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Social Education as the Basis for Professional Teacher Training

G Govorukhina, A Kovaleva
In the article, the authors note that social upbringing is the subject of a special study at present. Moreover, they emphasize the importance of such studies for the organization of teacher training. The main research method was a secondary analysis of sociological studies conducted in the Siberian Federal...
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Socio-Psychological Health of the Subjects of the Educational Process in the Municipalities of the Altai Republic

G Lizunova, I Taskina, N Dolgova
The article is devoted to the populations’ socio-psychological health as one of the important and relevant issues in the Siberian Federal District of Russia. This problem is discussed both at the state and regional levels, with a particular focus on the Altai Republic. Indicators reflecting the population’s...
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Resources for the Formation of Educational Independence of Future Teachers: Activity Games

L Nikitina, K Lebedeva, O Rybina
Educational independence is an action that allows a future teacher to discover and subsequently appropriate the meaning and content of professional activities. The modern practice of training at the university often implements reproductive methods of teaching, according to which a future teacher learns...
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Teacher’s Methodological Activity Before, During, and After the Lesson

L Nikitina
The teacher’s methodological activity in preparing for the lesson most often implies the restoration of both ways and means in an organization proposed by the authors of textbooks and manuals. At the same time, children act as performers who consistently fulfill the tasks proposed by the teacher, they...
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Formalization of the Pedagogical Model by the Language of Predicate Logic

M V Sleptsova, N V Sokolova, L A Shamanina, I A Gubanova
The article is devoted to the urgent pedagogical problem of creating formalized pedagogical models in the transition from “traditional” forms of organization of the educational process to E-learning. The language of predicate logic is chosen as the language used to formalize the description of the educational...
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The Impact of New Educational Standards on Improving the Quality of Professional Student Training

V V Kornilova, A A Karnauhova, N V Chinnova
The article addresses the problem of the quality of professional training of future bachelor of advertising and public relations, which is based on isolation from practical reality. Despite the fact that universities have switched to the third-generation federal educational standards, the opinion of...
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Formation of Students’ Positive Motivation to Continuing Pedagogical Education

О Vasilyeva, Yu Aleeva, S Kolesova, L Sigitova
The authors analyze the problems associated with the motivation of students to continuing teacher education. First, a brief overview of the scientific areas related to the stated problem is made. Second, the motives underlying the choice of master's programs in the direction of “Pedagogical education”...
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The School Innovative Educational Model: Issues of Digitalization

T Boronenko, A Kaysina, V Fedotova
The purpose of the study is to build an innovative educational model of a digital school based on an analysis of the best practices in using digital technologies in the educational activities of the school. The study analyzes the practical experience of the leading schools of Russia implementing various...
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Formation of the Ecological Culture Basics in Preschool Childhood

Т Podanyova, N Sazonova, M Tokareva
The article discusses on the systemic problems of the ecological (environmental) culture formation in the period of preschool childhood. The authors update the issues of developing the ecological culture components in both children and adults. Also, they analyze regulatory documents that determine the...
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Students’ Responsibility and Parents’ Attitude to Them

A Yakovleva, I Savvina, S Popova
The article deals with the problems of studying the responsibility and externality of the control locus in student’s personality. The problem of personal externality is analyzed in connection with contemporary trends in the development of the Yakut rural family. The authors argue that family factors...
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Psychological and Pedagogical Support for the Formation of Students’ Competitiveness in the Educational and Professional Space of the University

Е Andreeva, Е Khrisanova, Е Gunina, М Vishnevskaya
The article presents the results of studies on the problem of training competitive specialists. The purpose of the study is to identify and justify the content of psychological and pedagogical support for the formation of students’ competitiveness. The authors also discuss those comprehensive solutions...
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Technologies for Assessing the Quality of Preschool Education

О Davydova, L Bogoslavets, L Shvarko
The article discusses the quality problems of preschool education and analyzes the processes of methodological support for the professional activities of young specialists of preschool educational organizations. The possible nature of the relationship between the quality management of pedagogical activity...
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Teachers as Effective Managers for the Adaptation of Sustainable Development Ideas into the Educational Process

G Atamanova, V Romashin, T Fil, A Chukhrov
The article provides a comprehensive analysis of the ideas of sustainable development by describing the existing contradictions in the system of modernization of higher education. The authors consider the emergence of the concept of sustainable development in the process of combining economic, social,...
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The Task Approach for Developing Humanitarian Thinking in Schoolchildren

O Р Morozova, O N Gorbatova
The article is devoted to the results of the study of the possibilities of the task-based approach in the successful development of the humanitarian thinking of schoolchildren in the context of the implementation of education. In pedagogy and psychology, it is generally accepted that solving problems...
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Problems of Introducing Modern Technologies into the Practice of Preschool Education

E Demina, Y Atemaskina, N Kazyuk, M Mikova
The article discusses the introduction and implementation of modern pedagogical technologies in organizations of preschool education. The research goal is to identify the main causes of these challenges and discuss ways to address them. The authors introduce a set of research methods they used. They...
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Traditions of Russian Pedagogy of Arts in the Formation of the Creative Method for Artists in Mongolia in the 20th Century

K Melekhova, L Nekhvyadovich, E Lichman, A Mombek
The article is devoted to the role of Russian pedagogy of art in the formation and development of the fine arts of Mongolia in the 20th century through the system of art education, focusing on the case of the All-Russian Institute of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov. The aim of our research...
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Organizational and Methodological Conditions for Developing a Pedagogical Worldview in Future Teachers

I Kuzina, E Lyovkina, V Mironycheva, N Fedoseyeva
The article is devoted to the problem of the formation of a professional-pedagogical worldview of future teachers. In particular, the authors discuss the pros and cons of a creative workshop developed on the basis of the study "Fundamentals of a New Pedagogy” (V. P. Vakhterov). Particular attention is...
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Using the Complex of Educational and Diagnostic Tasks in the Formation of Parenting Competencies in Future Primary School Teachers in the Process of Vocational Training at the University

E Kochetova, Е Gutsu, N Demeneva, T Mayasova
The effectiveness of the practical implementation of the competency model in the system of higher education largely depends on the selection of methods that ensure that participants (educators, students) are informed about the results of the process of forming competencies. This implies both the selection...
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Methodological Traditions of Art Criticism in the Development of Pedagogy of Art

L Nekhvyadovich, K Melekhova, A Ibragimov, G Fradkinа
The purpose of our analysis is to methodologically substantiate the role of art history traditions in the development of art pedagogy. The basic approach is determined by the method of A. A. Davydov, a prominent Russian art critic. The work is based on the principles of objective analysis, historicism,...
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Key Research Trends in Methodical Science: Language Teaching Methods in Focus

A D Deykina, V D Yanchenko
Currently, there is an update in the methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language. There is a tendency to teach and practice alternative methods of scientific methodological search. This is reflected in the wide thematic spectrum of dissertation research for the degree of candidate and doctor...
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The Formation of Mental Skills in Younger Schoolchildren during Russian Language Lessons

M Kovrova, K Gabdulinova
A qualitative change in the content and forms of training in the modern education system requires a transition from private skills to holistic approaches to activating mental skills and optimizing methods of cognition. The aim of the study is to identify the pedagogical conditions for the formation of...
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A Review of Methods Used for Developing the Historical Consciousness in Students of Creative Training Directions

M Davydenko, O Sheluygina, Yu Kiruyshina, O Komarova
The article is devoted to the problem of developing methods for the formation of historical consciousness among students in creative areas of training. The relevance of the problem is due to (a) dynamic changes in the structure of historical consciousness of the Russians, (b) the increasing role of historical...
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Development of Metacompetencies in University Students in the Process of Scientific Research in a Foreign Language

A Komkova, E Kobeleva, E Stuchinskaya, E Krutko
The work is an attempt to generalize the theory and practice of defeloping metacompetencies in university students, which are interpreted by the authors of this study as supra-subject bases determining the effectiveness of further self-realization of a university graduate in a certain professional field...
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Gamification of the Educational Process in Higher Education Institutions

N Lobacheva
The paper reviews the concept of “gamification” and its role in an educational discourse. In particular, the author focuses on studying a student’s competence model, focusing on those students studying philological disciplines. The key specifics of the “gamification” process are analyzed within gaming...
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Students' Self-attitude and Image of the Physical Self in the Context of Psychological Health

T Volkova, N Veresov, Ya Smirnova, O Lyubimova
The subject of the research presented in the article is the image of the physical self as a specific phenomenon of self-awareness. The authors provide a brief review of the main approaches to the problem in domestic and international psychology. The image of the physical self is considered as an integrative...
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Professional Adaptation of Students in Economic Management Training Programs

I Anufrieva, O Grazhdankina, O Pyatkova
The article is devoted to the current issues of professional adaptation of students in contemporary conditions. The article clarifies the essence of vocational guidance, social and professional adaptation of the individual. The research purpose is to conduct a theoretical and practical study of the factors,...
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Continuity in the Formation of Design and Research Competence in Bachelor Students of Preschool Education in the Process of Studying Pedagogical and Methodical Disciplines

N G Lavrentyeva, O S Naumova
The article considers the problem of the formation of design and research competence in bachelor students of preschool education. The purpose of the study is to justify the continuity in the formation of design and research competence of bachelors of preschool education in the process of teaching pedagogical...
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Educational and Cognitive Activity in the System of Multilevel Professional Education in the Context of Continuity

D V Legenchuk
The article discusses the features of educational and cognitive activity as one of the foundations of the concept of successive secondary and higher vocational education in the context of ongoing modernization and reforms in the system of contemporary Russian education. The author makes an analysis of...
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Improving the Quality of Educational and Professional Activities in the Training System for Bachelors Students

Т Podanyova, N Sazonova, N Shaidurova, О Davydova
The article discusses the challenges of and promising lines for increasing the effectiveness of educational and professional activities in the system of training bachelors students. Promising directions for organizing pedagogical practices are considered, the dynamics and degree of activity and independence...
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Environmental Management as an Organizational-Pedagogical Condition for Education for Sustainable Development in Kindergarten

N G Lavrentyeva
In the practice of kindergartens, environmental education necessary to overcome the environmental crisis appeared in the 90s. In the process of formation and development up to date, the need to update the existing theory and practice of environmental education of preschool children and the transition...
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Diagnosing the Results of Educator's Didactic Culture Development in the Conditions of Innovative Education

М Tyrina, L Kulikova
The article reviews the problem of diagnosing the results of the didactic culture development of the pedagogical personnel in the context of innovative education. The comparative method systematizes the approaches of scientists to the analysis of the criteria and indicators of the educator’s innovative...
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Features of Using Information and Communication Technologies in the Educational Process: The Case of Mathematical Education

S E Starostina, A D Fedotova
The relevance of our study is determined by the global transition to a digital economy, a knowledge-based society. Today, specialists with information and communication competencies (and a special role in their education belongs to mathematics) are becoming in high demand. In this regard, this paper...
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Occupational Burnout of Educators Implementing Inclusive Education Programs in General Educational Institutions

N Vinogradova, M Syomina, S Kokhan
The purpose of this work is to provide empirical data on the study of burnout syndrome processes among educators (teachers) implementing inclusive education in various educational institutions of the Trans-Baikal Krai (Eastern Siberia, Russia). The burnout symptoms in educators are presented as a negative...
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Adaptation of the First-Year Students to University Environments: Integral Criteria

N V Efimova, T L Sokolova, T V Shilkova, O V Baiguzhina
Students’ adaptation to study at a university may be accompanied by a strain of adaptation mechanisms. Numerous monitoring studies conducted at the stage of students' adaptation to study at a higher educational institution indicate that their morphofunctional and mental state, the success of their studies...
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Flexibility Development Technique Using TRX Loops for Young Swimmers Specializing in Butterfly Stroke

M V Dedlovskaya, I A Zolotukhina, M A Dedlovsky, N A Ulyanova, E V Novichikhina
The authors note that the development of flexibility is one of the main directions for swimmers specializing in the sport method of butterfly swimming. With the participation of young swimmers, the development of flexibility was tested in six tests. The author conducts an analysis of scientific and methodological...
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Development of Physical Qualities of Preschool Children Taking into Account Gender Features

M N Tereshchenko, E V Zvyagina, I F Kharina, O A Makunina, N A Ulyanova
The formation of the physical qualities of a preschooler, taking into account their individual data in order to achieve harmonious physical development, is an important task of the basic general education program of preschool education in the sphere of physical education. The purpose of our research...
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Development of Special Stamina for Highly Qualified Volleyball Players in the Annual Cycle

Yu Ertman, E Kovyrshina, V Dokhnovskaya, D Bobrovsky
Currently, volleyball has achieved such a degree of development that the preparation of athletes is at a very high level. Hence, the outcome of sports games is largely determined by the success of actions in difficult game situations due to the manifestation of the endurance of athletes. More significant...
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Functional Features of the Neuro-Muscular System in 35-39 Years-Old Women in Sports Training Regime

T V Borisova, Ya V Latyushin, O N Kondakova, O A Klestova, S V Gertner
The study of the functional features of the neuromuscular system in women of different age groups is based on the study of the training process, as well as the control of the functional state of the neuromuscular system in 35-39 years-old women. During the study, results were obtained that confirm the...
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The Importance of Self-Monitoring for Students Having Special Medical Needs in Physical Education Classes

N Ulyanova, E Novichikhina, N Anushkevich, A Koksharov, K Emelin
The paper focuses on the issue of self-monitoring of health in practical classes in physical education by students assigned to a special medical group because of health issues. Students’ awareness and knowledge about the self-monitoring diary is investigated. The self-monitoring diary is considered a...
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The Use of Sports Nutrition by Students in Chelyabinsk: A Case Study

S A Zavarukhina, N M Grigoryeva, E V Novichikhina, E V Belikova, T F Miftakhov
Specialized sports nutrition is of great importance for improving the working capacity and maintaining the health of professional athletes, as well as people leading an active lifestyle. The purpose of this paper is to study the prevalence of sports nutrition among students of sports specialties, as...
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Social Functions of Games in Modern Society: Educational Perspectives

V Shalaev, F Emelyanov, S Shalaeva
The authors analyze in this article questions of the place and role of games in humans’ life and society. In particular, we focus on the needs of human personality in the game and social functions of games in history and contemporary society. We investigate the relationship between games and gaming technology...
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Developing the Components of a Self-Concept in Future Psychologists with the Method of Non-Author Drawing Psychoanalysis

Ya Zalevskaya, O Usatenko
The article reviews the phenomenon of a self-concept as a dynamic system of person's representations about him/herself, which originated on the basis of interactions with the environment. The leading scholars’ ideas (R. Assagioli, N. Branden, W. James, A. Maslow, C. Rogers, K. Horney) about the content...
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Joint Attention in Preschoolers with Different Forms of Atypical Development

Ya Smirnova
The article analyzes the relationship between the skills of joint attention and social and cognitive development of the child. It is devoted to the problem of identifying markers of oculomotor activity, which allows us to identify patterns that can reliably predict the development of joint attention...
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The Color Photostimulation Impact on the Reproduction of Verbal Information

M Yatsenko, N Kaygorodova, T Volkova, D Kamenek
The article presents the results of a study on the prolonged effect of photostimulation in red, green, blue colors on the playback results (presented) of 10 words. The study involved 20 students, both genders, aged 19-20 years. Photostimulation was carried out in red, blue, and green colors at a frequency...
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Ideals of Students with Different Levels of Personal Maturity

L Kolmogorova, O Kholodkova, S Zhdanov
The article discusses the problems of transformation of personality ideals in modern society, especially their development in adolescence. The factors contributing to the formation of personality maturity in the student age are considered. The problem of slowing the pace of development of personality...
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Applying to Adaptive Biofeedback to Correct the Psychological Health of University Students

A Daniyarova, N Zhiyenbayeva, K Tusupbekov, O Tapalova
The scientific article presents the results of a study of the psychological health of university students. The aim of the study is to compare the psychodiagnostics of personality characteristics and stress states of students with express diagnostics based on biological feedback). The objective of the...
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Support Software for Older Preschool Children with Maladaptive Behavior

M Gasilina, N Litvinenko, V Zebzeeva, A Mendygalieva
The article discusses the problem of finding effective programmatic and methodological support for older preschool children with maladaptive behavior, reveals the concept of maladaptive behavior, which manifests itself in inadequate behavior in the group, a negative attitude towards peers and the teacher....
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Attitudes to the Personal Future of Boys and Girls with Different Degrees of Social Anxiety and Social Fears

I A Ralnikova, N A Luzhbina, O S Gurova, S S Darenskikh
The article presents the results of a scientific study of attitudes towards the future in modern young men and women with low, moderate, and high degrees of social anxiety and social fears. Ninety young men and women aged 18-20 years and studying in higher educational institutions of Barnaul acted as...
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Young Men’s EEG Reactions to the Smells of Girls Collected Intactly and While Listening to Rock Music

N A Litvinova, O V Bulatova, V V Traskovsky
The work was performed on two groups of young men aged 18-22 years with and without sexual experience. Boys conducted a subjective olfactory assessment of body odors of girls located in different phases of the menstrual cycle, collected in an intact state and while listening to rock music for an hour...
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Psychophysiological Correlates of Teenagers Adaptation in an Innovative Educational Institution of a Boarding School

L Varich, N Nemolochnaya, M Vilkova, S Vityaz
The article presents the results of a study of the relationship of psychophysiological characteristics with indicators of the autonomic regulation of the body of adolescents studying in an innovative educational institution of a boarding type. The article shows that, compared with boys, adolescent girls...
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Relations in the “Mother-Child” Dyad in a Family Raising a Child with Disabilities

N I Oteva, N N Malyarchuk, L P Pashchenko, E V Pashchenko
Researchers note that in families raising children with severe multiple developmental disabilities (SMDD), the psycho-emotional state of parents is impaired, the quality of family relationships and the psychological climate in the family are deteriorating. To study the characteristics of the relationship...
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Lateral Profiles in Preschoolers with Pseudobulbar Dysarthria

N N Malyarchuk, A V Arefeva, G M Krinitsyna, E V Pashchenko
The physiological process of the formation of the distribution of functions between the hemispheres in ontogenesis is important from the point of view of the correct development of speech. Also, this process affects the whole spectrum of the characteristics of the psyche, perception and cognitive processes,...
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Understanding the Works of Art by Students with Different Levels of Emotional Intelligence

A E Kargina, D N Grinenko, T V Shamovskaya, T E Varakina
The article reveals the relationship between the characteristics of emotional intelligence and components of understanding the works of art through the use of questionnaires developed by N. Hall, D. V. Lyusin, M. A. Manoilova and the methods of mathematical statistics. Descriptive components and substantial...
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Developing Motivation in Schoolchildren: Insights from the Updated Learning Content

G Abildayeva, N Zhiyenbayeva, O Tapalova
The article focuses on the students’ motivation to achieve personal and professional goals in the framework of the updated learning content. The authors argue that an updated educational trajectory of the student learning could be learned more effectively when there would be the psychological and pedagogical...
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The Relationship of Psychological Time and Attitudes to Disease in Women with Cancer of the Reproductive System

G Kroyan, O Gurova, E Ippolitova
Despite the high adaptive abilities of the female body, in recent decades, there has been a steady increase in gynecological diseases associated with the impaired reproductive system function. Many critical aspects change when a patient is diagnosed with cancer of the reproductive system. The “black...
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The Problem of Burnout Syndrome in Official Professiography: Regulation of Emotional and Professional Stress

N Yanova, A Vorontsov, N Ankudinova
The article is devoted to the problem of burnout syndrome in occupational studies. The goal is to compare the coping models of professional and emotional stress among officers of the internal service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Our empirical study relies...
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Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Attention Distortion with Social Anxiety: A Flanker Problem Experiment

O A Sagalakova, D V Truevtsev, A V Tinekov, O V Zhirnova
The aim of the presented research is to study the neurocognitive mechanisms of attention distortion with social anxiety (SA). An experiment using the modified Eriksen flanker task is implemented. Facial expressions (congruent and incongruent stimulus sequences) are used as stimuli. When solving a problem,...
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Representation of Psychological Crises of 1, 3 Years in the System of Early Autobiographical Memories

O Lyubimova, P Yusupov, N Veresov, Ya Smirnova, T Mardasova
The number of early childhood autobiographical memories increases with age. Early childhood autobiographical memories of a negative nature are interrelated with parameters: a decrease in activity, an experience of environmental aggressiveness, threats of rejection, loss of self-confidence, and a depressed...
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Features of Psychological Intervention for Women Survivors of Domestic Violence

O Tausinova, I Loginova
This article discusses the psychological characteristics of women who have experienced domestic violence. The authors study the prescription of traumatic events in details. As a result, the article outlines the key features of psychological intervention in the rehabilitation of this category of women.
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The Impact of Musical Preferences on Students' Adaptation

Е V Romanova, Yu R Pirozhenko, N V Patz, V A Bobrovsky, L M Lapshina
The article considers the influence of various musical genres on the adaptation of first-year students to the educational process. The dependence of the level of adaptation on the frequency of listening to music is traced. The most popular music genre is defined. The characteristic features of the influence...
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The Use of Deceptive Actions by the Preschoolers

Ya Smirnova
The article presents a psychodiagnostic study of the ability to use of ideas about the knowledge of another person and how to change it by the preschool children with mental retardation. We hypothesized that the presence of the ability to understand deception indicates the normal cognitive development...
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Loneliness in Adolescence: a Resource or a Problem?

E Praizendorf, O Lubimova, A Kuzmina
The article is devoted to the consideration of the problem of loneliness among adolescents. The research results present the characteristics of loneliness as a resource for developing the personality of a teenager. A set of possible problems related to the approach described in the paper is also considered...
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Diagnostic Capabilities for Creative Leadership Potential Using Dynamic Fractals

I Prudovikov, V Vyskochkov, O Polyakova
In the process of transition of university education to a “transfessional” channel, an urgent problem in the formation of a “transfessional” personality arises. “Transfession” is the ability to change the main profession for new tasks, acting on top of the profession, changing yourself in a situation...
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Resilience Indicators of the Tuva Residents Living in Rural and Urban Areas

Ch Mongush, A Frocol, S Mombei-ool
The article presents the results of theoretical and empirical studies on the level of resilience of residents of the city of Kyzyl and regions of the Republic of Tyva. The results of processing the data obtained during a psychological and empirical study on a representative sample (373 people) using...
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Migrants’ Social Moods in the Border Regions of Russia with Different Levels of Security of Personal Relations

О Noyanzina, S Maximova, D Omelchenko
The purpose of this paper is to assess the social mood of migrants in the border regions of the Russian Federation, their subjective feelings of being safe in the host community, as well as overall satisfaction with various aspects of life in Russia. The empirical basis of the presented research consists...
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Confidence in Informal Groups as a Resource for Achieving the Generalized Confidence of the Population in the Altai Territory

D Omelchenko, О Noyanzina, S Maximova
The purpose of this article is to consider the features of the manifestation of confidence of the population living in the Altai Territory to informal groups. Our research data was collected by means of a sociological study conducted in the Altai Territory in 2019 among the population aged 15 to 75 years...
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Generalized Trust and Personal Security as the Factors for Assessing the Quality of the Institutional Environment and Threats to Social Security (Research Experience in the Altai Territory)

S Maximova, D Omelchenko, O Noyanzina
The focus of this paper is the relationship between the level of personal security, generalized confidence, an assessment of the functioning quality of public and state institutions, and assessments of the severity of threats to social security. The paper presents rich empirical data collected in the...
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The Implementation of a System for Monitoring Natural Population Movements in a Large Agro-Industrial Region

I Saldan, W Kolyado, O Baranov, E Kolyado, G Kazakova-Gossen
The paper presents a system developed for monitoring natural movements of the population on the basis of the automated creation of medical certificates of birth and death. As a result of this, it becomes possible to form a single information resource. Its creation would allow for the real-time monitoring...
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Theoretical Aspects of Modeling the Coordination Training of Football Players at the Initial Training Stage

I V Averyanov, V A Blinov, G B Evdokimova
The research purpose is to substantiate and develop a structural model of coordination preparedness for football players (10-11 years old) based on the use of advanced modeling. The following methods were used in the study: analyzing scientific and methodological literature, pedagogical testing, expert...
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Features of Health-Oriented Behavior in Students Living in Chelyabinsk and Barnaul, Russia: A Comparative Analysis

O A Makunina, E V Zvyagina, I Kharina, E V Romanova, E V Bykov
The paper focuses on the issues of maintaining students’ health and developing health-saving competencies as important tasks of higher education institutions. The research purpose is to study certain parameters of the health-oriented behavior in students of non-sports specialties from different universities...
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Interactive Methods for Students Life Quality Formation

M Kolokoltsev
The modern concept of education of the higher school of Russia is based on a set of valeological principles aimed at preserving the health of students, which is one of the priority tasks facing universities. The aim of the study is to test interactive pedagogical health-saving technologies to improve...
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Comprehensive Assessment of Morbidity Risk Factors Among Children and Teenagers

L F Tikhomirova, T G Kiseleva, N M Burykina, E A Nezhdanova
Relying on the statistical data for the Yaroslavl region, the authors identified three groups of diseases that are most common in children and teenagers. These include diseases of the digestive system, respiratory system, and circulatory system. Using Bayes methodology, the authors conducted a comprehensive...
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Formation of Professional and Pedagogical Sustainability of Future Bachelor Students of Physical Education in the Process of Health-Saving Activities

N Ustselemova, T Orekhova, E Tsapov, Kh Tonoyan
The purpose of this study is to analyze the concept of “health-saving activity of bachelor students of physical education,” as well as to justify the system of pedagogical tools aimed at improving the effectiveness of health-saving activity of bachelors of physical education as a factor in the formation...
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Biomedical and Social Aspects of the Spread of Infectious Diseases in the Modern Period of Time

G Bryukhanova, V Gorodin, D Nosicov
The paper presents an overview of the state of the Art on the current medical, biological, and social risks. They determine the current epidemiological situation for a number of infectious diseases with different mechanisms of pathogen transmission. The risks of multi-country outbreaks and cross-border...
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Principles of Pedagogical Monitoring of Health as an Element of Health- Creative Education

T Orekhova, N Ustselemova, L Docoev, T Krugilina
This publication discloses an approach to the organization of pedagogical monitoring of the students’ health in the general education system tested by the authors in their studies. The need to support the monitoring of students and teachers in the process of educational activities is due to the social...
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Kelly’s Repertory Grid to Study Chemical Addictions in Young Students

T V Makeeva, L F Tikhomirova, V N Guryanchik
In the last decade, due to the increase in the proportion of behavioral addictions, the problem of dependent behavior has become particularly relevant. It is seen as a challenge to modern society, which is entering a fundamentally new era of world civilization. Any addiction that occurs in adulthood...
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Disability of the Adult Population of a Large Agro-Industrial Region Caused by Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System: Epidemiological, Medical, and Social Aspects

A Kolyado, M Ivleva, W Kolyado, A Lazarenko, D Timofeeva
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue in the Altai region, as well as in the Russian Federation as a whole, occupy the third ranking place among the diseases causing the formation of primary adult disability for many years. The long-term average incidence of primary disability...
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Psychophysiological Fundamentals of Designing a Health-Saving Educational Path for Teenagers with Different Levels of Physical Activity

N Belousova, Yu Korchemkina, V Maltsev, A Matushak, S Fortygina
The purpose of the study is to establish the effect of different levels of physical activity on the psychophysiological characteristics of teenagers, serving as the basis for the design of a health-saving educational development path. In the course of the study, 175 teenagers (12-14 years old), including...
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Neurophysiological Aspects of Implementing a Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Approach in Supporting the Education of Schoolchildren with Health Disabilities

L A Druzhinina, L M Lapshina, L B Osipova, V S Tsilitsky, O A Lopatina
The article analyzes theoretical aspects of the problem and the data of our neurophysiological study previously conducted on the state of the central nervous system (CNS) of students with impaired intelligence. The authors reasonably show the need to study the characteristics of mental development and...
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Additional Means of Physical Education as a Method of Corrective Exposure to the Basic Health Level of Preschool Children with Health Disabilities

L A Druzhinina, L M Lapshina, L B Osipova, A A Lysova, D V Kamenek
The paper substantiates the need to use the entire spectrum of additional means of physical education for preschool children with health disabilities. The authors propose corrective gymnastics as the main option. Relying on a detailed study of the purpose, organization, and content of various types of...
Proceedings Article

Perspectives on the Human Adaptation Potential

A G Naymushina, E M Bakieva, N R Bekker
The paper presents the results of a content analysis of scientific publications that have identified the four main approaches to the study of adaptive potential in males living and working in the Tyumen region: anatomical and anthropological, interdisciplinary, chronobiological, and integrative. According...
Proceedings Article

People’s Historical Memory as a Pledge of Preserving the Sociocultural Identity and Healthy Life

M P Yatsenko, V V Lunev, V P Maslovskiy, V Yu Kolmakov, D V Rakhinskiy
The paper explores the problem of the relationship between historical memory and the preservation of the sociocultural identity of society. The authors argue that the presence of an adequate historical memory is the key to the future development of society. The demand for historical memory increases...
Proceedings Article

Historical Educational Cognition and Intellectual Consciousness of Students in the Context of the Modern Information War

M P Yatsenko, S V Maksimov, M F Kuznetsova, M V Kozlova, D V Rakhinskiy
The paper considers the problem of the spiritual education of the younger generation in the conditions of social transformations. The necessity of taking into account the characteristics of society and its historical traditions is noted. The authors show how important it is to combine modern approaches...
Proceedings Article

The Phenomenon of Reviving Innovation in Ensuring Human and Environment Health

A Ivanov, L Apyonysheva, T Artamonova, S Zhuravleva, I Kalanchina
The article analyzes the main views on the future of humans and their health. The idea discussed in the paper that the most promising anthropological paradigm is the view of a human as a creature with significant latent evolutionary potential. The authors substantiate the existence of the phenomenon...
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Formation of a Student Sports Team in Higher Educational Institutions

V Bobrovsky, A Bobrovsky, M Moshkov, A Gorbunov
Being engaged in physical culture, students need to have freedom of choice. Any person should be able to join a sports team or create their own. The activities of student sports associations in higher education institutions contribute to the development and organization of a healthy lifestyle for students,...
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Spiritual Health of the Nation as a Result of Humanitarian Education

M P Yatsenko, I A Pfanenstil, A A Danchay-ool, M A Boyarskiy, D V Rakhinskiy
The article considers the problem of the spiritual education of the younger generation in the conditions of social transformations. The authors note the need to take into account the characteristics of society and its historical traditions. They show how crucial it is to combine modern approaches to...
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Attracting the Youth to a Healthy Lifestyle through Mass Media

E V Novichikhina, E V Romanova
The article considers the level of impact of the media on the minds of modern youth to generate interest in a healthy lifestyle. The studied role of influence is considered, relying on the examples of the most popular sources of information in Russia, such as television, advertising, and the Internet....
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Motivational Aspects of Students’ Preferences in Choosing Physical Improvement Means

V L Kraynik, E V Mudrievskaya, E V Romanova
Improving the effectiveness of the physical education of students of higher educational institutions is largely carried out through the use of various pedagogical approaches in the construction of this process. To date, a sport-oriented approach has been disseminated in the higher education system. For...
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Mortality of Individual Age Cohorts of the Altai Territory Population from Malignant Neoplasms

W Kolyado, I Saldan, O Baranov, E Kolyado, L Zheleznikova
An analysis of the dynamics of cancer mortality indicators in several generations at the same age periods has been performed. The results obtained during the longitudinal analysis of cancer mortality in individual generations of the region’s population are consistent with the results of a study of age-related...
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Special Relaxation Preparation for Increasing Athletes' Resistance to Extreme Impacts

Yu P Denisenko, A M Akhmetov, L G Yatsenko, A A Geraskin, Yu N Ertman
The problem of resistance to physical overload in extreme conditions of sports activity is one of the most acute problems of sports physiology and medicine. Longitudinal studies using computer polymography, with the participation of athletes from first-class students to international masters, have been...
Proceedings Article

An Integrated Sociocultural, Valeological, and Biomedical Approach to Human Health

S A An, I F Lenskaya, A I Metalnikov, N A Fedosova, L F Shcherbinina
The problem of human health is considered from the perspective of modern holistic scientific and philosophical knowledge about a person in the key theoretical, methodological and praxeological terms. The authors argue that in sociocultural, pedagogical, and biomedical bodies of knowledge, the general...
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Strategic Innovations in Teaching Humanitarian Disciplines, Strengthening Mental and Spiritual Health, and Contributing to the Solution of Regional Problems: A Case Study of the American University of Nigeria

P V Ushakov, T S Kosenko, V I Panarin, V I Parshikov, S I Chernykh
The article discusses the problem of strengthening the mental and spiritual health of the nation by pedagogical methods from the standpoint of the philosophy of education. The study was conducted on the basis of a synthesis of innovative approaches in education using the example of modern university...
Proceedings Article

An Active Lifestyle as an Important Component of Health in Conditions of Increasing Physical Inactivity

N M Lobygina, E M Kolpakova, M S Terentyev, N V Repina, A Yu Bardakova
The problem of physical inactivity is considered not only as biomedical but as a general social and civilization problem, as the flip side of the desired goal of mankind, namely the achievement of the comfort of life. Physical inactivity is studied as a special manifestation of the unhealthy lifestyle...
Proceedings Article

Legal Consciousness and Legal Culture as Components of Social Health

G N Glios, V P Dick, M N Kokina, N N Krasnova, N V Kulipanova
From the socio-philosophical perspectives, the legal consciousness and legal culture of individuals and society are analyzed in terms of their role in shaping the social health. The concept of social health, its aspects (including socio-legal) are considered. The specifics and mechanisms of the impact...
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The Formation of Healthy Socio-Legal and Sociocultural Relations in the Age of Globalization

B N Kagirov, H Pashayev, Yu V Tabakaev, O P Karnaukhov, K A Kuzmenko
The urgent issue of healthy (valeological) sociocultural and socio-legal relations in the era of globalization is analyzed in the paper. Relying on the works of famous philosophers and sociologists who note the existence of opposing globalization strategies in the 21st century (noospherism and globalism-mondialism),...
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Physical Culture and Sports as the Basis of Students’ Healthy Activities

P G Wegner, O S Wegner, D A Days, K E Polotnyanko, K N Polotnyanko
The article reveals the multifaceted role of the departments of physical culture and the university discipline “Physical Culture” in maintaining, strengthening, and developing the psychophysical health of students. Various forms of psychological and pedagogical activity with students, both during physical...
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Achievements of the Altai State Medical University in the All-Russian Competition “University of a Healthy Lifestyle”

P G Vorontsov, A V Aghabekyan, A V Blazhko, V N Ivanova, E V Ushakova
The article discusses the theoretical and practical issues of the formation of a healthy lifestyle (HLS) among the student youth, drawing on the example of Altai State Medical University (ASMU). It is shown that in the historical aspect, the scientific problem of a healthy lifestyle was posed recently...
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Theory and Practice of a Healthy Lifestyle in the Physical Education System of Higher Education

V J Subbotin, A G Naymushina
During the pedagogical experiment, students’ low readiness for innovations in the field of physical education was identified. Most students prefer traditional methods of physical education, namely the awareness of risk factors harming health, anthropometric research, and teaching methods of self-control....
Proceedings Article

The Formation of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health in the General Humanitarian and Physical Education

O V Derenchuk, A I Kudryashev, A M Sokolov, T V Skubnevskaya, V A Ertel
The article reveals the urgent issues of the formation of physical and mental health of a person in different environments caused by the rapid development of modern global civilization. The authors argue that the goals of immense global mass consumption in the face of acute global problems distort the...
Proceedings Article

Game Sports and Their Role in The Formation of Psychophysical Qualities and a Healthy Lifestyle for Young People

L G Shebalina, L V Baykalova, T S Prosekova, O A Roganov, S E Kharakhordin
The article shows the factors of the national and general educational level, which fruitfully affect the general physical, psycho-emotional, psycho-spiritual development of the youth by means of physical culture and sports. The place and role of playing sports are revealed as: (1) the components of the...