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RETRACTED: Moment Generating Functions of Generalized Order Statistics From Extended Type II Generalized Logistic Distribution

Devendra Kumar
Pages: 273 - 288
This article has been retracted: please see the Atlantis Press Policy on Article Retraction and Withdrawal ( This article has been retracted at the request of the Editor-in-Chief of JSTA. This article was a duplication of a paper...
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A New Test for Simple Tree Alternative in a 2 x k Table

Parthasarathi Chakrabarti, Uttam Bandyopadhyay
Pages: 271 - 282
This paper considers simple tree order restriction in 2×k cohort study and provides a consistent test in which the usual multiple comparison test statistics are modified by using the characteristic roots of a consistent estimator of the associated correlation matrix. The relevant performance measures...
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The Exponentiated Poisson-Exponential Distribution: A Distribution with Increasing, Decreasing and Bathtub Failure Rate

Francisco Louzada, Vicente G. Cancho, Paulo H. Ferreira
Pages: 274 - 285
In this paper we propose a new three-parameters lifetime distribution with increasing, decreasing and bathtub failure rate depending on its parameters. The properties of the proposed distribution are discussed, including explicit algebraic formulae for its reliability and failure rate functions, quantiles...
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The Odd Log-Logistic Geometric Family with Applications in Regression Models with Varying Dispersion

Maria do Carmo S. Lima, Fábio Prataviera, Edwin M. M. Ortega, Gauss M. Cordeiro
Pages: 278 - 294
We obtain some mathematical properties of a new generator of continuous distributions with two additional shape parameters called the odd log-logistic geometric family. We present some special models and investigate the asymptotes and shapes. The family density function can be expressed as a linear combination...
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Approach of Reliability Approximation with Extent of Error for a Resistor under Weibull Setup

Sadananda Nayak, Dilip Roy
Pages: 281 - 288
Analytical determination of reliability of a complex system is item dependent and setup dependent and a very difficult task. In this paper we propose reliability approximation based on reliability bounds for one such engineering item - a Resistor with independent components having the Weibull distribution....
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Estimation of Entropy for Weibull Distribution Based on Record Values

Manoj Chacko, P. S. Asha
Pages: 279 - 288
In this paper, estimation of entropy for Weibull distribution based on record values is considered. Maximum likelihood estimation and Bayes estimation for Shannon entropy and Renyi entropy have been considered based on record values. Bayes estimators are obtained using Markov Chain Monte Carlo method....
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On Records in Sequences of Nonidentically Distributed Exponential Random Variables

M. Ahsanullah, V.B. Nevzorov
Pages: 284 - 287
The representation of record values based on sequences of non-identically distributed exponential random variables in terms of independent exponential summands is suggested.
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Generalized Semi Exponential Type Estimator under Systematic Sampling

Muhammad Nouman Qureshi, Sadia Khalil, Muhammad Hanif
Pages: 283 - 290
In sample surveys, collection of auxiliary information together with the main variable of interest is very important to increase the efficiency of the estimators of population parameters of interest. Regression and ratio estimation are very popular and are widely used methods that benefit from the use...
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A Note on Kumaraswamy Exponentiated Rayleigh distribution

Nasr Ibrahim Rashwan
Pages: 286 - 295
In this paper, a new four parameter continuous distribution, called the Kumaraswamy Rayleigh (KW-ER) distribution is proposed and studied. Some mathematical properties are presented and discussed, these properties involve expansions for the cumulative and density functions, skewness and kurtosis based...
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Quantile regression in high-dimension with breaking

Gabriela Ciuperca
Pages: 288 - 305
The paper considers a linear regression model in high-dimension for which the predictive variables can change the influence on the response variable at unknown times (called change-points). Moreover, the particular case of the heavy-tailed errors is considered. In this case, least square method with...
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The Burr X Generator of Distributions for Lifetime Data

Haitham M. Yousof, Ahmed Z. Afify, G. G. Hamedani, Gokarna Aryal
Pages: 288 - 305
In this paper, we introduce a new class of distributions called the Burr X family. Some of its mathematical and structural properties are derived. The maximum likelihood is used for estimating the model parameters. The importance and flexibility of the new family are illustrated by means of an application...
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On the Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis Generalization as the Singular Value Decomposition Probabilistic Image

Pau Figuera Vinué, Pablo García Bringas
Pages: 286 - 296
The Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis has been related with the Singular Value Decomposition. Several problems occur when this comparative is done. Data class restrictions and the existence of several local optima mask the relation, being a formal analogy without any real significance. Moreover,...
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Goodness-of-fit tests for weibull populations on the basis of records

Mahdi Doostparast
Pages: 289 - 300
Record is used to reduce the time and cost of running experiments (Doostparast and Balakrishnan, 2010). It is important to check the adequacy of models upon which inferences or actions are based (Lawless, 2003, Chapter 10, p. 465). In the area of goodness of fit based on record data, there are a few...
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A Generalization of Discounted Central Limit Theorem and its Berry-Esseen Analogue

B. Amiri Aghbilagh, Z. Shishebor, M.M. Saber
Pages: 289 - 295
Discounted central limit theorem was proved for i.i.d. random variables by Gerber (Theorem 2.1). This work is intended to extend the work of Gerber to the case where {??} is a periodic sequence of independent variables and ?i are periodic scalars. A simulation study was performed in order to support...
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On Upper k-Record Values from the Generalized Linear Exponential Distribution

M. Alam, M. A. Khan, R. U. Khan
Pages: 289 - 303
In this paper, we derive the exact expressions as well as recurrence relations for single and product moment of generalized upper record values from the four-parameter generalized linear exponential distribution. Further, we characterize the given distribution through conditional expectation and recurrence...
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Performance of the Graybill–Deal Estimator via Pitman Closeness Criterion

Keyu Nie, Bikas.K. Sinha, A.S. Hedayat
Pages: 291 - 306
Pitman closeness criterion is a coverage probability-based criterion to examine the relative performances of estimators. Usually, the performance of the standard Graybill-Deal estimator of the common mean has been examined with respect to the mean squared error (variance). In this study we examine its...
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Discriminating Between Exponential and Lindley Distributions

V. S. Vaidyanathan, A Sharon Varghese
Pages: 295 - 302
In literature, Lindley distribution is considered as an alternate to the exponential distribution. In the present work, a methodology is developed to discriminate between exponential and Lindley distributions based on the ratio of the maximum likelihoods. Asymptotic distribution of the test statistic...
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Three parameter Transmuted Rayleigh distribution with application to Reliability data

Muhammad Shuaib Khan, Robert King, Irene Lena Hudson
Pages: 296 - 312
This research introduces the three parameter transmuted Rayleigh distribution with an application to fatigue fracture data. Using the quadratic rank transmutation map method proposed by Shaw et al. [25] we develop the three parameter transmuted Rayleigh distribution. This research also introduces the...
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Modified Clopper-Pearson Confidence Interval for Binomial Proportion

Desale Habtzghi, Chand K. Midha, Ashish Das
Pages: 296 - 310
We introduce expected coverage probability as a measure for constructing confidence intervals for the binomial proportion, p. We propose a model based confidence interval for p using the expected coverage probabilities of the Clopper-Pearson interval. The method provides intervals comparable or better...
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Exponentiated Power Function Distribution: Properties and Applications

Muhammad Zeshan Arshad, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Munir Ahmad
Pages: 297 - 313
In this study, we have focused to propose a flexible model that demonstrates increasing, decreasing and upside-down bathtub-shaped density and failure rate functions. The proposed model refers to as the exponentiated power function (EPF) distribution. Some mathematical and reliability measures are developed...
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Conditional risk estimate for functional data under strong mixing conditions

Abbes Rabhi, Sara Soltani, Aboubacar Traore
Pages: 301 - 323
We consider the problem of nonparametric estimation of the conditional hazard function for functional mixing data. More precisely, given a strictly stationary random variables Zi = (Xi; Yi)i2N, we investigate a kernel estimate of the conditional hazard function of univariate response variable Yi given...
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Characterization of Exponential Distribution Through Normalized Spacing of Generalized Order Statistics

M. J. S. Khan, S. Iqrar, M. Faizan
Pages: 303 - 308
In this paper, exponential distribution is characterized by normalized spacing of generalized order statistics (gos) using Meijer's G-function. While the necessary part of the theorem was given by U. Kamps, E. Cramer, Statistics. 35 (2001), 269–280, we have given an easy proof of sufficient part...
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Bonferroni and Gini Indices and Recurrence Relations for Moments of Progressive Type-II Right Censored Order Statistics from Marshall-Olkin Exponential Distribution

Narinder Pushkarna, Jagdish Saran, Rashmi Tiwari
Pages: 306 - 320
In this paper, we derive explicit expressions for Bonferroni Curve (BC), Bonferroni index (BI), Lorenz Curve (LC) and Gini index (GI) for the Marshall-Olikn Exponential (MOE) distribution, which have mainly concern with some aspects like poverty, welfare, decomposability, reliability, sampling and inference.We...
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Some Results on Stochastic Orderings of Generalized Order Statistics and Spacings

Z. Zamani, G. R. Mohtashami Borzadaran, M. Amini
Pages: 306 - 321
Generalized order statistics unify the study of order statistics, record values, k-records, Pfeifer’s records and several other cases of ordered random variables. In this paper, we first provide several comparison results for generalized order statistics in terms of the dynamic cumulative residual quantile...
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A Tutorial on Levels of Granularity: From Histograms to Clusters to Predictive Distributions

Pages: 307 - 323
Consider the problem of modeling datasets such as numbers of accidents in a population of insured persons, or incidences of an illness in a population. Various levels of detail or granularity may be considered in describing the parent population. The levels used in fitting data and hence in describing...
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New Discrete Lifetime Distribution with Applications to Count Data

Beih S. El-Desouky, Rabab S. Gomaa, Alia M. Magar
Pages: 304 - 317
In this paper, we present a new class of distribution called generalized Hermite–Genocchi distribution (GHGD). This model is obtained by compounding generalized Hermite–Genocchi polynomials given by Gould and Hopper with powers series distribution. Statistical properties and reliability characteristics...
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Concomitants of Order Statistics and Record Values from Generalization of FGM Bivariate-Generalized Exponential Distribution

H. M. Barakat, E. M. Nigm, M. A. Alawady, I. A. Husseiny
Pages: 309 - 322
We introduce the generalized Farlie–Gumbel–Morgenstern (FGM) type bivariate-generalized exponential distribution. Some distributional properties of concomitants of order statistics as well as record values for this family are studied. Recurrence relations between the moments of concomitants are obtained,...
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Characterizations of distributions via record values with random exponential shifts

Mohammad Ahsanullah, Valery B. Nevzorov, Ludmila Nevzorova
Pages: 311 - 316
Some new characterizations of probability distributions based on properties of record values shifted by independent exponential variables are obtained. Explicit expressions for the inverse functions of the corresponding variables are presented. Among others some characterizations of exponential distributions...
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Geometric Power Lindley Poisson Distribution: Properties and Applications

Mahmoud M. Mansour, Mohammad Ahsanullah, Zohdy M. Nofal, Omar H. Khalaf
Pages: 313 - 325
In this Paper, a new four-parameter distribution motivated mainly by dealing with series-parallel system is introduced. Moments, conditional moments and moment generating function of the new distribution including are presented. Estimation of its parameters is studied. characterization of the new model...
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A Bayesian Shared Parameter Model for Incomplete Semicontinuous longitudinal Data: An Application To Toenail Dermatophyte Onychomycosis Study

Samaneh Eftekhari Mahabadi
Pages: 317 - 332
Most of statistical analysis for longitudinal data are based on normality assumption for the continuous response of interest which might be violated in some practical areas due to skewed data which possibly contain excess zeros. Some authors have proposed frequentist and Bayesian approaches to model...
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Construction of Some Circular Regular Graph Designs in Blocks of Size Four Using Cyclic Shifts

Rashid Ahmed, Farrukh Shehzad, Muhammad Jamil, H. M. Kashif Rasheed
Pages: 314 - 324
Circular regular graph designs play an important role in the design of experiments where most of the balanced incomplete block designs require a large number of blocks. In this article, circular regular graph designs are constructed in blocks of size four through cyclic shifts. Without studying the complete...
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Characterizations of probability distributions via bivariate regression of generalized order statistics

M.S. Kotb, M. Ahsanullah
Pages: 321 - 329
Let Xi,n,m,k, i = 1, ...,n are n generalized order statistics (gos) based on an absolutely continuous distribution function F. Suppose that ? (x) is an absolutely continuous and monotonically increasing function in (a,b), ???a
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The XLindley Distribution: Properties and Application

Sarra Chouia, Halim Zeghdoudi
Pages: 318 - 327
This paper proposes a new distribution called XLindley distribution (XLD), this distribution is generated as a special mixture of two distributions: exponential and Lindley and hence the name proposed. Also, the statistical properties like stochastic ordering, quantile function, the maximum likelihood...
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Generalized Sichel Distribution and Associated Inference

Yeh Ching Low, Seng Huat Ong, Ramesh C. Gupta
Pages: 322 - 336
In this paper, we propose a generalized form of Sichel distribution which is obtained by mixing the Poisson distribution with the extended generalized inverse Gaussian distribution. This distribution models over dispersed, zero-inflated and heavy-tailed count data sets. These characteristics are examined...
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Estimation of the Parameters of a Bivariate Geometric Distribution

U.J. Dixit, S. Annapurna
Pages: 324 - 349
The uniformly minimum variance unbiased estimators (UMVUE) of the parameters and reliability functions of a bivariate geometric distribution(BGD) have been derived.The exact variances of the maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) and of UMVUE have been derived and the corresponding mean square errors have...
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The Exponentiated Weibull-Pareto Distribution with Application

Ahmed Z. Afify, Haitham M. Yousof, G.G. Hamedani, Gokarna R. Aryal
Pages: 326 - 344
A new generalization of the Weibull-Pareto distribution called the exponentiated Weibull-Pareto distribution is defined and studied. Various structural properties including ordinary moments, quantiles, R´enyi and q-entropies and order statistics are derived. We proposed the method of maximum likelihood...
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On the Asymptotic Behavior in Random Fields: The Central Limit Theorem

Mohammad Mehdi Saber, Zohreh Shishebor, Behnam Amiri
Pages: 323 - 328
The aim of this paper is to provide an applicable version of Central Limit Theorem for strictly stationary m-dependent random fields on a lattice. The type of sampling is considered increasing domain sampling.
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A class of Bivariate SURE estimators in heteroscedastic hierarchical normal models

S.K. Ghoreishi
Pages: 324 - 339
In this paper, we first propose a class of bivariate shrinkage estimators based on Steins unbiased estimate of risk (SURE). Then, we study the effect of correlation coefficients on their performance. Moreover, under some mild assumptions on the model correlations, we set up the optimal asymptotic properties...
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Multivariate Escher Transformed Laplace Distribution and Its Generalization

H Rimsha, Dais George
Pages: 325 - 331
This paper we introduced a new distribution namely the multivariate Esscher transformed Laplace distribution. Various properties of the distribution are studied and the applications are discussed. Further we develop an autoregressive process with multivariate ETL marginal and study its properties. A...
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The Log-Beta Generalized Half-Normal Regression Model

Rodrigo R. Pescim, Edwin M.M. Ortega, Gauss M. Cordeiro, Clarice G.B. Demtrio, G.G. Hamedani
Pages: 330 - 347
We introduce a log-linear regression model based on the beta generalized half-normal distribution (Pescim et al., 2010).We formulate and develop a log-linear model using a new distribution so-called the log-beta general- ized half normal distribution.We derive expansions for the cumulative distribution...
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A New Form of Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern Copula: A Comparative Simulation Study and Application

Ferhan Baş Kaman, Hülya Olmuş
Pages: 328 - 339
In this study a new mixture copula has been obtained by creating a linear combination of product copula with copula which is obtained with marginal distributions of order statistics which was proposed by Dolati and Úbeda-Flores, Kybernetika. 45 (2009), 992–1002. In addition, a new form of Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern...
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The Generalized Kumaraswamy-G Family of Distributions

Zohdy M. Nofal, Emrah Altun, Ahmed Z. Afify, M. Ahsanullah
Pages: 329 - 342
We propose a new class of continuous distributions called the generalized Kumaraswamy-G family which extends the Kumaraswamy-G family defined by Cordeiro and de Castro [1]. Some special models of the new family are provided. Some of its mathematical properties including explicit expressions for the ordinary...
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Estimation of Population Mean Using Known Correlation Coefficient And Median

J. Subramani, G. Kumarapandiyan
Pages: 333 - 343
The present paper deals with the two modified ratio estimators for estimation of population mean of the study variable using the linear combination of the known population values of the Correlation Coefficient and the Median of the auxiliary variable. The biases and the mean squared errors of the proposed...
Research Article

Behavior of OC Curve of Generalized Exponentiated Data

Anwar Hassan, Mehraj Ahmad, Najmus Saquib Hassan
Pages: 332 - 341
In this paper a generalized exponential distribution is considered for analyzing left-censored lifetime data as such mechanisms are applicable when the observations become available in an ordered manner with some cases where the origin and the event both occur prior to the start of follow-up. In the...
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Least Squares Parameter Estimation for Sparse Functional Varying Coefficient Model

Behdad Mostafaiy, Mohammad Reza Faridrohani
Pages: 337 - 344
In the present paper, we study functional varying coefficient model in which both the response and the predictor are functions. We give estimates of the intercept and the slope functions in the case that the observations are sparse and noise-contaminated longitudinal data by using least squares representation...
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Joint Modeling of Linear Degradation and Multiple Dependent Competing Risks Data under a Step-Stress Accelerated Degradation Test

Somayeh Mireh, Ahmad Khodadadi, Firoozeh Haghighi
Pages: 340 - 358
The step-stress accelerated degradation test (SSADT) is one of the most commonly used time-dependent types of stress loading tests that enables a shorter test duration. This test is more economical and flexible compared to accelerated degradation test or accelerated failure time (ADT/AFT) test plans....
Research Article

Alpha Power Transformed Weibull-G Family of Distributions: Theory and Applications

I. Elbatal, M. Elgarhy, B. M. Golam Kibria
Pages: 340 - 354
This paper considers three special cases: Exponential, Rayleigh and Lindley of a family of generalized distributions, called alpha power Weibull G (APW-G) family. Some essential and valuable statistical properties of the family of distributions are obtained. The proposed distributions are very flexible...
Research Article

On Finite Mixtures of Modified Intervened Poisson Distribution And Its Applications

C. Satheesh Kumar, D.S. Shibu
Pages: 344 - 355
Kumar and Shibu proposed a modified version of intervened Poisson distribution (IPD), namely the modified intervened Poisson distribution (MIPD) for tackling situations of further interventions useful for certain practical problems. Here we consider some finite mixtures of MIPD and study some of its...
Research Article

Improved Confidence Intervals for the Ratio of Coefficients of Variation of Two Lognormal Distributions

Md Sazib Hasan, K. Krishnamoorthy
Pages: 345 - 353
The problem of estimating the ratio of coefficients of variation of two independent lognormal populations is considered. We propose two closed-form approximate confidence intervals (CIs), one is based on the method of variance estimate recovery (MOVER), and another is based on the fiducial approach....
Research Article

One-sequence and two-sequence prediction for future Weibull records

Omar M. Bdair, Mohammad Z. Raqab
Pages: 345 - 366
Based on record data, prediction of the future records from the two-parameter Weibull distribution is studied. First we consider the sampling based procedure to compute the Bayes estimates and also to construct symmetric credible intervals. Secondly, we consider one-sequence and two-sequence Bayes prediction...
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EBC-Estimator of Multidimensional Bayesian Threshold in Case of Two Classes

Oksana Kubaychuk
Pages: 342 - 351
Some threshold-based classification rules in case of two classes are defined. In assumption, that a learning sample is obtained from a mixture with varying concentration, the empirical-Bayesian classification (EBC)-estimator of multidimensional Bayesian threshold is constructed. The conditions of convergence...
Research Article

A Modified Negative Binomial Distribution: Properties, Overdispersion and Underdispersion

Ghobad Barmalzan, Hadi Saboori, Sajad Kosari
Pages: 343 - 350
In this paper, we introduce a new and useful discrete distribution (modified negative binomial distribution) and its statistical and probabilistic properties are discussed. This distribution is a three-parameter extension of the negative binomial distribution that generalizes some well-known discrete...
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Wrapped Geometric Distribution: A new Probability Model for Circular Data

Sophy Jacob, K. Jayakumar
Pages: 348 - 355
We propose a new family of circular distributions, obtained by wrapping geometric distribution on Z+ = 0, 1, . . ., around a unit circle. The properties of this new family of distributions are studied.
Research Article

Characterizations of Distributions Via Conditional Expectation of Function of Generalized Order Statistics

Mohammad Ahsanullah, G.G. Hamedani, Indranil Ghosh
Pages: 350 - 358
Characterizations of probability distributions by different regression conditions on generalized order statistics have attracted the attention of many researchers. We present here, characterization of distributions based on the conditional expectation of generalized order statistics extending the characterization...
Research Article

Slashed Moment Exponential Distribution

Yuri A. Iriarte, Juan M. Astorga, Osvaldo Venegas, Héctor W. Gómez
Pages: 354 - 365
The problem of estimating the ratio of coefficients of variation of two independent lognormal populations is considered. We propose two closed-form approximate confidence intervals (CIs), one is based on the method of variance estimate recovery (MOVER), and another is based on the fiducial approach....
Research Article

Improved Randomized Response in Optional Scrambling Models

Zawar Hussain, Muhammad Imran Shahid
Pages: 351 - 360
In the present study, we discuss the issue of increasing the respondents cooperation in sensitive surveys. When the question is highly sensitive then the cooperation from the respondents is decreased. We propose two optional randomized response models (ORRMs) to increase the respondents cooperation....
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Inferences for the Type-II Exponentiated Log-Logistic Distribution Based on Order Statistics with Application

Devendra Kumar, Maneesh Kumar, Sanku Dey
Pages: 352 - 367
In this paper, we first derive the exact explicit expressions for the single and product moments of order statistics from the type-II exponentiated log-logistic distribution, and then use these results to compute the means, variances, skewness and kurtosis of rth order statistics. Besides, best linear...
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Bayesian Inference on the Generalized Gamma Distribution Based on Generalized Order Statistics

M. Maswadah, Ali M. Seham, M. Ahsanullah
Pages: 356 - 377
In this paper, the confidence intervals for the generalized gamma distribution parameters are derived based on the Bayesian approach using the informative and non-informative priors and the classical approach, via the Asymptotic Maximum likelihood estimation, based on the generalized order statistics....
Research Article

Nonparametric Estimation of the Interval Reliability

Angel Mathew, N. Balakrishna
Pages: 356 - 366
The interval reliability of a repairable system is the probability that the system is operating at a specified time and will continue to operate for a specified interval of time. This quantity is especially important for equipment, which must be working when an emergency situation arises. The present...
Research Article

Modeling Frailty Using Birnbaum Saunders Distribution for Bivariate Survival Data

Lal Pawimawha
Pages: 355 - 363
Frailty models are survival models, which are designed to explore the properties of the unobserved heterogeneity in individuals pertaining to disease and death. In this paper, we propose the new frailty model called Birnbaum–Saunders frailty model with Weibull, Pareto, and exponential power as baseline...
Research Article

On Hilbert C*-module-valued Random Variables

K. Shafie
Pages: 359 - 367
In this paper random variables that take their values from a Hilbert C*-module are defined and three definitions for the mean, covariance operator, and Gaussian distribution of these random variables are given and it is shown that these definitions are equivalent. Furthermore, the concept of covariance...
Research Article


Kawsar Fatima, S.P Ahmad*
Pages: 359 - 374
In this paper, Bayes estimators of the unknown shape parameter of the exponentiated moment exponential distribution (EMED)have been derived by using two informative (gamma and chi-square) priors and two non-informative (Jeffrey’s and uniform) priors under different loss functions, namely, Squared Error...
Research Article

An Application of Hermite Distribution in Sensitive Surveys

Said Farooq Shah, Zawar Hussain
Pages: 361 - 366
In this article, we proposed an efficient estimator for estimating population proportion of individuals possessing sensitive attribute in a finite dichotomous population. We used the Hermite distribution to randomize the responses in the randomization design of Kuk [1]. The relative efficiency results...
Research Article

Large Sample Inference about the Ratio of Means in Two Independent Populations

Mohammad Reza Mahmoudi, Javad Behboodian, Mohsen Maleki
Pages: 366 - 374
In a number of situations, for example in biology, psychology and neurosciences, researchers are interested in the ratio of two measured quantities. In this paper, we give an overview of different methods to constructing confidence limits for the ratios. Then by using the limiting theorems, a pivotal...
Research Article

Characterizations of Geometric and Discrete Pareto Distributions Based on the Conditional Distribution of kth Records

Sevgi Yurt Oncel, Fazil Aliev
Pages: 367 - 372
The poblem of characterizing of discrete probability distributions is an important problem. Recently many new results are obtained in characterization of distributions using kth records. Based on the distributional properties of kth weak and ordinary records some characterizations of geometric and discrete...
Research Article

Inference in Simple Step-Stress Accelerated Life Tests for Type-II Censoring Lomax Data

Mohammad A. Amleh, Mohammad Z. Raqab
Pages: 364 - 379
In this paper, step-stress accelerated life test is considered to obtain the failure time data of highly reliable units in specified conditions. It is assumed that the lifetime data of such units follow Lomax distribution with a scale parameter depends on the stress level and the shape parameter remains...
Research Article

A Weibull Generated Exponentiated Exponential Model: Properties and Bayes Interval Prediction

Essam K. Al-Hussaini, Alaa H. Abdel-Hamid
Pages: 368 - 382
Motivated by the fact that the so-called Weibull generated exponentiated exponential distribution (WGEED) accommodates for non-monotone as well as monotone hazard rate functions (HRFs), we give some properties of this WGEED and explore its use in life testing by obtaining Bayes prediction intervals of...
Research Article

On Moments Properties of Generalized Order Statistics from Marshall-Olkin-Extended General Class of Distribution

M. A. Khan, Nayabuddin
Pages: 367 - 374
Marshall and Olkin [Biometrika. 84 (1997), 641–652.] introduced a new method of adding parameter to expand a family of distribution. In this paper the Marshall-Olkin extended general class of distribution is used. Further, some recurrence relations for single and...
Research Article

On Examining Complex Systems Using the q-Weibull Distribution in Classical and Bayesian Paradigms

Nasir Abbas
Pages: 368 - 382
The q-Weibull distribution is a generalized form of the Weibull distribution and has potential to model complex systems and life time datasets. Bayesian inference is the modern statistical technique that can accommodate uncertainty associated with the model parameters in the form of prior distributions....
Research Article

A Bayesian Joint Modeling Using Gaussian Linear Latent Variables for Mixed Correlated Outcomes with Possibility of Missing Values

Sayed Jamal Mirkamali, Mojtaba Ganjali
Pages: 373 - 386
This paper proposes a Bayesian approach for the analysis of mixed correlated nominal, ordinal and continuous outcomes with possibility of missing values using a variation of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method named Parameter Expanded and Reparamerized Metropolis Hastings (PX-RPMH) method. A general...
Research Article

Tail dependence coefficient of generalized hyperbolic distribution

Mohalilou Aleiyouka, Alexandre Berred, Mohammad Ahsanullah
Pages: 375 - 381
The tail dependence describes the limiting proportion of exceeding one margin over a certain threshold given that the other margin has already exceeded that threshold. In this paper, we obtain the limit tail dependence coefficient for the generalized hyperbolic distribution.
Research Article

Beta-Cauchy Distribution: Some Properties and Applications

Etaf Alshawarbeh, Felix Famoye, Carl Lee
Pages: 378 - 391
Some properties of the four-parameter beta-Cauchy distribution such as the mean deviation and Shannon’s entropy are obtained. The method of maximum likelihood is proposed to estimate the parameters of the distribution. A simulation study is carried out to assess the performance of the maximum likelihood...
Research Article

Two New Lifetime Distributions of X–Weibull Family: Theories and Applications

Abouzar Bazyari, Monjed H. M. Samuh
Pages: 375 - 392
In this paper, two new distributions, weibull-rayleigh and weibull-exponential of X–weibull family are introduced. The various properties of theses distributions, for example, the density functions, distribution functions, hazard rate functions, moment functions and Shannon entropy are investigated and...
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Bayesian Analysis of Inverse Gaussian Stochastic Conditional Duration Model

C.G. Sri Ranganath, N. Balakrishna
Pages: 375 - 386
This paper discusses Bayesian analysis of stochastic conditional duration model when the innovations follow inverse Gaussian distribution. Estimation is carried out by the methods of Markov Chain Monte Carlo. Applications of the model and methods are illustrated through simulation and data analysis.
Research Article

The Odd Log-Logistic Marshall-Olkin Lindley Model for Lifetime Data

Morad Alizadeh, Gamze Ozel, Emrah Altun, Mousa Abdi, G.G. Hamedani
Pages: 382 - 400
A new three parameter model called the odd log-logistic Marshall-Olkin-Lindley (OLLMO-L) distribution is proposed and studied. This distribution is symmetric, platykurtic, leptokurtic and unimodal. Various structural properties are derived, including explicit expressions for the ordinary and conditional...
Research Article

Likelihood-based inference for the power half-normal distribution

Yolanda M. Gómez, Heleno Bolfarine
Pages: 383 - 398
In this paper we consider an extension of the half-normal distribution based on the distribution of the maximum of a random sample. It is shown that this distribution belongs to the family of beta generalized half-normal distributions. Properties of its density are investigated, maximum likelihood estimation...
Research Article

Estimation of Parameters of the GIE Distribution Under Progressive Type-I Censoring

Mahmoud R. Mahmoud, Hiba Z. Muhammed, Ahmed R. El-Saeed, Ashraf D. Abdellatif
Pages: 380 - 394
In this paper, we consider generalized inverted exponential distribution which is capable of modeling various shapes of failure rates and aging processes. Based on progressive Type-I censored data, we consider the problem of estimation of parameters under classical and Bayesian approaches. In this regard,...
Research Article

Deriving Mixture Distributions Through Moment-Generating Functions

Subhash Bagui, Jia Liu, Shen Zhang
Pages: 383 - 390
This article aims to make use of moment-generating functions (mgfs) to derive the density of mixture distributions from hierarchical models. When the mgf of a mixture distribution doesn't exist, one can extend the approach to characteristic functions to derive the mixture density. This article uses...
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New approach to Forecasting Agro-based statistical models

Muhammad Akram, M. Ishaq Bhatti, Muhammad Ashfaq, Asif Ali Khan
Pages: 387 - 399
This paper uses various forecasting methods to forecast future crop production levels using time series data for four major crops in Pakistan: wheat, rice, cotton and pulses. These different forecasting methods are then assessed based on their out-of-sample forecast accuracies. We empirically compare...
Research Article

Odd Hyperbolic Cosine-FG Family of Lifetime Distributions

Omid Kharazmi, Ali Saadatinik, Morad Alizadeh, G. G. Hamedani
Pages: 387 - 401
In the present paper, a new family of lifetime distributions is introduced via odd ratio function, the well-known concept in survival analysis and reliability engineering. Some important properties of the proposed model including survival function, quantile function, hazard function, order statistic...
Research Article

Interval Mapping Using Nonparametric Accelerated Failure Time Cure Model

Devrim Bilgili, Nader Ebrahimi
Pages: 392 - 402
Many important problems in evolutionary biology begin with observations of phenotypic variation. Suppose time to an event-data are used to map quantitative trait loci (QTL) and underlying population is a mixture of susceptible and non-susceptible subjects. If the cured subjects are ignored we may fail...
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Model-Based Filtering via Finite Skew Normal Mixture for Stock Data

Solmaz Yaghoubi, Rahman Farnoosh
Pages: 391 - 396
This paper proposes a flexible finite mixture model framework using multivariate skew normal distribution for banking and credit institutions’ stock data in Iran. This method clusters time series stocks data of Iranian banks and credit institutions to filter those data into four groups. The proposed...
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On the Characterizations of Chen’s Two-Parameter Exponential Power Life-Testing Distribution

M. Shakil, M. Ahsanullah, B. M. Golam Kibria
Pages: 393 - 407
Characterizations of probability distributions play important roles in probability and statistics. Before a particular probability distribution model is applied to fit the real world data, it is essential to confirm whether the given probability distribution satisfies the underlying requirements by its...
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Parameter Estimation of the Weighted Generalized Inverse Weibull Distribution

Sofi Mudasir, S.P. Ahmad
Pages: 395 - 406
Weighted distributions are used widely in many fields of real life such as medicine, ecology, reliability, and so on. The idea of weighted distributions was given by Fisher and studied by Rao in a unified manner who pointed out that in many situations the recorded observations cannot be considered as...
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Dynamic Cumulative Residual and Past Inaccuracy Measures

Vikas Kumar, H.C. Taneja
Pages: 399 - 412
In this paper, we have developed measures of dynamic cumulative residual and past inaccuracy. We have studied characterization results under proportional hazard model in case of dynamic cumulative residual inaccuracy and under proportional reversed hazard model in case of dynamic cumulative past inaccuracy...
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Characterizing Non-nesting for the Neyman-Pearson Family of Tests

Rahul Bhattacharya
Pages: 400 - 404
For testing a simple null hypothesis against a simple alternative using Neyman-Pearson theory, examples of most powerful non-randomized critical regions are constructed, which are overlapping for varying sizes. A likelihood ratio based criterion, characterizing such critical regions, is also provided....
Research Article

A Note on Topp-Leone Odd Log-Logistic Inverse Exponential Distribution

Salman Abbas, Fakhar Mustafa, Syed Ali Taqi, Selen Cakmakyapan, Gamze Ozel
Pages: 397 - 407
The inverse exponential distribution is widely used in the field of reliability. In this article, we present a generalization of the inverse exponential distribution in formation of Topp-Leone odd log-logistic inverse exponential distribution. We provide a comprehensive account of some mathematical properties...
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The new family of distributions and applications in heteroscedastic regression analysis

Gauss M. Cordeiro, Thiago G. Ramires, Edwin M.M. Ortega, Morad Alizadeh
Pages: 401 - 418
First we introduce and study some general mathematical properties of a new generator of continuous distributions with two extra shape parameters called the odd generalized half-Cauchy family. A second goal, we introduce the new log-generalized odd half-Cauchy heteroscedastic regression model with censored...
Research Article

Assessment of Non-Response under Ratio Method of Imputation in Two- Occasion Successive Sampling

G.N. Singh, D. Majhi, S. Prasad, F. Homa
Pages: 403 - 418
This paper considers the problem of estimation of the population mean of the study character under ratio method of imputation when some observations in the sample data are missing at random and the information on an auxiliary variable is readily available on both the occasions in two-occasion successive...
Research Article

Shrinkage Estimation of Linear Regression Models with GARCH Errors

S. Hossain, M. Ghahramani
Pages: 405 - 423
This paper introduces shrinkage estimators for the parameter vector of a linear regression model with con- ditionally heteroscedastic errors such as the class of generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedastic (GARCH) errors when some of the regression parameters are restricted to a subspace....
Research Article

Relations for Moments of Dual Generalized Order Statistics from Exponentiated Rayleigh Distribution and Associated Inference

M. A. R. Khan, R. U. Khan, B. Singh
Pages: 402 - 415
In this paper we obtain exact expressions and some recurrence relations satisfied by single and product moments of dual generalized order statistics from exponentiated Rayleigh distribution. These relations are deduced for moments of order statistics and lower record values. Further, conditional expectation,...
Research Article

Preference of Prior for Two-Component Mixture of Lomax Distribution

Faryal Younis, Muhammad Aslam, M. Ishaq Bhatti
Pages: 407 - 424
Recently, El-Sherpieny et al., (2020), suggested Type-II hybrid censoring method for parametric estimation of Lomax distribution (LD) without due regard being given to the choice of priors and posterior risk associated with the model. This paper fills this gap and derived the new LD model with minimum...
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Characterizations of Exponential Distribution Based on Two-Sided Random Shifts

Santanu Chakraborty, George P. Yanev
Pages: 408 - 418
A new characterization of the exponential distribution is obtained. It is based on an equation involving randomly shifted (translated) order statistics. No specific distribution is assumed for the shift random variables. The proof uses a recently developed technique including the Maclaurin series expansion...
Research Article

Reliability Analysis of Weighted- k-out-of- n: G System Consisting of Two Different Types of Nonidentical Components Each with its Own Positive Integer-Valued Weight

Eisa Mahmoudi, RahmatSadat Meshkat
Pages: 408 - 414
This paper introduces a special case of weighted- k-out-of- n:G system formed from two types of nonidentical components with different weights. This system consists of n nonidentical components each with its own positive integer-valued weight which are categorized into two groups with respect to their...
Research Article

Correlation Based Ridge Parameters in Ridge Regression with Heteroscedastic Errors and Outliers

A.V. Dorugade
Pages: 413 - 424
This paper introduces some new estimators for estimating ridge parameter, based on correlation between response and regressor variables for ridge regression analysis. A simulation study has been made to evaluate the performance of proposed estimators based on the minimum mean squared error (MSE) criterion...
Research Article

Bayesian Estimation in Some Power Series Distributions

Anwar Hassan, Peer Bilal Ahmad, Anwar H. Joarder
Pages: 419 - 427
In this paper, we study the Bayesian estimation of functions of parameters of some power series distributions. These estimators are better than the classical minimum variance unbiased estimators (MVUE) as given by Patil and Joshi (1970), in the sense that these increase the range of the estimation and...
Research Article

Some Inferences on Skew-t Distribution of 2 Degrees of Freedom

Mohammad Ahsanullah, Valery B. Nevzorov
Pages: 419 - 426
Understanding the properties of Skew distributions is important in many statistical applications. The Student-t distribution is widely used in statistics. Skew-t distribution is a useful model to describe data with heavy tails. In this paper several distributional properties of Skew-t distribution are...
Research Article

First-Order Integer-Valued Moving Average Process with Power Series Innovations

Eisa Mahmoudi, Ameneh Rostami
Pages: 415 - 431
In this paper, we introduce a first-order nonnegative integer-valued moving average process with power series innovations based on a Poisson thinning operator (PINMAPS(1)) for modeling overdispersed, equidispersed and underdispersed count time series. This process contains the PINMA process with geometric,...
Research Article

Generalized Exponential Estimator for the Estimation of Clustered Population Variance in Adaptive Cluster Sampling

Muhammad Nouman Qureshi, Ayesha Iftikhar, Muhammad Hanif
Pages: 416 - 424
In this paper, we proposed a generalized exponential estimator with two auxiliary variables for the estimation of highly clumped population variance under adaptive cluster sampling design. The expressions of approximate bias and minimum mean square error are derived. A family of exponential ratio and...
Research Article

Shannon Information in K-records for Pareto-type Distributions

Zohreh Zamani, Mohsen Madadi
Pages: 419 - 438
Pareto distributions provides models for many applications in the social, natural and physical sciences. In this paper, we derive the Shannon information contained in upper (lower) k-record values and associated k-record times of Pareto-type distributions for a finite sample of fixed size and for an...