Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Management, Education, Information and Control

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Research on Spread Spectrum Communication Technique based on Binary Offset Subcarrier Frequency Sweep and Related Methods

Wenzhun Huang, Yuting Zhang, Xinxin Xie, Shanwen Zhang
In this paper, we conduct theoretical research on spread spectrum communication technique based on binary offset subcarrier frequency sweep and related methods. At present, most of the spread spectrum signal generation did not give the effect of channel filter, and a large number of related studies have...
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Analysis of Marine Industry Structure and Competitiveness in Zhejiang Province Based on the Shift-share Method

Jianjun Xu
Based on marine statistical data from 2001 to 2012, this paper analyzes the marine industry structure and competitiveness of Zhejiang with the Shifted-share method. According to horizontal static comparison, the results show that the marine industry growth of Zhejiang is resulted from the growth of the...
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The Design of Demand Teaching Mode based on the Pattern of Hierarchical Teaching Model

Xufu Peng, Hongli Wang
In view of the present chaos, the authors describe the teaching mode and the fuzzy relationship between modules inside the teaching mode, studies and builds the pattern of ‘Four, Five’ hierarchical teaching model. With the description of logic layer, conceptual layer, application layer and implementation...
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Fuzzy Control of Batteries Fast Charging for HEV in Regenerative Braking

Zhumu Fu, Aiyun Gao
In this paper, a fuzzy controller is constructed on the basis of the hybrid electric vehicle’s (HEV’s) batteries fast charging during regenerative braking. The proposed method is based on Mascc law and the mathematical relationship between open circuit voltage with the internal resistance model and charge...
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The Exploration on Innovative Teaching Mode for Graduates Who Major in Software Engineering

Jun Hu, Bocheng Liu, Ai Chen
Innovative education is an important topic during the process of talent training in the era of higher education. It is a direction of graduate’s education innovation to cultivate the innovative and high-quality talents. In this paper, aiming at cultivating MS Software Engineering, the authors combine...
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Effects of Seed Soaking with La(NO3)3 on Anti-oxidization System of Soybean Roots

Tianhong Zhao, Tong Zhou, Wei Wang, Wanyu Li
Rare earth (RE) is extensively applied in China, especially in agriculture. This experiment investigated the effects of seed soaking with lanthanum nitrate [La-0(CK), La-50(50mg·L-1), La-100(100 mg·L-1) and La-150(150 mg·L-1)] on reactive oxygen species, anti-oxidative substrates, anti-oxidative enzymes...
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Design of a Small Movable Lifting Machine Overall Structure

Yingchun Liu
The paper is mainly on the overall structural design of small movable lifting machine . First of all, it selects the main components, the need to include: H-K201 micro electric hoist, steel wire rope and bearing. Then it comes to the corresponding design calculation, including the requirements for welding,...
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Study on Different Extraction Methods of Gomphocerus Sibilants Genomic DNA

Jinxiu Mu
In the experiment, the grasshopper in Siberia is taken as the research objec. The comparison of the genomic DNA of dried and soaked in alcohol samples are extracted by the method of saturated NaCl, CTAB and SDS. Experimental results show that SDS method brings the total DNA, saturated Nacl law and CTAB...
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Research on the Integration of Urban and Rural Education Process study based on Analysis of Educational Financial Resources’ Allocation

Dandan Wang
This paper analyzes the education financial allocation of resources in promoting the process of the integration of urban and rural education, in order to understand the positive role of financial investment in education fairness and resource allocation. According to the current situation of the development...
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I-DEAS Finite Element Analysis and Modeling Research

Jinling Wang
In this paper, the I-DEAS software and the finite element method is summarized. Then, the basic process of the finite element analysis for I-DEAS is described, including the finite element model, the meshing and the boundary conditions. Finally, this paper focuses on the modeling of I-DEAS finite element...
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The Design of Teaching Experiment System Based on Virtual Instrument Technology

Dayong Huo
In the paper, a set of teaching experiment system based on virtual instrument technology is developed. Because the current experimental teaching system in technological college faces many important challenges, for example, the equipment gets obsolete, and the cost to construct or maintain the laboratories...
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The Cooling Simulation of Microwave Chip Based on I-DEAS ESC

Bin Ye
This paper mainly studies the cooling of microwave chip, based on ESC I-DEAS. Firstly, the ESC thermal analysis theory is studied, and then the finite element model of microwave chip is set up. In the third part, the calculation results are analyzed. Finally, the simulation studies are summed up.
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Integrated Teaching Methods based on Simulation Applied in Technical Colleges

Dayong Huo
To develop students' professional competence, vocational colleges use the teaching methods based on simulation widely. Under the simulated production environment, students can learn practical skills. After the experience of the work process, students are able to adapt to the future work quickly. This...
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The Structure Design and Analysis of Hydraulic Power Unit

Chang Li
In this paper, the structural design of a hydraulic power unit is analyzed. Firstly, the hydraulic transmission is introduced, and then the innovation and development of hydraulic technology are analyzed from two aspects of hydraulic field bus technology and hydraulic pressure system. The structure of...
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The Research on The Present Situation and Countermeasures of the Lack of Honesty for College Students

Guofeng Zhao
Taking the college students as the object of study, this paper analyzes the phenomenon of dishonesty in the university campus, and the honesty and credit are seriously absent, and the honesty of university students is also facing a crisis. It points out that the society, schools, families as well as...
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A System Mode Selection Approach to Integrated Urban-rural Water Supply System Constructions Based on Risk Management

Yihua Mao, Bing Yang, Fangmin Ren
With more and more attention paid to water supply problems in rural areas, actions have been taken to address it, and the practices in China have proved that the integrated urban-rural water supply system constructions would be a good choice. Two typical modes of the system construction were reviewed...
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The Research on the Traditional Filial Piety Education of the Youth

Pan Yang
The paper takes youth as the research object. It analyzes the problems existing in current teenage filial piety, points out the need to strengthen teenage filial piety education, which must pass through the joint efforts of society, school, family and youth itself, carries forward the Chinese traditional...
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First-mover: Are Technologically New Products a Competitive Advantage

Ying Xin
Do innovative products incorporated advanced technologies help firms improve operating performance In this study researchers traced the operating performance of 168 publicly traded manufacturing firms that announced technologically innovative products in two major industries from the health care domain,...
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Embedded Path and Countermeasures of Yimeng Folk Song Teaching in Music Education

Yunli Shi
Faced with the present situation of poor Yimeng folk song teaching in music education, this paper explores the embedded path and countermeasures of Yimeng folk songs, in order to improve students' comprehensive quality by making a theoretical and practical study on the embedded teaching of Yimeng folk...
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Monitoring and Analysis of Ground Subsidence of East China

Chenguang Jiang
Ground subsidence is classified into artificial and natural ground subsidence. The natural ground subsidence is a normal phenomenon, which is caused by gravity. Generally the development of natural ground subsidence is rather slow, and its subsidence level is 1mm~2mm per year. Artificial ground subsidence...
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Research on the Human-animal God Images of Shanhai Ching

Shuyan Yi
Shanhai Ching is an important ancient book of the pre-Qin Period, where the God images not only provide important literature material for researchers to understand the early religious thought, but also provide intuitive picture evidence. The human-animal is the second stage of the development of the...
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Stokes Vector Direct Detection with 3×3 Coupler in Short-reach Optical Communication

Yudong Wang, Yue Zhang
The authors propose a detection scheme called Stokes vector direct detection (SV-DD) to realize high electrical spectral efficiency and cost-effective optical communication, which is more suitable than coherent detection for short-reach. At reception, the signal is detected in Stokes space. In this paper,...
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Analysis of the Detection Effects in Coal Mine Goaf by Using Large Fixed Source Loop TEM Method

Tao Liu, Jiao Luo, Long Zhang
In this paper, under the geophysical prerequisite of low resistivity anomaly zone being the main characteristic of the goaf, researchers have used large fixed source loop transient electromagnetic method (referred to as TEM) to prospect the goaf in a coal mine of Shanxi Province. After a series of processing,...
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Evaluation of Chinese Online Tourism and Travel Service Providers from the Users' Perspective

Zhiyang Jia, Ding Li, Wei Gao
As the Internet develops faster, it has also become more useful. Many Chinese Internet users utilize online tourism and travel services for vacation and travel. To evaluate the prevalent online tourism and travel service providers, this paper selects five of the most popular providers in China, including...
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The Role of Intellectual Capital and Tangible Resources on Competitive Advantages in Chinese High-tech Industry

Xianfeng Zhang, Shenglei Pi
This paper uses empirical research methods examines the association between Knowledge Management and competition of Chinese pharmaceutical firms, and reveals the mechanism of innovative and intellectual resources to competitive actions and performance of Chinese high-tech firms. This paper has come out...
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The Resistivity Tomographic Imaging Technology Application in the Hydrogeological Survey

Jiao Luo, Tao Liu, Xiaoliang Zhao
As a new geophysical exploration technology, the resistivity tomographic imaging technology has been widely used in many fields. This paper expounds the basic theory of resistivity tomographic imaging technology, and the influence of water on rock resistivity. Through the case analysis to understand...
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Design of Data Acquisition System for Engine Experiment

Xinli Wang, Ping Xu, Jianping Bi
With the development of computer technology, data acquisition can reduce the heavy manual recording and ensure accurate and effective experiments. Engine experiment data acquisition system is designed in this paper. First the system hardware is completed and the sensor processing circuit is done based...
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Thalia Dealbata Biological Habits, Planting Management and Protection Technology and its Application in Environmental Protection

Luojun Gong, Xing Kong, Guilin Li, Cong Xu, Honghui Wang, Xinli Liang
Thalia dealbata not only has the power to spend adaptable, easy to grow, high ornamental value of aquatic plants, but also has strong decontamination capability, so that it can be used with one other aquatic plants, as an artificial wetland sewage treatment system an important selection of plants. Not...
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Design of Multiband Microstrip Antenna for Mobile Wireless Communication

Michael Adegoke Ogunlade, Hongxing Zheng
A multiband rectangular microstrip antenna is designed and fed by microstrip line, which consists of three radiating elements operating in three frequencies at 2.4 GHz, 3.6GHz and 5.6GHz. This antenna is implemented on FR4-Epoxy dielectric substrate with relative permittivity of 3.38, substrate thickness...
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Design of Circular Slot Antenna for UWB Applications

Sha’awanatu Aminu, Hongxing Zheng
To reduce the size of wireless equipment, an ultra wide band (UWB) antenna is designed in this paper, and much smaller size is implemented. The antenna has a circular slot on the radiating element for wireless applications. By using microstrip structure, the proposed antenna is designed to work on a...
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Tri-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Application

Adamu Jabire Halilu, Hongxing Zheng
In order to implement small size and good performance of wireless devices, microstrip patch antenna is designed using high frequency structure simulator software for wireless communications. The antenna is working with triple bands in the range of 1.5GHZ to 4GHZ as the frequency sweep of the design....
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The Inflation Paradox in China and Its Reason

Song Chen
Theoretically speaking, there are two methods to calculate the inflation: CPI and GDP deflator. Although these two methods might have different results, the difference would be normally very slight and the calculation based on CPI tends to get higher inflation rates than the one based on GDP deflator....
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Mobile E-commerce Micro-payment Model and Its Security Technical Analysis

Weiwei Zhang
Based on the current situation of mobile e-commerce both at home and abroad, this paper indicates that as an important process of mobile e-commerce, the quality of mobile payment will directly affect the expansion of mobile e-commerce. Classified according to the business transactions amount, mobile...
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Design for Data Collection Circuit of Accelerometer in SINS Based on FPGA

Pengfei Zhang, Yu Wang, Geng Li, Xudong Yu
The data collecting method has been studied. The use of large-scale field programmable gate array (FPGA), high-precision programmable A/D converter initialization and data reading have been achieved, in order to obtain a rapid acquisition SINS accelerometer data. The temperature changes will affect the...
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Mode of operation of the YiXun e-commerce

Weiwei Zhang
In today's rapid development of Internet Business, people's awareness of e-commerce is more profound than that in the past, and there have been some representative e-commerce enterprises in China, who are influencing the transformation of other companies; an industry’s rapid development is often caused...
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Research on the Mechanism Innovation of Investment and Financing for Smart City Construction in Ningbo

Jianjun Xu
The shortage of funds has become an important factor to limit the construction of the smart city of Ningbo. In order to meet the funds need of the construction of smart city in Ningbo, it’s necessary to reform the financing mechanisms, and it has important significance for the construction of smart city...
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Chinese Women’s Struggle for Human Rights under the Influence of Marxist Ideology in the Early 20th Century

Lulu Zhang, Xiaonan Hong
In the early 20th century, due to the influence of Marxist ideology, China was experiencing an unprecedented social change. With the rise of national liberation movement, Chinese women who were oppressed by four powers also launched a vigorous women’s liberation movement, conducted a comprehensive and...
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Research on Design Method of Mechanical Systems Man-machine Interface

Fei Zhou, Guomin Lin, Miao Shang, Changke Tan
The traditional design method of man-machine interface of mechanical system is introduced, and the evaluation method of man-machine interface of mechanical system is put forward. On the basis of the evaluation of man-machine interface of mechanical system, the characteristics of man-machine interface...
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Study on the Technology of Electric Vehicle

Yingchun Liu
This paper mainly studies the related technology of electric vehicle. Firstly, it introduces the definition and classification of electric vehicle briefly, then it studies the working principle and the key technology of pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. Next the electric...
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Research on the Path Planning in Desulfurization Plant

Jian Du, Wenjie Xie
With the gradual improvement of urban construction, hydrogen sulfide detection in desulfurization plant becomes increasingly intelligent. To solve the problem of the detecting robot automatic charging path planning in desulfurization plant, this paper presents an improved global path planning algorithm...
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Isolation and Identification of Streptococcus Suis

Jinxiu Mu
This study mainly isolated and identified a Streptococcus suis strains by the methods of disease material separation, microscopic examination and PCR identification, drug sensitivity test, biochemical test, animal attack toxicity test and so on. Get A preliminary assessment of its virulence and drug...
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The Quantitative Analysis of Science Policy Subject in China

Deyi Kong
Taking the 511 popular science policies promulgated by China from 1994 to 2013 as the research sample, this paper makes a statistic analysis on the quantity of policy dispatch subject, and discussed the constitution of policy subject and the condition of separate or joint dispatch on this basis. The...
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Design of Company’s Salary Management System

Lei Xiong
In order to improve efficiency of salary management and company’s information level, this paper first analyzes limitations of salary management system, and then demands and feasibility and designs each functional module. Finally, it tests software. System designed in this paper has functional modules...
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Study on Self-learning of Business English Students by Network

Lu Sun
Traditional Business English teaching and learning takes place only in the classroom setting with textbooks. It provides students with zero business English environments. Consequently, students are confronted with “environmental shock” at their work place after graduation. With amazingly rich resources,...
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Design of Online Bidding Management System

Shuli Huang
In order to provide a wide communication platform and reduce the blindness of the transaction between the bidder and the tenderer, the design for online tender management system was born. Firstly, this paper focuses on the requirement analysis; secondly,it expounds the designs of database and system;...
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Research on Evacuation Strategies of Metro

Xiangyang Wan
The metro is a crowded place, its special structure in the endangered, prone to congestion and trampling, then the metro evacuation and rescue is the primary task. This paper studied the effects of three factors of metro evacuation, and then analyzes the evacuation route and evacuation conditions, finally...
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A Design of Personnel Management System Based on WEB

Huabo Xiao
With the development and popularity of computers, as well as the expansion of the Internet technology, personnel management is doomed to be paperless and merged in the Intranet of the company or the Internet. We can realize the share of data and then facilitate the use of information source and update...
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Static Performance Analysis of Water-Lubricated Hydrostatic-Dynamic Hybrid Bearing Regulated by Multi-Head Pump

Jianhua Zhao, Dianrong Gao
Due to the complex structure, the difficult calculation process of the bearing force and many influence factors of static performance of Water-Lubricated Hydrostatic and Dynamic Hybrid Bearing, the static performance index and influence rule are hardly to be explored and mastered by the engineer, and...
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Design of News Release System

Lei Xiong
Government news release system is able to break the boundaries between government and society or among governments through information and network technology application as well as information resource integration so as to help the public to quickly acquire government information and services via governmental...
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Studies on Outsourcing Industry Development in the City of Tongxiang

Yao Yao
This paper studies the development of outsourcing industry in Tongxiang City. The outsourcing industry development is an important component of the industry transformation and update. This paper analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in promoting outsourcing industry in Tongxiang...
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Research on Creative Education, Integration of Industry and Education in the Application Talents Cultivation

Jianefeng Hu
Training application talents is the primary mission and the fundamental task of the local college and university. Deepen the reform of creative education in local college and university is a breakthrough point of the comprehensive reform of higher education. Integration of industry and education in college...
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Three-dimensional Geological Modeling Methods and Applications - A gold belt Oilfield

Xiang Li
The ideas and methods of modeling are: According to each well in the simulation area geology, well logging data, combined with deposit information to geostatistics theory, establish the spatial distribution of the various geological parameters model, using interpolation techniques to predict the geological...
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The Research of Sedimentary Micro-facies in PuTaoHua Reservoir of GuLongNan Area

Xinyao Ju, Lulu Tu
The research of sedimentary microfacies of PuTaoHua oil layer in GuLongNan region is based on high resolution stratigraphy and sedimentary facies research,On the theoretical guidance of logging geology, sedimentology,establish GuLongNan area high resolution sequence stratigraphy framework, thus to study...
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Importance Analysis of Influencing Factors on Cloud Service Composition Flexibility from the Service Provider Angle

Kai Liu, Xiaotao Yang
The influencing factors of cloud service composition flexibility were analyzed from the service provider angle; a Bayesian network model was built to analyze the importance of influencing factors on cloud service composition flexibility from the service provider angle, and the critical and non-critical...
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Construction of Internet Plus College Based on the Ecological Circle of Industry and Education

Jianfeng Hu
Integration of industry and education can promote the application talents training. To further promote the reform of talents training mode, cultivating students' creative ability, school implement ten initiatives to enhance the student’s ability of innovation and entrepreneurship. The arrival of the...
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Antimicrobial Efficacy of Methanobactin against Bacillus Subtilis

Haili Xing, Jiaying Xin
Methanobactin is a novel extracellular fluorescent chromopeptide produced by methanotrophys. Its recent characterization has placed it in a new class of compounds, which is now known as chalkophores. They are analogous to iron-binding siderophores. The present study investigated the antimicrobial efficacy...
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Research and Development of Visual Systems Software in Automobile Driving Training Simulator

Zhenzhen Fan
In China, with the rapid economic development, the speed driving, dense vehicles on the road, family-oriented car and amateurism of drivers all have become an inevitable trend. However, due to China's large population, the transport facilities situation is also unsatisfactory, it is relatively difficult...
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Establishment of the Real Estate Bubble Warning Indicator System and Early Warning

Zhongfu Qin, Liqing Meng, Shulian Wu
In recent years, the demands for buying a house are suppressed by the rising and high housing price in the property market. The industry and educational circles have the question that whether the housing price is reasonable or not. Researchers should urgently investigate the existence of the property...
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The Design and Practice of Embedded Linux File System

Yongchong Wu
The embedded file system is an important part of embedded operating system. Due to the particularity of embedded devices storage medium, the instability of power supply and the security of mobile storage, the embedded file system has increasingly obvious importance in the embedded operating system. Based...
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Analysis of Static Magnetic Field of Electric - Machine Converter

Cangke Tan, Chonglou Tong, Fei Zhou, Yuankun Xu
Electricity-machinery converter is the input unit of electro-hydraulic proportional valve and mechanical and electrical switching device, and the input electrical signal is proportionally converted into mechanical quantity by electricity-machinery converter. The moving coil electromechanical converter...
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Research of Light Vehicle’s Electronic Stability Programs and Semi-Active Suspension Comprehensive Control

Manzhen Wang
With the development of science and technology, active safety of vehicles is receiving more and more attention. Currently, active safety products that have already been developed and applied to vehicles include: ABS (Anti-lock Brake System), ASR (Acceleration Slip Regulation), TCS (Traction Control System),...
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An Approach to External Interference in Learning Motivation

Lingling Zhang, Hongbo Ma
The key to the external interference in learning motivation lies in the motives and excitation. Cultivation of learning motivation focuses on shaping the value and the correct encouragement education can improve the learners’ self-expectancy. Learning excitation is an art relying on the educators’ creative...
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The Application of Embedded Linux System in GPS Trade Terminal Device

Yanhua Zhou, Yongchong Wu
Embedded system has widely permeated into aspects including scientific research, engineering design, military technology, various industrial and commercial cultures and arts, entertainment industry and people’s daily life. With further development and promotion of foreign and domestic embedded products...
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Simulation Method in Teaching Statistics— T Statistic as Example

Zhizhong Yang
This paper takes the single-sample T statistics as an example to describe how to teach hypothesis test and interval estimation problems via simulation method. The simulated empirical sizes, empirical powers, empirical confidence level and average interval length of T statistic for different sample size...
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Research on the Knowledgeable System of Excavator Based on Ontology

Xinyu Wu
The knowledgeable system of excavator takes the existing computer model as main content which involves a glittering array of knowledge, including engineering, design, services, and computer information technology etc which is a complicated system project. This paper aims to analyze its connotation in...
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Research on Parameter Identification of Closed Loop Control System of Electromagnetic Speed Regulation Coal Cutter

Mingxing He
Electromagnetic speed regulation coal cutter has simple structure and high performance cost ratio, and the PID or improved PID controller can enable stable and high efficiency operation of coal cutter. Since the underground coal mine has complex and uncertain operation condition, the coal cutter during...
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Research on the Information Communication Model of Information Encounter and Information Institutionalization of Information System Developers

Zhenting Lu, Xiang Liu, Liyuan Shang
Information communication is the most important method in the development cycle of information system development project, especially for some large and medium-sized information system development project organizations, due to the large scale of the organization, the people and departments institutions...
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Local Economic Cost Sensitivity Analysis in the Application of Gas Emission

Shun Zhou, Xiaoguang Yue, Shunli Zhao
It is difficult to measure the change amount of the factorsIt is difficult to measure the change amount of the factors. In order to solve this problem, local economic cost sensitivity analysis is proposed. The method is a combination of neural network, sensitivity analysis, and economic cost disturbance....
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Research on Political Socialization of University Students under New Stage

Hailian Ke, Yongsheng Chen, Kang Peng
It’s the logic beginning to make clear about the connotation and essence of political socialization as well as the content and characteristics of university students’ political socialization. The connotation of political socialization has been studied by scholars home and abroad from different angles....
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Establish University Teachers Access System, Perfect Incentive Restraint Appointment Mechanism

Lanyong Zhang, Sheng Liu, Kai Tian
To solve the current problems existing in teacher’s construction of national universities, researchers proposed that human are the primary resource, and teacher's appointment process is essentially a process and purpose of human resource optimization. Teaching staff incentive and restraint mechanisms,...
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Discussion on the Marxism Popularization and Ideological and Political Education Among University Students

Yi Yang, Wenwen Yi
17th National Congress of the CPC report points out to promote the Marxism popularization. To explore the connotation of Marxism popularization, profoundly realize its necessity and realistic possibility, and analyze the relation between Marxism popularization as well as ideological and political education...
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Reflections on the Internationalization of Higher Education

Lanyong Zhang, Sheng Liu, Kai Tian
The study elaborates the internationalization of higher education as well as the history of higher education internationalization in the ChinaChina in the general sense and the narrow sense, explores the experiences and process of international education between developed countries, and promotes the...
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Study on Civil Engineering Sustainable Development Strategy

Xianglan Li, Li Guo
Civil engineering is one of the most important production activities that human affecting the natural environment. Among them, the construction materials production and use, engineering design, construction, use of the project after completed and removal after scrapped and other processes have to consume...
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Research on Sedimentary Microfacies of P Oil Layer Group in S Oilfield

Xiaoyu Yang, Ning Gan, Hao Zhang, Liang Zhang
Based on the static and dynamic data of hydrocarbon reservoir achieved from each stage, guided by high-resolution sequence stratigraphy and delicate fluviatile sedimentology, this paper completed the research on sedimentary microfacies of P oil layer group within the research scope, which belongs to...
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Research on Process Management of Cabin Service in Chinese Civil Aviation Enterprises

Qixing Li, Yuan Li
The service quality is very important for Chinese civil enterprises. How to improve the service quality in civil enterprises depends on the organizational features, actual situation of enterprise as well as objective internal and external environment. Process management is one of hottest domestic administrative...
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Problems Analysis and Solutions of Oral English teaching in Vocational Colleges

Lihong Wang, Weijie Gou
English has become an integral part in work and communication, so the oral English teaching has also become a vital part of foreign language teaching in China. However, due to the influence of traditional teaching for many years, currently in the English teaching of vocational education, the teaching...
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Theory and Practice Research for Curriculum Resources Development and Utilization for Immunology Basics and Pathogen Biology

Chunjuan Fang
Curriculum Resources has received continuous attention in a new round of curriculum reform of elementary education. Effective development and rational utilization of curriculum resources has important significance for changing students' passive learning style, transforming the traditional mode of teaching...
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Lipase Catalyzed Synthesis of High Optical Purity (S) - Naproxen Starch Ester

Jiaqi Yu, Jiaying Xin
The high optical purity naproxen starch ester has been synthesized by Candida rugosa lipase (CRL) in isooctane. The starch was treated with Urea /NaOH / H2O solution at low temperature to improve its chemical reactivity. Under the reaction condition that the ratio of racemic naproxen methyl ester to...
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Hierarchical Granular Computing Theory and its Application

Shoubai Xiao
Granular Computing is a new method of simulating human thinking and solving complex problems in the current field of computational intelligence research. It covers theories, methods and techniques of all relevant granularity, which is the powerful tool of studying complex problem solving, massive data...
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The Evaluation Index System Construction of Enterprise Risk—Taking in an Alliance —Based on Coefficient of Variance Method

Yuefeng Zhou, Yingbo Li
As the economic environment of increasingly complex and changeful, many enterprises through forming a strategic alliance to solve the bottleneck problem in the development of enterprises. League member enterprises face various of risks, which is not only impact the stability of the league as a whole,...
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Preliminary Research on Governance Modernization of Large State-owned Corporate Group

Gang Lu, Jin Liu, Youzi Wang
Large state-owned corporate groups generally face the problems of governance modernization. By focusing the particularity of large state-owned group governance, based on advanced corporate governance theories, the paper proposes the theoretical framework and business strategy of transforming from the...
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Study of the Relationship between Vocal Music Works and Vocal Music Performance

Chuanzhi Zhong
The vocal music works and vocal music performance have developed into two attractive branches of vocal music art gradually from an integral whole. The dialectical unification relations between them are the steady stream of power for the development of vocal music art. This paper studies the relationship...
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Study on Influencing Factors of Value Improving for Enterprise Groups’ Finance Shared Service Central

Yin Yang, Wenyi Li, Ruoxi Feng, Xiaoxiao Xu
Based on two business processing reengineering theories that are the enterprise group’s core and subservience, this paper discusses the finance shared service center’s establishment process on the basis of enterprise group’s financial management and control revolution and business processing reconstruction....
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A Study on the Dialectical Relationship Between Vocal Performance and Teaching

Chuanzhi Zhong
This paper analyzes and presents the dialectical relationship between vocal performance and teaching based on the internal contradictions from a development perspective according to the law of universal connection and the dialectical view. There are many unities of opposites in the vocal performance...
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An Empirical Study on IPO Underpricing of the Shanghai A Share Market

Xiaoyan Wang
The China stock was born for more than 20 years. And the IPO underpricing has become a common phenomenon in securities market. Combined with the current academic research results of IPO underpricing theory, researchers can know that the sentiment of investors, the manipulation of institutions and the...
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Car Inside Beam Enhanced Cold Stamping Mould Design

Quanzhong Jia
This paper is on the study of cold stamping drawing die of a vehicle inner beam enhanced. Firstly, it determines the stamping parts process plan. Then it draws the die design, including the design of the main structure of the mold design and mold auxiliary parts. Finally, it analyzes the die working...
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Design and Manufacturing of Cover Plate Parts

Xuezhong Wei
First of all, this thesis describes the cover parts of mechanical design part, including cover parts material, a cover plate parts of structure, process analysis, blank and the process dimension tolerance, covering parts processing route formulation, processing route, covering plate parts of machine...
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Calisthenics Choreographing Capability of Sports Education Professional Students of Preliminary Discussion

Kuilin Zhang
This article first tells the story of sports teaching to cultivate students the importance of calisthenics choreographing capability and tells the story of the influencing factors of calisthenics choreographing capability. And then it expounds the teaching of sports aerobics movements choreographing...
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Study on Railway Signal Computer Interlocking System

Xiaohui Xu
This paper mainly discussed the railway signal computer interlocking system, including the basis of computer interlocking system, computer interlocking principle, fault of computer interlocking system maintenance. The study is focused on the working principle of the computer interlocking, including its...
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Research on the Comprehensive Evaluation Model of the Lateral Stability of Tractor-semitrailer

Bin Tang, Wei Zhou, Guosheng Zhang
Tractor-semitrailer is the dominant vehicle model of road transportation, whose lateral stability during transportation has always attracted plenty of attention. Based on the TruckSim simulation software, a dynamic model of the tractor semitrailer was established. Then, the lateral stability simulation...
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Research on Simulation Technology Application on Higher Education for Deaf/hard-of-hearing Students in China

Dengfeng Yao, Zhili Liu, Junxia Yan, Yunfeng Qiu
In teaching of computer language, how to improve their hearing of hearing-impaired students featured with special physiological characteristics and reduce the inconvenience and obstacles caused during teaching knowledge in the most effective way This paper has applied the simulation technology and developed...
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Applying Multi-media to Optimize English Teaching Context

Suirong Cao
In the classroom teaching, it is teacher-oriented and student-centered, and the teaching contents and the teaching tools are the intermediaries for the bilateral activities. The multi-media technology broadens the teaching resources and enriches the teaching means for the English class. The teacher simulates...
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Imaging the Subsurface with 3D Inversion of Potential Field Data

Jun Wang, Xiaohong Meng, Fang Li
With the continuing growth in influence of near surface geophysics, the research of the surface geophysics is of great significance. Researchers want to understand the complex subsurface with gravity and magnetic data and inversion is a powerful tool. In this paper, researchers introduced how to formulate...
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Microbiology Detection Methods of Piezoelectrics Bulk Acoustic Wave Sensor Research of Chitosan Properties

Chunjuan Fang
The piezoelectric bulk acoustic wave sensor technology has such unique advantages as high sensitivity, wide response spectrum, easy digitalization, simple structure and low cost and others, which are widely used in many fields of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, environmental monitoring, life science...
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Optimized Research on Capital Structure of Listed Companies in Chinese Real Estate Industry

Xinling Du, Yin Luo
The real estate industry is the pillar industry of national economy, and its healthy development can promote the prosperity of finance, construction and manufacturing. From the perspective of capital structure, combined with situation of Chinese real estate listed companies and using the regression analysis,...
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Research on the relation between financial performance and social responsibility performance in financial and insurance industry

Xinling Du, Fen Chen
Financial industry and insurance industry are both the leading business in our economy and optimal benchmark business for social responsibility performance evaluation. Therefore, the paper took 27 listed companies in financial and insurance industry in Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share market as the objects...
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Application of Tweezers Raman Spectroscopy in Microbial Research

Chunjuan Fang
Laser tweezers Raman spectroscopy (LTRS) is the technology combining optical tweezers microprobe Raman spectroscopy to capture and fix the single cell in solution for a long time. It researches the real-time biochemistry changed information of the single cell covered beneath group average information...
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An empirical research on the components of postgraduate innovative ability

Xiangsheng Meng
Postgraduate innovative ability is one of the important abilities which postgraduate students should have. This paper discusses the connotation and influence factors of postgraduate innovative ability, which divides innovative ability into several practical abilities: innovative consciousness, scientific...
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Current Situation and Countermeasures of WeChat Application in E-government Affairs

Liyuan Shang, Zhenting Lu, Xiang Liu
The combination of WeChat and government affairs, being labeled by “Shake”, has gradually become a major platform to reflect the social conditions and public opinions. Due to the unique advantages of immediacy, interactivity, privacy and economy, WeChat springs up in many social media networks, and plays...
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A study of the Teaching Methods of Improving English Listening Ability of the Students

Yan Zhang
This paper mainly discusses how to improve students' listening ability in English listening and teaching. The article discusses the problem from two aspects: 1. In daily study, cultivate students' listening skills from the aspects of training students' good psychological quality, helping students correct...