Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Business Management (ICEBM 2019) UNTAR

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Factors Influencing Career Choice in Islamic Multilevel Marketing: The Mediating Role of Company Credibility

Jhanghiz Syahrivar, Hetty Karunia Tunjungsari, Frangky Selamat, Chairy Chairy
Research in Islamic Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is relatively underrepresented, partly because such business model combined with Islamic appeal is a relatively new phenomenon and the novelty of MLM business is disputable in Islamic point of view. This research aimed to explore factors influencing the...
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Psychological Contract in Improving Human Resources Strategy With Organizational Culture as Mediating Variable

Sry Rosita, Edward Edward, Fitri Widiastuti
The minimum criteria regarding the qualifications and competencies of lecturers in conducting education require psychological contracts, organizational culture and the strategy of Human Resources (HR) that are used as the basis for work relationships. The main objective of this research is to examine...
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The Moderating Effect of Kaizen Culture on the Relationship Between Innovation and Operational Performance

Kong Siew Mui, Rajendran Muthuveloo
Kaizen culture and Innovation are key competitive factors deeply imbued into the organizational products and processes to achieve optimal operational performance sustainably. Literature suggested that manufacturing companies needing to differentiate themselves adopt a culture of continuous improvement...
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Case Study of Moderating Effect of Customer Characteristics on the Relationship Among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

Huang Chi-Wen, Lin Chin-Chiuan
The laser-cutting machine in line with the current manufacturing trend, small amount of diversification, elimination of the cost of molds, capability to finish the products through software, can reduce the processing time and with high quality. The case company is an agent of spare parts and laser-cutting...
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An Innovative Business Model of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Handmade Tea Beverage Market in China

Chen Hui-Chuan, Lu Te-Tsai
This study aims to start up an innovative business model of handmade beverage market based on Chinese herbal medicine in China. This follows the Chinese ancient 24 solar terms to create a series of herbal beverages to meet the healthy need, of which any of the 24 solar terms in traditional Chinese lunar...
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A Study on the Effect of Learning Outcomes of the Five Practical Methods in Entrepreneurship Education

Lu Te-Tsai
The present study investigated the effect of learning outcomes of the five practical methods in entrepreneurship education. The two classes of junior students became the experimental and control group. After learning the five practical methods, the experimental group can produce better results than the...
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The Effects of Expatriates’ Cross-Cultural Competence, Work-Role Demand on Expatriates’ Adjustment and Performance: A Meta-Analysis Approach

Lee Li-Yueh, Nguyen Phuoc-Thien
Along with the tremendous growth of international operations, more and more expatriates have to be dispatched to the overseas market places. However, expatriate’s failure still remains in a higher rate. Expatriates’ failure not only can incur the loss of company sales and profits, but also negatively...
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Building Your Brand Through Social Media: How Communication and Money Work Wonderfully

Choong Kian Chong, Salmi Mohd Isa
Building brands at social media are challenging as consumers are easily swayed away to through a click; therefore, marketers need to gravitate the 3.196 billion of social media users based on Statista reports that the total spending might thrive at USD 4.5 trillion. Facebook’s community is a force to...
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A Comparative Study on Financial Performance of Registered Companies in the Jakarta Islamic Index (JII) Before and After the Implementation of IFRS in Accounting Standards

Muhammad Sholahuddin, Adi Parkawati
International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) is one of the changes in accounting standard regulations that affect the environment of international accounting information. In increasing capital market activities, IFRS provides a series of uniformity of accounting standards which is adopted by various...
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The Effect of the Board of Directors’ Characteristics on Company Value

Fitri Yeni, Zerni Melmusi, Esti Wulandari, Desi Ilona
This study aims to analyze the influence of the characteristics of the board of directors on company value. The characteristics of the board of directors are measured by size, age, and activities on company values. The samples of this research were taken randomly from 266 companies listed in the Indonesia...
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Ethnic, Skill, Qualification Diversity of Board of Commissioners and Stock Performance

Hilda Mary, Hanna Pratiwi, Chyntia Loren, Desi Ilona
The goal of this study is to examine the effect of ethnic, skill, and qualification diversity of the board of commissioners on stock performance in emerging markets. This study employs 266 companies listed on IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange) during 2011-2017 periods. The result shows that ethnic, skill,...
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The Effect of Destination Image on Tourists’ Satisfaction and Destination Loyalty: Bukittinggi City, West Sumatra

Sigit Sanjaya, Ronni Andri Wijaya, Yulasmi Yulasmi
This study discovered (1) the effect of destination images on destination loyalty (2) the effect of destination images on destination loyalty with tourists’ satisfaction as mediating variable. Respondents in this study were the tourists in the Bukittinggi City. This study utilized primary data which...
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The Effects of Age, Family-Relation, and Activities of the Board of Commissioners on Company Value

Sitti Rizki Mulyani, Darma Syahrullah Eka Jaya, Yani Fitriyanti, Desi Permata Sari
This study aims to analyze how the effect of age, family relation as a board of commissioners, and activities of the board of commissioners on company value. Two variables are used as control variables, which are company age and company leverage. The samples in this research is taken by random sampling...
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The Effect of Business Knowledge and Self-Confidence on Business Performance With Business Innovation as Mediating Variable Among SMEs in Padang City

Ramdani Bayu Putra, Elfiswandi Elfiswandi, Hasmaynelis Fitri, Neni Sri Wahyu Nengsih
The era of digitizing the industry 4.0 has an impact on changes in the competence of all organizations, in order to survive and improve the performance of organizations. This study aimed to analyze the impact of business knowledge and self-confidence on business performance with business innovation as...
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The Effects of Price Discount, Bonus Pack, and In-Store Display on Impulse Buying at Supermarkets

Della Asmaria Putri, Emil Salim, Vicky Brama Kumbara, Elfiswandi Elfiswandi
The purpose of this research was to analyze the effects of price discounts, bonus pack, and in-store display on impulse buying at Supermarkets in Padang City. This study used quantitative method to investigate certain populations and samples. The sampling technique used in this study was accidental sampling;...
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The Effects of Multiple Directorship, Tenure, and Age of Board of Directors on Corporate Value

Lusiana Lusiana, Nila Pratiwi, Zefriyenni Zefriyenni, Rio Andhika Putra, Winda Fierza Vironica
The purpose of this study was to analyze the effects of multiple directorships, tenure, and age of board of directors on corporate value. Multiple directorships, tenure, and age were used as independent variables, and corporate value became the dependent variable. Two variables were used as control,...
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The Influence Toward the Quality of Life When Technology Meets Handmade Goods and Services

Tsai Shieunt-Han
For improving the quality of life and health condition of Taiwanese, we promote handmade candles in order to service our consumers. We plan to use the convenience of technology and enhance our publicity more in the offering. We hence conducted an investigation on organic enterprises that included organic...
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A Qualitative Study on Small Firms’ Competitive Advantage Competencies in Laos Tourism Industry

Cheng-Lung Li, Sommanoxay Soulivanh
Companies can create core competencies or competitive advantages by adopting the marketing strategies. It can result in creating profitable relationship with customers, differentiation themselves to gain superior customer value than others. This study emphasizes on investigating how small tourism firms...
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Diversity Among the Board of Commissioners and Stock Return: A Study on the Influence of Nationality, Gender and Educational Background

Muhammad Ridwan, M. Afuan, Rio Andhika Putra, Nora Putri Ayu
This study analyzes the influence of board nationality, diversity, gender, and educational background as independent and dependent variables on stock returns. Two control variables were used namely, the audit quality and company age, with secondary data obtained in the form of financial statements and...
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The Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility, Managerial Ownership, and Firm Size on Firm Performance: Evidence From Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia

I Gede Adiputra, Henryanto Wijaya, Azhar Affandi
The main objective of this research is to explore and determine the effect of Good Corporate Governance, Managerial Ownership, and Firm Size that affect Firm Performance. We used the sample from financial statements of manufacturing companies engaged in Food and Beverages which are listed on the Indonesia...
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The Impact of Big Data Analytics Adoption on the Performance of Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises

Loh Chun Hong, Teoh Ai Ping
In today’s digitalized era, the adoption of Industry 4.0 technology pillars can boost businesses by enhancing organizational performance. As one of the crucial pillars, big data potentially has been receiving heightened interests from academics and practitioners. Big Data Analytics (BDA) is viewed as...
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The Role of Employees’ Responsiveness in Organizational Performance

Vivi Nila Sari, Sitti Rizki Mulyani, Marta Widian Sari, Erwin Hotmansyah Harahap
This study aimed to determine how much influence of the Leadership Style and Leader’s Innovation on Organizational Performance through Employee’s Responsiveness as an intervening variable. This research variables are Leadership Style (X1), Leader’s Innovation (X2) Employee’s Responsiveness (Z), and Organizational...
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The Effect of Financial Distress and Corporate Governance on Earnings Management

Silvy Christina, Nico Alexander
The purpose of this research is to analyze the effect of financial distress and corporate governance toward earnings management. The samples of this research consist of 131 non-financial companies that are listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange from the years 2014 to 2017 by using purposive sampling...
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Fostering Sustainability Advantage in Rural Tourism Destination at Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta

Kartika Nuringsih, Nuryasman M. N., Cokki Cokki
The goal of this study was to assess the advantages of rural tourism development at Kulon Progo County based on 800 visitors who were observed about their perception of strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat on eight rural destinations. Respondent consists of tourist, local residents, and destination...
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Analysis of the Effectiveness of Financial Education for Small and Medium Enterprises to Increase Financial Literacy (Preliminary Study: A Small Business Enterprise in Bandung)

Maya Malinda, Asni Harianti, Miki Tjandra, Meryana Meryana
Financial education is very important to everyone including financial education on Small Business Enterprise (SBE). This preliminary study revealed that financial education can increase financial literate significantly. Using Financial Fitness Quiz built by O’Neill, there were different results before...
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Analysis of the Effectiveness of Financial Education for Students in Higher Education to Increase Financial Literacy (Case Study: Financial Planning Class in Maranatha Christian University)

Maya Malinda, Miki Tjandra, Asni Harianti, Olivia Vania Olius
Financial literacy is a term that is currently used in many papers about a person’s literacy in managing his / her finance. Someone is said to be financially literate when he or she is able to take advantage of financial institutions and manage his / her finance. The efforts to improve financial literacy,...
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The Effect of Servant Leadership and Work Engagement on Organizational Citizenship Behavior Mediated by Organizational Commitment on Volunteers in Abbalove Ministries Church

Fidela Sadikin, Melitina Tecualu, Eka Desy
This research aimed to examine the effect of Servant Leadership and Work Engagement on Organizational Citizenship Behavior mediated by Organizational Commitment on Volunteers in Abbalove Ministries Church. This research utilized the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) as data analysis technique by using...
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The Influence of Technology Factors on Retail 4.0 Adoption in Malaysia

Poorni Sakrabani, Teoh Ai Ping
The younger generation, i.e., Gen Y and Gen Z, would make up 67% of Malaysia’s population in 2019. They are technically savvy and have huge spending power. Since this young generation is attracted to novel and exciting shopping experiences, Malaysian retailers should entice them by incorporating Retail...
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Entrepreneurial Orientation and Market Orientation in Business Performance of SMEs: An Exploration of the Impact on E-Commerce Adoption

Yayuk Sriayudha, Ade Octavia, Sigit Indrawijaya
In the industrial era of 4.0, digital and physical changes are inevitable, as well as for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The majority of SMEs in Jambi Province have not conducted digital technology as marketing strategy for the expansion of their market share. The purposes of this research were:...
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Assessing the Impact of Business Model Innovation, Firm Characteristics and External Collaboration on Food Outlet Performance in Malaysia

Bryan Teoh Phern Chern, Fauziah Binti Sh. Ahmad
Kuala Lumpur, the national capital of Malaysia is a diverse and dynamic city. The food scenary in Kuala Lumpur is constantly changing, with new variants of business models being introduced frequently. Restaurants and food outlets need to adapt to this change in order to maintain sustainable competitive...
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The Belt & Road Initiative: A Study from Malaysian SMEs’ Perspective

Chin Mui-Yin, Theresa Ho-Char-Fei, Teo Poh-Chuin, Chong Chu-Le, Wai Chew-Keong
The Belt & Road Initiative that was introduced by President Xi Jinping has received numerous attentions from the governments, business organizations and individuals from different countries. However, even though it is believed that Chinese companies will be the big winners from the Belt & Road...
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The Impact of Innovation on Competitiveness in Smartphone Industry in China

Kii-Geat Johan Lim, Poh-Chuin Teo, Lim Zheng Yang
Smartphone is considered as a common trend in this globalization era. Everyone wishes to have his / her own smartphone as it is making everyone’s life easier. Today, there are four major domestic smartphone brands that dominate the smartphone segment in China, which are Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi,...
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The Impact of the Use of Computer-Assisted Audit Technique, Professional Ethics, and Motivation on Auditors’ Performance

Michelle Kristian
The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of the use of Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques (CAAT), professional ethics, and auditor’s motivation on auditors’ performance. The study was conducted by using survey method which distributed the questionnaires to auditors in Public Accounting Firm....
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The Role of Social Influence Towards Purchase Intention With Value Perception as Mediator: A Study on Starbucks Coffee as an Environmentally Friendly Product

Miharni Tjokrosaputro, Cokki Cokki
This study aimed to examine the effects of social influence both directly and indirectly on purchase intention of Starbucks as an environmentally friendly product. This study used a survey method. The respondents consisted of 100 Starbucks consumers. A convenience sampling technique was used. The data...
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The Effect of Intellectual Capital on Tax Avoidance Before and After the Tax Amnesty

Estralita Trisnawati, Herlina Budiono
The purpose of this research was to analyze the effect of intellectual capital on tax avoidance before and after the tax amnesty. This research used manufacturing industries listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange in the periods of 2015 and 2017 as the samples. By using purposive sampling technique, 230 data...
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Why I Should Run My Own Business: A Study on Female Entrepreneurs’ Motivation and Business Success in Indonesia

Frangky Selamat, Mei Ie, Jhanghiz Syahrivar, Chairy Chairy, Hetty Karunia Tunjungsari
The purpose of this study was to analyse the key motivations that encourage entrepreneurship among women in the Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia. The number of female entrepreneurs has been increasing in recent years. Potential success through entrepreneurial acts is also open for the females. Furthermore,...
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Talent Management Model in Digital Age: Strategic Internal Entrepreneurial Mechanism

Wei-Ting Yvonne Foung, Yi-Shien Yeh, Bih-Shiaw Jaw
With economic growth and social development, Taiwan has gradually emerged as an ageing social problem, thus causing a structural imbalance in the population and aggravating the level of competition in the talent market. On the other hand, the new generation of workers who grew up under the influence...
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Investment Decision: The Case of Indonesian Manufacturing Companies

Rousilita Suhendah, Nathania Nathania
The purpose of this paper was to examine the determinant of investment among companies in consumption goods sector listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) during the period of 2014-2017, with the sample as many as 100 companies. The investment decision was measured by nett investment. The authors...
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Designing an Entrepreneurial University Model With Social Cognitive Theory Approach

Irine Herdjiono, Gerzon Maulany, Benediktus Elnath Aldy, Fitriani Fitriani
This study aimed to examine the proposed entrepreneurial university model that is relevant to the changing times. A number of studies on the entrepreneurial university model have been conducted. This study used social cognitive theory that underlies the entrepreneurial university model. The method used...
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The Effect of Capital Structure and Firm Size on Firm Value Through Profitability as Intervening Variable

Khairina Natsir, Yusbardini Yusbardini
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of capital structure and firm size on firm value through profitability as an intervening variable. This study was conducted among manufacturing companies in various industrial sectors in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) during the period 2013-2017. The...
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The Effect of Organizational Characteristics on Whistleblowing Behavior for Identifying Fraud

Elsa Imelda, Yenyen Hendris
The purpose of this research was to obtain empirical evidence about the effect of organizational characteristics such as respect and openness, cooperation and flexibility, fair treatment, and trust in supervisory authority, on whistleblowing behavior to identify fraud. This research used questionnaires...
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The Effect of Affective Commitment and Psychological Contract Violation on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) With Locus of Control as Intervening Variable

Chintya Ones Charli, Bayu Pratama Azka, Robby Dharma, Dori Mittra Candana
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of affective commitment and psychological contract violation on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) with Locus of Control as intervening variable at Gunung Naga Mas Ltd. Data was collected through surveys and distributing questionnaires with...
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The Influence of Accounting Conservatism, Leverage, Growth Opportunities, Cash and Liquidity on Corporate Investment Among Manufacturing Companies Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange

Andreas Bambang Daryatno, Linda Santioso
This study aimed to provide empirical evidence on the influence of Accounting Conservatism, Leverage, Growth Opportunities and Cash and Liquidity on Corporate Investment. The object of this research used was manufacturing companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in 2014-2016. Samples were obtained...
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Factors Affecting Earning Response Coefficient With Profitability as Moderating Variable in Manufacturing Companies

Henryanto Wijaya, Stefanus Adhitya, Hadi Cahyadi, Susanto Salim
The purpose of this study was to obtain empirical evidence about the effect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Disclosure, Profitability, Leverage, and Sales Growth on Earning Response Coefficient (ERC) among manufacturing companies that listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) during the years...
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The Best Model for Predicting Tourists to Visit Kalibiru Tourism Object

Nuryasman M. N., Kartika Nuringsih
Tourism sector is the most effective sector in encouraging an increase in Indonesia’s foreign exchange, although there is no forecasting model that can be used to predict the number of tourist visits. This study attempted to fill the void of the model to predict the number of tourist visits to Kalibiru...
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The Role of Human Capital and Knowledge Management in Innovation

Muthia Roza Linda, Gesit Thabrani, Firman Firman
The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of human capital and knowledge management in innovation. This study was conducted in Indonesia. Research respondents were bank employees who had structural positions. Data had been collected by using a survey with questionnaires. Based on data analysis...
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Financial Inclusion in Rural MSMEs: A SWOT Analysis

Rosyeni Rasyid, Erni Masdupii, Muthia Roza Linda
Regional economy is generally supported by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). One of them is the MSMEs of embroidery. One of the regions which produce the best embroidery product in West Sumatera is Pariaman; the product is the embroidery of gold thread. The problem with MSMEs of embroidery...
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Lecturers’ Perception of the Purpose of Performance Appraisal System

Ietje Nazaruddin, Hafiez Sofyani, Sri Rezki Hayati, Erni Suryaningrum, Caesar Marga Putri
The Performance Appraisal System (PAS) has purposes that are oriented towards individuals and institutions to improve the performance of higher education. This study explores lecturers’ perceptions of the purposes of PAS. Data were collected via questionnaires from 269 lecturers at higher educational...
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The Effect of Leadership Style on Job Satisfaction Among HWI Lindeteves Shops, With Burnout as Mediating Variable

Oey Hannes Widjaya, Herlina Budiono, Hendra Wiyanto
The purpose of this research was to reveal the effect of leadership attitude on job satisfaction through burnout among HWI Lindeteves shops. This research used SEM-PLS in a descriptive research method that observed over 80 respondents. A positive effect of leadership style on burnout was found as the...
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Credit and Collection Management Practices, Credit Risk Management, and Financial Performance of Private Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) in the Philippines: Basis for Continuous Improvement

Maria Delia M. Poot
The main goal of an educational institution is to maintain its stability and improve its growth and sustainability. Thus, educational institution must have an effective Credit and Collection Management Practices (CCMP) and Credit Risk Management to avoid credit risk. The study assessed the CCMP of private...