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Model of digital transformation of the value chain manufacturing enterprise

Irina Brusakova, Dmitrij Shurgaev, Hamid Fattahov
The article presents the model of digital transformation of a value chain for manufacturing enterprise. The authors analyze terms of use of the digital twin of a full cycle of value creation for manufacturing enterprise
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Modeling of the Bond Issue Parameters for the Capital Structure Optimization

Yulia V. Semernina, Kristina A. Odinokova, Ekaterina A. Nesterenko, Eugene A. Korobov, Alina S. Usmanova
The article proposes a computational model with eight-step algorithm for usage bond issuance as a systematic instrument to finance corporate assets by optimal capital structure. The crucial model points are methodologically accurate calculation of the average credit spread accounting the difference in...
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Identifying the Strength of Emotions in Relation with the Topic of Text Using Word Space

Anatoly Beltiukov, Mohsin Manshad Abbasi
Emotion analysis from text is a topic of growing interest over recent years. It is because of the growth and availability of internet. The emotion analysis from text and the strength of the emotions in text plays an important role in understanding and predicting the future events. In this paper, we are...
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ML Based Smart Energy Meter Observing & Bill Supervision Using Raspberry Pi

V. Amala Rani, T. Thaj Mary Delsy, D. Marshiana, N. Praveen, P. Kartheek
Nowadays the power consumption is increasing unknowingly in our houses and Some faulty devices will consume more energy than what it is taken. So, to overcome those defects a system is being proposed that will provide the information about the power consumption and faulty loads by the system and also,...
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Peer-Review Statements

Zehui Zhan, Ding Zhou, Honglin Wu
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 2nd International Conference on Education, Information Management and Service Science (EIMSS 2022) during July 22–24, 2022 in Changsha, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees...
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Peer-Review Statements

Adeel Luqman, Hongbo Li, Ghaffar Ali
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 2nd International Conference on Public Management and Intelligent Society (PMIS 2022) during March 18–20, 2022 in Xishuangbanna, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and...
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Peer-Review Statements

Su-Cheng Haw
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the International Conference on Computer, Information Technology and Intelligent Computing 2022 (CITIC 2022) during 25th–27th July 2022 in Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia (online).
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Peer-Review Statements

Guiyun Guan, Bo Qu, Ding Zhou
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Peer-Review Statements

Bob Fox, Chuan Zhao, Marcus T. Anthony
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education (ICAIE 2022) during June 24-26, 2022 in Chengdu, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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Peer-Review Statements

Zehui Zhan, Bin Zou, William Yeoh
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 3rd International Conference on Big Data and Informatization Education (ICBDIE 2022) during April 08–10, 2022 in Beijing, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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Peer-Review Statements

Syed Abdul Rehman Khan, Noor Zaman Jhanjhi, Hongbo Li
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 2nd International Conference on Management Science and Software Engineering (ICMSSE 2022) during July 15-17, 2022 in Chongqing, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and...
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Peer-Review Statements

Víctor Fernández-Viagas Escudero, Bijay Kumar Kandel, Changiz Valmohammadi, Hrushikesh Mallick
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at 2nd International Conference on Business Administration and Data Science (BADS 2022) during October 28-30, 2022 in Kashgar, Xinjiang, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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Designing User Interface for an Elderly-Muslim-Friendly Mobile Application

Abg-Nazmi-Syahirul Abg-Jasmani, Zarina Che-Embi, Aziah Ali, Noramiza Hashim, Shahbe M-Desa
There are many mobile applications that are used in the daily lives of Muslims to fulfill their obligations and Islamic lifestyle. However, the user interface of most of these mobile applications has been found to have certain issues with elderly users, in other words, not elderly-friendly. The usability...
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The Application of Huffman Coding Thinking in the Selection of Vocational Education Skills Competition

Jinghua Si
Vocational education in the new era is gradually entering a stage of high-quality development. The social influence of skill competitions is growing, and it has become a bright brand of national vocational education. The skills competition has a guiding, benchmarking and catalytic effect on vocational...
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Technological Lock-in and Enterprise Breakthrough Innovation

——the Moderating Role of Innovation Inertia and Intellectual Property Protection

Yiting Hu, Tianran Wang, Hailan Sa
Based on the patent application panel data from Chinese listed companies involved in 28 industrial industries from 2009 to 2017, this paper examines the impact of technological lock-in on enterprise breakthrough innovation, as well as the moderating role of innovation inertia and intellectual property...
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Research on The Construction of Statistical Index System for The Evaluation of Emergency Management Ability of Public Emergencies In Colleges and Universities Based on Factor Model

Yu Dong, Jiahu Wei
At present, colleges and universities are facing more and more public emergencies, and the ability of emergency management needs to be improved. Only by strengthening their own emergency management technology can colleges and universities further improve their emergency management ability and reduce...
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Analysis on Relationship Between Economic Growth, Public Health, and Medical Service Level in China Based on One-Dimension Regression Model

Junhao Yan
This paper provides an empirical analysis of the linear relationship between economical condition of China, the health care industry, and public health conditions. These co-relationships are important since they can predict the future spending on medical health industry for China and people’s health...
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Statistical Study on Mortality in China

Yiyou Fan
With the recently released data of China’s Population Statistics Yearbook 2020, this paper conducts a statistical analysis of the general situation of Mortality in China. By using RStudio to clean up the data formats and dive deeper into all data points regarding mortality rates, the paper examines the...
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Big Data: Quasi-public Goods Correlating with National Security and Social Stability

Yunlong Zhang, Jiangbo Wang, Yue Liu, Wuji Yan
In the Internet era, data is occupying an increasingly important position, and some important data may even affect the country. More and more people demand that big data correlating with national security and social stability be treated as public goods which hold the characteristics of non-excludable...
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A Study on the Cultivation of English Translators of Chinese Classics Based on Corpus and Simulated Language Environment

Xiuli Qu
With the development of information technology, the emergence of corpus and simulated language environment provides possible conditions for the training of translation talents. Corpus is an innovative teaching tool as well as an effective learning strategy. It is not only a supplement to the traditional...
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Computerized monitoring of students’ psychological profile

Nikolai Pavlov, Tatyana Nikonova
This paper describes the usage of computerized procedure for monitoring students’ propensity for entrepreneurship. The procedure is based on the method of choosing the best statements for psychological testing. A set of statements concerning entrepreneurial ability has been collected from various sources,...
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The Calculation of the Sales Volumes Flow Based on the Game-Theoretic Model

Vladimir V. Abramov, Ekaterina Ju. Liskina, Sergey S. Mamonov, Stanislav V. Vidov
In this article, we have developed a formal decision-making model for an enterprise to market a single product in the future. The model is built in the form of an antagonistic two-person game. The payoff function is the profit of the enterprise. We took into account the limitedness of the target segment...
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Processing of Biomedical Data with Machine Learning

Marat Bogdanov, Dajan Nasyrov, Irina Dumchikova, Artur Samigullin
The paper is about processing of biomedical data. It were used 13 methods of machine learning (Naive Bayes classifier for multivariate Bernoulli models, A decision tree classifier, An extremely randomized tree classifier, Classifier implementing the k nearest neighbors vote, Linear Discriminant Analysis,...
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More Accurate Organ Recipient Identification Using Survey Informatics of New Age Technologies

Benita Jose Chalissery, V. Asha, B. Meenakshi Sundaram
Organ transplantation is a miraculous achievement for most of the end-stage diseases caused due to organ failure. Providing the organ to the most accurate recipient is always a challenge. The survival prediction of the recipient based on various health and environmental/infrastructural data (e.g.: live...
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Design and Practice of Blended Teaching in Smart Classroom Environment

Ling Feng, Xia Wang, Fang Li, Xiqiang Duan
Online and offline blended teaching is the mainstream teaching mode of current classroom teaching. The emergence and application of smart classroom has injected new vitality into blended teaching, which is more convenient for the implementation of blended learning Teaching and the collection and analysis...
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The Potential of Human Capital`s Development in Russia in the Digital Age

Natalia Alekseeva, Natalia Antoshkova, Viktor Vasilenok
In connection with the forecasted purposes of the digital economy`s development in Russia, as well as investments in the human resources` development for digital economy, there is an actual question how much the digitalization of the society and business can increase the efficiency of the human capital`s...
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Research on Local Government Data Security Management in the Big Data Era

Hua Rui
Data Security is an inevitable problem in the process of data exploitation. The traditional "system-centered" management philosophy and mode have been unable to meet the needs of data in the circulation. Therefore, it is urgent to explore the status quo and mode of data security management...
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Internet+ Thinking Innovation Path of Extracurricular Sports Activities in Colleges and Universities - Wuhan Business University as an Example

Di Zhang
In today's world of constantly developing technology, information technology has penetrated into all areas of society, and China has in fact entered the era of information technology. Premier Li Keqiang has repeatedly mentioned the great role of Internet+ in boosting different industries in recent...
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Simulation of the Structure of Bond Issuer’s Obligations Fulfillment: A Case of Sub-Federal Bonds

Yulia V. Semernina, Alla V. Yakunina, Elena A. Ermakova, Sergey V. Yakunin, Elena V. Zhegalova, Eugene A. Korobov
Depreciable bonds issues can significantly expand the issuers’ abilities to manage public debt. The purpose of the study is to suggest possible options for a model for fulfilling obligations by issuers of depreciable sub-federal bonds. The study was conducted using a discrete grouping constructed according...
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Research on Delayed Evacuation Strategies of University Teaching Buildings Under Epidemic

Yun Lu, Daoliang Zhao, Hu Zhou, Lei Shi, Cong Geng, Huimin Cui
In order to study the impact of delayed evacuation strategies on the evacuation of university teaching buildings under the epidemic situation, this paper selects a university teaching building F area to carry out personnel evacuation experiments and uses software to build an evacuation simulation simulation...
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Application of DNA Molecular Model Printed by 3D Printing Technology in Biology Class of Senior High School

Xin Feng, Liying Cheng, Jimin Chen, Yong Zeng
Under the background of the new era, in order to improve the quality of senior high school biology curriculum education, biology teachers need to explore more effective teaching strategies of senior high school. 3D printing technology, which has been given a “Digital Revolution” background, has entered...
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Application Research of Online and Offline Mixed Teaching Mode Based on Mobile Education Platform in Higher Vocational English Teaching

Li Li
He improvement of scientific information technology promotes the formation of new education and teaching models. It is of great significance to realize online interaction and offline communication in higher vocational English teaching, which can quickly solve practical problems of students’ learning....
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Identifying trends in the development of marketing in the digital age

Natalia Alekseeva, Olga Stroganova, Viktor Vasilenok
Digital marketing has enormous potential to transform today's organizations and society as a whole fundamentally. The question of current interest is in what field the greatest changes will be achieved in the near future. An attempt to find the answer to the previously mentioned question is presented...
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Impacts of Different Factors of G20 Countries on the Covid-19 Vaccine Rates Based on Empirical Analysis

Yihan Lei
COVID-19 vaccine is critical to terminate the global pandemic. Intended to examine the impacts of various factors of a country on its COVID-19 vaccine rate, a data set of new cases per day, hospital beds per person, GDP, population density, and stringency index is collected. We do correlation analysis...
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To Explore the Relationship Between Purchase Intentions and Covid-19 Pandemic by Linear Regression on SPSS

NanJing Wang
The Covid-19 pandemic has brought various negative influences to people’s life since 2020. However, does the covid-19 have a positive impact on people’s lives? More people are trying to live better, therefore, an increasing number of people are willing to buy organic products. Thus, the paper conducted...
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The Convergence of Deep Learning and Computer Vision: Smart City Applications and Research Challenges

Deep Kothadiya, Aayushi Chaudhari, Ruchita Macwan, Krishna Patel, Chintan Bhatt
In recent years, deep learning strategies started to outshine traditional machine learning methods in a few fields, with Computer Vision being one of the most noticeable ones. The Computer Vision is becoming more suitable nowadays at identifying patterns from images than the human visual cognitive system....
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Comparison of Machine Learning Models for IoT Malware Classification

Piragash Maran, Timothy Tzen Vun Yap, Ji Jian Chin, Hu Ng, Vik Tor Goh, Thiam Yong Kuek
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system where devices and sensors are interconnected to improve accuracy, efficiency, precision and consistency. It is being developed rapidly as more people are aware of this system. From farmers, all the way to the automotive engineers are all benefiting from the usage...
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A Mathematical Statistics Analysis on Structural Deleveraging and Corporate Risk-Taking—Based on Data of China’s Non-financial Enterprises

Juan Wang
Affected by deleveraging policies, bank loans and business credit vary widely among enterprises with distinctive characteristics. The fluctuating deleverage ratio affects enterprises’ investment behaviors, which in turn influences their risktaking. This paper takes 2012-2019 listed companies as research...
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Level of integration of the digital transformation of the supply chain in Moroccan companies

Heddoun Asmae, Benrezzouq Rhizlane
Successful digital transformation requires a holistic approach to the partners as a whole – from suppliers of raw materials to manufacturers and distributors to logistics and transport service providers. in this context that our research is based, it is to explore the level of integration of the digital...
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The Principles of Forming of the Mathematical Model of Nanoelectronic Components of Quantum Computer Systems with Memresistance Branches

Andrei Bondarev, Vladimir Efanov
The element base, based on the use of a variety of low-dimensional structures, is the most promising for new generations of electronic technology. However, in the transition to nanometer-scale systems, the quantum-mechanical nature of quasiparticles in a solid begins to manifest itself clearly. As a...
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Neuroevolution Forecasting of the Living Standards of the Population

Liudmila P. Bilgaeva, Erzhena Ts. Sadykova, Victor A. Filippov
The article is devoted to the problem of forecasting indicators of living standards using neuroevolutionary approach. The NEAT method is considered that allows generating the neural network topology automatically. The paper proposes modification of this method and its implementation based on the activation...
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An Empirical Study on Supply Chain Management Dilemmas and Countermeasures of Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises in the Post-plague Era ---- Taking Dongguan BG Technology Co. as an Example

Fei Lei, Wenhao Luo, Yangyang Yan, Chun Feng, Lei Chen, Shixing Lei, Baihe Lei, Decai lv
In the post-epidemic era, rapid changes in the international situation have led to a more competitive market, and the supply chain management of intelligent manufacturing enterprises has been severely challenged by a sharp decline in orders, lack of supply of materials and other supplies, rising prices,...
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The Application of Mobile Intelligent Terminal in High School Physics Learning

Lihua Zhao
At present, the emergence of mobile smart terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops has broken the constraints of traditional education and teaching in space and information transmission, which can effectively expand the ways for high school students to learn, and can help achieve the teaching...
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Digital transformation of Eurasian Economic Union's (EAEU) logistics system

Vera Viktorovna Borisova, Natalia Sergeyevna Pechenko, Ayuna Vladimirovna Molonova
This article is addressing the key items regarding digital transformation of export-import trade operations taking place while designing the logistics system of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). Results of investigation enable the authors to reveal the problems occurring during creation of common market...
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The Application of the Computer Information Technology to the Indoor Microclimate Optimization

Cuicui Qin, Yani Gao, Qiliang Yu, Zhihong Li
Along with development of computer technology, the method of computer numerical simulation plays more and more important role in the area of architecture design. In order to improve the building’s energy-saving, comfortable and healthy indoor microclimate environment, the project has carried out indoor...
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Comparative Study on Scientific and Technological Innovation Ability of High-Tech Parks From The Perspective of High-Quality Development Based on SFA Regression Method

Jian-bo Li, Yue YIN
China's economy has changed from a a high-speed growth stage to high-quality development stage. Innovation is the core driving force leading high-quality development, and national high-tech zones will be the main force and main position of innovation-driven development strategy. Using the methods...
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Research on the Evaluation of China’s Major Scientific and Technological Infrastructures

Chengchao Wang, Gang Li, Liming Cao
The construction of major scientific and technological infrastructures is the basis for original innovation and scientific and technological breakthroughs and it promotes the transformation and upgrading of industrial structures. However, there are lack of top-level design, R&D support and many problems....
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The U.S. Opinion on China’s Climate Issue During the Biden Administration from the Perspective of Big Data Software WordSmith 8.0

A Corpus-Based Study on American Newspaper the New York Times

Yanyi Yang, Haoyu Gong, Jieyu Zang
Big data application offers a new roadmap to study international relations. As an analytical method based on big data, a corpus-based study can help analyze international relations. From the perspective of big data, the American mainstream media represented by the New York Times broadcast plenty of news...
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Flow-Based Upscaling for Voronoi Grid near a Hydraulic Fracture

Timur Kireev, Guzel Bulgakova
An important task in reservoir simulation is to take into account the hydraulic fracture effect on well performances. Flow-based upscaling procedures are used to capture the nonlinear pressure variations near the fracture. A numerical near-well upscaling procedure for finite conductivity hydraulic fractures...
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A New Combined Model with Reduced Label Dependency for Malware Classification

Prishita Ray, Tanmayi Nandan, Lahari Anne, Kakelli Anil Kumar
With the technological advancements in recent times, security threats caused by malware are increasing with no bounds. The first step performed by security analysts for the detection and mitigation of malware is its classification. This paper aims to classify network intrusion malware using new-age machine...
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Algorithms of digital transport corridors of 3PL logistics

Sergey V. Krasnov, Sergey M. Sergeev, Elizaveta A. Zotova, Sergey N. Kuranov
Cooperating between countries in the field of digital economy on labeling and traceability of goods, and creating digital transport corridors were the issues addressed at the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Council held in 2019. This requires conducting research in the cyberspace development on machine-to-machine...
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Construction of AGIL Model of “Post-00” College Students’ Patriotic Education Discourse Based on Big Data Technology

Xiling Liu, Yiqiao Hu
According to the requirements of the era of patriotic education in colleges and universities in our country, this paper takes the undergraduates majoring in electronic science and technology in our school as the research object to explore the application of electronic information technology means and...
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System Approach and Simulation Modeling for Innovative Projects Efficiency

Ekaterina V. Orlova
The problem of a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of enterprises’ innovative activities is considered. The multidimensional criterion has been developed for a comprehensive assessment of innovative projects efficiency, providing a justification for the project quality and its quantitative...
Proceedings Article

Models and Methods to Estimate Digitalization Success Predictively

Alexander S. Geyda
The article outlines models of the formation of digitalization effects on the example of modern information (that is - digital) operations use in technological systems and methods to estimate indicators of digitalization success predictively. Models and methods constructed based on graph theory, probability...
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Build Content Ecosystem Based on Blockchain Technology

Xiaoxi Chen
The increasingly mature blockchain technology is of great significance for improving the level of ecological governance of online content. In this paper, based on the technique of block chain system foundation and the content of the traditional management mode, put forward the necessity of ecological...
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SafeTravel–Application with Blockchain Technology

Yu-Sheng Goh, Lee-Ying Chong, Siew-Chin Chong
The first COVID-19 case was detected in Malaysia on 25th January 2020. Given the serious situation of COVID-19, Malaysia Government implemented the Movement Control Order (MCO) in the same year by restricting citizen movement. The COVID-19 outbreak in Malaysia under MCO 1.0 is successfully controlled...
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Study on the Vitality Enhancement and Environmental Intelligence Technology of Historical and Cultural Neighborhoods Based on Organic Renewal Theory: Jinan Mingfu City as an Example

Haifeng Chu, Yimei Meng, Shuhua Huang
With the change of urbanization mode, some historical and cultural districts gradually appear to have declining functions and less prominent historical and cultural attributes which are unable to keep up with urban development requirements. Based on the theory of organic regeneration, this paper selects...
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Analyzing COVID-19 by Hypothesis Tests and Linear Regression

Yi Lu, Yifan Yang
The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused urgent global challenges due to its rapid contagious characteristics. Analyzing known data from the past is one way to effectively control the spread of the pandemic. The United States is a racially diverse country; therefore, the composition of social groups is relatively...
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Building Evaluation Metrics for Shopping Applications Based on User Experience

Chao Zhou, Yanyun Yu, Bolin Li
As user needs have changed in recent years, previous evaluation methods are no longer applicable to today’s user environment. This study aims to construct a user experience evaluation system for online shopping APPs and improve the efficiency of evaluation. Therefore, this study firstly reviews the current...
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Experiment Research and Realization Core Exploration of Multimedia Teaching System Based on VR Technology

Siqi Tang
At this stage, in the actual experimental teaching process, due to the limitations of school funds, learning venues and other aspects, students cannot practice multiple times, and some experimental venues cannot realistically restore reality, which will directly affect the efficiency of experimental...
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Effect of the State Policy of Shipbuilding Development on Sea Freight

Aleksey Smirnov
In the 2000s, the federal authorities, realizing the importance and significance of the shipbuilding industry, its effect on the economy, took a whole range of measures for prospective development of the industry that shall meet the needs of the national economy in cargo shipping. The purpose of the...
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The Impact of Changes in Consumer Behavior on the Development of Insurance Company Risk Models

Yulia A. Solovyeva, Irina P. Khominich
The article discusses the specifics of building mathematical and analytical insurance company risk models when changing consumer behavior. The concept of a model is given. Various types of models for consumer market analysis developed abroad and in Russia are described in order to conduct marketing activities...
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Validation of Origin-Destination Matrix by Open Data

Evgeny Mayorov, Oleg Saprykin
Many global factors can influence the socio-economic situation in the country. One such factor is the transport systems of cities. It depends on the state of the transport infrastructure of the city: business development, investment, quality of life, employment growth. However, in larger cities observed...
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An AI Based Web Portal for Cotton Price Analysis and Prediction

Mohammed Bohara, Krishna Patel, Bansari Patel, Jesal Desai
Artificial Intelligence based Web portal is extensively used in worldwide because it used to solve various primary low level problems in agriculture such as predicting precise prices of agriculture product using machine learning algorithms, enabling direct connection between buyer and seller without...
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Research on Improving the Community Group Buying Model with Big Data Technology

Xinjia Zhuang
In recent years, community group buying has developed rapidly and competition in the market is fierce. The government's restrictions on corporate price wars have caused the development of community group buying platforms to stagnate, and there is an urgent need for reasonable optimization of the...
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Chatbot Combined with Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Skin Cancer Detection

Qianfei Hu, Haochong Xia, Tianrui Zhang
For the sake of raising people's serious awareness of skin cancer and providing a convenient way to diagnose skin cancer, this study designs an application to help users figure out the true situation of their skin. In this field, many current studies still cannot achieve high accuracy for skin cancer...
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Research on Data-Driven Text Adaptation of ESP Course Based on “ENG-EDitorTool

Sun Rong
The promotion of big data promotes the development of applied linguistics, and the cultivation of reading ability in foreign language teaching has always been the focus of research. In the process of learning ESP Courses, learners need to be provided with texts of appropriate difficulty for extended...
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Improvement of port operations efficiency of the Arctic Maritime Transport Route

Aleksey Vasilievich Abramov, Michail Aleksandrovich Zagorodnikov
the Russian Federation Government Program "Transport System Development" includes different activities on technical maintenance of water routes and hydraulic structures, maritime traffic search-and-rescue aid, shipping navigation and surveying facilities for the Northern Sea Route lines. The aim of this...
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Digital Economy: The Establishment and Application of Pricing Model for Personalized Order-Based Products by Using Big Data Technology

Yan Zhang
In order to solve the customer order in the face of enterprises how to quickly and accurately quotation. In this paper, we use big data technology to process and filter the data, and take the product cost estimation as the starting point, this paper puts forward an overall solution to the cost estimation...
Proceedings Article

Research on the Improvement of China’s Public Service Quality Management Level Based on the Background of Big Data

Xiuhua Shi, Qiong Wu
As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era and the economy and society has entered a stage of high-quality development, around adhering to the people-centered development idea, it is necessary to propose a public service quality management proposition that better meets the people’s...
Proceedings Article

Optimal Trading Strategy for Gold Based on Optimal Stopping Time

Chiahao Chuen, Yuning Dong, Chenghao Qiu, Ai Wang
The optimal stopping time is of profound significance in statistics, mathematics and finance, and can be used to derive optimal choices from uncertain problems such as volatile golden market. The paper mainly focuses on studying the problem of optimal stopping time by using the basic theory of Brownian...
Proceedings Article

Mechanism and Model for Decision-Making in Credit Risk Management

Ekaterina V. Orlova
The article deals with the problem of risk reduction of the banks’ credit portfolio. The new mechanism for credit portfolio quality management is proposed, featuring a combination of quantitative and qualitative criteria for assessing the credit portfolio quality and its monitoring. This mechanism supports...
Proceedings Article

Balancing Electricity Consumption and User Comfort in Load Management of Electric Tank Water Heaters

Alexander Belov, Vadim Kartak, Nirvana Meratnia, Paul J. M. Havinga
In load management programs, electricity providers can reward their customer customers financially in return for the gained flexibility to reduce their loads at certain times on demand. In particular in residential sector, the question of whether or not to modify the energy consumption profile and how...
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Research on Curriculum System Construction of Civil Engineering Specialty Based on Origin Statistical Software

Dandan Shi
In view of the current situation of the ideological and political research of civil engineering courses, this paper, under the background of moral education in colleges and universities in the new era, based on Origin statistical software, sets out the basic task of multi-dimensional construction of...
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Economic Statistics Issues under Big Data——Taking China as an Example

Yining Yang
China’s economy has increased dramatically over the past decades. Along with the development of economy, the house prices also increased sharply. Thus, it is necessary to investigate factors contributing to the high house prices. Existing literature demonstrates that GDP, salary, total retail sales of...
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The Nonsplit Resolving Domination Polynomial of a Graph

N Pushpa, B V Dhananjayamurthy
Metric representation of a vertex v in a graph G with an ordered subset R = {a1, a2, .., ak} of vertices of G is the k-vector r(v|R) =(d(v,a1), d(v,a2), .., d(v,ak)), where d(v,a) is the distance between v and a in G. The set R is called a Resolving set of G, if any two distinct vertices of G have distinct...
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Digital infrastructure of service logistics: the case of the tourism industry

Natalia Vasilenko, Tatiana Lavrova, Olga Tokareva
The article discusses the digitization of services in the tourism industry. By applying the concept of service product to the tourism industry, the authors claim that the primary utility of a tourism product has a shifting nature and discuss the features of additional, derivative, and accompanying services...
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Research on Virtual Music Teaching Guidance System

Jie Ding
With the rapid development of scientific and technological information, information technology has been widely used in the teaching of various disciplines. The rapid development and popularization of Internet technology has brought great convenience to people's work, life and study, and also brought...
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Empirical Research on Economical Spillover Effect of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area on Surrounding Cities Base on Spatial Big Data

Yun Yang
Using TOPSIS evaluation method, the comprehensive strength of cities were calculated and evaluated according to some economic indicators of Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and surrounding cities in 2021, and the social network analysis tool was used for empirical research to analyze the...
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Students’ Wage Expectations. Dynamic Analysis

Marina Telezhkina, Andrey Maksimov, Nataliya Maksimova
Factor structure of expected graduate’s wage is considered in the paper. The analysis of eight regression estimates for 2007–2009 and 2012–2016 of Russian University students’ wage expectations demonstrates consistency of estimates of all coefficients but regional dummy and wage of working students....
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Digital Technology Industry Development on Industrial Structure——Based on Output Perspective

Mian Wang, Puchao Li
In recent years, the development and application of emerging digital technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain have continuously reshaped my country’s industrial structure. From the perspective of digital technology output, the digital economy is used as...
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Simulation Model of an Autoclave Operation Using iThink Software

Elena Muravyova, Sergey Shokurov
This research paper is focused on temperature control in an autoclave used for the production of slag blocks from ash and slag materials of heat and power plants. This is done in order to increase the autoclave performance, reduce the amount of rejects in the finished slag blocks, increase the quality...
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The Design Method for Traditional Wood Lamp to Regain the Sense of Childhood Rural Life Experience

Wenhao Fan, Yu Sun, Bo Li
In order to solve the perceptual needs of consumers for products, it has a deeper spiritual connotation while satisfying the functions of products. By observing user behavior, analyzing the user’s specific motives and operation methods for using the product, discovering the experience touch points during...
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The Processes of the Formation of a Gifted Person in Distant Districts of the Arctic: the Digital Age

Natalia Dyadik, Anastasiia Chapargina
In the digital age, issues of provided with trained human resources, the effective use of the intellectual potential of a territory and the creation of conditions for its reproduction are particularly important. These problems are exacerbated in distant districts of the Russian Arctic. Digital technologies...
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Deep Cross of Intra and Inter Modalities for Visual Question Answering

Rishav Bhardwaj
Visual Question Answering (VQA) has recently attained interest in the deep learning community. The main challenge that exists in VQA is to understand the sense of each modality and how to fuse these features. In this paper, DXMN (Deep Cross Modality Network) is introduced which takes into consideration...
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Location Profiling for Retail-Site Recommendation Using Machine Learning Approach

Choo-Yee Ting, Mang Yu Jie
Retail site selection is a critical stage for a new retailer since it helps them to decide which locations have the best chance of delivering a good return on investment. Most of the new retailers will face problems while selecting a retail site for new business. Work presented in this paper will focus...
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Sentiment Analysis of Cultural Heritage Landscape Elements Using Big Data of Online Comments: A Case Study of the Humble Administrator’s Garden in China

Qianda Zhuang, Shuzhen Chen
The big data of online comments has been widely used in fields, however, few research on sentiment of cultural heritage conducted. This study explores the sentiment of tourists about the Humble Administrator’s Garden using big data of online comments in Ctrip and Qiongyou websites. Word frequency analysis...
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Application of Triangular Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process in Combination with Normal Function in MOOC Evaluation

Jun Li
In this study, a three-level fuzzy comprehensive MOOC quality evaluation model based on the triangular fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) was constructed, aiming to improve MOOC quality. In this model, AHP was improved by introducing the theory of triangular fuzzy number. Next, the triangular fuzzy...
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Research on an Intelligent and Intrinsic Security Data Circulation System Based on the Infrastructural Enablers for Web 3.0

Qingqing Tu
With the development of digital technologies, data security is under various risks, which impedes the data circulation to release the data value. Fortunately, the development of Web 3.0 provides a novel paradigm to solve this problem. With recent advances, Web 3.0 is considered a ubiquitous and decentralized...
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Design and application of public digital models in multi-source heterogeneous environments in the energy industry

Ke Chen, Haichao Huang, Yehua Zhang, Yuqing Xie, Jiaqi Wang
This paper proposes a multi-level model automatic generation technology scheme in the multi-source heterogeneous environment of the energy industry, and realizes the function of automatic generation of the system digital model from business model, logical model to physical model. Construct service reuse...
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Statistics of Individual Tests for Market Graph Identification in Market Network

Petr Koldanov
The concept of random variables network used to model the complex system of random nature is discussed. The problem of threshold graph identification to network analysis of the complex system is considered as multiple decision statistical procedure. The properties of robustness of different tests for...
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Key factors of the human capital management in view of digital transformation

Valentin Nikonorov, Victor Tutukin
Digitalization – the use of innovative digital technologies in all spheres of human activity – is indispensable condition for the country's competitiveness. In the same way, human capital is the main driver of economic growth in the country. The purpose of the research is to reveal factors of management...
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Research on the Development Dilemma and Countermeasures of Steel Circulation Enterprises in China Under the Background of Digital Transformation

Xiaohui Wang, Xiaodong Lao, Ting Luo
Steel is an important material necessary for national infrastructure construction and civil construction. It is widely used. Upstream and downstream service enterprises engaged in steel production, circulation, trade and terminal use can be called steel supply chain enterprises. With the construction...
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Study on Countermeasures of Financial Accounting to Management Accounting Transformation Based on Big Data Technology

Xixiang Pan, Jing Xu
With the rapid development of Internet technologies, such as the Internet and big data, the storage and collection of modern financial accounting has undergone great changes. At present, the cloud computing function of big data technology can provide technical support for enterprise financial accounting,...
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Retinopathy Based Multistage Classification of Diabeties

N A Deepak, G Savitha, D J Deepak, P. Kashyap Supraj
One of the biggest problems faced in biomedical engineering is the non-invasive assessment of the physiological changes that occur within the human body. Particularly, the detection of the abnormalities in the human eye is very difficult due to the numerous complexities involved in the process. Retinal...
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Method of Construction of Routes of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle on the Interactive Electronic Map

Tatiana Mikheeva, Aleksey Tikhonov, Elena Chekina, Nikita Ostroglazov, Sergey Mikheev
Unmanned aerial vehicles are increasingly used to perform complex transport processes and operations, such as monitoring transport processes, photogrammetry of transport infrastructure, inspection of geoobjects and tracking of mobile agents. The construction of rational routes in solving the problems...
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Model Construction of Influencing Factors for the Sustainable Development of Resource-Based Cities Based on Gray Correlation Analysis

Yan Wang, Haiying Liu, Lina Fu
Sustainable development of resource-based cities are an important part of implementing green development. This paper constructs the indicator system of influencing factors of sustainable development of three aspects of the economy, society and environment, uses gray correlation analysis method and entropy...
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Study on Carbon Emission Assessment Index System of Highway Tunnels based on Life-cycle Approach

Zuobiao Wei, Zhiqiang Liu, Lishuang Xia, Dan Wang
In this paper, to achieve energy conservation and low carbon in tunnel construction, a tunnel carbon emission assessment method is proposed based on the life-cycle approach. This study focuses on the characteristics of carbon emission sources in the planning & design stage, construction stage and...
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Computer Modeling Algorithm Development of the Innovative Project Effectiveness Evaluation

Elena Makarova, Anna Firsova
The main purpose of this research is to develop methodological support and economic and mathematical tools for managing and evaluating the effectiveness of innovative projects based on binomial models of real options. The subject of the study is a computer program algorithm for using the binomial model...
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Research on Personalized Resource Recommendation of Artificial Intelligence Specialty Based on Big Data

Ning Jia, Chunjun Zheng
With the advent of the era of big data, the application of big data technology in the cultivation of artificial intelligence professionals has accelerated the integration of industry and education, which is of great significance to the cultivation of applied talents. With the rapid development of big...