Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Intercultural Communication (ICELAIC 2017)

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The Philosophical Bases of the Pedagogical Views of V. F. Odoyevsky

Anna Martseva, Diana Sivakova
The paper unveils the interrelationship existing between V. F. Odoyevsky's pedagogy and his philosophical ideas. The philosophical and pedagogical legacy of the thinker is of a considerable interest as one of the most developed in the history of Russian thought in the first half of the 19th century in...
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Peculiarities of Teaching Aesthetics to Students with Hearing Disabilities and to Hearing-impaired Students

Natalia Didenko
The work reviews the specifics of teaching aesthetics to students with hearing disabilities and to the hearing impaired students of the Arts and Theatrical Department of the Russian State Specialized Academy of Fine Arts (RGSAI). The goal of the course is to develop students' imaginative and logical...
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Higher School Problems in Russia and Abroad: Philosophical Approach

Vladimir Belov, Julia Karagod
The article gives a brief overview of the main problems facing the higher school in Russia and abroad and suggests a philosophical approach to possible solutions to these problems. It is connected, above all, with the assertion of the need to strengthen the role of humanitarian disciplines and with a...
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The War and the Nature of National Education in the Works of Russian Neokantians

Vladimir Belov, Julia Karagod
Based on the analysis of works of two Russian thinkers S. Hessen and M. Rubinstein the paper considers the problems of national education. It determines that the First World War served as a specific catalyst for data access issues. Russian Neo-Kantian philosophers, graduates of German universities, did...
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Socio-psychological Aspects of Informatization of Higher Education

Ekaterina Gnatik
The article reviews the use of information technology in higher education. Since the impact of information technologies on humans is ambivalent in its nature, there are both advantages and some undesirable aspects pertaining to its significant but not sufficiently studied effect on mental functions of...
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In the "Web" of Problems and Opportunities of Modern Multimedia Methods in Russia's Humanitarian Education

Irina Ponizovkina, Elena Agibalova
The article presents relevant issues and opportunities of modern multimedia education at university. It focuses on the analysis of the impact that innovative methods and methodology implemented in the educational sphere have on the nature and quality of young experts' social-humanitarian training. The...
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Incorporating Critical Thinking in Cross-cultural Comparisons A Case Study of Teaching the Course a Guide to English-speaking Countries

Xiangyu Jiang, Xin Wang, Jiaxin Zou
Cultivating critical thinking (CT) and intercultural communication competence (ICC) currently has been put on the top agenda in English teaching and education. Effective and successful communication across cultures is established on the premise of CT and ICC as well since these two skills overlap to...
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Chinese Culture Teaching from an Intercultural Communication Perspective

Yulou Liu, Xiangyu Jiang, Xianwei Li
Communications between countries all over the world are becoming more and more frequent, and cultural exchanges are an indispensable component. Traditional Chinese culture teaching stresses the input of cultural facts, and then it is difficult to be transformed into intercultural communication competence....
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Research on Intercultural Communication Based on Chinese International Education in Wuhan City Circle

Lipei Yang
According to development law of Chinese international education and regional characteristics of Wuhan (city circle), the current situation of intercultural communication of international students in China and the improving paths are discussed, in order to expand horizons of teaching research and realize...
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A Study on the Metaphorical Fox Image of Cross Culture between China and Japan

Shuqing He
More and more modern literary works begin to show a fox image, the fox was given a lot of mysterious colors. In these works the public was not only attracted by fox itself, but also attracted by the human nature that the content reflects. However, whether in China or Japan, the fox image still has some...
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Research on the Relationship between Resilience and Mental Health of Boarders in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture

Yining Wang, Qian Xie, Xieping Chen
Objective: examine the general situations of boarder's resilience and mental health, and the relevance between resilience and mental health to provide some theoretical suggestions for the psychological education in Aba prefecture. Methods: A total of six hundred and twenty-seven primary school students...
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Study on the Application of the Anti-Japanese War Sites in the Public Course of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities Taking the Anti-Japanese War Sites in Yunnan as the Example

Jun Li
The anti-Japanese war in Yunnan is an important part of China's anti-Japanese war. And it has a unique and important position. Since the beginning of the anti-Japanese war in western Yunnan, Yunnan became the forefront of the anti-Japanese war. After the war, it has left a lot of relics, ruins and cultural...
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A Study on the History of Student Work Changes in Colleges and Universities Since the Establishment of People's Republic of China

Yiwei Jiang
This paper mainly focuses on the development and student work changes in colleges and universities since the founding of new China. First of all, it defines the concept and source of student work in colleges and universities. Secondly, the student work is divided into four stages since the founding of...
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Research on Ways of Building Labor Contract Spirit for Students of Agriculture & Forestry Colleges Taking Sichuan Agricultural University as an Example

Haibo Zhou, Ying Liu
Contemporary agricultural and forestry universities students as the future of society, the main force of modern agricultural construction, and the labor contract spirit directly affect the social contract spirit and harmonious labor relations. But the current students in agriculture and forestry universities...
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A Study on Reform of Vocal Music Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Feng Liu
With the continuous development of society, the teaching of vocal music in colleges and universities must be reformed to meet the needs of the development of the times. The reform of vocal music teaching in colleges and universities should follow the requirements of talents cultivation goal in the new...
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An Analysis on the University-level and School-level Rights Allocation Theory in the Governance of Colleges and Universities

Jingbo Feng, Wanbing Shi
The clarity of power and responsibility is the key factor to determine the efficiency of internal governance. And the advantages and disadvantages of university-level and school-level rights allocation are the basis of the clarity of rights and responsibility. The study expounds the necessity of this...
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Research on Construction Scheme and Characteristic Implementation Approach of Promotion Plan of "E-class" in Applied Undergraduate University

Xin Dong, Rui Guo
Network moral education is an important part of the overall strategic deployment of Chinese Communist Party and China. "E-Class" provides teachers and students with one-stop, multi-functional, extensible and highly integrated of online and offline services, which is one of the key points of moral education...
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Educational Technologies in Work with Gifted Students

Marina Ivleva
This paper considers the most popular, optimal and effective programs for the education and development of gifted children from the point of view of achieving the set goals. This article substantiates the relevance of such work and reviews the state of research in this area. The use of the technological...
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Innovative Exploration on the IOT Mode of Public-private Partnership for Local Vocational Education

Lu Huang, Xi Yang
Speeding up the development of modern vocational education is a major strategic decision made by the Central Committee of CPC and the State Council. Due to the great difficulty for the local finance to guarantee the sustainable development of vocational schools, the urgent need for skilled talents' support...
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An Exploration on Process-oriented Model of Translation Teaching among Chinese Colleges in the Information Era

Yuanzhen Wu, Shijun Liu
Based on the Process-oriented model, the paper tries to make an exploration on effective translation teaching among Chinese colleges. It mainly puts forward two teaching approaches, that is, the application of translation workshop and reflective journal writing. Also how to apply the teaching model in...
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Improving Measures Analysis on the Fusion Development of Chongqing Higher Vocational Education and Local Industries

Runjuan Li, Shuaijin Huang, Youxin Liu
Based on the analysis of the trends of the relation between the investment in higher vocational education (HVE) and economic growth, this paper analyzes and points out the prominent problems in the development of HVE in Chongqing, and then the authors put forward some improving measures through the integration...
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Research on Education Process Fairness from the Perspective of Differential Education

Xiang Li
Education process fairness aimed at students' individual needs adopts a reasonable differential treatment. It is the reflection and application of fair principle and fair value in the process of education. Education process fairness is in the pursuit of all-round development of students, and adopts different...
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A Study on College English Teachers' Emotion and Classroom Teaching Efficiency

Yunfei Zhang
With the continuous improvement of language teaching reform, the teaching focus is increasingly emphasized on the function of cognition during the process of second language acquisition. However, the classroom teaching is an interaction between teachers and students, teachers' emotion will directly influence...
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Second Language Acquisition Theory Based Bilingual Teaching Methods of Computer Science

Fumin Ma, Jingwen Chen
According to the characteristics of computer science, the second language acquisition theory based bilingual teaching methods under credit system was studied. The main factors that influence the learning motivation of bilingual teaching under credit system are analyzed firstly, and the learning motivation...
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Research on the Core Competence and Training System of Computer Speciality for Big Data Processing in Colleges and Universities of Finance and Economics

Fumin Ma
In big data era, the computer professionals should be equipped with the ability of big data processing and analysis. And multi-disciplinary collaborative innovation and interdisciplinary cross-learning ability is becoming more and more important. According to the market demands of big data professionals...
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Curriculum Development Strategy of Adult Education under the Theory of Modern Adult Education Development

Hua Wang
With the development of the times and the concept of lifelong learning, adult education has become an important part of the development of higher education in China. And it also has played an active role in improving the quality of personnel training. The theory of adult education development has pointed...
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Evaluation on the Development Mode and Process of Modernized Education in China

Dan Wu
Modernized education is an important supporting part for accelerating the construction of a modernized country. Based on references available at home and abroad, this author collects and borrows modernized education evaluation systems in all aspects. Based on the achievements, first, this article analyzes...
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Theoretical Study on the Cultivation of Competitive Talents in Colleges and Universities in China

Yaohui Lin
The University is to cultivate all-round development of talents. In recent years, with the mode of cultivating innovation and continuous improvement, social evaluation of the school began to develop in the direction of diversification, followed by more and more universities begin to pay attention to...
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Thinking on Construction and Development of Student Associations in the Universities for Overseas Chinese under the Perspective of Students' Growth Needs

Yile Dong
As an important informal student organization in universities for overseas Chinese, student associations play a distinctly important role in cultivating high quality talents. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the growth needs of students in the universities for overseas Chinese for student associations...
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Research on Worldwide Academic Writing Course Based on the Analysis of Multinational Academic Writing Literature

Xiaofang Cong, Dan Wang, Jiaxin Zou
According to an international WAC/WID Mapping Project on the academic writing having been conducted since 2006 by the research Team of Chris Thaiss in the University of California, the responses of 38 educational organizations from 27 countries to the investigation are analyzed. The current situation...
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Discussion on the Contemporary Value of Yunnan Anti-Japanese War Sites in the Practice of Core Value of Patriotism in Colleges

Jun Li
During Anti-Japanese War, there are a large number of anti-war sites and relics left in Yunnan, which not only carry the historical truth, but also are the evidence distinguishing the right and wrong in history and determining the success and failure in history, as well as the important practice and...
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Cohesion Errors in Writing among EFL Junior Middle School Students

Liang Chu
English writing, as a senior form of language using, has irreplaceable value in daily life. For students, meeting the general requirements in the English language learning means to use English in writing skillfully. The purpose of this study is: (1) to analyze the text of junior middle school students'...
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A Summary of Metacognition Research on Second Language Learning in China

Xiaoting Zhang, Jing Xiao
Since the meta-cognitive theory was introduced to the field of language teaching and research in China, many meta-cognitive theory-based researches on English learning and teaching have been carried out. This paper reviews these researches and concludes the achievements as well as the shortcomings: (1)...
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The Meaning of Debate and Critical Thinking to Foreign Language Education: A Cognitive Perspective

Zhong Deng
This paper is intended to elaborate on the theoretical and practical importance of debate and critical thinking to the foreign language education in China's higher learning institutions. By integrating the cognitive mechanisms responsible for critical thinking and those demanded by the teaching strategies...
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Application of Metacognitive Strategies in EFL Writing Instruction

Tianqiong Xia
English writing, traditionally seen as one of the four basic skills of second language (L2) learning, always plays an important role in language teaching and learning. How to improve students' writing proficiency is one of hot issues in EFL instruction. This paper explores metacognitive strategies application...
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Entry Points on Forming Cross-culture Awareness and Moral Quality in College English Textbooks

Beili Liu
With the problem of "weakening or even ignoring the cross-culture teaching and moral education infiltration" in college English classes, this paper aims at studying the entry points in the college English textbooks on putting cross-culture knowledge into the college English teaching to cultivate students'...
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Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Advertising Language

Chunli Zhang
With the advent of the information age, the way of information transmission has gone beyond a single form of text symbol. So far, the discourse analysis is basically restricted to the language itself, paying no attention to other meaning expression forms, such as sound, image and animation. However,...
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Logical-argumentative Basics of Educational Culture

Vitaly Ivlev, Yury Ivlev, Marina Ivleva
The logical-argumentative culture is a part of educational culture. It includes ideological part – the knowledge of types of knowledge expressions, their meaning and significance, methods of reasoning, methods of justification of knowledge etc., as well as the logical-argumentative methodology (technologies...
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An Investigation on the Current Situation of Learning Support Service of Network Teaching Platform

Hui Wang, Peng Zhang
It has made the investigation from the perspective of learning support service. And it has investigated the learning support service of the network teaching platform of a university in Beijing from the aspects of resource support, emotional support, interactive support and management support. Through...
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A Research on the System of Dragon Boat Course in Chinese Universities

Yaohui Lin
Dragon boat sport is an ancient activity originated from China with over two thousand years history. Now with the society and economy developing, dragon boat sport and modern culture have merged together while a growing number of people recognized it. On the other hand, many universities put their emphasis...
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Reflections on the Construction of Education System for General Practitioners in China

Ying Huang, Shanshan Li
This paper puts forward the suggestions to the establishment of standardized vocational training system for general practitioners in China, differentiated cultivation for general practitioners and specialists, strengthening the cooperation with basic medical institution and the construction of long-term...
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The Opportunity of Carrying Forward and Cultivating Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army Spirit under the New Situation

Lujun Lv
Northeast anti-Japanese united army spirit is the spirit of the Anti-Japanese United Army led by the Communist Party of China (CPC) in the process of attacking the Japanese invaders. It is an important part of the spirit of the Chinese war of resisting against Japan. It is the sublimation of the Chinese...
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The Development and Practice of Curriculum Based on Four Educational Ideas

Mingchun Zhang, Xin Wang
In this study, according to the four educational ideas, the training model of students' growth path has been established. The development of curriculum is conducted through instancing the curriculum of rail transit safety and management. The curriculum objectives are quantified and the comprehensive...
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Organizational and Educational Aspects of Primary Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Psychoactive Substance Dependence at a Medical School

Konstantin Zorin
The paper substantiates the significance of organizational and education aspects of the primary prevention of HIV/ AIDS and the psychoactive substance dependence among future doctors. Enhancement of the higher medical education system needs to seek new methods of education and upbringing. It may be desirable...
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The Exploration into the Theoretical Problems of the Infiltration of Moral Education in the University PE Classes

Gaosheng Li
Enhancing morality and fostering talents has been the overall goal for all subjects. The thesis is to explore the existing problems with the penetrative moral education in university PE classes and to discuss the theoretical problems of the integration of PE and moral education. Through the digging of...
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Research on the Construction of Campus Sports Competition Culture in Hubei Colleges and Universities

Tan Wu
Colleges and universities are the cradle of training talents, and good campus sports competition culture is one of the important indexes to mark the level of university. This paper takes the construction of campus sports competition culture in Universities in Hubei Province as the research object, and...
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Theoretical Reflection on the Reform of Physical Education in General Colleges and Universities

Haisheng Zou
In view of the existing problems in the teaching of physical education in colleges and universities in our country, this paper discusses the relationship between college sports and middle school physical education teaching content, the relationship between school sports and lifelong sports, the consciousness...
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Ways to Training of Teachers' Comprehensive Quality in Normal Colleges and Universities

Yanxia Wang
Education is a fundamental task and it is crucial for generations. In the background of knowledge economy, more and more people want to enter the institution of higher education for further study. Colleges and universities in China is increasing in number and expanding in scale. Under this background,...
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Improvement of the Popularity and Effectiveness of College Counselors in Ideological and Political Education Based on WeChat

Wenli Chen
As the most popular social media at present, WeChat has roundly involved in the learning and life of college students, profoundly influencing their behavioral pattern and ideology. According to the investigation and sample analysis on the utilization of WeChat by college counselors and students, college...
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Research on Professional Spirit Cultivation Mechanism for Young Teachers in Private Colleges

Qiang Dou
The professional spirit cultivation of young teachers in private colleges has been a major topic and an urgent mission faced by the private colleges with the profound changes of world situation and the national conditions as well as the continuous advancement of educational reform. This paper describes...
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From the Sameness to the Difference: New Citizens' Children Education Fairness Path

Jinxia Qiao
In the process of searching the education equality of new citizen' children, education fair on starting point is mainly to solve the "to study ", which result from the management and control in macroscopic aspect of national policy, to realize the right of equality and unity of children in the urban...
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Cultivating Intercultural Competence and Critical Thinking Skills in Chinese Culture Oriented Foreign Teaching

Bo Song
The cultivation of technical international talents is the primary task and the fundamental requirement. The intercultural competence and critical thinking skills which attach great importance to bilingual and bicultural competence are core qualities for technical international talents and the ultimate...
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The Study of the Cultivation Mode of Polytechnic University Students' Guoxue Quality

Lan Wang
To strengthen university students' guoxue quality is a research subject responding to the call of the party and country, and also in line with the new current situation needs. For polytechnic universities with relatively weak humanities education, this research subject is more urgent. Cultivation of...
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Current Situation and Analysis of "Technical and Vocational" Education in Taiwan

Lihua Huang, Minggang Zhan
The higher technical and vocational education in Taiwan has experienced many important milestones, and the achievement of higher "technical and vocational" education reform is especially obvious in the recent 20 years since the middle 1990s. However, there are still dilemmas while obtaining considerable...
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A Study on International Business Majors' Intercultural Communication Courses

Dingjie Xu
This thesis tries to introduce active learning in intercultural communication courses. Students can be placed in an actively inquiring, problem solving, and language exchanging environment. In active learning, students will independently access to knowledge resources, understand their own learning process...
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Teaching of Intercultural Communication for Business Professionals in Business Training Project

Jin Wang
Under the unprecedented high-speed globalization, China with its economy is playing a remarkable and influential role in international business. The "Going-out" as and "One Belt, One Road" strategies demonstrate China's open and collaborative attitude toward international cooperation and interaction....
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The Empirical Study of Expansive Learning of College Students Basing on the Expansive Teaching Experiment

Yue Liu, Wei Huang
Basing on the expansive learning theory and the changing laboratory, the study designed and implemented the expansive teaching experiment to explore the application model of expansive learning in the field of courses in Chinese colleges. Then, it developed the learning scale of college students from...
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Discussion on College English Teaching Research from the Perspective of Holistic Education

Jun Ye
The traditional philosophy and mode of teaching and learning must be innovated in order to promote the reform of teaching and learning of college English, cultivate talents with solid professional and comprehensive knowledge as well as good moral characters. Holistic education is of significance in guiding...
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Discussion on the Borrowing of Behavioral Science Theory for Ideological and Political Education Methods

Lei Wang
On account of the great challenge faced by ideological and political education of college students, it's indispensable to borrow theoretical achievements from related disciplines. Behavior Science Theory is a subject that specializes in human's behavior principles. This paper expounds the referential...
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Study of the Influence of Two-child Policy on English Teachers in Primary Schools Based on the Case of Xi'an City

Zhengya Li
The two-child policy has aroused tremendous attention of the public. Some researchers have explored its influence on compulsory education. This study attempted to present its influence on English language teachers in primary schools. The survey of 343 samples and interview of 7 principals reveal that...
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Analysis on the Path of Revolutionary Culture Education in Colleges and Universities in the New Period

Chongjie Han
Revolutionary culture is an important part of Chinese culture, and it is a unique spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation. Colleges and universities are the most concentrated place for young students, and they are the forefront of propaganda and education of revolutionary culture. Based on the new changes...
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The New Development of Ideological and Political Education in Universities under the Backgrounds of "Four Comprehensives"

Jie Zhang
Since the 18th CPC national congress, the CPC central committee has put forward and formed "four comprehensives" strategic thoughts. Under the background of "four comprehensives", new requirements are put forward for the work of university ideology and politics education. Universities should keep abreast...
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Research on the "Trinity" Construction of College Students' Psychological Crisis Prevention and Intervention

Hengshan Yi
Nowadays, owing to the influence of social environment, family environment and school environment, college students are faced with academic pressure, employment pressure, economic pressures and interpersonal relationships pressure and so on, which have a serious impact on the healthy growth of college...
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Incorporating Blended Learning in an Undergraduate English Course in China

Wei Chen
With the growth of the internet and e-learning, blended learning has become popular, offering various combinations of internal classes and online content. This paper reports the results of delivering a second-year literature course to EFL learners using blended learning. This study demonstrates how blended...
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Research on Young Pioneer Counselor's Sex Education Curriculum Leadership

Yunfeng Huang
Young pioneers counselors sex education curriculum leadership refers to young pioneers counselors' ability to lead and guide in the activities of sex education course design, development, implementation and evaluation, including Children's sex education curriculum value insight, Vision of foresight,...
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An Analysis of the Development Path of China's New Higher Engineering Education From a Perspective of New Institutionalism on the Basis of Organizational Research

Wei Ju
In the worldwide, a new round of technological revolution and industrial change has promoted China to accelerate the transformation and development of higher engineering education. Higher engineering education is closely linked with industrial development. It is of great significance to support and service...
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A Study on the Construction of School-enterprise Customized Curriculum for Employment-oriented Japanese

Wanlong Zhu
The market should understand the current needs of Japanese professionals. According to the analysis on the current situation of employment and professional development, it can improve the current Japanese education model. And it also can find out the development of Japanese industry. Then, it would explore...
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Exploration and Practice of the Teaching Model of Japanese Translation Course Based on the Situation of Dalian Neusoft University of Information

Xuechao Xu
The goal and task of Japanese translation course is to improve the students' ability of Chinese-Japanese translation, make students have a high level of oral and written translation, and lay a solid foundation for teaching and translation work in the future. Japanese translation course is a very practical...
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The Way to Cultivate Intercultural Communicative Competence in Japanese Teaching

Chunhua Piao
Foreign language education has two goals, one is linguistic and literary goal, and the other is social humanistic goal. Social humanistic education refers to intercultural education, aimed at cultivating cross-cultural awareness, knowledge, and ability to live in harmony with people from different cultural...
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Review of Research on EFL Flipped Teaching

Fangmin Pu
This paper has reviewed the previous studies on EFL flipped teaching and found the following characteristics. First, most studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the use of the flipped classroom approach in EFL teaching. They have also proved that this approach can bring a lot of benefits to EFL...
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Discussion on the Curriculum System of "Modern Apprenticeship" Educational Model in Accounting Major of Higher Vocational Colleges

Yiman Song
Based on the "Opinions on the implementation of pilot Work of Modern Apprenticeship" issued by the Ministry of Education of China, this paper analyzes the effectiveness of curriculum reform under the "modern apprenticeship" education model for the curriculum of accounting major in higher vocational colleges....
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A Comparative Study on "Technical and Vocational" Education of Taiwan and Transformation of Application-oriented University of Fujian

Lihua Huang, Shaofeng Luo
Based on the study of the higher education system of Taiwan and higher technical and vocational education system of Taiwan, it puts forward some suggestions on the innovation of transformation of application-oriented colleges and universities of Fujian in this paper, such as the teaching reform, the...
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The Investigation and Analysis of the Graduate Students'Learning Initiative Taking C University in Xi'an as an Example

Xianping Yuan, Lingxian Kong
The learning initiative of graduate students has a very important impact on their learning effect at school and the number of their research findings. In this paper, a questionnaire survey was conducted to investigate the learning status of graduate students at C University in Xi'an. The results show...
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What Lies Behind the Mirror: An Intercultural Pragmatic Approach to Citation Practices

Liyin Zhang
Academic writers are set in the socio-cultural context, searching for recognition from potential readers with citations as the bridge. Appropriate citations, however, can be hard to achieve. In particular, for novice EFL writers, their lack of control over linguistic skills and insufficient mastery of...
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Literature Appreciation Teaching Design under the Learning Community Pattern in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xu Hu
Learning community in higher vocational colleges reflects equality and cooperation, helps teacher-student communication and highlights harmony and intergrowth. The learning community of literature appreciation in higher vocational colleges is focused on interaction in teaching, grasps students' psychological...
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The Structure Optimization of French Intensive Reading Course Based on the Needs Analysis Theory

Haijie Wang
With the acceleration of economic globalization and the deepening of China's reform and opening up, the exchanges between our country and the French-speaking countries have become more and more extensive, the scale of commercial foreign trade in these countries has been expanding, the Needs for international...
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The Empirical Application of Task-based Language Teaching to English Speaking Classroom

Xin Cui
This paper would provide a general overview of TBLT approach based on evaluating the actual 40 minutes TBL speaking class that draw on my individual teaching experiences. It attempts to illustrate that TBLT approach can be feasible and effective for the EFL speaking teaching classroom.
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Tense and Aspect in Performative Utterances in Bulgarian

Svetlana Slavkova
Bulgarian differs from the other Slavic languages in that performatives are used in a somewhat wider range of tense-aspectual forms than the (always imperfective) present, which is the classic form for performative utterances in general. In fact, performatives occur in the analytical future, both perfective...
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Social Conventions and Human Tragedy in Richard Jefferies‟ “The Acorn-gatherer”

Zhengfeng Chen, Pei Zheng
Richard Jefferies is a British writer well-known for his novel on the history, rural life and agriculture in the late Victorian England. His works, The Acorn-gather, through the lonely life and silent death of a little boy, accounts for the rigid social conventions and human tragedy of lower-strata people...
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An Exploration on the Culture Compensation in Publicity-oriented Chinese-English Translation of Jiangxi Enterprise Websites

Guilan Liu, Juanping Shao
This paper takes enterprise website publicity-oriented Chinese-English translation of Jiangxi Province as an example to explore the cultural default compensation strategies to website Chinese-English translation, with a view to helping enterprises overcome cultural barriers, to bettering cross-cultural...
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A Corpus-based Contrastive Study of Semantic Prosody of Basic Color Word in English and Chinese

Xingjia Chong, Mei Bai
Semantic prosody is a kind of abnormal collocation in nature, and has been attached great importance to the definition and classification by researchers home and abroad. Based on data from BNC and LCMC, this paper tries to find the differences of basic color word in their lexical collocation and semantic...
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Bringing Language and Philosophy Together through Linguistic and Philosophical Interpretation of Language Units

Ruzana Pskhu, Galina Zashchitina, Irina Kholina
The article presents an attempt to analyze the way by which such linguistic units as 'philosophy' and 'poetry' can reveal a shared philosophical potential in certain contexts which may be down to the similarity of semes. The authors resort to such means as componential and philosophical-hermeneutic methods...
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Communicative Practices in Their Semantic Orientation on Algorithms of Successful Interactions

Tatiana Leshkevich
The article is devoted to the analysis of communicative practices congruent with the socio-cultural type of the social system. The semantic scope of the concept of "communicative practices", their advantages, functions and structural components are discussed. The main purpose of the article is to reveal...
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An Analysis of Symbolism in The Scarlet Letter

Dan Zheng
Nathaniel Hawthorne's unique gift was for the creation of strongly symbolic stories which touch the deepest roots of man's moral nature. The finest example is the recreation of The Scarlet Letter. It is a typical one of his ideal and artistic style and is regarded as the first American symbolic fiction,...
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Exploring the Codeswitchings in the Speech Community of Teoswa A Perspective of Adaption Theory

Zhuosi Luo
Using the theoretical framework of Verschueren's adaptation theory to explain the reasons behind all the codeswitching phenomena, this research aims to shed light on the codeswitching phenomena in Teoswa region. Through analyzing the codeswithing between Teochew, Cantonese and Mandarin in the speech...
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Appreciation on Figures of Speech of Once More to the Lake

Guiying Kong
Rhetoric is an art of linguistic performance. Using them properly can enhance the effect of expression, vividness, persuasiveness and appeal of language. There are a lot of elegant figures of speech in Once More to the Lake, the article will appreciate their usages from the perspective of phonetics,...
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The Study of China English and Its Implication for TEFL in China

HongJian Liu
The paper first describes the rapid development of English as a lingua franca in the world. As an important means of communication, language is always in motion; the internationalization of English triggers the nativization of English across the world. The development of the English language all over...
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A Corpus-based Study on Ditransitive Construction "Give" in English Writing

Mi Wang, Huaqing He
Under the framework of Goldberg's Construction Grammar, this study analyses the "give" frequency, the preference of the patient argument and errors types with the help of quantitative approach and qualitative analysis. It aims at providing senior high school students with some methods to improve their...
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Bulgarian and Russian Zoomorphic Figurative Comparisons Reflecting Human Appearance

Radostina Stoyanova
The paper presents the research aimed at the identification of the similarities and differences in zoomorphic figurative comparisons existing to describe human appearance in the Bulgarian and Russian linguocultures. The research is based on the materials of lexicographic publications of B. Yanev , K....
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A Study on the Translation of "Sister" by Lu Yao under the Perspective of Translation Ethics

Xiaohui Zhang
Under the new situation, the put forth of "the Belt and Road" and the implementation of "going out" strategy, give Shaanxi literature a vigorous vitality. In 2011, the writing of overseas literature promotion program compiled the English version "short film collection of Shaanxi writers". In the process...
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The Language Contact Status of Kanbun Kundoku in East Asian Languages

Hongyan Liu, Qingping Ren
This paper is about the status of Kanbun Kundoku in the language contact among East Asian languages. From the discussion, we concluded that language contact can be in progress in different kinds of medium from the perspective of modern language contact study. Kanbun Kundoku on East Asian can be understood...
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Foreignization and its Contributions to the Translation of Weapons, Magic and Spells in W.J.F Jenner's Version of Journey to the West

Zhong Deng, Jingjing Jiang
Weapons, magic and spells in Journey to the West not only play a crucial part in immortal-and-demon fights but also contain profound culture connotations which pose great difficulty to non-Chinese readers. This paper, by analyzing Jenner's English translation on weapons, magic and spells from the perspective...
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A Retrospect and Prospect of the Researches on Adjectives in Unearthed Literatures of the Warring States Period

Xiaowei Jiang, Yanmei Zhang, Huimin Quan, Linxue Zhao, Yixin Hu
The adjectives of ancient Chinese have always been the focused attention of scholars, but the related researches mainly focused on handed-down literatures, and paid little attention to unearthed literatures which are closer to the original appearance of Chinese language. Therefore, this article has reviewed...
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Reviews of the Study of the Language in Unearthed Warring States and Qin Dynasty Literature

Weiming Peng, Yanmei Zhang, Yixin Hu
The research of unearthed literature in warring states period has achieved a series of new developments and abundant outcomes by scholar in recent years. And this article made brief evaluations and prospects from explanations of Chinese characters, vocabulary arrangement, grammar research, interchangeable...
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Reframing Narratives in Yan Fu's Translation of Evolution and Ethics

Ke Li
Along with the new tendency to apply the notion of narrative to all activities and disciplines, narrative theory, put forward by Mona Baker, provides us alternative understandings on Yan Fu's translation of Evolution and Ethics in Late Qing Dynasty. The purpose of this paper is to clarify how Yan Fu...
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Research on Changes of Women Images in Chinese Translations from the Perspective of Rewriting Theory A Case Study of The Complete Classic Series of Sherlock Holmes

Huiqiong Li
This essay chooses two typical translations of The Complete Classic Series of Sherlock Holmes and compares the women images. Based on Lefevere's rewriting theory, this thesis attempts to find the reasons for the changes of women images. By analyzing different patronages, ideologies and poetics in the...
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A Contrastive Analysis on the Theme of Revenge in the Count of Monte Cristo and Nirvana in Fire

Xiaochun Luo
Dumas, a famous French writer, has a representative work called The Count of Monte Cristo Entrusted by the captain, the protagonist named Edmond, sent a letter to Napoleonic party. However, he was framed by two despicable people and the grand justice. The work tells Edmond's miserable suffering and his...
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Cross-linguistic Study on Academic Writings in Creating Coherence Textual Metadiscourse in Abstracts of Master's Thesis

Wu Wu, Yudan Li
What is essential to academic texts is coherence, which is acknowledged to be "difficult to teach and difficult to learn". Metadiscourse, as features in the discourse which can help readers decode the message, functions in the construction of coherence. This study aims to investigate how coherence differs...
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A Study on E-C Subtitle Translation of the NetEase Open Educational Resources from the Perspective of Skopos Theory A Case Study of the Harvard Open Course Postive Psychology

Jing Guo
As a new type of curriculum, the Network Open Educational Resources (NOER) are becoming increasingly popular with the development of network technology. And it is also an important access to self-learning for domestic learners. Due to the high quality of NORE and the great expectation from the target...
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Review and Prospect of Research on Language Teaching Evaluation Theory in China

Yufang Rao
This paper first gives a brief overview of the definition to "evaluation" of language teaching based on the analysis of basic concepts, and then summarizes the theoretical content and theoretical system of language evaluation. By reviewing the main research features and existing practical problems of...