Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Material, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

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Synthesis and biological evaluation of the novel antitumor agent 3'-monosubstituted chalcone derivatives

Luyao Wang, Hongye Zhao, Dan Wu, Long Qin, Yuou Teng, Kui Lu
Seven novel 3'-mono-substituted chalcone derivatives were synthesized from 2,4-dihydroxyacetophenone in 4 steps in 18-31% overall yield. Their structures were confirmed by 1H NMR. The anticancer activity of these new target compounds (4~10) against human leukemia K562 cells were evaluated by MTT assay...
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Preparation and in Vitro Dissolution of Curcumin Tablets

Yuanping Wang, Chuqin Yu, Zhixiang Gan, Zhongbo Xie
Objectives: To prepare curcumin tablets, and evaluate their in vitro dissolution. Methods: Curcumin was dissolved in acetone, wet-granulation and tableting. The amount of Poloxamer 188 and Gremophor RH40 were chosen as factors, and the in vitro dissolution at 120 min was used as evaluation index. The...
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Analysis of Current Situation and Prospect about New Building Materials

Jing Wu
In this paper, current situation of the development of new construction materials were summed up and analyzed, and the future development trend of new construction materials is analyzed in view of the current market demand of new construction materials.
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Development of Green Building Materials

Jing Wu
Green building materials is one of the specific embodiment of the sustainable development strategy in the field of architecture. Because of the differences in geographical, concepts and technology, the countries’ understanding of green building materials and the application are different, and the power...
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Relations of Buildings Materials and Shape

Jing Wu
With the new materials, new technology are being widely applicated in the construction, the requirements has been further, such as how to enrich and expand knowledge and improve their professional qualities. To learn to master modern technology and materials from practice is an effective way. The trend...
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Determination of calcium and magnesium in bioleaching solution of uranium ore by optimized EDTA method

Chengying Zhou, Yihanna Hu, Liulu Cai, Wei Qu
This paper determined calcium and magnesium in bioleaching solution of uranium ore by optimized EDTA method. This method used acid chrome blue K-naphthol green B mixed indicator after adding reducing agent hydroxylamine hydrochloride, masking agent triethanolamine and masking agent L-cysteine. This method...
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Crumb Rubber Concrete Deterioration Caused by Sulphate Attack

Jinhua Xu, Sili Chen, He Yu, Ying Wang
An exhaustive study should be carried on Crumb Rubber Concrete deterioration caused by sulphate attack in this paper. the crumbed tire rubber powder were used to replace fine aggregates of concrete, whose grain size is 0.28mm. The replacement levels were 5%, 10%, 15% and 20 % by volume of the fine aggregates....
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Computer Simulation and Analysis of Curl Mechanism for Cold Rolled Steel Strip

Peng Zeng, Jiangang Yi, Li Zhao
Curl mechanism in cold rolled steel strip coiler is the key part for strip curling. This paper established the 3D model of cold rolled steel strip coiler. Based on it, the structure of the curl mechanism is designed and analyzed. The stress distribution of the drum and the drum shaft in the curl mechanism...
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Fast establishment and application of caspase-3 inhibitor detection system

Dan Wu, Hongye Dan, Huan Liu, Peng Yu, Yuou Teng
Our objective to study the expression and activity of the apoptosis protease Caspase-3 in E. coli BL21 (DE3) Plyss. The cDNA of Caspase-3 was amplified by PCR and inserted into the cell of K562, it was then cloned to prokaryotic expression vector pET-21b, after which Caspase-3 was induced by IPTG. The...
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Study on Preparation and Property of Ni-Co-P Coatings of AZ31B Magnesium Alloy

Xianguang Zeng, Xingwen Zheng, Hong Luo, Xiuzhou Lin, Xiaolang Jiang
AZ31B was used as the basic material in electroless Plating of Ni-Co-P, The optimium formula and process conditions were obtained by using the orthogonal experiment methods. XRD, SEM and EDS were used to characterize phase structure,compositon and morphology of Ni-Co-P coating. The morphology,corrosion...
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Prediction Research of Death Number in Construction Accident Based on Unbiased Grey-Fuzzy-Markov Chain Method

Yu Li, Mengnan Li
Some of the inherent characteristics of the construction industry makes frequently construction safety accidents, and as well , that’s caused a serious of adverse effects , by now, the effective prediction which is about the trend of death number in construction accident becomes extremely important....
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Mass proportional damping in nonlinear time-history analysis

Xiaoming Chen, Jin Duan, Yungui Li
Rayleigh damping is the main form in direct integral method for structural nonlinear dynamic analysis under seismic wave. As stiffness proportional damping usually should be neglected for its significant influence on limit time increment, reasonable mass proportional damping becomes more important in...
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Shear Deformation Characteristics of Aeolian Sand in Gurbantunggut Desert

Chang-Ning Jin, Yu-Hong Zhang
Through various types of quick shear test, completely grasp the shear deformation characteristic of aeolian sand in Gurbantunggut Desert. The test result shows that the shear deformation curve of aeolian sand is influenced obviously by relative compactness. When the latter one is lower than 95%, the...
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Study on Urban Construction Land Suitability Evaluation in China’s Southwestern Frontier Mountainous Area: A Case Study in Longchuan County, Yunnan Province

Yi-Mei He, Zi-Sheng Yang, Bo-Sheng Zhang, Ming-Jun Xu
Carrying out the evaluation of land suitability for urban construction in mountainous areas will provide a fundamental basis for building mountainous cities. This study carried out a full evaluation on suitability for urban construction and its suitability grade of each evaluation unit in the mountainous...
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Difficult Questions and Solutions of Engineering Cost

Jinbao Cao, Yunzhu Liu, Jian Tang
with the social progress and economic development, the construction industry in China has also yielded rapid development in recent years, and gradually become an important pillar of Chinese national economy. However, with the continuous expansion of the construction industry in scale, the questions existing...
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Keypoint Analysis of the Pre-settlement Audit Work of the Construction project cost

Jinbao Cao, Yunzhu Liu, Jian Tang
The pre settlement audit work of the construction project cost is a key job in the construction engineering, and is also the most basic work in building engineering. The pre settlement audit work of the construction project cost is the key to the cost control of construction engineering. Economic globalization...
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Roof Greening Study Based on the Urban Sustainable Development

Ruiqi Cao
In recent years, with the rapid development of the urban construction and the sharpening of the conflicts on urban land use,it has become the main topic that cities have potentials for sustainable development. People are getting more and more focused on environmental construction,and roof greening is...
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Development Strategic Research on Mountainous Ethnic Minority Beautiful Towns and Villages—Taking the Thousand Miao Villages Xijiang as Example

Danqing Pu, Ying Cao, Jiawen Hou, Pengfei Qiu
In recent years, the development of the mountainous ethnic minority beautiful towns and villages has drawn people’s attention. This paper took the thousand Miao villages Xijiang as an example, studied and analyzed the development strategic on mountainous ethnic minority beautiful towns and villages....
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Research on Saving and Intensive Evaluation Indicator System of Rural Infrastructure Construction

Xinwei Li, Ying Cao, Lili Zhang, Pengfei Qiu
This paper proposed an indicator system to the saving and intensive of infrastructure. The evaluation indicator system was built from three dimensions - transportation facilities evaluation indicator, water supply and drainage facilities evaluation indicator, safety and disaster prevention facilities...
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Research on the application of a new platform of the robot as an active support

Korganbay Sholanov, Utebayev Ruslan
The paper describes a new six mobility platform type robot SHOLKOR. Due to its unique properties, the new platform type robot can be used as an active support to protect buildings, facilities and machinery from sudden mechanical impacts. This paper includes a description of the experimental assembly...
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Green building design

Xiao Cheng, Li. Jun Dou
Green building design is different from the traditional architectural design, building not only for science, space utilization, architectural form, building structure to be considered, but from an environmental and energy point of view, the use of ecological, environmental science and energy disciplines...
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Game Analysis of Government and Enterprises in the Reverse Logistics of Waste Household Appliances

Jiani Lou, Tianjun Hu
This paper uses game theory to analyze the behavior of government and enterprises in the Reverse Logistics (RL) of Waste Household Appliances (WHA). A static game model and a dynamic game model are established to study respectively the periods of establishing and operating the Reverse Logistics System...
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The study of appropriate technology for green transformation for existing public buildings — A Case Study of Nanjing

Ming-Hui Li, Xiao-Tong Feng, Yuan-Wei Cong
Site investigation and monitoring on public buildings in Nanjing, analyses on the status and existing problems. Put forward the objective and principle of green transformation, raised the appropriate greening technology reform and seismic strengthening technology. The energy consumption of buildings’...
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Kinematic analysis on the serve technique of world’s elite tennis player Novak Djokovic

Tao Yang, Jihe Zhou, Jun Guo
Serve technique plays an important role in the tennis competition, and it’s an important way to score. In virtue of three-dimensional photograph analytical method, this research presents a kinematical analysis on key links of serve technique by Novak Djokovic, the champion of men's singles in 2014 China...
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The fire vulnerability evaluation of the old building based on fuzzy comprehensive assessment method

Xiaodong Chen, Yongjun Liu, Yangyang Liu
In order to assess fire vulnerability of old buildings quickly and reasonably, a model for an assessment system of fire vulnerability of old buildings was built, based on the theory of fuzzy comprehensive assessment. Based on the analysis of the building fire spreading process and the mechanical properties...
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Report on dwellings of Qing Dynasty in Poli village, Zhanbei, Xiangcheng county in Xuchang of Henan, China

Hongguang Li, Yuqing Liu, Yufeng Liu
Song-family folk residence at Xiangcheng County in Henan, China, applied composite bricklaying technology of the red stone and brick, having formed its special style. The building group has a considerable scale, and is well preserved. In the paper, we describe the characteristics and layout of them.We...
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Progress in application on the prediction of rolling bearing performances for urban rail and traffic engineering

Xin-Tao Xia, Shu-Jing Dong, Yuan-Yuan Qin
At present, an unprecedented development situation of the urban rail and traffic engineering is presented. Bearing as a key component of vehicle operation safety, its performances and reliability should achieve higher requirements. Because the number of characteristic data of bearing performances is...
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Research on the Implementation of In-House Calibration in Automotive Testing Laboratory

Shimin Zhang, Lixiong Zhang
In order to ensure the traceability of the instruments for automotive testing laboratory, the article describes the necessity and significance of in-house calibration in automotive testing laboratory, according to the CNAS- CL31 " Requirements for In-house Calibration " proposed five important aspects...
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Research on the Factory Automation Software Based on the SEMI Standard

Chenxi Wang, Mingzhe Liu, Aidong Xu, Ni Jin
Factory automation (FA) system software is a bridge to realize information exchange between processing equipment of semiconductor equipment and factory host. It receives the control instruction sent by a host, and sends the control instruction to the manufacturing equipment after internal analysis and...
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Research on the multichannel measurement system in the forest soil respiration

Zhiping Wang, Aidong Xu, Yanc Song, Bingjund Yan, Boe Hu, Qinning Liu
According to the requirements of the forest soil respiration experiment, the multichannel measurement system in the forest soil respiration is researched and designed. The system selects the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) as the core controller, changes the measurement channel by switching the measurement...
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Development of 1200A AC/DC Linear Standard Power Supply

Feipeng Lin, Hong Zhang, Huanghui Zhang, Wei Zhao, Haiming Shao
With the development of science, technology and production, there is an increasing demand for high-current power supply, which is widely applied in research of high-speed railways, subways, electric cars, DC transmission and electromagnetic measurement science. The commercial high-current power supply...
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A New Simulation Technology Research for Missile Control System based on DSP

Bin Tian, Jianqiao Yu, Yuesong Mei
Simulation technology is extremely important in the design process of control algorithm for missile weapon system. Different from digital simulation and traditional hardware-in-the-loop simulation, a rapid prototyping hardware-in-the-loop simulation technology is proposed which can confirm the control...
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Distribution Analysis of Rated Power for 6m Passenger Car

Guoliang Dong, Shuquan Xu
Thousands of motor models are assembled in the vehicles. It is necessary to study the distribution characteristics of motor rated power to check the vehicle plants have obeyed the optimal designed methods. Some passenger car samples of body length shorter than 6m have been analyzed. Construct statistics...
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Research on the optimal regulation of barrel tea rolling machine base on the tea rolling modeling

Heping Tang, Haiwei Xu, Jiangping Cao, Gang Li, Zhuang Yang, Xin Zhao, Chi Xie
The tea physical properties and quality are often influenced by the rolling pressure in the tea production. In this paper, the tea rolling modeling in the barrel rolling machine is established by analyzing the force situation of the tea leaves in the barrel rolling machine. The joint rolling curve synthesis...
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Study on the Virbration of Slab Mill Support Roller

Hang Wan Xiao, Wei Dong Zhao, Yong Liu Sheng
The vibration analysis model of slab mill is established in this paper according with the multi-body dynamics theory. The relationship between the vibration displacement and time of the support roller in different conditions is obtained through simulation analysis. Under different damping conditions,...
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Digital Design of A Monitoring System for the Power Drive Device of Vehicle

Xinyong Qiao, Cheng Gu, Ying Jin
Researched on a monitoring system for one type of power drive device. Designed a mathematic model for monitoring and evaluating the status of power drive device based on data fusion theory, and developed the related software. Developed a database to manage the measured status data, and then developed...
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Application of RFID technology in the vehicle alarm system

Jiangzhou Zhang, Shuai Wang, Ning Gao
Vehicle anti-theft alarm system using RFID technology in the region of the vehicle for security management and establish a vehicle intelligent anti-theft alarm and management platform, the vehicle to achieve the automatic import and export with owner identification, vehicle positioning, statistical statements,...
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An improved hybrid biogeography-based optimization algorithm for constrained optimization problems

Wen Long, Ximing Liang, Songjin Xu
Constrained optimization problems are very important as they are encountered in many science and engineering applications. A hybrid method based on modified augmented Lagrangian multiplier and biogeography-based optimization (BBO) algorithm is proposed to solve constrained optimization problems. The...
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Load Forecasting based on Fuzzy Time Series

Pei Ao
Load forecasting is a traditional research issue in the field of electric power system. In this paper, an improved fuzzy time series approach is used to forecast load. Firstly, a method of unequal-sized intervals partitioning based on K-means algorithm is proposed. Secondly, improved fuzzification method...
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The broken-point continuingly-transferring scheme of large files based on HTML5

Limin Wang, Zhenghe Liang, Quanfeng Duan
In Web applications, it is often needed to upload a file to the server. With current file upload methods, it is difficult to deal with large file uploading and user experience is also bad. Uploading big files often failed because of network interruption and the client had to reupload.With the development...
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Designing and implementation of batch testing equipment for RF electronic seal of smart meter

Yingjie Lv, Ying Liu, Aofeng Li, Wenjing Xu
for electronic seal of smart meter with special appearance and light weight ,a batch testing equipmentis designed to write program into seal and test automatically , which will increase the testing efficiency of electronic seam installed in meter. The arrange part being consist of vibrating plate , sliding...
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Efficient File Sharing Scheme Based on WebRTC

Quanfeng Duan, Zhenghe Liang, Limin Wang
WebRTC is a relatively hot technique for web in the recent years, simple Javascript API can achieve the communications of common data types even audio and video data types between browsers supporting HTML5. Moreover, it possesses the features of no plug-ins, cross platform, low development and usage...
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Environment monitoring sensor system design based on aircraft

Hong Zhang, Yalin Li
In order to do real-time monitoring disaster prediction and life detection of flammable and explosive, high risk and highly pressure goods in the factory etc. Combination wireless sensor network node with temperature, humidity ,combustible gas concentration sensor ,using four rotor aircraft as a carrier...
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Research on rapid process optimization technology based on Improved Genetic Algorithm

Hang Yu, Liqin Miao, Jichun Jiang, Heping Jiang, Wanrui Cui
In this paper, the vehicle engine block processing characteristics was analyzed based on body machining process path problem, process route optimization mathematical model was established, the principle of the basic genetic algorithm and genetic operation were analyzed also, a kind of improved genetic...
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Soft measurement of the cell concentration based on SVM and PSO

Hua Meng, Hui Gao, Liting Han
The process of Pichia pastoris fermentation has a long period and less offline data . The cell concentration and some other important variables can not be measured on line. The soft sensor modeling at present is mainly the artificial neural network (ANN).This paper introduces the Support Vector Machine...
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Watercraft Commanding Simulation Laboratory Team training Mode Research and Application

Shanbin Wang
The author analyzes the domestic and foreign situation and development trend in the simulation training area, It expounds the shipment command situation laboratory team training mode of the background and content researchins, Proposes the important views for the shipment command simulation laboratory...
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On primary construction of Plateaued functions

Tianfeng Sun, Bin Hu, Yan Liu, Liping Xu
To resist different kinds of attacks, Boolean functions used in the cryptosystem should have good cryptographic properties. The Plateaued functions, a large class of Boolean functions containing Bent functions and Partial-Bent functions, are good choices. Therefore, the study of construction and cryptographic...
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Location model of CMS for vehicle navigation in highway network

Dongbin Xu
Based on benefits evaluation, a location model of CMS is provided in the paper. According to the character of the highway network, some parameters are simplified to calculate traffic flow and attenuation coefficient in the model. The results verify the rationality and practicality of the method.
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System Performance Analysis in IM/DD OFDM for Power Grid Utilizing Adaptive Volterra Equalization

Yong Xia, Hai Yang Cong, Ming Zhu, Wei Zhe Ma, Yang Liu, Zhi Gang Qi
Intensity-modulation and direct-detection (IM/DD) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems have gained great attentions from researchers. However, the interaction between the chirp of direct modulation laser and fiber dispersion causes intermixing interferences among sub-carriers. Therefore,...
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SDN-based Routing Application for Expansion of Electric Power Communication Networks

Ling Wang, Xin Jin, Man Rui Song, Dong Xu Wei, Zhen Sheng, Ying Cao
With the rapid development of Internet, the network traffic explosively grows with the emergence of new network business. The existing electric power communication networks still have the traditional architecture that is the closed system highly integrated with devices and software, which cannot satisfy...
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Research on Internal combustion engine speed processing method and its parameters optimization

Qiuyuan Wang, Fujun Zhang, Zhe Zuo
The accurate and available engine rotate speed signal is quite essential to engine control, fault diagnosis, etc. This paper analyses the parameters optimization towards common processing methods of engine rotate speed, aiming at internal combustion engine closed-loop control. Basing on the Matlab/xPC...
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The Study of Prediction of Sensor System Errors for Maneuvering Target Tracking

Guangjun He, Yanbin Li, Jianfeng Wu, Bin Liu
Considering that it’s difficult to build target motion model in structure stochastic jump system, this paper studies system errors estimation. Based on the Maximum Likelihood (ML) estimation, a conclusion is drawn, that is, there exists a causal conjunction between system errors and state estimation....
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Research on Applied Technology with Online Boosting Algorithms

Xiaowei Sun
Boosting is an effective classifier combination method, which can improve classification performance of an unstable learning algorithm due to its theoretical performance guarantees and strong experimental results. However, the algorithm has been used mainly in batch mode, i.e., it requires the entire...
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Empirical Comparisons of Online Boosting Algorithms with Running Time

Xiaowei Sun
Boosting is an effective classifier combination method, which can improve classification performance of an unstable learning algorithm due to its theoretical performance guarantees and strong experimental results. However, the algorithm has been used mainly in batch mode, i.e., it requires the entire...
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The Design Of Multiple Nodes Wireless Temperature Transmission System Based On STC15W1K24S And CC1101

Zhijian Yin, Wang Fan, Xiang Kun
With the development of science and technology, the wireless transmission system has a broad application field. This system need to collect the temperature data of two nodes. So we use the new single chip microcomputer STC15W1K24S as microprocessor, DS18B20 as temperature sensor, low power consumption...
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A Kind of Smart Home Electricity Controller based on Active Distribution Networks and ATT7035 Chip

Lefeng Cheng, Maoxin Xu, Tao Yu, Yixuan Chen, Baomin Zheng
The distribution network may be influenced by access of a large number of distributed generations, such as the impact of short level, reactive power, voltage ride through limitation, bi-directional power flow, etc., which brought a lot of uncertainty for networks’ operation and controlling. The future...
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Research on Transmission System of Video Monitoring for theater Based on IP Multicast

Zhen Li, Liu Gao, Hui Ren
At present, with the video data growth, in the transmission system of theater video monitoring, it uses the communication way of IP unicast and IP broadcast to transmit video data, which leads to the rapid consumption of bandwidth. In order to solve the above problem, this paper proposes to adopt the...
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Study of generation and trigger system of the Extracorporeal Cardiac Shock Wave

Liang Yin, Ye Zhang, Shouli Bai, Xin Qi, Ying Zhou
This article introduces the placing signage and the high-voltage trigger system of the extracorporeal cardiac shock wave treatment instrument. The placing signage is composed of a solenoid coil, a cylindrical sheet metal and a parabolic reflection cup. The cylindrical sheet metal is pushed sharply by...
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Research on Transmission System of Video Monitoring for theater Based on Live555

Ren Hui, Gao Liu, Li Zhen
At present, in the transmission system of theater video monitoring, it usually uses the Winsock interface to set up streaming media server, which leads to the defect that the remote monitoring terminal of this system must rely on the Windows operating system, but not the smart TV based on Android operating...
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Design of Wireless Sensor Networks on Offshore Environment Monitor

Songting Qin, Ying Hu, Qiping Jin, Defei Yuan
With the significantly increased exploitation speed of offshore marine resources, marine environmental pollution is getting more and more attention in recent years. Offshore environmental monitoring has become a hot issue in marine ecological environmental research. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) technology...
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SVM-based Dynamic Risk Recognition and Complex Risk Assessment

Xue Liu, Wenjing Qi, Weihua Yuan
Risk assessment is a critical step for the robust operation of an information system. We incorporate machine learning and statistical theory together in risk recognition and evaluation to accommodate the dynamic and complex characters of information systems. first, SVM classifier is employed to recognize...
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Mining the Model with the Hidden Transitions Based on Petri Net Probabilistic Behavioral Relations

Xiaoyue Wang, Xianwen Fang, Ruihao Cao
In process mining, one of the major challenges is to find a process model in the best possible way through the describing observed behavior. The hidden transitions exist in the process models, but not found in the log sequence. This paper is based on the probabilistic behavioral relations from the incomplete...
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Soundness Analysis of the Process of the Automatic Vending System Based on Petri Net

Lina Chen, Xianwen Fang, Xiangwei Liu
Automatic vending system is being widely used, the system of business process was mainly related to data flow and control flow, so the soundness analysis for business processes of automatic vending system is more difficult. The existing research about the soundness analysis of the process model is mainly...
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Airborne CCD camera pattern recognition analysis

Wei Han, Jinhe Bao, Hongxiang Diao
CCD (charge coupled device) is one of the mainstream of image sensors, it plays a more and more important role in the real-time image processing and recognition. For airborne CCD image recognition problem, this paper proposes an enhanced method of wavelet transform. It can real-time processing of airborne...
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Experimental Study of the effects of Throttle valve on Auto-cascade Refrigeration System

Dayu Zheng, Lei Liu, Liping Gao, Shuo Chen, Qiuyan Chen, Li Haifeng, Li Xiang
The objection of this article is to optimize auto-cascade refrigeration system. This refrigeration system use multiple mixture (R22/R23/R14) as the refrigerant, which is driven by the single-stage compressor. Throttle is an important composition of auto-cascade refrigerant system, which impact on evaporation...
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Low power consumption lossless image compression algorithm and its application in water strider robot vision system

Yanming Fan, Licheng Wu, Xiaer Li
The emergence of miniature robot makes micro vision sensing system become a hot topic in the field of scientific research. The main task of miniature visual sensor system is image acquisition and wireless transmission, but image transmission occupied the main part of the energy consumption. In order...
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Realization of the helicopter test management system Based on Fuzzy Control automatic balancing technology

Xianmin Peng, Guichuan Zhang, Zhonghua Liu, Bing Xu
According to the shortcoming of present helicopter wind tunnel test by manual operation , an automatic control technology based on network communication was developed for the helicopter winder tunnel experiment. It includes the test standard process and different pipelines between command communication...
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the index optimization of Teaching Quality Evaluation based on Boolean Matrix algorithm in Rough Set

Hongli Yuan, Sumin Yang, Lei Wang, Huiqian Zhang
The objective evaluation of teachers’ teaching quality can stimulate teachers’ teaching enthusiasm and improve teaching quality. In this paper we apply an algorithm based on Boolean matrix in rough set for data analysis on the evaluation of teachers’ teaching quality, optimize the evaluation index and...
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Analysis of hoop stress variation of shield tunnel based on Hurst index

Lianyuan Chang, Daiguo Liu, Xu Li
Considering the nonlinearity and uncertainty of first tunnel hoop stress changes that caused by the construction of underwent tunnel in Suzhou metro line 4. According to the basic principles of fractal theory, Hurst index of the hoop stress time series was calculated by using R/S and V/S analysis method....
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Methods for model error analysis of pulse impulse measuring torsion system

Xing Jin, Dapeng Wang, Chao Zhu
orsion system is a typical pulse impulse measuring method. Currently used analysis model is the impulse moment interaction model. According to the response characteristic analysis of torsion system under pulsed impulse action, using analytical methods, this thesis proposes error analysis methods for...
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The Comparison of Calibration Method of Binocular Stereo Vision System

Zhang Ke, Gao Zhao
Stereo vision is a non-contact method to realize 3D reconstruction of free-form surface, and has a wide range of applications in the field of reverse engineering and virtual reality. The technology of camera calibration has always been the research hotspot and difficulty. In this paper, firstly the experimental...
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The Application of Stereo Vision in 3D Modeling of Foot

Zhang Ke, Gao Zhao
With the development of economy and the improvement of personal consumption, the demands of people for consumer goods are becoming more diversified and individualized. In recent years, the personalized shoemaking system is favored by market, and the traditional shoemaking industry needs new technologies...
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Parametric analysis and design methods of Torsion thrust measurement system

Xing Jin, Dapeng Wang, Yanji Hong
Parametric analysis and of system design is the basic issue of torsion thrust measurement system. Based on parametric analysis of thruster size, weight and maximum thrust, as well as torsion damping ratio, vibration frequency and the torsional stiffness coefficient, the thesis proposes a method for parametric...
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Cost Analysis of B+-Tree and CSB+-Tree in Main Memory Database

Lan Wang, Fengdong Sun
Index is indispensable in database system to speeding up data access. Commonly used indexes in main memory databases are B+-Tree, T-Tree and their variants. Cost model of main memory database are more complex than disk-oriental database, and relatively little work has been done on this area. This paper...
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A CMOS input buffer with linearization technique for high-speed A/D

Xi Chen, Liang Li, Mingyuan Xu, Xiaofeng Shen
A CMOS input buffer with linearization technique for high-speed A/D is introduced. The buffer features high-linearity and low-power consumption. The simulation shows that the SFDR of the buffer is up to 107dB at an input clock of 250MHz with an input signal of 10MHz. A 14-bit 250MSPS pipelined A/D converter...
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A 1.8V 12-bit 1GS/s SiGe BiCMOS time-interleaved Analog-to-Digital converter

Mingyuan Xu, Liang Li, Xiaofeng Shen, Xi Chen
This paper describes a 1.8V 12 bit 1 GS/s pipeline ADC realized in a 0.18 m BiCMOS SiGe process. The ADC consists of a two-way time-interleaved hierarchical structure. Each sub-ADC consists of one input buffer and T&H with BiCMOS technology which improves the dynamic performance and reduces the converter...
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A 12 Bit IF Sampling Pipelined ADC in 0.18um BiCMOS

Liang Li, Dongbing Fu, Mingyuan Xu, Xingfa Huang
In this paper, a 12 bit 500MS/s IF Sampling ADC is described. The ADC has an integrated input buffer with a new linearization technique that improves its distortion. Eight pipeline stages with fully differential switched capacitor architecture follow the input buffer. Each of stage of the pipeline, excluding...
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A Novel Clock circuit used in Time-Interleaved ADC

Xiaofeng Shen, Liang Li, Mingyuan Xu, Xi Chen
This paper presents a new type of clock system based on standard CMOS 0.18 m, 1.8V process. It can be used for 14bit, 500 MHz sampling frequency, time interleaving (TI) ADC. The clock edge reassignment technique has been introduced in this paper. Simulation has been run in Spectre under Cadence platform....
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A 14-b 500 MSPS Time-Interleaved Analog-to-Digital Converter with Digital Background Calibration

Xingfa Huang, Dongbing Fu, Rongbin Hu, Jie Pu, Xiaofeng Shen, Jing Li, Liang Li
This paper presents a 14-bit 500MSPS ADC in 0.18 um CMOS process. By interleaving two 250MSPS ADCs, a sample rate of 500MSPS is achieved. The offset, gain error and time skew between the two channels are calibrated in the background. The measurement shows that the ADC has performances of 10.6 bits ENOB,...
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Analysis of key technologies in the Internet of things

Rui Wang, Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
It is known as the third wave of the information industry after the personal computer and the Internet technology. IOT is an important breakthrough in the new century. On the basis of analyzing the system structure and technical characteristics of the Internet of things, the key technology of the Internet...
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Research on improved strategy of ant colony optimization algorithm

Rui Wang, Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
This paper summarizes three kinds of improved strategies for ant colony optimization algorithm: the improved strategy based on the structure of solution, the improved strategy based on the pheromone updating, and the improved method based on the solution processing. Taking the ant colony system as an...
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Robot global path planning based on improved ant colony algorithm

Rui Wang, Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
In this paper, we present a path planning for mobile robot based on improved ant colony optimization algorithm. In order to increasing the algorithm’s convergence speed and avoiding to fall into local optimum, we proposed updating the pheromone residues. Experiments show that this method is effective...
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The Optimization of College Music Teaching based on Multimedia Technology

Bing Xia
The application of multimedia technology in college music teaching has important practical significance. The article analyzes the effect of multimedia technology in music teaching and discusses the optimization of multimedia technology in music teaching on the basis of the principles adhered to from...
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Design of Modern Home Core Control System Based on Intelligent Lock

Wei Zeng, Yushan Li, Yini Zhang, Shu Ran, Qiang Dou
This paper introduces a new smart home system with low-power, scalability and highly security. The system takes the relatively high performance STM32 chip as the core of data processing, and integrates high-precision resistive touch screen, ZigBee wireless sensor control network, GPRS remote data transmission...
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Novel SINS Alignment Method Using SG-KP-QKF

Changyan Ran
This paper proposes a novel direct and completely nonlinear alignment method for the strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS). The method uses the sparse-grid quadrature Kalman filter based on the Kronrod–Patterson rule (SG-KP-QKF) and nonlinear models. The system equations and the measurement equations...
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A New Image Fusion Method for Infrared and Visible Images Combining with Compressive Sensing Technology

Ying Zhu, Yongxing Jia, Chuanzhen Rong, Yu Yang
Compressive sensing is a novel information theory proposed recently.It broke through the restrictions of the traditional Nyquist sampling theorem on the sampling frequency,which can only use fewer sampling signals to describe the original signals.This article introduces an image fusion algorithm based...
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A Nondestructive Method for Measurements of Complex Permittivity of Microwave Dielectric Substrate Materials

Fei Zhao, Pei Xu, Changtao Sha, Wenfeng Wang, Jinsong Kan
A nondestructive and accurate measurement method and related apparatus based on the split-cylinder resonator techniques is descried in this paper. The dielectric constants and loss tangents of the flat substrate materials are suitable to be characterized and then calculated by software programmed according...
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GIS Application based on Cloud Storage for Atmospheric Environmental Monitoring

Han Mei, Feng Ke
GIS has been introduced to Jining’s air quality automatic monitoring system. The system provides the client with easily available services of high quality. In order to meet the need of big data storage of the monitoring system we designed the distributed cloud storage framework to deploy MongoDB storage...
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Research and Implement of Real-time Automatic Web Page Classification System

Weihong Han, Weihui Zhu, Yan Jia
With the development of Internet and communication technology, the Internet data growth rapidly, and the type of network services varied. According to the different properties of the network services, network services classification is the foundation of many network applications, including network service...
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Precision Analysis of Color Measurement by Different Spectrophotometers

Hongying Yang, Shiyin Ding, Pengfei Jiang
Photometric accuracy and precision are the most important technical parameters of spectrophotometers. In this paper, our three instruments, that is Datacolor SF600, X-Rite Color i7 and Varian Cary 5000 UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer, were inspected on their photometric precision for color measuring. Five...
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Research and Design of Automobile’s Automatic Wipers Based on FPGA

Dayu Zheng, Shuo Chen, Haifeng Yu, Qiu-Yan Chen, Lei Liu, Xiang Li, Jie Li
Auto-cascade refrigeration system using multiple non-azeotropic refrigerants, taking advantage of the difference between the evaporation temperature of high and low boiling point components, applying the single-stage compression, by the way of internal cascade to obtain a larger working temperature range,...
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IFT Algorithm For Image Stitching

Yezhi Yin, Ke Liu, Zhijun Li
The Field Programmable Gate Array(FPGA) can be used to generate PWM waves to control DC motor’s working, therefore a system of automobile’s automatic wipers which could convert wipers’ speed autonomously were designed base on it in this paper. The core module of the system was FPGA which generated PWM...
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SIFT Algorithm For Image Stitching

Pan Zhang, Jun Ruan
An algorithm based on SIFT feature detection method(Scale Invariant and Feature Transform) and using conversion step of the circular area selection feature points described are introduced into image feature detecting and matching for better real time performance and higher precision.Improved SIFT features...
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An Adaptive Mutation Multi-particle Swarm Optimization for Traveling Salesman Problem

Mingfang Gao, Xueliang Fu, Gaifang Dong, Honghui Li
Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a well-known NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem. The Particle Swarm Optimization has been proven to succeed in lots of problems, but the PSO algorithm is challenging due to a variety of factors such as easy to fall into local optimal solution and the convergence...
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Transmission Expansion Planning Based on Hybrid EDA/DE Algorithm Considering Wind Power Penetration

Xiankui Wen, Huiting Xu, Yong Xiao, Jianguo Chen, Chenghui Lin
It poses high requirements for the calculation speed and the precision of the solving method when we consider the large-scale transmission expansion planning (TEP) problems. Therefore, combined with the respective characteristics of EDA (Distribution of Estimation Algorithm) and DE (Differential Evolution...
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Interactive Teaching Mode of Biology course under the New Media Technology

Kai Song, Mei Bie, Jian Zhang, Anhua Meng
Compared with the traditional teaching methods, modern new media including the instructional and social media represent the new direction for the mode of education and teaching quietly, which contributes to the effectiveness of teaching increasingly. Interactive teaching mode at biological teaching of...
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Anti-hepatocarcinoma effects of chrysin loaded solid lipid nanoparticle against H22 tumor bearing mice

Zhiping Wang, Hua Fan, Yan Li, Yifei Wang
Hepatocarcinoma, a malignant cancer, threaten human life badly. It is a current issue to seek the effective natural remedy from plant to treat cancer due to the resistance of the advanced hepatocarcinoma to chemotherapy. Chrysin (Chr), a major symbol ingredient in Chinese Propolis, has a wide range of...
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Research on Heterogeneous Communication Network for Power Distribution Automation

Qiang Yu, Hui Huang, Yue Yu, Chuan Liu
To solve the problem of current communication network for smart distribution automation, key technologies of heterogeneous networks were analyzed and researched, including network resource management, dynamic network selection and intelligent switching strategy as well as channel protection algorithm...
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Influence of rotating speed and trial weight on one-time balancing

Xueshan Xu, Yujie Bai, Xiaozhang Zhang
In practical process of dynamic balancing, rotating speed, mass and angular location of trial weight will affect one-time balancing effect. In order to find the best balancing speed, trial weight mass and angle, computer simulation and experimental research are conducted. The results show that, one can...
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Optimal calculating on working point of the permanent magnet

Yanli Gao, Jianming Huang, Shiyong Zhang
Confirming about the working point of the permanent magnet is an essential premise in the calculating of permanent magnetic circuit. In this paper, the choosing methods about the working point of the permanent magnet are analyzed overall. The calculating formulas of the optimal calculating are deduced...