Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Education Technology, Management and Humanities Science

276 authors
Xu, Kuo
Research on Measured Course Accuracy Based on Relative Measure between Azimuth and Relative Bearing
Xu, Zheng
Teachers Present Situation of Information Literacy for College and University Teaching
Xu, Degang
A Study on Development Strategy of Water Margin Martial Arts Culture
Xu, Ping
All the way to the Altair and the fable of cowherd and the weaving maiden
Xu, Hong
A Review on Treatment of Aquaculture Wastes
Xu, Xinghua
Exploration on the origins of thoughts of Lao Zi
Xu, ZhiHua
Modern Teaching of Art and Design Indoor and Outdoor Manuscripts
Xue, YingzHen
The Application of AHP Model in College Students Education Quality Assessment
Yan, Ximu
Cultivation of Cross-Cultural Communicative Competence of Higher Vocational Students
Yan, Hongmei
Vocational School Art Teaching Research under the Support of Network Technology
Yang, Yu
Study on Evaluation of Nanchong Ecological Civilization Construction Based on AHP-Entropy Method
Yang, YiYing
Study on Spread Model of Infectious Diseases
Yang, Kejiao
“Peart” Human Factors Model for Aviation Maintenance
Yang, Da
Reform and innovation of graduate management mode in agricultural University
Yanli, Li
Research on the Security Issues and Countermeasures of the Network Payment in Art E-commerce
Yanli, Li
Research on the Network Security Management of Artwork E-commerce in New Media Context
Yao, YingHua
The Quality Assessment of Clinical Teaching System Based on Legal Construction
Yao, Lijuan
The Study on the Application of European Style in Villa Design
Yao, Lei
Research on Teaching Reform and Innovation of International Trade Practice
Yao, Lei
Research on the Law Guarantee System of Modern Market Economy
Yi, HongWei
Discussion on the Landscape Greening Design in Special Urban Spaces When Facing Haze--Taking Hebei Xingtai as an example
You, Shaohong
A Review on Treatment of Aquaculture Wastes
Yu, Yingying
How to improve the college students learning ability
Yu, Nan
The Research of Reform and Innovation of Tourism Enterprise Human Resources Management in Knowledge Economy
Yu, Hui
Goods Demand Forecast and Dispatching Plan in Aviation Emergency Rescue
Yu, Changchun
Design and Research on Writing and Testing Training System Geared to Practical Writing
Yuan, ShaoHui
An Exploration on Sustainable Development of Sports Service for Community from the Perspective of Public Service
Yuan, Jing
On the Teaching Problems of Cellos in Higher Normal Colleges
Yuan, ZhaoYang
Research on Transformation Development Path of the Private Undergraduate College
Yue, FuQing
Research on Regulatory Enforcement Forces of Shaanxi Local Government Debt
Zeng, Ziyi
Research on Protection and Industrialization Development of Qiang Embroidery Culture in Globalization Context
Zeng, Jin
Movie Microblog Marketing Based on the UID Deployment Model
Zhan, Jinyi
Exploration on Pipa Teaching and Performance under the Guidance of Musical Aesthetics
Zhan, Liming
The Research of Game between Business Leader’s Leadership Style and Staff Innovative Behavior
Zhang, Xiaodong
The Research and Practice on Educational Reform of Landscape Design
Zhang, YaoLiang
Analysis on the Effect of Attack Skills and Tactics on Football Matches Scoring Efficiency
Zhang, Yan
The Application of Schema Theory to EFL Reading Teaching
Zhang, Hongmei
Study on Application of Financial Derivatives in Interest Rate Risk Management
Zhang, Xinai
The Analysis of Stratified Teaching of Applied Mathematics in Higher Colleges
Zhang, Pei
Study on Insurance System of International Export Credit System
Zhang, Zheng
Study of Trademark Parallel Import
Zhang, Peng
Research on Brand Marketing in Tourism Landscape
Zhang, CHunbao
The application of color and materials in the theme restaurant design of "desert spring"
Zhang, Xie
On the Scientific Translation Undertaken by Gezhi Xinpao
Zhang, Jing
Research on Strategic Human Resource Management and Its Theoretical Foundation
Zhang, JingJing
Research on Chinese Economic Growth Momentum Based On Modern Growth Theory
Zhang, ZongLiang
A Humble Discussion on Spatial Linkage Effect between Labor Mobility and Regional Economic Growth in China
Zhang, Wei
Research on Female Images in Hemingway’s Novels
Zhang, HaiJun
Application of Chinese traditional costume pattern in modern fashion design
Zhang, Ruixiong
Legal Exploration on the Currency Sovereignty of China in the Financial Globalization Environment
Zhang, Xu
Using Bayesian Network for Monetary Structure and Supply Researching
Zhang, Jixian
The innovation of enterprise archives management practice based on the effective connection of information network
Zhang, Liping
Thinking of the academic burden on students and education reform mode of occupation education
Zhang, Ming
Goods Demand Forecast and Dispatching Plan in Aviation Emergency Rescue
Zhang, Yilei
Spreading Correct View of Love in College Chinese Teaching----Exemplified by Song Ci Poems
Zhang, Xiaodong
The Application of the "Oil Paint" Culture in Interior Design
Zhang, Jinhai
Regularity analysis and development research of ship market
Zhao, Dongqi
Study of Asset Appraisal in Merger, Acquisition and Re-organization
Zhao, Ling
Research on engineering education based on university-enterprise cooperation
Zhao, Xin
Analysis of Key Issues about Resolving the Local Debt Using the PPP Model
Zhao, Qun
Land Suitability Evaluation Based on GIS in Landscape Planning of BeiJing Yanqing Sihai Town
Zhao, Qun
Analysis of rural landscape pattern based on GIS in Yanqing, Beijing
ZHen, Wei
Research on Protection Approaches of Shanghai Islanding Historic and Cultural Landscape
Zhou, ALiu
Study on the Legal Risk of Financial Products in Chinese Commercial Banking Industry
Zhou, ZhengChang
The Discussion on Music Listening Teaching in College
Zhou, ZhengChang
The Effect of Multicultural Music Education on Folk Music Culture Delivery
Zhou, ZhengChang
The Research on Piano Teaching in Universities Based on Curriculum Reform
Zhou, Peng
The Comparative Study of Chinese-Japanese Temple Garden Stones
Zhou, Ai-jun
Research on Measured Course Accuracy Based on Relative Measure between Azimuth and Relative Bearing
Zhou, Yi
Goods Demand Forecast and Dispatching Plan in Aviation Emergency Rescue
Zhu, Dan
The Quality Assessment of Clinical Teaching System Based on Legal Construction
Zhu, KeYu
The Application of Color Design in Living Space
Zhu, Haiyan
Measurement and Model Construction of Tourism Industry and Cultural Industry’s Interactive Convergence
Zhu, Ruihai
Using Bayesian Network for Monetary Structure and Supply Researching
Zou, Zhongtao
Research on the Compensation Standard of Work Slowdown of Personnel in the Construction Claim
Zou, ManLi
The Study on Economy Status of University Academy