Proceedings of the 2016 5th International Conference on Civil, Architectural and Hydraulic Engineering (ICCAHE 2016)

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Effects of Different Soil Water Potential at Tillering Stage on Rice Yield and Physiological Traits in Saline-alkali Soil

Feng Jin, Yanqiu Geng, Shuang Hua, Xiaoxuan Huang, Yueyue Liu, Xiwen Shao
To explore the effects of different soil water potential of tillering stage on rice yield and physiological traits in saline-alkali soil, using four treatment levels of soil water potential of 0 kPa (H1: soil moisture), soil water potential of -15 kPa (H2), soil water potential of -30kPa (H3), and CK...
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Safety Evaluation on Building Construction Based on Hopfield Neural Network

Huiqin Gao
In view of the current problems in the process of implementing safety management system in building construction in our country, one model was established for safety evaluation on building construction with taking expert scoring as network input, security class as the output based on Hopfield neural...
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3D laser scanning technology in the application of modeling in mining subsidence area

Xiaoping Zhao, Jian Zhang, Wenlong Liu
By means of 3 d laser scanning technology has rapidity, non-contact, high density, high precision features, such as the mining subsidence area on the station point cloud data registration, denoising, model building, such as pretreatment, can get real and effective information and visualization expression...
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0ptimization Cylinder Filling Factor Based 0n 0il Sample Scavenge Box

Qiang Wang, Boyang Li, Fuqiu Wang
In this paper, through assay scavenge box drain tank iron (Fe) content in the oil and alkali value, calculate the wear volume and fuel sulfur (S %), optimization of cylinder filling factor ACC, concluded that the best cylinder oil injection rate and injection timing. In order to improve the cylinder...
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Remanufacturing of Roll Shaft Components of Copying Machines

Wei Zhang, Zhikun Tan, Zhiyuan Wu, Yong Li
Remanufacturing technology is an emerging technology, which is widely used in industrial field, since it prevents the recast of waste and outdated components through remanufacturing them again and guarantees that the quality of remanufacted components is not lower or even higher than new products. By...
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Approximate analytical solution for one-dimensional Richards' equation

Yuwei Zhang, Xi Chen, Wei Luo
It is derived an approximate analytical solution of one-dimensional Richards' equation (RE) with Brooks-Corey model in this paper. The approach is based on the introduction of Boltzmann transformation and construction of an intermediate variable for approximation. In the end, one illustration is given...
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Recycling and Reuse of Sulfur Hexafluoride in Guangdong Power Grid Corporation

Min Chen
As an excellent insulating medium, sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is widely used in electrical equipment, despite its high global warming potential. Besides, a series of hazardous decomposition products can be formed after long-term use of SF6, so it is very important for power companies to recycle SF6 in...
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Discussion on Integrated Utilization Technology of Rural Breeding Waste

Xiangyang Huang, Ren Liu
Breeding contaminant is one of the important pollution sources of the rural ecological environment. It is an effective way to control environmental pollution that the solid waste and wastewater generated in captive breeding is used as resource. Propose a circulation agriculture model with "planting-breeding-biogas-fertilizer"...
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Wind Speed Forecast Based on Support Vector Machine

Xiaohong Yang, Faqing Tang
Environmental pollution, climate change, energy tension is now the global prominent question, the development and utilization of renewable energy to become one of the key measures to solve these problems. Wind power acts as a kind of safety, environmental protection, clean, abundant renewable energy...
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Effect of Cement Kiln Dust on unconfined compressive strength property of expansive soil

Suli Cui, Yanfeng Du, Mingjin Tian, Xuepan Wang
In this paper, expansive soil is mixed with CKD in different proportions, and unconfined compressive strength test was conducted on the specimens with a certain initial water content and dry density. Unconfined compressive strength test were also conducted for specimens maintained for different curing...
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Experimental Research on the Relationship between Temperature and Humidity of Glass-greenhouse in Summer

Jian Hu, Weiqing Li
This paper is devoted to describe the variation trend of temperature and humidity in the glasshouse in summer during the working of the four main cooling systems, i.e. natural ventilation system, mechanical ventilation system, wet curtain cooling system.Then, set up the quantitative relationship between...
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Synthesis CeO2 on γ-Al2O3 support by Spray Pyrolysis

Zhenfeng Wang, Wenyuan Wu, Xue Bian, Yongfu Wu
In the process of spray pyrolysis, the pyrolysis temperature, particle residence time in the hot zone and so on impact of the product crystal form. Spray pyrolysis is used to synthesize CeO2 on γ- Al2O3 support. The pyrolysis temperature is at a range of 900~1100 , with a particle residence time in the...
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Design and Simulation of Stratospheric Airship Energy Management System

Kangwen Sun, Dongdong Xu, Xinyun Zhang
Redundancy design scheme and control strategy of the energy management system for a stratospheric airship are proposed, which use the coordination control between the photovoltaic cell and lithium battery to maintain the DC bus voltage constant, so as to guarantee the stability of the motor load. The...
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The Experiment of Dynamic Adsorption about Mahogany Sulfonate Ternary System in the Natural Sand packed tubular model

Taoping Chen, Junwei Chen, Zuoan Zhang
Using Daqing natural sand packed tubular model, the length is 20 cm, 50 cm and 100 cm, and the permeability was (343~482)ž10-3 m2, the injection rate is 1m/d and the experiment temperature is 45 , by the experiment of dynamic adsorption, studying the interfacial tension changes and viscosity changes...
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A Method in Smoothing Fluctuation of Wind Power with Wavelet Threshold Filtering and Mean-value Intervals by HESS

Bingying Sun, Zongqi Liu, Shuili Yang, Boyue Zhang
Due to the inherent fluctuation nature of wind power, voltage control and frequency regulation in China's power grid become more intricate as the wind power penetration level increasing. Provided with traits of comprehensive response and bidirectional output, wide concern has been arisen by the hybrid...
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The numerical simulation research of an Ultra-Light Photovoltaic Cell multilayer composite structure

Kangwen Sun, Xinyun Zhang, Dongdong Xu
Semi-rigid solar array is an efficient energy system on the surface of stratospheric airship for utilizing the solar energy which we believe has succeeded in providing some useful results for conceptual design. Their core consists of: To improve the flexible of rigid solar cells, a multilayer composite...
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Study on the Multi-objective Optimal Dispatch of Integrated Community Energy System

Yingrui Wang, Jiaqi Shi, Tao Tan, Jianhua Zhang
This paper proposes a multi-objective optimization model for the dispatch of the integrated community energy system which is composed of an electricity sub-system, a heat sub-system and a natural gas sub-system. Two objectives, the daily operation cost and external pollutant cost are selected as the...
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Analysis of Gas Leakage and Diffusion Model

Hong He, Wenhaor Chen, Mei Liu, Xiaoling Xu
Gas diffusion model can provide important analytical data in the detection of toxic gases., and the commonly used gas diffusion model has Gaussian plume model, Gaussian puff model and gas turbulence model. In this paper according to actual atmospheric environment of Sinopec Maoming Branch of ethylene...
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Analysis of Strong-Motion Signals from a M5.8 Earthquake

Rui Yang, Tan Liu, Yibing Dong, Yinjie Zhu
AnÿearthquakeÿofÿM5.8ÿoccurredÿinÿAlxa of InnerÿMongolia onÿAprilÿ15,ÿ2015.ÿThereÿareÿ39ÿgroups of strong-motionÿsignalsÿrecordedÿbyÿthe NationalÿStrongÿMotionÿNetworkÿCenter. PGA andÿinstrumentalÿintensityÿdistribution characteristicsÿis obtainedÿfrom accelerationÿresponseÿspectrum analysisÿtoÿtheÿstrongÿmotion...
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Applied research on the improved Great Lakes Calculus Model used in the flood control scheduling of the middle and lower Yangtze river

Fengming Wan, Lihua Long
This paperÿused the measured data of water level and flow on the cross-sections of middle and lower Yangtze River during flood season (May-September) from 1981 to 2015. According to the evolution of the state of river course, flood and sediment, we calculated the flood routing with the improved Great...
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Analysis On The Method Of Highway Carbon Sink Forest

Dongxiang Cheng, Bin Liu, Jing Chen
In view of principle greening the basic design of the road in China, introducing the advanced concept of forest carbon sequestration, combined with afforestation project of carbon measurement and monitoring guidelines, to establish the quantitative and monitoring model of highway plant carbon sink. In...
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Effects of Chicken Manure Compost on the Production of Dissolved Organic Carbon and the Degradation of p, p'-DDT in Loam Soil

Xiao Deng, Chunyuan Wu, Yi Li, Jingkun Liu, Qinfen Li
Using pot experiment to study the effects of chicken manure compost (CM) on the production of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and the degradation of p, p'-DDT in loam soil under three different water conditions. The objective of this study was providing theoretical basis for the remediation of pesticide...
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Design and Key Technology of Extra-high Voltage Power Transmission and Management System for SPS

Pengpeng Wang, Xinbin Hou
According to the difference between platform's and play loads' put-in voltage, a design of power transmission and management system for SPS is proposed, in which high and low voltages hybrid power supply technology is applied. The electrical power from SPS to the earth can be transmitted efficiently,...
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Potential Study onCarbonEmission Reduction and Energy Saving of Guangdong Province based on Sensitivity Analysis

Wei Chen, Jinfeng Zhou, Haoxiang Chen, Yaochu Li
Based on input-output table and energy consumption balance sheet of Guangdong Province in 2012, this paper formulates non-competitive energy input-output table of Guangdong Province, and calculates energy consumption intensity, carbon intensity and sensitivity coefficient of carbon emission reduction...
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The Brake System and Method of the Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Qiuyun Mo, Jiazhe Wen, Xichang Liu, Jingyao Wang
In view of the traditional brake system and method exists the problems of the impact on wind power system is too serious and power generation efficiency is too low, this paper provides a kind of brake system and method that can improve the power generation efficiency and service life of wind power system....
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Effect of Sudden Water Pollution Accident on Water Quality of the Jinhua River

Tao Ding, Chunyan Su, Xiaojian Pan
Sudden water pollution accidents have great harm to the ecological environment of human society. In recent years, the water pollution accident has been the main content of the environmental pollution accident in our country. It is very necessary to simulate and evaluate the impact of sudden water pollution...
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Study on the Law of Rlease of Heavy Metal from Waste Rock of Dexing Copper Mine

Qiong Wang, Huiping Wang, Qiming Wu, Lianbi Zhou
Release law of heavy metals from waste rock are significant to the heavy metal pollution control in nonferrous metal mining-area. We took the waste rock of Dexing Copper mine as the object and carried out the leaching experiment with with simulated acid rain(pH3.0, pH 4.0, pH6.0 and pH8.0) which were...
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Hydrolysis of pretreated rice straw with surfactants at low cellulase dosage

Yunshan Liang, Zhijun Huang, Shuzhou Miao, Xingzhong Yuan, Lihong Jiang, Yufeng Zhu, Zhi Wang
The effects of three surfactants (Tween 80, saponin and monorhamnolipid) on the hydrolysis of alkali pretreated rice straw by low dosage of cellulase were studied. The results indicated that with a relatively low cellulase dosage (4 FPU g-1 substrate), all surfactants were able to enhance the enzymatic...
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Floral Characteristics Analysis of Plants in Tianjin Lingang Urban Ecological Wetland Park

Y.Y. Wan, H.Y. Li, M.X. He, N. Zhao, Q. Zhang
This study aims to identify the composition and distribution characteristics of plant flora of Urban Ecological Wetland Park in Tianjin Lingang. Results show that plant species of Wetland Park in Tianjin Lingang are relatively rich.There are 246 vascular plants from 171 genera and 73 families.16 families,37...
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Study of Optimization based on the Motor Power and the Auxiliary Power system of the Pumped Storage Power Station

Caijun Zhang, Le He, Li He
In recent years, pumped storage power station with its unique static and dynamic benefits has been vigorously developed. But throughout the current set and operating experience of the Pumped Storage Power Station in our country, there are always some faults happens in the auxiliary power system when...
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Research on Spatial Components of The Qiang's Traditional Settlements under The Perspective of Spiritual Home

Xiaofei Wen
Historic changes have taken place in landscape of Qiang's settlements since Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008,which had effects on Qiang people's material life and spiritual life greatly. Studying landscape of Qiang's settlements based on spiritual homeland is an important way to examine whether the material...
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Research on the Anti-poisoning Properties of Zirconium Modified SCR Catalyst in Power Plants

Ning Zhao, Li Li, Siwei Pan, Longhua Tang
The zirconium modified SCR catalysts were prepared by impregnation method, which exhibited high anti-poisoning properties. The optimal property was obtained by the zirconium modified SCR catalyst with Zr/V molar ratio of 1.0. The catalyst samples were characterized by the methods of BET, X-ray diffraction...
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Application of Geophysical Methods in Tunnel Exploration

Haihong Ding, Weiwei Jiang
Tunnel construction is a livelihood project, but the nature of all kinds of complex geological problems will cause some impact on them. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the geological investigation in order to ensure safety and stability of the tunnel, and the geophysical prospecting method is...
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The Improvement of Carbon Anode Performance Using Coupled Mixing

Chun Xiao, Hui Zhang
Carbon anode is an important material of aluminum electrolysis, its performance directly affects the aluminum electrolytic consumption and the quality of the electrolytic aluminum. The control range of ingredients is determined by the meaning of mixing, the quality control point is determined by coupled...
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Critical Technology of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection of Shipboard Incinerator

Xin En Chen, Haofeng Qin, Shijun Guo, Jianbang Cai
At present, disadvantages regarding energy conservation and environmental protection of shipboard incinerator still exist. To tackle this problem, measures in terms of energy conservation such as waste-heat utilization and high-temperature dehydration, and of environmental protection such as thermostatic...
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PSCAD/EMTDC-Based Modeling and Simulation of Three-terminal VSC-HVDC System

Hao Hu, Yang Liu, Rishang Long, Tao Tan, Yuan Meng, Jianhua Zhang, Yunfei Xu, Guofeng Jin
For further study on the principle and characteristics of multi-terminal VSC-HVDC system under the condition of the AC/DC hybrid power grid, firstly, this paper establishes the model of three-terminal VSC-HVDC system based on PSCAD/EMTDC. Secondly, according to the different transmission properties between...
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Study of coordinated control method based on Generator Units share High-Voltage Variable Frequency Starting of the Pumped Storage Power Station

Xianyong Mu, Jiayue Yin, Kunjie Wang, Li He, Le He, Xiaoming Li
With the continuous expansion of grid, Pumped Storage Power Station in the protection of the role of the power system safe and economic operation is more and more prominent. Pumped Storage Units under the condition of the transformation from the generator operation mode toÿthe electric operation mode,...
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The Relationship between Economic Growth and the Environmental Quality in the Huaihe River Basin

Xianze Peng, Zichen Zhou
Based on the theory of EKC curve, industrial waste water, industrial waste gas emissions (take SO2 as a representative) and industrial solid waste are selected as the environmental indicators. GDP per capita is used as economic indicators. According to the Huaihe River in five provinces in 2004-2014...
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Stability Analysis Method of AC / DC UHV Power System Based on Risk Assessment

Mingxin Xu, Long Zhao, Rishang Long, Jianhua Zhang, Yang Liu, Hao Hu, Tao Tan, Yuan Meng, Wenwen Ma
The Ultra High Voltage power system plays an important role in alleviating the energy crisis. However, due to the high voltage level and complex operation, it will bring disaster to the system once the power grid fails, causing cascading failures and large area power outages. In this paper, we study...
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Study on the Industrial Structure of Guangxi Based on Production Function

Jijun Xiao, Manhua Guo, Ye Shen
The inner evolution process of industrialization were studied by the mechanism of the industrialization and Cobb-Douglas production function. The data from 2004 to 2014 in the national, Guangdong province and Guangxi province were quoted to study the trend of the industrial structure variation .The results...
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Analysis on mass concentration of PM2.5 in Kunshan

Liangmin Yu, Lei Yu, Feng Chen, Haidong Gu
The quality of ambient air has significant effect on the production and life of human beings, and the PM2.5 is of great importance for the environment and heath. This paper presents the investigation on the regional, seasonal and daily characteristics of PM2.5 in Kunshan, China in 2013 by setting 7 sampling...
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Numerical study of spherical flame in shock accelerated flows with different reflected shock wave distances

Yuejin Zhu, Lei Yu, Dai Lu
Flame distortion induced by shock waves frequently occurs in natural and human activities. To deeply understand the characteristics of flame distortion and combustion, a two-dimensional numerical study of a spherical flame distortion induced by a planar incident shock wave and its reflected wave was...
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Outward transmission capacity analysis under the background of UHV AC/DC power grid

Yang Liu, Jianhua Zhang, Rishang Long, Yuan Meng, Hao Hu, Tao Tan, Mingxin Xu, Long Zhao
Considering the stability analysis theory of multi-infeed high voltage direct current (HVDC) system, the transmission capacity analysis method of multi-send ultra high voltage (UHV) AC/DC power grid is studied in this paper. By extending the multi-infeed short circuit ratio index, we can get the multi-send...
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Fractal Model for Simulation of Membrane Deposition and Growth in Microfiltration Membranes

Honglei Zhang, Yan Shi, Danyu Xu, Ying Hou
A membrane deposition and growth model based on fractal theory was developed. This model can dynamically describe the fouling process on the outer surface of membranes. Using this model to change boundary conditions and initial particle production probabilities, the process of membrane deposition and...
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Research Progress in Dehydration Technology of Bischofite for Preparing Anhydrous Magnesium Chloride

Xuyong Liu, Xiangmei Cui
Abundant soluble magnesium salts with low impurity were produced as by-product in some industries of Qinghai. These soluble magnesium salts were exploited more easily than some solid minerals, such as magnesites, dolomite minerals, which could accord with the standards of electrolytic process for preparing...
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Construction Efficiency and Environmental Impact of Wind Power Delivery Transmission Lines in Arctic Region

Chunhua Hu, Yongjun Xia, Jiancheng Wan, Zeming Song
This paper analyzes the environmental characteristics of the Arctic region and the factors that affect the construction efficiency of power transmission and transformation. Considering the climate and environmental characteristics of the Arctic region, the paper goes further to discuss the protective...
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Exploration and Analysis on Construction Technology of Wind Farms in Arctic Region

Chunhua Hu, Yongjun Xia, Jiancheng Wan, Zeming Song
This paper discusses in detail the characteristics of the Arctic region environment and the difficulties in constructing wind farms there. Considering the characteristics of the Arctic region environment, the paper analyzes major construction works such as material transportation, foundation construction...
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Empirical study on the outliers of compressed nagural gas (CNG) refueling behaviors

Yang Li, Dengchao Jin, Yulian Zhao, Zhenbo Bao, Weiyu Zhang, Yong Wei, Di Yang, Jian Shao
To improve a secondary CNG filling station's refueling effectiveness and reduce its operation costs, the abnormal CNG refueling behaviors or outliers are empirically studied. Firstly, the central tendency and dispersion of volume and pressure change is empirically studied, and the simple regression model...
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Interaction on biomarkers in goldfish after co-exposure to 17β-estradiol and benzo(a)pyrene

Zhenhua Yan, Guanghua Lu
The aquatic environment is challenged with complex mixtures of pollutants, which may produce synergistic or antagonistic effects in organisms, interacting on the established biomarkers. This study focuses on the interaction on biomarker responses in male goldfish (Carassius auratus) after co-exposure...
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Application of Water Quality Identification Index to Water Quality Assessment on West Lake of Guangdong Ocean University

Yayun Liu, Canfu Xiao
This study was carried out to evaluate the water quality of West Lake in Guangdong Ocean University with the method of single factor and comprehensive water quality identification index based on the data investigated from four sampling sites in May, September and December of 2013 and March of 2014. The...
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Advanced treatment of traditional Chinese medicine wastewater by coagulating sedimentation after oxidation with Sodium Hypochlorite

Guomin Tang, Xuemin Yu, Pei Liu
The study conducted a pilot-scale research on the effects of Coagulating Sedimentation after Oxidation with Sodium Hypochlorite applied to advanced treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine Wastewater. Under optimum conditions (i.e. a NaCLO dosage (400 mg-L-1), a Polyaluminium Chloride dosage (40 mg-L-1)...
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Rice-husk Biochar Improved Soil Properties and Wheat Yield on an Acidified Purple Soil

Danping Li, Xiaojun Shi, Yanan Zhao, Xinbin Zhou, Yueqiang Zhang
Purple soil is one of important agricultural soils in China. However, widespread soil acidification and soil fertility decline have limited the sustainable use of the purple soil in recent decades. Biochar, derived from agricultural waste such as rice husk, shows great potential for controlling soil...
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Effects of Ga ions on some properties of Lithium zinc nanocrystallines Li0.35Zn0.3Fe2.35-xGdxO4

Yun He, Kaimin Su, Zhiqing Luo, Hangyu Xu, Zhimin Ji, Jinpei Lin, Yunlong Wang, Qing Lin
Polycrystalline samples Li0.35Zn0.3Fe2.35-xGdxO4 (x=0,0.02,0.04,0.06,0.08,0.10) were prepared by sol-gel auto-combustion method.The XRD analysis shows that the samples are cubic spinel ferrite, the lattice parameter increased and the average grain size decreased with Gd3+ ions concentration increasing.The...
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Study of flue gas and steam assisted gravity drainage

Ziji Wang
Flue gas assisted steam gravity drainage technique (SAGP) is a both economic and environmental approach to improve heavy oil reservoir development effect, which can control steam chamber growth, save thermal energy and reduce greenhouse emission. Based on the problems of a pilot SAGD reservoir at Liaohe...
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Development and Application of Drag Type of Bottom Sealed Packer

Guangfeng Liu, Daihong Gu, Chongjun Chai, Jinchao Liu, Shaojie Pan, Wenju Wang, Yaoxing Bai
A drag type of continuous layered fracturing bottom sealed packer has been developed to elevate fracturing efficiency. Adopt mechanical lift and lower the string to implement the sealed and unsealed; the sealing structure is simple, rubber sleeve is short and performance of seal is stable; the anchoring...
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Altitude and Soil Factors Gray Relational Analysis in The Dry - hot Valleys of Jinsha River

Xiaoxia Zhang, Peng Li, Yong Wang, Daiqing Zhang
This paper analyzed the relationship between altitude and soil factors in dry - hot valley, based on gray relational grade analysis method for quantitative analysis, and Cluster analysis of the associated degree. The results showed that: altitude most closely with the available nitrogen, followed by...
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Speed Model of Electronically Controlled Diesel Engine Based on Sliding Mode Control

Xiaobing Yi
For the speed control of diesel engine, this research obtained data on a variety of key indicators by testing electronically control diesel engine in practice. Based on the data, we analyzed the impact of fuel injection quantity on speed control and its applicability to the variable structure system...
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Research of Power Flow Parallel Partition Algorithm Applied to AC Power Grid Based on Two Layers Tree Structure

Tao Tan, Rishang Long, Hao Hu, Yang Liu, Yuan Meng, Jianhua Zhang, Yunfei Xu, Guofeng Jin
This paper present a parallel partition power flow algorithm applied to ac grid based on two layers of tree structure. The algorithm introduces network partition thought in Newton-Raphson power flow algorithm and form two layers tree model to realize the fast calculation of the nodes voltage correction....
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Isolation and Characterization of an Algicidal Bacterium in biofilm on submerged reed stems for control of Microcystis blooms

Rongjun Yan
From the reed surficial biofilm isolated a strain of algicidal bacteria B2 have significant algicidal effect of Microcystis aeruginosa. By means of microscope and scanning electron microscope and monitoring the change of pH in the medium of B2, we found that the dissolved algae bacteria B2 was dissolved...
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Experimental study on pyrolysis water used as lignite molding water

Xiaonan Zhao, Li Ding, Erqian Su, Shunli Zhang, Daohong Wu
The influence of pyrolysis water which was used as molding water of powdered coal on molding coal pyrolysis conversion rate and semi-coke strength was experimentally researched in the pyrolysis experimental device independently developed by Beijing Shenwu Environment & Energy Technology Co., Ltd,. The...
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Evaluation of Livestock and Poultry Farms of Different Sizes Suitable for Pollution Control Project

Yu-Kun Ji, Shuai Jiang, Jun Chen, Qiaomu Liu
Livestock and poultry farms in china were preliminarily divided into different scales. The popular pollution treatment projects were investigated. With the combined methods of Analytic Hierarchy Process and Grey Relational Analysis, pollution control technologies were evaluated to fit for livestock and...
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Small Water Landscape Water Treatment Process Optimization Research

Ping Hu, Qingping Yang, Hongxia Huang
The small near the surface of the landscape water body because of the influence of water quality deterioration and gradually people's normal life, need to take certain measures of water conservation and water treatment was carried out on the water quality protection. Traditional method from the surface...
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The Plan and Design of Organic Joint of New and Old Urban Areas: Kaifeng City, Henan Province as an Example

L.W. Huang, W.J. Wang
In the expansion of urban size, the joint between the new and old urban areas is an important guarantee for improving the construction of urbanization, and is the key to improve the quality of the city and the only way to the development of new urbanization in China. Based on planning and design and...
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Mechanical Characteristic of a New-style Combined Parabolic Roof

Guoan Sun, Ailiang Sun
Folded plate structure is a dimensional one which is composed of a plurality of the strip plate. It is not only a bearing but also can support, material-saving and larger stiffness of thin-walled structure. It can be used as workshops, warehouses, stations, shops, schools, dwellings, pavilions, stadiums...
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Determining the Method of Carrying Capacity Formula of Precast Concrete Sandwich wall slab by Finite Element

Ying Wang
This article takes the Sandwich wall slab that be connected by reinforcing bar trusses as an example, research the method and steps of calculating the carrying capacity of precast concrete Sandwich wall slab by finite element. this provide a basis for how to use the Sandwich wall slab safely in engineering.
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The application of sensitivity analysis in hydropower based on grey theory

C. Li, W.S Zhu, B.X Li, X. Xu, D.F. Zhang
Since the complexity of the structure of rock itself and the current test conditions is relatively simple, combined with uneven quality of test personnel, rock mass mechanics parameters are necessarily inconsistent with the actual situation. Based on grey relation analysis of parameters sensitivity of...
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Study on early warning model of construction safety accident based on support vector machine

H.Q. Gao
In view of the problem that the occurrence rate of construction safety accidents is higher, questionnaires, on-site interviews and other research methods had been applied to analyze the present situation of construction safety production management in our country. Summary up the main factors that lead...
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Influencing Factors of Travel Route Choice in Advanced Transportation Information Service System Using Mixed Logit Model

Gengyong Gao, Chunqin Zhang
In order to understand how traffic information influences travel route choice. State Preference survey is carried out to investigate travelers' behavior data. Mixed logit models are established to analyze the factors influencing travel route choice, one for overall object model and the other for typical...
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Estimation of rock mass mechanical parameters of an open-pit mine slope based on the Hoek-Brown criterion and analysis of slope stability

Baoqin1 Lian, Xingang Wang
How to select scientific and reasonable mechanical parameters of rock mass is particularly important to evaluation of slope stability. Based on the collection of engineering geological data about a mine, and through detailed survey and analysis of the engineering geological conditions in the field, the...
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Carbonation-corrosion resistant behaviour of corrosion-resistant steel Cr10Mo1 and its protection mechanism

Z.Y. Ai, J.Y. Jiang, W. Sun, D. Song, H. Ma, J.C. Zhang
The electrochemical response of new alloy corrosion-resistant steel Cr10Mo1 passivated under attack of carbonation (pH from 13.3 to 9.0), was evaluated by electrochemical techniques (linear polarization resistance, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy). X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) was...
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The study of concrete ultrasonic rebound strength curve in Hengyang using ultrasonic-rebound conbined method

Zhenfu Chen, Guosheng Deng, Yuanchu Gan, Qiuwang Tao, Yizhi Liu
Through the study of tests,the'Technical Specification For Detecting Strength Of Concrete By Ultrasonic-rebound Combined Method' CECS02: 2005 of applicability situation in Hengyang was analysed to establish the ultrasonic rebound strength curve of this region,which was based on the least square method...
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Clustering algorithm of vehicle motion trajectories in entrances and exits of freeway

Zongyuan Sun, Dongxue Li
In order to improve the research level of the intelligent traffic surveillance system, this paper presents a new hierarchical trajectory clustering algorithm in view of the features of trajectories in entrances and exits of freeway. The validity of trajectories is judged by means of the length of trajectories...
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Detection of In-site and Cause Analysis of Splitting Cracks of Vertical Wall for Large-scale three-direction Pre-stressed Aqueduct

Huang T., H.F. Li, G.X. Zhang, L.N. Zhao, F. Shang, X.M. Zhu, D.L. Li, S.K. Feng
Splitting cracks were found in the three-directional pre-stressed aqueduct of a large scale diversion project in north China. Based on internal structural characteristics of the vertical wall of aqueduct, the Impact Imaging Method (IIM) was adopted for the detections of cracks distribution, seriousness...
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The real estate industry and economic development issues discussed

Zhineng Tong
Through the course of the economic cycle and the development of urban real estate industry analysis process, economic development, in-depth study of the real estate cycle fluctuations and macroeconomic volatility relationship, trying to figure out the development of the real estate cycle and links between...
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Analysis of network technology application in the project construction management process

Zhineng Tong
Method of network plan in project construction has been widely used, it complies with the requirements of the engineering construction management, organization and management is especially suitable for the construction of the project. At present our country network plan technology in engineering project...
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One of Steel Structure Reinforced Ship lift Platform Quality Inspection and Load Test

Liqiang Jin, Huainian Xing, Zengli Liu, Da Li, Kai Sun, Shuhui Li, Xiaopeng Zhang
With the development of marine transport, ship timely maintenance and repair of performance as one of the main factors affecting the efficiency of transport. Ship lift platform of steel structure provides appropriate maintenance and docking capability for marine areas, while steel platform has many advantages:...
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Application of the linearly independent numerical manifold method in modeling the complex crack problems

Dongdong Xu, Xiaobing Wang, Yujie Sun
Numerical manifold method (NMM) is very suitable for modeling the transition from continuum to discontinuum by virtue of its advanced finite cover technique. Compared with the 0-order NMM, higher-order displacement functions are more suitable for modelling the crack problems as the result that the latter...
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Preparation of phosphorous slag-based cementitious material with high early strength and its concrete properties

Jiuyan Liu, Yanzhou Peng, Buyun Yang, Ji Xiao, Gang Xu, Jun Zhang
The phosphorous slag-based cementitious material (PSBCM) with rapid hardening and high early strength was obtained by incorporation of graphite tailing powder, Portland cement, silica fume and mineral material A. The microstructure of hardened paste was investigated by Scanning Electron Microscope. Based...
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Research on constitutive relationships of concrete filled steel tube

X.M. Chen, J. Duan, Y.G. Li
The strength and ductility of concrete will dominate structural performance under expected rare earthquake, and concrete filled steel tube is an effective solution for this goal in super high-riseÿbuildings. As reliable numerical simulation of these kinds of structures may depend on reasonable constitutive...
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Constraints for frame beams in nonlinear analysis using ABAQUS

X.M. Chen, J. Duan, Y.G. Li
Constraints are used widely for linear structural analysis in professional software, but some ofthem may be neglected in nonlinear analysis while using general FEA software. Two kinds of constraints, include panel zone at beam end and top alignment of beam and slab, are analyzed by numerical method....
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Algorithm of vehicle emergency evacuation in urban large-scale activities

D Wang, J.Y. Li, W.Y. Zhang, F.F Li
This article studies the problem of vehicle emergency evacuation in urban large-scale activities. Genetic algorithm and ant colony genetic algorithm are applied to the vehicle emergency evacuation separately. Finally, we choose the Shenyang Olympic Sports Center as an example, and the simulation results...
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The Solution Manifold and Oscillation of the Heavy Rigid System

W.W. Yu
The analytic characteristics of invariant manifolds for quasi-homogeneous autonomous system are obtained Yu [1]. On the basis of this,this paper give the unify thoughts of several classical special solutions can be achieved by using the proposal method in the conventional heavy rigid system. In addition,...
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An algorithm for analyzing complex slabs of buildings

Y.P. Wu, B. Han, Q. Song, Q.S. Miao
An algorithm especially for analyzing complex slabs of buildings in finite element method is proposed in this paper, which can improve the stress precision and obtain accurate and reliable analysis results. First, a general thin-thick plate element with the quadrilateral area coordinate is employed,...
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Three-dimensional Numerical Simulation on Stilling Basin of Sluice in Low Head

Yuehua Wang, Bin Wang, Hongqing Zhang, Ziming Wang, Shengzhi Zhou, Long Ye
Combined with design and test data of a low head sluice, CFD software and RNGturbulence model were used to simulate three-dimensional flow of sluices stilling basin. The original design has been optimized by adjusting the layout of the stilling basin. In connection with typical operating conditions,...
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Reliability Analysis of Pre-stressed Concrete Continuous Girder Bridges using Cantilever Construction on JTG D60-2015 and AASHTO LRFD-2012

C.H. Lou, F.H. Dong
The object of this paper analyzes the reliability level of pre-stressed concrete continuous girder bridges designed with the Chinese codes including the code for design of highway reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete bridges and culverts of AASHTO LRFD-2012 and JTG D60-2015 using cantilever...
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The Weight Analysis and Calculation about Factors of Passenger Satisfaction

Y. Liu
Firstly, the metro passenger satisfaction evaluation index system was established based on the real process of a single passenger, such as arriving, security checking, buying tickets and transiting. Secondly, the passenger travel satisfaction evaluation questionnaire was designed to conduct investigations...
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Sensitivity analysis of restricted orifice in the hydropower station

X.F. Diao, X.H. Zhang, Y.Y. Yang
The overflowing property of the restricted orifice how to affect volute pressure and the surge level under the condition of large fluctuation and the output swing of the unit under the condition of the hydraulic disturbance were studied. Combining with the engineering features of three adits sharing...
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Research on modified incremental pushover analysis considering dynamic characteristics of damaged structures

X.L. Zhou, H.L. Lu, Z. Tang, Y. Ye
IDA need elastic and plastic analysis of the structure with a large number of different intensity ground motion inputs and had some disadvantages such as high cost of computation, retraction and non-monotonicity of its curve. An improved method of static elastic-plastic analysis with the consideration...
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Characterization and Structural Identification of an 11S Globulin of Juglans mandshurica Maxim. Kernel from the Changbai Mountains in China

Li Fang, Xiaofei Wang, Chunlei Liu, Peng Wang, Wei Liu, Weihong Min
The major seed storage protein 11S globulin from Juglans mandshurica Maxim. (JSG) was isolated and purified to identify its structure and analyze its physicochemical properties. JSG was found to be composed of two distinct major polypeptides with molecular masses of 23 and 20 kDa, and whose amino acid...
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Analysis of high earth-rock cofferdam stability on thick silt ground

F. Yan, R.J. Wang, X.X He, Y. Zhao
This article researches the measures of thick silt foundation reinforcement and slope stability through the anti-sliding stability analysis. It can be concluded that the reinforcement effects of vibro-replacement stone column is remarkable on thick silt foundation based on reasonable pile spacing and...
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A New System Framework of University Campus Information Navigation Based on Android Platform

J.Y. Li, D. Wang, L.N Fan, S.K. Shi, N.W. Yao
Digital campus is an important part of the University's information.More and more students have mobile phones, so mobile phones have become an important part of the students.Mobile applications to help people to do some things and make lives become more convenient.In this paper, we design a new comprehensive...
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Fuzzy Evaluation Model of Integrated Security for Highway Subgrade after Earthquake

C. Li, B.Y. Shen
Five indexes have been selected to figure characteristics of subgrade: damage condition, structural characteristics, such as height, slope ratio, etc., aftershock strength, features of terrain and physiognomy, rainfall intensity. Fuzzy AHP Comprehensive Evaluation Method, FACEM, has been introduced to...
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Effects of water and fertilizer managements on content and distribution of phosphorus in different parts of rice plants

G.B. Pang, Z.H. Xu
Based on the data from field experiments, the phosphorus content and phosphorus accumulation of rice plants were analyzed, and phosphorus distributions in different parts of rice were studied as well. The results showed that compared with farmers' fertilization practice (FFP), site-specific nutrient...
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Research on micropile foundation of transmission tower on soft soil area

Hua Juan Wang
With the rapid development of ultra-high voltage power grid, plenty of transmission towers are built on soft soil area and the foundation of tower should be designed for economical and security reasons. The mechanism and application of the new micropiles foundation are discussed, which have many advantages...
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Effect of Panel Zone Strength on Ductility Capacity of Welded Beam-to-column Connections without Continuity Plates

Y. Chen, M. Lei
Panel zone strength in welded moment-resisting-frame connections have a significant effect on the stress and strain distribution in the connection and consequently on connection performance. It is generally believed that panel zone yielding is a yield mechanism that contributes to ductility of moment...
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A study of the cracks of prestressed concrete continuous box-girder bridge

Min Li, Zhuang Wang
The finite element model of a prestressed concrete box-girder bridge was established,then the numerical simulation were carried out under the conditions of vertical temperature gradient. The effect of vertical temperature gradient is the important reason for the concrete cracks of box girder, and the...
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Study on calculatIon of stress IntensIty factor usIng fInIte element method

Lin Li, Dan Yang
Stress IntensIty factor can reflects the stabIlIty of cracks. It Is Important to study accurate calculatIon method of stress IntensIty factor. In thIs study, the fInIte element method wIth modelIng usIng ordInary element and sIngular element Is applIed to calculate stress IntensIty factor. It Is shown...
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Marine Elements Associated with Siting of Coastal Nuclear Power Plants

Faming Huang, Yanhong Lin, Chusheng Wang
At present, China's nuclear power projects are mainly concentrated on the coast. The nationwide built nuclear power projects are mainly located in the three coastal provinces including Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. The nuclear power projects under construction are also centered in the coastal 7 provinces...
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Study on strength property of Cement Kiln Dust treated expansive soil

S.L Cui, X.P Wang, M.J Tian, Y.F Du
In this paper, expansive soil is mixed with CKD in different proportions, and fast shear tests were conducted on the specimens with an certain initial water content and dry density; Furthermore, fast shear tests were also conducted for specimens with 10% CKD content ratio, when specimens were maintained...
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Development and Reflection of POPS(Privately Owned Public Space) in New York City

Y. Shi, L. Zhou
Planning and management of POPS by New York City government has experienced a process from being extensive and loose to meticulous and strict, which possesses 60 years of experience hitherto. This paper reviews the historical evolution of POPS in New York City, and analyzes the impact of Zoning system...