Proceedings of the 2015 Conference on Education and Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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Thoughts and Suggestions on Undergraduates Innovations Experiment Project

Jinjin Liang, Xiaoqun Sun, Jiangang Wang, Haojiang Cai
Scientific research and implementing ability are the fundamental methods for cultivating talents. Undergraduates participate in the research and practice are the fundamental principle of teaching. Undergraduates innovations experiment project follows the principle of interest driven, independent practice,...
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The research and exploration on innovative practice with inquiry learning oriented

Jin Wen, Chunxia Zhao, Shaoxuan Gu, Xuehui Huang
The innovation ability is a primary target of “outstanding engineer” training and inquiry learning is an effective teaching method to cultivate students' innovation ability. Carrying out inquiry learning based on the innovative practice is an exploring direction of excellent talents training. This paper...
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The discussion on the combination of Number and Shape in the heuristic teaching of higher mathematics

Wenhao Xie, Xiaoqun Sun, Jinjin Liang, Xiaoyan Wang
Number and shape are the important research objects in the mathematical research. The method of combination of Number and Shape make the number and shape to produce the connection. Heuristic teaching is a kind of teaching thought that can guide students think positively step by step and learn actively...
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Some Ideas on Construction of Course of Mathematical Foundations in Information Security

Yuechuan Wei
Information Security Mathematical Foundations is one of necessary and backbone undergraduate courses of students major in network and information security. This paper analyses the current situation and difficultly encountered in this course. Combining with some practice of constructing high-quality Information...
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Practice and Consideration on Hydromechanics teaching

Feng-li Chen, Da Wu, Lin Zhang
Hydromechanics not only owns the strong theory, but also combines closely with the actual world. Characteristics such as multi-conception, strict logicality, abstraction and vapidity make it difficult to understand. Four aspects about Hydromechanics teaching are studied and discussed in this paper. They...
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Research on the perfection of China's land circulation market: problems and countermeasures—Taking Heilongjiang province as an example

Dezhang Wang, Huiyong Du
To speed up the rural land circulation is under the new situation, improve the competitiveness of agriculture and increasing farmers' income, the enhancement enterprise benefits and ensuring food safety requirements, such as reform of land circulation in China has both internal motivation and external...
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Studying and Implementing about the Grading Teaching

Yunxiao Zu, Weihai Li, Bin Hou, Ning Li, Jie Liu, Yong Zhang, Yi Zhang, Li Wang
The grading teaching is studied and implemented in the professional basic courses. The grading method and teaching method are different according to different aims. Based on the purpose of decreasing the failed rate and developing students’ ability, some aspects about the grading teaching are investigated,...
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Pilot Study of the Teaching of Critical Thinking Skills and Creative Talents for Biochemistry Students at University

Fai-hang Lo
A reform of the education system was introduced in Hong Kong in the past few years. Secondary School students entering university were observed to be highly diverse in terms of their academic backgrounds than ever before. Our previous studies had revealed that students under the new education system...
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Reform of Hydraulic Transmission Course in the Background of the Excellent Engineer Education Plan

Jihai Jiang, Huanhuan Li, Xiaowen Li
This paper is mainly about the reform of hydraulic transmission course. First, the requests and the meanings of the Plan of Excellent Engineer Education are discussed. Then, in this background, the reform issues of hydraulic transmission course are discussed. The main problems of traditional hydraulic...
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Some Thoughts on the Reform of College Personnel System in China

Zhixiang Deng
Personnel system is an important part of modern college governance. There are some problems existing in the current personnel system of colleges in China, for example, the expectations of appointment system are not achieved, the title conferring system is not perfect, and the assessment and evaluation...
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Mass of on line innovative talent training mode for theory of probability and mathematical statistics teaching reform

Donghong Zhao, Li Liu
From the teaching content, teaching means and teaching design and teaching way four aspects of teaching reform of the course of the theory of probability and mathematical statistics, in-depth studies are pointed out that the theory of probability and mathematical statistics should pay attention to the...
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A Process-Visible Compiler Aimed for Teaching Assistant

Xiwen Chen, Hanfei Lin, Yufei Liang, Xiaoming Ju
The course of Compiling Principles has always been difficult for students to understand, for the related algorithms are quite complex, and not all students possess the ability to comprehend those algorithms easily. In order to facilitate the learning of compiling techniques, we have designed a special...
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Preliminary Inquiry for Mathematics Teaching of Fresh Undergraduates

Wenxi Duan
Higher mathematics is a required course for the undergraduates of the engineering and economic management departments. However, they generally can’t adapt to learning the mathematics. Therefore, the teachers should guide them to adapt to the learning environment of the university, improve the learning...
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Thinking and Practice on the Construction of Management Science Major with Financial Characteristics

Chuanliang Jia, Jie Su, Shiming Liu, Aihua Li
With the developing of society, “Management Science” is becoming more and more important for us to make decision in economic activity, but the development of Management Science major in domestic colleges and universities is not optimistic. Therefore, it is a question that worth consideration about how...
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Exploration on the reform of operations research curriculum applied to economic management majors

Jie Su, Chuanliang Jia, Junlin Chen, Huijia Li
With the high-level requirement for quantitative analysis in the economic management field, the importance of operations research curriculum for undergraduate students of Economic management major is significantly emerging. How to combine operations research that is strong theoretical and high-level...
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Teaching reform on course "signals and systems"

Gui Feng
Form the requirements and teaching process of course "Signals and Systems" to explore the course contents selection and course arrangement of “Signals and Systems ". From the characteristics of the 90 students and the status of teaching to analysis problems in “Signals and Systems" course teaching, and...
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The Research on Co authorship Network in Medical Information Education in China

Li Bian, Xiaoli Wang, Zhen Zhao
In this paper, CNKI data is the main sources, Chongqing VIP data and Wanfang data are the supplementary sources. Use the method of social network analysis and visualization technology; analyze the characteristics about overall and local structure on Co authorship network in medical information education...
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Comprehensive reform and Practice of Environmental Engineering specialty which based on professional certification

Cheng Ding, Bairen Yang
In accordance with the requirements of professional certification, the comprehensive reform of environmental engineering is committed to improve the overall level of talent training, and carry out the outstand engineering practical ability training, which through the training mode of creative talents,...
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Improved Auto Majors Innovative Practice Teaching and Research Capabilities

Lin Hu, Jing Huang, Fangyi Li, Xin Liu
Due to our traditional concepts of education and the rapid development of automotive technology, we need to improve and perfect the innovative practice teaching system for vehicle major students. This paper analyzed and concluded the current situation and existing problem of practice training, and according...
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Self-compiled On-line Parallel Corpus in Translation Teaching

Yushan Zhao, Juan Shi
Corpus has great potentials as a kind of advanced teaching. In China, corpus-aided translation teaching bears less fruit and there are few empirical studies of Chinese-English translation based on corpus. This paper tries to introduce the significance of self-compiled on-line corpus, the data processing,...
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Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Master Candidate’s Learning Behavior

Zhiwei Sun
The bad behavior of master candidate has affected the quality of Master graduate students. First of all, this article describes the definition and importance of learning behavior. Then, the article analysis the influence factors of master candidate’s learning behavior. Finally, the author puts forward...
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Changing the Classroom Teaching Model and Cultivating Students ’ Comprehensive Qualities

Yan-hua Hu, Feng Guo, Bao-dong Chen, Ge Zhao, Pei Gong, Liang Liu
In order to meet the diversities of subject contents and students’ learning methods as well as the personality of the students’ learning process, teachers have to change their traditional classroom teaching model and cultivate students’ comprehensive qualities. During the classroom teaching of “modern...
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The Reform Research and Practice of Quality Course of “Automatic Control Theory”Based on CDIO Educational Philosophy

Chunxia Yue
CDIO, namely, the conceive, design, implement and operate, it is the carrier of the life cycle which from the development of product to its running, and it enables students to take the initiative, practical and organic link way to learn project. This paper selects of a main automation professional course...
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Probe on Production-Education-Research-Model of Measurement and Control Technology Professional based on the Automatic Dismantling Line Platform

Sujuan Wang, Qin Qin, Zhenguo Liu, Baoyu Chen
This article summarizes and discusses the combination of Producing-Learning-Researching Cooperation of measurement and control technology professional based on the platform of the research and development of automatic dismantling line. In the process of project research and development, many teachers...
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Study on the Research and Practise of Experiment Teaching in Fire Combustion Science Course

Yuanyuan Wang
It is a good way of develop experiment teaching in fire combustion course and train students the ability to analyze and solve the preventing and control of fire and explosion acci-dent to let graduate satisfy the practical request of fire job. This paper unfolds research and practice for experiment teaching...
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The Exploration of Comprehensive Reform of Application-Oriented Education for Undergraduates Majored in Mechatronics Engineering

Shuzhen Yang, Fangfang Sun
Application-oriented education for undergraduates receives more and more attentions of colleges and universities along with the gradual switch of Chinese higher education from large-scale development to intensive development with its focus on education quality. Now lots of colleges and universities obtained...
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C Language Programming Course Reform and Practice of Teaching

Hui-yong Yuan, Jing-guo Dai, Jian Peng
C Language Programming is the first required course of computer basis after students enroll in university. This paper from the teaching objectives, teaching content, teaching methods, practice teaching, and so introduced the course reform. Practices have proved that these good results teaching reform...
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The Influence of Internet on Higher Education and Countermeasure

Peng Cao, Wenqiu Luo
The influence of Internet on the subversion of higher education has been widely concerned by the society. This paper explores the deep influence of the Internet on the reform of higher education. After introducing the evolution process of teaching mode and teaching content, the paper points out that...
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Research Course Teaching Model in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Ying Liu, Xiaomei An
The different understanding of the research course is analyzed in this paper. Based on the essence of its concept, we delve further into the idea of the research course teaching model and the development of target for emotion, knowledge, and ability. Meanwhile, the theory of research course teaching...
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Teaching Reform for Curriculum Design of Mechanisms and Machines Theory Focuing on Students’ Practice and Innovation Abilities

Qiang Yang, Pengfei Dai, Tianbiao Yu, Zhili Sun, Yutao Yan, Pengfei Shen
In order to develop students’ practice and innovation ability, the research are carried out on reformation of curriculum design of mechanisms and machines theory. Two attempts are recommended: Experiment teaching of mechanisms assembling and kinamatic demonstrating should be adapted; based on virtual...
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Study and Practice of Teaching Reformation of Basic Electricity Market Course

Yajing Gao, Jing Zhu, Fushen Xue, Yongjian Sun, Haifeng Liang
Basic Electricity Market Course is a significant professional course opened for undergraduates especially students of the Department of Electrical Engineering, which involves Power System, Economic Management, Mathematics and Politics and so on, having plenty of different characteristics from other courses....
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Study and Practice of Teaching Reformation of Power System Load Forecast Course

Yajing Gao, Jing Zhu, Huaxin Cheng, Xiaobo Hu, Haifeng Liang
Power System Load Forecast is a significant professional course opened for undergraduates especially students of the Department of Electrical Engineering, which involves Power System, Economic Management and Mathematics and so on, having plenty of different characteristics from other courses. On the...
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Reasonable Effective Course Assignment Design for “Web Programming”

Yuying Jiang, Zhan Huang
“Web Programming” is a complicated and comprehensive practical course with numerous knowledge points. Characteristics of the course and problems that exist in teaching are analyzed. Significance and peculiarities of the course assignments in teaching are discussed. A practical exploration has been made...
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Discussion on Teaching Reform of Mathematical Analysis

Zhiyong Ma
The Current problems of the mathematics analysis courses in science and engineering colleges and universities is unsatisfactory. People's traditional concepts of mathematical analysis courses need to be updated. From the future educational development to proceed, this article briefly discusses the mathematical...
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Research on the Curriculum Design and Practice of "Functional Analysis" in Local Normal University

Yanfeng Chen, Lifen Duan
Functional analysis is a new branch in modern mathematics. It is integrated with the analysis of many problems in mathematics. It is a new method of comprehensive application for algebra and geometry. This paper analyzes the development of Functional Analysis course in Local Normal University, and puts...
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Empirical Entrepreneurship Oriented Reforms on E-Commerce Teaching

Mingyan Wang, Shuge Tian, Rui Zhang
As one of essential core courses in the College of Management, E-Commerce is the course with stronger effectiveness and more practicality in comparison with other courses. To solve the main problems and shortcomings in teaching strategies and methods for E-Commerce curriculum theory and practice teaching...
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The strategies of small class teaching for college English teachers

Xiaohui Wang
Due to the different emphasis westerners and Chinese understand “small class English teaching “differently. Westerners pay more attention to the number of students when “small class English teaching is mentioned”; while Chinese advocate the spirit of “small class English teaching”. Chinese purpose is...
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Discussion about the Development of public English teachers turned into the teachers of English for Specific Purpose

Shuangxi Gao, Hailing Zhao
In recent years, the English teaching of High vocational colleges in our country hasn't adapted and satisfied to the needs of the social circumstances and development. However, English for Specific Purpose is playing an increasingly important role .the Author analyzed rationality to the two aspects in...
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Seepage analysis of soil column under thecondition of rainfall evaporation

Jiang-hu Chen, Guo-xiong Mei
In this paper, a soil column model is built by using VADOSE/W module in Geostudio software. The numerical simulation analysis is carried out by taking into account the effects of rainfall, gas diffusion, evaporation and vegetation transpiration, in order to explore the change law of volume water content...
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Research and Practice of Postgraduate Cultivation on the basis of Material Processing Characteristic

Hongmei Zhang, Shengli Li, Hongyang Zhao, Yingyi Liu, Heran Li
The construction process of cultivation model and curriculum system of materials engineering master degree candidate in university of science and technology Liaoning are introduced in this paper. The exploration and practice of different aspects such as curriculum system, cultivating model, training...
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Teaching Reform of Solid State Physics Course for Material Physics

Zhiyong Han
In this paper, the position and role of solid state physics course is introduced in undergraduate course teaching system for materials physics specialty. According to the relation with other course, teaching reform and practice of contents and means are discussed and development direction of educational...
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Research on the Teaching Methods Reform in Visual Communication Design Major in Higher Education Institutions Against the Background of “Internet +”

Wei Liu, Xiaowei Jiang
The promotion of “Internet +” is going to change the state of our life and affect our ways of living. It is going to break the barriers of space and time in teaching, and bring about various reforms in teaching modes and methods. Therefore, we shall make full use of this effective platform, sort, restructure...
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Research and Practice of Construction of Automobile Detection and Maintenance Teaching Team

Peijiang Chen
In order to improve the teaching quality, it is essential to strengthen the construction of teaching team which is an important project of teaching quality engineering. Making the teaching team of automobile detection and maintenance of Linyi University as an example, the construction of teaching team...
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Study of Problems and Solutions in Innovation and Enterprise Education of Engineering Specialities

Xuehua Jiang, Peijiang Chen
It is the need of higher education reform and development and the requirements of economic development to train creative high quality talents. In colleges, to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship education for the engineering specialty for the status of domestic innovation and entrepreneurship education...
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Hot Topics and Fronts of E-commerce teaching Research: A Scientometric Analysis in CiteSpace

Zong-Wei Li, Ming-Yan Wang
By drawing a network of co-words of e-commerce teaching from WOS of 2006—2015 by bibliometrics visualization software named CiteSpace, we have detected the research hot topics of international e-commerce teaching which include e-commerce, higher education, enterprise reform, Internet and e-learning....
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Research on the strategies of English learners in the language practice base

Xiaohui Wang
As a part of English teaching process, language practice plays an important role in mastering language skills for language learners. Language practice base can help English learners to grasp English skills effectively when it is used as a learning platform. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that it...
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Presentation of Undergraduate Research-oriented Teaching Process

Qiu-feng Shang, Wei Liu
Research-oriented teaching can train students' ability of analyze and design and skills of design and development. This paper shows the process of the researchoriented teaching by the demonstration of an experimental case. Literature review and topic selection, theoretical analysis, system design and...
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An Investigation and Countermeasures of Student Attendance of Correspondence Departments of Adult Education Colleges and Universities

Zhixuan Ning
Student attendance rate in adult education colleges and universities is generally low, which exerts negative influence on teachers’ initiative of teaching and students’ academic performance. Nearly all of the colleges have been attempting various measures to improve the situation, but with little effect....
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Training mode of information class talents in Local Undergraduate Colleges

Jian Peng, Jing-guo Dai, Hui-yong Yuan
Analyzes the local undergraduate colleges and universities information class reality problems of talent training, put forward in combination with the practical situation of schools, to carry out the cooperation between colleges and industry cooperation, joint personnel training mode, oriented to the...
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Effect Sizes of Formulaic Sequences Used in English Writing

Xuefeng Qin, Yan Wu, Dongying Yang
The results of Null Hypothesis Significance Testing can only answer the question whether there is an effect. Effect sizes are commonly used to evaluate the magnitude of the effect and practical significance. Taking eight primary studies as an example concerning the effect of formulaic sequences used...
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Based VMWARE on the pattern of virtual laboratory to explore

Jian Zheng, Liyan Cai
would you please only email the master pdf files tAs the funding of practical education in school teaching gradually become rational, coupled with the increasing application of computers in many majors in colleges and universities, the construction of the virtual laboratory has gradually in the implementation....
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Exploration of Practical Teaching Reform on Signal Processing Curriculum Group

Yuan Ning
The practical teaching reform of Signal Processing Curriculum Group has been an important part of the curriculum reform we devote to which include experimental teaching contents reform, experimental teaching system reform. According to training requirements of engineering applied talents in electrical...
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Study on Innovative Talent Education Model for Electrical Engineering Major

Duoying Zhang, Wanling Deng, Junkai Huang, Xiaoyu Ma
With the current urgent needs of high quality innovative engineering talents for electronic and information industry, innovative talent education and training models are becoming more and more important. In this paper, the model of cultivating diversified and application-oriented engineering talents...
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Study on the Obstacles in Using of College English Excellent Courses Based on the Learner's Perspective

Yuman Lin
At present, the researches on the College English Excellent courses are mostly from the perspective of curriculum developers or teachers, but not from the perspective of learners.However,The study found that the factors which affect the learners' use of the course include: (1) the design of curriculum...
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Professional Comprehensive Reform of Information Management and Information System

Hao Rao
Currently the overall implementation of information management and information system application-oriented training system is not sufficient. A series of strategy is proposed, including updated professional training mode, strengthen the construction of teaching team, improve course resources, strengthen...
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Construct a research-based teaching mode to enhance Undergraduates’ innovation capability

Guosheng Xu
In order to enhance the innovation capacity of undergraduates, we have constructed a research-based teaching mode. This model introduces the frontier and relevant interdisciplinary knowledge, integrates our faculty’s latest scientific research, combines perfectly with the teaching materials, introduces...
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Industry Research and Professional Planning of Communication Technology

Yueyue Wang, Dong Wan
Based on research and analysis of the communication industry, this paper analyzed the professional post and requirements of specific post of communication industry, also put forward the practical and feasible development plan. This paper can play guiding role in works of new major declaration and adaption...