Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Economics, Business, Management and Corporate Social Responsibility (EBMCSR 2018)

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Research on the industrial structure and the return mechanism of industrial labor force

Zi Yu Liu
The return of labor force is the first form of labor flow and then flows into it, which is a manifestation of labor mobility. This paper taking industry as an example, chooses the industrial data of 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions from 2005 to 2016 to measure the industrial labor...
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Applying "willingness to pay" approach for evaluation of economic impact from the world's biggest sporting events

Elena Gureeva, Ilya Solntsev, Nikita Osokin, Tatiana Skryl
This article analyses the approaches for evaluating the economic impact from the world's top sporting events, with the focus on the "willingness to pay" technique. The variations of this model and basic assumptions are also assessed. Authors developed their own social research study dedicated to measuring...
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A study on strategic management of logistic enterprise from financial perspectives based on S.F. Express

Roujia Zhang
This research will show the effectiveness of the strategic management of S.F. Express on the basis of its financial ratios and some strategic suggestions in its future operations. By studying the performance of S.F. Express, this research will examine the connection between strategic management and financial...
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An Empirical study on the Relationship between Social Responsibility and Financing Cost of family firm

Haifei Wang, Yu Zhang
As the basic elements of the society, family enterprises value their social benefits more than their economic benefits. Based on Chinese 517 listed family enterprises which are the research sample of this paper, it empirically test the relationship of the family enterprise social responsibility and corporate...
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Improving Tourist Attractions Revisit Rate: The Perspective of Network Marketing SURE Model

Yanhong Liu, Yuan Le, Xiaowen Jie
With rapid development of tourism, revisit rate in scenic spots becomes one of the important indicators to measure the vitality of tourist attractions. Increasing revisit rate can effectively enhance the sustainable development ability of tourism enterprise. Network marketing SURE model follows the diversity...
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The Analysis of WeChat based on Network Economics

Xuanyu Piao
WeChat is a product that invented by Tencent company, which have a predominant status in Chinese Instant Message market. Research on this application is necessary and valuable. In this article, this application will be analysed by an innovate perspective, which is Network Economics. The analysation is...
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Evaluation of the Business Sports Information Market

Tatiana Skryl, Elena Gureeva
The article analyzes the market of the sports industry, the object of research is sports information as part of the product. The term "sports product", being an integral concept, includes several components. Currently, the study of the sports product often implies a consideration of the material and...
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A brief analysis of the influencing mechanism of Internet financial behavior: based on congruity perspective

Ruitao Jing
Driven by financial market and information technology, the research on Internet financial management has become a hot topic in this field. Existing research shows that the interaction between consumers and brands facilitates the consumption behavior. By collating the relevant literature in the fields...
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Research on Initial Construction Model of Sharing Economy Platform under Competitive repertoire

Chun-Yang Zhou
In an increasingly competitive sharing economy market, the platform must quickly build and increase the number of users through competitive action. The sharing economy platform implements a series of competitive strategies for users to aim to improve platform competitiveness. However, few people know...
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Investigation Report on Influencing Factors of Consumers' Purchasing Behavior of New Energy Vehicles in Changzhou,China

Qing-ming Wei, Zi-xuan Zhang, Yu-xin Xia
In this paper, the survey survey survey, research analysis and results, research conclusions and suggestions to discuss, a comprehensive analysis of the current consumer behavior to buy new energy vehicles factors, and finally according to the results of statistical analysis of data, for related enterprises...
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Suggestions on improving the financial management system of public institutions

Wenjun Pei
Under the new situation, the gradual improvement of the development level of institutions puts forward higher requirements for the effective development of financial management related to it. In this context, in order to maintain the good financial management of institutions, and enhance the implementation...
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The Process of Multi-agent Participation in Value Co-creation under Crowdsourcing Innovation Mode

Qiaoyi Cao
The innovation of based on crowdsourcing platform provides innovative solutions for enterprises. Many scholars have done a lot of research on willingness and mode of innovation on crowdsourcing platform, but the papers regarding value co-creation in the crowdsourcing process are relatively less. Therefore,...
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Analysis and Optimization of Personal Credit Risk Assessment Model Based on Improved BPNN

Zheyou Guo
In the current situation of “Internet plus Finance”, the assessment of personal credit risk is of vital importance to the sustained and steady growth of the whole social economy. In order to more effectively complete the personal credit risk assessment, the innovation of this paper lies in the introduction...
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Research on production safety management of manufacturing industry based on improved HFACS

Qing Gao
In the human-computer environment of the production system , the safety and reliability of the production equipment is increasing gradually with the increase of automation level, so the influence of people on the production system is more significant. In this paper, in view of the production safety problems...
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Historical Experience of China's Regional Economic Development ---A transformation from Unbalanced Strategy to Rebalancing Strategy

Siqi Jia
The experience of China’s reform and opening up in the 40 years since it was put forward in 1978 can be summarized as a transformation “from unbalanced strategy to rebalancing strategy.” At the beginning of the reform, China implemented the unbalanced regional development strategy that the eastern coastal...
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Practical Thoughts on the Construction of E-commerce Maker Space

Li Wu
As China's economic development has entered a new normal, the economic development model needs to be upgraded and updated. It is necessary to give full play to the social innovation spirit and encourage entrepreneurship so as to achieve the sustainability of economic development. By building a passenger-created...
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The Construction and Analysis of the Evaluation System of Double Performance about Farmer Cooperatives

Huimin Shao, Yang Xu, Lingling Ma
Based on the related literature and the stakeholder theory, this paper analyzes the reliability and validity of the double performance by using the methods of questionnaire investigation and quantitative analysis. By weighting the analytic hierarchy process (AHP), calculating with the method of the weights...
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Sharing Knowledge through Sharing Advisor in Age of Sharing Economy: A Conceptual Model

Waqas Khuram, Yanqing Wang
The concept of ‘sharing economy’ has become a popular concept nowadays. Organizations, irrespective of their nature of business and scope of operations, are now practicing it. Academia has also no exception. The academicians, along with their job of imparting lectures, are now ‘sharing the economy’ by...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Internet Finance on Money Supply

Min Wei
The emergence and development of Internet finance has brought about a thorough subversion and profound transformation of traditional finance, which not only changed the supply and demand structure of money, but also had a profound impact on the transmission mechanism of monetary policy. Based on the...
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A Study on the Substitution Efficiency of Agricultural Mechanization Development in Zhejiang Province on Agricultural Labor Force

Chun-Xiang Liu, Ningji Lv
The agricultural “replacing labor force with machinery” is the main content of agricultural mechanization development. In this paper, the empirical analysis of the substitution efficiency of agricultural mechanization development in Zhejiang Province on agricultural labor is conducted. The main conclusions...
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The Effect of Leader Communication Strategy on Employee Task and Contextual Performance: The Mediating Role of Feedback Quality

Wen Xu, Jin Xue
Based uponsocial information processing theory and organizational communication theory, the present research examined how leader communication strategy, as measured by leader motivating language, influenced employees’ task and contextual performance from a process mechanism of feedback quality. The research...
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China's commercial bank credit business Research on challenges and development countermeasures in the age of big data

Yan Wang, Xiaohan Gao
The development of modern science and technology takes "the improvement of computing capacity and data mining application and transmission" as its essence, which continuously promotes the development of commercial Banks, and the credit business subconsciously needs to change in the intelligent technical...
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Research on the development of tourism informatization in Harbin under the perspective of "tourism + Internet"

Qiang Yu, Lanlan Liu
Under the guidance of the "tourism + Internet" development strategy, we accelerated the development of tourism informatization. Through the use of information technology to change the traditional tourism production, distribution and consumption mechanism, with the concept of information development to...
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The Problems and Countermeasures of Tourism Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Harbin

Qiang Yu, Lanlan Liu
Intangible cultural heritage embodies the wisdom of human development and is an important tourism resource. This paper has combed the status quo of intangible cultural heritage in Harbin, and through the analysis of the existing problems of intangible cultural tourism in Harbin, further expounds the...
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Research on the development of film-induced tourism in Heilongjiang Province

Lanlan Liu, Qiang Yu
Heilongjiang Province is rich in film-induced tourism resources, with the unique natural scenery and local customs and practices, Heilongjiang Province attracted a large number of film and television drama creators to come. The flourishing development of film and television has laid a good foundation...
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Research on the Application of Consumer Psychology Theory in Real Estate Marketing

Runhan Hou
With the development of economic society, the real estate industry plays a vital role in national economy and greatly correlates with other industries. This paper reviews the current mature marketing theory and related concepts of consumer psychology, and combines the characteristics of real estate marketing,...
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Research of social satisfaction for government’s quality work in ‘One Belt and One Road’ areas in China

Ni Sun, Lei Feng, Juxiu Huang
As a grand strategy of China's opening to the outside world in the new era, the "One Belt and One Road" policy has an important impact on the domestic and foreign economic development. Along with the implementation of the strategy of ‘ Quality Power China’ and the inspection of government’s quality works,...
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From closed to open: diversity of family forms ——Analysis the theory of Beck’s "family in the post-family era"

Qian Yang
Beck put forward the concept of "family in the post-family era", intending to point out the future development trend of families in Western countries. Since the reform and opening up of China, the family, which is the most basic unit of society, has also ushered in modern transformation that its structure...
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Research on the development of live streaming industry in China

Junfeng Wang
Live streaming industry has developed rapidly and become a new type of Internet culture industry with the rapid development of Internet technology in the past two years in China. However, there are also many problems behind the prosperous development of live streaming industry, such as profit model and...
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Research on Strategies of Improving the Foreign-related Service Capacity of Starred-hotels’ Staff in Wuhan

Xiao-hui Shao
With the establishment of Wuhan ‘the thirteenth five-year plan’, Wuhan tries to realize the transformation from the first-class domestic tourism destination into the internationally renowned waterfront tourism and leisure destination, this upgrading goal puts forward higher requirements of starred- hotels’...
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On the Legal System of Transfer Pricing Anti-tax Avoidance

Xianlin Guo, Chen Huang
Transfer pricing is one of the typical tax avoidance methods of obtaining income and transfer profit between associated enterprises. With the rapid developments of international trade, more and more multinational companies is avoiding tax through transfer pricing; international tax coordination problem...
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The Analysis of Korean Entertainment Companies' Business Strategy in The Greater China from the view of Value Chain ——Exemplified by S. M. Entertainment and EXO

Yuanchao Liu
Under the background of globalization and digital convergence, the media integration and industrial transformation are the new outlets for the entertainment industry in the wave of future. With its extraordinary integration of upstream and downstream industries, S.M.Entertainment from Korea has become...
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Situational Analysis of Vietnam for Belt and Road Initiative

Doan Ba Toai, Xi Guan, Amogh Ghimire
This paper is motivated to investigate the situational analysis of Vietnam in the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of China. The bilateral relation between Vietnam and China and Vietnam’s perspective towards OBOR project were discussed in specific in order to address the impacts of...
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Current Situation and Analysis of the research on MOOC copyright

Xiangpen Pan, Fengtao Xiao, Luobei Kuang, Ruotong Liao
Widespread popularity of MOOC triggers people's high attention on its copyright. This thesis, based on analyzing domestic literature on MOOC copyright studies, mainly summarizes the availability of MOOC copyright, main contents covered, relevant stakeholders, protection methods of MOOC copyright as well...
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The Challenges and Countermeasures of Realizing the Modernization of Government Network Public Opinion Management in the Age of Big Data

Yi Jin
Internet public opinion in the era of big data has "predictability." The government's network public opinion governance is mainly faced with the challenges of public opinion analysis technology, the quality of public opinion data, the lack of publicity and sharing of public opinion data, the lack of...
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Empirical Study on the relationship between logistics development and carbon emissions of logistics industry in Guangdong

Xiaping Lu
Based on the sample data of Guangdong Province from 2000 to 2016, this paper conducts a unit root test, cointegration test and Granger causality test on the development of logistics industry and carbon emissions of logistics industry in Guangdong Province. The empirical results show that there is a long-term...
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Research on centralized purchasing management of China's chain retail enterprises

Yan Wang, Xiaohan Gao
For chain retail enterprises, the procurement process and enterprise development are closely linked. China's retail industry has huge potential, huge consumer groups and increasing consumer demand, which provide a huge market for China's retail industry. In this paper the current situation of the development...
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Market survey and analysis of "new dream" training for new generation industrial workers

Yuan-bing Liao
The "dream program" of the new generation industrial workers, led by the Communist Youth League Guangdong Provincial Committee and other units, has set up a good platform for the growth and development of the new generation of industrial workers. Since the implementation of the "dream project", the scale...
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Analysis of the Competitiveness and Complementarity of China-Ukraine Trade Cooperation under the Background of "Belt and Road"

Ying Wang, Ze Tian, Shenyue Xia
This paper selects the Trade Intensity Index (TII) , Intra-Industry Trade Index and Revealed Comparative Advantage Index (RCA) to analyze the competitiveness and complementarity of Sino-Ukrainian trade in goods, and concludes that the trade complementarity between the two countries is dominant. To this...
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Application of Leo Bernard's "Inherent Stimulus" Theory in Poster Design

Yao Zhang, Bing Liu
The theory of natural stimulus of Leo Bernard was studied, and combined with business cases, the principles of its application in poster design are analyzed in detail. The results show: The theory of "intrinsic stimulation" has an important application in the poster design, and it shows the following...
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Empirical study of Cultural inheritance and Family business governance

Haifei Wang
Family firm is a common form of economic organization, a considerable proportion in the world economy, the family governance mode has its unique advantages. Many factors that affect the governance of family business, culture is a most influential far. Since the reform and opening, the family business...
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Tourists satisfaction analysis of Sanya Dadonghai Tourist Attraction- Based on IPA Method

Danhe Wang
Tourist satisfaction, as a key factor affecting the competitiveness of tourist attractions, has important research significance. This paper takes the Dadonghai tourist attraction as the research object, analyzes the collected data by using IPA analysis method and obtains the four aspects of tourist satisfaction...
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Current Situation Analysis and Countermeasure Research of China's Innovative Human Resource Allocation

Jing Liu, Yi Zhou, Lijia Huang
The economic development of a country depends largely on the level of innovation and development of the country. Innovative human resources are also a necessary condition for the implementation of the national innovation-driven development strategy. The rationality of its configuration directly affects...
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Research on the Construction of Enterprise Performance Evaluation System Based on Balanced Scorecard

Hong Ji, Peiwen Zhang, Yunqin Zou
In the face of diversification of organizational forms, the traditional performance evaluation system that only focuses on financial indicators and internal indicators is no longer applicable. Now more comprehensive performance is used combining financial and non-financial indicators and internal and...
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Research on the Operation Mode of China's P2P Lending Platform under Internet Finance

Hong Ji, Yuanyuan Yu
In recent years, with the development of society and the advancement of the Internet, Internet finance has become the focus of everyone's attention. The so-called Internet finance is a new system formed by combining Internet technology and finance. As a part of Internet finance, the P2P lending platform...
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Comparative Study on Characteristics and Models of Regional Innovation Resource Allocation

Chao Zeng, Yi Zhou, Yunqin Zou
Under the background of the deep adjustment of the world economy and the new normal of the domestic economy, under the new proposition of supply-side structural reform, it is particularly important to improve China's innovative resource allocation model. Innovative resources, like other general resources,...
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Research on the Development of Internal Control Environment Theory and its Constituent Elements of Enterprises in China

Jing Liu, Panting Nie, Lijia Huang
The control environment is a very important element of the internal control of enterprises. It plays a vital role in the implementation of enterprises internal control and has a profound impact on the survival and development of enterprises.
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The Construction of Performance Evaluation Index System for Strategic Emerging Enterprises in China

Chao Zeng, Peiwen Zhang
The development of strategic emerging industries is a major strategic choice for China's development of the economy in the new era. In order to promote the important role of the high-tech zone in leading the development of emerging enterprises, the Ministry of Science and Technology has proposed an industrialization...
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Change of Customer Concept in Marketing Activities

Xun Li
Marketing concept refers to the guiding ideology of correctly dealing with the interest relationship among enterprise, customers and society and also the fundamental standard for behaviors in the process of an enterprise to carry out all marketing activities in a certain period of time, production and...
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The Role of Poverty Alleviation from the Perspective of Social Governance

Yaping Mao
The process of targeted poverty alleviation in China can reflect the effectiveness of the establishment of social governance system. The previous emphasis on the single subject led by the government and the top-down management approach is not conducive to thinking from the perspective of the target of...