Proceedings of The 2017 International Conference on Advanced Technologies Enhancing Education (ICAT2E 2017)

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Building Towards Expertise

Marcel Martin, Paul Ouellet, Zeesham Aslam
To build towards expertise, one has to accept to modify his way of practicing, including: 1) A need to reflect on and about the action and near the action in 'in situ' laboratory, 2) A continuous concern about our competence to practice, (presently medical education is in fact discontinuous with periods...
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Understanding and Visualization of the Uniform Continuity of Functions

Ljubica Dikovic
The formal definition of the concept of continuity, due to its dynamic essence, is perfectly suited to visual representation by software tools. This paper presents the classical teaching approach supported by GeoGebra, for teaching and learning very specific and subtle criteria which distinguish concept...
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When Words Alone Don't Speak: Preliminary Findings from a Higher Education Program with Innovative Delivery Technologies

Christopher Klopper, Wendi Beamish, Helen Klieve
Sign bilingual education, as an approach to the education of deaf children, has been recognised in Australia for many years. The effective implementation of this approach requires teachers to have a sound linguistic knowledge and communicative competence in Australian Sign Language (Auslan), as well...
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Parent and PreService Teacher Partnering in a Technology-Based Home Intervention: Preliminary Findings

Wendi Beamish, Denis Meadow, Matthew Prime, Belinda Fisher
This small-scale Australian study employed a mixed method design to explore the perspectives of parents and preservice teachers who worked together on a technology-based home intervention to better engage children aged 4-5 years with communication difficulties in the family morning routine. A mini-iPad...
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Video Self-Modelling to Reduce Aggressive Behaviours in Adolescents with High Functioning Autism

Sandra Kinsella, Wendi Beamish, Helen Klieve
Primarily this study investigated the use of Video Self Modelling (VSM) as a behaviour intervention strategy to reduce the occurrence of aggressive behaviours in three adolescents with High Functioning Autism (HFA) within a school environment. A single-subject non-concurrent multiple baseline design...
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Comparing Collaboration with Cooperation in Game-Based Learning

Youngkyun Baek, Hui Zhan, Seongchul Yun, Xiangzhe Cui
This paper aims to explore the concepts of collaboration and cooperation in game-based learning. Game play requires certain kinds of competition whether it is competing against other players or simply against the game itself. More importantly, as social games have become popular in recent years, social...
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Engaged Learning and ICTs for Community Development

Sujin Butdisuwan, Royal Colle
A case study in northeast Thailand involving a university and a community learning centre demonstrates the viability and potential of students helping communities use information and communication technologies for development (ICTD). The case study also shows the learning benefits to the students and...
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Microlearning in Educating Healthcare Professionals

Asle Fagerstrøm, Marit Gulliksen, Tor-Morten Grønli
The aim of this study was to test the impact of the use of microlearning in educating healthcare professionals. A mobile learning application was developed consisting of 20 flip cards with questions and answers. The learning program was related to a vital paragraph regulating healthcare professionals...
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A Learning Mode of Interactive Autonomy Based on the Smart Learning Environments

Hao Zhang, Tao Huang, Yepei Xing, Heng Yang
With the development of the internet, autonomous learning like MOOC in network environment has been more and more popular. However, many problems have been discovered in these online autonomous learning. For example, it is difficult to provide a suitable learning environment for online learners. In this...
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Enhancing Learning Through a Real-Life Assignment

Rolando Antonio Reyes Gonzalez, Asle Fagerstrøm, Siri Fagernes
This study focuses on how a real-life assignment may enhance studentsï learning. Twenty-nine students completed an assignment to test a usability framework that small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in Nordic and Baltic countries can use to evaluate the usability of their website. The overall feedback from...
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Using Topic Modeling to Assess Middle School Science Discourse based on Next Generation Science Standards

Erin Shaw, Richard Phillips, Anne Kao, Robert Torres
In this paper we apply natural language understanding and topic modeling methods to create an instructional tool for assessing science discourse in interactive multimedia presentations that are created, shared and discussed by students. The resulting assessment prototype will enable teachers to follow...
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A Case Study of Blended Teaching for Control Theory Course in Tsinghua University

Qianchuan Zhao, Zhijin Zhijin Cheng
This study aims to share the experiences of two instructors as they implement innovative methods (i.e., blended teaching approach) in teaching control theory in Tsinghua University. Group learning, students' mutual teaching, incentive mechanisms, and online courses are designed to improve the teaching...
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Online teaching platform-starC and its applications in blended learning

Jiangbo Shu, Taihe Cao, Xingfang Zhang, Zhaoli Zhang, Hai Liu, Zhenhua Li
With the rapid development of information technology, blended learning as a worldwide hot topic in the field of education has attracted domestic and foreign researchers' attention including academic organizations, practitioners and education managers. In view of the shortage of the low efficiency in...
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Emotion Analysis in Gasoline Consumption

Dafne Rosso, Joel Armando Colin Pacheco, Luis Miralles
Emotions Analysis is a market intelligence technique used to analyze opinions of people about certain company aspects such as product image, product consumption, marketing campaigns, clients' preferences and social or political movements. The relevance of Emotions Analysis research lies in the enormous...
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Open and Networked Education: Learning the future of learning

Elisabete Barros, Antonio Jose Osorio
The analysis about Education and current educational settings (or educative technological contexts) leads to the need for reflection and study on the state of school as a public space and on their role in relation to the promotion and development of skills of children and youth, either at European or...
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Neural networks at the human mind: translator's hidden layers

Anna Aguilar-Amat
This article is based on training process for students to become specialized translators and post-editors. Any language mediator working within specialized communication may use a graphic representation to outline the contents of a text in a particular domain. The aim of this graphic depiction is to...
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Alignment of Standards using WordNet for Assessing K-12 Engineering Practices in a Participatory Learning Environment

Sam Shuster, Erin Shaw
Student assessment based on advanced computational methods will play a critical role in 21st century educational practices. In this paper we describe the challenge of automating the instructional assessment of student discourse based on national standards, in the context of an experimental participatory...
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Research on the Knowledge Visualization Teaching Based on the Double-Whiteboard

Zhaoli Zhang, Zhifei Li, Hai Liu, Jiangbo Shu
Knowledge visualization plays an increasingly important role in the field of educational communication. However, most researches follow with interest a specific subject knowledge. Accordingly, we present the knowledge visualization by using different visualization tools based on the knowledge classification....
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Annotation of a Learner Corpus toward Development of an Error-cause Presenting Technique

Katsunori Kotani, Takehiko Yoshimi
Previous grammar checkers support learners' writing by indicating errors and correct usages. However, until the lack of linguistic knowledge that caused the errors is corrected, similar errors will recur. This study developed a learner corpus by annotating tags for the causes of article errors, and analyzed...
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MCRS: A Course Recommendation System for MOOCs

Tao Huang, Gaoqiang Zhan, Hao Zhang, Heng Yang
With the popularization of MOOC platform, there is a tendency of big data in the number of online courses. Efficient and appropriate course recommendation can improve learning efficiency. According to the characteristics of MOOC platform, MCRS has made great improvement in course recommendation model...
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When do Learners Lose Their Motivation? -Automated Classification of Learners' Type in Maintaining their Motivation from the Behavior in LMS-

Yuki Kitanaka
Currently, learning with e-learning system has been actively performed. An e-learning system affords the learners arrange their learning schedule on demand and provides some advantages if the learners have enough motivation. In other words, success of use of such system depends on motivation of the learner....
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Improving Teaching Materials through Digital Book Reading Log

Zhuo Ren, Noriko Uosaki, Etsuko Kumamoto, Gi-Zen Liu, Chengjiu Yin
Nowadays, it is easy to create digital books. However, through many university teachers create their own digital books as their teaching materials, it is difficult to evaluate and improve. In this paper, based on our previous research on the learning behavior analysis results, we prototype a digital...
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Research on Data-driven Feedback Teaching Service

Jiangbo Shu, Li Wang, Xu Wang, Min Zhi, Taihe Cao, Hai Liu
In recent years, most of the teaching service models in universities are linear in the exploration of big data in education, and people who use data are mainly researchers and policy makers, the process of data generation is static. Aiming at this problem, this paper proposes a data-driven feedback teaching...
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How to Mine Student Behavior Patterns in the Traditional Classroom

Chengjiu Yin
Many learning analyses focus on online learning courses, such as massive open online courses (MOOCs). The analysis of learning behaviors from access log data is expected to be of benefit to instructors and learners. However, there are few studies that focus on the reading logs of digital textbooks in...
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Relationship between Learning Achievement and Learning Strategies in the use of Digital Textbook Reading Logs

Chengjiu Yin, Yong Wang
Much research has used questionnaires to examine the effectiveness of preview/review strategies; however, it is difficult to find evidence of whether the students have actually done a preview/review or not, since the collection of questionnaire data is subjective. Through collecting learning log data,...
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Research on the viewpoint of sustainable social system construction

Yuutarou Hayashi
A sustainable society is a society that is necessary for the survival of mankind for the future such as military, peace, symbiosis, governance, population, education, resources, food, energy, crustal deformation, weather, environment, medical care, the society considered comprehensively. Sustainable...
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Content Analysis of Journal of Aging and Health, 2005-2014

Xianghong Zhao, David Royse
Objective: The purpose of this study was to analyse the content of Journal of Aging and Health to identify prevalent topics, trends, and under-represented areas as suggested by the keywords associated with articles published from 2005 through 2014. Methods: Keywords associated with each article were...
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Adjusting Holdoff Algorithm Dynamically to Network Conditions for Improving Performance of Wireless Mesh Networks

Santong Li, Xuejun Tian, Takashi Okuda
Unlike Wi-Fi, BWA (Broadband wireless access) technology provides high-speed communication in a wide area. The IEEE 802.16d (WiMAX) standard of wireless mesh net-works is one of the widely used BWA standard. WiMAX mesh mode achieves data transmission in conflictfree manner in multihop networks by using...
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The study on Jingchu's image communication technology based on "Internet+" tourist experiences

Han Liu, Yongjun Guan, Min Qu
The combination of the "Internet+" and tourism will further enrich the new experiences of cultural tourism. With the mobile network platform, visual images can not only be used for tourism promotion or advertising, but also designed as a mean of tourist experiences in the process of travel, as well as...
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Impact of Organizational Culture on Business Process Performance: An Investigation in the Financial Services Industry

Juergen Moormann, Corinna Grau
Organizational culture is increasingly acknowledged to have a substantial impact on the performance of business processes. Hence, companies should be aware of their culture and the underlying values and perceptions when it comes to conducting and improving their processes. This paper addresses these...