Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Social Sciences and Economic Development (ICSSED 2020)

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Analysis of the Key Factors to the Economic Growth in South Korea

Geyang Xia
Before 1960s, Korea was a small agricultural countries depending on imports. During this 45 years, South Korea has made a huge leap in the economy. The reasons of economic growth of South Korea was analyzed in this paper. The author mainly focused on the science-and-technology-innovation policy, education...
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The Conception of Stock Price Volatility Analysis System Based on News Events

Liu Xin, Sheng Mingcai, Huang Xi, Su Ganya
News events are one of the factors influencing stock price fluctuations. The analysis system proposed in this paper quantifies the influence of historical news events into “limitation period” and “stock price fluctuation range”, predicts the possible impact of real-time news events on stock price, and...
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Professional Development Strategies of College English Teachers from the Perspective of Educational Knowledge Management

Ge Liu
Educational knowledge management has been one of the research hotspots in educational technology. The applications of knowledge management and its interaction with educational technology are of great significance to the development of educational technology. Knowledge is the core of teachers’ professional...
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Research on the Influence of Institutional Environment and Fintech to Urban Commercial Banking Performance

Yang Sen, Gu Jijian
As the main body of the financial industry, the operation of commercial Banks is related to the lifeline of the national economy. The integration and development of traditional finance and fintech is the trend of China’s current financial reform. As a new form of finance resulting from the integration...
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The Impact of Government Subsidies on Business Performance Based on the Experience Data of China’s GEM Listed Companies

Tiantian Zhao
In today’s society, the Chinese government provides subsidized funds to listed companies for different motivations and reasons, and the theoretical research on the performance of the use of government subsidized funds is not comprehensive enough, and the conclusions are inconsistent. In order to reveal...
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Risk Control Technology Combining Production and Finance in the Process of New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion

Liu Jilu, Wang Chunfang, Tan Weibing
At present, our country is in a period of transition of new and old economic energies and social transformation. Neither the strategic structural adjustment of the industrial field nor the deepening reform of the financial industry has been finalized. Under such circumstances and conditions, the development...
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Study on Agricultural Synthesis Productivity in the Prefecture-Level Cities of Sichuan Province Based on Grey Relation Analysis

Ruiqi SUN, Guozhu HE
The level of agricultural production is a key element in rural regional planning, and agricultural synthesis productivity is considered as an important factor to evaluate the agricultural productivity of a certain region. Applying the Grey Relation Analysis method, this paper evaluates and ranks the...
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Research on the Development of Logistics Mode of Characteristic Agricultural Products in Guangdong Province Under the Background of “Internet +”

Yan Fang
In order to promote the development of regional characteristic agricultural products logistics, this paper analyzes the characteristics of various current characteristic agricultural products logistics models, and makes empirical analysis based on the actual situation of the development of regional characteristic...
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A Study on the Construction of Chinese Integrity Culture: Based on the Development Needs of the Country, Society, and Community

Hongyuan Xu, Liansheng Yang
The social behavior model guided by high-quality development is the most important indicator to judge the ability and level of governance, which is also the value orientation of the highest level of national and social political practice. The value orientation of development has leading and guiding practical...
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Literature Review on R&D Innovation of Family Firms

Yiqing Yang, Shouye Liu
Research on family firm’s innovation is an important topic in the field of family firms research. First of all, the definition of family firms includes element participation method, essential definition method and continuous definition method. The second is to integrate relevant theoretical tools in...
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The Relationship Between Economic Growth, Energy Consumption and Environmental Pollution Based on ARDL Model

Kim Jong Chol
This paper investigated the dynamic relationship among the per capita national income, energy consumption and environmental pollution based on the ARDL model for Liaoning Province. The results of the ARDL model estimation did not clearly confirm the EKC hypothesis that the relationship between economic...
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Monitoring of Influencing Factors on Teaching Ability of Higher Vocational Teachers’ Entrepreneurship Education Based on Structural Equation①

ShenQing Qing, Feng Jiang Hua, Chen Beilei
This paper takes higher vocational teachers as the starting point, and based on the original questionnaire of the project team, constructs a structural model of 4 factors and 21 indicators of theoretical practice, value concept, policy system, implementation conditions. aiming at 321 effective teacher...
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Research on Financial Analysis of Modern Enterprise Based on Economic Added Value and DuPont Financial Analysis

Wang Xianglan, Fu Xingfeng
Financial statements are the commercial language for enterprises to communicate with the outside world. They play an increasingly important role in economic life. The items in financial statements are highly general and concentrated. Only through appropriate financial analysis can they become useful...
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Analysis of Accurate Marketing Strategy of Online Advertising in Big Data Era

Ying Jiaming
The 21st century has become an era of “Internet +” and “data is king.” Commercial advertising has gradually changed from traditional models to online advertising relying on big data. Using data collection, mining and sorting, companies can apply the analysis results to the marketing, thereby further...
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Coordinated Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei City Group from the Perspective of Regional Economics—Comparative Analysis Based on the Gravity Model

Yuan Bing
Promoting the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, adjusting the regional economic structure and spatial structure, and promoting the construction of Hebei Xiong’an New District and Beijing’s urban sub-centers are one of China’s three major national strategies. From the perspective of regional...
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Research on the Financing Dilemma of Chinese Private Enterprises

Jin Yaqi, Du Yulan
In recent years, China’s economic development momentum has been relatively rapid. Under this situation, private enterprises have also grown up and have become an essential factor in China’s economic development. On the one hand, it provides a lot of employment opportunities for the residents of our country,...
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Research on High Efficiency Production of Enterprise Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model

Jingjing Feng
In the information age, the fuzziness of things urgently requires mathematics and quantification. First of all, taking clothing as an example, this paper introduces the first level comprehensive evaluation model, and uses this model to judge customers’ preferences for clothing, so as to organize production...
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Study on “Yao Nan Troupe” in Qinghe District During the Anti-Japanese War

Sha Jia Yi
Yao Nan Troupe, which is active in qinghe district, made special contributions to the stability and development of the red regime during the war of resistance against Japan and the war of liberation. Special geographical location and specific historical period shaped yao nan troupe. Yao nan troupe in...
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A Study on the English Translation of Public Signs in Downtown Wenzhou

Xingyue Wang, Zhengbing Liu
As an important export-oriented economic city along the southeast coast of China, Wenzhou plays a pivotal role in the world. The process of internationalization in Wenzhou has accelerated in recent years. While as many as one million Wenzhou people go out to the rest of the world to conduct business...
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Thoughts on the Provisions of Beneficiaries in China’s Insurance Law

Xiangbin Zuo
The beneficiary is an important concept stipulated in the insurance law, and the right to income is its legal basis. In specific judicial practice, how to determine the beneficiaries and how to deal with the loss of the right to income are issues that need to be explored. This article starts with the...
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Research on Green Innovation Incentive of Environmental Regulation

Hongfang Cai
Nowadays, China is facing increasingly severe social situation, for example,tighter resource constraints, serious environmental pollution, ecological environment degradation and so on. The demands for ecological transformation are increasing all over the world. At present, global environmental issues...
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A Review of Mindfulness-Based Interventions in the Treatment of Substance Abuse and Addiction

Huang Man, Zhang Jun, Zhang Siying
As a treatment for substance abuse and addiction, mindfulness-based interventions(MBI) is the third major treatment method emerging after behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Its key is changing cognitive, emotional and behavioral processes. MBI focuses on “cultivating the conscious experience...
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Analysis on College English Teaching Reform and Development Under the Background of Internet Plus

Xue Li
The advent of the Internet era has brought more teaching and learning resources to college English teaching, which will undoubtedly bring new opportunities to college English teaching. As long as it is properly used, the quality and efficiency of college English teaching will be constantly improved....
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Research on College English Education and Regional Economic Development

Xue Li
With the development of social economy and the strengthening of international communication and cooperation, English has increasingly highlighted its economic value. The development of English education is of great significance to the promotion of regional economy. Based on the relationship between language...
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Cultural Development of Dongying City Driven by Lv Opera from the Perspective of Urban Sustainability

Xu Wang, Wenxin Yuan
In this age of fast urbanization and social development, urban culture has seen tectonic changes. Sustainable development of culture becomes a salient issue that stems further urban development. With Lv opera of Dongying City as the study object, this paper probes into the factors that influence the...
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Analysis on the Cultivation of Master of Engineering Management in the Current Situation in China

In order to meet the urgent needs of high-level personnel in engineering management and to adapt to the economic and social development, colleges and universities start to educate master of engineering management. Based on the statistics of quantity, enrollment, length of schooling and tuition fees of...
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Research on the Autonomous Learning Mode of College English via the Internet in the Epidemic Situation

Bing He
In 2020, China suffered novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. Under the severe situation, the CPC Central Committee led the whole nation to work together to fight against the epidemic. Teachers and students in the universities should adjust their mentality quickly. Under the premise of good protection,...
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Empirical Research on College English Teaching Mode of Hierarchical and Three-Dimensional Interaction

Bing He
With the rapid development of information technology, which has a great impact on people’s daily life, work and learning mode, the traditional teaching methods and teaching methods can not meet the needs of College English Teaching in the new era, and the reform of College English teaching needs to be...
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The Reform of College English Teaching Based on Applied Talents Cultivation Under the Belt and Road Initiative

Bing He
Under the background of the belt and road initiative, College English plays a unique role as one of the courses to train applied talents. College English is a required course for college students to learn. With the continuous development of education reform and the progress of social development, the...
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Research on College English Teaching Reform Based on “Information Processing Learning Theory” Under the Belt and Road Initiative

Bing He
Under the belt and road initiative, it is of practical significance to train talents with intercultural communicative competence. We should learn how to deal with cultural conflicts in scientific, objective and tolerant way in economic and cultural exchange activities. China is facing both opportunities...
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Research on the Choice of Retirement Time Based on the Perspective of Pension

Suping Qian, Qiming Feng
For specific female managers or female professional technicians, the policy stipulates that they can retire at the age of 60, but they can also voluntarily retire at the age of 55 upon their own application. Whether to retire at the age of 55 or 60 is the two options that need to be chosen. If employees...
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Review of Body Language Posture, and an Exercise Called “Power Posing Challenge” to Improve One’s Confidence

Gameiro, Marcelo Gonçalves
Body language posture with confidence is an important skill that cannot be ignored by people who wants to have high achievements in life. A much better first impression can be created in people’s minds if someone can display a good and confident body language. Such important skills can be applied professionally,...
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Research on the Improvement of Timebank Operation Based on Blockchain Technology

Xidi Zhang, Wen Si
Timebank provides a resolution for mutual provision of the elderly in China.But because of the pain points such as low trust and recognition,giant room for improvement in recording veracity and difficulties in cross-regional exchange of voluntary time, which exist in the long-acting Timebank operation,...
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Application of Machine Learning Algorithm in Human Resource Recommendation: From Tradition Machine Learning Algorithm to AutoML

Xiaoan Pan
In the decades since artificial intelligence was proposed, machine learning, the main branch of artificial intelligence, has achieved remarkable results in various fields such as natural language processing, image recognition, and computer vision. This article mainly introduces machine learning from...
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The Impacts of Health on Income of the Poor—An Empirical Analysis Based on Gansu Tibetan Area

Enmei He
Depending on the survey data in the Tibetan areas of Gansu Province, this survey uses Weighted Least Squares to explore the impact of health on the income of the poor from the micro level. The results of the study indicate that the personal health level of the poverty-stricken population in the Tibetan...
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Social Interaction Research on Mobile Games: A Case Study of Peace Elite

Zhang Wenxin
The scale of mobile game users is gradually expanding. Peace Elite is an extremely important MOBA mobile game as the inheritance and continuation of the PUBG Mobile in China. Social interaction in group confrontation and collaborative mobile games cannot be ignored. Based on the game mechanics of this...
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Online Retail, Spatial Spillover and Household Consumption

Liang Wang, Meiyu Pan
This paper designs three spatial correlation models, and uses dynamic spatial Durbin model to empirically analyze the impact of online retailing on household consumption expenditure from two dimensions of space and time. The results show that: online retailing has only a short-term impact on household...
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Can Cooperation Memberships Ease Farmers’ Credit Constraints?—Evidence from Sichuan Province

Haonan Li, Xuehao Huang, Hannuo Qiu
In developing countries, credit constraints are often perceived as one of the most important market frictions hampering agricultural productivity growth in rural areas. In this context, it is important to study the causes of farmers’ credit constraints and the corresponding solutions. This paper examines...
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Analysis on the Necessity of Real Estate Enterprises to Transform the Asset-Light Operation Mode: A Case Study of China Fortune Land Development

Zhirong Shen, Yun Shui
With the rapid development of China’s economy, the optimization of financing environment for real estate enterprises and the support of national policies, the real estate industry of China is entering the “stock era”. At the same time in the context of the escalation of the trade war, real estate enterprises...
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Research on the Development Path of E-Commerce Logistics in China from the Perspective of Environmental Protection

Keqiang Zhu
In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce industry in China, the supporting e-commerce logistics is growing rapidly. At the same time, a large number of express packages also cause serious waste of resources and environmental pollution. Environmental protection is the inevitable trend...
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Research on the Theory of Intelligent Management of University Physical Education Teaching Data

Dongxu LIU, Jiayi LI
With the rise of artificial intelligence and the advent of the 5G era, the field of education is constantly incorporating new technologies and things. Teachers and students get more educational information from it and get better teaching effect. However, in the physical education teaching, the traditional...
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Review of the Theory and Application of Big Data in Urban Spatial Optimization

Zijun Ye
This article applies the literature review method to sort out and summarize the results on the theory and the application of big data in urban space optimization research. It founds that the domestic research on spatial optimization started relatively late, mainly in terms of the optimization of the...
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The Context and Evolution of Business Environment Research: Based on the Review of Foreign Literature

He JIANG, Yonghui CAO
With the release of the global business environment report by the world bank every year, the research on business environment has attracted the attention of governments and more and more scholars, and has gradually become a research hotspot. Many countries have gradually realized that the construction...
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A Study of Stereotypes in Post-Truth News Reporting—A Case Study of the “Female Driver” in the Bus Crash in Chongqing

Liang minda, zhao jianhua
“post-truth” is a public opinion ecology that emphasizes emotions and opinions. This media environment provides a space for the barbaric growth of “stereotyped impression” that conforms to the audience’s inherent thinking and easily intensifies their emotions. Stereotypes in news reports can bring about...
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Does Regional Integration Promote Economic Growth?

Deng Wenbo
Taking the Outline of the Reform and Development Planning of the Pearl River Delta as a natural experiment, this paper collects panel data of 281 cities from 2004 to 2014, and estimates the economic growth level of Guangdong Province, the Pearl River Delta and its surrounding areas by using DID method....
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The Technical Solutions of Intelligent Venue and the Composition of Its Business Module

Shuyi Wu, Ye Jin, Jiankang Zhang
Speech recognition solution,database solution and AI application solution are three technical solutions of intelligent venue.The business module of speech recognition solution includes intelligent speech interaction module and AIUI module.The business module of the database solution includes data backup...
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Discussion on the Social Governance Amid After-School Tutorial Classes and the Quality-Oriented Education

Qiaowen Tang
The educational reform based on quality-oriented education is a key aspect of modern system of social governance. Not only are there some opposed competitions and games, but also some mutual promotions and divergences amid the phenomenon that primary and secondary school students participating in after-school...
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Research on Product Recommendation and Consumer Impulsive Purchase Under Social Commerce Platform—Based on S-0-R Model

Yang Chen, Dan Li, Zhongguo Zhao
This article builds its own model and assumptions on the basis of the S-0-R model. It examines the impact of third-party product recommendations on consumer impulse purchases on social commerce platforms, and conducts empirical research on several popular product recommendation platforms in China. According...
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Research on Performance Evaluation System of Manufacturing Listed Companies Based on CNN

Zhang Chengwei
From the perspective of studying and evaluating the operating performance of enterprises, this paper chooses a system including, but not limited to, financial indicators. Based on this, in view of the uncertainty of the coupling between the evaluation indicators, a performance evaluation model of state-owned...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship Between Working Capital Management Efficiency and Firm Value of Chinese Manufacturing Listed Companies—Differences Between State-Controlled and Non-State-Controlled Companies

Caihua Ma, Chenying Yao
Based on the perspective of the nature of property rights, the paper uses the two-way fixed effects model to analyze the influence of listed company’s working capital management efficiency on firm value. The results show that from 2001 to 2008, the working capital management efficiency of Chinese manufacturing...
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Translation of Shaanxi Characteristic Dietary Names from the Perspective of Skopos Theory

Hui Liu, Tingting Han
Under the background of the strategy of “going global” of Chinese culture, the culture with local characteristics has gradually entered the world. Food culture is an important part of local characteristic culture. Based on the analysis of the connotation of Shaanxi characteristic dietary culture, this...
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Research on the Correlation Between Economic Policy Uncertainty, Exchange Rate, and Stock Market—Empirical Analysis Based on DCC and BEKK-GARCH Model

Bin Liu, Xiu-tong Liu, Shuo Zhang, Xiao-han Yu
Based on the monthly data from January 1995 to June 2018, taking the uncertainty index of China’s economic policy developed by Scott Baker and others based on South China Morning Post, the exchange rate intermediate price of US dollar against RMB and Shanghai Securities Composite Index as the research...
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Research on O2O Supply Chain Decision Under the Condition of Trade-In

Xuanzhi Wang
With the development of the times, today’s society pays more and more attention to climate change, and carbon emission management is becoming more and more important. o2o mode has risen with the development of e-commerce in recent years, which has become an opportunity for many manufacturing enterprises...
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Association Analysis of Supermarket Products Based on RapidMiner

Dongxiu Ye
With the development of information technology and database technology, information data has shown explosive growth. However, in the face of huge amounts of data, people are often confused and unable to discover the hidden knowledge and rules of the data, resulting in a waste of resources. This article...
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Analyses on the Equilibrium Model of Financing Game—Based on Block Chain Technology

Qingyuan feng
China’s small and micro enterprises have made and are making indispensable contributions to promote the development of the national economy, increase employment and maintain social stability. However, the traditional financing channel is single, the financing cost is high, and the financing difficulties...
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Essay: Adorno on the Form of Philosophical Writing

Feng Tao
Adorno inherits Lukács and Benjamin’s thoughts on philosophical writing form and believes that essay is a new form of philosophical writing and a linguistic medium of art and philosophy. Adorno criticizes traditional writing form of philosophy on the basis of criticizing the philosophical identity. Therefore,...
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Research on Applying Teaching Games for Understanding Approach to the Training of University Women’s Basketball Team—A Case Study of Women’s Basketball Team of Xi’an University of Technology

Nan Zhang, Manhua Li
By literature and case study, this paper analyzes the results of application of teaching games for understanding approach to the training to solve the problem of players’ low level, tight schedule and inexperience. The results of the research are as follows: the training efficiency techniques and tactics...
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New Progress in Job Design Theory: Literature Review of Job Crafting

Xiao Yuchun, Ke Junqun
Job design is an important part of organizational research and the key to the sustainable development of an organization. Job crafting is the development and innovation of the traditional work design theory, which subverts the traditional top-down work design method and aims to stimulate the enthusiasm...
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Research on Optimization of Business Environment in Jilin Province

Yanwei Wang, Yan Zhang
The business environment of Jilin Province has been continuously improved in recent years, however, Jilin Province compared with the economically developed southeast coastal areas that the rate of improvement is still slower.The economic growth of Jilin Province is slow and the population is lost that...
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Research on Logistics Support Issues of US Joint Operations

Wenqiong Fang, Yangyang Yu, Haiyan Tu
As the world’s largest military power, the U.S. military has always maintained a leading position in the field of joint combat logistics support. It has put forward a series of new concepts and models of logistics support. This paper summarizes the successful practices and useful experience of the joint...
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Research on Technological Innovation Ability Cultivation for Private College Student

Weici Liu, Yangcai Fan, Ruisheng Liang
The innovative education is the trend of China’s higher education reform. The implementation of innovation education in China’s colleges meets the requirement of the times, the construction of an innovative country in China, and the prosperity of the nation. Based on the theoretical basis of innovation...
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The Practice and International Experience of Business Environment Construction in China

Yonghui CAO, He JIANG
In recent years, our government has done a lot of work in optimizing the business environment, and has made great progress, which has been recognized by the world. From the practice of the construction of the state-owned business environment, the central government and the State Council attach great...
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Influence of Women’s Childbearing on Their Labor Productivity

Xuhang Zhao
This paper uses the data of China Family Panel Studies (CFPS), making a distinction between urban and rural samples and analysing the impact of women’s childbearing on their labour productivity. The results show that childbearing can significantly reduce women’s labour productivity and marginal effects...
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Analysis of Intra-Industry Trade Between China, Japan, and Korea

Chang Yuan, Yu-lan Du
With the continuous development of China’s economy, the scale of trade between China and Japan and between China and South Korea has developed rapidly in recent years. Since the 1990s, the trade between China and Japan and between China and South Korea has been dominated by manufacturing products, reflecting...
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Research on the Development Situation and Optimization Measures of the Construction of the State-Owned Business Environment in China

He JIANG, Yonghui CAO, Hui LIU
With the gradual improvement of the socialist market economy system, Reform and Opening up are also deepening and developing. In recent years, our government has done a lot of work in optimizing the business environment, and has made great progress, which has been recognized by the world. Of course,...
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Analysis of Arab Israeli’s Sense of National Belonging Based on K-Means Cluster Algorithm

Wenjia Liu
The sense of national belonging is an important feature of national identity and the core factor of the establishment of a nation state.Based on the cluster analysis method in social statistics, a quantitative analysis on the sense of belonging of Arab-Israelis is conducted in this paper.First of all,...
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How Question and Answer System Affects Sales of Taobao Stores

Li Wang, Qingpu Zhang, Zuolong Zheng
Q&A system is a new kind of user-generated content and a new form of electronic word of mouth. More and more electronic systems have adopted Q&A system to provide customers with more information. However, as Q&A system is a new emerging system, little literature has studied how Q&A system affects stores’...
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A Model About Visitor Perception of Leisure Farm in Shanghai: A Grounded Theory Study

Chen Xiaoli, Zhangli
This study focuses on the upgrading of urban leisure farm in Shanghai, China. Using grounded theory, the researchers carried out open coding and selective coding of original material by network comments, travel notes and interviewed, and the coding results are tested by theoretical saturation. Therefore,...
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Research on Social Work Action of Rural Elderly Volunteers Cultivation

Zhang Rongyan, Xiu Ning
Due to the aging of the population and the acceleration of the urbanization process, most of our country’s rural areas have entered the aging stage, and the proportion of the elderly population is increasing. Therefore, the cultivation of rural volunteers, especially the elderly volunteers, is a key...
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Analysis of Spatial Characteristics and Influence Factors of BeiJing-TianJin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration

Yuehui Liu
This paper selected BeiJing-TianJin- Hebei urban agglomeration which includes Beijing,Tianjin and 11 cities of Hebei province as the object of study.Based on the data of population,GDP and mutual distances of 2012,2014 and 2016,this paper built a modified gravitational model to analyze the density,point...
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Impact of RMB Exchange Rate on Sino-Japanese Trade

Xue Yu, Du Yulan
With the development of economic globalization and regional economic integration, the economic development of China and Japan has an important impact on Asia and the world. It is of profound significance to study the development of Sino-Japanese trade.This article introduces the development and characteristics...
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A Review of Research on Perceived Trust

Xiao Yuchun, Wu Shuang
Perceived trust and trust are interrelated, however, we know very little about perceived trust so far. Despite previous calls to examine trust from a manager-subordinate perspective, most of the current research focuses on the impact on employees when they trust managers, but pay less attention to what...
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The Appellate Body is Shut Down, How to Break the Deadlock

Wang simin
On December 11 th, the World Trade Organization Appellate Body was shut down because of an insufficient number of judges. It was the first shutdown in nearly 25 years and a serious crisis in the history of the WTO. This paper introduces and evaluates some existing suggestions on how to get out of the...
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Prediction of Private Car Ownership in China Based on the Improved PCA-Logistic Model

Bin Liu, Tianshu Zhao, Ranxia Zhang
The change of private car ownership is a long-term nonlinear process with complicated influencing factors and nonlinear relationship also exists among them, which requires reasonable and accurate methods for analysis and prediction. In order to solve these problems, the traditional principal component...
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The Research on the Impact of Government Electronic Information Services Quality on Citizen Participation

Peiyun Jiang
In the age of Internet, citizens mostly access the information of government policies and activities through the Internet, and the quality of government information has a profound impact on public participation. In this paper, 338 citizens of Chengdu City who get access to government information online...
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Analysis on Pragmatic Failures of Chinese Learners in Cross-Cultural Communication

Ge Liu
The basic aim of English teaching in college is making English majors successfully communicate with foreigners in English. Pragmatic competence directly reflects the appropriateness of flexible use of English for college English majors in cross-cultural communication. However, many studies show that...
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Improvement of Traditional Village Protection Infrastructure Management System

Ji Chen, Hongfu Zhang, Yanan Cao
At present, there are still problems in the traditional village infrastructure management system in China, such as improper investment, disordered construction and low resource utilization. While developing traditional villages, China should strengthen the protection of traditional villages through measures...
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Thoughts on Reform and Establishment of Practice-Oriented Undergraduate Start-Up Curricula

Hong Zhao
It is one of the key tasks in the future education to transform the regional colleges and universities from ordinary undergraduate institutes to practice-oriented ones. Entrepreneurship training is the core to achieve the transformation of these higher education institutes. In the process of transformation...
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Construction of Evaluation Index System of Large Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment Sharing in Chinese Universities

Yang Wei, Liu Xinrui
In order to solve the phenomenon of the low level of scientific research instruments and equipment utilization and sharing, the state council issued “ Opinions on the opening of major national scientific research infrastructure and large scientific research instruments to the public “ in 2014.And the...
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Harnessing Hollywood in China in the 1930s and 1990s: A Comparative Perspective

Li Yuhui, Fu Yongchun
This article is a comparative study of two Chinese governments’ reactions towards Hollywood in the 1930s and 1990s. Through a comparison of the two states’ censorship and economics polices, this article reveals that the film policies on Hollywood in the 1990s can be seen as a continuity if not consolidation,...
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Supply Chain Coordination Strategy Considering Manufacturer Quality Improvement

Hongqi Wang
Based on manufacturer quality improvement, this paper analyzes the optimal strategies under centralized and decentralized decision-making, and further studies the relationship between quality improvement degree and retail price, sales and profit. the results show that the centralized decision-making...
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Research on E-Commerce Service Platform from the Perspective of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Utilizing Huanren and Xinbin as Examples

Guojin Yuan, Hong Zhao, Lijun Yuan
Targeted poverty alleviation is an important asset for building a well-off society in every way and for realizing the great “Chinese dream” of the Chinese nation. And extensive poverty alleviation is behind targeted poverty alleviation. In the past, there were many problems such as the unclear poverty...
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A Summary of the Research on Resource Patching of Social Entrepreneurship

Ge Dengke
At present, scholars at home and abroad pay great attention to social entrepreneurship research, which is growing into a new research field. Social enterprises increasingly show obvious flexibility and control over various resources, and are gradually growing into an important force to promote social...
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Feasibility Study on the Replacement of Individual Account by Overall Planning of Medical Insurance Outpatient Service—Based on the Investigation of Jinan City, Shandong Province

Yao Tao Nie
With the gradual improvement of China’s medical security system, the role of outpatient co-ordination is becoming increasingly significant, and personal accounts will gradually lose their value. Outpatient co-ordination is a kind of medical security form that expands the scope of security and improves...
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A Review of Knowledge Hiding Behavior

Lu Bai
In today’s world, knowledge plays an increasingly prominent role in promoting the development of enterprises. In the knowledge age, organizational innovation lies in knowledge innovation, which relies on knowledge sharing. However, knowledge hiding behaviour is common in organizations, which hinders...
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Construction of Team Effectiveness Model Based on Paternalistic Leadership Style and Team Member Interaction

Lin Sen, Wang Ping
In the era of knowledge economy, the teamwork model has become the mainstream of the times, and the team effectiveness has been increasingly concerned by enterprises. Leadership style and team member interaction are the main factors affecting team effectiveness. Based on the paternalistic leadership...
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Research on the Implicit Debt of Basic Endowment Insurance in China

Lirui Dong
Facing the pressure of population aging, China’s basic endowment insurance system has changed from pay-as-you-go system to the partial accumulation system. In the process of transformation, the implicit debt of basic endowment insurance gradually becomes explicit. The problem of paying for the implicit...
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Review of Work Embedding Theory

Xie Yating
Work embedding theory has developed rapidly in recent years and plays an important role in predicting employee dimission.Based on the literature of work embedding at home and abroad in recent years, this paper clarified the concept of work embedding theory, introduced the methods of literature measurement...
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The Construction of Curricular System for College Volunteer Service in the New Era

Wang Jianjian, Liang Haochuan, Shen Guofang
College students’ volunteer service is an important public social welfare, which contributes to social security and stability, economic construction and the construction of social morality. At present, the construction of college students’ voluntary service curriculum system needs further improvement....
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Exploring User-Driven Practices of Knowledge Services in University Libraries in the Context of “Double World-Class” Construction

Jian Li, Jing Lin, Xiaoqing Lin
Starting from a practical perspective, as the entry point for implementing the “Double World-Class” Construction macro policy, the article takes the research library knowledge service paradigm under Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy to help guide the knowledge service practices of university...
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The Evolution and Summary of Business Environment Research in China

Yonghui CAO, He JIANG, Jianfeng ZOU
with the development of economy and the aggravation of market competition, more and more countries attach importance to the business environment, and our country has taken the construction of business environment as a national strategy. In terms of theory, China has also made active exploration and achieved...
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On University Libraries’ Two-Way Services to International Users

Fengying Wang, Xiaojing Zhi, Xiaoqing Lin
Under the background of “Double First-Class” construction, the number of international students and teachers of universities is larger and larger, and they have been one of main service objects of university libraries. University libraries should advance with the times, maximize these new service objects...
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Qingcheng TCM Medical Treatment and Health Maintenance Model-O2O Based

Mujiexin Liu, Min Liu, Dazheng Zhang
The large gaps among incompatible functionalities of hospitals, the senior home and the nursing centers for the elderly have been a very serious problem in our aging society. This paper provides an effective solution by integrating the resources of medical services, community, nursing centers, senior...
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Research on the Influence of Cultural Distance on China’s OFDI Reverse Technology Spillover in the Background of the Belt and Road

Miaoyang Dong
Based on the multinational panel data of the countries along the Belt and Road (B&R countries) from 2005 to 2017, this paper uses the gravity model to study the impact of the cultural distance between China and the host country on China’s reverse technology spillover. The research shows that the cultural...
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Analysis on Equity of Health Resources on Primary Medical and Health Service in ChongQing

Weiwei Liu, Shan He, Xin Zhao, Fang Tan
According to the population distribution and economic indicators, the equity analysis and evaluation of health resources of primary health services in Chongqing in 2014 was carried out. Comparative analysis between the Township and community Primary health care resources in 2014 was made. Its equity...
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Research on the Intertemporal Arbitrage Strategy of CSI 300 Stock Index Futures

Chen Liwen, Liu Huangjin
With the great uncertainty of the stock market, stock index futures undertake the function of risk aversion, speculation and arbitrage. Intertemporal Arbitrage method is universally adopted in CSI 300 stock index futures. This paper analyses the theories of statistical arbitrage and high-frequency arbitrage...
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The Application of Activity-Based Costing in the Construction of the First-Class Major

Rong ZHANG, Jian-li LI
The advantages of Activity-Based Costing (ABC) include promoting the basic budget of activities and improving the management of activities, process and activity chain (value chain). The construction of the first-class major and first -class university in China’s institutions of higher learning is the...
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Sustainable Development and the Training of Rural Talents with Techniques

Xiaoning Yang, Yihan Li
In recent years, the country’s gross national product has been on the rise. The gap between urban and rural areas has reduced, but there are still some problems that make the development of urban and rural areas not coordinated. Many rural areas are relatively backward in information, traditional farming...
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Study on the Application of System Dynamics in the Risk Assessment of PPP Project of Expressway

Zhao Yongjiao
This paper uses the method of system dynamics to study the risk factors of PPP project. First of all, on the basis of reading the relevant literature, identify the existing risks of highway PPP project, and establish the stock flow chart of highway PPP project risks. Then, the system dynamics model is...
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Research on the Development of Dalian Ship and Ocean Engineering Industry

Shisong Zhang, Yuanling Luan, Jianfei Zhang
The purpose of this paper is to determine the advantages and disadvantages of Dalian in shipbuilding, marine engineering equipment and other aspects through the analysis of the current situation of the development of Dalian’s shipbuilding and marine engineering industry, and to put forward the strategic...