Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education Technology, Management and Humanities Science

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Establishment and Research on the Model of the Company's Financial Risk Warning Based on Principal Component Analysis and Logistic Regression

JingJing Fu
In this paper, we use the modern management theory to build a corporate financial risk early warning indicator system, while using the statistical method of principal component analysis and logistic regression analysis. Through the empirical research on listed companies' financial crisis situation, we...
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Research on the Network Platform Establishment of Scientific Archives Management

Deming Fan, Yang Zuo, Yuxin Tian
With the widespread use of computer and network technology, informatization has become an irresistible trend. There are some methods of updating the management of scientific archives in college, for purpose to improve the openness to scientific archives and promote information sharing, provide the roundly,...
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The Correlation Analysis on the Tourism Industry Development and Tobacco Sales, Taking Xishuangbanna Autonomous Prefectures as an Example

Dong-hui Luo, Hua Guo
In this paper, we use the method of questionnaire survey and correlation analysis to study the relationship between Tourism Industry development and tobacco sales in Xishuangbanna Autonomous Prefectures. The impact of Tourism Industry development to tobacco sales is divided into direct effect and indirect...
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Application of Multimedia Technology in Japanese Training

Fan Wu, Zhen Chen
With rapid development of computer technique and multimedia technology, the research and practice of computer multimedia teaching increasingly attracts the attention of people. Foreign language teaching is an important part of language teaching. How to make computer multimedia technology play the advantages...
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The Application Research of Semantic Web Technology and Clickstream Data Mart in Tourism Electronic Commerce Website

Bo Liu
With the wide application of Web, the exploitation of clickstream information resources has a remarkable influence on the aspects of helping the website be adapted to the needs of users and improving the users’ satisfaction of Web sites. However, at present the exploitation of clickstream information...
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Research on countermeasures of the contemporary college students in their interpersonal communication

Na Wang
With the rapid development of social economy, the interpersonal skills, as an important part of the personal comprehensive quality, plays a crucial role in a person’s growth and development and even become the major standard of one’s ability. Our society needs a great number of people who have the spirit...
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Applied Technology in Excel Model Design on Decisions of Additional Order at A Special Price

Jintao Liu, Li Sun, Zhenzhen Sha
Decisions of additional order at a special price are common problems on daily production operations, but as a result of the various specific situations, the decision-making is more difficult. This paper analyzes four different additional order scenarios under special prices, uses function and formula...
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The Study on the Problems of the Fire Hazards Rectification and its countermeasures

Peng Sun
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the urbanization process is pushing, the fire danger and difficulty of the rectification makes the social fire management to face the severe test. Regional fire hazards, in particular, the fire hazards are the large amount, the type is complex,...
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Analysis on the Construction and Regulation of the Financial Legal System under the Perspective of the Economic Law

Xue Ni
The Finance plays an important role in the process of development of modern economy; the financial security seriously affects the stability of the economy. It is closely combined with the environment, the economy, and the human society life; The financial stability is the core of the national economy,...
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The Study on the Way and Method of the Information Management in the E-commerce Activities

Xiaoling Sun
With WTO and speeding up the pace of information technology, E-commerce is developing rapidly; it promotes the world economy development with its powerful vitality. E-commerce represents the development trend of the era of new and high technology, and it is existing the high cost, lack of personalized,...
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The Study on the Performance Characteristics of the Violin Tone in the Computer Music

Guoming Zhao
With the social development, the era of progress, the science and technology make the things that were impossible in the past become reality. With the rapid development of electronic information technology, the computer music has been changed from technology and art. The computer music in the development...
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On the Construction of Three dimensional material in foreign language teaching

Juan Chen
With further development and popularization of the multimedia technology and network technology, more and more people, especially for foreign language teachers and learners will be aware of the importance of network in the foreign language teaching and learning. The Construction of three-dimensional...
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Research on the Analysis of the Cost of Logistics Enterprises——Analysis Based on the Financial Statements of 15 Logisitics Listing Enterprises

Yongming Pan, Ziwei Li
With the development of domestic economy and the change of consumption patterns, especially the boom in online shopping, the logistics industry has a dramatic development in our country. Nevertheless, the logistics enterprises are still facing some issues such as high service cost, lack of competition,...
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Research on the Zero Inventory Based on the Just-In-Time System of Supply-Hub

RongSheng Lv, Ping Wang
Inventory management is an important part of enterprise operation, and the model of Zero Inventory management can help enterprises reduce production cost and speed up the turnover of funds. With the method of consulting literature materials, this paper discussed the realization way of Zero Inventory....
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Research on the Performance of the Traditional Culture Art Element in the Plane Design

Keqin Huang
The emergence and development of graphic design in the world has a common law. They were created as commodity production, along with the science and technology progress, social development and the development. Brought about by the means of transmission of the progress of science and technology innovation,...
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Research on Impact Mechanism willingness to cannibalize on Industry Technology innovation

Yong-ming Pan, Qi-ran Yu
The strong willingness to cannibalize from the internal of industrial enterprise can improve innovation performance through the cannibalization of the core competence of industrial enterprise. Through the comparative analysis of the industrial enterprise's innovation process with or without the cannibalization,...
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The Application of AHP in the construction of real estate intermediary service quality evaluation system.

XiaoBing Pei, Shiwei Gao
The purpose of this paper is to establish a real estate intermediary service quality of scientific and feasible evaluation system and to guide the intermediary achieve a better service effect. this paper establish a model of real estate intermediary service quality evaluation system based on the AHP...
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Research on Credit Guarantee System of SMEs Group Lending Based on Repeated Game

Yonming Pan, Maodong Zhu
Research on community financing is still lack of security agencies to join and the repayment situation in practice is not ideal. In this paper, repeated game theory is used as a tool to analysis the rational choice path of bank and enterprises game based on the credit guarantees added, thus maximizing...
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Environment Storage Materials applied in cold chain logistics Based on the LCA

Guogang Li, Xiaoliang Xu, Ting Yang
Having summarized cold chain logistics concept, characteristic of our country and analyzed the refrigerating transportation facilities and means of inside and outside. Describes the relationship between the environment and the application of thermal storage materials research, environmental regenerator...
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BPR application in China of a SME Information Management

Xiaobing Pei, Hongyang Cha
Today, science and technology, especially the rapid development of information technology, competition among enterprises, speed has become the key to the success of business development; in order to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs in China, to accelerate the development of SMEs, this article on business...
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The Econometric quantitative analysis of the relationship among Medical Expenses Growth, Aging of Population and Economic Growth

Guoqiang Ren, Fuzhen Wang
According to the statistical data in recent years,we make cointegration test and Granger causality test on the correlation of medical expenses growth ,economy and the aging of the population and find out that when it is adjusted by price deflation factor, the Income elasticity of China's medical spending...
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Oil Price and Exchange Rate of China——A Nonlinear Granger Approach

Songran Li, Degong Ma
We investigate the possible nonlinear causality relationships between crude oil price and RMB exchange rate which usually ignored by previous researches which are mainly focused on the traditional linear side. As shown in many researches recently, the nonlinear structure of energy price has been widely...
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Collaborative Filtering Based Spammer Detection and User Reputation Estimation in Rating System

Chaojun Liu, Junyu Niu, Fangjun Liu
Online rating systems play vital role in the recommendation systems and deeply influence the following user choice. It’s common occurrence that spammers contaminate the rating systems with malicious rates. However, most of the researchers pay more attention to the accuracy and capability of user preference...
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Research on Optimization of Time Concept and Management Strategy of Post-90s University Students

Yuhang Wang
The time concept of Post-90s university students is established on their recognition of characteristics of learning in university. This concept shows their pursuit of what is better for learning as the pursuit of value. They construct their individual time framework in accordance with public and institutional...
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Research and Design of Extraction Technique of Network Education Resources

Ke Zhang, Meng Yang
With the development of the Internet and information technology, it also expands constantly in the field of education at present. As for the teachers, students, parents and other education workers in the higher education, accurate extraction of network resources not only helps the users to obtain rapidly...
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Research on the Technology Innovation with SEM model Based on Data Mode Analysis

Xiaoqing Bi, Xue Li
The current study shows that the impact of technology innovative of enterprises become more important. In order to promote the development of enterprises and improve the economic performance, in this paper, we study the problem is: for the different goal orientation of staff performance, performance...
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Impact of online reviews on impulsive buying intention based on regulatory focus theory

Zhiguo Fan, Ping Zhang
Based on the existing literature combing found online reviews impact on impulse buying intentions. However, previous studies on how it affects the existence of contradictory inconsistent. Therefore, this paper introduces the concept of psychology, regulatory focus theory, trying to study this problem...
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Research on the Development of Chinese market Based on 4Ps Marketing Mix

Hong Ke, Lingyang Li
In 2001, after joining the World Trade Organization, China makes further integration into the multilateral trading system in the world by opening up a broader market. Since then, more and more multinational companies make direct investment in China in order to develop Chinese market. In the face of the...
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Research and control of the Risk of EPC Contractor Based on the Supply Chain

Hong Ke, Jinyan Xu
Engineering ,Procurement and Construction (EPC)/Turnkey Contract is mature in developed countries ,like America and European countries .But to China ,it’s a relatively new thing . The wide use of EPC Contract will meet a lot of problems . In order to solve management problems of theEPC contract, the...
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Research on Marxism national cultural soft power

Guangying Yi
Cultural creative industry as China's emerging cultural industry, international development prospects, on the basis of the theory of Marx's culture, expounds the source of the cultural creative industry and its significance, connotation, basic features, is of great significance to our country the construction...
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The Application of Distance learning Engineering Mechanism in New Generation Migration Workers

Haifeng Tian, Zezhao Liu
The study aims to investigate the feasibility of e-learning application as an alternative way to conduct continuing education (CE) for New Generation Migrate Workers (NGMW) on the context of western China. A enterprise-based cross-sectional survey was conducted with a randomly selected sample of 183...
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Aesthetic Features of Decorations on Purple Pottery in Jianshui

Tingyu Su
Yunnan Jianshui formed a distinctive regional culture in the collision and absorbing process between the Central Plains culture and national culture. Purple Pottery culture bred in this unique cultural soil has its special aesthetic sense. It cleverly combines practical use to art, and with the understanding...
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Mathematical model of Behavior Control Mechanism

Jingxian Zuo, Jian Bai
One important content for management is to conduct effective control on actions of person to be managed, which is helpful in realizing organizational goal or intention of the manager. Due to complexity in human actions, behavior control has always been the hot point in research of scholars home and abroad...
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The Motivation Model Design of Knowledge-intensive Enterprise Talents

Bo Zhang
The knowledge-intensive enterprises intend to motivate knowledge workers effectively through the limited enterprise resources. First of all, the knowledge-intensive enterprises must establish a correct incentive concept, which is based on the systematic knowledge workers incentive theory guidance; then...
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Design and Implementation of Intelligent Analysis Module in Database Audit System

Wei Li, Chenying Liu
According to the current method of database auditing and the characteristics of audit data, the module detects and analyzes database operation behavior by mining technology based on association rules, establishes normal user behavior patterns, and compiles anomaly detection algorithm to detect abnormal...
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Modeling Analysis of Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain based on Auto-regressive Analysis

Xiangyu Li
With development of economic globalization, people have realized gradually that competition among enterprises has converted to competition among supply chain. Based on this condition, research on supply chain home and abroad is heating up gradually at present, while efficiency of the supply chain is...
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The analysis on labor-intensive industry in Xinjiang

Yukun Zhao
Since China’s reform and opening up, relying on the driving power of labor-intensive industries, the economic level of the eastern region has achieved a qualitative leap. However, with the rising labour shortages and wage costs, labour-intensive industries in the eastern region have lost the comparative...
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Research on browse tendency of web users based on Web data

Zhen Jie Cao, Yuan He, Yi Hang Li
There is one problem that to be solved based on rapid development of Web, that is how to obtain the information required through it, therefore, it is very necessary to accomplish information extraction. Extraction from web pages adopts Wrapper to finish the best architecture of Wrapper in accuracy, robust...
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Application of P2P Streaming Media to Network Teaching

Jie Li
Traditional network education is based on centralized C/S or B/S mode. With rapid increase of network education users, the video server is overloaded under centralized C/S or B/S mode, which is easy to make network bandwidth bottleneck and influences service quality. Therefore, establishing network education...
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Software Industry Integration Process of Informatization and Industrialization

Lianxing Min, Jianqiong Wang, Qian Luo
Based on the national input-output data 2007 in China, this paper analyses the economic effects of software industry in the integration process of informatization and industrialization using the method of input-output analysis. Compared to the information manufacturing industry, software industry has...
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Portfolio Optimization Model Based on CVaR Programming and Limits of MAD

Jinsheng Cao
Portfolio problem is one of the hotspots of the current financial theory anthe main research at the desired rate of return is determined to find the premise of asset alloc ation investment program, or in the case of identified risks to maximize profits. Early research portfolio focused on portfolio income...
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Implementation of Task-based Language Teaching in Classes of Second Language Acquisition

Ma Zhao
Since its invention, Task-based language teaching (TBLT) has always aroused interests among experts in studying, exploring and applying such approach in daily teaching. With the increasing significance of English, efficiency of English teaching in China is considered as a vital issue. In second language...
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Analysis on Damages of Network Alienation on Mental Health of Students and Countermeasures

Weiqi Gao
While providing rich learning resource and wide social communication space for students, rapid development of internet technology has negative influence. For example, the network alienation damages the cognition, emotion, self-awareness and personality of students. For network information alienation,...
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Research on Comparison of Goodwill Accounting between China and Western Countries

Xiang Lin
With the coming of knowledge economy era, intangible asset makes up a growing percentage of enterprise assets, and has become the main component of assets such as Microsoft Company. As the most intangible asset, goodwill accounting plays an increasing role in operation and management of enterprises....
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Research and Analysis of Material Misstatement Risks of Financial Statement

Wenjie Xu
The material misstatement risks have wide relationship with financial statement, which may influence identifications. The risk generally relates to control environment, and it may have correlations with other facts. And the risk is difficult to be defined to identify a transaction, account balance and...
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Analysis of the Construction of Sports Information Resources under the Background of Modern Information Technology

Wu Zhang
With the rapid development and popularization of network technology and computer technology, the modern information technology has got widely applied in college teaching. While, the current situation of the constructing and sharing of sports information resources is not optimistic. In this paper, the...
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Current Status and Trend Analysis of China’s Import Cross-border E-commerce Development

Zhenhua Yang, Qiang Shen
The import cross-border e-commerce as a new industry has achieved rapid development in China. Besides, it has become a new growth point of China’s e-commerce market and new “Blue Ocean” of the e-commerce industry. In China, on the trade scale and business mode maturity, the import e-commerce has great...
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The Development Research of Computer-aided Rhythmic Gymnastics Selection System

Dong Chen, Yang Yang, Xiao Liu
In the domain of current sports, the application of computer technology has already come up to certain depth and extent. But the research in the rhythmic gymnastics project has just started. Because the achievement of rhythmic gymnastics project depends on the various factors, it is the result for the...
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The Application of Computer Simulation technology in Three Dimensional Effect of Group Calisthenics Design

Xuemei Chen, Lixia Liu, Feng Wu
This paper point out the current development situation and the main problems exists of group gymnastics in China and solve these problems in group calisthenics by using modern computer technology such as 3DS MAX, poser, Photoshop and other image software. This paper is divided into three parts. The first...
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Research of Effect of Ergonomics on Athletic Shoes and Costume Design Project

Zhaozhong Jin, Dong Chen, Yang Yang
Different sport athletic events require different shoes and constume design requirements. Members such as gymnastics shoes and constume should be designed to ensure that the premise Athletes play freely, to display their graceful movements of the body; fencing shoes and constume design should first focus...