Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Advances in Management, Arts and Humanities Science

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The Comparison of 'Rewriting' of Howard Goldblatt & Andre Lefevere's Translation Thoughts

Chunhua Shen
This paper illustrates firstly the importance of the study of rewriting studies, and then respectively takes a closer look at the basic content of Lefevere's rewriting thoughts and Goldblatt's rewriting thoughts and then comparing their different views on rewriting thoughts. In the end, the paper gives...
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"One Multi Wing" Mode, The Private Colleges And Universities With Graduate Training Qualifications How To Improve Undergraduate

Jingfeng He, Guangzhen Zhang
This thesis is to study how to improve the quality of undergraduate education in private colleges and Universities under the "one multi wing" mode. Paper from the students' quality, teachers team construction, subject construction, training programs, such as the replacement of the credit started to study,...
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Operating of special car under the vision of shared economy

Hongchao Ning, Tongxin Xue
Actually, special car is a commercial vehicle which is certificated by taxi platform and government. It used to transport passengers, and mainly through mobile phones and other mobile devices to complete the order booking and payment. At present, the mainstream APP of special car in our country, include...
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On the Subject of Planning----Study on Planning Revision of Junshan Street,Wuhan City

Yali Zhu, Juan Hu
By analyzing the current situation of the cities at home and abroad and extracting demands of different subjects, this article explores the city development patterns under the auspices of different planning subjects, and demonstrates that the city planning under the joint action of capital, rights, and...
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Analysis of the export growth impetus of Chinese forest chemical products

Mi Zhou, Li Huang
Using a modified Constant Market Share (CMS) model, this paper analyzes the changes, causes, and inherent mechanisms of major Chinese forest chemical product exports during 1992-2011. The analysis shows the rapid growth of such exports due mainly to increasing demand from the international market and...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of the College Laboratory Safety Management

Lan Chen, Jinglun Yang
The college laboratory plays an important role in the teaching activity and scientific research, which it is considered as an important place of talent cultivation and technological innovation. The improvement of the college laboratory safety management is a persistent goal for the college laboratory...
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Traditional Rebel, Ecological Singer- On Lawrence's poem: The subversion of the traditional image of "Snake" of the western literature

Wangyan Ma, Peng Yu
The snake in the traditional western literature is the devil's pronoun;in most of the western classical literature works the snake is equivalent to Satan. However, Laurence's poetry "snake" completely subvert the negative image of the snake. From the perspective of spiritual analysis and ecological literature,...
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Cause Analysis and Treatment Measures of Urban Traffic Congestion

Zhijuan Wang
The problem of urban traffic congestion was studied from the micro and macro aspects in the paper. Based on analysis the causes of urban traffic congestion, by combining the theory with practice, some measures which may solve the problem of urban traffic congestion have been put forward. The study not...
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Research on the current situation and countermeasures of experimental teaching management in the independent college

Lan Chen, Jinglun Yang
The current situation of experimental teaching management in the domestic independent colleges is expounded in this paper. The major problems of experimental teaching management are stated from the following four aspects: teaching staff management, open laboratory management, experimental resource management...
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The Analysis of Block-type Business Office Park Landscape Design -- Taking Hefei Financial Village Phase One as Example

Yanan Zhang
Hefei Financial Village is the masterpiece from the leading domestic industrial real estate block operator -- Optics Valley Union in 2016. Its planning concept of block-type business office is consistent with the trends of promoting residential block system in China. The block-type business office park...
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Study on the Reform of Mechanical Professional Practice Teaching under the Background of Engineering Certification

Dongya Yang, Tao Shen, Runlan Guo, Xiaozheng Xie, Zhaohui Li
Before the engineering certification, in the link of mechanical professional practice teaching, especially in professional basic course design and graduation design, the teaching method was still remained in the passive learning mode that the teacher assigned task and the students follow specified steps,...
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Idea Sources of the Artemisinin Research Summary of Ge Hong's natural philosophy

Ling Xu
Based on the successful discovery of artemisinin by Chinese female scientist Tu Youyou who won the Noble Prize in physiology or medicine and who is inspired by Ge Hong's Zhouhou Beiji Fang, this article introduces Ge Hong's natural philosophy from its ontology, epistemology and dialectics by starting...
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Study on reverse technological spillover from outward direct investment

Yao Yao
The outward direct investment from developing countries has been growing rapidly. Unlike conventional foreign direct investment motivated by cost reduction or natural resource, the developing countries aim to obtain advanced technology from investing in developed countries. Home country could benefit...
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Efficiency Analysis of the elements of China's commercial banks Based on the Malmquist Index Model

Wenbin Ma, Yingxi Chen
Given the rapid development of the Chinese banking industry, commercial banks are increasing their asset sizes simultaneously.China has several commercial banks in the forefront of global banking.The efficiency of small-sized, medium-sized and large-sized banks have become central to the healthy development...
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A Study of Physics Teaching in the Preliminary Stage of 2+3+2 Integrated Multistage Training of Technical Personnel in High Technology

Shiju Sun, Chengbin Liu, Xue Wang
The pilot project for Integrated Multistage Training of Technical Personnel in High Technology (the Project) has been carried out for nearly two years since it was launched in 2015 by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education. This paper presents the objective of the Project and the subjects it offers...
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Study on Unity between Translation Industry Demand for Talent and Transition Reform of English Professional Integration

Jie Ding
Translation teaching for English majors is teaching and practicing activities which aim to develop the students' translation competence. Then it is the problems in Translation Teaching for Undergraduate English majors is that the positioning of translation teaching is not scientific. So it is necessary...
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The criteria of rational medical examination

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
The connotation of medical check rationality is quite complicated, and its evaluation standards must be multidimensional and multifaceted. Whether the cognizance of the medical examination is reasonable or not is not the proliferation of personal subjective random and emotions. From a certain extent,...
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Research on the Application of PDCA Theory in Nursing Quality Management

Yanxia Wang, Shiyu Zheng
This study put the theory of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action into) the quality of nursing management; research the role of PDCA in the operation of nursing skills, the first-aid inventory management, the basic nursing knowledge and the patients' attitude towards nursing service. It helps to explore a road...
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Study on the Social Structure Change of the Mainland Immigrants in Open Pilot Area of Changjitu

Taoran Chen
The immigrants of inside the Shanhaiguan Pass entering into the Changjitu Open Pilot Area, not only has provided the human resources for the regional economy development, promoted agriculture, commerce and industry development, has laid the population and the economic foundation for the urbanization...
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The Design and Implementation of Laboratory Management System based on Internet of Things

Zhengbo Li
According to current situation of university laboratory management and development of the Internet of Things, the system based on the Internet of Things for laboratory management is designed for intelligent management. The system combines the technology of Internet of Things and Mobile Internet. Tests...
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The Design and Implementation Accounting Laboratory Management System Based on SOA

Zhengbo Li
According to current situation of accounting laboratory management and development of computer technology, the SOA(Service Oriented Architecture)based on the open standards for accounting laboratory management is designed for intelligent management. The system combines the technology of LIMS(Laboratory...
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Study on Team Construction of Ideological and Political Education Management in Colleges and Universities

Yang Zhang
The general problems existing in the t team construction of the discipline of ideological and political education management in colleges and universities is analyzed for exploring its nature, defining its concept, and making distinction between itself and its relative concepts. Then the team construction...
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Research on Reform of University Public English Teaching Management based on Network Background

Huimin Sun
Web-based university English teaching has got advantages of multimedia integration and cross-platform sharing of resources with the application and popularization of internet Technology. This completely new teaching model university English teaching is proposed to a broader space for development by meeting...
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Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Aged Community Home-Care Service Quality Based on AHP

Xiaoqin Li, Jing Wang
Aged care is becoming serious social problem in our world, aged community home-care is an important part and informatics is an inevitable trend in the future. How to evaluate the quality of community home-care services for elderly objectively and impartially is of vital importance to the construction...
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Study on the Problems and Countermeasures of Maritime Management Integration in Yangtze River Delta

Lina Xia, Shunquan Huang, Fei Shen
Maritime management integration is conducive to regional maritime resources coordination,regional maritime security insurance, regional cooperation and development, and the development of port and shipping.This paper starts from the problems of maritime management integration of the Yangtze River Delta(YRD)...
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Study on the projectized-teaching of fine chemical industry

Wangxi Fan, Zefang Li, Qiaoling Wang
This study aims to further investigate the application and implementation of project teaching method in the teaching of chemical engineering specialty course (i.e. fine chemicals industry). A complete project system for fine chemicals industry course and the four-dimensional evaluation system for students...
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Research on Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction of Cement Concrete in Factory with Precasting Structure

Jyhdong Lin, Pinliang Liu, Minche Ho, Minyen Huang
The research is focused on the addition of energy conservation and carbon reduction into precasting concrete plant to improve the level of quality further. Application of the cost efficiency with the introduction of carbon calculator for the "carbon footprint" and lowering carbon emission strategies...
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The interpretation of doctors professional standards

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
"Professional standards" reflects the legal awareness of the medical technology and its improvement. It requires that the doctors should master the new medical knowledge besides the traditional medical theory and skills, which means doctors must keep learning from medical books, literature, magazines...
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A Study on the Realization Mechanism of CSR in China

Maohua Li, Ying Wang, Z,man Zolt n
With the development of the CSR research, many research results come into our life. This paper wants to find a CSR realization mechanism based on the SPRE framework. This SPRE framework contains four layers: strategy layer, purpose layer, responsibility taker layer and execution layer. Through the four...
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Research on supplier selection model based on an improved TOPSIS

Zhen Gu, Yu Wang, Lu Cao
The traditional TOPSIS method to initialize the initial decision matrix are all used the linear transformation methods on [0,1] interval, these methods has the problem of "only award, no punishment". So this paper uses the principle of "reward good and punishment bad", puts forward a kind of "reward...
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Construction of Service Experience Management Framework under the Background of the Internet

Qian Hao, Guihuan Ren
With the development of science and technology , the Internet commerce develop rapidly, consumers pay more attention to the personality and the emotional demands in the process of consumption , enterprise service management objectives will be upgraded to a 'satisfactory service' and 'unforgettable experience'...
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Analyzing the relationship between leadership and management based on the concept of organization management

Yaokui Li
The relationship between leadership and management is a basic problem in the theory and practice of organization management. The main reason of the disputes about the relationship between leadership and management is that their mother concept of organization management was ignored when some scholars...
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Research on Apriori algorithm and its application in electronic commerce system

Yiyong Ye
For large amounts of data generated by e-commerce platform, this paper combined with the actual needs of e-commerce recommendation system, study a common technique of the correlation analysis which call association rules that oriented e-commerce web mining, then introduces the Apriori algorithm of association...
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Innovative Design Thinking and ItsModel Construction Analysis

Feifei Chen
People who work in the arts should use their imagination vividly and expanding innovative thinking, because thinking is the most unfettered and the most active existence in human's life. Innovation and design thinking are very important for artists, this paper proceed from these two areas, analyzed mode...
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Establishment of a balance between the development of modern medical technology and social ethics

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
The study analyzes the relationship between the modern medical technology and the social ethics, displays the important influence of the social ethics on modern medical technology. The development of modern medical technologies requires adjusting and reforming of the traditional culture, religion and...
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A Research on the Historical Origin of the Formation of "Pu Shou" Graphic Art of China

Yan Chang
Pu shou graphic art is a comprehensive embodiment of ancient animal-face decoration and sculpture art. From animal mask prototypes in the primitive society, to artifacts with animal face holding ring and unearthed rhino skulls in Yin Ruins, Anyang, Henan province, among Shang and Zhou Dynasties, to a...
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The Effect of Collective Forest Tenure Reform on Farmers' Forestry Income: Evidence from Investigation Data

Li Huang, Mi Zhou
After the collective forest tenure reform, the change of farmers' forestry income has drawn much attention. Based on-the-spot investigation data, this paper analyzed the change of farmers' woodland area, woodland blocks and income before and after the reform, and then conducted a probit model to analyze...
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Schema Theory, Construction-integration reading model and Reading Pedagogy

Wenqi Xiao
Reading comprehension involving complicated cognitive process deservesintensive research focus. The development of schema theory gives many insights into understanding the process in that it explains how background knowledge is activated to facilitate comprehension. With the major contributions, schema...
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External Integration Network and Competitive Advantage of China Creative Firms:Comicfans's Case Study

Shenglei Pi, Danyi Qiu, Li Cao
Integration strategy is an important strategic behavior of firms.The study took Guangzhou Comicfans as an example, which mainly focused on the analysis of the competitive behavior, network integration features and firm network performance, etc..With information collected, we found that: Comicfans culture...
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A Method to Evaluate Quality of Life of Elderly People Based on Intelligent Wearable Devices

Gang Yang, Huilin Mo, Feifei Yang, Dongyue Li
Aging is a common feature of population structure both at home and abroad. Improving the intelligent level of aging service is meaningful for the development of aging service in the following aspects: 1)enhance the utilization of aging service resources; 2)ensure proper care to be given to elderly people...
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How to improve the doctors' humanistic quality

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
This paper applies the method of comparative analysis, combining with different theories in our country and at abroad, to discuss the connotation and characteristics of the doctors attentive duties. We adopt the method of economic analysis, apply the han DE formula to the attentive obligation standard...
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The historical experience of Confucianism and the construction of the socialist core values

Tian Liu, Hongbin Wang
Confucianism is the main content of China traditional culture, enjoy the special status of "Confucianism" in the two thousand years of feudal society. The socialist core values is the spiritual core of Marx's China, cultivation process should also be internalized in the heart, outside of the line; need...
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A Study on the Classification and Protection of Yugur Traditional Folk Songs Based on Experimental Phonetics

Shiliang Lyu
Yugur traditional folk song is the main form and carrier of folk culture of the Yugur culture. Because there is no existing Yugur character, and fewer and fewer people use the Yugur language.Yugur traditional folk heritage is facing great difficulties. In this paper,mainly on the classification of Yugur...
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Research on multi-sources knowledge fusion model for industrial innovative design

Wei Liu, Shuai Liu, Limeng Liu, Runhua Tan
This paper proposes a new model to describe the multi-sources knowledge fusion, which works as an effective method to generate the innovative results for industrial design. Firstly, we analyze the structure of knowledge fusion in industrial design. Then we find that the process of industrial design is...
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The packaging design of white liquor-- grafted with ceramic cultural elements

Na Hu, Qingyun Zou, Xing Xu
Up to now, the packaging design of white liquor not only lies in the visual beauty of appearance, but also weighs a lot on the exploration of its cultural connotation. As a distinguished traditional culture, the components of ceramic culture are constantly grated on to the packaging design of white liquor.From...
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Effects of Demographic Variables and Academic Performance on Student Retention

Fumei Weng
A model of the retention of first-year higher education students in Taiwan was created using logistic regression. The data used for creating the model consisted of the records of 955 first-year students who were enrolled in the academic year 2013 at a private institution in Taiwan. Six variables were...
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Analysis Of Apple Equipment In The Product Design Thinking

Jun Yan
As Apple products dominate the market nowadays, we can easily find the truth that we still do not give enough deep analysis on the cultural connotation of product design its own, and that our thinking on the company's design is needed to be improved, after reviewing the current products design of domestic...
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A Study on the Production Characteristics of Media Contents from the Perspective of Relational Dissemination- A Case Study of Social Media

Juan Yao
In the age of social media, the mode of communication is changed from content communication to relationship communication. Content communication is a one-way, one-to-many communication activity around the communication content, which belongs to the mass communication era. Relational communication emphasizes...
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The current status of new health care reform

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
In the new health care plan pay more attention to improving the security of medical and health undertakings, first of all, establish a strict and effective medicine and health care regulation system, speed up the construction of the medical and health personnel, focus on strengthening the public health,...
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Vigilance of Power Abuse in Colleges and Universities

Yanxu Zhao
Any power, if unlimited, will be abused. Because the provisions are not clear and the procedural justice is difficult to protect, the statutory autonomy of the university self-management has gradually become the trend of abuse in recent years. Through the analysis of the abuse of the autonomy of the...