Proceedings of the 4th Social and Humanities Research Symposium (SoRes 2021)

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Da’i Caderization Through Tabligh Training for Student

Muhammad Fauzi Arif, Hendi Suhendi, Malki Ahmad Nasir, Ikin Asikin
The purpose of this study is to determine the form of da’i caderization through tabligh training activities for students at the Nurul Huda Kaimas Islamic Boarding School Garut in collaboration with the Bandung Islamic University. The research method is descriptive qualitative research. The results show...
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How Geneneration Z Trust in Sources of Information Related to Covid-19

Arba’iyah Satriani, Andalusia N. Permatasari, Ratri R. Kusumalestari, Nova N. Nadifah, Millenia Anjali
The pattern of media consumption in Indonesia has recently become more complex with the advent of the internet. Generation Z or Gen Z is the most technologically literate group of people today and is the youngest generation with an age range of 10-24 years. The aim of this study is to determine the components...
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Application of Islamic Work Ethics and Employee Performance

Rini Lestari, Nurfahmiyati Nurfahmiyati, Magnaz Lestira Oktaroza, Asyifa Nur Azizah, Liliani Sumarni Pratiwi, M. Rafi Farandhi Lathifiana
This study is carried out on the background of the prevalence of fraud in Sharia banking institutions due to the poor application of Islamic work ethics evident from the prevalence of cases in which clients’ savings are embezzled and fictitious loans are given that cause loan rates to decrease and in...
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Assistance in Optimizing Financial Statements as a Business Decision Making Tool for MSMEs in Bojongsoang Village

Rini Lestari, Rudy Hartanto, Asri Suangga, Annisa Nadiyah Rahmani, Riyang Mardini, Boyke Rahmat Ramdani, Alia Alifa Ibrahim
Mentoring was carried out in Bojongsoang Village, Bandung Regency, precisely in the MSMEs community of Someah Kampung Digital Bojongsoang. The MSMEs community has been able to compile financial recording and reporting using smartphones practically. However, there are still problems related to the consistency...
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How Far the Psychoeducation can Build Family Resilience for the Brides in the City of Bandung

Yuli Aslamawati, Rodliyah Khuza’i, Kiki Zakiah, Chairiawaty Chairiawaty
This study was entitled “How far the psychoeducation can build family resilience for the brides in the city of Bandung “ which becomes the government’s attention to create a strong and prosperous family. The data at the Religious Courts of Bandung City show 5,415 divorce lawsuits throughout 2017, of...
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Communication Strategy of the Marriage Advisory, Guidance and Preseevation Agency (BP4) in Preventing Divorce

Nia Kurniati Syam, Nandang H.M.Z., Yani Ramdani, Vania Maovangi, M. Jibral Imperial Day
Marital divorce, once a treding topic in the of Bandung, made some people concerned including the Marriage Advisory, Development and Presservation Agency (BP4). This reseach is entitled BP4 Communication Strategy in Preventing Divorce (a Case Study on BP4 Communication Strategy in Preventing Divorce...
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The Use of Social Media for the Covid 19 Prevention Campaign

Anne Maryani, Ike Junita Triwardhani, Raditya Pratama, Muhamad Zaki Mustafa
A massive use of the internet shows that the internet is able to fulfill people’s needs for various information. Social media on the internet shows a fairly high number of users in Indonesia clurrently. Instagram and Facebook are social media that have many users. The uniqueness on social media to differentiate...
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Culture in Collective Parenting of Children of Indonesian Women Migrant Workers (TKW)

Ike Junita Triwardhani, Wulan Trigartanti, Endri Listiani
Children at the age of growth and development need attention and care from their parents, especially mothers. However, such ideal condition is not always available, especially for children whose mothers have to work abroad as women migrant workers (TKW). Therefore, family of TKW have to take over that...
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Empowering Women Aisyiyah Business Actors through Digital Marketing during the Pandemic

(Study at Aisyiyah Bandung City, Indonesia)

Tia Muthiah Umar, Dede Lilis Chaerowati, Yulianti Yulianti, Andalusia Neneng Permatasari, Kharisma Lutfiah Al Hanif, Iqbal Jamil, Nova Nurun Nadhifah, Mochamad Zulfikri Aditya Rinaldi
Aisyiyah, as one of the women’s Islamic organizations in Indonesia, has also contributed to spreading the notion of progress for Indonesian women. The roles performed are mainly in the fields of education, health and the economy. Commitment in the economic field, especially has become an orientation...
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A Comprehensive Model of Reducing Poverty

Ima Amaliah, Westi Riani, Tasya Aspiranti
The research investigates a comprehensive poverty model by including the variables of financial inclusion, economic growth, and inequality together in the model. This study uses Java Island, Indonesia, with an annual time series from 2000 to 2019. The Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) method estimates...
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Islamic Bank Financing Behavior

A Survey in Asia

Tasya Aspiranti, Westi Riani, Ima Amaliah
This paper aims to analyze how is the Islamic Banks provided financing behavior in Asia. This financing behavior is interesting to study because economic conditions do not influence it and even contribute to the stability of the financial system and the economy. Currently, Islamic Banks are still relied...
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The Enforcement of Small Claim Court of Sharia Economics in Religious Courts According to Sharia Economic Principles

(Case Study of Religious Courts in West Java)

Neni Sri Imaniyati, Ratna Januarita, Faiz Mufidi, Panji Adam Putra, Yoghi Arif
The Supreme Court has issued PERMA Number 4 Year 2019 as a follow-up to PERMA Number 14 Year 2016 concerning Procedures for Settlement of Sharia Economic Disputes. Article 3 Paragraph (2) of PERMA stipulates that the settlement of sharia economic disputes can use a small claim court. The regulation was...
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Rethinking Coworking Space Design as a Self-Supporting and COVID-19 Resilient Community Center in Indonesia

Weishaguna Weishaguna, Verry Damayanti, Suci Dewi Rahmawati, Muhammad Luthfi Almakhi, Hilwati Hindersah, Fachmy Sugih Pradifta, Tresna Fuji Ilahi, Pramudya Alif Darmaputra
The growing popularity of coworking space has been embraced by creative sector actors and the younger generation in urban environments as a place to work and collaborate in the contemporary creative economy current. This perception at the same time limits, that the coworking space typology only applies...
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Internal Quality Assurance System in Early Childhood Education Institutions

Nan Rahminawati, Aep Saepudin, Arif Hakim
Problems in the field show that 53.4% of Kindergarten institutions in West Bandung Regency are still not accredited. The high number of institutions that have not been accredited is caused by the leadership of the Kindergarten institution in meeting the quality standards that have been set not optimally....
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Legal Effectiveness of The Supreme Court Regulation on Sharia Economic Dispute Settlement in West Java Religious Court

Neng Dewi Himayasari, Arif Rijal Anshori, Ira Siti Rohmah Maulida
Religious Courts are given the authority to settle Sharia economic disputes in Article 49 of Act Number 03, 2006 about Religious Courts and has been confirmed by the decision of the Constitutional Court number 93/PUU-X/2012. Implementation the Supreme Court is given attributive authority to fill legal...
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Digital Literacy of Muslim Millennials in Persis Jabar

Ratri R. Kusumalestari, Yenni Yuniati, Dian W. Putri, Yuristia W. Cholifah, Sophia Novita
One of the obstacles faced in the transfer of knowledge during the pandemic is digital literacy problems. This is also experienced by the du’at (Islamic preachers) of Persis Jabar, an Islamic Union in West Java area. They cannot hold recitations offline like the regular days before pandemic but they...
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ASEAN Way in Communitarianism Perspective

M. Husni Syam, Sri Poedjiastoeti, Rusli K. Iskandar, Fadia Annasya Putri M., Gina Nur Aini
Discussion on the ASEAN issue generally becomes the theme among political elite state officials (state-oriented). Each ASEAN member country resolves problems based on its concerns which has never been a problem for ASEAN as an international organization (supranatural organization). The participation...
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The Role of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) Organizations in West Java in Overcoming the Covid-19 Pandemic

Bambang S. Ma’arif, Asep A. Siddiq, Malki A. Nasir, Hadi P. Hendrawan
Nahdhatul Ulama (NU) is the largest socio-religious organization in Indonesia that struggles in its path with its unique techniques and approaches. In the era of the covid-19 pandemic, people now see that there are many victims floating, but at the same time they are treated to information, some of which...
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Reconstruction of Mandatory General Courses as General Education

Maulia Depriya Kembara, Rama Wijaya Abdul Rozak, Vini Agustiani Hadian, Bunyamin Maftuh, Warlim Warlim
Reconstruction Research Public Compulsory Courses as General Education at the Implementation Level in the Department of General Education UPI aims to identify a portrait of general education at the University of Education in Indonesia which includes elements of general education in the vision of education,...
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Research Based Learning to Improve Students 6C Skills During the Pandemic

Maulia Depriya Kembara, Rama Wijaya Abdul Rozak, Bunyamin Maftuh, Vini Agustiani Hadian
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced learning to take place virtually for safety and health reasons. This is not an obstacle in education, because a quality learning process can still take place with the right method. Mini research can be used by teachers to develop the 6C skills that students must possess....
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Training and Assistance for the Preparation of ETAP Based Financial Report

Nunung Nurhayati, Epi Fitriah, Affandi Iss, Nurhayati Nurhayati, Azkia Ibadina Shalihah, Yani Krisnamurti
Community service as a form of the Tridharma of Higher Education, aims to provide skills and knowledge as well as understanding in making ETAP-based financial reports to Binong Jati knitted SMEs business actors. The training and mentoring method uses action research. The Implementation Team carried out...
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The Institutional Strengthening of Inovasi Ummat Sharia Cooperative and Firdaus Pesantren Cooperative Pangalengan

Neneng Nurhasanah, Neni Sri Imaniyati, Udin Saripudin, Intan Nurrachmi, Ihsan Nurhabibilah, Salma Nurul Fadhillah
Margamulya village, Pangalengan, is a coffee-producing area that has great potentials to be developed. Its consumers not only come from local communities, but also from national and even international scale. This great potential needs to be supported by various efforts so that it continues to exist and...
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Desain of Zakat Accounting Information System Standardized PSAK 109

Nunung Nurhayati, Epi Fitriah, Nining Koesdiningsih, Khalid Izzaturahman, Azkia Ibadina Shalihah, Yani Krisnamurti
Zakat is the third pillar of Islam which has a very broad dimension consisting of various aspects including aspects of faith, social aspects, and economic aspects, where zakat managers are given the mandate from planning, implementing, controlling to reporting which includes collection, distribution...
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Hybrid Communication Approach for Psychotropic Drug Addiction Therapy in Bandung

Anne Maryani, O. Hasbiansah, Oji Kurniadi
Efforts to build a quality generation cannot be separated from obstacles. The quality of a nation, among others, depends on the quality of its components, namely its young generation. The productive age of the Indonesian nation, which is the majority in 2045, ideally is not only quantitatively large...
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Achieving Open Defecation Free using External and Internal Factor Analysis

Ganang Ibnusantosa, S. Fitriyana, N. Romadhona, T. Respati
Proper sanitation will ensure the community is in a healthy environment and reduce most infectious diseases’ transmission. Open defecation has a considerable effect on public health. Sanitation coverage data from the Ministry of Health in 2018 shows that open defecation is still high, including in the...
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Melius Cras: Game-Based Learning Methods to Reduce Anxiety for Students

Susan Fitriyana, Nurul Romadhona, Titik Respati, Ganang Ibnusantosa
Introduction: Anxiety is a mental health problem that often occurs in students and can cause serious problems. Inadequate handling of anxiety will interfere with academic performance, which impacts students’ mental health deterioration. Aim of Study: This study aims to develop a game-based learning program...
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Response of Da’wah Activists to Rethorical Training with Waste Recycling Materials

Study in Bandung District

Bambang S. Ma’arif, Malky A. Nasir, Soraya Firdaus, Susilo Suryo, Hadiputrarizki Hendrawan
Cilengkrang is one of the sub-districts in Bandung Regency, where the residents, even though they live in a peaceful atmosphere of rural nature with a quite religious topography on mountain slopes, but some of the residents work in the city of Bandung. Da’wah continues but does not encourage residents...
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Local Economic Development Strategy through Mosque’s Islamic Leadership and Managerial Capacity

Asnita Frida Sebayang, Ria Haryatiningsih, Fitroh Hayati
Local economic development always requires breakthroughs to create inclusive development by involving various institutions. One of the institutional involvements initiated in this study is the presence of a mosque in solving economic problems at the local level. This study uses quantitative methods,...
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Youth Knowledge on the Health Protocols During Covid-19 Pandemic

Yani Triyani, Heni Muflihah, Mirasari Putri, Winni Maharani
Buah Batu District is the sub-district with the second-highest Covid-19 incidence rate in Bandung City on December 2020. Many factors affects the high incidence of Covid-19. Medical Faculty Community Service in collaboration with the Indonesian Youth National hold activities to help overcome the problems....
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The Impact of Covid-19 to Spiritual Poverty (Morals)-Material Poverty (Economics) in Bandung City, Indonesia

Ade Yunita Mafruhat, Noviani Noviani, Meidy Haviz, Farah Hanieva Alfadhillah, Nida Awwali Zahratul Fadillah, Widya Nissa Wildani, Panji Lanang Galih, Muhammad Chandra Gunawan
This article aims to analyze in depth the impact of Covid-19 on urban poverty condition which includes spiritual aspects and material aspects represented by moral and economic aspects. City is the capital city of West Java Province where West Java itself is one of the prov contributors to poverty in...
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Integrated Mobile Business Clinic Program in Encouraging the Strengthening of the Micro Business Market for the Snack Market during the Adaptation Period of New Habits in Bandung

Sri Suwarsi, Rusman Frendika, Azib Azib, Kiki Zakiah
There are currently 13 micro-enterprises in the snack market sector in the city of Bandung which have been collected based on observations, video calls with several stall owners, discussions with booth showcase design designers, and interviews with (ASPAMI (Association of Indonesian Food and Beverage...
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Calculation of Production Costs and Operating Profit of MSME in Terms of Accounting Standards

Avincennia Vindy Fitriana
This study uses a survey technique with a mixed method which aims to evaluate the understanding of MSME actors in calculating production costs to calculating profits. Respondents of this study were 47 SMEs in the food and beverage business sector. This research was conducted by means of an online survey...
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Supervision Implementation of the Ministry of Co-operatives and Small Medium Enterprises on High-Interest Investments Conducted to Savings and Loan Co-operatives

Efik Yusdiansyah, Yeti Sumiyati, Ghia Riezna Zhadira, Britney Azzahra Wiguna, Meisa Meisa, Raden Nurul Fadlilah Roshadi
A Co-operatives is a non-banking financial institution known as shadow banking, which has the ability to raise funds from the public, with Savings and Loan Co-operatives (KSP) being one of its types. High interest investment is one of the superior products that are often promoted through this type of...
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Digital Marketing and Innovation Effects on Marketing Performance

A Competitive Advantage as a Mediator

Indra Muis, Triyogo Mulyo Adhi, Ramadienna Fachrunnisa Kamalia
Effects of Digital Marketing (DM) and Innovation (Inn) on Marketing Performance (MP), mediated by Competitive Advantage (CA) in the context of food and beverage micro businesses are not widely discussed and well understood. This study aims to describe Digital Marketing, Innovation, Competitive Advantage...
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Community Based Intervention to Promote Prevention Towards Children Sexual Abuse

Indri Utami Sumaryanti, Vici Sofianna Putera, Rizka Hadian Permana, Suhana Suhana
Bandung Regency is a region with a high population rate. The increasing amount of population isn’t aligned with the growth of health facilities, including mental health services. Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is one of the biggest problems that has to be dealt with in Bandung Regency. The total case of CSA...
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Victims of Online Based-Gender Violence Please Don’t Keep Your Grief Alone

Sri Mustika, Tellys Corliana
The increasing use of social media hurts women. Many of them have experienced online gender-based violence (OGBV). This study examines the importance of family communication in assisting OGBV victims. The research approach is qualitative and the type of research is descriptive. Data were collected by...
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Effectiveness Zakat Operational Risk Management on the Pandemic Era of Covid 19

(Study Case on Baznas, West Java)

Nopi Hernawati, Mey Maemunah, Ririn Sri Kuntorini
Zakat plays an important role in alleviating poverty, and contributes to the economy, but in reality zakat funds raising has not been optimally organized. To achieve this goal, zakat institutions require effective risk management. Risk management is an important thing in zakat institutions, starting...
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Review of Medical Ethics on the Use of Information Technology in Clinical Skills Learning

Dony Septriana Rosady, Ariko Rahmat Putra, Tita Barriah Siddiq
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of life. One of the areas affected is education. Educational methods have been adapted by implementing distance education. Learning clinical skills that involve humans must comply with ethical principles and applicable regulations. This study aims to determine...
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Law Enforcement of Cyber Crime Jurisdiction in Transnasional Law

Rahmatilla Aryani Putri, Huala Adolf, Jafar Sidik
The rapid development of information technology has made the world borderless and lead to social change which is significantly fast. These advances are accompanied by negative impacts which threaten and endanger the social and economic development of the Ummah involving more than one country. Law enforcement...
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Career Maturity Intervention Model for Vocational High School Students In Bandung

Dewi Sartika, Temi Damayanti Djamhoer, Eni Nuraeni Nugrahawati
Vocational High School is a school that has a curriculum whose graduates have specific skills that can be applied directly in the world of work according to their field. But in reality, many SMK graduates are not absorbed in the world of work, even SMK graduates are the biggest contributor to the Open...
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Development of Social Skills based on Local Wisdom in the Osing Community of Kemiren Village Banyuwangi, East Java

Huriah Rachmah, Adang M. Tsaury, Alhamuddin Alhamuddin, Rudy Gunawan
This study explores how the Osing community in Kemiren Village Banyuwangi, East Java aims to identify how the Osing community’s social skills are formed. The variety of culture and arts that exist in the community, forms the social skills of every citizen in Kemiren Village from an early age. This research...
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Empowerment of Ciburial Knowledge MSMEs Through Information Technology in Supply Chain Management

Nurleli Nurleli, Irena Pramita Purnomo, Ririn Kuntorini, Elly Halimatusadiah, Riki Suhandoyo, Azhar Fauzan, Gusti Utama, Atika Sri Wahyuni
Empowerment of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through information technology in SCM (Supply Chain Management) in Ciburial Village for tofu factories, the availability of soybeans and instability in the cost of soybeans are often problems they face in the production of tofu, which has an impact...
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Sharia Economic Behavior of Former Indonesia Migrant Worker from Saudi Arabia

Basrowi Basrowi, Furtasan Ali Yusuf, Suhandi Suhandi
This study aims to understand the sharia economic behavior of retired migrant workers who have returned to their hometowns, after they have worked in Saudi Arabia. This research was conducted to former migrant workers who came from Tanggamus Regency and Pringsewu Regency, Lampung Province, Indonesia....
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Empowerment of Productive Zakat through the Empowered Village Program

(Case Study at the Rumah Zakat Amil Zakat Institution (LAZ))

Udin Saripudin, Neneng Nurhasanah, Sandy Rizki Febriadi, Akhmad Yusup, Nur Efendi, Ihsan Nurhabibilah, Salma Nurul Fadhilah
This study aims to describe the implementation of the Empowered Village program carried out by Rumah Zakat. This study uses a qualitative method with a descriptive approach. The study results found that empowered village is an empowerment program within the coverage of the village area. The results show...
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Indonesia Hajj Fund Investment

A Perspective of Islamic and National Law

Siska Lis Sulistiani, Intan Nurrachmi, Udin Saripudin
Hajj funds is fund for depositing the costs of organizing the Hajj, an efficiency fund for the implementation of Hajj, an endowment fund for the people, as well as the value of benefits controlled by the state in the context of organizing the Hajj and implementing an activity program for the benefit...
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Respect and Responsibility Character-Building Training for Children Under Care of Foster Parents in SOS Village Indonesia Lembang

Eneng Nurlaili Wangi, Dewi Sartika, Dewi Rosiana
SOS Children’s Village is a non-profit social organization that actively supports children’s rights, such as providing loving families and homes. To complete the stages that have been done in previous training, it is necessary to take the next step by providing further training on improving parenting...
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The Influence of Self Efficacy and Self Confidence on Gender Equality in Manufacturing Companies - West Java Province

Rusman Frendika, Allya Roosallyn Assyofa, Sri Suwarsi
The purpose of this study is to analyze the influence of self-efficacy and self-confidence on gender equality based on participatory and fair aspects including: have equal rights to to social resources and services, concerning basic rights, develop in equality, benefit, with regard to individual desires...
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The Concept of Economic and Social Justice in the Management of Fisheries on the High Seas

Irawati Irawati, Rini Irianti, Nurul Chotidjah
This research aims to find the concept of socio-economic justice in the management of fish resources on the high seas. All countries shall have the right to exercise the freedom of fishing on the high seas. So far, countries are not in liberty to compete to be able taking advantage of these rights. This...
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Management of Zakat based on Islamic Boarding Schools at Daarul Ilmi Cipeundeuy

Ramdan Fawzi, Encep Abdul Rojak, Ilham Mujahid, Asep Ramdan Hidayat
According to the constitution Number 23 of 2011 concerning Zakat Management and Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 14 of 2014 concerning the implementation of the constitution Number 23 of 2011 concerning Zakat Management that the management of zakat is carried out by the state....
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The Role of Pesantren on Society Economy Development

Muhardi Muhardi, Handri Handri, Nandang Ihwanudin
The objective of this research is to acknowledge the role of pesantren on society economy development, and to analyze the way pesantren implements its integrated supply chain strategy in building the economy of its surrounding areas. The method utilized in this research is a descriptive qualitative method,...
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Knowledge-Based Economy Development of Jamaah

Muhardi Muhardi, Deden Gandana Madjakusumah, Handri Handri, Nandang Ihwanudin
This article is intended to analyze the knowledge-based economy development of mosque jamaah, by conducting counseling activity to improve their knowledge, as an effort to develop economy of jamaah. Knowledge is one of the most important factors of society economy development effort, especially for the...
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Capacity Building Economic Empowerment of the Accuracy of Calculation of Cost of Products

(Study in MSME’s Developed of BAZNAS West Java)

Sri Fadilah, Yuni Rosdiana, Nopi Hernawati, Mey Maemunah, Kania Nurcholisah
The accuracy of determining the cost of goods sold and selling prices is a strategic matter as a gateway for business revenues and profits. On the other hand, there are still many business people, especially MSMEs who do not make the determination of the cost of goods and selling prices a strategic matter....
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Effectiveness of Occupational Health Training on Tea Farmers in Indonesia

Eri Achiraeniwati, Yanti Sri Rejeki, Nur Rahman As’ad, Anis Septiani
The plantation sub-sector is the largest contributor to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the Indonesian economy. The risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in agriculture often occurs in both developed and developing countries. It is necessary to conduct occupational health and safety training for tea...
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Integration of Fisheries Law Enforcement Regulations in the Indonesian Maritime Zone

Nurhasan Nurhasan, Dey Ravena, Neni Ruhaeni
This research is important to integrate the regulation of fisheries law enforcement in the Indonesian maritime zone, taking into account the existing condition is still not integrated. This condition is the result of the objective conditions of fisheries law enforcement institutions that are still carried...
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Improving the Pedagogic Competence of Madrasa Diniyah Takmiliyah Teachers as an Attempt to Improve the Quality of Quran Learning Based on Blended Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Helmi Aziz, Khambali Khambali, Dinar Nur Inten, Dewi Mulyani
Madrasas as the oldest Islamic educational institutions in Indonesia have unique characteristics because they were born from the thoughts of the community where the madrasa was founded, hence resulting in diverse madrasas quality. The empowerment focus of these training and mentoring is to improve the...
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The Effect of Online Learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic on Eye Health Problems of Elementary School-Aged Children

Nur Azizah Komara Rifai, Icih Sukarsih, Afina Ramdhania, Eva Rianti Indrasari
The Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost all countries in the world. The biggest impact felt by Indonesian people is in the economic and education sectors. To reduce the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, all learning activities at schools throughout Indonesia are carried out online so that the intensity...
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The Role of Health Education in Changing Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice Regarding the Covid-19 Health Protocol among Islamic Boarding School Students

Meta Maulida Damayanti, Meike Rachmawati, Yuniarti Yuniarti, Mia Kusmiati
The coronavirus outbreak of 2019 (Covid-19) is currently occurring. It’s deteriorating further, particularly in Bandung, Indonesia. This increase was driven by insufficient application of health protocols. Personal health education focuses on promoting health knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP),...
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The Role of Da’i in Waqf Management at Baitul Hidayah Islamic Boarding School

Hendi Suhendi, M. Fauzi Arif, N. Sausan M. Sholeh
This research examines the role of da’i in waqf management at Baitul Hidayah Islamic Boarding School. It is important to do this because the Baitul Hidayah Islamic Boarding School has waqf assets, a large potential for collecting waqf, and does not yet have human resources for waqf managers. The research...
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Visual Communication Skills for Motivators of Family Resilience during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Ferry Darmawan, Rini Rinawati, Dedeh Fardiah, Nia Kurniati
The covid pandemic period, which has lasted for almost two years, requires creativity in filling the limitations of face-to-face activities, including the Family Resilience Motivator (Motekar) officers to keep their messages informed effectively. Aims to provide visual communication skills to Motekar...
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Visual Communication @Jabarsaberhoaks in Digital Literacy Education to Counteract Hoaxes on Instagram

Ferry Darmawan, Dedeh Fardiah, Rini Rinawati
Along with development of communication technology, there are several consequences, both positive and negative connotation, for use influences of communication media technology. The development of social media raises the phenomenon of hoaxes increasingly widespread, recent studies on hoaxes explain that...
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Statistical Literacy Optimization of Senior High School Teachers to Improve Data Processing Skills

Nur Azizah Komara Rifai, Marizsa Herlina, Dwi Agustin Nuriani Sirodj, Icih Sukarsih, Nadia Ratu Filgrima
In the new normal era, there is a new habit occurs in education field, namely the online learning. This makes the teacher must be ready to carry out the online learning process using information technology (IT). The use of IT that is commonly used by teachers to assist learning activities is Microsoft...
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Islamic Money Demand Implications Based on Macroeconomic and Social Value Variables in Indonesia

Eva Misfah Bayuni, Muhammad Yunus, Shifa Nurul Fadhilah, Yusuf Azis Yusrizal, Silvani Fauziyyah Adilla, Mujahid Mujahid
This study aims to determine the implications of Islamic money demand based on Indonesia’s macroeconomic and social variables value. The used data is secondary data from the 2010-2019 time series. The method of this research is using Error Correction Model (ECM). E-views 9 program is used for processing...
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Economic Improvement through Mocaf Flour Processing During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dede R. Oktini, Rahmat Effendi, Yudha Dwi Nugraha, Rezi Muhamad Taufik Permana
This Program is aimed at cassava farmers and the village community of Rende-West Bandung. The role of cassava farmers and the community in processed food businesses is very much needed considering the economic conditions, especially in the village of Rende, have decreased since the outbreak of Covid-19,...
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Increase Teacher Motivation

(Learning through Interpersonal Communication for Student Achievement SD–SMP Dewata Ciwidey Bandung Regency)

Aziz Taufik Hirzi, Yuli Aslamawati, Alex Sobur, Hedi Wahyudi, Dinda Yanisya Tifankha, Febri Nur Faturohman, Arshky Muntazmahal, Abu Setiawan Pratama
The teaching and learning process is essentially a communication activity between teachers and students. Teachers are obliged to motivate students to improve their learning to achieve achievement. This study aims to obtain data and information about teacher motivation in teaching and educating students...
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Disaster Mitigation Learning Using Katumbiri Model in Early Childhood Education

Dinar Nur Inten, Dewi Mulyani, Khambali Khambali, Dies Tiwi, Funny Lichandra
Currently, many disasters occur in all corners of the world, and no one can avoid it, including children. Children are individuals who are still weak and need protection, and the provision of knowledge and skills so that they can protect themselves from every disaster that befalls them. Children’s resilience...
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Character Education in Islamic Perspective

Alhamuddin Alhamuddin, Eko Surbiantoro, Revan Dwi Erlangga
Religion is the strongest foundation in character education, including Islam as a religion with quite a lot of adherents in the world. Islamic character education is unique and different from Western character education. The purpose of tis study was to determine character education in an Islamic perspective....
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21st Century Learning

Strategies and Competencies

Alhamuddin Alhamuddin, Dinar Nur Inten, Dewi Mulyani, Revan Dwi Erlangga
Education is expected to be future-oriented and answer the challenges of the times. The challenges of 21st century education is certainly different from the previous century. Stakeholders in this case schools, teachers, parents, and graduate users are very interested in the competencies and skills that...
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Preference Survey of Newspaper Readers in the Digital Era

Quantitative Descriptive Study of Public Preferences Pikiran Rakyat Daily Newspaper

Firmansyah Firmansyah, Sophia Novita, Dian Widya Putri, Atie Rachmiatie, Septiawan Santana Kurnia, Alex Sobur
The mass media industry continues to grow along with digital technological developments. Print mass media is now considered to be on the verge of extinction due to the development of online media. Print media such as the Pikiran Rakyat’s Daily Newspaper need to implement a strategy in retaining their...
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Islamic Corporate Social Responsibility in the Company of Sharia in Indonesia with the Implementation of Maqashid Sharia

Efik Yusdiansyah, Jejen Hendar
The issue of corporate social responsibility, or often known as CSR is no longer a new thing. CSR is no longer considered as the responsibility solely, but rather the commitment of the company in a row as well as in the development of the national. The development of CSR from time to time grew quickly,...
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Tilapia Cultivation Using Concrete Pond

(Case Study: Desa Tanggulun, Garut, Jawa Barat)

Dewi Shofi Mulyati, Nugraha Nugraha, Ajrina Febri Suahati
In line with the population increase, the need for food in Indonesia is also increase. Fishery is one of the important sectors that can support food security and the Indonesian economy. Fishery is considered to have a more stable economic value than agriculture. Freshwater fish cultivation can be developed...
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Legal Protection for Indonesian Migrant Workers During Pandemic Covid 19

The Case from Human Right Approach

Rini Irianti Sundary, Deddy Effendy, Chepy Ali Firman, Haidar Dziyauddin, Haswira Nor Muhammad Hasyim, Chandra Manungsa Alit
Covid-19 has implications for all aspects of life, changing various social and life structures in Indonesia, and in various countries around the world. The Indonesian state has the responsibility to provide protection to migrant workers who are abroad. The case highlighted here is Indonesian migrant...
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Study of the Astana Gunung Jati Heritage Tomb, Cirebon, Indonesia

I.H. Agustina, H. Hindersah, I. Chofyan
The purpose of this paper is to describe the heritage buildings in the Astana Gunungjati area. The Astana Gunungjati area is in the form of a building placed on a hill that serves as the tomb of the king and descendants of the Cirebon palaces. Around the 14th century, the Astana Gunungjati area was established...
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Confiscation of Assets Resulting from Corruption in Criminal Law and Islamic Law

Ade Mahmud, Chepi Ali Firman Zakaria, Husni Syawali, Rizki Amarulloh, Weganisa Puspa
Confiscation of assets resulting from corruption is a separate problem in eradicating corruption because the assets returned are less than the losses to the state. This study uses a normative approach with secondary data support. research results show that the integration of asset confiscation in criminal...
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Disclosure of the Proportion and Classification of Green Credit in the Indonesian Banking Sector

Rudy Hartanto, Irena Paramita Pramono, Riyang Mardini
This study aims to look at the portion and classification of green lending based on the provisions of the Indonesian financial services authority regulations. This research was conducted on banks that have provided green credit since 2018. The classification of green credit financing consists of 11 classifications....
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Sufistic Approach Psychotherapy as a Mental-Spiritual Development Effort

Ida Afidah, N Sausan Muhammadd Sholeh, Rodliyah Khuza’i, Asep Ahmad Siddiq
The pandemic has a real impact on the inhibition of various activities and the order of human life, both social, economic education and tourism. So that in the long term this situation can lead to mental and spiritual instability if not managed properly, such as stress, boredom, anger, anxiety, pessimism...
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The Influence of Online Learning Systems through the Syllabus Component on the Learning Motivation of Private Higher Education Students

Neni Yulianita, Yenni Yuniati, Maman Suherman
In a period of more than two semesters, the learning system in higher education has transformed from an offline system to an online system. Along with the online learning system, since then news about positive and negative impacts has appeared in the media. The research team felt the need to examine...
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Social Media in the Context of Online Business Communication

Neni Yulianita, Tresna Wiwitan, Oji Kurniadi, Erik Setiawan
Optimizing the use of social media has become a concern for online businesses. In the era of the pandemic, many people stay at home and use online media to make ends meet. This phenomenon attracted the Community Service team to conduct training on social media in the Context of Online Business Communication...
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Designing of Bullying Prevention Psychoeducational Intervention for Victims

Ihsana Sabriani Borualogo, Sulisworo Kusdiyati, Hedi Wahyudi, Irma Dwiratnasari, Rajab Cipta Lestari, Rilma Puspita, Yulyanti Minarsih
Bullying is a serious problem that affects children’s mental health and well-being. The number of bullying cases in Indonesia is among the highest in Asia. However, the bullying prevention programs are limited and have not decreased the number of bullying cases in Indonesia. Therefore, this study aims...
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Assistance for Improving Islamic Financial Literacy for SMEs Registered at the Office of Cooperatives and SMEs, Bandung Regency

Yayat Rahmat Hidayat, M. Andri Ibrahim, Nanik Eprianti, Akhmad Yusup, Syakila Carisya, Angelia Nurfitria, Pandu Rezaldi, Hanum Aulia Rahmah
This PKM (Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat) activity is motivated by the low level of Islamic financial literacy in Indonesia compared to conventional financial literacy. The purpose of this PKM activity is to improve the financial literacy of Islamic communities, especially SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)...
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E-Service Quality at the First Movers on Sustainable Banking in Indonesia

Cici Cintyawati, Asni Mustika Rani, Asri Nuranisa Dewi
This study aims to evaluate the quality of mobile banking services at banks classified as The First Mover on Sustainable Banking. Quantitative method using questionnaires was conducted to explore dominant dimensions that affect the quality of mobile banking services at banks. In total, there are 16 e-service...
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Digital Literacy of ‘Aisyiyah Women for Continuity of Communication in the Time of the Covid-19 Pandemic

(Study on Aisyiyah, Bandung City, Indonesia)

Dede Lilis Chaerowati, Tia Muthiah Umar, Mohamad Subur Drajat, Dendha Ocha Permana, Ladita Trivira Putri S.
Digital literacy is an ability to use digital media that cannot be avoided amid the development of the current digital era. Digital skills are increasingly needed, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, due to restrictions in interaction and social mobility. This affects the sustainability of an organization....
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Effectiveness of Islamic Sex Education with Mediated Learning Experience Training for Early Childhood’s Parents and Teacher

Erhamwilda Erhamwilda, Nurul Afrianti, Putri Nurtsani, Arif Hakim
The purpose of the study was to see if there was an increase in respondents’ knowledge through Islamic sex education for early childhood training. The research design used is quantitative approach with quasi experiment method and research One Group Pretest-Posttest design. The research sample was determined...
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Islamic Parenting Paradigm

Erhamwilda Erhamwilda, Asep Dudi Suhardini, Nurul Afrianti, Alam Husnu Tazkia
Sometimes Muslim families do not realize that they are taking care of their children by applying concepts or theories that come from a secularistic paradigm. Whereas religious teachings provide a paradigm that can guide parents in raising their children as religious individuals. Related to this, this...
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The Urgency of the Registration of the Brand that is Safe for Employers in Ciburial Village, Regency Bandung

Jejen Hendar, Tatty Aryani Ramli, Efik Yusdiansyah, Asep Hakim Zakiran, Ade Yunita Mafruhat
This sign is a sign attached on the product or service as well as the signs of the differences. The brand achieved by the business through the registration process or through an application to the Directorate General of intellectual property. The business already has a list of this brand can forbid others...
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Optimization of Immigration Intelligence in Eradicating Criminal Acts of Terrorism in an Effort to Achieve State Sovereignty

Dini Dewi Heniarti, Oentoeng Wahjoe, Anita Puspawati
The purpose of this study is to understand the role of immigration intelligence in eradicating criminal acts of terrorism. In some criminal cases, the involvement in several aspects of the immigration function is also indicated, namely the issuance of passports, border control, foreigners’ surveillance,...
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The Commercialization of Outer Space Under the Outer Space Treaty 1967 and Its Implementation on the Development of Space Industry in Indonesia

Neni Ruhaeni, Eka An Aqimuddin, Hadian Afriyadi
The commercialization of outer space that has taken place intensively in the last two decades has been directing space law to be more responsive to private and commercial issues. Indonesia has been carrying out activities in space since 1976, namely the launch of the PALAPA Communication Satellite series...
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BMT Management Efficiency in Bandung City Mosques

Didi Mashudi, Fadilah Ilahi, Mohamad Andri Ibrahim
The many developments of Islamic cooperatives or BMT in The City of Bandung is not supported by factors that can support an Islamic cooperative to be able to continue to develop and run well. Facts in the field show that many Islamic cooperatives sink and disband due to a lack of balanced with knowledge,...
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Women’s Strategy for Disaster Resilient Village

(Case of Cikole Village – Lembang, Indonesia)

Astri Mutia Ekasari, Ina Helena Agustina, Riswandha Risang Aji, Atie Rachmiatie, Ega Ayu Gayatri, Raihan Faris Sabil, Sabine Fatimah Sayidina
Cikole Village is at an active tectonic risk which is influenced by the tectonic activity of the Lembang Fault. In dealing with disaster risk in Cikole Village, women’s community who are members of the PKK (Family Welfare and Empowerment) have developed the Disaster Resilient Women’s Forum (FWTB). So...
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The Effect of Using the Zoom Platform on Psychomotor Learning Outcomes During the Covid-19 Pandemic

(In Oil and Gas Chemistry Subject and Practicum)

Meita Rezki Vegatama
The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the whole world, including Indonesia, has made all sectors move quickly to make changes so that everything can continue to run. One very influential sector is education, where almost all Education in Indonesia runs through an online learning system. This study aims...
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Initiation of Traditional School Development in Rawabogo Village

Imam Indratno, Chusharini Chamid, Tony Judiantono, Husni Syam, Muhamad Ramdani Pamungkas, Alma Verdiana, Muthia Raudatul Jannah, Naufal Alfaruqy Anevta Munggaran
Rawabogo Village is one of the villages in Bandung Regency. The people of Rawabogo Village have the responsibility to maintain the Nagara Padang site, and it affects the customs and culture that prevails in Rawabogo Village. The main concern of the village elders is that young people do not live their...
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Meaning of Phenomenon and Culture in Rawabogo Tourism Village, Bandung Regency

Imam Indratno, Chusharini Chamid, Tonny Judiantono, Alma Verdiana, Muhamad Ramdani Pamungkas
This study aims to describe behind meaning of the phenomena and culture in Rawabogo Village. The development of Rawabogo Village became one of the urgencies after the establishment of the tourism village title. Rawabogo Village in Ciwidey District has the Gunung Nagara Padang Site potential and has been...
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The Importance of Citizen Journalism for Youth

Endri Listiani, Wiki Angga Wiksana
Citizen Journalism is a new breakthrough in the field of journalism, which is growing rapidly and its existence is felt thanks to advances in information and communication technology called the internet. The internet is able to present a sharing space in cyberspace. For example, through weblogs (commonly...
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Implementation of the Parenting Program in Early Childhood Education in Bandung

Enoh Enoh, Nurul Afrianti, Masnipal Masnipal, Putty Meuraxa, Putri Nurtsani
The harmony of education carried out in kindergarten and at home is one of the determining factors for the success of children’s education as whole, comprehensive and integrated. This parenting program aims to improve the knowledge and skills of families in improving nutrition and health, care, care,...
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Lesson Plans Development by Application for Non-Formal Early Childhood Teacher

Enoh Enoh, Nurul Afrianti, Masnipal Masnipal, Huriah Rahmah, Putty Meuraxa, Alma Tazkiya
One of the standards for early childhood educators is expected to be educators who can design learning activities by compiling children’s development programs according to themes and needs in the form of the annual, semester, weekly, and daily programs. Lesson plans are one of the criteria that must...
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Environmental Policies for Sustainable Economic Growth Achievement in Indonesia and Negara Brunei Darussalam

Asni Mustika Rani, Atih Rohaeti Dariah, Asep Ramdan Hidayat, Rose Abdullah
The global commitment to achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has become a concern for all countries in the world, including Muslim Southeast Asian countries. The eighth goal of the SDGs is to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent...
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The Concept of Good Faith on Complete Systematic Land Registration in Order to Realize Justice

Lina Jamilah, Arif Firmansyah
The Basic Agrarian Law regulates land registration which aims to provide legal certainty. This land registration is an obligation for the government and land rights holders. To ensure legal certainty in land registration, the government issued Ministerial Regulation of Agaria and Spatial Planning Number...
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The Role of Sharia Investment in Indonesia

Risks and Benefits for the Community

Akhmad Yusup, Zia Firdaus Nuzula, Irma Yulita Silviany, Yeni Haryati, Miftah Rizky Nur Alfiani
The growth of Islamic finance in Indonesia is in a positive category. However, investments, including the capital market and other elements, are recognized as having risks and benefits. This study aims to determine the role and development of Islamic investment in Indonesia, including the types and products...
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Assistance for the Establishment of Waste Bank in the Luhur Lestari Women Farming Group (KWT) Baleendah District

Puti Renosori, Endang Prasetyaningsih, Selamat Selamat, Ahmad Arif Nurrahman
Waste management pattern in RT 01 RW 02 Baleendah Village, Bandung Regency is only done by collecting and disposing of it. This problem has encouraged the “Luhur Lestari” Women Farmers Group (KWT) to reduce the waste problem as well as make it a business field to seek funds for its members because waste...
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Analysis of the Empowerment of the Mosque Prosperity Council in Determining of the Qibla

(Case Study in Tamansari Village)

Fahmi Fatwa Rosyadi Satria Hamdani, Intan Manggala Wijayanti, Muhammad Yunus, Irma Yulita Silviany
The results from the research in 2019, out of 24 mosques and prayer rooms in Tamansari village, the azimuth values for the Qibla direction vary. There is even one mosque where the difference in the deviation of the Qibla direction reaches seven degrees and six minutes. Therefore, the Qibla direction...
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Community Resilience Assessment to the Covid-19 Pandemic

(Case Study: Bandung City)

Verry Damayanti, Weishaguna Weishaguna, Fachmy Sugih Pradifta
The COVID-19 pandemic has not only had an impact on public health, but also the condition of the economy, education, and social life. The decline in these activities has an impact on the socio-economic conditions of the community, especially the vulnerable and poor. A development concept emerged from...