Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference On Systems Engineering and Modeling (ICSEM 2013)

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A Development Model of Semantic Web Application

Yinghui Huang, Guanyu Li, Xinlong Li
Semantic Web application is the application of semantic Web technology, of which the data containing semantic, thus is able to support the knowledge understanding and the knowledge processing. It can share information and refine information dynamically through the Internet access, which makes more full...
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LSSVM-based social spam detection model

Xiaolei Yang, Yidan Su, JinPing Mo
To Resolve the garbage tag issue in Folksonomy, Lssvm algorithm for social spam detection model (least Squares support vector machine classifiers) was proposed. The method of inequality change the constraints in the traditional support vector machine into equality constraints, and take the empirical...
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Wind Power Forecasting Based on the BP Neural Network

Jiandong Mao, Xiaojing Zhang, Juan Li
Accurate short-term wind power forecasting has important significance to safety, stability and economy of power system dispatching and also it is a difficult problem in practical engineering application. In this paper, by use of the data of numerical weather forecast, such as wind speed, wind direction,...
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Calculating Methods for the Irregular Hermite Interpolation Polynomial

Miao Luo, Liangliang Ma
Based on the theory of the regular Hermite interpolation polynomial, several calculating methods including basic function, multiple difference quotients, etc., have been proposed to solve the complex irregular Hermite interpolation polynomial.
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Research on Multiple Spatial Data Gathering Mechanism Based on Geo-information Browser

Ken Chen, Fang Wang, Fang Miao, Fu-chao Cheng
The spatial data presented several characteristics of mass, multiple, isomerism and multiple tenses, its organization and management mechanism is an important direction of research for Digital Earth. The management of grave emergency with regards to a series of spatial and non-spatial data concerning...
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Numerical simulation of flow field of inflation pressure for large complex sulfide mineral of low-tin flotation machine

Mingzhen Hu, Bozeng Wu, Jinquan Chen, Jishu Zeng
For flotation characteristics of complex sulfide mineral of low-tin in Guangxi Dachang mine, fluid dynamics software FLUENT was applied to simulate the turbulence intensity of slurry fluid in flotation machine at different inflation pressures. The effect of flow field characteristics was gotten for flotation...
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DZN2 Automatic Soil Moisture Observation System Based On GPRS Transmission

Longqin Xue, Linmao Ye
This article introduces the system of DZN2 automatic soil moisture observation and it’s application in china. The system is mainly made up of automatic collecting device, wireless data transmission system and intelligent data analysis software, and it realizes the automatic collecting for soil moisture,...
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The loess slope stability study

Shi-qiang Xu, Tao Zhao
We often use circular arc method when calculating the stability of the slope. But this kind of method ignores how the slope rate of top influences stability of slope. In this thesis, a destruction model of loess slope is set up to study the regular rule of how the slope rate of top influences stability...
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SWOT Analysis for Shanghai’s Serviced Apartment

Hong Shen, Zhenzhen Jiang
With the acceleration of building Shanghai as an international financial center, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises and foreign firms are stepping up to seize the market. Business and tourism floating population keep increasing. Data of the 6th Population Census showed that Shanghai’s...
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Risk Assessment on Beijing Urban Infrastructure Vulnerability

Qunlin Jia, Pengfei Bai, Qianqian Duan
In this paper, a comprehensive evaluation indicator system of urban infrastructure was constructed, and a vulnerability assessment model of urban infrastructure based on AHP method was developed. Taking Beijing as an example, an empirical research based on the date of Beijing urban infrastructure in...
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RBF Prediction Model Based on EMD for Forecasting GPS Precipitable Water Vapor and Annual Precipitation

Yanping Liu, Yong Wang, Zhen Wang
The forecast of precipitations is important in meteorology and atmospheric sciences. A new model is proposed based on empirical mode decomposition and the RBF neural network. Firstly, GPS PWV time series is broken down into series of different scales intrinsic mode function. Secondly, the phase-space...
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Assessing the public recreational space in the urban park from the psychological and behavioral aspects, a case study of Quyuan Park, Hangzhou, China

Bo Chen, Shan Lu, Shaoqing Hu
This paper presented results of an attempt to carry out a comprehensive assessment of public recreational space in an urban park, the Quyuan Park in Hangzhou city, China, from the psychological and behavioral aspects. Survey was done on the unit space to get the physical character, and enquiry was done...
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Study of the Intelligent Analysis and Prediction about Subway Passenger Flow during Large-scale Events

Jianchu Kang, Songsong Pang, Yan Zhang
Through analysis of historical data of subway transportation, use the model extracted from the law of normal and large-scale activities’ passenger traffic flow and combine the pattern library established by large-scale events’ attribute information, this paper describes a method that provides a way to...
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Research On Fuzzy Pid Control System Of Temperatuer For Tertiary Air

Junchao Zhang, Shaohong Jing
The introduction of the AQC boiler has complex effects on the temperature of Tertiary air, traditional PID is difficult to achieve the effective control. Combined the method of the conventional PID with the fuzzy control theory, a fuzzy self-tuning PID controller is designed. Compared with traditional...
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An Energy Balanced Clustering Algorithm Based on LEACH Protocol

Qian Liao, Hao Zhu
The primary objectives of the wireless sensor network routing protocol design are balancing network energy consumption and extending the entire network lifetime. This paper analyses the effectiveness of LEACH protocol in cluster-head selection, and proposes an improved clustering algorithm. This new...
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Hybrid Approach to Optimize the Cluster Flying Orbit for Fractionated Spacecraft Based on PSO-SQP Algorithm

Shenghui Wan, Junling Song, Jian Chen, Min Hu
This template This paper investigates the optimal cluster flight orbit design issue for the fractionated spacecraft according to three main goals: keeping the cluster as stable as possible, preventing the collisions within the cluster, maintaining the inter-satellite distance within the maximum region....
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A Study on Reconstructing Temperature Field

Xian Zhou, Wei-gen Wu, Gao-yuan Niu, Qiang Wang
This paper puts forward a new algorithm based on RBF neural network to reconstruct three-dimensional temperature field.The algorithm uses three-dimension Discrete Cosine Transform on temperature field,and establishes a mapping relation between low order term coefficient vector and sound wave path average...
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Heading Measurement based on Ultrasonic and Magnetic Compass

BaoJiang Sun, Yue Xu
Describes briefly ultrasonic positioning system (UPS) and digital magnetic compass(DMC) heading measurement principle,analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each option. To improve the accuracy of the heading measurement, As the theoretical basis of adaptive Kalman filter, designed a kind of ups...
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Numerical Stimulation of Hydrodynamic Performance for Twin-skeg Buoy Tender in Shallow Water

Yujuan Wang, Sheng Huang, Feng Feng, Yu Liu, Xiaojiao Li, Gang Wang
In this paper, we obtain the detailed and precise data of the resistance performance in shallow water for the twin-skeg buoy tender in the different shallow-water conditions by the numerical stimulation of the resistance characteristic with the assistance of the commercial software FLUENT. Otherwise,...
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Application of image processing to Computer Graphics

Chunyu Chen, Fucheng Wang, Xin Chen, Feng Cui, Lili Zhang, Chen Zhang
The examination of the Computer Graphics is basically the computer examination to investigate the drawing ability in universities in recent years. Based on many years of teaching practice and according to the transformation trend of the computer intelligent paper marking, the image processing technology...
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The Application of dynamic programming in the system optimization of environmental problem

Jingjing Zhao, Baoyou Liu, Fuxiang Wei
Based on the application in the system optimization of environmental problem, the solution procedures of dynamic programming are introduced. Combining with some typical problems, such as the shortest path problem, the optimum scheme problem of water treatment and the water resources allocation problem,...
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Impact Analysis of Guidance Instrument Error Separation Accuracy on Sampling Rate of Inertial Navigation Equipment

Wen-jun Wang, Xiao-jun Duan, Ju-bo Zhu
Based on the linear model of guidance instrument error separation, study on the separation accuracy affected by data sampling rate of inertial navigation equipment. First, theoretically proved that the higher data sampling rate is, the higher separation accuracy we can get. Second, a method for determining...
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Research on How to Work Out Equipment Technical Data

Xuezheng Zhu, Kunlin Nie, Jinghui Li, Hui Hao, Yan Li, Dong Kuang
Scientific and logical planning of technical data, which is the foundation to equip technical data efficiently, is an effective way to quickly transfer the equipment into combat effectiveness and support capability. With the transformation of war pattern and increase of equipment complexity, the critical...
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Think about the Young People Network Crime in the New Era

Chunlin Wang
In China, the Young People Network Crime is more and more serious with the development of computer technology and the popularity of the Internet. Network crime body is young and professional, criminal means are concealment of the high diversity of forms of crime and criminal consequences of serious social...
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Design of Semi Physical Simulation Platform for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Dong Xu, Lei Zhang, Shan Ma, Jin-xin Zhao
To verify the system software logic of a newly designed autonomous underwater vehicle and the hardware architecture, data interface and reliability of the intelligent control system, the semi physical simulation platform was established by combining physical simulation of decision layer with virtual...
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Corpus Resources and Their Use in English Teaching

Qiang Cai, Jianping Zhang
Corpus linguistics is a newly developed subject with its specific characteristics and can be widely used in many aspects of language research and application. This paper briefly introduces the main features of corpus and analyzes its resources in details from corpora to software tools. Then it sums up...
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Research on Tower Crane Safety Control System Based on GPRS and U Disk Storage

Jin-yu Wang, Guang-jie Fu, Dong-xue Lin, Chao Wang
Driven by the interests of the construction unit, field workers illegal operations and other reasons, tower crane collapse accidents occur frequently, personal injury or death became common occurrence. According to the national GB12602-2010 lifting mechanical overload protection device security technical...
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A Method for Ranking Battlefield Damaged Equipment Repairs Based on TOPSIS

Yu-cai Dong, Xue -qin Pan, Xiao-yan Wang, Jun-jie Yao, Jun-hong Liu, Qi Jin
Battlefield damaged equipment repairs of multi-objective decision-making are sorted by the method of TOPSIS. It constructs ideal solution and negative ideal solution of ranking battlefield damaged equipment repairs, compares the proximity of equipment and the ideal solution and gets the order of battlefield...
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The Video Encryption Scheme Based on Perceptual Encryption Algorithm in H.264 Standards

XueYan Zhang, HuChao Deng, LiangWei Chen
To meet the requirement of multimedia video transmission's safety and real-time, this paper provides a conclusion based on video encryption schemes of the encryption algorithm. The solution sorts video data into VLC(variable length code) and FLC(fix-length code) ,only choose to reconstruction images...
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Supply Chain Financing Model: Based on China’s Agricultural Products Supply Chain

Tingrui Wang, Qinggao Lan, Yongze Chu
Difficulty in financing is a general problem faced by farmers and small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises for a long time because of the lack of guarantees in china. Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is generating much attention as a means of substituting for lower credit availability. For the purpose...
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A Spatial Data Security Model Under the Cloud Environment

Xiang Li, Zi-fan Liu, Wen-bing Liu, An Xu, Ling Ma
With the cloud computing time arrival, spatial data storage and management technology based on cloud computing are getting more extensive attention and application. But under the cloud environment, how to ensure that the data stored in the cloud security will be a serious challenge. This paper introduces...
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A Joint Timing and Fractionally-Space Blind Equalization Algorithm

Zheng Dong, Kexian Gong, Lindong Ge
In this paper, we proposed a joint timing and fractionally-spaced blind equalization algorithm. It adopts Gardner algorithm instead of simple down-sampling in conventional fractionally-spaced equalization in order to overcome the problem of that the filter can’t compensate timing error. The simulations...
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Recognition of MQAM signals in the Aeronautical communication

Guo-qing Huang, Cheng-gen Zhang, Hong-bo Yuan
For the complex recognition of signals in the aeronautical communication, the recognition of the star-type MQAM signals is studied under the aeronautical channel. The different scenarios of the aeronautical channel are analyzed and the reasonable channel model is established. The high order cumulant...
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Design and Implementation of Online Photosensitive Turbid meter

Jin-yu Wang, Xi-tai Ye, Guang-cheng Liu
This paper explain a new online Turbidimeter to measure sewage suspended solids based on light scattering principle. This Photosensitive Turbidimeter has the advantages of high accuracy, high stability, low power consumption and so on. It can meets the current national health standards and grassroots...
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Applications of Fuzz Comprehensive Evaluation in Display and Control System of Armored Vehicle

Jun-feng Nie, Wei-ping Liu, Yi Jin, Wei-guo Cao
In this paper, from the point of view of Man-machine system engineering, the evaluation method of the display and control system is studied based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation. The determination of the factors system, the weighted value of the factors, the fuzzy evaluation matrixes and the method...
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A Method for Ranking Battlefield Damaged Equipment Repairs Based on Projection Pursuit Method

Xiao-yan Wang, Tao Shi, Yu-cai Dong, Su-wen Zheng, Dong-yun Zheng, Xue -qin Pan, Jian Du, Qi Jin
The key impact indicators of battlefield damage equipment repair order are transformed into one-dimensional projection values with the method of projection pursuit. The repair order of battlefield damage equipment is got and weights of all key performance indicators are clear. The example is applied...
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3DR-tree Model Improvement Based on Enhance of Index Performance

Zhitong Zhang
3DR-tree is an index method using the traditional R-tree to index moving objects. Its defect is that a cube generates when an object remains still for a period of time. For those objects that remain still for a long period of time, many strip cubes will generate. MBR will be overlong or overlarge, thus...
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System Modeling and Simulation for High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry Technical Innovation Influence Factors

Zhaoji Yu, Zhong Jin
Analysis the influence factors of high-end equipment manufacturing industry technical innovation, divide them into three dimensions which are the internal control factors, internal and external coordination factors and external development factors, establish a 18-indicator-index system, and use system...
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A Design of Electronic Laser Harp Based on SCM

Ling Long, Zhaoren Lu
A design of electronic laser harp based on SCM (the abbreviation for “single chip microcomputer”) is proposed. It adopts the semiconductor laser transmitter and the receiving tube as a sensor, and uses the laser transmitter emits beams to imitate the 8 strings of harp. The main control chip STC89C52RC...
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Chaotic Ant Swarm Based Parameter Estimation of Induction Motor from Manufacturer Data

Yan-jie Li, Zhu-zhi Jia
A method of parameter estimation of induction motor based on optimization using a chaotic swarm algorithm is presented. The parameter estimation methodology describes a method for estimating the steady-state equivalent circuit parameters from the motor performance characteristic, which is normally available...
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Research on the Profit Distribution of Logistics Company Strategic Alliance Based on Shapley Value

Youfang Huang, Weilong Ye, Feifei Zhou
Strategic alliance is an important business mode for Chinese logistics companies’ internationalization, and the profit distribution among companies is the key issue maintaining the alliance’s stability. This article tries to solve the profit distribution issues in the international strategic alliance...
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Study on Systems Modeling of Students Support Service in Distance and Open Education

Qiang Li, Xiaoming Wang
Students support service as the characteristics and advantages plays a large role increasingly in distance and open education, while the educators from the distance and open education are practicing their work deeply. As a new mode of education, the Open University has to further make the connotation...
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One-factor and two-factor dynamic hedging of futures contracts with different maturities for emissions allowances

Kai Chang, Zhen Yu
Unexpected market information have a different speed change to market price of futures contracts with different maturities, and the paper estimates one-factor and two-factor dynamics hedge ratios and hedging effectiveness evaluation. One-factor and two-factor hedge ratios of futures contracts with different...
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Design and simulation of the microstrip antenna for 2.4 GHz HM remote control system

Qun Deng, Weiqiang Zhang, Jintao Jiang
Along with the development of the aviation industry, HM sports get more and more attention, it was a very hot sport at home and abroad, the remote control technology of model aircraft is also have been developed. In the present model aircraft remote control systems, the antenna is usually dipole antenna,...
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A Survey of Cloud Workflow

Hua Huang, Yi-Lai Zhang, Min Zhang
Traditionally, enterprises have approached IT modernization and back office process enhancement in silos, by introducing multiple vendors with different technologies, platforms and operating systems, which limits process integrity and leads to disseminated responsibilities. In contrast, the Cloud revolution...
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The Analysis of Mobile Internet Impacts on Electronic Commerce System Construction

Wei Zhong
This article analyzes the new changes of e-commerce’s means and business model based on the development of mobile internet. Furthermore, Combined with the influence of the technological progress, such as wireless broadband network, mobile intelligent terminal and cloud computing, this paper puts forward...
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Research on Competitive Strategies of Telecom Operators in Post-3G Era Based on Industry Chain Value Stream

Wei Zhong, Jianming Wang, Yang Zhang
This paper systematically analyzes the evolution of telecom industry chain, and builds a telecom industry chain value stream model. Besides, the article presents a competitive strategy model of telecom industry chain, which is based on the telecom operators’ perspective on maintaining the dominance in...
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Design and Implementation of Hopping Frequency Sequences with Given Minimum Gap Based on FPGA

Peng-fei Li, Xiao-chun Ma, Jia-you Song
In order to design given minimum gap hopping sequences based on dual sub-bands for technology requirement, with Matlab simulation software analysis and optimize system, performance and design idea of hopping sequences of given minimum gap is expounded. The design method based on hardware of given minimum...
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Analysis on unbalance protection of SCB

Xiao-ping Xiong, Jing-jie Hu, Qiang Fu
Shunt capacitor is a main measure to reactive power compensation of power system, which has the advantages of flexibility and economy. In order to guarantee the safety of shunt capacitor, the methods for protecting against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and unbalance in circuits according...
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CFD Simulation Research of Small Space with Large Temperature Difference

Yao Zhang, Xiaoya Liu
When the beam is transmitting, the random fluctuation motion of temperature and pressure of the medium inside the path of transmission will cause the random fluctuation of the index of refraction of the transmission medium. It will form wave front distortion when the beam is transmitting, which is known...
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Research of the Applicability of the Active Laser Turbulent-degraded Image Recognition Algorithm

Yao Zhang, Xiaoya Liu
The Scintillation effect of turbulence on laser measurement in high temperature environment will cause light moves, bend, or shake according to the ideal path. The object will have fuzzy dispersion and abnormal image on focal plane. By measuring the thickness of the high-environment glass, using characteristics...
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Research on Motion Control of AUV with Hybrid Actuators

Lei Zhang, Da-peng Jiang, Shu-ling Huang, Jin-xin Zhao
A switch function is presented to smooth control instructions and avoid system vibration during switch operating underwater vehicles with hybrid actuators. And a Modified S-plane Controller (MSC) is proposed by analyzing underwater vehicle’s dynamics and taking static force and coupling effects between...
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Analyzing of dynamic characteristics for discrete S-PCNN

Rencan Nie, Shaowen Yao, Dongming Zhou, Haiying Deng
Pulse Coupled Neutral Network (PCNN) is a new artificial neural network with biological mechanism, and has been widely applied in many areas such as image processing and so on, but its dynamic characteristics have not been analyzed effectively. In this paper, the dynamic characteristics about pulse period,...
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Container Ship Investment Based on Real Option

Siqin Yu, Bin Ji, Jinhai Chen
This study investigates liner companies' timing of investment and sealing up container ships based on real option theory. The Dixit model is adopted to find out a pair of trigger prices for entry and exit with the assumption freight rate obey Geometric Brownian Motion. More new ship-building orders and...
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Quantitative Voltage Control of Large-scale Wind Base

Zhengjun Xing, Xiangyu Kong, Fei Huang
The random variation of wind speed causes active power and reactive power injection of large-scale wind base to fluctuate constantly, this in turn leads to voltage fluctuation and unqualified voltage amplitudes of this area. This article proposes quantitative voltage control to solve this problem. Firstly,...
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Implementation of Information Integration Platform in Chinese Tobacco Industry Enterprise Based on SOA

Hong-lv Wang, Yong Cen
An SOA-based information integration platform in Chinese tobacco industry enterprise was constituted with SAP XI. SAP XI as the ESB transforms the formats of all data coming from source systems to realize the seamless integration among different systems. The service bus of SAP XI links different systems...
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Hierarchy Model of Application Framework

Shengbin Yin, Limin Gao
With the development of component technology, component granularity plays a very import role on the complexity of component composition. How to assemble the component of big granularity How to make the component in the same domain integrated Application framework brings the new era of software-reused...
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On Non-linearities Separate Modeling Method and State Feedback Control

Zhongxu Han, Xinshou Tian
Modeling method of non-linearities objects controlled have more problem and difficulty. Based on the increment function observer (IFO-K x), this paper gives the mathematical conceptions of Increment Function Observer with variable gain IFO-K(T(t)) x and the Increment full dimension State Observer with...
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Construct A Credit Evaluation Framework of E-commerce

Shengbin Yin, Hongyun Zhang
As an important commercial application, E-commerce is widely used with the development of Internet technology. However credit disks block the progress of E-commerce in the non-standard market environment, Analyzing credit management modes such as eBay and Taobao, this paper proposed a new credit calculation...
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Review on Application of Hybrid Energy Storage Based on Ultracapacitor

Xiao-bin Yang, He-ming Li, Zhe Jiang, He Wang, Zhongdong Yin
Characteristics of ultracapacitor and classic model have been introduced in this paper. Due to its superior performance, ultracapacitor is used for hybrid energy storage system with lead-acid battery. The performance and potential application of hybrid energy storage system have been elaborated, which...
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Matching and Optimization for Powertrain System of Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Jianping Gao, Yuehui Wei, Zhennan Liu, Hongbing Qiao
The parameters matching of the hybrid powertrain system of the hybrid electric vehicle has a directly impact on the performance of the vehicle dynamic and the fuel economy. The preliminary match of the powertrain system base on analysis of Driving Cycle is done, then the software of AVL-Cruise and Matlab...
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Optimization of Hybrid Electric Bus Control Strategy with Hybrid Optimization Algorithm

Jianping Gao, Zhennan Liu, Zhijun Guo, Yuehui Wei
control strategy is one of the most decisive techniques in Hybrid Electric Bus (HEB) and directly influences the dynamic performance and fuel economy. For achieving the best fuel economy and keeping the battery for a long time, First, power analytic control strategy was built; then, the hybrid optimization...
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Empirical Analysis on Farmers’ Mortgage Willingness to the Land Management Right and its Influencing Factors

Lihong Yu, Qinggao Lan, Chenwei Li
Rural land mortgage loan is an important part of rural financial products and service modes innovation. As the main demand party of rural finance, farmers’ mortgage willingness is significant to the development and spread of rural land mortgage loan business. This paper, based on the survey data of 140...
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An Edge Detection Algorithm of Moving Object Based on Background Modeling and Active Contour Model

Bo Wang, Kun Zhang, Liang Shi, Huihui Zhong
A novel algorithm based on background modelling and active contour model is proposed for moving object edge detection. Firstly, it uses the background modeling to complete moving object detection, then it uses quad-tree decomposition method to contain the corresponding to the foreground image, through...
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The Effect of AS’s Geographic Locations on Internet’s Stability

Jing-hao Sun, Ding Diao, Ling-jin Huang, Ya-kun Meng
This paper analyzes how the AS's geographic locations and transmission distances affect on Internet's stability. In contrast to the traditional studies focusing on the future AS network which based on nowadays, this paper emphasizes particularly on the change of AS network's performance under the effect...
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Remote monitoring and control system for Communication Stations based on JavaFX and Web Service

Yue-xin Yang, Lian-shan Sun
The paper proposed a remote monitoring and control system based on JavaFX and Web Service .In the system, communication stations were disbursed over a wide area. In a cell site, different kinds of sensors communicate with station program based on ARM. Cell sites uploaded the information of alarms and...
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A Method of Autonomous Recoverment for Survivable System

Tao Sun, Guo-Sheng Zhao, Jian Wang, Yan Su, Hai-Long Liu
A method of autonomous recoverment for survivable system was proposed. Firstly, failure models of survivable system were formally described based on stochastic Petri nets, in which a number of measurable index parameters for recoverment were also given out. And then a recursive autonomous recoverment...
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An Optimal Strategy of Balancing for LiFePO4 Battery in Battery Energy Storage System

Bo Li, Daiming Yang, Jianzheng Liu, Man Chen, Zhigang Lu
Cell imbalance is one of the key factors that limit the capacity and power of battery energy storage systems (BESS), especially the large lithium-ion battery packs. To deal with the unbalancing problem, an effective balancing circuit is required, so is an optimal balancing strategy. In this paper, an...
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The application research of Coal seam CO source identification based on the D-S evidence conflict

Feng Nan, Yang Li
In the paper, we introduce the distance function of K-L information to replace the conflict coefficient in order to solve the constraint problem of D-S evidence theory in information fusion and achieve the feature recognition aggreation of Multi-source information under the conflict condition. Simulating...
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An Empirical Study on Impacts of Brand Image of Travel Agencies on Customer Purchase Intentions

Meixian He, Zhenquan Sha, Yuanyuan Yang
Travel agencies, as an important carrier for the development of tourism, their inadequacies in brand building have limited further development of tourism. In this paper, the impact of travel agencies’ brand image on customer purchase intention was empirically examined from the perspective of consumer...
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The Application of ATMEL SAM3 MCU in State Grid electric power collector

Yanqin Wang, Hong Wang, Shuang Liu
The article describes how to use MCU that the latest low-cost of ATMEL SAM3 series to achieve the ideas and implementation methods of smart grid collector, and elaborates the specific programs from hardware to software implementation process. The schemes has the advantages of low-cost, high-performance,...
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GSM Information Collection Design of Logistics Information System Based on Internet of Things

Xing-zhi Lin
On the analysis of logistics information collecting techniques (including the Unified Information System, The Internet Of Things, Global System for Mobile Communication ), the paper puts forward solutions and innovative ways to operate the system based on Unified Information System (UIS) in The Internet...
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Enterprise Product Data Management Research

Peng Li
Enterprise-level product data management (EPDM) system should be implemented and applied in modern manufacturing industry. This paper studies the enterprise product data management, and points out the difference of enterprise level PDM and department level PDM is the integration between PDM and ERP(Enterprise...
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Study on Rural Environmental Quality Comprehensive Evaluation Model

Hong Xu, Mingde Xu, Hairong Wang
The rural environmental quality comprehensive evaluation index system is established from three aspects, the quality of rural living environment, the quality of rural ecological environment and the rural environmental resource availability. Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is used to determine the weight...
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Based on the Lifecycle Theory of High and New TechnologyEnterprise Financing Strategy Research

Meng Ma
The Twelfth Five-Year Guideline came on stage,which promoted the transformation of the mode of economic development. In the implementation of innovative national strategy process,High and new technology has become the main growth point to the economic development of our country.However,Based on their...
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Research on investment risk assessment of Eco-materials Industry

Hongxia Jin, Heping Yao, Jie Yu
With the rapidly deteriorating of ecological environment and depletion of resources, construction investment of eco-materials industry is gradually increasing , so the investment risk assessment has become a hot research problem at present. In this paper, a new investment risk assessment system for eco-materials...
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Research on China's Tobacco Industry Value Chain

Zhihua Zhang, Shouwen Ji, Zengrong Su, Yanghua Gao
The paper analyzed the current situation and development trends of China's tobacco industry and established a value chain model. At last, the paper determines the enterprise competitive advantage by decomposing the activities.
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Based on AHP- fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method of real estate investment risk research

Fangfang Wen, Ling Li
This article based on the characteristics of the real estate investment risk and general rules, through to the analysis of the causes of the risk of investment, using the AHP and the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method of combining the various risk factors of risk size comparison, determine the risk...
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Risk Management Research of Financial Market based on Dynamic Copula Model

Yixian Chai, Yanli Xu, Dan Liu
Copula model and the application of the model in financial market risk management are discussed in this paper. The paper establishes a dynamic Copula model to solve the financial market risk management problems on the basis of Copula research. Through the use of statistics and financial theories and...
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Study on Resource Construction and Management of Multimedia Network Teaching

Junhua Zhang, Daping Wang, Lin Wang, Xin Guo
The rapid development of computer technology, internet technology and multimedia technology has an increasingly profound impact on education. The importance of multimedia network teaching has been fully affirmed, and the quality of network teaching resources is the core, which is directly related to...
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A novel non-data-aided frequency estimation algorithm for M-PSK signals

Qinghua Tian, Xin Man, Sheng Zeng
This paper deals with the problem of carrier frequency estimation for MPSK symbols. We present a novel non-data-aided method by introducing a step factor into an earlier estimation algorithm to reduce the computational complexity with little loss of the estimation accuracy. We also make some comparisons...
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Image denoising algorithm via spatially adaptive bilateral filtering

Min Qi, Zuofeng Zhou, Jing Liu, Jianzhong Cao
The classical bilateral filtering algorithm is a non-linear and non-iterative image denoising method in spatial domain which utilizes the spatial information and the intensity information between a point and its neighbors to smooth the noisy images while preserving edges well. To further improve the...
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Backstepping Based Adaptive Control of Magnetic Levitation System

Wei Zhou, Baobin Liu
In view of parameter uncertainty in the magnetic levitation system, the adaptive controller design problem is investigated for the system. Nonlinear adaptive controller based on backstepping is proposed for the design of the actual system with parameter uncertainty. The controller can estimate the uncertainty...
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Effect of Laser Peening on Residual Stress and Micro-hardness of TC4 Titanium Alloy

Hong Chao Qiao, Ji Bin Zhao, Yi Xiang Zhao, Lun Li
Laser peening offers potential advantages over conventional peen technologies in terms of the depth of the residual stresses that can be induced, and improvements in surface micro-hardness. The present study was undertaken to understand the effect of laser penning on the properties of titanium alloy,...
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Distributed Fusion Kalman Self-turning Filter

Ming-Bo Zhang
This paper puts forward an optimal and distributed fusion Kalman filter based on the Riccati equation, optimal and distributed fusion The Kalman filter has fewer calculated dimensions and less calculated amount than the centralized global optimal Kalman filter. Therefore, it has greater effect in the...
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A Multiple Fiber Grating Sensor System using Code Division Multiple Access

Wei Li, Yongjia Zhang, Hongqiao Wen
In order to increase the multiplying density of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors, a novel FBG Sensing System based on CDMA technology has been developed. Simulation experiment indicates the CDMA technology combine with optical fiber grating sensing system together successfully. Furthermore, the system...
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Study on the Modeling Method of Software Process based on Timing and Parallel Automata

Fengwei Sun, Lijuan Yuan
The finite automata theory extended and then the timing parallel automata theory is got and applied in the software process modeling. The establishment of group software process model is on the basis of timing parallel automata which realize the activity planning, resource allocation and progress control...
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Study of the development countermeasures for Hebei province photovoltaic power generation enterprise Based on the cost-benefit analysis

Lixin Dai, Pan Feng
Uses cost-benefit analysis theory, combined with analytic hierarchy process, set up the cost benefit analysis index system for hebei province, Quantitative study the present situation and problems of photovoltaic power generation enterprises in hebei, then put forward the development countermeasures,...
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Abnormal Behavior Detection Based on Global Motion Orientation

Xuyan Ma, Guomao Liang, Wei Yu, Zhiyi Qu
A novel approach is introduced in this paper to detect abnormal behavior based on global motion orientation. Compare to the normal behavior (walking, shaking hands etc.), abnormal behavior has different orientation. The method we introduced divides each frame into blocks, makes statistical analysis of...
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Noether theorem of a kind of singular integral equation with Hilbert kernel on open arcs

Li-xia Cao
We discussed a kind of singular integral equation with Hilbert kernel on open arcs lying in a period strip. By using the method of complex functions, we obtained the extended Plemelj Formula with Hilbert kernel, and based on this, we obtained the general solutions and the solvable conditions for this...
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Improved Ant Colony Algorithm for Optimal Solution TSP

Tianyuan Zhou
Based on the ant colony algorithm analysis and research, this paper proposed an improved ant colony algorithm. Through updating pheromone and optimal search strategy, then applied to the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP), effectively improved the searching capability of the algorithm. Finally through...
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Desktop Virtual Maintenance Training Platform Based on NGRAIN

Xu-ping Wang, Xiao-hu Chen, Chun-jiang Yao, Yao Ding, Shu-xiang Gao
According to the current status of maintenance training, a framework of desktop virtual maintenance training platform was proposed on the basis of the NGRAIN ,making full use of advanced CAD technology and virtual reality technology. At last take the dump trucks as example, which proved that equipment...
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An Aspect Oriented Method to Model and AnalyzeSelf-Recovery of Cloud Computing

Xiaoyun Zhang, Chanle Wu, Xue Su
Cloud computing has attracted much interest recently from both industry and academic. More and more Internet applications are moving to the cloud environment. This paper proposes an aspect oriented method to model and analyze self-recovery of cloud application according to its characteristics. Petri...
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A Smoothing Newton Method for Solving Absolute Value Equations

Xiaoqin Jiang
In this paper, we reformulate the system of absolute value equations as a family of parameterized smooth equations and propose a smoothing Newton method to solve this class of problems. we prove that the method is globally and locally quadratically convergent under suitable assumptions. The preliminary...
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Experiments and Evaluation Based Pixellated CZT Semiconductor Detector

Min Shen, Zhi-ling Tang
Cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) material is one of the preferred materials for the fabrication of X-ray and gamma-ray detector. In this paper, it is presented an experimental detector system based on pixellated CZT semiconductor detector. At the same time, some research and design on the surface signal-readout...
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Discovery of Invocation Model and Dynamic Test Configuration Model based on TTCN-3 Test Systems

Yongpo Liu, Chuangye Chang, Shuangmei Liu, Ji Wu
Aimed at the comprehensibility, reusability and maintainability, the thesis presents the reverse model recovery for the legacy code developed by TTCN-3. It can also help tester and maintainers to verify the test implement, etc. The thesis introduces the discovery of invocation model and dynamic test...
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Water Impact Analysis for Aircraft over Sea

Man Yao
The modern aircrafts’ flying height is strictly limited by the conditions on the sea. Terrible conditions may lead overturning or dropping into the water to the aircraft. What’s more, the structure of the aircraft may be broken by water-impact force. The affection of the water impact must be considered...
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Design and Simulation of Fuzzy-PID DC Governor System Based on Mine Hoist

Yanxiang Wu, Chaojun Zhang, Haibo Huo, Chaoqun Zhou
According to the requirement of smooth operation and accurate positioning for DC speed regulating system of mine hoist, a new speed control system that based on double closed-loop of Fuzzy-PID was designed. The best control scheme for mine hoist was also validated by simulation comparison with conventional...
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Images of High Density Resistivity Method in Leakage Detecting of the Watertight Screen at Gushan Open-pit Mine

Wusheng Huang, Sijing Cai, Wenxiao Wang
High density resistivity method is convenient to be used for explaining the prospected images with efficient information. In the paper, this method was used to detect the quality of watertight screen in the north slope of Gushan open-pit mine. By through inversion, analysis, explanation and speculation,...
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A Detection Method for Botnet based on Behavior Features

Weiming Li, Songlin Xie, Jie Luo, Xiaodong Zhu
How to detect Botnet has become a very important problem in security network. The existent detection methods based on network traffic and host behaviors can’t handle the emergency Botnets. In this paper we present an optimized method to analyze the similarity and time period of Botnets behaviors. In...