Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Diversified Education and Social Development (DESD 2021)

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Teaching Reform of Building Material Experiment Course Based on the Improvement of Students’ Comprehensive Quality

Wei Chen, Huiyan Jia, Jiansheng Shen, Jian Geng
In order to strengthen the effectiveness of building materials experimental teaching, this paper based on the teaching content, teaching methods, evaluation system of these three levels of experimental teaching reform, and then summed up a more practical experimental teaching mode. Based on the trend...
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The Exploration and Practice of 3D Printing Pen in Primary School Education

Jimin Chen, Shibo Xiang, Yanping Yuan, Yong Zeng
Drawing ability is the common among the kids in primary school. Usually they use the pen or pensile as a tool to draw the image. This can help the kids to form a basic knowledge about the 2D scene. With 3D printing pen the kids can not only learn knowledge but also construct the 3D models in their mind....
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A Comparative Study of Tibetan and English Taboo Culture

Chun Dai
Today, with the globalization of culture, the Tibetan people have more and more social contacts with the British and American people, especially in the cross-cultural communication, they often encounter a very sensitive issue, which is taboo. This paper introduces the language taboos, dietary taboos...
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A Study on Pragmatic Information in Chinese-English Dictionaries

Lixin Xia, Yun Xia
The study aims to investigate the pragmatic information in Chinese-English dictionaries. A general survey was made to examine the status quo of the pragmatic information in the existing Chinese-English dictionaries. It was found that all large- and medium-sized dictionaries under investigation provided...
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Thoughts on the Construction of Network Ideological and Political Education Matrix in Local Colleges and Universities

Qiqi Wei
Based on a local university in central Guangxi, through the analysis of the problems existing in the network ideological and political education and the analysis of the current situation, this paper finds out the significance and methods of carrying out the network ideological and political work in colleges...
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First Exploration on Statistical Physics Study on Students’ Behavior in the Second Class of Colleges and Universities

Gang Wang
The internalization and externalization of thought and behavior are an important research area of ideological and political education. The behavior of students in the second class is one of the direct results of ideological and political education. However, since it is not easy to master and evaluate...
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The Best Textbook of the National Flag for Patriotism Education in the New Era

Qin Shi, Wendong Wang, Yikai Shi
Patriotism is the spiritual core of the Chinese nation, and patriotism education in the new era is based on the themes of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese dream. The national flag is the symbol and sign of the country, representing our country’s dignity and national spirit, culture,...
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Research on Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching of Computer Composition Principle for Training System Ability

Liping Yang, Shanmei Liu, Li Qin
On the basis of analyzing the existing problems in the experimental teaching of the current Computer Composition Principle course, this paper takes the training of computer system ability as the guide, draws lessons from the practical teaching reform experience of the domestic first-class university...
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On Cultivating College Students’ Critical Thinking Ability in Intensive Reading Course

Xiaoyan Li
Contemporary college students are living in a rapidly changing society. How to make themselves better adapt to this society and promote its development has become an unavoidable proposition. Cultivating Contemporary College Students’ critical thinking ability for professional knowledge and social problems...
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The Research of Foundation Teaching Closing to the Actual Combat Based on Core Literacy

Meili Zhang, Hongmei Pei, Yue Yang, Weili Liu
To implement the headquarters of the Central Military Commission’s two indicative spirits ,which is “can fight and win the war” and “two close”, improve the actual-combat teaching level of the basic course in academies for degree education, in view of the problems existing in the basic teaching in current...
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Research on College Physics Experiment Teaching Based on Flipped Classroom Mode

Fengjin Xia, Shuai Ma, Guoquan Zhu, Bing Feng, Jing Liu, Wunan Li, Guanghai Guo
Physics experiment is a basic course in the colleges of science and technology. This course can cultivate students’ ability by using experimental methods to discover, analyse and solve problems. At the same time, they can cultivate students’ rigorous scientific thinking and innovative ability. In order...
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Analysis on the Role of Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient in the Growth of College Students

Shuxian He, Hanjie Wang
This article analyzes the role of intelligence quotient and emotional quotient in the growth of college students from the perspective of psychology and sociology. In order to cope with the challenges of global economic integration, artificial intelligence, and big data wave, university students should...
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Investigation of Teaching Methods of Civil Engineering Surveying Based on PDCA Mode

Jiansheng Shen, Wei Chen, Huiyan Jia, Wenhao Zhang, Jian Gen
For the teaching problems existing in the civil engineering surveying course, the designs were carried on the teaching methods of civil engineering surveying based on the PDCA cycle mode. The teaching links of the course theory teaching, experiment and practice were fit together. Self-innovative learning...
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Master of Agriculture Education and Strategy of Rural Revitalization in China

Wen Bao, Jing Li
It is widely acknowledged that quality Master of Agriculture education is very important to modern agricultural innovation and the strategy of rural revitalization in China. To be more responding to increasing demand for fast delivery of perishable produce to market and traceability from farm to fork,...
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Study on Virtual Simulation Experiment System of Fire Escape and Emergency Evacuation

Wenqi Zeng, Fengtao Hao
Once the fire accident happens, it will seriously threaten people’s lives. So it is very important to learn how to deal with dangerous situation. However, it is impossible to directly acquire the experience of fire escape and emergency evacuation by repeatedly experiencing the real situation of fire...
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Development and Teaching Application of Virtual Simulation Training System Based on Unity3d

Wei Shen
The project explores a feasible mode of virtual simulation experimental teaching, which can effectively motivate students’ interest in joining course learning and improve the quality and effects of teaching. Aiming at defects existing in traditional teaching process, a computer virtual assembly-disassembly...
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The Core Contents and Inspiration of US Army’s Wartime Political Work

Xi Yang, Chang Wang, Peng Ma
In modern wars, it plays a very important role for wartime political work in war mobilization, psychological attack, psychological defense and effective mobilization. By objectively analyzing of the core contents and methods of the US army’s wartime political work in this paper, that is very helpful...
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A Case Study of Home-school Cooperation for High Risk Students in Long Tracking

Ling Yan, Zhengjun Wang
Home-school cooperation plays an important role in the psychological precision support in colleges and universities. This paper will reveal a case study of home-school cooperation for high risk students in long tracking. In the process of crisis intervention, the practical dilemma of home-school cooperation...
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The System Construction of Mathematical Basic Courses for Artificial Intelligence

Wenting Wang
Currently, there is large demand of talents in the area of big data and artificial intelligence talents. Colleges and universities are gradually developing the training system of such talents. Due to the large number of courses in related area with significant difficulty, the situation of mutual reference...
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The Implementation for Polishing Students’ Programming Skills Solving Problems

Yonghui Wu
The key to programming education is to polish students’ programming skills solving problems. The current programming courses in universities are mainly classroom-teaching models, and students’ skill solving problems by programming can hardly be polished. Polishing students’ programming skills solving...
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Engaging Activities for Enhancing Mathematical Learning

Natali Hritonenko, Victoria Hritonenko, Olga Yatsenko
Challenges in mathematical education have been recognized throughout the world. Mathematical courses are among the most difficult subjects and a barrier for students in pursuit of their career dreams. Captivating puzzles and cross disciplinary projects are presented in this paper. They contribute to...
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Discussion on the Cultivation of Comprehensive Quality in the Teaching of Liberal Arts Physics

Chunqing Xu
The development of society needs comprehensive talents. Physics is the subject that has the greatest impact on the development of human society, is the epitome of the whole scientific development, and is one of the best subjects to cultivate the comprehensive quality of liberal arts students. Therefore,...
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OBE, Learning by Doing, and Blended Teaching in Principles of Economics for Foreign Students in China

Kun Luo, Yangkun Wang, Rendao Ye, Ya Lin
The course of Principles of Economics is compulsory for first year students who major in economics or management. To the end of providing quality higher education for foreign students in China, it still needs exploration as regards how to integrate new perspectives from the Chinese economic development...
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Discussion on the MCU Course Reform Based on the Cultivation of Students’ Innovation Ability

Hong Guo, Hanjing Cui
This paper combined with the teaching reform and practice of “Single-chip microcomputer Principle and Application” course for electrical majors in colleges and universities, puts forward a new single-chip microcomputer course teaching system based on cultivating students’ ability of innovation and entrepreneurship,...
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Application and Exploration of Virtual Simulation Technology in Practice Teaching of Local Colleges and Universities

Li Dai, Yuke Yang
Ascribe to integration of virtual reality, interactive experience, computer graphics and other related technologies, virtual simulation has been widely utilized in the practice teaching of local colleges and universities. Especially, its construction and development in experimental teaching have been...
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Assessment and Practice of Civil Engineering Survey Based on PDCA Mode

Jiansheng Shen, Huiyan Jia, Wenhao Zhang, Jian Gen
In view of the teaching problems existing in the civil engineering surveying course, the design of evaluation methods and practical exploration were carried on the teaching methods, of civil engineering surveying based on the PDCA cycle mode. The teaching links of the course theory teaching, experiment...
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Learning and Content Management System in the Process of Sports and Training

Wei Liu, Xiaohui Zou
The purpose of the research is to raise the level of use of information and communication technology in education and research to a new level. The method is: first, focus on the selective investigation of existing technology and management systems, and then focus on how to construct our professional...
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A Preliminary Study on the Construction of College Students’ Self-identity Under the Online Media

Meiheriguli Aizezi, Tianlin Chen
Contemporary college students are at an important stage of self-identity improvement. The rise of the Internet has provided a new way of self-identity for college students. In this paper, we analyse the double influence of online media on the self-identity of college students, and give suggestions for...
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Discussion and Analysis on Preparations for Chinese Students Towards Effective Global Study and Career Interactions

Yin Zhang
Of the more than 400,000 Chinese students who now study abroad; 235,000 came to the US; 25% of University of Washington Undergraduate enrollment for Spring 2013 were Asian. Other countries share this upward trend also. Chinese nationals comprised the largest percentage of international students at UW...
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Hierarchical Modeling & Simulation Curriculum Systematism Promotes the Development of Interactive Inquiry Teaching of Semiconductor-related Courses

Shuai Ma, Fengjin Xia, Guanghai Guo
Implementing the interactive inquiry teaching (IIT) method in higher education could substantially promote the process to construct the first-class disciplines as well as universities. In this paper, the hierarchical modeling & simulation (M&S) curriculum systematism is creatively proposed, by...
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On the Conflict and Convergence of Tibetan and English Cultures

Chun Dai
The conflict and convergence of Tibetan and English cultures are two inevitable phenomena in the process of heterogeneous cultural communication. This paper mainly discusses the conflicts of Tibetan and English cultural values, economic and cultural conflicts and thinking patterns. It is pointed out...
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Research on the Online Education of Chinese Universities Under the Epidemic Situation

Take N University for Example

Jianhua Xu, Hangyue Yang
The outbreak of the 2019 novel corona-virus (2019-nCoV) has made an impressive difference on existing methods and approaches of higher education. Epidemic control had seriously affected routine classroom teaching, but provided opportunities for the development of online education on the contrary. Colleges...
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The Construction and Collapse of Stardoms Characteristics from the Perspective of Network Communication

Yening You
With the development of the times and the progress of new media technology, the dissemination of all kinds of information breaks through the limits of time and space, the distance between stars and fans is getting closer and closer. In order to obtain more audiences’ attention and the economic value...
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Teaching Practice of Engineering Mathematics Based on Kolb’s Learning Style Theory

Yue Yang, Meili Zhang
This paper investigates and analyzes the distribution of learning styles of students in our college by using Kolb learning style scale, so as to deepen the understanding of learning styles and carry out the student-centered teaching reform for Engineering Mathematics. For teachers, studying learning...
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Discussion on “Virtual and Real” Online Teaching Mode of Experiment Course of Color Science and Technology

Yanfang Xu, Yu Liu, Yuehong Song, Xiu Li, Min Huang
Under the background of COVID-19, network experiment teaching has become a new way of experiment teaching. According to the characteristics of experiments in Color Science and Technology course, and relying on the Network Teaching Platform, the paper discusses the online experiment teaching mode of “Virtual...
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Research on the SCL-90 and UPI Investigation of Freshmen’s Mental Health in a Chinese College

Shuxian He, Hanjie Wang
This study used two professional psychological testing tools, SCL-90 and UPI, to evaluate the psychological status of all 2020 freshmen in a Chinese private college. After the investigation it is found that among the 2275 measured freshmen, the SCL-90 results showed 501 abnormalities, accounting for...
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Research on the Innovative Application of Interactive Teaching Mode in the Post-PC Era

Ning He, Jiaying Li, Yi Zhou
With the continuous development of society and technology, portable computer and intelligent communication device through cable or wireless Internet service have integrated into people’s life under the post-personal computer era. In this new type of social intelligent environment, the traditional interactive...
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Research on the Improvement of Practical Ability of Electrical Information Talents Based on Maker Space

Qiqi Wei, Weixiao Chen
With the continuous adjustment and matching of the demand for talents in the social market, it puts forward severe challenges and major opportunities for talent quality engineering in the process of university development under the new situation. As local engineering colleges, how to better transform,...
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Exploration on the Undergraduate Talent Training Mode on the Horizon of the Emerging Engineering Education: Take the Civil Engineering as Example

Wenbin Sun
At present, a new round of social change and industrial revolution is unfolding rapidly, and new technologies and new types of industry and business emerge in an endless stream. The development of new industries requires a large number of interdisciplinary and outstanding engineering and technical talents....
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Learning Effect of Online Courses in Higher Education

Cancan Li
“Online course” uses information technology to integrate and allocate course resources, time and space, and guides teachers and students to carry out online teaching activities. Since the outbreak began, the Chinese government has adopted the policy of “no suspension of classes”. How is the learning...
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Exploration on the Integrated Teaching Reform of Civil Engineering Experiment Teaching Based on Multi-objective

Huiyan Jia, Jiansheng Shen, Wei Chen, Jian Geng
The experimental teaching is an important part of the talent cultivation program of civil engineering in Colleges and universities, and is one of the most important links to cultivate students’ comprehensive ability. Based on the experimental teaching objectives of civil engineering specialty, this paper...
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How to Develop Students’ Thinking Ability in College Physics Teaching

Hongxia Wang, Zhaocun Zong, Guanghai Guo
In the process of College Physics teaching, it is found that students generally think that College Physics are difficult, and not helpful for their future work. In the classroom, they have no interest and no sense of gain, and so pursuing lower goal. Combined with the subject characteristics and the...
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Research on Influencing Factors and Development Strategies of College Students’ Health Investment After the COVID-19

Haibo Qiao, Bing Zhu, Yan Peng
Under the background of Healthy China, the intention of college students’ health investment is an important factor that affects the establishment of a good health investment atmosphere in the society. It is also of great significance for providing a full range of health services to enterprises and forming...
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Establishment of Evaluation Index System of Online Classroom Teaching Quality for International Students in Universities and Countermeasure Research

Yuqiong Li, Ling Zhou, Yuzhu Duan, Zhenqiang Zheng
The evaluation of online classroom teaching quality of international students is a key factor for colleges and universities to improve the quality of international student education. This article takes 200 international students of University of South China as the research object, and establishes an...
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Research on Consumer Online Reviews Intention of E-Commerce Platforms

Based on Maslow’s Human Motivation Theory

Yaqin Li, Xiaoqi Lin
It is becoming increasingly important for e-commerce platforms and operators to understand motivations for posting online reviews. The study aims at understanding the motivation of the users writing online consumption reviews. Based on Maslow’s human motivation theory, the study builds a theory model...
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Helping Behavior and Cognitive Strain

A Job Resource Transformation Perspective

Jing Xiu, Huan Xiao, Huilei Han, Zhenduo Zhang
The purpose of this paper is to clarify the day-to-day relationship between employee helping behavior and cognitive strain. A daily experience sampling method was adopted in order to collect data and to test the conceptual model. The current study collects 350 matched cases nested in 70 full-time workers...
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The Legal Dilemma and Solutions over the Real Estate Tax Levy

Zhisheng Xue, Fang Liu
At present, there is still controversial in both legislation and practice in terms of real estate levy. Because of real estate tax levy of our country are facing many legal dilemmas, such as, the conditions for tax reform have not been met, the real estate tax itself is not ready, etc. Based on this,...
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Analysis on the Contribution of Industrial Structure Optimization to Regional Economic Growth in Shanxi Province

Hongyong Zhang, Yi Yang
The change and development of industrial structure has always affected the economic growth and the change of industrial structure. The continuous growth of the economy requires the corresponding adjustment and optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure. This paper analyzes the contribution...
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Study on the Dynamic Mechanism of Technology Transfer Institutions in China

Lingling Tang, Taizi Zhang
The in-depth integration of technology and economy is inseparable from the services of technology transfer agencies. At present, the lack of motivation for the development of technology transfer institutions in colleges and universities in my country has profoundly affected the integration of technology...
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Social External Effect Analysis of Money Burning Operation Mode of Internet E-commerce Platform

Based on the Perspective of Individual Industrial and Commercial Households

Ai Liu
The rise of the Internet has gradually changed people ‘ s life and consumption habits, and the Internet-based e-commerce platform has brought great challenges to the development of the real economy. This paper will take some competitive means such as unfair subsidies and unreasonable low prices of e-commerce...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Data Management in CRM System of Financial Shared Service Center

Ting Deng
On the current development status of customer relationship management system of financial sharing center in China, this paper explores some problems in the application of customer data management, and puts forward some appropriate suggestions, hoping to help the customer relationship management system...
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Application and Risk Analysis of Gambling Agreement in Business Acquisition

Take Huichuan Technology for Example

Zelin Meng
With China ‘s economic growth, capital markets continue to grow, enterprises to seek financing channels and ways of development, mergers and acquisitions between enterprises frequently, with the frequent application of this means, its shortcomings are increasingly exposed. Due to information asymmetry,...
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Comparative Study of OFDI Efficiency in China Based on SBM-Model

Sen Huang, Yu Chen, Xiaoming Guo
Since the “Belt&Road” was put forward, China has always been committed to building a green the “Belt&Road”. Based on the panel data of China’s direct investment in 30 key countries along the “Belt&Road” from 2009 to 2018, this paper systematically analyzes the efficiency of green investment...
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An Optimization Problem and Method for Bin Location in Urban Areas

Weixuan Shi, Qi Jiang, Meng Zhang, Qunli Yuchi
Bin location in urban areas is a significant research problem. Prior research has considered the average distance that citizens reach bins and it turns out that a citizen may walk a very long distance to dispose the waste. In this paper, we intend to optimize the locating of bins in urban areas. By minimizing...
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Mental Health Situation and Strategic Suggestions of College Students in Hubei Province During the Epidemic Situation

Gaojun Han, Ling Yan, Zhengjun Wang
During the epidemic period, the long-term domestic life will apply some negative effects on the mental health status of college students who stay in the stage of adolescence. Aiming to this problem, firstly, the mental health statuses of college students in Hubei Province during the period have been...
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The Impact of the Application of Intelligent Technology and Equipment on the Operation of Beijing Zhangjiakou High-Speed Railway

Yang Liu, Huiling Fu, Lu Tong, Zichao Liu
This paper analyzes the application of intelligent technology equipment in Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, and studies its impact on the operation of Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway. By designing questionnaire survey and establishing SERVQUAL (Service Quality) model, it quantitatively...
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Study on the Cooperative Development of Culture and Tourism Industry in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle

Lian Li
The proposal of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle provides new opportunities and kinetic energy for the economic and social development of Sichuan Province and Chongqing. Based on the regional development background, cultural and tourism industry development background and industrial cooperation theory,...
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Research on the Integration of Environmental Audit and Economic Responsibility Audit

Yamei Guan, Han Bao
Environmental problems are becoming serious, so our country should carry out government environmental responsibility audit as soon as possible. Based on this, further clarifying the connotation of government environmental responsibility audit, building a complete theoretical framework of government environmental...
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Constructing an Evaluation Indicator System for Sustainable Fashion

Hongshan Zhao, Huanjie Wang
In light of the industry’s vague understanding of sustainable fashion and the emergence of such problem as greenwashing. On the basis of the collation of industry’s information, 23 experts screen and optimize sustainable fashion evaluation indicators by the Delphi method. The result is an evaluation...
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Research on Incentive Mode of Post-90s Employees in SMEs

Youjun Wu, Beiling Li, Lijun Yin, Xinyi Zhang, Yu Liu
At present, the post-90s employees have become the backbone of all walks of life, and the post-95s are gradually entering the workplace. Their entry has brought great challenges to the management and incentive of enterprises. Reform and opening up, economic globalization, popularization of higher education,...
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The Impact of Face Recognition Payment in the Economic

Mao Wei, Dr. Valencia Pérez Luis Rodrigo
With the continuous development of the Internet industry, offline physical retail companies have undergone a huge technological revolution. Retail companies have broken service boundaries through evolving “new tools”, better realized the collaboration of social resources, and built a huge and a humanized...
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Vulnerability Assessment of Ecological Environment Based on Set Pair Analysis Model

Yanpeng Wang, Yuzhu Mu, Xianqi Zhang
Vulnerability Assessment of Ecological environment is the main pre-technology work of regional Ecological environment protection, pollution control, engineering construction of ecological restoration and exploitation of water resources. According to the characteristics of uncertainty and fuzziness of...
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Research on Integration Development of Liquor Culture and Tourism in China

Min Wei, Jie Xu
Chinese liquor culture is a complex and comprehensive resource formed by many factors such as local history, culture, society and economy. On the basis of literature review and on-the-spot investigation, this paper analyzes the rich and diverse forms of liquor culture in areas, including liquor culture...
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How Game Theory Impact International Relations

Hongji Zhang
RAND Corporation, a famous American think-tank strategy research institution, started the research on how to better apply game theory on the analysis of foreign policy as early as in the 1970s, which shows that the United States attaches great importance to the research on the application of game theory...
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Evaluation of China’s High-quality Development from the Perspective of Ecological Civilization

Hongwu Zhang, Rong Fu
High-quality development is a very broad concept, and the development of ecological civilization is the key of high-quality development. The development of ecological civilization can be decomposed into green development, circular development and low-carbon development. Based on entropy method, a comprehensive...
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Research on the Policy Text of Makerspace Space Based on Nvivo: Taking Zhejiang Province as an Example

Yingyan Wang, Rui Zeng
Taking Zhejiang Province’s maker space policy as the research object, with the help of nviov software, through the selection of samples, word frequency statistical analysis and coding analysis, the maker space development factor model is constructed. In view of the lack of supporting service system for...
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Impact of Intelligent Equipment on Construction of Technical Regulations System of Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-Speed Railway

Jianan Li, Huiling Fu, Lu Tong
Due to the application of intelligent equipment, the existing technical regulations of high-speed railway cannot be applied to Beijing- Zhangjiakou high-speed railway. The existing intelligent equipment used in urban railway and high-speed railway applications is compared. The new equipment used in the...
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Research on the Decent Employment Influencing Factors of the New Generation of Migrant Workers from the Perspective of Human Capital

Ruihan Liu, Zichen Zhang, Jing Chen
Realizing decent employment for the new generation of migrant workers can alleviate labor-management conflicts and promote harmonious social development. This paper uses the 2017 database of the Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS) to analyze the relationship between the human capital of the new generation...
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The International Reference and Characteristic Road of Rural Revitalization in Guangdong Province

Xinhui Li
At the nineteen Party’s Congress, the Central Committee put forward a major strategic plan for implementing the strategy of Rural Revitalization. And then, A series of files were released one after another. These policies and measures have planned the top-level design and concrete measures for rural...