Proceedings of the 2018 International Seminar on Education Research and Social Science (ISERSS 2018)

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Preliminary Study on Classroom Teaching Reform of Pharmaceutical Botany

Kunlai Sun, Yin Chen, Youle Qu, Yuqian Wang
This paper attempts to adopt new teaching model of Pharmaceutical Botany course to raise students’ interest and enhance their comprehensive practice, innovation and application skills. Through the change of teaching concept, the student-centered core idea is established. By combining theory and practice,...
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Analysis of Virtual Enterprise-based Education Pattern for University Students' Innovative Undertaking

Ping Zhang, Yinghong Zhang
Nowadays, the market competition is increasingly fierce, employers have gradually improved assessment criteria for talents, and college students expand constantly, so it is difficult for talents who just have graduated from university to find suitable jobs. In order to alleviate employment pressure on...
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Between Light and Shadow: Analysis of the Unique Charm of Hand-Shadow Style Animation

Shuzeng Li, Bing Liu, Xuefang He
Hand-shadows and animations are closely linked, from the initial “handcraft” performance. To the digital hand-shadow animation produced by using the modern technology animation has become a new manifestation of hand-shadow art. Hand-shadow animation has its own unique style in narrative literariness...
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Discussion on the Teaching Mode of Applied Development Courses under Emerging Engineering Education

Yu Luo, Yanlei Luo, Chuanbao Guan
The Applied Development Courses refer to those courses that emphasize hands-on skills. In the current Emerging Engineering Education, these courses aim to develop complex engineering practical system. It is very difficult to transfer knowledge to skill in a short period by purely depending on lecture...
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On the Diversified Teaching Management Pattern of the Pharmacology for Undergraduates

Yuqin Zhao, Yin Chen, Kunlai Sun, Bin Wang, Youle Qu
As the modern instructional ideas and concepts are upgrading and the teaching model of pharmacy is changing, classroom education should follow the student-centered concept that is teacher-oriented and emphasizes both knowledge and capacity, as well as the experimental and theoretical teaching. Besides,...
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Research on Impact of Recommenders and Recommended Information on Consumers' Purchase Intention in Social E-commerce

Ningfei Xu, Hu Wang
Due to the large number of user recommendations on the social e-commerce platform and the uneven quality, it is important to study what factors influence the purchase intention of users. This paper constructed the model of the user’s recommendation to purchase intention from three perspectives: recommender,...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Sales in Online Accommodation Market under Sharing Economy

Dandan Cai, Bin Wang
With the continuous improvement of information technology, the sharing economy has emerged, and has achieved tremendous development results. This study took as an example and studied from the following three perspectives: host attributes, customer attributes, and interaction attributes between...
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A Cross-Sectional Evaluation of EFL Students' Critical Thinking Dispositions in Digital Learning

Yueer Wei, Jie Hu
EFL college students acquire knowledge in the digital learning environment. Fostering critical thinking dispositions in digital learning is of great importance. This cross-sectional study aims to explore the impact of digital learning on EFL college students’ critical thinking dispositions. This study...
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Exploration of the Teaching Reform of Pharmacological Experiment Class Based on the "Open Teaching" Mode

Yuqin Zhao, Kunlai Sun, Yin Chen, Bin Wang, Youle Qu
Pharmacological experiment teaching plays a significant role in the cultivation of students. It can not only verify theoretical knowledge and achieve specific research goals, but also develop students' scientific research ideas and improve their innovative ability and comprehensive quality. Open-ended...
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Research on MOOC Learning Effectiveness

Yong Luo, Jianping Li, Zheng Xie, Guochang Zhou, Xiao Xiao
The rapid development of MOOC, and more and more people learn online by it. However, MOOC faces the problem of very high dropout rates, and lack of curriculum evaluation system. The traditional pass rate assessment model is clearly unreasonable. This article researched the effectiveness of learning behaviors....
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Artificial Intelligence’s Digestion and Reconstruction for Humanistic Feelings

Dandan Zhang, Mei Xie
Artificial intelligence has been developed rapidly in recent years with the support and promotion of big-data technology, and we've entered a new era -- the era of AI. In the context of more extensive application, the development of AI has brought new challenges to society and caused ethical concerns....
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A Study of Current Situation of Negotiated Teaching in Chinese Foreign Language Classroom

Li-hua Tang
Negotiated teaching is the adjustment between teachers and students in foreign language learning, so as to ensure the progress of classroom interaction, and ultimately achieve the purpose of promoting the development of students' language ability. In this study, the literature research method was used...
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Dissemination Skills of Relics and Museology TV Programs -"Taking National Treasure" as an example

Tianyao Wei, Mei Xie
National Treasure this program has been widely praised as soon as it was launched with its exquisite costumes, props, stunt of star-keeper for national treasure, 27 top national treasures, a history-based rational and fictitious narration mode. The vogue of this kind of Relics and Museology TV program,...
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Big Data Analysis in General Education: Opportunities and Concerns

Wenjun Lyu, Zhaoqing Feng
General education, as important part of higher education, is putting increasing attention on big data courses in universities. This paper discusses the opportunities and concerns about big data analysis in general education by stating predictive analytics, personalized learning planning and introducing...
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The Allocation Research about the Policy Functions and Economic Functions of China’s Electricity Regulation

Qiong Wei
Macropolicy regulation and microeconomic regulation of electricity regulatory power are disparate types of powers in legal principles. The former has the property of quasi-legislative power but the latter has the property of both executive power and quasi-judicial power, which determine that it is supposed...
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Research on the Innovative Strategy of Experiential Marketing in Community Banks against the Background of Internet Finance

Xuehong Zhao, Zhaoqi Liu
The raise of the internet finance has a huge impact on the banking sector. Banks must change the management pattern and operation pattern; fully take the advantages of the internet to attract more customers. The customers experience is the most important factor that the bank should consider. Based on...
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Public Policy for Private Higher Education in China

Huijuan Lin
The paper aims to analyze the underlying public policies under the circumstances and this analysis is a prerequisite to the further development of private education in China. This paper first set out to analysis characteristics of private higher education in China. And then, by reviewing the relevant...
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Reconstruction of the Educational Model for Improving the Practical Teaching Ability of Graduate Students Majoring in Physical Education

Lizhong Wen, Yufeng Chen
In China, the training mode of master of physical education is gradually enriched. However, most colleges pay attention to cultivating academic masters for training masters. There are much more in theoretical research and relatively less in the practical teaching model. This can’t meet the needs of society...
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The Research of Cultural and Creative Product Design Based on the Zen Buddhism Culture

Lan Ming, Chung Gun Jang
Facing the creative and connotative value of cultural product market, the Zen culture is undoubtedly the inspiration for the research and development of cultural and creative products. This paper attempts to dig deep value from the perspective of Zen Buddhism culture, analyzes its cultural connotation,...
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Exploration on High-quality Course Construction of Traditional Rock Mechanics Experimental Teaching

Zhengjun Huang, Lei Zhang, Yu Liu, Dong Zhang, Changhong Li
Relying on national program of excellent couses of "rock mechanics and engineering", the experimental course of traditional rock mechanics will be gradually built into web-delivery for elaborate course with engineering experimental teaching characteristics by classfiying and integrating experimental...
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Research on Training Mode of Innovative Talents for Professional Degree Graduates

Yingxin Liu
To construct innovative talents training models for professional degree graduates, the paper analyzes the problems existing in professional degree education at present, combining experience and investigating, and puts forward the countermeasures from the aspects of curriculum system, practice base, tutor...
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Educational Path Analysis of College Students’ Socialist Core Values under the New Media Environment

Liang Hao, Jun Shang
The new media has a comprehensive and multi-level influence on the formation and development of College Students' values. On the basis of analyzing the present situation of contemporary college students' values, the positive and negative effects of the new media environment on College Students' education...
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A Study on the Management of the New Generation of Migrant Workers' Leaving in China

Deqiang Dou, Lei Xue
The purpose of this study is to provide countermeasures for the new generation of migrant workers' leaving in the small and medium-sized enterprises. This study discusses the characteristics of the new generation of migrant workers in China, investigates and analyzes the reasons for the migrant workers...
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Color Emotional Expression in Cultural and Creative Product Design

Fa Wang, Joung Hyung Cho
This paper studies how people-oriented color design concepts express emotion in design, analyzes the influence of color in visual language on the consumer behavior in the emotional expression of cultural and creative products starting from the humanistic concern and emotional expression, assists designers...
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Research on the Influence of VR Technology on Product Design

Chen Chen, Joung Hyung Cho
As virtual reality (VR) technology progresses, the application of it is constantly expanding and it has been penetrating in many fields. The research object of this article is to explore the development trend of future product design and the feasibility of integrating VR technology according to the movements...
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Exploration of Petroleum and Gas Production Engineering Teaching to International students in China

Wen-bin Cai, De-sheng Zhou, Xian-lin Ma, Yuan-gang Xu
The petroleum and gas production engineering course system is the one of most important course for petroleum engineering college. Petroleum production teaching is becoming ever more and more challenging because of increased enrollments and students’ different levels of preparation. Some useful explorations...
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A Review of the Controversy between Virtue Ethics and Normative Ethics

Xi Fang, Juanjuan Wang
The purpose of this study is to make a comprehensive and systematic review of the related literature of the debate between western contemporary ethics and normative ethics, and to show its development in a clearer way so that everyone can benefit from it. Although great progress has been made in the...
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The Teaching Effect Investigation and Improvement Suggestion of SCM Sand Table Training Course

Bo Wang
In order to improve teaching effect of supply chain management (SCM) sand table training course, and make sand table courses can play a better role in improving students' comprehensive practical ability, this article mainly put forward some teaching reform ideas. It is based on the teaching practice...
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A Study on the Student Drain of the Major of Automobile Service Engineering

Zhuo Yang, Yanbo Deng, Shaojia Huang, Xiqing Wang, Mingchen Shi
With the growing of the sale and the car ownership in China, the automotive after-market is full of business opportunities which induce the short supply of talent for the automobile service engineering. Therefore, since the automobile service engineering was approved as a specialty for higher education...
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Research on the Grid Management Mode of Advanced Domestic Communities under the New Media Era

Guihua Liu, Yifan Yang
Grid management is the biggest measure of social management in the grassroots self-government process. I read a lot of journals about grid management. I mainly utilized of the literature analytic method and charting. This article will make an in-depth analysis of the grid management mode of advanced...
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Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Marketing Professional Education Implementation Path

Jingan Li, Hui Guan, Lihong Song
Against the background of "double-creation", major universities and colleges explore the deep-integration mode of innovation-entrepreneurship education and professional education(The following uses innovation-entrepreneurship education). This article starts with the concept and relationship of innovation-entrepreneurship...
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Progress and Enlightenment of America's Electricity Regulatory System Reform

Wei Wang, Xuan Liu
In 2015, the "Document No. 9" opened the prelude of new round electric reform. The new round electric power reform has made a lot of achievements, but also some deep problems. The progress of American electric power supervision reform is worth studying and summarizing. By using literature research, case...
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Research on the Information Management Major Construction under the New Engineering Background of China

Xufang Li, Chang Lu
With the development of economy in China, the society has put forward new capacity requirements for engineering education. In this environment, the New Engineering has distinct epochal significance. Based on the basic idea of New Engineering construction, respectively from the three aspects of promoting...
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Design and Research on the Teaching Method of C Language Course Retaking in College

Kene Li, Jin Yang, Jianqin Xu
This research aims to present a way for teachers to teach course-retaking classes of “C Language Programming” effectively. For study purpose, this research investigated the course-retaking students by applying a pre-course questionnaire, and then discussed and analyzed the students’ study problems which...
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Reform of Embedded System Course Based on CDIO Education Mode

Chengbing Wei, Bin Xu, Jiechun Dong, Yingchao Zhou
The specific goal of the CDIO teaching model is to combine personal, social, and systemic manufacturing techniques to fit all areas of engineering. In order to improve students' ability to use embedded system technology in a comprehensive manner, a teaching scheme that integrates the theory of embedded...
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Study on Teacher-Student Relationship in Postgraduate Education

Qing-hua Du
Against the background of graduate enrollment expansion in China’s universities, what kind of relationship graduate students and tutors keep is a topic of concern. With the help of literature and logical analysis method, the author proposes that the tutor is in an absolute position of authority in the...
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What is missed out in EFL Assessing at Tertiary Level in China?

Huijie Li
This paper aims to make an analysis on EFL assessing at tertiary level in China by putting it in a global assessment environment. The paper firstly introduces the root of assessment in education, i.e. three paradigms: positivist, interpretative and critical, and its philosophical underpinnings: ontology,...
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Practice and Research on the Reform of Teaching Methods in Circuit Course

Jianqin Xu, Kene Li, Qifeng Liang
The purpose of this article is to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching methods reform for course “Circuit”, which is a basic course for electronic and electrical majors in ordinary colleges and universities. In this article, we analyze the characteristics of the “Circuit” course and the learning...
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The Significance of “Shared Network” to Ideological and Political Education

Song-ping Zhao
The idea of sharing is the basic Internet thinking, and it is also an important theoretical support for the ideological and political education of the Internet. The Network activity is a special kind of interaction, which realizes the subjectivity construction in the sharing. When the Internet has become...
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Research on Campus New Facilities Arrangement Based on SLP Method

Yingyi Huang, Jianhong Guo
The facility layout has a great influence on teaching activities and entertainment for teachers and students. The appropriate and reasonable campus facility layout is beneficial for the development of school. The paper takes a certain university as a research object and uses SLP from to chart, job related...
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A Study on Teaching Mode of freshmen’s Seminars: Taking the Public Affairs Administration as an Example

Guihua Liu, Yuanting Wei
Seminars are the main channels for freshman to solve the problem of adapting to college life. In order to help freshman change their roles from middle-school students to college students as soon as possible, Southwest Jiaotong University set up seminars for all freshmen in 2015, and gained preliminary...
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Research on File Management Mode under the Background of Digital Campus

Hongwei Lu
This article is based on a detailed understanding of theoretical research on the archives management models of universities both at home and abroad. With the definition of archives management model as the starting point, it outlines related concepts of the archives management model in universities and...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Housing Price in Different Cities of China and Macro Control Measures

Xue Ding, Ran Huang, Xue Wang
In response to the rapidly rising of house prices in major cities across the country, the central and local governments at all levels have implemented multi-round home buying restriction policies since the end of 2016. Although the effectiveness of these policies is obvious at present, their impacts...
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Exploration of Language Ecological Niche

Xiaoyan Zeng, Tongtao Zheng
Traditionally, the research of teaching Chinese as a foreign language emphasizes classroom teaching more and less emphasizes the learning of outside classroom. In addition to that, second language acquisition theory can’t completely explain the effective acquisition of learners under the target language...
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Building of Green Tourism Supply Chain and Study on Collaborative Optimization from the Perspective of Industrial Convergence

Rong Pu
the paper analyses the realistic problems of traditional Chinese tourism supply chain from the perspective of industrial convergence. It concludes in general that our supply chain does exist several dramatic problems-loose organizational structures, lacking of flexibility in management, high operation...
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The Effect of Information Frame and Motivation Attribution on the Green Consumption Behavior of Hotel Consumers

Jiajing Hu, Lin Xiong, Qiu Wan
Taking college students as experimental objects and selecting the green consumption of “quilt cover laundering” in the hotel as the research scenario, this study discusses the effect of information frame and motivation attribution on the green consumption behavior of hotel consumers by the scenario experiment...
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On the Role of Business Administration in Promoting Economic Development

Chuan-Zhi Qin
This paper systematically studies the role of business administration in the adjustment of financial system in China. It focuses on the guiding role of Business administration in economic development. According to the function of business administration, this paper deeply analyzed the important role...
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On the Teaching Reform of Fieldwork in Human Geography

Wenshi Li, Zirong Li
At present, there are some problems in the human geography fieldwork in normal universities, such as insufficient awareness of fieldwork, poor selection of location and contents, inadequate application of methodology, and few teaching practice-related contents in the theoretical courses. In light of...
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Interactive English Teaching Model and the Cultivation of Higher Vocational Students’ Communicative Language Abilities

Li Yang
English is a language, which is not only to make students recognize and write them, but also to help them learn to speak and use them. It is obvious that traditional English teaching model neglects the cultivation of students’ communicative language abilities, so this paper mainly analyzes how to apply...
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Featured Practical Teaching Exploration of Communication Engineering Profession - Taking Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology as an example

Yinghua Jin
The practical teaching of colleges and universities is the combination of theory and practice, and is the important safeguards for training college students’ practical abilities and creative abilities. For integrating the exploration road to featured practical teaching of communication engineering profession,...
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The Interface between Intensive Reading and Critical Thinking Education for English Majors

Zhong Deng
This paper intends to argue that the course of intensive reading is a potentially valuable platform where education on critical thinking can be fruitfully implemented. To this end, this paper focuses on three sub-areas: 1) teaching of language points, 2) teaching of textual analysis and 3) delivery of...
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On the Conceptualized Modes of World Engagement of Chinese Kung-fu Films

Zhong Deng
Kung-fu films are among the most heatedly discussed film products originated from China and appraised by the rest of the world. This article intends to go beyond a traditional paradigm of film analysis which is central on characters, plots and the like, so as to render a cognitive exploration of how...
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Cultural Confidence and the Construction of College Students' Socialist Core Values

Yuexin Liu
From the perspective of cultural self-confidence consciousness, the cultivation of the college students' socialist core values is deeply analyzed, and the relationship between all parties that affect the formation of college students' core values has been combed, therefore, the way for the exploration...
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Research on Psychological Capital Intervention of College Students

Shufen Li, Hongying Li, Chichao Xu
Improving college students' psychological capital can effectively enhance their employability. In the paper, the students from Jilin University of Finance and Economics were taken as samples to look into the current situation and influencing factors of psychological capital of college students by the...
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Research of the Current Situation and Strategies of the New Generation of Female Migrant Workers City Integration - Taking the H community of Jinan as an example

Jie Zhang, Gongjing Gao
This paper takes the H community of Jinan as an example. Through self-filling questionnaire and structured interview, this paper investigates the city integration of female migrant workers in this community. This paper analyzes the current situation of urban adaptation of female migrant workers in the...
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A probe into the Value of Leisure Tourism Education in Practical Teaching outside School: A Case Study of Small Characteristic Towns in Jiangxi Province

Xiaoliang Chen
Tourism education is a kind of specialized education for tourism industry to realize the educational concept of educating people. Its practical teaching outside school is an effective way to combine theory and practice inside and outside the classroom. At present, the policy environment of leisure supply...
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Practical Dilemma and Elaboration of MOOC out of The Existence of Internet

Jing Zhang, Liyun Lu
As an innovative way of teaching and learning, MOOC has impacted the traditional teaching mode. By analyzing data and consulting literature, this paper points out the present situation of Chinese MOOC. On the basis of investigations, this paper lists several problems existing in the practical development...
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Analysis on the Causes of Pragmatic Failure in English Writing and Cultivation of Pragmatic Consciousness

Yufang Rao
In order to promote the integration with the international community, it is very important to improve students' English ability, especially their writing ability. Therefore, all schools have carried out the reform of English writing teaching. They began to analyze the mechanism of wrong usage in English...
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Research on the Rural Homestay in Xiangyang City

Huijun Jia
With the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, tourists have diversified pursuit of travel services and products. For example, there are theme hotels, vacationing hotels, Traders Hotel, and homestay for tourists’ staying. The homestay has its own unique characteristics and...
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Exploration on the Existing Status and Development Path of Old Trades of Wuhan City

Liang Jing
As the significant carrier of witnessing China’s social changes, old trades play a very important role in Chinese traditional culture. Wuhan being an important economic town in east China, various old trades have played active roles in its development. However, in the urbanization process of Wuhan, many...
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Research on Database Principle and Application Course Reform Based on the Talent Training Mode of School-enterprise Cooperation

Lu Wang
School enterprise cooperation, the talents training mode, not only meets the needs of China's economic and social development, but also suits talent training in higher education institutions. Therefore, it is an effective teaching method for local universities to realize the cultivation of applied talents....
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Research on Social Network and Farmers' Safety Production Behavior

Jialin Zhu, Tianjun Liu
This article adopts the micro survey data of 186 farmer households in the main apple production area of Liquan County, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province. Using the typical correlation analysis, from the perspective of social network function, the social network is studied according to three dimensions...
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Research on the Effect of Chorus Teaching and Activity on Students' Overall Cultivation

Han Mei
Choral singing is a compulsory course and an important art practice activity in the music curriculum of primary and middle schools. In the process of teaching and practice, chorus activities play an important role in cultivating students' collective consciousness, breaking through individual limited...
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Study on Current Situation, Problems and Paths of FBO Social Service Specialization in China

Xianhong Wu, Jianguo Gao, Qin Li
In response to the recent call for research on the participation in social welfare of faith-based organizations in China, this article focuses on barriers to specialization inside and outside the organization. Adopting the a general inductive approach, the author studies the system foundation and service...
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Study on Scientific Research and Innovation Oriented Cultivation Model of Postgraduate

Zhiyu Zhou, Haiyan Wang
The cultivation of postgraduates' innovative awareness, innovative spirit, and innovative ability is the need to adapt to society's senior talents with innovative ability and thinking. In the study on scientific research and innovation oriented cultivation model of academic postgraduates, the ability...
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Student Engagement: An Investigation into the Effectiveness of Teaching in Ideological and Political Theories Courses (IPTC) For Undergraduates in China-Based Higher Education

Liang-liang Wang, Ming-fang Fan, Feng Zhang
In the paper, the area of study is first defined by the authors that is an investigation into student engagement in Ideological and Political Theories Courses (IPTC) teaching for undergraduates in China-based higher education, detailing the aims of the proposed research project that is beneficial for...
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Research on Influence of Online Review Based on ELM Model on Sales of Beauty Products

Yao Liang, Hu Wang
At present, online reviews have an increasingly greater influence on consumer purchasing decisions. This article expands the review dimensions based on the ELM model according to the characteristics of the beauty products, and uses multiple regression analysis to explore the impact of online reviews...
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The Oppression and Breaking in Education - Enlightenment from Reading "Pedagogy of the Oppressed"

Chunling Yin
Lecturing teaching and cramming education are the main forms of oppression education. Through analyzing "Pedagogy of the oppressed" and combining with the actual education situation, this article attempts to use oppression in education as the research object, take the break in oppression as the starting...
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The Grammaticalization of “dao” in Mandarin Chinese

Hong Li
An examination to dao (arrive) in different syntactic environments helps to reinforce the multi-functionality of Chinese verb dao and the grammaticalization of it. Examples from Chinese suggest that 1) dao has changed to a preposition in Dao-NP-VP when V is lai (come) or qu (go); 2) dao is still a verb...
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The Construction and Practice of "1+5+1" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Education System in Applied Universities

Jiao Han
Under the background of "general entrepreneurship" and "public innovation", the paper is based on national development strategy driven by innovation and deep understanding of applied innovative entrepreneurial talents. The main emphasis of the paper is placed on the school-running orientation of application...
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Research on the Students’ Psychological Health Evaluation Management System

Li Dai, Qi Lu, Mei Lin, Li Xu
This article is a basic prevention and control policy of psychological problems for college students based on Zhejiang province education department in China. It uses the PHP program technology to develop a management system on students’ mental health. It mainly aims to apply the psychological counsel...
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Study on Market Regulation in the View of Social Co-Governance

Hui Liu
The market regulator shall address a major issue regarding how to establish a market regulation system which conforms to the requirement of developing a unified, open, competitive and orderly modern market system. For this purpose, this paper proposes the regulatory approach of combining the strength...
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Application of Network Big Data on User Experience Application Model

Chun-Hui Chen, Ke-Jing Li
With the strong representativeness, objectiveness, efficiency, and timeliness, online big data helps companies build the best user experience based on understanding users and continues to bring infinite value to the company. This study starts with the development needs of user experience application...
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On the Transfer of Learning Process to Writing Ability - Empirical Study on a College’s Award-winning Students in the Writing Contest

Huijun Liu
The author conducts an empirical study of the ordinary English learning process of a college’s award-winning students in the National English Writing Contest in the past three years. She found that the vocabulary and grammar learning process of the subjects enjoys three characteristics: 1) a solid foundation...
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The Vicissitude of German Vocational Education Law and Its Enlightenment to China

Ping Zhang
Trying to start with the changes of German vocational education laws and explore the uniqueness of the German vocational education legal system. The clear positioning of vocational education, the establishment of professional continuing education system, the coordination of the relationship between business...
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Advantages and Development Strategies of Sports Tourism in Guizhou Province under the Background of "Belt and Road" Strategy

Linong Chen, Hong Zhao
This paper analyzes the characteristics of sports tourism from the perspective of tourism development in Guizhou Province, and teases out the significant impact of the characteristic sports tourism of Guizhou Province on the development of tourism, and explores the strategies for the development of sports...
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Study on the Mental Care System of Disability Elderly People from the Perspective of "Linkage of Community" - Take the H community in Jinan City as an example

Wenxiang Liu
To improve the modernization of the community, the spiritual care for the disabled can’t be ignored, and how to better serve the disabled elderly by using the "linkage of community" is not to be ignored. This is the focus of this paper. Based on the empirical study of community H in Jinan, this paper...
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Research on the Practice of Organizational Innovation Management in Higher Vocational Colleges

Dong Li
The improvement of school management is a systematic and continuous effort to change the conditions of learning and other related internal conditions in one or more schools so as to achieve more effective educational goals. As a complex change, the essence of school improvement is organizational change...
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Investigation on Application of Comparative Teaching Method in the Course of Engineering Graphics

Yanjiao Li, Qiujuan Lv, Zhiqing Guo, Chen Cheng
Engineering graphics is a compulsory basic course for engineering students in military academies. The characteristics of the course are abstract and complex, requiring students to have strong spatial thinking ability and image thinking ability. However, because students are in contact with the course...
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Research on the Construction of Teachers Team in Private Applied Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Independent Evaluation Right

Yuhong Zhan, Xiaolin Qi
This paper is mainly to discuss how private universities utilize the opportunity of delegating the evaluation right to construct applied teachers team. After knowing the current situation of the construction of teachers team in private applied universities on the basis of the questionnaire and survey...
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Exploration of Teaching Reform of Professional Introduction Course in Electronic Information Engineering

Faquan Yang, Jianwen Chen, Yonghao Xiao, Lijun Feng, Yuexia Zhou, Qingfeng Cai
This paper mainly discuss the reform and exploration in teaching contents, teaching methods and evaluation system of professional introduction course for the electronic information engineering around new personal training plan. It also highlights innovation ability, practical ability and ability to pass...
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Research on International Capacity Cooperation in Yunnan Province against the background of “the Belt and Road”

Shen Shen, Hui Yan
Against the background of “the Belt and Road”, Yunnan province is the hub of two economic corridors, namely China-Indochina Peninsula Economic Corridor and Bangladesh-China-Burmese Economic Corridor. Moreover, Yunnan province is also the core of “herringbone” Sino-Myanmar Economic Corridor. Based on...
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Discussing the Application of Interactive Teaching in Classroom

Wei Long, Jing Wang, Yongqian Li
Students' learning at university goes with the teachers' teaching, and learning happens with students' active participation in collective activities as the member of the learning community. To change the role of the passive receiver in the learning process in the traditional exam-oriented education model,...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Consumers' Willingness to Use Cross-border E-commerce Websites Continuously

Xvming Lou, Dan Bai, Bao Meng, Yanan Zhao
Based on the technical acceptance model and the expectation confirmation model, this paper analyzes the factors affecting the willingness of consumers to use cross-border e-commerce websites, from the aspects of perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, perceived quality (product quality, service...
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Coping Strategy of Network Public Opinion on Emergencies

Na Wang, Hanwen Fan
With the popularization and deep development of the Internet, it makes the public express their positions and emotions more convenient through the network after the occurrence of emergencies, which presents the trend of normalization, enlargement and complexity. In order to maintain the harmony and stability...
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Research on Community Respite Service for Disabled Elderly Based on Community Theory

Yajing Sun, Xianhong Wu
Filial piety is a traditional virtue of the Chinese. But for disabled or semi-disabled elderly family, it has become a torture. In the long-term care and supply dislocation, hospitals and commercial institutions have high nursing costs and the cost of care has made most families unable to afford it....
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Research on Innovative Applied Talents Training Mode of Local Universities Based on New Engineering

Baoling Qin
The study targets the current inconformity of teaching content and personnel training objectives with the needs of local economic development for local colleges and universities. With the initiation of the concept of “New Engineering”, the local colleges and universities are required to cultivate talents...
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The Construction of Archives Informatization Seen from Supply-side Reform

Shi-chen Chen
The construction of archives informatization is the inevitable trend in this age, and it has important significance in promoting the development of archival cause. The principal contradiction of archival supply-side cause intensively reflects in satisfying well the demands of the national production...
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Research on “Two Targeted Tasks” Training Mode for Higher Vocational Talents

Jing Luo, Xiaoxu Xiao
In higher vocational colleges, students' job positions scarcely match their professions, the career competence of graduates does not meet the requirements of enterprises, and these students are facing heavy pressure of employment. In view of these problems, this article analyzes the characteristics of...
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Developing Reprocessing and Packing of the Rural Special Products and Revitalizing the Rural Economy through E-Commerce

Dan Li, Hongwei Wang
Huanren county of Benxi is rich in lots of rural special products, such as “Daohuaxiang Rice”. But at the same time, it is accompanied by extreme poverty. The purpose of this paper is to solve the problem of poverty by using modern technology such as big data and the Internet. The main emphasis placed...
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The Influence of Parents' Social Capital and Previous Entrepreneurial Experience on Entrepreneurial Opportunity Identification

Li-yao Jin, Jun-xi Jin
This article by using the questionnaire survey data, adopt the method of hierarchical regression empirically the parents' social capital and the effects of entrepreneurial opportunity identification, and examines the social security system in the parents the regulating role in the relationship between...
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The Historical Role of Tibetan Buddhism in the Inheritance of Ethnic Cultures

Liying Ren
Religion, as the longest-lasting and most widely distributed human cultural phenomenon, has a deep and profound influence on human life and the degree of it is self-evident. Religion can be found everywhere in spiritual activities, belief patterns, mental states, behaviors, ethics and customs of human....
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Integrating Chinese Culture into College English Teaching Against the Background of “the Belt and Road Initiatives”

Qingqing Fang
Against the background of “the Belt and Road Initiatives”, college English teaching need to cultivate students’ ability of cross-cultural communication, especially the ability to transmit Chinese culture to foreign countries. However, nowadays most of the college English teaching focuses more on teaching...
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Design of the Integrated Talent Training Mode of Bachelor-Master-Doctor on Labor Economics

Wei Wang, Yonghui Deng, Ping Li, Yingzhe Wang
The impact of technological change on economy and society has forced higher education institutions to give urgently respond. Currently, knowledge structure and ability level has great differences among Bachelor--Master--Doctor(BMD).This paper aims to design cross-level, cross-group, and cross-task connotation...
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The Criteria of Spoken English for Non-English Majors in Chinese Colleges - A case study of International Cruise Service Major

Yan Li
With globalization of education listening and speaking in English is comparatively significant rather than writing or reading, but there is on the lack of criteria to assess college non-English major students English speaking. Cooperating with world top 500, RCI cruises company, international cruise...
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Research on the Coordinated Development Strategy of Green Sustainable Design and Rural Ecological Landscape

Qianqian Zhang
In the process of rapid urbanization in our country, the state has been seeking the model for the development of characteristic industries in cities and towns and establishing the leading characteristic industry in the urbanization. The purpose is to enhance the attractiveness and core competitiveness...
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Cohesive Features in English as a Second Language Students’Argumentative Writing - Taking Kunming University as an Example

Min Yang, Rongrong Pan, Zhou Chen
Productive skills, especially writing, are the most problematic areas for ESL students. Nowadays, how to write a coherent text is of great importance particularly in argumentative writing. Based on Halliday and Hasan’s theory, this article analyses the cohesive features in the 20 students’ English argumentative...
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A Brief Analysis of the Main Female Character’s Growth from the Perspective of Turn - Taking Thelma in “Thelma and Louise” as an Example

Min Yang, Danye Dong, Lirui Duan
As a social interaction among people, conversation is a necessity for everyday life; furthermore, it is of vital importance to a vivid reflection of a character in literature works. Turn-taking is one of the main aspects in analyzing a conversation, in which participants engage in a talk by taking turns....
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Research on the Cultivating of College English Autonomous Learning Ability

Xiuli Qu
The autonomy in foreign language learning has always been a topic of concern. Its advocates are learner-centered, and the emphasis on the learners’ view of being responsible for self-learning has become the core concept of a new round of college English teaching reform. The article starts with self-learning...
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Research on the Innovative Teaching Practice of the Organic Chemistry Course in Turning Classroom Teaching Mode

Keli Zhong
In view of the shortcomings in the traditional teaching mode of the organic chemistry experimental course, the feasibility of applying the turning classroom teaching mode to the organic chemistry experiment course was analyzed. In the teaching practice, a questionnaire survey method was used to explore...