has realized the construction of its own art system in inheritance and innovation, and realized the continuous continuity and influence of artistic...
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Discuss the Role of Soviet Union in the Outbreak of Korean War

Rui Xue
In June 1950, the Korean War broke out, profoundly affecting the landscape of East Asia and the China-Soviet-US triangle. The war thus became an important point in the history of the Cold War. This study will take the origins of the Korean War as its research theme. Using archival research and case studies,...
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How to train doctoral students in Japan and its Inspiration for China

Yi Xu
Since the 19th century, the structure and functions of universities have evolved, driven by the development of social production, state regulation, and the universities' own developmental aspirations. This paper describes how these three roles have shaped the mechanism of doctoral training in Japan...
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Analyzing the Importance of Freedom of Speech

Yunji Zou, Gongfu Lyu, Weibo Huang
The history of freedom of expression is best illustrated by the 1977 Supreme Court case of Colin v Smith. In this case, Justice Pell even made it clear that residents of the area who suffered moral damage as a result of the march could later bring a tort action, but that the NSPA's freedom to "express...
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A Study of Competitive Attitudes, Anxiety Levels and Social Support among University Students

Yaxuan Liu, Jiayuan Sun, Zhao Zhang, Yan Li
Since the Reform and Opening-up, as the education quality in China has risen dramatically, the expansion of universities and the focus of society on higher education has led to an increasing number of university students and growing competitive pressures, resulting in higher levels of social anxiety...
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Teaching Reform and Exploration of Computer Network Course Oriented to Output and Blended Method

Mei Gong, Peiyang Wei, Shaojie Qiao
The traditional offline classroom teaching method of Computer Network is difficult to effectively improve students' learning interest and independent learning ability, and it is not easy to track or analyze students' learning progress as well. Combined with the advantages of online teaching...
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Situating University Affirmative Action Jurisprudence in the Contemporary Asian American Movement for Civil Rights

Shengdi Zhu
One of the most controversial issues facing the American socio-political apparatus is the question of affirmative action policies. In fact, the discourse around affirmative action has ventured beyond the scope of one social group, involving the unique perspectives of Asian Americans, with a constant...
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The Influencing Factor Model of Organizational Form in Power Grid Business

Yunfei Xu, Jian Zhao, Hualei Zhang
Currently, State Grid Corporation of China(State Grid) is in the critical period of building a world-leading energy internet company with Chinese Characteristics and promoting the implementation of the "one body and four wings" development layout. The new trend of energy transformation and...
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Phone Boost Self-Control or Control You

Wenkang Yu
This article mainly focuses on that mobile phone nearly covers every aspect of people’s lives nowadays. Every coin has two sides, although mobile phones bring a variety of advantages to people’s lives, they cause a number of challenges that ruin people, especially those people who are lack of self-discipline....
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An Analysis of the Applicability of Kodaly and Orff Music Pedagogies in Preschool Children’s Music Teaching

Mingyue Zhou
Kodaly music education system and Orff music education system are famous music education genres in the world. This paper aims to analyze the adaptability in Kodaly and Orff music approaches for preschoolers. By mainly using the research method of literature reviews, this thesis will summarize and expound...
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Research on Prevention of Affective Nihilism in Existential Depression: an Existential Approach in Educational Settings

Yudi Wang
Existential depression is rooted in nihilism, both emotional and immature that can particularly occur in adolescents at a developmental stage who are seeking meaning in their lives. This article attempts to draw on existential psychotherapy from the perspective of an educational approach to prevent and...
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Online Education: The Transformation in the Post-epidemic Era

Yang Liu
The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has brought about a blowout outbreak of online education, which has greatly promoted the development of online education and accumulated rich experience in online education. With the stabilization of the epidemic and the reflection of a series of pending problems faced...
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A Study on Tourism Development of Zhoushan Islands in the Post-epidemic Era--A Case Study of Dongji Island

Jiani Jin, Zimeng Wang, Hang Sun
By analyzing the current situation of tourism in the post-epidemic period, this paper draws the necessity of rational development, and gives countermeasures and suggestions for the development of tourism in the post-epidemic period in view of the problems existing in the Dongji Island Tourism, which...
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A Study on Blend Teaching and Learning Mode of ‘English for Civil Aviation Service’ Based on Rain Classroom

Lixin Dai
The study explored and practiced the online and offline blend teaching and learning mode of ‘English for Civil Aviation Service’ course with the use of an education tool Rain Classroom. The general purpose was to present this study as an exploration into issues critical to hybrid teaching and learning...
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Investigating Mental Well-being Levels of Physically Disabled People Compared to People without Disabilities

Xinpa Huang
According to the World Health Organization (2022), about 15 percent of the world’s population is affected by disability, and the number is increasing year over year. It is well known that people with physical disabilities have limitations in certain aspects of their lives, but do they have higher or...
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Who Bears More of The Public Pressure for Accidental Pregnancy? Gender, Unintended Pregnancy, Relationship Type and The Sexual Double Standard

Haowen Liu
In contemporary society, it is widely believed that Individuals tended to evaluate men and women with same sexual behavior equally. This study aims to examine whether sexual double standard exits in unintended pregnancy in different commitment to relationship. We use Students (n=300) from the central...
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A Review of the Facial Emotion Recognition in Children with Autism

Enni Guo
The most striking feature of autistic children is their social cognitive deficits, with emotion recognition being the weakest aspect of social cognition. From reviewing the literature related to emotion recognition in children with autism, it is found that there are problems in this field, such as insufficient...
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Exploration on Online and Offline Blended Teaching of University Computer Foundation

Jinli Li, Xuebo Zhang, Lin Wang
In view of the shortcomings of the traditional classroom model, a blended teaching model of “SPOC + Rain classroom + Educoder” is constructed based on a variety of information technology platforms. This paper analyzes the problems existing in the teaching of University Computer Foundation, designs diversified...
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Research on the Implementation Strategies of the Double Reduction Policy

Wuyihong Ding
The “double reduction” policy is based on reducing students' workload, improving the quality of school education so as to build a good educational environment, and putting forward an important measure, promoting the return of compulsory education fairness. The heavy burden of primary and secondary...
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Research on Tax Preference of Ethnic Minority Areas in China Under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Jingmei Ren, Zhuo Cai, Qianning Sun, Wenbo Zhang
The contradiction between the ever-growing needs of the Chinese people for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development is particularly acute in areas that are still underdeveloped in economic development at present. On the premise that China is still in the primary stage of socialism and...
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China’s Quest for Peaceful Development——Rethink Power and World Order

Zeen Li
Since the emergence of modern nation-state in Europe, the International Relations (IR) discipline was born out of relevant research on modern states. Further, IR is generally dominated by the Western perspective during its development. Western IR theory (IRT) based on western history and western philosophy,...
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A Study on the Integration of Chinese Culture into College English Teaching

Yuncai Liu
The study attempts to investigate how three English teachers integrate Chinese culture into college English teaching. The findings demonstrate that variations in teachers’ commitments and modes of instruction contribute to variations in students’ academic performance of Chinese culture because there...
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Strategies and Implementation of English Homework Design for Senior Primary School Students under the Policy of “Double Reduction”

Lixia Li
Homework is an essential part of teaching, it plays an important role in helping students to consolidate knowledge, cultivate the ability, help teachers to test teaching, and extend the classroom. After the policy of “Double Reduction”, to design homework well is worthy of the attention of teachers and...
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Gender Difference in Vague Words: A Corpus-based Study in Chinese-English Political Interpreting

Bing Xiong
Vagueness is often used in discursive contexts, where people often use vague concepts to avoid problems, be polite and maintain face. And due to the sensitive nature of political interpreting, the use of vague words in political interpreting is a key concern for scholars. At the same time, due to gender...
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Research on the Improvement of Information Technology Teaching Ability and Cultivation of Digital Literacy of Normal University Students under the Perspective of "Digital Education"

Shwu Li, Shilan Zhang, Mengqi Shi, Mengdi Wang
The scientific and technological revolution promotes the rapid development of digital technology, and digital resources are an important factor of production. Digital ability and literacy are an important basis for promoting the redevelopment of digital economy. Education is an important means to cultivate...
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Will Innocent Victims Be Blamed Less When Mimicked?

Wenbo Lv, Yanxi Liu, Shuangshuang Cai, Shun Peng, Lei Xu, Jiwen Chen
In current study, we intended to, from the perspective of embodied cognition theory, explore the interactions of mimicry, identity similarity and the threat to just world belief (JWB) on the blame attitude of innocent victims. A completely random design of experiment with three factors: mimicry (mimicry...
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Future Prospects for Civil Engineering

Xin Tao
Mainly about the development of civil engineering, in the future field of civil engineering, there are about the differentiation of construction areas, there are environmental and climatic impacts, there are also unique innovations, the study is the future encountered in various regions and climates...
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The Design of Discussing Theme and Content of the Martial Theoretic Course in Colleges and Universities

Guo Rui
Martial theoretic course has an important position in the education of colleges and universities. However, the teaching practice in recent years has exposed the lack of modern quality, practicality, and cutting-edge characteristics. In view of these problems, the paper proposes ideas and methods for...
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Study on Vocational Education Talents under the Background of Digital Economy

Shuwu Li, Mengdi Wang, Hongmei Leng
The deep integration of digital technology represented by big data, artificial intelligence and 5G technology and traditional industries leads the rapid development of social economy. With the deepening of the digital transformation of the industry, the demand for digital skilled talents in various industries...
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The Effect of Different Paternal Parenting Styles have on Daughter’s Gender Identity and Gender Role Attitudes Formation

Biwen Tu
In this study, we investigated the effect of paternal parenting on daughter’s gender identity formation and development applying qualitative interview. For the 16 female participants, we found a positive correlation between paternal parenting autonomy and daughters’ gender identity and bio-sex inconsistency...
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The Application of Satir's Iceberg Theory in Family Therapy: Evidence from the film text, dialogue and Evelyn's Characteristic in Everything Everywhere All at Once as an example

Ziru Xian, Xiaoying Huang, Xiao Cheng
This research aims to delve into the typical Chinese family structure and parenting approaches by analyzing the behavior of main character Evelyn and the dialogue between characters in the film Everything Everywhere All at Once. Evelyn is a Chinese woman who immigrated into American with her husband...
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An Analysis of the Influence of Home Education on the Values of Chinese College Students from the Perspective of New Media

Yuqi Zhang, Yang Liu, Shuang Lìu
Teaching college students to establish correct values adapts to the needs of society, and family education plays an important role in establishing positive values for college students. Nowadays, the emergence of new media has provided more resources for contemporary family education, but also brought...
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A Study on Gender Bias Against Females in High School English Textbooks Published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

Based on the Comparison of the 2004 Version and the 2019 Version of the Textbook

Zhijie Long
As an important source of teaching content, gender bias in textbooks has a very important influence on students' establishment of correct gender attitudes. This paper takes the 2004 version and the 2019 version of the high school English textbooks published by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research...
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The Role of Dunhuang Culture in the Context of “One Belt, One Road”

Yiwen Miao
The “One Belt, One Road” concept was born as a new type of regional cooperation structure to promote the multi-faceted and coordinated development of countries along the route. Dunhuang assumes an important historical role in promoting the “One Belt, One Road” construction. Dunhuang culture is an important...
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Research Progress of Acupuncture Intervention on Depression Model Rats in Recent Five Years

Yuechen Hu, Xuesong Liang, Jingjing Li, Peng Zhou
Depression is a mental disorder caused by multiple factors, characterized by changes in behavior, cognition and emotion. This disease not only severely affects the daily life of the affected people, but also interferes with their families and the whole society. In recent five years, through the research...
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The Logic Transfer from Chinese to English Translation

Shutong Li, Yifan Xiao
When Chinese native speakers learn English, they are easily affected by the negative transfer from the perspective of logic. Therefore, this paper will focus on logical problems that are easy to occur in Chinese-to-English translation. This paper collected writing samples from senior high school students...
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The Influence of Geographical Factors on the Development of the Bund Port Area and Shanghai Port During 1842 and 1880

Zeyuan Lu
This thesis focuses on the influence of geographical factors on the development of the Bund port area in Shanghai during the period 1842–1880. This study further explores the influence of geographic factors on the development of modern Shanghai ports, showing the role of geography and indeed other causes...
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The Comparison of the Accuracy of Short-Term Verbal Memory Between Positive and Neutral Emotion by Using T-test

Yingze Deng
In this highly information-based society, good memory can largely prevent people from forgetting important information. But many people have different levels of memory of different events. Previous studies have shown that human memory is not constant, but will change with the change of mood. However,...
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How Can People’s Attitude Towards Sexual Double Standard Change Their Attitude Towards Marriage?

PinRun Su
The research question is about whether a more positive attitude towards sexual double standard will change the attitude towards marriage. Recently, the rate of divorce in various countries is continuously increasing. This might be a result of a twisted attitude towards sexual behaviors between genders....
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Research on the Online Learning Experience and Influencing Factors of Overseas Chinese Students in the Post-pandemic Era

Yanxuan Liu
In the post-pandemic era, the COVID-19 disease in China has been effectively controlled, but the global level it still rises and falls, and the internationalization of higher education countries slows down the global cross-border mobility of students, leaving Chinese international students to rely on...