Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Education, Economics and Social Science (ICEESS 2018)

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Constructing Experimental & Practical Curriculum for Talent Training of E-Commerce

Yan Peng, Jie Wang, Yihong Rong
In this work, we study the system of experimental and practical curriculum, including teaching plans and teaching mode for practical training program in the “E-commerce” major, under the environment of big data. We implement a progressive full-period of “practical teaching + discipline competition innovation...
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Research on the Training Program Design of Interdisciplinary Engineering Talents Based on Outcome Based Education - Take intelligent manufacturing system engineering major as an example

Wenjuan Zhang, Keqi Xiong, Ying Yu, Yifei Yang
To meet the requirements of interdisciplinary and compound talents from the new industrial revolution, China's higher engineering education is reforming towards new model. Taking the new major named "intelligent manufacturing system engineering" as an example, basing on outcome-based education model,...
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New Trend of International Trade Friction and the Countermeasures - A Case Study of Sino-US Trade Friction

Lu Wan, Yizhong Fu
The world had seen a good trend of goods and service trade in recent years. However, trade frictions came up frequently, and especially occurred between some giant economies. This brought up uncertainty to relationship of nations and would hinder the global trade and productions. In this paper, we first...
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A study on the Influence of Internship Satisfaction on Employment Intention - Personality traits as moderator variables

Chia-wei Chao
The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between personality traits, internship satisfaction, and employment intention, and whether personality traits are moderators of internship satisfaction and employment intention. The sample was 100 valid questionnaires collected from the students...
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Cultivation Practice of Financial Top-notch Innovative Talents in Local University - Taking the "Financial Innovation Class" as an example of Hubei University of Economics

Yi Li, Shuanghu Zou, Zhengwang Li
At the end of 2010, the Financial Innovation Class of Hubei University of Economics was selected as the experimental program of top-notch innovative talent cultivation in ordinary colleges and universities in Hubei province. After nearly eight years of training practice, Financial Innovation Class adheres...
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Oral English Teaching Aided by ICT from the Perspective of Educational Ecology

Xian Tang
This paper explores the factors that influence an oral English class aided by ICT from the perspective of educational ecology, and then it discusses the foundations and strategies to establish a balanced class ecological system of an oral English class with ICT. Based on the findings of a questionnaire...
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Research on the Quality Assurance System of Financial and Economic University Graduate Students under the Background of Big Data

Rong Yu, Lei Huang
Big data has become an important field for international competition and national development, and urgent demand about big data has been created. This paper discuss the gap between current situation of graduate student education and the demand under big data. Dissipative structure theory is used to analyze...
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Discussion on Information-Based Teaching Reform under the Background of Smart Education

Yanming Yang, Yinpeng Qi, Yumin Shi
With the deep integration of "Internet+" and education and the introduction of smart education, how to promote the reform of information technology teaching in colleges and universities and accelerate the cultivation of high-quality talents has become a major issue facing college education in the new...
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Analysis of Post-90s Migrant Workers' Working and Living Status and the Willingness to Settle

Yuan Zhou
Using the dynamic monitoring survey data of health workers in the floating population in 2015, the Post-90s migrant workers were identified. Based on the analysis of the working life of the city, the Binary Logistic Analysis model is used to explore the Post-90s migrant workers' willingness to settle...
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On Status Quo and Choices of Development Paths of County-level Community Banks

Liang-xin Li, Lu Wang
Through investigate on different financial development at home and abroad, it is found that a sound and complete financial system is a common practice which includes large commercial banks, small and medium-sized banks, and various types of bank financial institutions. Only in this way can the entire...
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The Course Orientation of Electronic Technology in the Secondary Vocational Education System

Xiaoyu Liu, Shixin Li, Yang Cao
Since the reform and opening up, electronic technology has been developing steadily for several decades and permeated lots of fields of society. It can be captured the shadow of electronic technology in the fields of medical treatment, machinery manufacturing and information processing. This is an urgent...
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On the Origin and Features of the Pleasing Function of Language

Bin Han
The main purpose of verbal activity is to exchange information, and the language used in verbal activity can also realize a pleasing function. According to people’s awareness of language’s pleasing function in language use, the pleasing function of language can be divided into two types: explicit pleasing...
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Path to Realize Principle of Law-based Taxation in China

Guilin Gao, Yating Zhang
The principle of law-based taxation is one of the three basic principles of tax law, and it is the highest principle of them. The principle of law-based taxation is the basic principle to ensure smooth operation of taxation system in a country and the code that is strictly observed in different countries....
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Training Mode on Innovative Talents in Universities

Rui Liu
For the cultivation of innovative talents, this paper takes accounting major as an example, compares the training mode of innovative talents in Europe and the United States, and then proposes a new mode of talent cultivation based on the existing problems in China called “theory + practice + theory”....
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Stochastic Dominance and Index Fund Investment Decision

Kai Shi, Tianfeng Qi
The concept of stochastic dominance provides a more general evaluation criterion for expected utility under uncertainty. This paper discusses the investment choice of index funds in light of the concept of stochastic dominance. It is found that small and medium-sized board index funds provide greater...
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Analysis on the Application of Four Resources Models in College English

Hongxia Dai, Zhongmeng Chen
Freebody and Luke first proposed the four resources models, which regarded language as a resource and are mainly used in the practical teaching of second language. They are used in various language learning situations by many teachers to improve students' language learning participation, enthusiasm and...
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On Homo-sociality: Sedgwick’s Critical Theory

Zhen Xu
Homo-sociality relates to social relationships between persons of the same sex, Male bonding is the embodiment of homo-sociality. Obligatory heterosexuality was built into male-dominated kinship systems, and homophobia is just a consequence of patriarchy. Sedgwick’s theoretical system was based on sociology...
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Evaluation of Award Factors for Students’ Competitions Based on AHP

Keyu Bao, Jingjie Liu, Yan Peng
In recent years, a number of high-level science and technology competitions for college students have gradually emerged, and some contests with wide spread participation, strong influence, and species diversity have gradually formed. While facing a variety of choices and opportunities, students are also...
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On Allen’s Teacher Education Reform Rationale and Strategies

Ruiling Lu, Jine Chang
Effective education depends on effective teachers, and effective teachers relies on effective teacher education. This paper briefly introduces American educator Dr. Allen’s ideas on teacher education reforms. On the basis of analyzing the prevailing problems facing teacher education, such as “standardized”...
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Application of Reading Method in the Teaching of College English Writing

Zhipeng Liu
At present, the English writing scores of college student are unsatisfactory, and the reason of it is that they do few English reading. Reading and writing are mutually reinforcing and interdependent. In practical teaching, teachers shall cultivate students’ writing ability in the following aspects:...
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Research on Video Evidence Volume Based on Cloud Storage

Feng Xu
With the development of the Ministry of public security's safety project, video surveillance detectors have been found in every corner of life, it provides an indispensable help to stabilize the public order and detection of criminal cases. In view of the existing problems of storage mode and monitoring...
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Study on the Practical Teaching System of Human Resource Management in Applied Undergraduate

Ning Cui, Wei Zhang
With the development of times, practical ability is becoming more and more crucial to decide whether students are competent in labor market. Human resource management is very practical, students majored in HRM are required to have high practical ability. Practical ability and innovation ability are two...
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Interpretations of Chinese Wh-phrases in Relative Clauses in Perspective of Cognitive Grammar

Xiaoqiong Wang, Małgorzata Religa, Kałużyńska Irena
The paper demonstrates the differences of three relative clauses with Wh-phrases when they are the complements of “zhidao (to know)”, “wen (to ask)”, “xiangxin (to believe)” in the perspective of cognitive grammar. Chinese Wh-phrases in questions don’t need to be moved to the beginning of the sentences....
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Research on Performance Appraisal System of Primary School Teachers Based on AHP

Ning Cui, Wei Zhang
Teacher performance appraisal is the important foundation for assessing and promoting teachers’ achievement and improving teaching quality. Taking A primary school as investigation case, this paper tries to construct the teacher performance appraisal system and to explain the contents of indexes and...
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Cultivating Design Thinking in Students through Event Simulation Course

Xuehui Zeng
Event industry is facing a big challenge of sustainability. Students of event management will encounter the uncertainties of real world and business problems where many stakeholders are involved. The major purpose of education is to prepare the student for the change and the challenge through learning...
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Production-oriented Approach in College English Teaching

Yina Wu
Chinese professor WEN Qiufang puts forward a theoretical system of production-oriented approach, which focuses on the big problem of "separation of learning and using" in English learning by Chinese college students, emphasizes the role of production in language learning and introduces the idea of integrating...
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How to Treat Off-campus Training Institutions

Xiulian Liu, Yao Li
The effects of off-campus training in institutions are discussed in this paper. It has been found that the off-campus training aims at making children more competent and meeting expectations of parents. Off-campus training education can promote the personalized development of students, and enrich the...
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The Impact of Traditional Approach to Chinese Literacy Education on English Language Teaching

Xia Yu
Text memorization is a widely used yet under-explored language practice in foreign language education in China and other Confucian heritage countries. The present study addresses the need for a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the perceptions of Chinese teachers regarding the use of text memorization...
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Study on Autonomous Learning of College Students in Specialized English

Wei Zhang
Presently, the capability of learning autonomously has become a more and more important index in measuring quality of university students. But the truth is that many college students are lack of motivation or ability to learn autonomously, especially in the field of specialized English. The following...
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Association between Transparency and Donation Revenue of Charity Foundations in China - Using a Quantile Regression Method

Pu Jian, Jinghua Zhang, Pinxiao Zeng, Xi Lan
Using 6,035 charitable organization observations during 2010-2015 from Chinese Foundations Center ( CFC ) database, this study applied quantile regression method to examine how the transparency of CFs is associated with the donation revenues ratios across low and high percentiles. While the OLS result...
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Research on the Design of Experimental Teaching System for Applied Logistics Management Major

Xiaofen Zhou, Rongyan Zhu
Compared with theoretical teaching, experimental teaching has the characteristics of high flexibility, diverse forms and rich resources. Establishing a reasonable and effective experimental teaching system is of great help to the application of logistics talents. This paper introduces the status of logistics...
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Study on Process-based Cultivation Mode for Professional Master Degree Candidates

Qun Xie, Li-ping Qiu, Shou-bin Zhang, Yan Feng
Academy freedom and creation is generally advocated in the process of graduate education, however, currently the emphasis and attention has been put on the graduation thesis and the administration in the whole cultivation is relatively loose. According to the requirement of program object, more engineering...
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The Permeation of Humanistic Mind in College Education and Teaching

Baohong Li
This paper analyzes the significance of permeating humanistic mind in the process of college teaching, and puts forward some methods to permeate humanistic mind in the process of teaching.
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On the Core Value and Realization Path of People-oriented Management in Personnel Management in Colleges and Universities

Xiaojun Dai
People-oriented management is the core of personnel management in colleges and universities. It emphasizes care for people and aims at respecting people and arousing their enthusiasm. The particularity of the main body in colleges and universities and the new features of competition in colleges and universities...
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Optimization Strategy of Urban Parks Leisure Space in Context of Aging Population

Fan Zhang
China has entered the aging society, and many social problems are caused therefrom. The acceleration of urbanization, the rise of leisure consciousness promotion and special position of urban parks in city allow the leisure space of urban parks to be the first choice for outdoor recreation. Based on...
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Research on Sports Tourism to Regional Economic Development from the Perspective of Ecotourism

Fan Zhang
Sports have occupied an important position in the modern life style; while giving people healthy body, it also drives the consumption growth of other sports-related industries. Sports tourism is an example of boosting regional economic development. People will buy various outdoor equipment related to...
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Migration and Making of a Multicultural City - A Case Study of Returned Overseas Chinese in Macao

Fang Xiang
Migration and the dynamics of city formation are reciprocally correlated. Southeast Asian Chinese migrated to Macao since the 1960s, bringing ethnic food, clothing, ceremonies and customs from their host countries to this heterogeneous city. Thus, the making of multicultural city was incorporated with...
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Does Corporate Philanthropy Contribute to Product Market Competition? - The Complementary Role of Advertising Investment

Bing Hu, Ouyangying Tu
Despite the relationship between CSR initiatives and firm performance has been a subject of extensive investigation, existing research rarely focuses on the complementary role of advertising investment in exploring the boundary mechanism for the financial implications of corporate social responsibility....
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Study on Problems and Countermeasures of Industrial Development of Paris in Yunnan Province

Jianling Qi, Peixing Ren, Yingchun Lu, Shengchao Yang
Over the last decade, Paris planting industry developed very fast, and played a big role in driving rural economic development in Yunnan province as well as solving the employment problem of surplus rural labor force. The standing and function of Paris industry appears more and more prominent in traditional...
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Binary Classification for Teacher Donor’s Project

Yunwei Zhang, Zibin Zhang
Classification always plays an important role in statistical machine learning, which contains both binary classification problems and multi-label classification problems. This article focuses on binary classification models including natural language processing for text objects to help teachers to improve...
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Education Session Design for Its Member: A Case Study of Meeting and Event Industry Association MPI

Xuehui Zeng
MPI is the association for people who bring people together. It is the platform for people to meet face-to-face and empowers them to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, leading the world in professional development that advances the meeting and event industry and the careers of the people working in it. The...
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The Influence of Number of Tourists and Staying Time on the Development of Food Industry - Taking Hangzhou Hefang Street as an Example

Yuxin Zheng, Sijie Cai
Hangzhou Hefang Street has been a busy commercial street since ancient times, attracting visitors from all over the world. By using data analysis and field observation, this paper explains the positive influence of human flow and staying time on the business pattern distribution and development of Hefang...
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The Effects of RMB Internationalization on Balance of Payments in China

Yinghua Ren, Xiaomin Yuan, Wanru Zhao
This study investigates the effect of RMB Internationalization on balance of payments (BOP) by using structural vector autoregressive model (SVAR) with data from January 2010 to December 2017. Empirical evidence shows that RMB Internationalization and RMB real effective exchange rate is the Granger causality...
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An Experimental Study on Flipped Classrooms of English Pronunciation

Lei Zhang
This study analyzed the teaching effectiveness in three different flipped classrooms of self-developed English Pronunciation courses. Through a quantitative analysis of multiple data sources, the researcher found that the scores of all the three flipped classrooms were significantly improved. The teachers’...
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Minority's Education

Jialiang He, Wenxu Han, Zhenghua Li
Minority college students are the important part of the college students’ group, also are the advanced elements in the minority areas of China. It is extremely urgent to strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurship education for minority college students and improve their innovative thinking and creativity....
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Research on Optimization Model of Investment Projects Based on Information Entropy

Wei Liu, Miaomiao Cui
There are many uncertainties in the optimal decision-making of project selection. This paper constructs a mathematical model of multi-index evaluation based on information entropy, and combines the objective information of investment plan with subjective experience to quantify the composite weight coefficient....
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Construction of Information Quality Index System for Police College

Liang Hu
With the development of the information age, information quality has become an important indicator of College Students' evaluation system. This paper introduces the status of information quality of college students in public security colleges and universities, emphasizes the importance of establishing...
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Teaching Research of Police Public Relations Course

Wen Jin
This paper makes a comparative study of the advantages and disadvantages of public relations between public security colleges and universities, and studies the teaching scheme of police public relations which suits the training objectives of public security colleges. In the actual teaching, we should...
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Case Study of Cross-cultural Adaptation and International Talents Training Model for Preparatory Overseas Students in China

Yue Wang
With the "One Belt One Road" initiative, the number of international students coming to China has increased year by year. The training of preparatory overseas students in countries along the “One Belt and One Road” initiative has become an important part of international talent training. This article...
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Research about Bilingual Education Issues in Business Intelligence Teaching

Jian Chen, Ying Yang
This paper raises three issues about teaching in business intelligence class, including class content, talents abilities, and practical abilities. Based on the teaching experiences on this class, this paper provides frameworks to combine bilingual, extends, professional teaching materials as inner-class...
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Research on Design Talent Training Model Based on the Internet Full Stack

Yuwei Xu
Purpose: To inquire into training mode of internet designer. Method: Expanding the knowledge framework of student design and program based on the setting of integrated curriculum, and studying the training method of full stack designer, including thinking method of both design and engineer, and exploring...
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Teaching Software Based on WeChat Platform

Qiufeng Shang, Wenjie Qin
The higher education in China has attracted more and more attention to the cultivation of engineering innovation ability of college students. Based on WeChat Platform, the teaching software has been developed and can provide functions such as data sharing, remote program debugging, mobile phone network...
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Investigation into the Cultivation of Chinese Cultural Consciousness in the Teaching of English Majors - Based on Sichuan Agricultural University

Jiajia Yang, Lijun Xiao, Yuanfan Zhu, Kui Zhu
Since the reform and opening up, English language teaching in China has made great achievements, but there has appeared not only a general weakening of Chinese language ability, but also the phenomenon of Chinese Culture Aphasia. To test the Chinese cultural consciousness of Chinese college students,...
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The Exploration of Workshop Teaching Mode for Architectural Design Specialty in Universities

Juan Ren, Peiyao Li, Qibo Liu
The cultivation of innovative thinking has always been the focus of architectural design education. How to guide students to break the solidification of thinking and stimulate the initiative of creation is always the direction that educators continue to explore. As a popular new design teaching mode,...
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Investigation and Analysis of Practice Teaching Base of Professional Postgraduate Student of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Cheng Chen, Wang Liu, Zhong Liu
We investigated the construction status quo of off-campus practice teaching base of postgraduate student of architecture and civil engineering, and analyzed the existing problems of base construction from five aspects as the problems like unenthusiastic participation of cooperative enterprises, insufficient...
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China-Arab Cross-Civilization Exchange and the Construction of the Community of Destiny

Yingjun Gou
Cross-civilization communication is the concrete process of civilization dialogue, and dialogue civilization is the fruit of civilization exchange. Nowadays, exchanges and dialogues of different civilizations have become the universal demand of all countries. With the advocacy of China’s landing in the...
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Analysis of Consumer Behavior on Campus Based on Spark

Xiaozheng Wang, Tongqi Xue, Jiaxi Xu
By analyzing the correlation of consumer behavior on campus, the students’ personality could be understood. Specifically, the ratio of the number of simultaneous consumption of any two students in a year was calculated based on consumption time and location. In view of the huge amount of computation,...
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The Changing Roles of College English Teachers under Interactive Network Platform

Xiaoxuan Yang
College English Teaching and Learning Reform aims to cultivate students’ comprehensive abilities, especially in listening and speaking. With the dramatic development of computer, global networks and information technology, foreign language teaching under interactive network platform has gradually become...
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Employment-Oriented Public English Teaching Reform in Higher Vocational Colleges

Siyang Liu
Higher vocational education carries the responsibility of educating higher-quality, high-skilled social application talents, which is the driving source behind enterprise development. However, at present, Chinese higher vocational students’ comprehensive quality and the resultantly employment quality...
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Study on Curriculum Reform of Shaanxi Higher Education

Hui-jie Yang
Shaanxi higher education is third in the country; The quality of development directly affects the quality of China's higher education. China is in a period of rapid development, and the demand for high-quality talents is quite large. How to cultivate talents to meet the needs of the society has become...
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Literature Review of Cross-border M&A Performance Test and Path Selection by Chinese Banks

Yan-liang Zhang, Xiao-ye Zhang, Le-ya Zhang
In the course of the development of the international banks, cross-border M&A has become one of the main methods of its realization of international operation. With the opening of China's financial industry on Dec.11th in 2006, international financial service trade has entered a new era. Faced with the...
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Empirical Research on the Efficiency of Shaanxi Technology Finance to Support Technological Innovation

Huining Jin, Jie Duan
This paper studied the input-output efficiency of technology finance resources to technological innovation in some areas of China by DEA-Malmquist empirical method. Through comparative analysis, it is found that the average comprehensive efficiency of Shaanxi was 0.89 in the past decade, which is at...
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A Study on AIDS Prevention and Treatment Education in China’s Colleges and Universities under the Government-Purchase-Service Mode

Tao Wu
AIDS is one of the major infectious diseases in China, hence the publicity of its prevention and treatment has been continuously increasing. With the rapid development of China's economy, the government must provide more extensive and effective service to the public. In respect of AIDS prevention and...
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Research on Journal Papers supported by National Education Sciences Planning Projects - Quantitative Analysis on CSSCI Journal Papers in 2001 - 2012

Congyu Duan, Wen Yu
By analyzing CSSCI journal papers supported by National Education Sciences Planning (hereinafter referred to as NESP) projects from 2001 to 2012 with CiteSpace software, the paper make conclusions as follows: First of all, institutions that published papers were mainly Beijing Normal University etc....
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Research Progress in the Relationship between Infant Temperament and Sleep

Jing Ji, Hong-ling Zhang, Ling Qi, Ao-shuang Xiao, Rong Nie, Qi Li, Yu Ming
Sleep plays an important role in infant growth and development. In this paper, the literature on the relationship between temperament and sleep was summarized and analyzed at home and abroad to understand the differences in sleep performance of infants with different temperament types, and to summarize...
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Reflection on the Teaching Practice of British and American Literature - A Case Study of Sichuan Minzu College

LinJia Gao
British and American literature is a compulsory course for English majors. In recent years, more and more colleges and universities have reduced or weakened the study of literature courses in order to pursue the practicality of teaching and improve the employment rate of graduates resulting in the decline...
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The Study of Teaching Reform of Higher Mathematics Based on OBE

Zaibin Su, Haiyan Yuan
This paper aims at the teaching reform of higher mathematics of Heilongjiang institute of technology whose training goal is training applied undergraduate talents. It introduces the OBE education mode, discusses the significance of the OBE project teaching method in the teaching of higher mathematics,...
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Elective Courses Recommendation and Occupational Tendency Research Based on Information and Course Grades of College Students

Li Tang, Huapeng Zeng, Li He, Peihong Wang
In this paper, based on the information and the course grades of college students, it uses SVM algorithm to analyze the curriculum and occupational preference of all students and give the evaluation results. It proposes to analyze the overall distribution of curriculum and occupational orientation of...
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Analysis of M&A Performance of Internet Classified Information Enterprises - A Case Study of

Yanqin Li
Taking the M&A of as an example, this paper studies the selection of M&A strategies and the financial synergies of M&A. The results show that the series of mergers and acquisitions in 2014 and 2015, including horizontal, vertical, diversified strategies and brand acquisitions, have declined in...
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Self Sale: Promotion of Tour Guide Service From Tourism Psychology Perspective - A Case Study of Shenzhen China International Travel Service

Haijun Xu, Min Zhang, Yanhong Liu
As smokeless industry and invisible trade, tourism industry has been developing quickly in recent years. However, the rapid expansion has caused a lot of problems and tourist complaints has been increasing. Tourism psychology is a new discipline of psychology applied in the field of tourism, plays an...