Proceedings of the 2022 6th International Seminar on Education, Management and Social Sciences (ISEMSS 2022)

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The Impacts of Servant Leadership on Employees’ Job Satisfaction in the Construction Companies

Shizhe Yang, Liangyu Wang
Construction companies generally have the phenomenon such as long-term dispersion of construction sites, heavy workloads and long construction periods, which may increase the turnover of their employees and not conducive to the long-term stable development of the construction companies. Therefore, improving...
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Consumer’s Willingness to Buy In-Game Virtual Goods—The Influence of Gaming Motivation

Zhiyuan Yu
As part of the virtual economy, the gaming industry has continued to grow in the context of the recent epidemic and has made a significant contribution to world economic growth. Therefore, the study of consumer behaviour and willingness to buy has an important role to play in the development of the virtual...
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How Liberal Feminism in A Doll’s House Positively Influenced the Emancipation of Women’s Thought in China After the May Fourth Movement, 1919–1949

Su Chen
In Ibsen’s A Doll’s House the transformation and growth of the female protagonist Nara in the play reflect the idea of liberal feminism, showing women trying to break out of their dependence on men and seeking independent personhood and economic freedom. This work was introduced to China after the May...
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Review of the GNSS’s Development and Its Civil Applications

Jiamu Xu
This paper reviews the current development status of four main GNSS systems: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BDS; the principle of GNSS; and the applications and challenges of GNSS. The results show that, as the application of GNSS has already significantly improved work efficiency in many civil areas, attaching...
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Research on Quality Evaluate of Shipborne Application Software

Mei Yang
The next generation of simulation analysis and evaluation system combines the simulation system with the actual command and control system to provide more accurate analysis, prediction and control methods for military complex systems. Combat assessment analysis is the basis for command decision making....
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A Study on the Current Situation of Gender Inequity Issues of High Board in Chinese Company

Binfei Yu
This report collects data through questionnaires and interviews based on literature, analyzes the real situation and the reasons behind the current gender problems on the high board of Chinese companies, and put forward better management suggestions for enterprises. The findings revealed that people's...
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“Time Bank” Diversified Mutual Assistance Urban Pension New Form

Take Taoyuanju Community in Jianye District, Nanjing as an Example

Wei Cai, Zhuobing Liu, Yueyang Ma, Yunqi Tian
China is faced with a surge in the elderly population, an insufficient supply of the elderly, and an imperfect pension system. Taking the “time bank” model of community mutual support for the elderly as the litmus test and by following per under the principle of “the elderly can not only contribute to...
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Research on Environmental Accounting Information Disclosure in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Pengxiang Liao
With the continuous development of society, information technology has become an indispensable part of the work of enterprises, and the arrival of the combination of industry and finance, also needs to rely on information technology. As a product of information technology, artificial intelligence has...
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Social Behavior and Self-presentation of Tourist Users in Social Networking Platform: A Case Study of the Virtual Community on

Chenge Wang
The rapid development of Internet technology promotes the diversified functions of social networking platforms, and virtual community is one of them. Meanwhile, it seems that travelling has become a part of people’s lives, and no matter whether adolescents or the old may play the role of tourist or potential...
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“Virus Maker” or “Anti-epidemic Pioneer”?

China’s Image in BBC’S COVID-19 Coverage

Xu Yang
BBC, as the most influential mainstream media in the UK and the world, has been paying close attention to the COVID-19 response in relevant countries since the outbreak. Through text analysis, this paper analyzes the characteristics of BBC162’s reports on the epidemic in China from different aspects...
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Research and Practice on Teaching Reform of Heat Transfer Course

Chengzhi Wang
According to the characteristics of Heat Transfer Course, such as too many basic concepts and principles, strong theory and abstract knowledge points, this paper adopts flipped classroom and introducing engineering cases to carry out the course teaching reform, and has achieved obvious results.
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Difficulties in the Development of Local Education in Rural China

Xinyi Yang
Education in China is growing at a rapid pace, but there are still many shortcomings in rural education. This article reviews the difficulties in the development of local education in rural China from different perspectives: Rural school construction dilemma is caused by government financial allocation...
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Research on the Integration of Red Culture and Party Building in Colleges and Universities Under the New Media

Zhu Wen, Kun Qi
Media is an important carrier and means for human to transmit information, and plays an important role in the formation and development of human social civilization. With the maturity of 4G technology, the rapid development of 5G technology, and the rapid development of new media such as short video,...
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Impact of Gender Differences on English Learning in China

Mainly Focus on Male and Female

Ran Xiang
This study mainly focuses on the study and expansion of the differences between male and female students in English learning in China. Influenced by different factors, male and female students will show different degrees of understanding and acceptance in English learning at different stages of life....
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Simulation Study of Medical Disposable Infusion Bottles (Bags) Reverse Logistics System Based on Flexsim

Keqing Xia, Liangliang Chen
With the continued growth of the medical industry and the backdrop of the COVID-19 outbreak, there is a significant increase in demand for disposable medical supplies. The resulting problem of how to properly and reasonably dispose of a large number of used disposable medical supplies deserves the attention...
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Rethinking Weberian Bureaucracy A Case Study of the Decentralization and Deconcentration Reform in Cambodia

Kaiwen Shen
The petrification of bureaucracy, according to Max Weber, is a gradual realization of rationalization through which people become capable of mastering all kinds of information through more precise and effective computation. Though Weberian bureaucracy is an ideal type, it is undeniable that it can never...
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Prospect of 6G Applications Based on 5G Technology

Qicheng Cai
5G technology represents the fifth generation of mobile network. It is a new global wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G network. After years of development, 5G technology is almost completed. Academia has begun to consider increasing the communication technique standard once again. 6G technology,...
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Memory Deficits in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Ziying Fang
This paper mainly analyzed the memory deficits and its influences in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a prevalent illness, and it has a destructive impact on daily functioning of patients. The main issue of patients who are suffering from PTSD is having problems in the memory system. For...
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Internet Celebrities in China. An Investigation into the Conversion of Capital Behind Social Media

Ximei Zhao
While there has been much discussion on the conversion of capital existing in the real society, few connections have been made between fields and virtual communities established on social media. This paper investigates how a group of internet celebrities can utilize and convert their cultural capital...
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The Change of American National Identity around WWI Period from the View of Stuart Hall’s Identity

Bohan Yang
Stuart Hall is a leading figure in British cultural studies. He actively absorbed advanced theoretical resources from the Europe and made dialogue and exploration with them, making “cultural studies” developed in a cross-subject way. Historically, the United States experienced a dramatic shift in national...
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Study on the Current Situation of Interactive Video in China and the Development Strategy of Interactivity

Jiayin Li
In today’s multi-media convergence environment, audiences are shifting from a single passive reception of information to a more individualized experience and involvement. The article uses interactive video as the research object, examining its current state of development and the possibility of future...
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Leadership in Chinese Art Auction: Increasing Influence and Future Value

Zuguo Fu
Over the past decade, the art auction market in China has developed very rapidly, forcing dramatic changes in the scope of services and organizational structures of auction companies, resulting in dramatic changes in the relationship between employees, leaders, and stakeholders. When the art market is...
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The Relationship Between Salary Ratio and Employee Compensation Satisfaction in the Compensation System

Ziyin Chen
Domestic and international scholars have studied pay satisfaction. Different pay percentages come from fixed and performance pay and performance pay has a relatively significant impact on employees’ pay satisfaction. The assessment of pay satisfaction is mainly carried out in five aspects: pay level,...
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Mechanical Solidarity and Social Anomie. A Case Study on the Chained Mother Fengxian County

Jingyu Xu
Trafficking in women is a criminal act in law, but there are still great obstacles to combating this criminal activity. The video of the mother of eight children chained in Fengxian County once again highlights the rampant crime and the terrible situation of female victims trafficked to rural areas....
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Analysis of the Realization of the Rule of Law Ethics in Meta-cosmic Relevance

Yunchen Qu
Virtual reality has facilitated the metaverse, and it has become the subject of much hype in various industries. However, under the mode of “immersive interaction”, whether the metaverse can operate, where its social properties should be based, how to realize the rule of law and ethics in the digital...
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Analysis on the Current Situation of Inheritance, Innovation and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hubei Province

Zhou Ze Ning, Zhang Lu, Su Bo, Chen Li
This paper collects and compiles information on the transmission of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Hubei Province (China). Following a review of the literature, it examines the current state of TCM heritage innovation in Hubei Province. The article compares data on the current state of TCM, professional...
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A Study on the Purchase Intention of College Students’ Anfu Sports Shoes by Social Networking Sites

Review and Peer Communication

Ching-Hui Lin, Hong-Bo Chen
The purpose of this study is to analyse the effect of reviews and peer communication on college students’ intention to buy Anfu sport shoes in the SNS (Social Networking Sites). In this study, 324 valid questionnaires were collected from college students who had bought Anfu sports shoes by convenient...
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Analysis of Motivations Causing Post-epidemic Postgraduate Entrance Examinations Fever in China

Junye Cai
China has entered the “post-epidemic era”, with frequent epidemics altering the economy, society, education, and a variety of other spheres of life. These entwined fields had an impact on the evolution of education. Among them, postgraduate entrance examinations (PGEE) fever has emerged as the primary...
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Do Men and Women Lead Differently: An Examination of How Gender Impacts Leadership Style at Alibaba Group and Didi Global

Ka Yan Tung
Female representation in the workforce and leadership grow day by day. There has long been speculation that gender impacts leadership style, whether positively or negatively. Men allegedly favour a “transactional” leadership style, defined by the view of “job performance as a series of transactions with...
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A Review of Research on the Legal System of Environmental Auditing in China

Han Gao
The construction of an ecological civilisation is an important part of the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics and is related to the well-being of the people and the future of the nation. Environmental auditing is an important guarantee for the construction of ecological civilization,...
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Evolution of Feminist Media in the Last Century

Qianyin Xiao
In Canada, the term “feminism” has begun to emerge since the late 19th century when there was the first wave of Canadian feminism. The era of this initial movement advocating for women’s right to vote came to an end around 1920. The second wave, which ended around 1985, was in support of equality in...
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Friedman Cosmological Model: Scale Factors for the Application of Formulas and the Density Parameters of the Cosmos

Siyun Chen, Kinying Chan
In the course of the history of cosmology, the Friedman-Lemaˆıtre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) metric and Einstein's general relativity provided the basis for many theories in cosmology, including the one by James Peebles with the cosmological constant Λ, cold dark matter This theory, which describes...
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Exploring the Impact of Suffering from Sexual Assault on Women Victims

Jiajunqi Zhang
Women have a lot of unresolved psychological issues after being sexually assaulted. These issues are often the easiest to be ignored. These problems also hurt their soul and dignity. In Our country, this issue has also aroused the attention of the country and all walks of life in this field. This paper...
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Application of Qinghui Garden Green Space Design in Urban Park—Taking Shunfeng Mountain as an Example

Haili Yu
After the founding of New China, especially in the past 30 years of reform and opening up. A large number of new Lingnan gardens have emerged in the Lingnan area which it different from the Lingnan gardens in the past.Their forms and contents have obviously more urban greening (urban large gardens) characteristics....
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The Development Direction of the Citizenization of the Agricultural Migrant Population from the Perspective of Classified Citizenization

Yanxin Diao, Jianyu Zhang
Economic and technological advances have caused numerous rural surplus laborers to leave the land and flock to the cities in search of survival opportunities. The transition of the agricultural population from farmer to citizen is a long and multi-factor process.This study selected the statistic of Chengdu...
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Performance Management Appraisal: Approaches in the Private and Public Sectors

Yining Ma
Since the 1980s, the pace of economic globalization has been increasing faster, leaving a competitive market. In this situation, an enterprise must constantly improve its overall efficiency and performance if it wants to take up the market. To create more value, companies struggle to find the best way...
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Danmaku and High User Retention Rate: A Case Study on Bilibili

Qianxi Zhu
By overlaying comments on videos, danmaku creates a fantastic movie-watching experience for users, giving them the social feeling of watching movies together. Through case study, this paper explains how Bilibili, the largest danmaku video platform in China, achieves high user retention through a series...
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The Impact of Media on Adolescents’ Perceptions of Gender Roles

Yijing Guo
THis paper reviews the gender stereotypes in traditional media (e.g. television and films), printed media (e.g. magazines and printed advertisements), and social media regarding how these contents influence adolescents’ perception of gender roles. The majority of literature focuses on adolescents in...
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Judicial Cognizance of Other Serious Cases of Defamation Crime in Cybercrime

Wei Song
With the continuous development of modern network technology, the Internet has changed people's way of life. However, with the continuous expansion of the use of the Internet, while enjoying the efficient life brought by the Internet, people have gradually increased their behaviors of infringing...
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Happiness Scores Analysis Report

Lenong Xu
Happiness scores are often used to inform policy decisions. This report is dedicated to analyzing happiness scores to support better government decision-making. In the exploratory data stage, statistical analysis, comparative distributions, regression analysis, and correlation analysis are carried out...
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Anchoring Heuristics: Reformation of New Mechanism in Decision Choice of Labour Market

Wu Chen
Against this background of an extremely competitive labor market, this study aims to investigate the contribution of anchoring heuristics in modification of framework in labor market supply and demand at the scope of individual decision making. Theoretical insights from anchoring theory, Michael Porter...
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Research on College Students’ Participation in Postgraduate Training and Development Strategies—Taking Universities in Chengdu as an Example

Jiaming Tang
Under the background of knowledge-based society and enrollment expansion in university, each year, a large group of college students participate in the graduate entrance examination. With the rise of the “entry examination fever”, more and more people participate in postgraduate training. However, due...
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Study on the Stigmatization Process and Coping Mechanism of COVID-19 in Nanjing—Take COMMUNITY B in Z City as an Example

Feng Weijun, Cong Xiaofeng
Social mobility has spread the novel coronavirus pandemic. In a state of high mental tension, rumors tend to grow, and the sense of self-protection drives the masses to alienate, label, and eventually stigmatize all those from the affected areas. The stigma associated with over-immunization has created...
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Immunotherapies for Alzheimer’s Disease

Hui Guo
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the main cause of dementia and it is a neurodegeneration disease. Numerous evidence has shown that amyloid β (Aβ) and tau protein are two main “triggers” of this disease. The Aβ has been main target for decades, and this review will discuss both active anti-Aβ and passive...
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The Stages of Development, Background Guarantees, and Advantages of Whole-Process People’s Democracy in the New Century

Ziqi Zhao
Whole-process people’s democracy is the essence of socialist democratic politics, a new form of people’s democracy in the new era with a full chain, all-around and full coverage. By analyzing the process of the formation of full-process people’s democracy, this article has gained an accurate and profound...
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Research on the Influence of Employee’s Team-Member Exchange on Leadership Emergence Based on Empirical Analysis

DuanYou Ma, HongJiang Lv, HaoYu Wu
Traditional researches on leadership often believe that a leader can only be appointed by a single, formally appointed individual. However, with the deepening of organizational structure transformation, enterprises begin to rely more on informal leadership provided by team members, thus attracting attention...
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Construction of College Engineering Training System Based on OBE—Take Aerospace Engineering University as an Example

Fengkun Yu, Xiaogang Tang, Bingquan Zhang
This paper analyzes the OBE result-oriented education model, combines the implementation steps of OBE, and follows the teaching concept of the unity of knowledge and action. The construction structure, curriculum system, training management system and achievement evaluation system framework of the Engineering...
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Privacy Management and Privacy Concerns in Social Media

Runting Li
This study focuses on the privacy issues in social media, analyzes the current privacy issues in terms of privacy management and privacy concerns, hoping to explore the relationship between the public’s perceptions and behavioral levels in terms of privacy. The study proposes five hypotheses through...
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Dilemmas and Strategies of Metro Cultural Communication in the Context of ‘Immersive Intelligent Media + Scene Theory’

Yimin Wang, Jingyi Pan, Qianru Dong, Wenrui Liang
With the popularization of 5G and the advent of the era of integrated media, immersive smart media and the era of scene-based media have begun to gain importance. Firstly, the article compares the origin and current situation of immersive smart media and “scene-based” construction, analyzes the characteristics...
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A Review of Work Family Conflict Research

Rui Wang, Hongbo Shi
The job competition is becoming more and more fierce with the rapid development of society, nowadays, the job requirements for individuals are becoming more and more strict. At the same time, the liberalization of the birth policy and the change of parents’ educational concept have gradually increased...
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Exploring Criminal Jurisdictional Conflicts in Cross-Border Online Gambling

Yifan Jia, Yuxin Liang, Yunmeng Xiong, Yingqi Zhang
Cross-border online gambling crimes occur frequently and have broken through the boundaries of traditional crimes in the context of globalization and the increasing development of Internet technology. For instance, a crime committed in one country can have adverse consequences for citizens from other...
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Research on the Reform of Vocational English Curriculum Based on Core Competencies of Higher Vocational English

An WeiYu
This paper summarizes the research on the core competencies in domestic and foreign literature, and proposes to build and cultivate six essential characters and six key abilities of higher vocational students based on the investigation of the core competencies of the public English courses in higher...
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The Difficulties and Path of Rural Ecological Environment Management in China

Liping Zhu, Xubiao Yang
Since the reform and opening up, the governance of rural ecological environment has been paid more and more attention. But at present the effect of rural ecological environment governance is not ideal. This paper analyzes the current situation of China’s rural ecological environment, probes into the...
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Detection of Parking Spaces in Open Environments with Low Light and Severe Weather

Borui Li
Based on the goal of improving the accuracy of all-day outdoor parking lot detection, and considering the difficulty of detecting small spatial targets in many images and the problem that the detection performance at night has a large gap with that at daytime, the all-day outdoor parking lot detection...
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Understanding Social Media Marketing: The Value of Consumer Engagement

Yilin Sun
These days, consumer engagement is a hot topic. More and more studies have shown that consumer engagement is positively correlated with consumer satisfaction. This paper reviewed recent literature on consumer engagement and proposes a framework of how to use social media to improve consumer engagement...
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Analysis on the Integration of Patriotism Education into the Teaching of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of National Anti-epidemic

Taking the Course Introduction to Maoism and Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics as an Example

Hongyang Du, Na Ni
The great fight against the COVID-19 epidemic has provided fresh and lasting material for the patriotism education of ideological and political theory courses in colleges and universities. Integrating patriotism education into ideological and political courses in colleges and universities under the background...
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Research on the Balance of Per-Pupil Education Expenditure in High Schools in China

Yihong Gan
Educational equity is not only an attractive social ideal, but it also serves to advance social equality. This article examines the current situation of balanced per-pupil education expenditure in high schools in China and the quality equity at the high school education level in China and investigates...
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Research on the Integrated Development of Social Governance and Voluntary Service in the New Era

Tingting Liu, Xiaojie Gong
The continuous deepening of reformation and opening enterprise propelled Chinese social progress. Original monocentric governance that governance monopolizes political, economic and social affairs is gradually being broken down. Multi-governing becomes a necessary way to promote the reform of the governance...
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Research on the “Representational Break” of Political Parties in the Background of the Rise of Contemporary Western Populism

Xiaoyi Lu
The rise of populism in the West is the result of the “representational fracture” of political parties. Based on the analytical perspective of party politics, the nationalization of political parties is an important reason for the crisis of representation in the democratic system. Due to the shrinking...
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Competitive Intelligence Gathering in Strategic Decision Making

Shuyi Liao, Keyi Lu, Lei Xv
Over recent years, due to globalization and the increasingly fierce market competition environment, organizations have started to capitalize on the significant use of competitive intelligence (CI) systems to provide valuable information resources for strategic decision-making. The process of CI includes...
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Statistical Analysis of Covid Impact on Education in North America

Yiyang Hu
The Covid-19 pandemic since 2019 has affected various aspects of the world like economic and finance. But the utmost loss that the people would face is related to the education sector. Any country, big or small, but if its educational system is good and according to the world standard then it is destined...
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An Application of Prior Knowledge on Detection of Brain Tumors in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Images

Sicong Chen
Brain diseases, such as brain tumors, are essential problems in people’s health. As a result, brain tumor detection has become a demanding and challenging task. In this paper, an interpretable method is proposed to introduce the prior knowledge of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images to brain tumor...
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Contemporary Theoretical Models of Portfolio Risk

Siwei Qiang, Mengyao Wang, Wenwen Wu
Portfolio theory has been widely studied by scholars all over the world since its inception. The analysis and diversification of portfolio risk based on theoretical analysis as well as calculation has been the main research object of many financiers and scientists; the modern portfolio theory they created...
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Research on the Perfection of Juvenile Delinquency Community Correction System in China

Dian Jin
The youth community correction is in line with the conditions of community correction of juvenile criminal in community, by the judicial administrative organ and its dispatched institutions in the related departments and with the help of social forces, in the judgment or written order or decision within...
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Exploring the Possibility to Feminize Four Macro-level International Relations Theories

Xianzheng Zhou
The traditional international relations theories such as realism, liberal institutionalism, world system theory, and Samuel Huntington’s theory of civilizational conflicts are all positive approaches because they strive to establish scientific models of how the international relations operate. However,...
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How Does Authoritarian Leadership Influence Employees and Organisation?

Kexin Yi
Authoritarian leadership describes a model of management in which superiors hold absolute authority and demand obedience from their subordinates. There is a wide criticism of this leadership style due to its strict hierarchy and rules, but there is also positive research about authoritarian leadership....
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Know More, Suffer More

Analysis of the Big Data Discriminatory Price

Jiayi Kang, Chenlei Shen, Yuchen Yue
Big data discriminatory price (BDDP) is a kind of misuse of data, where the platform “sets” the user up from the very beginning of the service contract with the user, actively taking the user's surplus for its own benefit in all aspects of information collection, analysis, and utilization. In recent...
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Effects of Plateau Pika Population Characteristics on the Ecosystem of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Recommendations for Prevention and Control

Ruiqi Peng
The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, known as the “third pole of the earth” and the “roof of the world”, has a high and cold climate and a sensitive ecological environment. Plateau pika (scientific name Ochotona curzoniae) is widely distributed in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau region and plays an important role in...
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Conception of Staff Training in Manufacturing Enterprises Based on Knowledge Management

Xu Kang, Du Lihong, Zhang Hong
Many manufacturing companies are often faced with such a problem: staff training is carried out every year. “Teacher and apprentice help” pair up every year, why can’t the apprentices become teachers? Many employees speak well, why are they at a loss when they encounter practical problems? Why does the...
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Knowledge Dissemination Model Based on Graph Neural Network

Wei-ming Liu
Explore the application of GCN model to the prediction of knowledge transmission model. Teaching abstract into neural network, neural network model parameters education meaning, the model in the frequency domain space, design different convolution kernels, finally by GCN model of common teaching model,...
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A Diagnostic Question Analysis Model based on a Modified Item Response Theory

Haonan Gao
Digital technologies are being more widely used in education, allowing students all around the world to access individualized, high-quality educational resources. This paper analyzes a massive amounts of data derived from students’ interactions with these diagnostic questions can help us more accurately...
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Analysis of How to Improve Students’ Learning Efficiency by Using Students’ Sense of Gain and Happiness

Yilin Su
It is universally acknowledged that students’ learning efficiency and their learning motivation have been inextricably intertwined. Without appropriate learning motivation, it is difficult to maintain students’ long-term learning efficiency. Learning motivation, which refers to the incentive tendency...
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The Impact of Covid-19 on the Food Supply Chains in China

Kejun Fan
During the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s movement was under restrictions due to lockdowns. The food supply chain is then largely affected with disrupted supply and changed demand patterns. This paper mainly assesses the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the food supply chains in China. In the demand side,...
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Communication Dilemma in Enterprise Leadership and Its Solution

Yuhan Shu
For leaders, leadership is a process of continuous learning and practice. Leadership can be improved by developing communication skills, and effective communication skills will certainly promote the development of the leadership, which has certain pertinence and reality. Since the vigorous development...
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Analysis of the Impact of Social Media on the Social Opinion Orientation of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Yifei Tian
Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is also called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), which is a kind of dissociative disorder. As people pay more attention to rare mental illnesses, there are many stories using DID as the background in many films and on social media. This paper will focus on some...
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The Effect of Musical Ability on Chinese English as a Foreign Language Learners’ Phonetic Ability

Zhiqi Wang
In China, there are few studies on the relationship between musical ability and English phonetic ability. English phonetics teaching has been overlooked during the college English teaching in China for a long time, and there is a clear tendency that Chinese college students pay more attention to English...
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The Impact of Family Capital on Chinese Students’ Access to Higher Education

Yingzi Zhang
In China, besides the government and schools, the family has attached increasing importance to the children’s education. It is the existence of family capital that plays a vital role in affecting students’ higher education to a certain extent. Through the research on family economic capital, family cultural...
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Analysis of the Effect and Changes of Social Media Live Streaming

Kefei Zhu
Along with the development in digital marketing, social media live streaming has become a significant method of direct marketing for brands and organizations. This practice enables marketing organizations to make closer connection and more direct interaction between their consumers, which also provides...
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A Brief Analysis of Football Referee’s Ability to Control and Guide the Game

Gang Jin, Guantong Li, Yutong Wu, Yang Peng, Miao Shang
Whether modern football matches can develop in a good and healthy direction, so that both players' skills and tactics can be fully played, depends not only on the referee's understanding and mastery of the rules, but also, and more importantly, on the referee's ability to control and guide...
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Can Online Behavior Promote the Improvement of College Students’ Employability

Xichun Zhang
In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, the state pays more and more attention to the Internet. Compared with the older generation of college students, they have stronger ability to accept new things, more flexibility, and are more inclined to work in challenging or high-tech industries....
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Copyright Protection in China—Taking CNKI Incident as an Example

Ziang Deng
The enactment of China's Copyright Law in 1990 has brought significant changes to all aspects of Chinese society. CNKI, as the largest academic resource platform in China, has played an important role in the development of China's copyright system. However, in December 2021, CNKI lost a lawsuit...
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The Relationship Between Intolerance of Uncertainty and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Zhihan Dong
Nowadays, many people suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). To be specific, ASD has significant negative impact on their social relationships, mental and physical health, and daily functioning. Individuals with ASD often have difficulty in communicating with others. They also are highly intolerant...
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Research on Privacy Risk Identification in Government Data Sharing

Jiahao Pan
This study brings together risk governance theory and proposes a framework of privacy risk identification mechanism for government data openness in order to comprehensively and precisely identify the privacy risks contained in the process of open government data and to help privacy risk governance facilitate...
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Study on Standardized Approaches of Agriculture-Related Data Under the Background of Rural Revitalization – Take Shandong Province as an Example

Xiaohui Li, Mingle Zhou, Liming Cao
With the development of a new generation of information technology, all walks of life in the economy and society have been impacted to varying degrees. To meet the requirements of the new situation, local governments have carried out different degrees of digital construction according to the current...
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Perceptions of Exclusion: Gender & Excluder’s Identity

Siliang Chen
In this experiment, we will use the ball game seen in Vivian Zayas’s article to conduct the experiment. There are two variables respectively, the first is gender, and the second is familiar people and strangers. At the end of the experiment, participants were asked to write down the 0-3scale they saw...
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Different Triggers of Depression and Gender Differences

Wanti Wang, Wenjie Xu
It is of great significance to pay attention to the causes and prevention of depression. The purpose of this paper is to explore the mental and physical factors that lead to a depressed mood. The impact of gender differences on depression is explored by analyzing the etiology. The article provides a...
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RFID’S Applications and Future Prospects

Xingmao Liu
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology comes from radar technology. It is a fusion of radio technology and radar technology. This paper expounds the basic principles of RFID technology development based on the research of related literature, and emphatically analyzes the actual application...
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A Study of the Assimilative Education in America and China

Jiayi Deng
The functions of education have unique impact on children, particularly at an early age. Among these functions, assimilative education on children has become a trend in education study. Previous studies have indicated potential associations between children and assimilative education. However, the former...
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Chinese Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes Towards English Accents in an English-Medium Instruction Context

Jiayue Xiang
In response to the criticisms of the standardization of English caused by globalization, notions of World English and English as a lingua franca have been developed, emphasizing the co-existence of different English varieties. This has caused changes in non-native speakers’ attitudes towards English...
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Living in the Past: The Pathology of Anterograde Amnesia

Tianhao Wang
In this review, a model of anterograde amnesia was proposed, including the diencephalon, the medial temporal lobe and the routes that connect these two brain regions. Structures within these brain regions was proved to be related with anterograde amnesia in former studies. The structures are mamillary...
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A Competitor Smells Fishy but a Friend Smells Rosy: Social Identity Influences Psychological Well-Being During One-Person Social Exclusion

Weiyu Yang
Ostracism is a painful experience due to exclusion and ignorance by others. Previous research had established that experiencing one-person exclusion had the same detrimental effect on individuals’ sense of belongingness as the two-person exclusion (Chernyak & Zayas, 2010). In other words, including...
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Network Agenda Setting on Adolescent Depression: Distinctions Between Integrated and Professional Social Media Organizations

Haiqing Gao, Kexin Wang, Cheng Wong
These days, it can be seen that an increasing number of people, especially the youth, are getting trapped by depressive disorders, and thus more and more attention has been paid to this topic. But to what extent media users’ attitude towards those adolescents are influenced by authority are still remains...
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An Exploration of the Relationship Between Consumption Plans and Impulse Buying Through the Lens of Framing Effect

Xiangyu Gao, Yuxuan Jiang, Danxue Zhang
Impulsive buying behaviour has been a key part of consumer pattern analysis, recently with the development of online purchases, this behaviour has been exacerbated given the impulse nature of online purchases. This paper aims to combine impulsive buying behaviour with the “framing effect” in psychology,...
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The Influence of Intergenerational Support from Children on Life Satisfaction of the Elderly: The Mediating Effect of Self-efficacy

Wei Peng
This paper is intended to investigate the influence of intergenerational support from children on the life satisfaction of the elderly and explore the mediating effect of self-efficacy. A total of randomly-selected 615 elderly people from Zhejiang and Jiangsu Provinces were measured by a general information...
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Research on Korean Idol-Making Industry Based on Culture Industry Theory

Zhaoqi Wang
The Korean pop mature system is well known around the world, and its industrially produced idol groups such as BTS and Blackpink have not only taken Asia by storm, but have even swept Europe and the US, with their works topping iTunes, YouTube and other charts and even breaking records. However, in recent...
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The Review on the Correlation Between Childhood Sexual Abuse and Relationship Satisfaction

Linxi Yuan
Childhood sexual abuse is a common phenomenon in today’s world and can have a significant impact on an individual's mental health, such as PTSD or depression. Most of these effects last into adulthood, and relationship satisfaction is one of them, and can have a significant negative impact on an...
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Impact of Individuals’ Support for the Sexual Double Standard on Marriage Attitude

Yayan Cao
This paper concerns the effects of personal support to the sexual double standard on marital attitude and marital desirability among young adults. The decline in the marriage rate is a situation faced by the majority of developed countries today. One of the driven factors behind the long-term decline...
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A Study of Consumers’ Ambivalent Attitude Toward Cultural Creative Products

Heda Zhang, Siyang Wen, Lin Lin, Sheng Luo, Tianxiang Song
Based on the ambivalent attitude theory, this paper summarizes the attributes of cultural creative products. In light of this, the factors influencing consumers’ ambivalent attitude toward cultural creative products are proposed from both the internal individual and external situation aspects of consumers,...
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Embracing Democracy: The Development of Arend Lijphart’s Consociational Model in Burundi

Yuzhou Li
Burundi was mired in domestic conflicts when it gained independence in the 1960s. Now, though still poverty-stricken, Burundi has engineered a democratic political institution that ensures general stability within its borders. Beginning in the late 1980s, the country underwent a series of reforms in...
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The Cultural Adaptation Process of Chinese International Students in the United States

Yurui Shang
Studying abroad exposes Chinese students to diverse cultural environments. Acculturation refers to adjusting individuals to distinct cultural patterns, meanings, and values, considering aspects such as language, culture, and background. Increasing numbers of Chinese students prefer to study overseas...